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    Cell by firesnake7810

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    Dragon BallZ Budokai: Tenkaichi 2
    Cell Faq
    February 24, 2007
    Introduction – 1
    Version History – 2
    Cell (First Form) – 3
    Description – 3.1
    Moveset – 3.2
    Cell (Second Form) – 4
    Description – 4.1
    Moveset – 4.2
    Cell (Perfect Form) – 5
    Description – 5.1
    Moveset – 5.2
    Cell (Perfect) – 6
    Description – 6.1
    Moveset – 6.2
    Z-Item Recommendations – 7
    Q & A – 8
    Legal mumbo jumbo – 9
    Special Thanks – 10
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    *Introduction – 1*
    Hey! Name’s Daniel. This is my very first faq I’ve written for Gamefaqs so
    don’t give me any very negative feedback just tell me what I can improve on.
    I wrote this faq on Cell because he has an awesome character.
    There are so many things about Cell that peeked my interest.
    Most everything on Cell I will cover in this faq.
    If you think my guide needs any work at all, then send me an e-mail at
    firesnake7810@gmail.com but make sure that you label your e-mail DBZ Cell or it
    most likely will be deleted without being checked.
    Enjoy the faq; legal stuff is near bottom of the page so check it out.
    *Version History – 2*
    Version 1
    Made faq… Pretty much it.
    *Cell (First Form) – 3*
    Cell (First Form)
    Remember this, all of the descriptions are off Character Illustrations.
    -Description- - 3.1
    Cell is an artificial life form created by Dr. Gero.
    Cell was created in Dr. Gero’s underground laboratory, formed by fusing cell
    samples taken from the Z-fighters.
    He can achieve his perfect form only by absorbing Androids 17 and 18.
    In order to absorb 17 and 18 and become complete, Cell killed Trunks in the
    future, stole his time machine, and traveled to the present.
    In addition to his energy absorbing abilities, Cell also inherited a key
    Namekian trait: the ability to Regenerate.
    -Moveset- - 3.2
    Cell’s first form isn’t the greatest of his forms but he has his pros and cons,
    where as one of his pros is being able to absorb life and one con is his low
    defense and not so great Blast 1's. I will give his Ki abilities a score of
    1-10 where as 1 is Completely Useless and 10 being Perfect.
    ~Blast 1~
    Solar Flare
    Unblockable Attack
    2 Blast Stocks
    Ehh…. Not the best technique; makes it so your opponent looses lock on, giving
    you a chance for a quick escape if you just quickly dash away but ultimately
    4-10 Just below Useful
    Hidden Energy
    1 Blast Stock
    It took me a while to figure this move out but what it does is it depletes your
    energy so that if the enemy is not Locked On to you, you are invisible to a.
    his energy sensing abilities, and b. his scouter. When used in conjunction with
    Solar Flare is pretty much the best way to run, hide, and recover but sadly
    that is pretty much the only use for it.
    3-10 Not Useful
    ~Blast 2~
    Charge with Triangle Button
    Damage: 4500-9900
    3 Ki Gauges
    Ahh… The infamous Kamehameha… With its 2 second charge is one of Cell (First
    Form)’s best attacks. Yet, people still get tired of charging the kamehameha to
    its max power and I can see how if they were close that would be a disadvantage
    but overall a good technique.
    6-10 Pretty Useful
    Special Beam Cannon
    Charge with Triangle Button
    Unblockable Attack
    Damage: 1000-12000
    4 Ki Gauges
    Piccolo’s technique… And even though it is powerful when fully charged, it has
    a 5 second charge which makes it not a good technique (I use the term Technique
    loosely). Yes it is strong, but unless the enemy is far away, then this attack
    becomes no good.
    3-10 Not Useful or Recommended
    ~Ultimate Blast~
    Drain Life Cell
    In MAX POWER mode
    Damage: 13520
    5 Ki Gauges
    This attack is a really good technique when it comes to Cell (First Form)’s
    abilities. Not only does it do a good amount of damage, 13520 to be exact, but
    it also restores 1 Bar of Cell’s Health.
    8-10 Very Useful
    *Cell (Second Form) - 4*
    -Description- - 4.1
    This is Cell’s second form.
    After narrowly escaping Android 16’s attacks, Cell manages to absorb Android
    17, and transforming into his second state.
    In this form, Cell’s size and strength rise dramatically, and he is able to
    brush aside Android 16 with a minimum of effort.
    Even with the most forgiving eyes, it would be difficult to see Cell as
    handsome or even remotely attractive in any way. Nonetheless, in his new form,
    he seems to feel that he is the most beautiful living specimen on the planet.
    This Narcissistic attitude may have been influenced by Vegeta’s genes…
    -Moveset- - 4.2
    Cell’s Second Form is a really good fighter because of his strength and his new
    set of techniques although he is the slowest of Cell’s forms.
    ~Blast 1~
    Solar Flare
    Unblockable Attack
    2 Blast Stocks
    Pretty much what I said before…
    4-10 Just Below Useful
    Pump Up
    2 Blast Stocks
    It is a pretty good technique that it gives you quite a bit of attribute boosts
    but they don’t last for very long so it is intern not recommended, but if you
    use this technique and then one of his other technique’s (besides Solar Flare)
    then they should get a power boost.
    4-10 Just Below Useful
    ~Blast 2~
    Charge with Triangle Button
    Damage: 4800-11040
    3 Ki Gauges
    Once again, another repeat attack with his new form, not really looking like an
    improvement huh?
    6-10 Fairly Useful
    Drain Life Cell
    Damage: 11530
    4 Ki Gauges
    SWEET! His First Form’s Ultimate Blast. The only con of that is that it is a
    little weaker than before but I guess that is the price for lower Ki Gauge
    usage, *sigh* o well, it still gives you health though so it still is good.
    7-10 Pretty Useful
    ~Ultimate Blast~
    Big Bang Attack
    In MAX POWER mode
    Damage: 13800
    5 Ki Gauges
    Vegeta’s technique huh? It is a strong attack, doing the same amount of damage
    as Cell (First Form)’s Ultimate Blast but without the good side effect, so
    that’s sort of a let down, but it is powerful.
    6-10 Fairly Useful
    *Cell (Perfect Form) - 5*
    -Description- - 5.1
    This is Cell's Perfect Form, achieved after he overcame the Z-fighters'
    resistance and absorbed Android 18.
    His form becomes much more defined, and with his dramatic increase in power, he
    can indeed be called the Ultimate Android.
    Wishing to test the limits of his new powers, he organized an event similar to
    the World Martial Arts Tournament, dubbed the “Cell Games”.
    Despite his dignified manner, Cell is still a ruthless villain, capable of
    utterly destroying his opponent without a second thought. As soon as he finds
    himself at a disadvantage, however, Cell loses all composure and will resort to
    even the most desperate tactics to defeat his attacker.
    After the battle with the Z-fighters, Cell was sent into the depths of Other
    World. There, he teamed up with Frieza, and it fell to Goku and Pikkon to stop
    their evil rampage.
    -Moveset- - 5.2
    ~Blast 1~
    Explosive Wave
    1 Blast Stock
    I consider this technique one of the greatest Blast 1 techniques. It will stop
    most attacks, and your attacker making you invincible for a short period of
    time, but might not always stop a Blast 2 or Ultimate Blast unless it is a rush.
    5-10 Useful
    2 Blast Stocks
    This is one of the other greatest Blast 1 techniques. It has no immediate
    effect, which is one of its perks, yet when activated the user dodges the
    enemies attack.
    7-10 Pretty Useful
    ~Blast 2~
    Super Kamehameha
    Charge with Triangle Button
    Damage: 5040-11520
    4 Ki Gauges
    A more powerful version of the Kamehameha, but with a greater cost at 4 Ki
    Gauges instead of 3 and a 3 second charge time.
    5-10 Useful
    Destructo Disk
    Unblockable Attack
    Damage: 2500-10000
    4 Ki Gauges
    Krillen’s Ultimate Blast. This technique is actually quite useful as they are
    homing attacks, yet they do not have a long life span, but they are powerful.
    Cell then throws 4 disks at the enemy, which because they are unblockable and a
    little hard to dodge makes them fairly good.
    6-10 Fairly Useful
    ~Ultimate Blast~
    Perfect Barrier
    In MAX POWER mode
    Damage: 2420-14520
    5 Ki Gauges
    This technique is pretty much Super Explosive Wave, only with a different name
    and a little more powerful than most characters that use Super Explosive Wave
    (i.e. Great Saiyaman). Basically a super charged Explosive Wave that allows no
    techniques to penetrate the wave and is stronger intern making it better than
    Explosive Wave.
    8-10 Very Useful
    *Cell (Perfect) – 6*
    -Description- - 6.1
    This is Cell in his Perfect Form, powered to his maximum levels.
    Though it was thought that Cell was destroyed when he self-destructed on Kind
    Kai’s planet, the nucleus in his head survived the blast, and he was able to
    Thanks to his Saiyan genes, Cell’s recovery from this near-death state has the
    added effect of increasing his power on a massive scale. Furthermore, Cell has
    acquired the use of Instant Transmission. He uses this skill to return to
    Earth, where he will face Gohan in the final confrontation.
    -Moveset- - 6.3
    ~Blast 1~
    Instantaneous Transmission
    2 Blast Stocks
    An improved version of the Afterimage technique only that it is used when
    activated and it makes the user teleport behind his opponent upon which the
    opponent loses lock on. Now this is very useful when your opponent uses a
    technique so that you can go behind him and unleash CELL (pun intended) on him.
    I don't reccommended using it when they are charging up a blast though, they'll
    still hit you.
    7-10 Pretty Useful
    Wild Sense
    Damage: 2820
    3 Blast Stocks
    My personal favorite Blast 1 and is probably the best. It is another improved
    version of the Afterimage, with all the same effects of the Afterimage
    including waiting until the opponent attacks you to act, only this time if an
    opponent attacks you with a melee or rush attack, you teleport and slam them to
    the ground. Although is incredibly useful, it comes at the price of 3 Blast
    Stocks so you can’t really spam it.
    9-10 Incredibly Useful
    ~Blast 2~
    Super Kamehameha
    Charge with Triangle Button
    Damage: 5220-12000
    4 Ki Gauges
    Yet again the Kamehameha, but this time it is incredibly powerful but still
    takes 3 seconds to charge to max power.
    5-10 Useful
    Death Beam
    Damage: 10000
    3 Ki Gauges
    The Death Beam, Frieza’s attack. A small purple beam that goes through the
    opponent only it can be blocked. If used against a different beam, it will
    cancel them both out, and with no charge time makes the Death Beam very good.
    7-10 Pretty Useful
    ~Ultimate Blast~
    Spirit Bomb
    In MAX POWER mode
    Unblockable Attack
    Damage: 3950-15800
    5 Ki Gauges
    Goku’s Spirit Bomb, only this time is used on the spot with no time wasted
    using Share Energy. Overall this is the most powerful attack of all of Cell’s
    forms. Also, a good combo with this is first be in MAX POWER mode and then use
    Instantaneous Transmission and then there is almost 0% chance that they will
    evade the attack.
    10-10 Perfect.
    *Z-Item Recommendations – 7*
    When leveling up Cell, it is crucial to know what you want your Cell to be good
    at, and remember two things, these are my recommendations to use with Cell in
    general, not just one form, and that these are just recommendations so you
    don’t have to listen to me and you can experiment, its up to you.
    Anyways, Cell does not really require Ki so don’t equip him with a Ki + and if
    you don’t plan on using his second form do not equip Cell with a Speed + but
    still keep Health +, Attack + and Defense + potaras because they are pretty
    much a necessity for almost all characters.
    You’ll notice that he has 3 missing Equipment Slots, so use an Equipment Slots
    +3 right? WRONG! Remember that Cell is considered the “Ultimate ANDROID” so
    equip him with a Gero’s Lab Data which gives you Equipment Slots +3 and Blast 1
    Blast 2 is also a nice one to have because since they are Blast 2, you will be
    using them more often than your Ultimate Blast.
    Now for the next slot use a Majin Seal to halve your energy consumption on
    Blast 2 and Ultimate Blast attacks.
    The last slot has two things you might want. The first is Vicious desire, which
    reduces the reload time or refire time of B2/UB attacks, not bad eh? The second
    one is Bulma's Support, which gives you +1 Dragon Homing and a Full energy bar
    at the start of the battle. There are other one's to suit your preference so go
    take your pick.
    *Q & A – 8*
    Okay, I am here to answer questions regarding Cell. I might answer other
    questions but they need to have some remoteness to the overall topic of the
    guide, or if I’m feeling lenient, I might answer them.
    These are Questions made up by me and my friend Mike to answer the general
    Q1: Why pick Cell? I mean he is a good character and all but why not someone
    A1: I picked Cell as he is my favorite Villain in the Dragon Ball series. I
    also picked him because Cell (Perfect) is one of the strongest characters in
    the game with some of the best techniques so just use your imagination.
    Q2: Where do I get Gero’s Lab Data, Limitless Power, Perfect Stance, Majin
    Seal, Shenron’s Record, and Zoonama’s Barb?
    A2: All of those Z-Items can be purchased from the Item Shop although they are
    a bit pricy.
    Q3: I can’t afford all of the Z-Items you recommended! How can I get a quick
    amount of zeni?
    A3: The two ways are one to go onto the level Two Majin Buus, in the Majin Buu
    saga and fight Yamcha on the Mountain Road, where as the reward is 1 million
    zeni, or the easier way is to go to a level with Saibamen in it and defeat them
    earning you 7200 zeni and a Saibamen Set which you can sell for 150000 zeni a
    Q4: Yamcha’s too hard! I can’t beat him! Is there a strategy?
    A4: Because I am not really good with Fat Buu the only strategy I can tell you
    is to go to michaelP4’s Z-Item strategy page, because he has a set of
    recommendations for buu, but no matter what, I wish you good luck.
    Q5: Will you make anymore faqs on any of the other characters?
    A5: Yes, because I like some characters and since nobody really wrote faqs on
    them, I will be writing some in the near future. Most likely they will be
    written in the evenings when I have more free time.
    Q6: Your Faq is cool! Can I put it on my website?
    A6: Maybe. That is a difficult question to answer seeing how this is my very
    first faq I ever wrote and that if I want to write more faqs, I will have to
    keep track of two different websites, and with all the stuff I have planned
    each and every day, it will be hard. Just send me and e-mail labeled Website,
    Dragon Ball with a detailed reason why I should let you post my guide on your
    website and a link to your website and I’ll respond from there.
    Q7: I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help with the guide?
    A7: If you wish to contribute, or point out a mistake in my guide then by all
    means, e-mail at firesnake7810@gmail.com asking and or telling me.
    Q8: How long did it take you to write this guide?
    A8: Around 2-3 ½ hours.
    *Legal Mumbo Jumbo – 9*
    This guide is to be only used on Gamefaqs or another site (only with
    permission). No one may use this guide on their website without written
    permission stating that you can do so. If I do give you permission, you will
    give me credit; give credit where credit is due. If you alter my guide whiling
    putting my guide on your website, inform me of doing so; don’t just change the
    words in the sentences just to call it your own.
    *Special Thanks – 10*
    Spike and Atari – For making the game; would have no reason to make the guide
    without them.
    The guys who wrote the Character Illustrations – For helping me with the
    Descriptions for each form of Cell.
    My friend Mike – Whom helped me write and find out everything on this guide.
    michaelP4 – For writing his guide, which really helped me out with my overall
    format of my guide.
    Golden_Gogeta – Because his guide helped me decide which Z-Items would be best
    suited for Cell with his complete list.
    You, the reader – For using my guide to make your Cell one of the most powerful
    characters in Dragon Ball Z Budokai: Tenkaichi 2.
    Hoped ya had fun reading this as much as I did writing it. Have a nice day and

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