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    Super 17 by walshie89

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    Copyright 2006 Andrew Walsh (Walshie89)
    Hi, I'm Andrew, or Walshie89 on Gamefaqs. This FAQ is dedicated to
    Super 17, from Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi. This is my first FAQ I've ever
    written, so any queries, or comments can be sent to walshie_89@hotmail.com
    Send messages to me with the subject name Super 17 FAQ or it will be deleted.
    I have played all the other budokais, and I enjoyed them. When Tenkaichi was
    released, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. As soon as I got home, I put
    the game in my PS2 and started playing. About a week later, I completed it.
    I enjoyed this game very much.
    When I found out that Super 17 could be obtained, I got him as soon as
    possible. He was one of my favourite villains in DBGT, except for Nova
    Shenron (Who should've been in this game).
    This Guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any other web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission( in other words, 
    email me and ask first). Without my acknowledgement use of this guide on any 
    other web site or as part of a public display is strictly prohibited,
    and a violation of copyright.
     a)Base Stats
     b)Attacks and Damage
     c)Aquiring Super 17
    5)Strategies for-
     a)Z Battle Gate
     b)Ultimate Battle
     c)World Tournament
      iv)Cell Games
     d)Vs your friend
    6)Frequently Asked Questions
    7)Thanks And Credits
    (CV: Shigeru Nakahara, JP/ Chuck Huber, US)
    A powerful foe that appears in Dragonball GT, the ultimate android, created by
    the merging of Android 17 and a new Android 17 that was formed in Hell..
    Once defeated by Goku and sent to HFIL, Dr. Myuu and Dr. Gero, both brilliant
    scientists, created a new version of Android 17 in HFIL, which combined with
    Android 18's twin brother. He is the ultimate android, a combination of
    android and machine mutant. With the tough body of a machine mutant, he has
    a special energy absorption system that allows him to absorb any of his
    opponent's energy-based attacks.
    As a result of absorbing even Super Saiyan 4 Goku's attacks, Super 17 raised
    his own power tremendously and put a tough fight against Goku, how nearly gave
    up. However, Super 17 was only able to absorb an opponents energy while
    standing ready, a major weakness. Realizing that he was completely undefended
    in this stance, Goku and Android 18 combined their attack and defeated him.
    Super 17's favorite moves include the powerful Shocking Death Ball and
    Lightning Shower Rain attacks. He has high defensive powers, the ability to
    absorb energy, as well as the ability to use a Barrier technique, making him
    a tough opponent who rarely leaves himself open to attack.
    The original Android 17's personality does not show through this form, and
    he has no reservations about doing harm to others. However, he does pull his
    punches when attacking Android 18, leading us to believe there are still some
    faint familial recognition there.
    Health:  37950 /  69000 (Max)
    Ki    : 100000 / 100000 (Max)
    Health: 2
    Ki    : 1
    Attack: 2
    Def   : 1
    Speed : 3
    F.Tech: 5
    F.Move: 4
    SFMove: 1
    Favourite Techniques: - Android Barrier: Super 17 creates a barrier that
                                             protects him from most attacks.
                                             You need one full orb to use it.
                                             L2 + Circle
                          - Pump Up: Super 17 boosts up his strength, defence,
                                     and speed. You need two full orbs to use it.
                                     L2 + Circle + Up
    Finishing Moves: - Full Power Energy Ball: Super 17 creates a decent sized
                                               energy ball and fires it at the
                                               opponent. Does decent damage.
                                               L2 + Triangle
                     - Hell's Storm: Super 17 takes off his arm and fires little
                                     energy blasts, like a machine gun, at the 
                                     opponent. A total of 50 hits and high 
                                     L2 + Triangle + Up
    Super Finishing Move: - Shocking Death Ball: Super 17 creates a dark ball
                                                 of energy and fires it at the
                                                 opponent doing heavy damage.
                                                 (Must be in MAX POWER)
                                                 L2 + Triangle + Down
    Super 17 also has the ability to absorb ki blasts and most beams, blasts, and
    energy balls, including the Spirit Bomb. You just press Circle (default guard
    button) just before the ki blast or beam hit you. It takes a lot of practice
    to get the timing correct.
    Super 17's major weakness is not being able to power up (though he can power
    up to MAX POWER when his ki gauge is full and has at least a full orb).
    However, you can use this to your advantage by absorbing various attacks that
    replenishes your gauge.
    Another major weakness is his stance when he absorbs energy-based attacks.
    He is unable to move and is open to physical attacks.
    To obtain Super 17, you must fuse two potaras in Evolution Z. Those potaras
    are Android 17, yes you need two.
    To obtain those potaras, you must go to Z Battle Gate, and choose the fight
    between Android 16 and Cell (1st form). When you defeat Cell, you will get
    one Android 17 potara. *(Whether you can get another Android 17 potara or not,
    I do not know, so there will be further investigations and will be updated
    in the next version). The second battle is between Super Saiyan Trunks
    (Fighting) and Android 17. When you defeat Android 17, you will receive
    your second Android 17 potara. Go to Evolution Z and fuse the potaras
    to finally receive Super 17!
    * With further investigation, it was proven that another Android 17 potara
      was able to be obtained after the battle between Android 16 and Cell
      (1st Form). 
    These are some of the strategies that I use with Super 17. Victory depends on
    whether you can use Super 17's weakness to your advantage.
    The Plan To Conquer Earth
    The only battle you fight is Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta. Use Hell's Storm at the
    start, absorb any beams and blasts, dodge High Power Rush, guard from
    physical attacks, and use Shocking Death Ball when necessary.
    When you begin fighting the lower ranked opponents in Ultimate Battle, let's
    say, between 100 and 65, begin the battle with Hell's Storm quickly. After
    the attack finishes, there's a 33% possibility that the opponent will
    fire ki blasts at you, otherwise it will power up or fire a beam at you. 
    Just absorb them, and your ki gauge will be high enough, or near, to fire
    another Hell's Storm. If you have enough ki, fire it. If you don't, let the
    opponent gather ki. If you fired Hell's Storm, the opponent's hp is about
    half. Let the opponent gather ki. The opponent will most likely fire a beam
    or ki blasts now. Just absorb them, then power up to MAX POWER. Get close
    to your opponent, and fire the Shocking Death Ball. You have won, if the
    opponent didn't dodge the attack. Just repeat the strategy if that happens, 
    and you'll eventually win.  You should get more than one point.
    For higher rated opponents, you could use that strategy, but it would take
    longer due to the opponent's increase in skills, which increases the chances 
    of dodging. Winning using the strategy will become difficult to those above
    Level 20.
    There are four types of World Tournaments.
    Easy tournament, you have to win three matches. Just use Hell's Storm at the
    very beginning of the battle, and sometimes you ringout the opponent with it.
    If you don't, just fly towards him or her and hit him or her dow, out of the
    ring to secure victory.
    This tournament is easy, but more difficult than the Novice tournament.
    Do Hell's Storm as usual at the beginning of the battle to knock them out
    of the ring or near it. Just fly to your opponent as usual, and knock
    him or her out of the ring.
    Finally, a challenge. It can be quite irritating for beginners but was easy
    for me, and easy for other expert gamers. Just use the same strategy, but at
    the beginning of the battle, some might fly towards you as you do Hell's
    Storm. After Hell's Storm, they might fire ki blasts at you, and you will
    absorb them, then do Hell's Storm after that. Hopefully, you will win the
    match, and win the tournament.
    At last, a challenge! Since there are no ringouts, you have to beat your
    opponent the old-fashioned way. Use Hell's Storm as usual, absorb any blasts
    and beams, guard against physical attacks, teleport every HIgh Power Rush
    moves or similar, and fire your Shocking Death Ball when necessary. You
    should win this tournament, getting a useful item every time you win it,
    including MAX POWER PLUS, Miracle Z, and Master Skills, which are the most
    Don't you hate it when your friend beats you and boasts about it? Don't you
    want him to shut up? Don't you want revenge? Do you want to see his or her
    face when you beat him or her? Well, my friend, you have come to the right
    person! Have a camera ready!
    At the start of the battle, LOCK ON to your opponent! Don't forget to Lock
    On, it has happened to me when I started playing, and I payed dearly.
    Your opponent will probably power up, after you both have locked on. He OR 
    she will fire ki blasts as a test to see if you are the real deal! Well, you
    are! Simply absorb them, and your opponent will fire a beam or do High Power
    Rush. Absorb the beam, or dodge the High Power Rush. Immediately do Hell's
    Storm to trap your opponent, depleting your opponent's life gauge. Your
    opponent will probably fire another beam, after powering up, but just simply
    absorb it. He or She will begin to get frustrated. Your opponent will power
    up to MAX POWER now. But exactly when he or she does, do Hell's Storm, it's
    before he or she does that pose to signify that he or she is at MAX POWER.
    Your Opponent's health is below halfway, and then fires a super finishing
    move. If it is a beam or ball, absorb it, even the Spirit Bomb. If it is
    like a High Power Rush, dodge it, and if it is Piccolo's, Super Saiyan
    Gotenks, or Super Buu (Gotenks Absorbed), fly away from the Ghosts|Energy 
    Balls. Repeat the strategy if your opponent is still alive, and you will most
    likely win.
    Congratulations! You won! Hopefully you took a photo of your friend's face
    when he or she lost, because it will give you good memories!
    Q1) How do you get Super 17?
    A) Read 4c) Obtaining Super 17, it is all written there.
    Q2) I have trouble absorbing some finishing and super finishing moves. Can
        you help me?
    A) Its like teleporting from an attack. You press circle at the right time,
       that is, when the attack is about to hit you. If you hold circle, you will
       guard the attack if your timing wasn't right.
    Q3) I have 2 Android 17 potaras but I can't fuse them. Why?
    A) Because you must have at least one Z Item Fusion potara. The best fights
       to obtain them is in the Saiyan saga when Krillen, Tien, Yamcha, and
       Chiaotzu are training.
    Q4) Why can't I power up with Super 17?
    A) Super 17 can't power up, because he absorbs attacks. He can only power up
       when he has a full ki gauge and at least one full orb to go to MAX POWER.
    I thank:
    Hintswen: For the excellent heading.
    Gamefaqs: For Publishing this guide
    You: For reading this guide.
    I hope you found this guide useful for playing as Super 17. Again, any 
    queries, information, and permission to use my guide for personal use only,
    email me at walshie_89@hotmail.com and I'll contact you as soon as possible.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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