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I've been a total Metallica fan for a while now, and I was excited when I looked further into this game. As my first Guitar Hero or Rock Band game ever, I was highly pleased.

Gameplay - 10/10

Guitar Hero games are well known for their exemplary gameplay, and this game is no exception. Your first time through, you thoroughly enjoy it. Then, you can't help but try to go back and beat you and your friends' high scores and even try and get some perfect songs in their. Finally, being able to play 4 different instruments (guitar, bass, vocals, and drums) adds to the playability and replayability.

Instruments - 9.5/10 Overall

Guitar - 10/10

The guitar in this game is phenomenal. Guitar is pretty much the most popular instrument, and that is highly justifiable. It is very delightful and taxing when trying to make high scores. No new guitar controllers were released for this game, but every guitar controller out there is compatible with it, which will really save you having to go everywhere to get a controller that'll work with the game.

Bass - 10/10

Bass is often boring and repetitive in these games. However, this game does not fit that category. The bass in this game is just as fun as guitar. Though guitar is truly more difficult in more songs, that isn't true for every song. Again, you can use any guitar controller for this as well.

Vocals - 9/10

The vocals in this game are excellent, but not the greatest of any GH or RB games. There aren't any drastic differences from others and it is still very entertaining to play, but the vocals on a Rock Band game are much better. Any USB microphone or headset is compatible.

Drums - 10/10

Drums may seem easy at first, but they are more of a challenge than you may think. The drums for this game are simply astounding, and they are very amusing to play. Also, this game released a new feature called double bass. With another foot pedal, you can play the new Expert + difficulty. You can find this difficulty in songs with a skull and drumsticks to the left of the title. The new level of difficulty added just blows your mind, but if you aren't talented at drums, you aren't going to last for long. However, the extra foot pedal only works with official GH drums.

Graphics - 7/10

Well, the band members and other characters you can play as are animated very well and have an amazing likeness to them in reality. However, the crowd leaves much to be desired. They look like a bunch of paper dolls, and they don't look any different whether you're doing amazing or about to lose. Also, the venues you play in are animated very well and look almost exactly like the actual venues in reality. The notes are clearly visible on the note highways, a good thing for those with poor eyesight. When selecting a song to play, most songs are able to read easily, but some of those whose titles or artists are longer had to be made smaller to fit and are a bit harder to read than others.

Sound - 10/10

As a music game, it has to have well-founded sound, and it does. Just playing through it sounds just like the actual songs, and you can even use the whammy bar and neck slider on guitar and bass to put your own style of distortion and wah to the song.

Soundtrack - 10/10

The soundtrack is extraordinary. With 52 songs, 31 being Metallica, and 1 song being reformatted for full band play, the soundtrack is one of the greatest parts of the game. Unfortunately, a few songs like The Call of Ktulu, Ride the Lightning, and Jump in the Fire couldn't be included since former guitarist Dave Mustaine had some credit in writing them. Still, the soundtrack just blows you away. Many of Metallica's greatest and most famous songs are on here, and there are 21 songs by other artists, such as Thin Lizzy, Slayer, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, that have inspired Metallica or been inspired by Metallica.

Extras - 8/10

Sadly, there wasn't enough room on the disc for their to be a Music Studio where you make your own songs, but that isn't very important. The videos are quality, and the Metallifacts videos are very interesting, which tell you some facts about the song that it goes with, and you unlock them by simply completing the song in career mode. Also, there are lyrics for each song, with stared out words when appropriate. Finally, there is also a photo gallery of some Metallica stuff that can be absorbing to look at.

Play Time/Replay Value - 10/10

Once again, GH has exemplary gameplay, as well as replayability. After your first run through, you can't help but go back and play it all again. You can play your favorite songs to try and sound perfect, play any song to try and get a perfect performance, attempt to get better at the harder songs, beat high scores, etc.. You can play this games for weeks and weeks on end and never even get tired of it.

Final Verdict - 9.5/10

I loved it on my first time playing it, and I still love it now. It is a great buy for any Metallica or metal fan. I highly recommend getting this game if you are thinking about it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/14/09

Game Release: Guitar Hero: Metallica (US, 04/14/09)

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