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"A great addition to the Dynasty series"

Unlike most other games, Dynasty Warriors takes several genres and splices them together. The last in the ps2 series combines rpg and adventure genres with a hint of rts. It is not a perfect game, and has some major flaws. A major boost to this game is the ability to co-op and have challenges, although a vs mode would be appreciated.

Graphics - 6/10
Not the best I have seen. The game seems pixelated and the background is repetitive. The fog is way too close for accurate movement, and on a small screen in co-op the map is very hard to read. You will rely on the map more than the actual field, and sometimes you find yourself running around in circles simply because you cannot tell where the ramp is on the map. The pause map is much more detailed, but you cannot zoom in to find directions. The run-time engine is huge, so the lack of detailed graphics is understandable. A sequel on the ps3 would have a much better graphics engine to work with, so the lack of on the ps2 is understandable. What redeems the poor in-game graphics is the cut-scenes. The cut-scenes are amazing in both detail and plot.

Sound - 7/10
Most of the sound is repetitive death sounds and corny one-liners every time you kill a enemy general or capture a base. The cut-scenes again redeem this, and the voice-overs are flawless. The music isn't so bad, and some of the music is very good, although if you play the same level over and over again it can get droll.

Game-play 9/10
This is where dynasty warrior 6 shines. The different genres are flawlessly combined. The enemy ai is superb, especially on the harder difficulties. There are many characters to choose from, each with a different and unique fighting style. The fighting styles are not as flashy as the previous versions, but each are flawlessly executed and suffer no collision difficulties. The only downfall is that the allied ai cannot be cannot be directly controlled and most cannot defend themselves. If you are looking to keep all ai units alive, you are out of luck. Upgrading your character is easy and the effects are immediate. You can even upgrade your horse to higher levels to unlock new abilities. The developers of the game concentrated on seamless and easy controls and game-play, and it shows marvelously.

Replayability - High
With so many unique and encorporated story lines available, you may end up playing this game through over and over again to unlock and complete all the story lines. Using the same methods to complete levels can be monotonous, but it is not a game where there is only one solution. You can always find new methods to do something to break through the monotony.

Overall - 8/10
The biggest and only downside to this game is the poor graphics and relatively short viewing area. This same game on the ps3 with updated graphics would be much better. The random spawning of enemy soldiers is also dull and sometimes annoying. For a person's first DW game, this is an amazing game. For those who have played the previous five, this has almost nothing to offer except new story-lines. If a new version is to be made, something will have to be added to keep the fans interested.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/06/09

Game Release: Dynasty Warriors 6 (US, 11/18/08)

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