Why does RB2 not work on my ps2 anymore?

  1. I own a ps2 which i always play RB2 on, and it always works. I brought it to a friends house, and it wouldnt read. I have an original, he has a slim. He also had the original ps2, but it didnt work on that one either. And then it didnt work on my ps2. how can i get it to work?

    User Info: ARMY5partan117

    ARMY5partan117 - 8 years ago
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    I actually got it to work and forgot to close this question... but thanks anyway.

    User Info: ARMY5partan117

    ARMY5partan117 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. have you checked the disc? is it scratched or dirty?
    If its dirty I suggest applying moisture to the disc and wiping it clean with a cloth (not your Jeans, Jeans actually scratch the disc any cotton fabric will do) if It is scratched I suggest getting it resurfaced. It might also have been something wrong with the lens of the PS2 that it wouldn't read on in the first place in that case you have to clean the lens AND the disc then...

    User Info: Kakashuto

    Kakashuto - 8 years ago 0 0

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