How to get a Red Hare King (Ultimate Dream) or Shadow King (Dapple King) ?

  1. Please, tell me about where is the Dapple King or Ultimate Dream (name of a horse) in Dw6 Special (PS2) ?

    User Info: GloryHalleluya

    GloryHalleluya - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. i would use Level 50 Liu Bei on Chang Ban -Wei side, Go forword towords the bridge near the Peasent, kill the peasent and there should be a box with the harness, get the harness and kill the officers around Liu Bei, and i would use a Horse with Find Saddle, the box is in the northwest area of the map, it's realy a matter of luck. the horse needs to have the description

    His eyes consider the world and has a heavenly physic. to level up a heavenly horse, use Lu Bu or Guan Yu at LV50 on Cao Cao's side of Guan Du, Kill NO MORE than 40 enemies on the horse and get off and run to Yuan Shao, kill him and do the stage again, except you kill no more that 50, and do 2 more times and kill 100 and you can ride the horse to Yuan Shao, the horse should have 4 special abilities one is special to the color horse you get

    User Info: SHAO-Khan

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Other Answers

  1. It's just a matter of luck. First, use a character which has Lady Luck (Open Luck) e.g.:Liu Bei,Zhen Ji,Yuan Shao on a stage with high difficulty. Then look at the horse definition. If it matches the criteria of the Red Hare King,train it with Guan Yu,Lu Bu,Ma Chao,Sun Jian,or any character who has horsemanship

    User Info: steven_nikita

    steven_nikita - 8 years ago 1 0

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