Where can I find red hare horse?

  1. I got 2 horses that has a word "heavenly" on it i put it on lvl 5 but still it dont evolve to red hare pls help.....

    User Info: eggnog_arvin

    eggnog_arvin - 8 years ago
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    Still i have no luck in finding red hare but all of my horse in my stable has heavenly on it all of it is lvl 5 but none of them has evolve to red hare i have one horse that has a description it says "its eyes consider the world and has a heavenly phisique" i put it to lvl 5 but still it didnt became red hare i dont understand pls help...............

    User Info: eggnog_arvin

    eggnog_arvin - 8 years ago
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    I got 3 dapple king and 1 auborne king what place an i find the ultimate dream?? or what character must i use to fing ultimate dream but one tim ive played the battle of guan du i got 2 dapple kings aint that cool!! but still i want ultimate dream where can i find it???

    User Info: eggnog_arvin

    eggnog_arvin - 8 years ago

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  1. Maybe my own experience can help you too ^^ (Until now, i only got 2 Dapple King and 2 Auburn King. My target is obtain all King !!! Including Red Hare King!!!)

    'Ultimate Dream' is only the Horses Name, not a 'Title' (like the other opinion), because all horses is given the 'random name' including '6 Rare Horses'. So... There is 6 title for 6 Rare Horses with 6 different 'color :

    1. Red Hare King (Red) (Lubu and Guan Yu ride this Horse)
    2. Hex Mark King or Grey King (White) (Liu Bei ride it)
    3. Shadow King (Black) (Cao Cao ride it)
    4. Dapple King (About to Brown... or Orange)
    5. Auburn King (About to Yellow)
    6. Ebon King (I forgot it...)

    These 6 Horses has same description (His eyes consider the world and he has heavenly physique). Do you get it? Then it will become one of the 'title' from 6 title when trained-up to "lvl 5". The horse color u get, it mean the horse will become. Example :

    You get 'random' name horse with 'His eyes consider the world and he has heavenly physique' description. His color is Red then definitely become Red Hare King 'title' on lvl 5, or his color is Yellow then definitely become Auburn King 'title' on lvl 5.

    Getting the rare horses

    Just follow this methods (my own experience and many info):
    1. Has one character (lvl 50) with 'Lady Luck' skill (Improve your chance). Because The rare horses drop randomly... I recommend this first
    2. I do 2 Fastest Scenario to obtain the Saddle Crate (Guan Du -Cao Cao side, and Chang Ban -Cao Cao- side), with my fastest horse (with 'Find Saddle' is reccomended too).
    3. Just do it.......................... Until u get the 'His eyes consider the world and he has heavenly physique' horses =D. Just Hang on it ^^

    Training the horse
    1. After you get the horse, train it with Character with 'horsemanship' Skill.
    2. Get 50 KO Count while riding on horse, and finish the scenario !
    3. Do it until your horse becoming lvl 5 (has 'King' for rare horse title)
    4. The all stats will reach Higher than 485 (it's true!)

    My best Auburn King stats from the other:
    Attack 500
    Speed 498
    Jump 497
    Destruction 500
    Lightning Element
    Has 4 Skill : Find Saddle, Renbu Galt, Arrow Dance, (Auburn ability : Can run over anyone)

    My Best Dapple King stats :
    Attack 500
    Speed 491
    Jump 500
    Destruction 500
    Ice element
    Has 4 skill : Find Saddle, Musou Spirit, Arrow Dance (Dapple Ability : Stomp the ground when landing from high jump)

    Sorry before for my bad english ==a

    That's all from me... May help you all... ( Thanks to many info i got. Now i have 4 Rare horses)

    User Info: fly_cat

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  1. Did his description say"his eyes consider the world?" It must have "his eyes consider the world and he has a heavenly physique" for a horse to be rare. Rare horses are like 99% random.

    User Info: D_Spear

    D_Spear (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. Only a horse with the description "His eyes consider the world and he has a heavenly physique" (commonly abbreviated as "C/H") can become a horse king (the "king" title for red horses is Red Hare King). That doesn't mean, however, that such a horse will automatically become a horse king at level 5 -- horses only become horse kings if all four of their stats reach 485 or higher at level 5. Even if you have a C/H horse, it's possible for you to get stats lower than 485 at level 5 (because stat boosts at each level are random within a certain range, and you could fall short of 485 if you get a few lower boosts in a row). However, only C/H horses have the combination of growth rate and starting stats that make it possible for all of their stats to exceed 485 at level 5 -- you don't have to bother with horses bearing any other description, because they will never reach that kind of stat threshold.

    User Info: Kamatari47

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  3. Red Hare isn't the only rare horse. There are 6 horse kings. One for each color. They are: Ebon King, Red Hare King, Shadow Hare King, Auburn King, Dapple King, and Grey King. So if u don't have Red Hare, then ur "considers and heavenly horse" must be one of the other 5 king horses. WHa is the class of that horse of urs?

    User Info: D_Spear

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  4. Horse names are random. Ultimate Dream isn't the only Red Hare. My Red Hare's name is Royal Zephyr. So just look for an orange horse with "considers and heavenly" description. There is no one place to find it. It's random.

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  5. A correction to the post above: a "his eyes consider the world and he has a heavenly physique" (C/H) horse will not "definitely" become a horse king when it reaches level 5. Only horses with all four stats at 485 or higher at level 5 will become horse kings, and even C/H horses can fail to reach that goal if you got a few bad stat boosts.

    User Info: Kamatari47

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  6. Oh... I don't know about that ==a

    Sorry for my lack information...

    Thx to Kamatari for correct me ^^

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  7. The horse specialty really depend on its colour.If you want red hair king, you need to find red horse with C/H.And I think red hair really rare, I also haven't got it. I alredy got the other 5 type. I got alot Ebon,Drapple and Auburn, 3 Shadow and 1 Grey.Most of these horse I found while equip Grey King with find saddle n weapon plus karmic hoof. My method..well not really a method but usually I just play for fun, pick saddle from box n officer (if he drop one) and finish the stage normally (not just rush to beat the comander after take saddle from box).

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  8. I agree with Nawkie. 'Red' Horse 'color' so rare to gain (even without rare description). Nowaday, i got 3 Auburn King, 1 Ebon King, and 2 Dapple King. There is still 3 more Rare different horse to go...

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  9. I try it in the yellow turban use two player that have a lady luck skill than on the result i get ultimate dream [red] and a ultimate dhaser [red],they all have a discription his eyes consider the world and hi have a havenly pyesqiu

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  10. well most of it appear randomly...so just play like in easy stages to finish (e.g Chang Ban- Wei side or Guan Du-Wei side)kill generals to get their saddle drop,take the saddle box,(USE 2 PLAYERS BOTH HORSES WITH FIND SADDLE ABILITY), then u will get 4 horses when u finish the stage,,, (keep reapeating until u get RED HARE!!!!)

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  11. you need to find a VERY GOOD HORSE BY LIU BEI by the skill of LADY LUCK and when you found one good,train it with LU BU until you max it

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  12. ^No and no. You can find a C/H horse with any character, regardless of whether they have the Lady Luck ability or not (Lady Luck just improves your chances, and all Lady Luck characters improve your chances by the same amount, regardless of whether they're Liu Bei, Diao Chan, Xiao Qiao, or whoever). And when you do find a C/H horse, there's no point in training it with Lue Bu or any other Horsemanship character -- the Horsemanship ability does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when it comes to that stats your horse gains when it levels up.

    User Info: Kamatari47

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  13. some people says that you can use 1Player to get rare horses by using lui bei lvl 50 goto guan du (i dunno what difficulty) and finish it WITHOUT GETTING WEAPONS ONLY SADDLE AND ONLY KILL YUAN SHAO ONLY! AND QUICK COZ IF NOT DO TARGET 2, 3 U WONT GET! BTW he says he always got sum horses with HEVENLY only

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  14. There is no way to get a rare horse, coz its a random drop
    its a really matter of luck and difficulty
    my tips : have 2 lady luck people lv50, 2 lv5 grey king + find saddle
    grey king its a luck horse he have a skill karmic spirit that same as lady luck
    when you play with p2 your luck incerases greatly
    (lady luck x2) (karmic spirit x2) plus when you play on master difficulty your luck incerases too, just play on shi ting master or chang ban with both lady luck lv50 + grey king lv5 find saddle
    my horse king : 2 grey king 2 ebon king 1 shadow runner 3 auburn king

    User Info: caocao757

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