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    Cell by WingedRegent

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    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi.  Cell FAQ
    by L.M. (WingedRegent)
    1.  Intro (READ THIS FIRST)
    This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly at any time. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a 
    part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Hi.  This is my first FAQ for DBZ:BT, so I figured to write a Cell FAQ.  There
    will be spoilers of the game and anime/manga series which the game is based on,
    so be warned about this.  Now, let's start the FAQ.
    2. Table of Contents
    1. Intro (READ THIS FIRST)
    2. Table of Contents (You Are Here)
    3. Version History
    4. Why a Cell FAQ?  [WACF]
    5. Cell 1st Form     [C1F]
         5.1 Character Illustration and Stats  [C1FCIS]
         5.2 Move Set  [C1FMS]
    6. Cell 2nd Form  [C2F]
         6.1 Character Illustration and Stats  [C2FCIS]
         6.2 Move Set [C2FMS]
    7. Cell Perfect Form  [C3F]
         7.1 Character Illustration and Stats  [C3FCIS]
         7.2 Move Set  [C3FMS]
    8. Perfect Cell Perfect Form [C4F]
         8.1 Character Illustration and Stats   [C4FCIS]
         8.2 Move Set   [C4FMS]
    9.  Z Battle Gate [ZBG]
         9.1 Z Battle Gate as Cell  [ZBGAC]
         9.2 Z Battle Gate against Cell  [ZBGAGC]
    10. Author's Notes  [ARN}
    11. Q and A  [QNA]
    12. Thanks  [THK]
    13. Contact Info [CTI]
    3. Version History
    Version .05-  FAQ just started.  Table of Contents is done.  Intro may be 
    added to.Why a Cell FAQ? section complete. Cell 1st Form and 
    Character Illustration and Stats sub-section for Cell 1st Form started. 
    Date of Version .05- 9/18/06 
    Version .50- Major update.  Cell 2nd Form, Cell Perfect Form, and Perfect Cell
    Perfect Form sections near completion. Z Battle Gate section started.  Author's
    Notes section started.  Q and A section started.  Thanks section started. 
    Contact Info complete.  Character Illustration and Stats sub-sections for all 
    forms of Cell have been started. Next update is scheduled 9/22/06-9/23/06.
    Date of Version .50- 9/19/06
    Version .75- Update ahead of schedule.  Z Battle Gate section and sub-sections
    complete.  Q and A section updated.  Move Set  sub-section for Cell 1st Form 
    has been started. Contact Info and Thanks section updated. Move Set sub-section
    for Perfect Cell Perfect Form started. Move Set and Possible Combos sub-section
    for Cell 2nd Form started.
    Next update is scheduled for 9/22/06.
    Date of Version .75- 9/20/06
    Version 1.00- FAQ complete!  All section and sub-sections have been finished.
    Updates will be issued when errors and new info come in.  Ready to submit to 
    Date of Version 1.00- 9/22/06
    Version 1.05- FAQ has been posted on GameFAQ's! Thanks and Contact Info
    sections have been updated.
    Date of Version 1.05- 9/27/06
    Version 1.06- Minor update. Thanks section fixed, and Contact Info section 
    updated. Also, Author's Notes secton updated.
    Date of Version 1.06- 10/1/06
    Version 1.07- Minor update.  Move Set sub-section for Cell 2nd Form fixed.
    Date of Version 1.07- 10/22/06
    Version 1.07:Revision 1- Happy Halloween to all readers of this FAQ.  No update
    this time.  However, I did look over this FAQ to make sure I wasn't missing 
    Date of Version 1.07:Revision 1- 10/31/06
    Version 1.07:Revision 2- So minor of an update, it only constitutes as a 
    Revision.  Fixed an inconsistency with the first entry of the Version History
    Date of Version 1.07:Revision 2- 11/16/06
    Version 1.07:Revision 3- Happy Thanksgiving to all readers of this FAQ and 
    everyone at GameFAQ's.  Just like Halloween, no update, but I looked over the
    FAQ again.
    Date of Version 1.07:Revision 3- 11/23/06
    4. Why a Cell FAQ?   [WACF]
    Some people may be wondering, "Why a Cell FAQ?"  The answer would be that 
    Cell is one of my favorite characters in the games and the anime.  I went on
    GameFAQ's and saw that there were no Cell FAQ's made, so I decided to do this 
    one.  Hopefully, it turns as good as I hope it will be.  
    5. Cell 1st Form [C1F]
    This is Cell when he is first seen in the anime and manga, not counting the 
    egg shell that Gohan and Bulma found earlier.  In the anime/manga, he uses
    his tail to absorb the life force of any living being.  He is composed of the 
    cells of Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Tien, Krillen, and Yamcha, hence where he gets
    the name Cell.  This is my second favorite Cell form, because of his move set.
    This is the only form of Cell that is unlocked from the start.
    5.1 Charcter Illustration and Stats  [C1FCIS]
    This is the Character Illustration for Cell 1st Form.
    "The ultimate Android, created by Doctor Gero.
    Cell was created from the collected cells of Goku and the other
    Z-Warriors, and incubated in Doctor Gero's secret underground laboratory.
    Born into an alternate future where Androids 17 and 18 had already been
    destroyed, Cell ambushes Trunks and steals his time capsule. He then
    travels to the past in search of 17 and 18, in order to absorb them and
    attain his perfect form.
    Cell began his life as an insect-like creature with mottled green skin,
    though he is designed to transform into increasingly powerful forms as he
    absorbs the other androids.
    In his first form, Cell was no match for Piccolo, who had recently merged
    with Kami. But as Cell absorbed the energy from more and more humans, he
    was able to power-up significantly. The next time he faced Piccolo, he
    surprised the Namekian with his incredible strength.
    Since he was created from the genetic material of Earth's most powerful
    warriors, he is able to use a variety of their techniques, from Goku's
    Kamehameha Wave to Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon. He can also absorb his
    opponent's energy by stabbing them with his sharp tail.
    Armed with the knowledge of Cell's plans after his experiences in the
    past, Trunks returns to his future world and defeats Cell before he can
    steal the time capsule."
    Now, these are Cell 1st Form's stats:
    Health: 3 (43,200)
    Ki: 2 (28,000)
    Attack: 3
    Defense: 2
    Speed: 3
    Favorite Techniques: 1
    Finishing Move: 3
    Super Finishing Move: 1
    Overall, not bad.  The Favorite Techniques and Super Finishing Move stats kinda
    suck though.
    5.2 Move Set [C1FMS]
    These are the moves that require you to hold L2.  I will put my personal
    rating, Ki output, and damage output.
    L2+Circle -- Solar Flare (uses 2 balls)
    Rating: 2/5  Damage: 0
    I never liked this move.  It is only good to get in a quick finishing move
    before the enemy regains focus.  It is also good if you want to run from the 
    enemy to regain Ki, because the enemy loses his lock on you.
    L2+Up+Circle -- Explosive Wave (uses 1 ball)
    Rating 3/5  Damage: 2,500
    A good move for wanting to keep distance between you and the opponent.  Also, 
    it can prevent all Ki blasts from hitting you.  However, this move leaves you 
    vulnerable to a finishing move from an opponent, and it doesn't deal good 
    L2+Triangle -- Kamehameha (uses 33000 ki)
    Rating: 4/5  Damage: 10,000
    Always one of my favorite moves to use in a fight.  It deals decent damage, can
    engage in a wave struggle, and can cancel out Full Power Energy Blast Volley's.
    It also costs little Ki.  The only problem would be that he has a stronger 
    L2+Up+Triangle -- Special Beam Cannon (uses 68000 ki)
    Rating: 4/5  Damage: 15,500
    This is his best move.  It has the same effects of the Kamehameha.  The 
    problem would be the Ki cost.  Some characters have moves that cost less, but
    do almost as much  damage.
    L2+Down+Triangle -- Drain Life Cell (uses 91000 ki)
    Rating: 3/5  Damage: 17,000
    This is his Super Finishing Move and requires Max Power.  This move is also a 
    rush move.  This move costs a bit much, so I almost never use it.  It restores
    some health and causes a decent amount of damage.  Another problem would be 
    it being a rush move.  This means that the enemy can launch a finishing move
    to stop you after wasting all of that Ki.
    6. Cell 2nd Form  [C2F]
    We first see this form Cell takes on when he abosrbs Android 17.  In the
    anime/manga, he receives a massive power increase over his previous form.  
    The power gained in this form is so great, that Android 16, whom he stood
    evenly with before, tried to fight Cell, but he got half of his head blown off 
    instead.  As the two remaining androids hid, he proceeded to blow up islands
    around the area to find them and absorb #18.  It wasn't until Vegeta, having 
    completed his training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, appeared and could
    have killed Cell then.  However, Cell took advantage of Vegeta's Saiyan blood 
    and persuaded him to allow him to absorb #18.  Vegeta's arrogance got the 
    better of him and allowed Cell to absorb the android.
    This form is the least favorite Cell form for me.  In the anime/manga, he was 
    still very fast in this form.  In the game, they made him as slow as Trunks
    in the Ultra Super Saiyan form.  To unlock this form of Cell, you must defeat
    him as Super Saiyan Super Vegeta in the Z Battle Gate Mode.
    6.1 Character Illustration and Stats [C2FCIS]
    This is the Character Illustration for Cell 2nd Form.
    " Doctor Gero's ultimate Android, after absorbing Android 17 and taking his
    second form.
    Unlike his first form, which was similar to an insect, this form has a
    more humanoid shape to it.
    While still in his first form, Cell was outmatched by the power of Android
    16. After absorbing Android 17 and transforming into his second phase,
    however, Cell was able to cripple Android 16 with a single blow.
    Powerful though he was, Cell later found himself at the mercy of Super
    Vegeta. Only by appealing to Vegeta's battle-hungry Saiyan instincts was
    Cell able to talk his way out of certain doom.
    There are no significant changes to the techniques Cell uses in his
    second form, although with his increased power level, his attacks are
    capable of causing considerably greater damage.
    Even seen in the best light, few would venture to describe Cell as
    handsome. He, on the other hand, is quite enarmored with his own
    Now, these are Cell 2nd Form's stats:
    Health: 4 (56,000)
    Ki: 1 (30,000)
    Attack: 5
    Defense: 1
    Speed: 1
    FT: 2
    FM: 4
    SFM: 1
    Yikes, do these stats suck.  His speed sucks in this form, but his attack
    attempts to make up for it, but fails to do that.  His defense is also very 
    6.2  Move Set   [C2FMS]
    L2+CIRCLE -- Solar Flare (uses 2 balls)
    Rating: 2/5  Damage: 0
    Same review as Cell 1st Form.
    L2+UP+CIRCLE -- Explosive Wave (uses 1 ball)
    Rating: 3/5  Damage: 2,550
    Same review as Cell 1st Form.
    L2+TRIANGLE -- Kamehameha (uses 34000 ki)
    Rating: 4/5  Damage: 10,500
    Same review as Cell 1st Form.
    L2+UP+TRIANGLE -- Drain Life Cell (uses 54000 ki)
    Rating: 3/5  Damage: 11,000
    Same review as Cell 1st Form.  However, it costs much less Ki.
    L2+DOWN+TRIANGLE -- Big Bang Attack (uses 91000 ki)
    Rating: 3/5  Damage: 23,500
    This is SS Vegeta's Super Finishing Move.  It does good damage but the Ki 
    cost is a bit high.  Also, if the opponent uses a move that can initiate a beam
    struggle, this move is negated.
    7. Cell Perfect Form  [C3F]
    We first see this form of Cell after he absorbs Android 18.  This form receives
    another very high power boost from the previous form.  In this form, even 
    Vegeta had no chance against him.  Vegeta's attempts against him were regarded
    as a warm-up by Cell, causing Vegeta to get very angry and resort to using the 
    Final Flash.  The move blew off his left arm and part of his left side, but 
    Cell just regenerated.  It was at this that Cell started his attack and knocked
    out Vegeta.  Trunks then powered up to the USSJ mode and attacked Cell
    at full strength.  However, this mode caused Trunks' speed to decrease.  Cell
    kept dodging his attacks and showed him his downfall by powering up to Trunks'
    form and explaining the decrease in speed.  He then decided to hold the Cell 
    Games to test the earth's warriors.
    The first to fight him was Goku, and after a while, Goku gave the fight to 
    Gohan.  Gohan was being beaten horribly by Cell for a time, until he told 
    Cell about his hidden powers.  Cell became intrigued and decided to unleash
    7 Cell Juniors to attack the other fighters.  Android 16, now repaired and 
    fighting for good, tried to self destruct, but Krillen told him that the bomb 
    was removed.  Cell then knocked his entire head off, and kicked it across the 
    field.  When the android's head was talking to Gohan, Cell finally killed him.
    This caused Gohan to turn Super Saiyan 2.  Gohan then killed the Cell Jrs.
    and focused on Cell.  His power surpassed Cell to such an extent that Cell 
    had to use the form Trunks used against him.  Cell was still beaten and
    regurgatated Android 18.  He then activated a self desturct sequence to destroy
    earth.  Goku used Instant Transmission to get him off of earth.  He blew up
    on King Kai's planet.  
    This form of Cell is an improvement over the last form.  His speed is back
    as high as 1st Form in this form.  This form is right in the middle of the 
    other forms he has as my favorite. To unlock this form, defeat this form as 
    SS2 Gohan in Z Battle Gate mode.
    7.1 Character Illustration and Stats  [C3FCIS]
    This is the abridged version of Cell Perfect Form's Character Illustration.
    The reason for the shortening of the Character Illustration is because it 
    repeats the last two paragraphs and  the the entire Cell 2nd Form Character 
    "Doctor Gero's ultimate Android, after absorbing Android 18 and achieving
    his Perfect Form.
    Though he was outmatched by Vegeta in his second form, he now has enough
    power to easily swat the Saiyan aside. Overjoyed by his new abilities,
    Cell proclaims himself "The Ultimate Android".
    Not interested in meaningless slaughter and destruction, Cell instead
    wishes to test his powers against worthy opponents. He therefore holds
    the Cell Games, an imitation of the World Tournament." 
    These are Cell Perfect Form's stats:
    Health: 3 (44,880)
    Ki: 3 (34,000)
    Attack: 3
    Defense: 2
    Speed: 4
    FT: 3
    Good stats.  SF could be a little higher, though.  Also, defense could be 
    higher.  Otherwise, good stats.
    7.2 Move Set   [C3FMS] 
    L2+Circle -- Explosive Wave (uses 1 ball)
    Rating: 3/5  Damage: 2,600
    Same review as Cell 1st Form.
    L2+Up+Circle -- Afterimage (uses 2 balls)
    Rating: 5/5  Damage: 0
    A great evasive manuever.  If used just right, you can pretty much avoid 
    anything thrown at you.  I prefer it over Instant Transmission, because I.T 
    needs at least a second to charge.
    L2+Triangle -- Super Kamehameha (uses 43000 ki)
    Rating: 4/5  Damage: 14,500
    Same review as Cell 1st Form.
    L2+Up+Triangle -- Destructo Disc (uses 42000 ki)
    Rating 3/5  Damage: 14,300
    Deals almost as much damage as the Super Kamehameha, and costs less Ki.  The 
    only problem would be that it can be canceled out by energy waves.
    L2+Down+Triangle -- Perfect Barrier (uses 91000 ki)
    Rating: 5/5  Damage: 21,500
    His version of a Super Explosive Wave.  Deals great damage and can shield him
    from any attack when used with the proper timing.  
    8. Perfect Cell Perfect Form  [C4F]
    We first see this form of Cell when he self destructs and regenerates.  When 
    everyone thought Cell was killed, he came back even stronger than before.  His
    first act was to kill Trunks.  Vegeta became irate and attacked Cell with all 
    of his power.  Cell knocked Vegeta away like a fly and would have killed him 
    too if Gohan didn't jump in the way of the blast.  Gohan's left arm was 
    rendered useless afterwards.  Cell then charged a Kamehameha Wave that could
    blow up the earth.  Gohan, with encouragement and strength from his father in
    the Other World, fired back at the same time.  They engaged in a struggle 
    where Cell looked like he may win.  Everyone then jumped in to distract Cell.
    Cell blew them away with his aura, until Vegeta shot his Big Bang Attack at 
    him.  Cell lost his focus and lost the wave struggle.  His body was completely
    destroyed in the blast, and the earth enjoyed seven years of peace time.
    This is my favorite form of Cell and among my favorite characters in the game.
    To unlock this form, you need to fuse the earrings Super Saiyan Goku + Cell
    Perfect Form.
    8.1 Character Illustration and Stats  [C4FCIS]
    This is the Perfect Cell Perfect Form Character Illustration.
    "Cell in his perfect form, after returning from the brink of death, even
    more powerful than before.
    After his self-destruction on King Kai's planet, Cell was presumed to be
    dead. Unfortunately, the nucleus inside his head survived the blast, and
    from this Cell was able to regenerate himself.
    Thanks to the Saiyan cells from which he was created, Cell's power level
    was increased significantly after his near-death experience. And having
    absorbed Goku's Instant Transmission Technique, he was able to quickly
    return to Earth.
    At his first act upon returning to Earth, Cell eliminated Trunks with a
    single shot. Gohan was then badly injured as he tried to protect Vegeta
    from a similar attack. Wasting no time, Cell launched a Super Kamehameha,
    intent on destroying the whole planet, but with his father's
    encouragement, Gohan is able to turn back the blast, and Cell is
    completely obliterated.
    Cell's appearance has changed a little in this new form, but as a
    testament to his new power, his body is now surrounded by a
    lightning-like aura, similar to that of a Super Saiyan 2.
    In addition to all previously mentioned fighting moves, Perfect Cell is
    also capable of performing the Death Beam and Spirit Bomb techniques. And
    with the added ability of Instant Transmission, it could be argued that
    Cell has in fact become the perfect warrior."
    These are  Perfect Cell Perfect Form's stats:
    Health: 3 (45,600)
    Ki: 3 (44,000)
    Attack: 4
    Defense: 2
    Speed: 4
    FT: 3
    FM: 3
    SF: 1
    Good stats, once again.  Defense could be higher.
    8.2 Move Set   [C4FMS]
    L2+Circle -- Instantaneous Transmission (uses 2 balls)
    Rating: 4/5  Damage: 0
    A great move when in trouble.  This is most useful when you have Max Power or
    enough Ki for a finishing move.  That way, when you are behind the opponent, 
    you can surprise them with a Spirit Bomb.
    L2+Up+Circle -- Explosive Wave (uses 1 ball)
    Rating: 3/5  Damage: 2,600
    Same review from Cell 1st Form.
    L2+Triangle -- Super Kamehameha (uses 43000 ki)
    Rating: 4/5 Damage: 14,500
    Same review as the Kamehameha for Cell 1st Form.
    L2+Up+Triangle -- Death Beam (uses 41000 ki)
    Rating: 3/5  Damage: 11,500
    Deals less damage than the Super Kamehameha, but costs almost the same amount
    of Ki to use.
    L2+Down+Triangle -- Spirit Bomb (uses 100000 ki)
    Rating: 3/5  Damage: 30,000
    This move is a bit overrated.  The firing rate is slow enough that the enemy 
    could either dash, move, or Afterimage out of the way.  It does do great damage
    if it hits, but you should only launch it if you are at close range, like after
    Instantaneous Transmission.  The Ki cast also is a bit high for all of the risk
    involved in trying to hit it.
    9. Z Battle Gate [ZBG]
    This is the game's story mode.  Here, I will include the times where you fight
    as and against Cell.  Most fights must be treated as normal fights, so expect 
    to see, "Treat this fight as you would an ordinary fight" alot.  
    9.1 Z Battle Gate as Cell [ZBGAC]
    These are the fights where you play as Cell.  He in his Perfect Form for all
    fights except for two, which he is in his Super Perfect Form.  Here is the list
    of fights that have you playing as the ultimate android.
     The True Ultimate Android: (What If scenario.  The what if's answered are
    What if Cell beat Gohan, and What if Cell fought Super 17.)
    To unlock this scenario, beat the scenarios, Android Saga, Future Super 
    Warrior, and The Ultimate Android.  
    Battle 1 - Perfect Cell vs SS Super Trunks- Use Ki blasts as your main source 
    of attack and damage.  Other than that, fight normally.
    Battle 2 - Perfect Cell vs SS Super Vegeta- Treat this fight as you would an
    ordinary fight.
    Battle 3 - Perfect Cell vs SS2 Goku- Why is Goku a SSJ2 in this fight?  He was
    only SSJ when he fought Cell, so why the increase in level? Anyway, treat this
    fight as you would an ordinary fight. 
    Battle 4 - Perfect Cell Perfect Form vs SS2 Teen Gohan- This fight is not as 
    difficult as I thought.  Use finishing moves to weaken Gohan, until you can
    charge your Ki to Max Power.  You must finish Gohan with the Spirt Bomb to win,
    so make sure his can be beaten with it before you launch it.  Launch it to 
    defeat Gohan once and for all.
    Battle 5 - Perfect Cell Perfect Form vs Super 17- The battle of the Ultimate
    Androids.  Treat this like the above battle, and you will be fine.  I do not
    recommend using the Spirit Bomb against him because of its speed.
    End of The True Ultimate Android, also end of section.
    9.2 Z Battle Gate against Cell [ZBGAGC]
    These are the fights you fight against Cell in.  Most of the fights are in the
    Android Saga, with one or two fights being elsewhere.  Here are the list of 
    fights with strategies posted next to them.
    Android Saga:
    This saga is unlocked from the start.
    Piccolo vs 1st Form Cell- Treat this fight as you would an ordinary fight.
    Android 16 vs 1st Form Cell- Treat this fight as you would an ordinary fight.
    Tien vs 2nd Form Cell- Fight using Ki blasts to weaken him.  When you build up
    enough Ki, charge to Max Power and finish him with a Neo Tri-Beam.  
    SSJ Super Vegeta vs 2nd Form Cell- Treat this fight as you would an ordinary 
    SSJ Super Vegeta vs Perfect Cell - This fight is a bit harder than the previous
    ones.  Try to use Finishing Moves as your main source of damage in this fight.
    When ready, charge to Max Power and finish him with the Final Flash.
    SSJ Super Trunks vs Perfect Cell- You may need to adjust your fight strategy
    a little to make up for the lack of speed Trunks has.  Otherwise, fight as
    Hercule vs Perfect Cell- This fight was easier than it should have been.  Fight
    as normal.
    SSJ Goku vs Perfect Cell - This fight was fun to play.  Fight normally until 
    possible to beat him with one finishing move.  Knock him away, then charge to
    Max Power.  Use the Instantaneous Transmission Kamehameha attack to finish
    off Cell.  (That has to be my favorite move in the game, next to the Kaioken 
    SSJ Teen Gohan vs Perfect Cell- Treat this fight as you would an ordinary fight.
    SSJ2 Teen Gohan vs Perfect Cell- The fight is very easy to play.  Fight as 
    normal, but remember to finish him with a Super Kamehameha.
    SSJ Super Vegeta vs Super Perfect Cell- This fight is a survival fight.  Rely 
    on using just finishing moves to keep him away from you.  If he does come close
    to you, guard as best as you can against his attacks, as he is very strong in
    this fight.   
    SSJ2 Teen Gohan vs Super Perfect Cell- Among one of my favorite moments in the 
    anime sadly cannot be relived in the game.  I am talking about the Kamehameha 
    Wave struggle between these two characters.  Anyway, fight as if you are 
    fighting on a harder difficulty than before.  The spamming of Sq, Sq, Sq, Sq, X
    or Tri. does not work against him.  You need to mix it up during the fight, or 
    rely on using finishing moves to weaken him.  When you inflict enough damage, 
    begin charging to Max Power, or use Power up to the Very Limit if you have
    enough favorite move orbs.  Then, launch the Super Kamehameha to finish Cell
    once and for all.
    End of Android Saga.
    Future Super Warrior:
    To unlock this scenario, clear the Android Saga.
    SSJ Trunks vs. Cell 1st Form- Treat this fight as you would an ordinary fight.
    End of Future Super Warrior.
    10 Author's Notes  [ARN]
    So, what do you think of this FAQ?  The enemy I used to test the damage outputs
    was Yamcha.  The reason for this was he has a defense of 1.  I may include if 
    the damage decreases in increments when I test on enemies of 2 and 3 defense.
    If I notice a pattern, I will include it on the appropriate section.  Also, if 
    anything I typed for a bio contradicts the Character Illustration. go by the 
    Character Illustration, as that is what really happened.  Other than this, I
    you enjoyed reading this FAQ.  Until next time.
    Update- I got around to do the test on Golu and Baby-Vegeta to see if the 
    damage decreased in a specific amount.  It decreased but not by a specific
    amount or percentage.  Because of this, I will only have the damage caused to
    Yamcha on the FAQ.
    11. Q and A  [QNA] 
    The first eight questions are questions I made up, but I will update this 
    section with real question when the FAQ is posted, and the questions start 
    coming in.
    Q1: Why do you have a bio for the character if you copied the in-game
    Character Illustration?
    A1:  The reason for that was to introduce the character a bit.  The Character
    Illustration has much more info than I could give.  I give my POV, while the
    Character Illustration gives what actually happened.  Also, some of the 
    bios I typed may include info that the Character Illustration does not have.
    Q2:  Why did you not include Ultimate Battle/Potara Earring suggestions in the
    A2: Recently, it has come to my attention that any earrings you use will not 
    work in UB mode.  This may be a flaw that Spike looked over when making this
    game, and I am hoping it is fixed for the next game.  Thanks goes to 
    ssj4warrior for telling me this on the message boards.  As for Potara 
    suggestions, they can only be used in Dueling, World Tournament, and Practice, 
    so I let the reader decide what to equip on their character.
    Q3:  Can I put your FAQ on my website?
    A3: No.  I will only put this FAQ on GameFAQs and no where else.  I prefer it
    this way, because that means there is only one site to keep track of that has
    this FAQ posted.
    Q4:  Will you do other FAQ's for this game?
    A4:  I may.  I am considering about doing a Broly FAQ, but I am not 100% set on
    doing it.
    Q5: Why isn't Cell Jr. in the FAQ?
    A5:  Cell Jr. is not a form of Cell.  They are just just his creations that 
    he made for the sole purpose of making Gohan angry.  I will consider
    Cell Jr. a separate character for the intents and purposes of the FAQ.
    Q6: Why did you not include the controls of the game in the FAQ?
    A6: There are two reasons for this. The first one is that the controls or in
    the game manual.  I understand it if someone lost the manual, but that leads me
    to reason two:  the game has a tutorial mode, so you can relearn the controls
    Q7:  Is this the best Budokai game?
    A7:  In a technical sense, it is not a Budokai game.  In Japan, it is called
    Dragon Ball Z: Sparking.  In the states, the name was changed to try to connect
    it to the Budokai series.  However, I would say that Budokai 3 is the best 
    Q8:  Why are the Z Battle Gate fights against Cell not numbered?
    A8: The fights against Cell are not numbered because the fights do not come one
    after another.  They have fights that take place in between them. To avoid 
    confusion, I decided not to number them.
    12. Thanks  [THK]
    Thanks go to:
    Akira Toriyama- For creating the Dragon Ball and DBZ mangas for people to enjoy
    as one of the greatest anime and manga ever created.
    Toei Animation- For creating the TV anime series for people to watch.
    Pioneer (now Geneon) Entertainment- For bringing DBZ to the states when anime
    was non-existent in the U.S.
    Funimation Productions- For finishing the dub of DBZ.  Also, for dubbing DB and
    Spike- For making this game.
    Atari- For producing the game.
    OkraTron 5000- For providing the English voices and script translation.
    GameFAQs- For being the best gaming website in the world. Also, for posting my
    FAQ in their website.
    GameFAQs Message Boards- For being a good source of info and help.
    Wikipedia- For being a good research website.
    ssj4warrior - For providing the info about the earrings not working
     in Ultimate Battle mode.
    13. Contact Info   [CTI]
    If you want to contact me about something in the FAQ, send me a message at 
    Gamespot.com. On Gamespot.com, I use the same name there that I use here: 
    WingedRegent. Make sure the subject has something to do with this FAQ, or 
    it may be deleted.  You may contact me also on the message boards on GameFAQs.
    I am a frequent visitor of the message boards and will help if you ask a
    question pertaining to this FAQ.  I will accept messages about corrections,
    mistakes, contributions,or inaccuracies in the FAQ. I will also accept feedback
    about the FAQ.  Again, I may only accept contributions on those two sources.   
    Copyright 2006 WingedRegent.

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