Review by SamsSung

Reviewed: 01/21/11

A game any RPG fan must not miss out on....

A small town named Inaba is plagued with a string of brutal, unsolved murders. It's the job of a group of high school teens to put a stop to them and bring back the usual peace of the town. Along the way, you (the main character) will discover new party members, friends, and the truth behind what's been called, "The Midnight Channel".

::Gameplay:: 9/10.

The game has three degrees of difficulty (Beginner, Medium, Expert), and its battle modes are all turn-based. The player has the option of manually controlling the other characters, or putting them on AI mode (computer-run playing) with certain pre-set tactics.

The controls are quite simple, and there are separate dungeons for each mission presented in the game. The main character is able to gather a plethora of persona to aid in battle. There are also a lot of places to peruse outside the game dungeons, with a bustling town to explore. Also, the kind of weather that's occuring affects certain things like the availability of certain characters and options in some stores.

::Story:: 10/10.
What's fun about this game is the engaging dialogue and plot twists. If you're playing this a first time, I'd say steer clear of the spoilers, because this game will effectively surprise you. There's a lot of character development with the main characters, and a lot of side-stories with the ones you have social links with. From humor to tragedy, this game introduces and develops a team of characters who all have their own personalities and volition.

::Sound:: 9/10.
This game has both songs and voice-acting. For the original soundtrack, the songs are quite good and fit their settings well. The voice-acting is on-par, but there are some sayings (especially in battle) that'll become tedious to hear (ie- "Oo, so frustrating!").

::Graphics:: 9/10.
Being one of the last rpgs of the playstation 2, this game utilized the game machine's aesthetics quite well. There are random cut-scenes in anime form and character portraits when interacting with other characters. An anime fan will find the graphics satisfying, but even a non-anime person will find the art engaging enough.

::Play Time/Replayability:: 9/10.
This game will take an estimated minimum of 50 hours, and can last at least 100 in one playthrough. Luckily, it has a new game + mode where you can start playing the game again a second time with in-game bonuses. With many things to do, this game will have you occupied for days/weeks.

::Final Recommendation:: 9/10.
One minor note is that this game is tagged "M" for gamers. Other than that, this game is worthy of any rpg fan.


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 (US, 12/09/08)

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