Is some want know how to get Zeni very fast?

  1. I need zeni because i want to buy capsule

    User Info: vincentwijaya

    vincentwijaya - 8 years ago


  1. The easiest way is to get to the Buu saga where there is an "Android 18 vs Mr.Satan: fight.If you get knocked out of the ring you automatically get a Z ranking and "win" the match.Since you dont have to worry about beating him and need him to be aggressive set him to max difficulty and equip the SPARKLING Capsule to give you more Zenny after the battle along with anything to keep your health/Defense high then backdash or auradash to the edge of the ring.if you keep your back to the wall he will eventually knock you out and you get a huge amount of Zenny

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  2. I found 2 really good ways.

    The Easy Way - As described in the last answer, Get the "We Gotta Power" capsule up to full levels (this will cost about 600,000 zeni itself) as well as the capsule that lets you start with more health bars. Then purchase the 2 capsules that give you increased difficulty settings (adding Extra hard and "Z" difficulties) Go to fight Hercule with 18 after equipping the health and zeni capsules, then let hercule get a ring out on you. You get 60,000 on Z difficulty, doubled by the "WE GOTTA POWER" capsule to give you 120,000.

    The (Barely) risky way - Get the following capsules:
    "Z" difficulty
    Kid Trunks
    Transform (Kid Trunks)
    Consecutive Energy Blast (Kid Trunks ultimate)
    Super Holy Water/Super Holy Water Bottle/Super Holy Water Pitcher
    Extra Health Capsule
    Unlock Fighter's Road

    This one is a little risky, but not really, I have yet to fail at it. First, go to Fighter's road and beat opponents until you get a "Final Battle" with one (when it is opened, that character will pop up and say something like "Fight me now!", Then when you got to the spot on the map Gen. Red will say "Final battle with (fighter)") I believe Vegeta and Goku do this on the first map, Cell on the second etc. until you get to the final map and broly does it. It doesn't matter which one you go to, they all give the same amount of zeni. Then re-enter Fighter's Road as Kid Trunks. Go to the Final Battle character and equip Consecutive Ki Blasts, We Gotta Power!!(full levels to get double zeni), The extra health bar capsule, One of the holy water item capsules, Transform, and some green capsule that ups your Ki attacks (I use Hidden Ki). Now, select Z difficulty and start the battle.

    When the ref is going "ready.......start!" dash away from your opponent. When the battle starts charge until you have 5 ki bars. Press down+circle to go super saiyan. Next press X+Down Down to use the Holy water, this will stop your Ki from decreasing for 10-30 seconds, depending on which holy water you used(beware! if your opponent hits you with anything while trying to use your item, it will be wasted). Now go into Ki Burn Mode. You now have 5 bars of Ki that aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Keep hitting up+circle to do your ultimate move. eventually you will destroy your opponent. If you can do this without getting hit you will rank 7 stars in life total and 4-5 stars in Technique. Your reward? 256,000 Zeni!

    This can be done with Kid Gohan, Kid Trunks, Goten OR cooler, I just use Kid Trunks myself. Cool starts out with more Ki, but he is twice as tall and can often miss the opponent if the opponent is short or too close. Technically it can be done with any ultimate blast (special beam cannon, ultimate masenko, etc.) however, those are single blasts and this is repeated bursts that follow the opponent, even if he teleports behind you, so this has proven to work the best.

    Anyways, give it a try, you'd be amazed how well it works.

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  3. I just ground out the millions of Zeni I needed against Broly in Fighter's Road. It took a while but switching characters every now and again stopped it from being monotonous.

    User Info: CXKid

    CXKid - 7 years ago 0 0

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