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    Krillin by ninjasan8

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       |  |\  \ |\  \/  \/ ,' `._\__|   \  || |)  )/  \|  | |  |    |/ \    /
       |  | | | |/  / /\ \ |  __,'  `.     ||    /  /\ \  | |  |       /   _\ /|
       |  |/  |    < |__| || |_ | () |     ||    \ |__| | |_|  |__    /   /_,' |
       |     /   .  \ __  |`._,'`.__,' \   || |)  ) __  |    |    |  /         |
       |___,' |__|\__\  |_|.___,'   |__|\__||____/_|  |_|____|____| /__________|
           _________   _    _ _______           _        __    _ 
          \_  ____  \ | \  | \\   __ `.   ___  | \  ,'\ /  \  | |
           | |____) / | |  | | | |  \  \,' _ `.| |,' ,'/ /\ \ | |
           |  _____ \ | |  | | | |  |  || (_) ||   ,' /  __  \| |
           | |_____) || \__/ | | |__/  /`.___,'| ,\ \ | |  | || |
           |________/  `.__,' /______,'        |_| \_\|_|  |_||_|
     _____________  ______  ___  ___ ___  __    ___     ___    ____   __   __ __
     `.   __   __ | \  __ | \  \ \ / \ / | /   /__ \    \ |  ,' __ | | /  | / \ |
       `./  | |  \| | |_ \| |   \| | | |/ /   //__\ \   | | / ,'  \| | |__| | | |
            | |     |  _|   | |\   | |   \   /.----. \  | | | |      |  __  | | |
            | |     | |__/| | | \  | | |\ \//       \ \ | | \ `.__/| | |  | | | |
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    Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi (PS2) Krillin Character FAQ
    Copyright 2005 Mitch Frizzell
    November 3, 2005
    Version FINAL
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Stats
    3. Techniques
    4. Combos
    5. Tips
    6. Author's Notes/Version History
    1a. Introduction
    Budokai Tenkaichi is the fourth game (although some don't consider it part of
    the series) in a popular game franchise based on the the hit anime series
    Dragon Ball Z. This game strayed away from the staple "side view" that the
    other games had, and instead went for a syphon filter-style view. This guide is
    dedicated to the best Dragon Ball Z character, Krillin; it contains a list of
    all his attacks, powerups, an combos with a little info about each.
    Because of the amount of time that was put into this guide, please don't rip
    me off and use this without my permission. If you want to use this guide on
    your site, please e-mail me and I'll think about it. As of now this guide
    is to be seen only at these sites:
    For any questions, doubts, flames, and/or anything else please e-mail me at
    m.ninja.s@gmail.com or drop me line at my wesite:
    http://www.mitchfrizzell.com (go to the contact me page)
    1b. Character Bio
    Krillin first appears during Dragon Ball episode 14. He meets Goku while the
    two are training under Master Roshi. During this time, Krillin and Goku are
    friendly rivals, and they both grow to higher power levels. After their
    training, they become best friends and continue training together, even in the
    latter parts of Dragon Ball Z. Krillin is one of the first humans to go to
    Namek to collect the Dragon Balls. Later in the series, Krillin marries android
    #18, and Krillin finally settles down, retiring from the life of a fighter.
    That is, until danger comes to the earth again...
    2. Stats
    Health:               2
    Ki:                   2
    Attack:               2
    Defense:              1
    Speed:                3
    Favorite Technique:   3
    Finishing Move:       3
    Super Finishing Move: 3
    A naturally fast fighter, Krillin excells in all his technique areas, but
    also has one of the lowest defense ratings in the game (the lowest possible
    3. Techniques
    Here is a list of all Krillin's techniques, in their appropriate sections,
    along with their damage and my personal rating. The 'damage' numbers are based
    on a normal Krillin against a normal Krillin, and the 'damage 2' numbers are
    based on a powered up Krillin (7 on almost everything) against a normal
    3a. Favorite Techniques
    Name: Solar Flare
    Effect: This FT "paralyzes" your opponent for a short period of time, allowing
            you to squeeze in any attack combo right after.
    Damage: N/A
    Damage 2: N/A
    Cost: 2 FT balls
    Rating: 3/5
    Notes: Although this technique is good, the cost of 2 FT balls will make you
           think twice about using it often. The best time to use it is when
           you and your opponent are both low on health, you can freeze him
           and finish him off with a Kamehameha or a combo.
    Name: Afterimage
    Effect: After activation, this technique stays active until you are hit with
            a Blast or a punch, which you will automatically dodge.
    Damage: N/A
    Damage 2: N/A
    Rating: 4/5
    Notes: In my opinion, better than the Solar Flare, but once again the steep
           usage cost will make you doubt this attack. The only downside is that
           you won't automatically dodge rush attacks. A very useful technique
           when low on health, then again you'll need all the FT balls you can
    3b. Finishing moves
    Name: Kamehameha
    Effect: Blast 1
    Damage: 10,000; 12,000 if charged*
    Damage 2: 12,000; 14,400 if charged*
    Cost: 33000
    Rating: 5/5
    Notes: Krillin's most useful attack is the fabled Kamehameha wave. Use only
           when you can see the enemy, preferably from above. This is the most
           useful attack when searching for the Dragon Balls, as you can destroy
           stuff *and* hit the enemy.
    Name: Full Power Energy Blast Volley
    Effect: Blast 2
    Damage: 7250; 8700 if charged*
    Damage 2:8,250; 9,900 if charged*
    Cost: 35,000
    Rating: 3/5
    Notes: Like all volleys, this attack is useless unless you are above the enemy;
           if not, most of the blasts will hit the ground. With this in mind, fly
           up and pound the enemy while he is charging, firing Ki blasts, or when
           he flies at you.
    3c. Super Finishing Moves
    Name: Destructo Disk
    Effect: Ultimate Blast
    Damage: 18,000
    Cost: ?
    Rating: 5/5
    Notes: One of the best Ultimate attacks in the game. Its only weakness is that
           it is a long range-only attack. If you are too close to the enemy it
           will fly right behind them. Try to use this attack after knocking the
           enemy away or after knocking him down with a powered Ki blast.
    *Note: Charged is Full power mode, when your Ki bar is blue.
    4. Combos
    Here is a list of some of the easier combos, I'm not saying that all of them
    are here, only the most common. Try to mix and match these combos so the
    opponent never knows what's next. Again, 'Damage' is based on a normal Krillin
    against another normal Krillin and 'Damage 2' is based on a powered up Krillin
    (7 on almost everything) against a normal Krillin.
     P  - Square
     T  - Triangle
     X  - X (Duh)
     O  - O (Double duh)
     C  - Charge the last command ie: XC means hold down X.
    Combo: PPPPP  
    Effect: 5 hits with the last one sending the enemy flying a short distance.
    Damage: 900
    Damage 2: 1,590
    Rating: 2/5
    Notes: There are so many better combos, so don't use this one a lot.
    Combo: PPPPT
    Effect: 4 hits ending with a mind shattering... blast?
    Damage: 880
    Damage 2: 1,560
    Rating: 3/5
    Notes: This combo is good for those block-only defense players. The T is a
           guard break, if it hits the opponent while blocking it shatters his
           defense and lowers  his Ki considerably, but, if  he isn't blocking it
           still does good damage.
    Combo: PPPPX  
    Effect: 4 punches ending in a powerful hit.
    Damage: 1,510
    Damage 2: 2710
    Rating: 5/5
    Notes: This combo is probably the best, but not by itself, only when used
           multiple times and in conjunction with the PPPPT combo.
    Combo: TTTTT
    Effect: 5 small Ki blasts.
    Damage: 500
    Damage 2: 900
    Rating: 2/5
    Notes: Although this combo does almost no damage, it is useful to harass the
           enemy. Wait until your opponent is charging and let this combo fly.
    Combo: TTTTTC
    Effect: 4 small Ki blasts and one large Ki blast (a small Destucto Disk)
    Damage: 600
    Damage 2: 1,080
    Rating: 3/5
    Notes: Better than the above combo, but it plays the same role. Just use it to
           mess up your opponent's strategy.
    Combo: Dash Punch X+P
    Effect: A dash ending in a powerful hit
    Damage: 720; 850 if charged*
    Damage 2: 1,300; 1,650 if charged*
    Rating: 2/5
    Notes: I never use this combo, but if you need to dash, you might as well end
           it with a hit. Note: you can also use this with a Dragon Rush (R2+X).
    Combo: Charge Punch PPPPXC
    Effect: A combo ending a hit that sends the enemy flying.
    Damage: 660 if any direction is pressed with X. 720 if no direction is pressed.
            1,220 if down is pressed and your opponent hits the ground (not a
            destructible item).
    Damage 2: 1,200 if any direction is pressed with X. 1,300 if no direction is
              pressed. 1,800 if down is pressed and your opponent hits the ground
              (not a destructible item).
    Rating: 5/5
    Notes: The best hand-to-hand combo in the game. When you use this, try to send
           the enemy through a destructible item (a house, a cliff, etc.) and
           it will do extra damage. Try to vary your use of the directional buttons
           ie: send your opponent up the down, or right then straight.
    Combo: Throw UP+X
    Effect: A 6 hit combo ending in a hit that sends the opponent flying.
    Damage: 1,560
    Damage 2: 2,800
    Rating: 4/5
    Notes: This attack only works if you are close to your opponent. It's useful
           if your opponent gets stuck against the wall, because you will
           automatically send him in the opposite direction. Try the throw in
           conjunction with the first combo ie: PPPP UP+X to do maximum damage.
    *Note: You can charge up this attack before you hit the enemy to do more
    5. Tips
    Here I list a few tips and strategies for Krillin.
    Long-range strategies
      Abuse the Kamehameha wave, attack from above and pound the enemy multiple
      times. From your vantage point if you see the enemy use a beam attack use
      yours to commence a beam struggle and do more damage. From above your opponent
      charge until he shoots a Ki attack and send him a nice present in the form
      of a Kamehameha, a Volley, or a few Ki blasts. I prefer the long range
      assault with Krillin, but it all depends on your personal preferences.
      Charge! Never stop charging Ki (unless you have to dodge or attack or
      something) the moment you stop is the moment the enemy starts and gets ahead
      of you. I know that doesn't really make any sense, but it's good to always
      remember to charge.
      Kamehameha: As you could probalbly see, I love the Kamehameha. It's so
      versatile. You can use it from long range like a sniper rifle, from short
      range like a shotgun, or from mid-range like a... mid-range weapon. This
      attack is vital for any serious DBZ: BT Krillin player (the five of you that
      are reading this guide) to master. Use it when the enemy charges, when the
      enemy shoots a Ki combo, or when he dashes, to stop him dead in his tracks.
      Another vital combo for long range is the TTTTTC combo. If you master this
      and the Kamehameha, then you'll soon master the game. This combo is useful if
      your opponent likes to abuse his TTTTTC combo. When he starts his, start
      yours. Be careful, though, there are some characters that can shoot more than
      five Ki blasts, so make sure they don't overpower you. Also, watch for the
      characters with slow Ki blasts (only the charged one); they like to send you
      one and then charge in to attack letting the Ki blast come in slowly and
      smash you in the face.
      The Destructo Disk is a devatating attack from long range, but be very
      careful if you use it, because a lot of things can keep it from hitting the
      enemy. Any indestructable terrain can stop the attack, rendering it useless.
      Because of this only use this attack from above or below when you have a clear
      view of your opponent.
    Short-range Strategies
      As soon as the battle starts, dash towards your opponent and begin your
      assault. Try to switch between combos and, when possible, knock the enemy
      into a destructible item, charge up and follow up with a Dragon Rush. After
      this just rinse and repeat. For a little variation try a PPPPX combo followed
      up by a Kamehameha wave. If your lucky the enemy won't have time to react
      and you can start all over again.
      Kamehameha: Yes, I know, I have a Kamehameha section in every part of my
      guide. No, I am not in love. Although the Kamehameha requires you to be a
      certain distance from your opponent to work, it's still very useful for
      short range fighters. The best way to use this attack is to launch it right
      after a PPPPT combo, or a Solar Flare. I recommend the combo, only because
      it does't use up any FT balls.
      Solar Flare: A very useful technique for shorties (my own term thank you very
      much), Solar Flare has pros and cons. Although it "paralyzes" your opponent
      for a short while, it uses up your FT balls, taking away the opportunity to
      go Full Power. Use only when you have a little health and need the next
      attack to connect.
      Full Power: The ultimate power up for those Power junkies, full power also
      is very useful for the shorties. Make sure that is you activate this, you 
      take full adavntage of it. Practice in Duel and practice mode to learn more
      or less how far you can go before launching your Ultimate attack. While
      activated, your meele power increses and you can dragon rush with no loss
      to your Ki. Try to stay as long as possible in this mode before your
    Defensive Strategies
      When the battle starts, try to get as far away as possible, either by dashing
      backwards, by using a TTTTTC combo or by knocking him away with a PPPPXC
      combo. After this charge, and watch the radar. The most important part about
      being on the defense is anticipating your opponents moves. If he charges,
      send him a Kamehameha wave or a few Ki blasts. If he dragon dashes toward
      you do the same to begin a struggle, which you'll win. If he sends Ki blasts,
      just block and when he sends the last one send it back to him.
      Although I'm not very big on the turtle strategy, I'll still add a few things
      about it. Abuse the Kamehameha while keeping away from your opponent. The
      besto combo for the turtles out there is PPPPXC to send the enemy away so you
      can keep on turtling away. There isn't much more I can say about this
      strategy, just block everything and give all you've got.
    Speed Strategies
      For those of you who want to show off by beating someone really
      fast, or are playing UB and want to defeat your opponent in a short time,
      then this is for you. Start by knocking the enemy away any way you want
      and then charge up until you are interrupted. If your opponent dashes send a
      charged up Ki attack, if he sends a beam, dodge, if he sends small Ki blasts,
      block them and send the last back. The purpose of this strategy is to save
      all your Ki until you can send him a Destructo Disk. If you folow this
      strategy, you should have him down relatively quick. Try to avoid Dragon
      Dashes, TTTTT combos, and Volleys to save your Ki for the final attack.
      Kamehameha: For once in my life, I'm going to tell you not to use this baby.
      If you are going for the Speed strategy, the don't use this too much. Try
      to avoid much use of this and the DD so you can save up for your Ultimate.
      Not much else to say here.
      Combos: Don't forget that hand-to-hand combos don't do very much damage, so
      try to avoid them. But remember that they also increase your Ki, so don't go
      out of your way to avoid them.
      R2: The essential component in this (and pretty much any) strategy, R2 will
      keep the game going. Try to constantly hit your enemy away to charge and
      repeat until you have time to send the big baby (your ultimate) in to do the
      dirty work. If you constantly charge, then you'll never find yourself needing
      Ki to launch that neccesary attack.
      Full Power: Once again this mode is very useful. Try to suck all the juice
      out of it you possibly can. Keep your opponent locked in multiple combos
      to do horrendous amounts of damage and at the last moment send him away and
      finish with a Ultimate attack. Don't stay in too long, because you won't be
      able to use your ultimate. Once again, practice to find out how long you can
      stay in this mode before launching an ultimate.
    Tips for Customization
      Since Krillin has 1 on defense I recommend that you equip potaras in this
        Finishing moves
        Super Finishing moves
      The other categories are important, but I normally leave them alone.
      I don't recommend that you increase the FT skill, because it's almost
      useless. I'm not saying that you shouldn't equip yellow potaras, I'm
      just saying that you should equip in that order. For example, I want
      a Krillin with a Dragon Homing +2 and a Ki Control potara, I should
      put those and a Defense +, Attack +, and a Speed +.
    If I think of any more strategies, I'll put them here. Send any requests to
    6. Author's Notes/Version History
    6.1. HELP!
    I don't really need any help with this one, but feel free to contact me anyway.
    6.2. Version History
    Version 0.0: Made the skeleton FAQ, and got all the stats for Krillin.
    Version 0.9: Written Nov. 03 2005 totally completed guide. Left it at 0.9 in
                 case there are so many errors I have to re-submit.
    Version 0.99: Added a lot of info, and fixed a few things because I got
                  rejected... : ( (Nov. 04, 2005)
    Version 1.0: Added the Customization tips, Hopefully this will be the last
                 update. (Nov. 5, 2005)
    Version 1.01: Added a lot of crap to the guide (also known as the strategy
                  section). Hopefully this'll be accepted. Also added 3 sites to
                  the list.
    Version 1.02: Totally revamped the "look" of the guide, fixed a few
                  puncuational errors, and added the ascii art (courtesy of osrevad
                  and added my site to the list.
    Version Final: Finished the guide, corrected all(most all) the grammar,
                   punctuation, and spelling errors, and rephrased some of the
                   sentences. (Apr. 03, 2006)
    Version Final: Updated the guide with my look format. (Nov 11, 2006)
    6.3. In the Next Update
    This is the final version of the guide, and it won't be updated any further
    unless a glaring mistake is pointed out, or if I recieve feedback (I'll put
    you in the thanks section). Please write me with any comments/tips/mistake/any
    other thing you can think of.
    7.4. Thanks
    *God, for my salvation and my life.
    *My dad for buying this game for me.
    *Gamefaqs, supercheats, neoseeker, gamerhelp, 1up, and mitchfrizell (^_^)
     for posting this guide.
    * digimonking for the new look's inspiration.
    *You, for reading this guide and for the future writters out there, good luck.
    Thanks for reading this FAQ.
    7.5. Dedication
    I'd like to dedicate this guide to Akira Torimaya. Your awesome mangas have
    relieved a lot of presure in writing, and life in general. Great job, and keep
    on doing what you do.
    This guide, in its entirety is Copyright 2005 Mitch Frizzell

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