How do i get up stats?

  1. How do i get up...


    and please no "i think" or "it might be..."
    i need proper answers that you have tested and work 100%

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Accepted Answer

  1. Here is a stat raising guide I have followed and has worked for me, posted on by Daniel Waters

    Stat Raising(A01)
    During your career mode you will upgrade your stats this is a list of ways to raise certain stats

    *It should be noted that any superstar to my knowlage can reach 99 in every stat and career mode is endless*

    I have spent some time now testing all the ways to raise states this is what i cam up with

    *Dont expect your stats to just sky rocket honestly it takes time to get your stats up after you hit 70 overall*

    Durability (A02) - Winning the Match, receiving Damage, Being Busted open , Finisher Kick outs, Strong Grapples.

    (to up it easily turn count out off run up the ramp and let your opponent beat on you until your red then go into the ring and have your match. Kickouts when close to red or red seem to boost it more then not)

    Strength (A03) - Strikes add the most followed by the ultimate punches and then strong grapples/UCM

    (to up it easily make your 3 punch combo something you can spam then just beat them to death with it)

    Speed (A04) - Running Moves, Climbing the turnbuckle, Dives, Quick Grapples, Running around in circles

    (to up it easy make a habbit of running at your opponent whenever you try to pick him up or go for any kind of move)

    Submission (A05) - Submissions, working limbs, Ground Grapples, Getting out of submissions

    (easiest way iv found to raise this other then getting a submission finisher is finding someone who has a lot of submissions but no submission ability and battle them and just let them beat on you (preferably in a ladder match so you wont lose))

    Technical (A06) - Reversals, and Technical/Ground Moves, UCM, Fast grapples, chaining moves together, Finisher counters seem to help alot

    (for this just string a ton of grapples together (things like kick to gut that dont knock them down work well)

    Stamina (A07) - Kick outs, Bleeding, winning with little damage, Running, UCM, SS Submissions

    (easiest way to do this is simply run around alot and let your Wrestler run out of energy doing UCM or SS submissions)

    Charisma (A08) - taunting, aeiral moves, Fan Favourite Taunt

    (best thing i have found is just taunt the enemy after you knock him down)

    Hardcore (A09) - Weapon Strikes, Weapon Grapples and Out of ring moves

    (pretty easy take a weapon and beat the crap out of someone lol)

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