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    Piccolo by kozaihod

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                   (Sparking NEO)
    Piccolo character FAQ
    by Cezary Stefanski (kozaihod)
    --------   TABLE OF CONTENTS   --------
     1. Legal etc. ................[BT2LEG]
     2. Introduction ..............[BT2INT]
     3. Version History ...........[BT2VER]
     4. Character Overview ........[BT2OVE]
     5. Normal moves ..............[BT2MO1]
     6. Blasts ....................[BT2MO2]
     7. Battling with Piccolo .....[BT2WIT]
     8. Battling against Piccolo ..[BT2AGA]
     9. Q&A .......................[BT2Q&A]
    10. Quotes ....................[BT2QUO]
    11. Thanks ....................[BT2THA]
    ============== 1. Legal etc. ====================[BT2LEG]===
     This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly at any time. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a 
    part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of 
    ============== 2. Introduction ==================[BT2INT]===
     Hi there, this is my first FAQ. I'm not ready to make a big General FAQ, so I
    though of starting a character FAQ. Why BT2? Well, the Budokai series was one 
    of my favorite games for the PS2. With the introduction of the first Tenkaichi 
    (or Sparking) i thought that the greatness of the series has ended with the 
    game worse than the magnificent B3. But with the release of BT2, all I can say 
    is that the Budo series are once again playable... and great BT2 is equal in 
    its gameplay to B3, well, I might even say: it's the best game in the whole 
    series. Needless to say, I got sucked in it in no time, and as I've got some 
    free time on me (school starts in February) I thought of making something 
    new... thus, I'm giving you this FAQ. 
    But enough talk! Have at you!
    NO WAIT. One more thing. After this, I'm willing to make other character FAQs
    (or maybe not only character), so feel free to ask me for your favotite 
    character. My e-mail is in the Q&A section.
    ============== 3. Version History ===============[BT2VER]===
    2006/11/06 ..................................... v. 0.0
      Started this thing. That consisted of writing this 
     message here and saving a text file. I don't know
     when I'm going to open it again and write something
    2006/11/12 ..................................... v. 1.0
      You're looking at it. Practicaly done everything
     I've wanted for the first version of this. Send me
     what to change, please.
    ============== 4. Character Overview ============[BT2OVE]===
     Piccolo, as we know him from the game, was first seen during the first DB 
    series, as a son of the infamous King Piccolo. Vowing to take revenge on Son 
    Goku for killing his father, he trained for three years to attend in the 23rd 
    Tenkaichi Budokai. He fought against Krillin, then Kami (his good counterpart, 
    disguised as Shen), and in the final, he had a showdown with Goku. Despite 
    using many deadly techniques, he finally lost. Five years later, terrified by 
    Goku's alien brother's, Raditz's might, he formed a truce with his old foe to 
    defeat the new evil. Since then, Piccolo's heart started to show its good side,
    to the extent of being fully devoted to Earth's protection somewhere during 
    the Android Saga. After killing Raditz with his newly developed technique, he 
    took Goku's son for a year-long traing, only to be killed by the other 
    remaining Saiyan, Nappa. While in the other world, he trained with the former 
    Goku master - the North Kaio. He played a somewhat major role in the fight 
    with Frieza. After fusing with a Namek Warrior, Nail, he faced the galactic 
    tyrant with his new strength, but lost badly, when Frieza turned into his 
    third form. Later, his actions bought Goku enough time to form a Genki Dama 
    (Spirit Bomb). In Android Saga, in face of a new danger, Piccolo made an 
    ultimate decision and fused with Kami to form the original Namek fighter that 
    got to Earth many years ago again. With the new strength and knowledge, he was 
    an even opponent even for Android 17. Unfortunately, Cell, powered up with the 
    absorbed human fluids, made short work out of both of them. During the Buu 
    Saga, Piccolo was the mentor for both Goten and Trunks, in their fusion 
    training. Absorbed by Super Buu, he granted him his intelligence. He died for 
    good during the non-canonical series Dragon Ball GT, where he was blown up 
    with the Earth, in attempt to destroy the Black Star Dragon Balls once and for 
    Quote from BT2 encyclopedia:
       Piccolo ( Voiced by Christopher Sabat / Toshio Furukawa )
        Piccolo is the offspring of the Great Demon King Piccolo. He sometimes goes
        by the name Majunior.
        For many years, Piccolo was Goku's sworn enemy. Seeking revenge for his
        father, Piccolo entered the 23th World Martial Arts Tournament, where he
        faced Goku in the finals.
        In the fight with Raditz, however Piccolo had no choice but to join forces
        with Goku. The battle is won thanks to Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon.
        After the defeat of Raditz, to better confront the Saiyans arriving in one
        year's time Piccolo took Goku's son Gohan and began training him as a
        warrior. Though Piccolo treated Gohan cruelly at first, over time he
        developed friendship with the boy, and in the battle with Vegeta and 
        Nappa, he gave his own life to save Gohan's.
        Later, during the Android Saga, realizing his powers were not enough to
        confront Android 17, Piccolo cast aside his reservations and fused with
        Kami. In this way, he returned to his true form, becoming the nameless 
        Super Namek.
        Serious by nature, Piccolo has little patience for jokes. This presented a 
        bit of problem during his training with the fun loving King Kai.
    Signature moves:
     Bakurikimaha (Destructive Wave)
     Chobakuretsumaha (Super Explosive Wave)
     Gekiretsu Kodan (Light Grenade)
     Kakusanyudokodan (Hellzone Grenade)
     Kyodaika (Giant Form)
     Makankosappo (Special Beam Cannon)
     Piccolo is a character available from the beggining, a well paced player with 
    some treats, and some drawbacks. He's a normal-height warrior, not capable of 
    making 'brick-wall' characters flinch. He's quite agile, has 4 health bars at 
    the beggining of the battle, as well as 2 Energy bars (both at Normal, or 
    without any potaras). He can have 4 blast bars at max. His Ki recovery rate is 
    rather fast. His blast 1's are fairly useful, but not as much as the After 
    Image Strike or Wild Sense ones. One of his Blast 2's is god awful, but on the 
    other hand, the second one is godly. His Ultimate Blast, unchanged from the 
    first game is very, very bad. Other than that, he has a normal range, not 
    counting his throw, which is very long. His normal rush and Ki ball attacks 
    are average, and his normal charged Ki balls are weak.
    Warrior marks
     Overall: B
     Attack: B+
     Defense: B
     Speed: A
     Range: A
     Blast 1's: C+
     Blast 2's: A
     Ultimate: D
     Everything: B
    ============== 5. Normal moves ==================[BT2MO1]===
    Legend, for great justice:
    L2 - So-called modifier - used for charging Ki and using all sorts of blasts as
         well as high speed moving and a power-up for beam struggles.
    L1 - Search - as the name suggests, it is used to search for an opponent while 
         not locked on him, and for taunting him.
    R2 - Fly down. Just like that.
    R1 - Jump or fly up. Jumping also acts as modifier for Ki ball attacks.
    Left Analog - Move your character. Also, a power-up during Beam Struggles / 
         Lightning Speed Fighting manuvers.
    Right Analog - Camera control. While locked on, you can use it to change the
         angle of view between left and right. While not locked on, this acts as a 
         free camera.
    L3 - Not used.
    R3 - Used for in-game transformations, de-tranformations and fusions.
    Select - Changes camera distance, between three presets.
    Start - Pause and in-game menu.
    D-pad - Move your character. Also modifier for all sorts of attacks as well as 
    X - Dash. Used for moving forward, or in locked on mode, for moving towards the
         opponent. You can also move other ways by pressing dirrections with the X 
         button. Used also for throwing.
    O - Block. Use it to guard yourself (Duh.). Also used for all sorts of evasive 
         manuvers: teleporting, Ki ball reflection or Grand Guard. It is also, with
         L2, the trigger to perform any Blast 1.
    Square (will use [] in the rest of the FAQ) - Attack. Used for rush combos, 
         charged punches, etc. etc. Probably the main button you will use during 
         the game.
    Triangle (Will use /\  in the rest of the FAQ) - Energy / Modifier. Used for 
         many combo variations, firing Ki balls or firing off Blasts 2 and Ultimate
    Legend for combos:
     X+O - Press X and O simultaneously,
     X,O - Press X and then O in quick succession,
     X, O - Press X and then O. Time it right,
     X* - Hold (charge) X,
     /X/ - Press X optionaly,
     XXXXX... - Mash X as quick as you can,
     f  - Forward,
     b  - Back,
     l  - Left,
     r  - Right,
     u  - Up,
     d  - Down.
    Now, as we are done with that, let's get right to Piccolo's techniques. All 
    damage was checked on Normal Piccolo vs. Normal Goku, without any Potaras. All 
    techniques done in full frontal - no attacks from the back etc. Attacks from 
    behind do a hefty 50% more damage. Attacks on the lying opponent do only 50% 
    L2 - Charge your Ki. Piccolo charges quite quickly. If you have at least one 
         blast bar, after reaching 5 energy bars, Piccolo will charge the blue  
         meter for MAX Power Mode and burn 1 blast bar.
    L2+[] (/+ direction/) (only in MAX Power Mode) - Unblockable, charged attack.
         Use without pressing any dirctions to blast your opponent away from you in
         a straight line. Use directions to send him flying upwards, downwards or 
         in any other direction. Acts like a Full Charged Attack when performed, 
         with the expection that the opponent is no longer locked onto you.
         DAMAGE: 2940 
    L2+R2 - Quick fly down. Useful for eveasion. Uses up a bit of energy per second
         and there's a short lag between pressing the combination and the character
         doing the move.
    L2+R1 - Quick fly up. Useful for eveasion. Uses up a bit of energy per second 
         and there's a short lag between pressing the combination and the character
         doing the move.
    L2+X (/+direction/) - High-speed Movement. Quick movement towards the enemy.
         Consumes a bit of energy per second. Modify with any direction button to 
         move away from the opponent or around him clock- or counter-clockwise. 
         If not locked on, you will move relativetly to the buttons you pressed,
         forward if no direction buttons are pressed. Piccolo will evade all Ki 
         balls against him during this move.
    L2+X, /\* (only in MAX Power Mode) - Dragon Heavy. A fancy name for a Heavy 
         Finish straight from high-speed movement. MAX Power Mode ends if you use 
         this technique. Unless...
         DAMAGE: 840
    L2+X, /\*,[][][][][][][]... (only in MAX Power Mode) - MAX Power Combo. It's a 
         Heavy Finish followed by a barrage of ultra-fast punches. The faster 
         you'll mash [], the more damage you'll do to the opponent. The combo ends 
         when you'll run out of the blue MAX Power bar. Much more useful with...
         DAMAGE: 13020 (With 30 hits)
    L2+X, /\*,[][][][][][][]...,/\,L2+/\ (only in MAX Power Mode) - MAX Power Combo
         WITH FINISHER. Caution: Not that useful with Piccolo, because of his 
         horrible Blast 2, but still, very powerful. The previous combo ends with 
         with a Heavy Finish, which blows your opponent away (and ends MAX Power 
         Mode). While he is flying, a few more hits are added to to combo: your 
         warrior will fire the first Blast 2 at his opponent. 
         DAMAGE: 23040 (With 32 hits)
    L1 - Search for your opponent. Since Piccolo hasn't got any scouter, he will 
         only lock onto a foe if the searching was done while having him in your 
         sight. Hold L1 to expand your search zone to a maximum of 360 degrees. 
         When locked on you can modify the move with those direction buttons:
    L1+u (only while Locked On) - Taunt. While basically does nothing to damage the
         opponent, you may use it just to mock him or use special potaras for your 
    L1+d (only while Locked On) - Release Lock On. Useless, unless you want to move
         more freely and have time to lock on to your opponent later on.
    R2 - Fly down while you're in the air.
    R1 - Jump, while your on the ground, or fly up while in air. Simple like that.
    R1, /\ (only on ground) - modified Ki ball blast. Piccolo fires off four Ki 
         balls downwards. They are moving in an arc, and each in other direction.
         DAMAGE: 300 per ball
    R1, /\* (only on ground) - modified charged Ki ball. Piccolo tosses a yellow, 
         charged ball downwards in somewhat similar to an arc. Less accurate than 
         the normal version, but also sending your opponent a bit away and making 
         him fall if he's in the air. It's faster than a normal Charged Ki ball.
         DAMAGE: 1000 (fully charged), 700 (1/2 charged), 500 (just charged)
    R1* (only on ground) - Jump and stop in mid-air.
    R1, R1 (only on ground) - Same as above.
    R1, O (only on ground) - Ki ball deflection. Note that Piccolo can deflect ONE 
         Ki ball while jumping.
    R1, [] (only on ground) - Single Flying Kick. Not anything special and you must
         time it good. Moves you toward the opponent a little bit.
         DAMAGE: 420
    R1, [], [],[],[],[],[] (only on ground) - Hop, then Single Flying Kick, then a 
         normal five-hit combo. Not very fancy, but it's good for surprising your 
         opponent. Instead of [],[],[],[],[] you can insert any rush combo.
         DAMAGE: 2350
    R1, [], /\ (only on ground) - Hop, then Single Flying Kick and then Ground 
         slash. You can then continue the combo on the slashed opponent or pefrorm 
         Dragon Tornado.
         DAMAGE: 1180 (4990 if full Dragon Tornado is done afterwards)
    R1, []* (only on ground) - Single Charged Flying Kick. A normal charged attack.
         The opponent is sent flying a bit if fully charged. Doesn't need such 
         timing as the non charged version.
         DAMAGE: 1180 (fully charged), 670 (1/2 charged), 420 (just charged)
    O (/+direction/) - Guard. Guards you as long as you keep the button pressed. 
         You aren't affected by non charged attacks in rush combos. Ki Balls and 
         blasts do less damage. If you block a fully charged, undirected attack 
         ([]*), your opponent will take a while to recover. If you press any 
         direction while holding guard, you will move your guard to that direction 
         allowing the same action on directed charged attacks. But, if you guarded 
         the wrong direction, and the opponent attacked you elsewhere with the 
         fully charged attack, not only you will take damage and your guard will be
         broken, you'll take time to recover and your Ki will be lowered by 1 bar.
    O (timed right) - Evasion manuver. This manuver can do these things - teleport 
         you out of danger (also with direction buttons) - this can be done by 
         timing O right before an enemy attack (beside Ki balls). You will teleport
         and reappear very close (corresponding to the direction pressed), but out 
         of the attack's way. Not pressing anything besides O will teleport you to 
         the same place, but a split-second later, still evading the attack. 
         Evading blasts does not require directing the teleport. In case of Ki 
         balls, pressing O just before being hit deflects the ball. While you can 
         hardly control the deflection of normal balls, you can deflect a charged 
         Ki ball right in the opponent's face when timed right! O at the right time
         also allows you to evade a throw and make your opponent recover.
    OOOOO... (timed right) - Deflect multiple Ki balls.
    O+/\ - Grand guard. Works just like a normal guard, but you cant direct it. 
         Damage from blasts will be further reduced. It also blocks Rushing Blast 
         Attacks. If you do so, your guard will be broken, and you'll have to 
         recover. Consumes little energy per second.
    OOOOO... - Quickens recovery. Tap the button as fast as you can when the O icon
         is shown in the bottom-left corner of screen.
    /\,/\... - Normal Ki balls. Piccolo fires off several Ki balls, to the maximum 
         of 6 in one chain. The balls have normal speed and whole-level range. They
         home to the opponent to the certain (little) extent. Note that Ki balls do
         the same damage even if you shoot the opponent in the back. Uses some 
         energy (About 1/2 bar with 6 balls).
         DAMAGE: 260 per ball
    /\* - Charged Ki ball(s). This, just like charged punches, has three levels of 
         charge. Charge only a little to fire one, somewhat slow ball, which act 
         just like a punch (only flinch). Charge more to let out a bigger, still 
         slow ball that'll make your opponent lean back and recover for a second. 
         Fully charge to shoot two slow balls capable of blowing your opponent 
         back. The balls can home themselfs to a certain, decent extent. They are 
         normal sized. Do the same damage, even if shoot to the back of the foe. 
         Uses some energy (About 1/3 bar fully charged). Ah. The range is awful.
         DAMAGE: 1000 (fully charged), 700 (1/2 charged), 500 (just charged) 
    /\+u - Wake-throw. Use this near the downed opponent, to throw him in the air. 
         This throw does no damage, though it makes continuing the combo possible.
    CHAIN 1
    [] - 1 hit rush combo. A normal torso kick.
         DAMAGE: 250
    [],[] - 2 hit rush combo. A torso kick followed by a face kick.
         DAMAGE: 500
    [],[],[] - 3 hit rush combo. A torso kick followed by a face kick and then a 
         gut punch.
         DAMAGE: 750
    [],[],[],[] - 4 hit rush combo. A torso kick followed by a face kick and then a
         gut punch and a torso punch.
         DAMAGE: 1170
    [],[],[],[],[] - 5 hit rush combo and a finish to chain 1. A torso kick 
         followed by a face kick and then a gut punch and a torso punch. Finished 
         with an overhead kick. Unless any chain is finished second time in one 
         combo, the opponent is pushed back a little. Else, finish combo.
         DAMAGE: 1930
    CHAIN 2
    [] - 1 hit rush combo. A punch.
         DAMAGE: 250
    [],[] - 2 hit rush combo. Two punches in a succession.
         DAMAGE: 500
    [],[],[] - 3 hit rush combo. Two punches and a knee bash.
         DAMAGE: 750
    [],[],[],[] - 4 hit rush combo. Two punches, knee bash and another punch.
         DAMAGE: 1170
    [],[],[],[],[] - 5 hit rush combo and a finish to chain 2. Two punches, knee 
         bash and another punch. Finished with an elbow smash. Unless any chain is 
         finished second time in one combo, the opponent is pushed back a little. 
         Else, finish combo.
         DAMAGE: 2430
    [],/\ - Kiai Cannon. Piccolo hits the enemy with an invisible energy strike. 
         Stuns for a second, changes chain.
         DAMAGE: 250 for [] + 940 for Kiai Cannon (Breaks your combo)
    [],/\* - Charged Kiai Cannon. Same as before. 1/2 and fully charged allow Kiai 
         Cannon Smash.
         DAMAGE: 250 for [] + 
                 1610 (fully charged), 1610 (1/2 charged), 940 (just charged)
    [],/\*,/\ - Kiai Cannon Smash. After Charged Kiai Cannon, teleport chase the 
         opponent and bash him to the ground.
         DAMAGE: 250 for [] + 2950 for Kiai Cannon Smash
    [],[],/\ - Flying Kick. Changes chain.
         DAMAGE: 1200
    [],[],[],/\ - Heavy Finish. A heavy gut punch. Makes opponent recover. Changes
         DAMAGE: 1420
    [],[],[],/\* - Charged Heavy Finish. Only time and damage differ from normal 
         version. Fully charged and 1/2 charged break your combo.
         DAMAGE: 1420 (just charged) or
                 750 for [],[],[] + 1760 (fully charged), 1210 (1/2 charged)
    /\ (only after either Heavy Finish) - Heavy Crush 1 hit. Continues Heavy 
         Finish. Changes chain again.
         DAMAGE: 420
    /\,/\ (only after either Heavy Finish) - Heavy Crush 2 hit. Continues Heavy 
         DAMAGE: 920
    /\,/\,[] - (only after either Heavy Finish) - Heavy Crush. Continues Heavy 
         Finish with a mighty punch blasting your opponent far away from your face.
         DAMAGE: 1590
    [],[],[],[],/\ - Flying Kick. See above.
         DAMAGE: 1870
    []* (/+direction/) - Charged Rush Attack. Just charged stuns for a second and 
         changes the chain, a 1/2 charged blast opponent away a bit, fully charged 
         clears the opponent far away. Fully charged allows Dragon Homing and/or 
         Banishing Attacks.
         DAMAGE: 1680 (fully charged), 1340 (1/2 charged), 810 (just charged)
    /\ (right after Fully Charged Rush Attack) (/+direction/) - Banishing attack. 
         Teleport in front of your enemy and send him flying back in your chosen 
         direction (downward if nothing is pressed).
         DAMAGE: 3780
    X,[]* (right after Fully Charged Rush Attack) (/+direction/) - Dragon Homing. 
         Chases after opponent using high-speed movement and punches him further 
         away. Consumes some energy. Allows Banishing Attack again if the opponent 
         isn't punched downwards.
         DAMAGE: 2060 (fully charged), 2060 (1/2 charged), 2060 (just charged)
    O - Body Strike. A defensive move. Puts you in a defensive stance for about two
         seconds. If the opponent uses a rush attack against you during that time, 
         it'll be blocked and countered by a strong blow, clearing the opponent 
         away, upwards.
         DAMAGE: 1610
    L1 - Escape Manuver. Fly away diagonally from your opponent.
    L2 - Land. Cheap trick. Landing during rush on ground lets you cancel a rush, 
         continuing combo. You can start another rush (always from chain 1) with 
         the same combo count, and get to 70-or so hit combo.
    X (+d,l or r) - Side-Move. During a rush move, you may side-move to your 
         opponent's side, for non-blocked attacks or higher damage.
    O (+direction) - Teleport. During a rush move, you may teleport to your 
         opponent's side, for non-blocked attacks or higher damage. Slightly faster
         than Side-Move and makes you disappear for a split second, but consumes 
         energy (1 bar).
    u+X - Throw. Piccolo's ace. If your opponent doesn't evade it, it'll trigger a 
         couple hit unblockable attack. After it, the opponent will be sent flying 
         away from you. What makes Piccolo's throw special is it's range. You can 
         nail your opponent from any range within the Close Combat Circle (yellow 
         area on the Dragon Radar).
         DAMAGE: 3240
    d+/\ - Ground slash. Trips opponent, changes chain.
         DAMAGE: 760
    d+/\* - Charged Ground Slash. Other than performing time and damage, it's the 
         same as the non-charged version.
         DAMAGE: 1510 (fully charged), 920 (1/2 charged), 760 (just charged)
    d+/\,/\ - Dragon Tornado 1 hit. Knee bash the opponent to blast him away from 
         DAMAGE: 2100
    d+/\*,/\ - Charged Dragon Tornado 1 hit. Knee bash the opponent to blast him 
         away from you.
         DAMAGE: 2750 (fully charged), 2260 (1/2 charged), 2100 (just charged)
    d+/\,/\,/\ - Dragon Tornado 2 hit. After Dragon Tornado 1 hit, teleport after 
         the opponent and launch him upwards into the air.
         DAMAGE: 2840
    d+/\*,/\,/\ - Charged Dragon Tornado 2 hit. Other than performing time and 
         damage, it's the same as the non-charged version.
         DAMAGE: 3590 (fully charged), 3000 (1/2 charged), 2840 (just charged)
    d+/\,/\,/\,[] - Dragon Tornado. After Dragon Tornado 2 hit, further teleport 
         after the opponent and hammer the opponent downwards. 
         DAMAGE: 4990
    d+/\*,/\,/\,[] - Charged Dragon Tornado. Other than performing time and 
         damage, it's the same as the non-charged version.
         DAMAGE: 5740 (fully charged), 5150 (1/2 charged), 4990 (just charged)
    u+/\ - Lift Strike. Kicks the opponent high up and enables some combos. To 
         continue the air combo, fly to the foe with X. The next hits with [] will 
         be those of chain 2 with no changers possible.
         DAMAGE: 810
    u+/\* - Charged Lift Strike. Blah, blah, nothing changes.
         DAMAGE: 1610 (fully charged), 1080 (1/2 charged), 810 (just charged)
    u+/\,X,/\ - Lift Combo Heavy 1 hit (I'm running out of ideas here). Instead of 
         [], do a /\ when near the enemy, and you'll perform Heavy. Then go on with
         the combo. Makes the opponent need to recover.
         DAMAGE: 1650
    u+/\*,X,/\ - Charged Lift Combo Heavy 1 hit. Go figure.
         DAMAGE: 2450 (fully charged), 1920 (1/2 charged), 1650 (just charged)
    /\ - Downward bash. As it says. Bash the opponent downwards, finishing the 
         combo. The opponent will lose sight of you.
         DAMAGE: 2520
    X - Rush In. A quick movement to your opponent after the first chain finisher.
         If done quick enough, allows you to continue the combo with the other 
    u+O - Chase Attack. After the second finisher, teleport after enemy.
    [],[],[],[],[]... (only in MAX Power Mode) - infinite combo, which cancels the
         finisher from the fifth attack in chain. To put it bluntly, you'll 
         continue the combo, changing chains every 5 hits, until you'll run out of
         MAX Power Mode bar. Note that the attacks are slightly weaker.
    X (/+direction) - Quick Movement. Quick movement towards the enemy. 
         Modify with any direction button to move away from the opponent or around 
         him clock- or counter-clockwise. If not locked on, you will move 
         relativetly to the buttons you pressed, forward if no direction buttons 
         are pressed. Press X to cancel.
    OOOOO... (only during Quick Movement) - Deflect Normal Ki balls. Does not need
         to be timed.
    /\ (only during Quick Movement) - modified Normal Ki Balls. Four Ki balls are 
         shoot towards the enemy, on four different arces. 
         DAMAGE: 300 per ball.
    /\* (only during Quick Movement) - modified Charged Ki Ball. A yellow, 
         relativetly quick ball rushes towards the enemy. Note that fully charged 
         is a bit stronger than the jumping version.
         DAMAGE: 1100 (fully charged), 700 (1/2 charged), 500 (just charged)
    []* (only during Quick Movement) - Charged Punch. Differs from the rush 
         version, because it does not send your enemy flying away. Apart from that,
         everything is the same.
         DAMAGE: 1180 (fully charged), 670 (1/2 charged), 420 (just charged)
    X - Lean. Lean towards the enemy, making you invincible for a split second.
    X,O - Sway. Lean to sway, increasing the time in which you are invincible.
    x,/\ - Heavy Finish. Lean to sway to heavy finish. Refer to the chain changer 
         section. Damage is same, and the attack can be expanded with Heavy Crush.
    X,/\* - Charged Heavy Finish. See above.
    X,d+/\ - Ground Slash. No sway. Else, see above.
    X,d+/\* - Charged Ground Slash. No sway. Else, see above.
    X,u+/\ - Lift Strike. See above
    X,u+/\* - Charged Lift Strike. See above.
    X (+d,l or r) - Side-Move. See above.
    u+X - Throw. See above.
    END SECTION. Woo. That took 2 days O_O.
    ============== 6. Blasts ========================[BT2MO2]===
    BLAST 1'S
    L2+O - Kaikosen 
     Uses up 2 blast bars.
     DAMAGE: 1960
      A good, supportive Blast 1. It's range is almost twice big as the Close 
      Combat Circle. Piccolo shoots an electricity bolt towards the enemy, making 
      him immobilized for about 5 seconds. During this time, you can combo whatever
      you want on him. A good thing is that it does damage, and that Piccolo takes 
      a half-step forward when doing this. There are downsided, though - you can't 
      K.O. an enemy with Kaikosen and the performing time is a split-second too 
      long - you'll find very common that your opponent will cancel your technique 
      with a mere rush attack. The cost is normal for a 4 blast non-transforming 
      character, the recovery time on your side is also mediocre.
    L2+u+O - Full Power
     Uses up 3 blast bars.
     DAMAGE: -
      Not really a good blast, at least for Piccolo, who doesn't really need to go 
      to MAX Power Mode. The blast instantly puts Piccolo in the MAX Power Mode, 
      increasing his attack power, blast 2 and ultimate blast power, defense and 
      speed. Sounds cool? Well it is not. 3 blast bars are very much, and the 
      increase in stats in not really that big. The performing time is qite good, 
      at least - about one second. Use only if you really have something really big
      planned for MAX Power Mode. Like a MAX Power Combo WITH FINISHER.
    BLAST 2'S
    L2+/\ - Special Beam Cannon.
     Uses up 4 energy bars.
     DAMAGE: 1330 (!) - 13290 (!)
      Argueably the worst blast 2 in the game. For 4 energy bars, you get to fire 
      the cannon. This already is a bad thing - saving up 4 energy bars against an 
      agile opponent is nothing but bad news. What else? Not charged or slightly 
      charged (80% of all uses, against intelligent enemies of course) doesn't even
      do 3000 damage to the opponent! To do a massive, or even mediocre damage, you
      must hold the /\ button long, looong time. Far too long. Maximum charge is 
      worth 5 seconds! The only good 'combo' I came with is Kaikosen and then this.
      There are some flaws though - Kaikosen's recovery time and the distance to 
      the opponent. If he recovers quicker (OOOOOO....) then you're in big trouble.
      Either way, the time given would give you only about 8000 damage. FOR 4 
      ENERGY BARS AND 2 BLAST BARS! The only good things about it are somewhat 
      quick performing time (window between the end of Chargin Tha Lazer and Firing
      Tha Lazer (thanks 4chan ;f)) and that the opponent, if hit, will fall like 
      from the Death Beam.
    L2+u+/\ - Light Grenade
     Uses up 3 energy bars.
     DAMAGE: 9800
      A good, almost god-like attack. For 3 bars, you fire off a non-chargeable, 
      quick blast doing a whooping 9800 damage! Not much to say about this one, 
      because of this golden simplicity. Cheap + Quick + Damaging = Awesome!
    L2+d+/\ (only in MAX Power Mode) - Hellzone Grenade
     Uses up 5 energy bars.
     DAMAGE: 1480 per ball (14800 max)
      Awful, awful, awful. That should not be an ultimate. It's really too sucky to
      be one. It wastes 5 bars, which leaves you totally nothing for a quick 
      movement towards/away from the enemy after the attack etc. Not only that. The
      technique itself is just ten modified Charged Ki Balls (maybe slightly 
      stronger than them) homing onto the enemy. There are some catches: In the 
      window between releasing the attack and actually commanding the balls to  
      attack the opponent (a second, or so) you are vulnerable to ANY attack. And 
      if you are hit by any (for example, another Piccolo's Light Grenade), then 
      it's goodbye ultimate! The attack is cancelled, except you won't get any 
      blast or energy bars back. You'll only get damage from being immobile for a 
      second in the middle of the battle -__-. Second - yes, you can make nearly 
      15k damage from this. But most likely, you won't. If there's a mountain, 
      wall, end of the level grid behind, or on any side of the opponent, the balls
      will just explode before hitting him (just like the normal Ki balls)! So, 
      you'll end up doing about 10k damage. If lucky, of course. Last, but not the 
      least - since all balls attack the same place at the same time, it's easy to 
      teleport out of the way. Way too easy. Not much of a good ultimate, isn't it?
      Oh, of course, this one hasn't got the ability to blow up the planet. What 
      were you thinking? 
    ============== 7. Battling with Piccolo =========[BT2WIT]===
     Yeah, yeah. I may be writing this all over again, but one thing you should 
    always think of is wheter it's a good or a bad time to use Piccolo's throw.
    Well, that's maybe too much, but you should use it when you feel you should.
    It's what makes this character so special. Opponent is blocking? Throw him.
    You're too far from the enemy? Throw him. Need to surprise the opponent in a 
    combo? Throw him. Need a good oportunity for firing Light Grenade, granted
    that the opponent won't move from the attack's line? Throw him. And then fire
    the blast. But remember, don't abuse it. Skilled players will look through 
    your strategy in no-time and start to block those throws. And remember - if a 
    throw is blocked, the user must recover for a second, And that leaves you open.
    The next thing you should do is the Light Grenade. As I said before, it's fast
    and damaging. When you feel that your opponent won't flee, or you just have 3 
    spare energy bars, try to blast your foe. You know - nearly 1 healt bar IS
    SOMETHING. Feel free to use Kaikosen from time to time, as you won't need the 
    blast bars for anything else. Make sure that the enemy is in a fair distance 
    from you, though. Remember - Kaikosen has a range of two CCC's - you have the
    upper hand. As for combos - try to utilize varied attacks, to always surprise
    your opponent. Some rush hits, teleport to the side, Flying Kick, second chain,
    Ground Slash, Dragon Tornado, rinse, repeat. Or something like that. 
    Personally, I like to make use of the full-charged punch to Dragon Homing to
    Banishing Attack Technique. And as the opponent is about to hit the ground,
    Light Grenade. If you like to keep a distance from your opponent, use the
    modified Charged Ki Balls if you must. The normal ones are more useful in
    some situations, but that situations are a rarity. Though, when firing Normal
    Ki balls, don't use the modified ones too much - they're far too inaccurate.
    Rush-ins in CCC are different than the most other fighters, bevause of 
    Piccolo's Sway stance. Use it frequently, and train to use it in good
    situations. If timed right, it'll save your butt many times. Also, make use of
    chain to Lift Strike to Heavy to Downward Bash combos. You'll see shortly that
    making your opponent lose sight of you is vital. This is a very good move on 
    the Ruined City level.
    What capsules (a.k.a. Potaras a.k.a. Z Items) should Piccolo equip?
     Well, Piccolo, as most of heroes of his caliber, has got four equipment slots.
    You should give him 'Equipment Slots +3' or any yellow item equivalent of this.
    Once done, check if you have any high Health, Defense and Speed boosters. +20 
    would be awesome, but Piccolo shows his awesome potential even at +10 each. 
    Remember that Speed is most vital. If I were you, I would also equip a Blast 2 
    capsule, to further boost the incredible Light Grenade. As for support type 
    items... you should choose some based of your play type. If you abuse 
    High-speed Movement, equip Abandonment Essence etc. Because of your Kaikosen,
    you may risk equiping any of the taunt capsules. There are not THAT 
    profitable, though (Ginyu Force's bond would be good). Another very important 
    item is Halo. This halves any Blast 2 cost, which makes Light Grenade even 
    easier to use, and making Special Beam Cannon actually playable (despite not 
    useful...) Anything else? Micro band is a good item, you may also try Eternal 
    life. If you guard much, you can also use Perfect Stance. Experiment!
    ============== 8. Battling against Piccolo ======[BT2AGA]===
     When you battle against a human opponent, have an eye opened for everything
    written in the previous section. Battling agains a computer player is something
    else, though. While lower AI levels just use random attacks, Piccolos on Level
    3 (or Very Strong) tend to abuse the throw. First thing is to, of course, learn
    Piccolo's stances when using a directed Charged Rush Attack, to react swiftly 
    and block in the right direction. You should stay in a safe distance, then
    rush in, combo, rush out. Computer Piccolo does also Special Beam Cannon. That 
    is strange, but he rather uses this Blast 2. You should not fear, though. If 
    your quick, and good, even if not blocked, the enemy Piccolo will only do 
    about 4k damage. Watch out for Kaikosen too. 
    ============== 9. Q&A ===========================[BT2Q&A]===
    Nothing yet. Feel free to ask questions on kozaihod (at) gmail (dot) com.
    ============== 10. Quotes =======================[BT2QUO]===
     "You fool!"
    Entering battle:
     "Hmpf. Come on, let's see what you've got."
     "I sure hope you're ready."
        Against Kid Gohan: 
          "I'm gonna give you the training of your life! Come on!"
        Against Teen Gohan: 
          "Come on Gohan! Don't hold back!"
        Against Gohan: 
          "How about I give you some training? For old time's sake."
        Against Great Saiyaman:
          "Gohan, why are you wearing that STUPID outfit?"
        Against Ultimate Gohan:
          "Looks like I can finally fight you without holding back!"
        Against Gotenks:
          "Looks like I have to teach you some respect!"
        Against Supreme Kai and Kibotoshin:
          "Eh? You're the Supreme Kai?"
        Against Raditz:
          "Who are you? What business do you have with me?"
        Against Nappa:
          "Why don't you step right up? And I'll show you!"
        Against Frieza:
          "Now then, How about I wipe off that ugly smirk off your face?"
        Against Frieza 3rd Form:
          "Ugh! You monster!"
        Against Mecha Frieza:
          "I'm gonna make you kill for all the Namekians you killed!"
        Against Android 17:
          "Hmpf. I won't go down as easily as last time."
        Against Cell 1st Form:
          "Who are you?!"
        Against Garlic Jr.:
          "Hmpf. You again."
        Against Slug:
          "You disgraced all Namekians!"
        Against Kid Goku:
          "You'll understand, once you get on with me!"
    Winning battle:
     "You should know better than to mess with me."
     "Hmpf. Well..."
        Against Kid Gohan: 
          "What's wrong? You won't last long with that attitude!"
        Against Teen Gohan: 
          "I don't remember training you to be this weak. Stand up!"
        Against Gohan and Great Saiyaman: 
          "You have to do better, Gohan. You're still too soft."
        Against Ultimate Gohan:
          "Hmpf. To think that little crybaby would come this far..."
        Against Gotenks:
          "Why do I always have to deal with those little brats?"
        Against Supreme Kai and Kibotoshin:
          "Gulp. I'm not sure I've should have done that."
        Against Frieza and Mecha Frieza:
          "Hmpf. Maybe think twice before you mess with a Namek."
        Against Mecha-Frieza:
          "I'm gonna make you kill for all the Namekians you killed!"
        Against Garlic Jr.
          "Garlic Jr.! This ends now!"
    Losing battle:
     "Ugh! Who do you think you're messing with?!"
    ============== 11. Thanks =======================[BT2THA]===
    Right. And the Academy Awards gooo toooo...
     Sony - for making the Earth's greatest video gaming system, it's sequel, and 
     the sequel's sequel.
     Spike - for making a game worth of having 'Budokai' in the name.
     Bandai, Atari - for publishing this gem.
     Akira Toriyama - for making DBZ. Come on, we've all gotta thank for that.
     Shonen Jump, Toei Animation - for letting people see DB in the first place.
     Interwebs - I would not know of a sequel coming. Really.
     My brother - yeah, for being a good sport and letting me play with him, though
     he's always losing.    
     Beer. Lot's of it. - I wouldn't be able to write this without my precious...

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