Possum pin question?

  1. If I was on a tag team facing another tag team and one of the 2 other members had possum pin if I pinned the one without possum pin would it add to the 3 characters required for it or not?

    User Info: LightGaia

    LightGaia - 8 years ago


  1. if you want possum pin, just leave at least 3 people in who have it and do most of the minor singles paths before the tag ones to get it before you start the tag ones....if you dont want possum pin, take out anyone who has it except for miz and chavo (they are usually left in for the tag team paths, no matter what)....for an example, i didnt want move theft, so i left in the 14 people who might show up in the tag paths (HBK, Cena, Kane, Taker, Orton, JBL, Edge, Chavo, Miz, Morrison, Shad, JTG, Curt and Zack) plus 5 others....the 5 i picked were Mark Henry, Big Show, Jericho and the Hardys...for a total of 19, and you wont get possum pin with that group either....if you want it, take out either show or jericho and put in rey or someone who has it

    User Info: nps_pon2182

    nps_pon2182 (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 0

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