Tag Team Entrances?

  1. I know that the Tag Team Entrances,(for two or three characters) were Entrances that Wrestlers have used in the past. What I don't know, is, except for two of them,(other than the DX Entrance), is, which Tag Teams used them originally?

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  2. Additional Details:
    I also found a 2-Person Tag Team Entrance that I believe Edge and Lita once used!

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  1. I think one is MNM, and one I think might be generic, or if not MNM or the generic one, I know one is Evolution

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  2. Here Are all the Tag Team Entrances.

    Tag 1 is Generic, the one you mostly see with most faces in RTWM.
    Tag 2 Cocky Heel, the one that was given default for the Team Rated RKO in 08.
    Tag 3 is Evolution because of the gold lighting effect. Seen in Taker's RTWM. Mostly with Santino and Finlay. Because the lead member seems very heavy in the Ring In section of the team. Can be HHH or Batista they're the heaviest members of Evolution. Also Rhodes and HBK used it as well if you join the Evolution path in HHH's mode.

    Tag 4 Regular Heel: I find it looks okay for either type of team. But Seen Cade and Murdoch use this in their face like phase.
    Tag 5 is Hart Foundation. Cant have the realistic team faction in the later games.
    Tag 6 is The McMahons
    08's Umaga and Estrada entrance is Tag 9 in later games might be Tag 7 in this game.
    Cade and Murdoch became tag 7 in later games.
    Cryme Tyme still the default Cryme Tyme from their debut games. Until 2010.
    Cena and Tony Became Tag 10 in later games
    Hawkins and Ryder Became Tag 5 in later games
    Bros of Destruction
    Jesse and Festus became tag 13 in 2011.
    London and Kendrick became Tag 8 in later games.
    The Hardys became Tag 11 in 2011
    D-Generation X
    John Morrison and The Miz
    Kendrick and Jackson became Tag 12 in 2011

    Carlito and Primo is Tag 14 in 2011
    The Bellas is Tag 15. Too bad LayCool entrance isnt in 2011 closest idea for that team even though its way to "Face" looking. Who cares because Primo still does that especially since his NXT Mentoring debut.

    Mixed Tag 1 Is Nitro and Melina Debuted in 07 game.
    Mixed Tag 2 is Edge and Lita 07's debut game even though they had a team call name in 06.
    Mixed Tag 3 is Charlie Haas and Miss Jackie, though slight scenes from her motion is mixed in with Joy Giovanni. Though their original entrance was in the First SvR. Could also be used for The Hurricane and Stacy Kiebler.

    Mixed Tag 4 Is Generic. The Diva used is Michelle McCool, her old entrance seen in SvR06. All four of these are all in each game starting from 07. Even though 3 and 4 were seen in 06. The Male team member is the guy ready for the Steel Cage/Hell in a Cell match in 06.

    Ladies Man: I dont know who exactly used it in real life. But it has a purple and green lighting. Probably Billy Gunn and Torrie? But it also looks like Knox walking motion somewhat except in the beginning and both ring in and at ringside. Regal had a similar entrance with Layla as King Regal. Definitely used more as a heel team but can be used as a face as well.

    Jealous Tag team: Definitely Knox and Kelly Kelly. You can tell because of the Diva member. This is usually used as a heel superstar and face diva.

    Ladies Man and Jealous Tag Team became Mixed Tag 3 and 4 in 2010 while Haas and Jackie or Show and Giovanni became Mixed Tag 5 and Generic male and Michelle McCool became Mixed Tag 6.

    Trio Entrances:
    Trio 1: MNM. Mercury or The Miz would be the Second person. While John Morrison would be reprising his role as Nitro and Melina is the third person.
    Trio 2: The Spirit Squad. To be Specific Kenny, Nicky and Mikey.
    Trio 3: Looks like Full Blooded Italians except the lighting. Mostly the most used one. For 3 Male teams
    Trio 4 is NWO: Hogan, Hall and Nash. never change through out the games.

    in 2011 Legacy and The Hart Dynasty have their own entrance!
    Also Jerishow is available, Edge and Christian a throwback to their Attitude Era days two versions!!!

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  3. One more thing The Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder tag team entrance also used it as the The Major Brothers in their WWE "ECW" debuts.

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