What is the strongest character and the strongest ultimate ?

  1. For me I think the stronger character is Vegito than Gogeta (SS4) because gogeta have a time limit for the fusion than vegito...

    For the strongest ultimate i think it's the goten and kid trunks ultimate : Full consecutive ki attacks

    So what about gamefaqs member think??

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    baksotikus - 8 years ago

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  1. Garbage.We have a tier topic to discuss this

    The best character in the game is Yamcha.Come to the board and argue otherwise if you can but you would be wrong

    The best ultimate is Teen Gohans real time Super Kamahamaha.It single handedly makes a fairly mediocre character dangerous

    User Info: EVILCAP

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  1. Strongest base character would b Syn Shenron, his base power level is already 1 bar away from full, once he goes to Omega, he has maxed base power level which is a high advantage with skilled players. Strongest over all is SS4 Gogeta hands down, considering that his power is infinite with the combined power of SS4 Goku & SS4 Vegeta, jus dont get over cocky, dat power can also be a weakness.

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  2. it depends on the skill of the character u set
    but mostly the strongest will be Goku ,Vegeta , Gohan and all the Fusion

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  3. I think teen gohan and super kamehameha is the best.

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  4. i think janemba is the strongest character in the game and the greatest ultimate is SS4 Gogeta hands down. he is the most powerful in the game.

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  5. In my opinion Goku or Vegeta is the strongest, and Vegito is the best ultimate. The reason for this is that they can transform into Vegito who is really the best. He may be a one chance deal, but if you get him you never have to do it again wich is why I think Gugeta is over rated. Plus, once you trans form into Super Vegito you never deform, major advantage. Also if you miss the potara you still are able to use Goku or Vegeta so you can't really loose... unless you suck and can't win without transforming.

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  6. i guess it really comes down 2 how u play, everyone has a character they accel with more than others, mine happen 2 b Bardock and Vegeta(gt), with Bardock I can easily lock someone in with his combos and do heavy damage in a single flow, while as Vegeta(gt) has quick and juggling type moves to surprise and keep your opponent off guard. Best bet is to test everyone you like and find out who works 4 u best

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  7. Theoretically Saiyaman is the strongest character because his Ultimate Attack "Justice Pose" gives him a permanent +3% attack and there's no cap to how strong he can become by that means.
    The strongest Ultimate Attack, damage-wise is Gogeta's "Soul Saber" whichdoes 3-4k damage depending on the skills you have equipped.

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  8. SS4 Gogeta with Veteran Warrior! and Full-Force Power. After Aura Burn, he'll have 200% attack power. 1 100X Kamehameha will do over 2 HP bars and fill the fatigue gauge completely, and a full powered 100x Big Bang Kamehameha will do at 4000+ damage. If the defense wins, it still does 3300 damage.

    When I used him against Cell, it took 3 attacks to fill his fatigue gauge from 0, and 1 100x Big Bang Kamehameha, while he was stunned, finished him. Easy Z and easy Zeni with WE GOTTA POWER! equipped.

    You just have to pull off the fusion, but once you do...

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  9. Strongest character, stat-wise, is SSJ4 Gogeta. Strongest character in a competitive setting is Yamcha.

    The strongest Ultimate is actually not 100X BBK. It is damaging because it is boosted heavily by Gogeta's high attack power.

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