Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Cheats


  • Capsule Machines

    By achieving the appropriate rank, the following machines will be unlocked.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Capsule Machine for CollectorsAchieve the rank of "Chunnin"
    Capsule Machine for ManiacsAchieve the rank of "Anbu"

    Contributed By: QuartrGuy.

  • Characters

    These characters are unlocked in order. You'll need to finish the character's story mode in order to use him / her in any other mode.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Cursed Marked SasukeGet Chunnin rank
    GaaraFinish Zabuza's story mode.
    HakuFinish Hinata's story mode.
    Hinata HyuugaFinish Neji's story mode.
    Kyuubi NarutoComplete all B Rank missions
    Neji HyuugaFinish story mode with any of the 6 original characters.
    OrochimaruFinish Garaa's story mode.
    Zabuza MomochiFinish Haku's story mode.

    Contributed By: Spenze, Tenguman123, and Windmaster715.

  • Hidden Scrolls

    These are the locations of the hidden scrolls for the first S rank mission. You can obtain these in any mode, and practice mode would be the obvious choice. You can exit the stage and save once you've obtained the scroll.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    44 Forest of Death (foreground)Attack the fish on the left 3 times.
    Bridge (foreground)Wait 3 seconds on the game clock while standing on the boat.
    Chunnin Testing Stage (foreground)Run through the tunnel from the left entrance and exit the right. Repeat 3 times.
    Hero's Gravestone (any)Attack your opponent's support character 5 times.
    Hokage's Statue Stage (foreground)Jump repeatedly on the tree to the left.
    Nightly Rooftop Map (background)Stand on the tail of the right fish statue until the scroll appears.
    Ramen Shop (foreground)Hit the lanterns so each of them grows red.
    Survival Stage (background)Destroy the doll on the right 10 - 15 times.
    Tornado Sand Map (background)Destroy 8 objects flying within the tornado.
    Wind Clan (foreground)Keep attacking the vending machine until the scroll shows up.
    Yagura map with the Giant Frog & Snake (background)Jump from the top of the frog to the snake, then jump back.
    Zabuza's Home (background)Wait 3 seconds on the game clock while standing on the balcony.

    Contributed By: Spenze.

  • More S Rank MIssions!

    These missions are unlocked after completing a certain mission.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Mission #11 Finish Icha Icha Paradise (99 times each pair)Complete S Rank Mission #2 Icha Icha Paradise
    Mission #12 Collect 9,999,999 worth of moneyFinish all non-S rank missions (Hokage Rank)

    Contributed By: EvolutionKing.

  • Ranks

    These are ranks you get from the missons you play

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Anbuget 2,170 EXP
    Chuninget 500 EXP
    Geninget 50 EXP
    Hokageget 2,490 EXP
    Joninget 1,750 EXP
    Special Joninget 1,150 EXP

    Contributed By: DarthTyris.

  • Unlockable Stages

    Beat Gaara's story mode to unlock the village of sand stages.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    2 Village of Sand stagesBeat Gaara's story mode
    Great Naruto BridgeComeplete Haku's Story
    Kazekage's MansionComeplete Gaara's Story
    Sumanigo Estate and Buddha StatueComeplete Gaara's Story
    Zabuza's HideoutComeplete Haku's Story

    Contributed By: Emperorwon and Yo_Yo_Cheese.


  • Play in a different colored outfit for any character

    Press and hold L2 and R1, then press X. NOTE( only works for FREE BATTLE & MISSION modes)

    Contributed By: demonofthemist.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2 Cheats


  • US Version Passwords

    Go to Input Password in Naruto's house. Then put this in,

    Fire-Rat-Dragon-Dog1000 ryo
    Fire-Rat-Snake-Dragon1000 ryo
    Water-Rat-Rat-Monkey1000 ryo
    Water-Rat-Monkey-Rooster1000 ryo
    Water-Rat-Rooster-Boar1000 ryo
    Water-Hare-Monkey-Monkey1000 ryo
    Water-Horse-Rat-Ram1000 ryo
    Water-Horse-Hare-Dragon1000 ryo
    Water-Horse-Horse-Horse1000 ryo
    Water-Ram-Horse-Dog1000 ryo
    Water-Ram-Rooster-Monkey1000 ryo
    Water-Tiger-Dragon-Tiger5000 ryo
    Water-Snake-Rooster-Horse5000 ryo
    Earth-Snake-Snake-SnakeGet 1,000 Ryo
    Stone-Dragon-Rat-DragonGet Ninja card Tactics 66 and 1000 Ryo
    Fire-Ox-Tiger-DogNinja Info Card (Jutsu-63)
    Fire-Ox-Hare-HareNinja Info Card (Jutsu-86)
    Fire-Dog-Boar-SnakeNinja Info Card (Ninja-74)
    Fire-Ox-Dog-SnakeNinja Info Card (Tactics 46)
    Fire-Rat-Dragon-HareNinja Info Card (Tactics-157), 5000 ryo
    lightening-rat-rat-horseNinja Info card (tactics-87)
    Wind-Horse-Horse-HorseNinja Info Card (Tactics-98), 1000 Ryo
    Lightning-Rat-Ox-TigerSexy Jutsu Ninja Info Card
    Wind - Dog, Monkey, RamUnlock "Fiery Duo's Challenge" - vs. Guy
    Lightning-Snake-Rat-DragonUnlock all characters
    Fire-Dragon-Snake-TigerUnlocks Naruto's Challenge in 5-rank missions


  • How to get all the Hidden Secret Scrolls

    Here are the ways that you can get the hidden scrolls in each stage

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Chuunin exam stadiumgo forward and back the hole 3 times
    Forest of DeathHit the red fish that jumps up sometimes in the river 3 times(when it jumps)
    Hero's Memorial stonehit opponent's support character 4 times
    Hokage's facejump on the tree in the background 10 times
    Ichiraku Ramenmake all the lanterns red
    Kazekage's placeget 3 recovering items from the vending machine in the foreground.
    Kikyoujyou(has 2 big fishes)stay on the tail of the fish for at least 2 counts when the wind is blowing
    Konoha Forestdestroy 5 trees thats in the fore and background
    Konoha Hot springsdont destroy it but half destory the wall and the stand on both sides(fore BG)
    Naruto bridgestay standing on the boat for 5 counts
    Outer Tanzaku gai(with the snake)attack the snake 5 times
    Sand place(with the tornado)destroy 5 of the stuff that's whirling in the tornado
    Snow stage (JP)destroy 10 stuff that comes out in the fore and background(pots, shuriken targets etc..)
    Tanzaku gaiattack the slot machine 8 times
    The Rainbow Icewall (JP)attack your opponent's support character 5 times
    Training groundsdestroy 8 stuff that comes out in the fore and background(pots, shuriken targets etc...)
    Watch tower(with the frog and snake)go forward and back the snake and the frog with out touching the ground 3 times
    Zabuza's secret hideoutstay in the attic place above the place with the bed in the background

    Contributed By: HinoTomo.

  • Story Mode Character Unlocking

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    HakuBeat Haku with Uchiha Sasuke in story 4.
    Hatake Kakashi - ANBUBeat story 4.
    Hoshigake KisameBeat story 4.
    JiraiyaBeat Jiraiya with Uzumaki Naruto in story 1.
    Momochi ZabuzaBeat Momochi Zabuza with Jiraiya in story 4.
    OrochimaruBeat story 4.
    Orochimaru - SealedBeat story 2.
    Sandaime HokageBeat Orochimaru with Sandaime Hokage in story 1.
    ShizuneBeat Shizune with Tsunade in story 2.
    Taijutsu NarutoComplete Guy's Training
    TsunadeBeat story 2.
    Uchiha ItachiBeat story 4.
    Uzumaki Naruto - KyuubiBeat story 4.
    Yakushi KabutoBeat story 3.

    Contributed By: Omega Cosmo and Fromaginator.

  • The Last 2 Hidden Characters

    After finishing the entire story mode (4 arcs), these can be done at any time.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Hyuuga Hinata - SuccessorSpeak with Hyuuga Hiashi outside the arena. Then at the rooftop. Then speak with Hinata at the training grounds. Head to the arena and beat Neji.
    Uzumaki Naruto - Maito SuitSpeak with Maito Gai at the marketplace. Head to the next city and buy a Maito suit (100.000 mon). Head to the next screen and fight Gai.

    Contributed By: Omega Cosmo.

  • Unlock Hint Scrolls

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Hint Scroll #1Win the Tree Climbing game 3 times with times less than 1:20:00.
    Hint Scroll #2Get 3 shutout victories in Lee's push-ups mini-game.
    Hint Scroll #3Win Guy's Handstand Race 3 times with times less than 1:08:00
    Hint Scroll #4Earn 3 perfect victories in Guy's Pose Challenge mini-game.
    Hint Scroll #5Earn 3 perfect victories in the Shadow Possession Challenge mini-game.
    Hint Scroll #6After obtaining Hint Scroll #3, win Guy's Handstand Race 3 more times with times less than 1:08:00
    Hint Scroll #7After obtaining Hint Scroll #2, get 3 more shutout victories in Lee's push-ups mini-game.
    Hint Scroll #8After obtaining Hint Scroll #5, earn 3 more perfect victories in the Shadow Possession Challenge mini-game.

    Contributed By: Chaos Control.

Easter Eggs

  • Fan Bonus

    Begin a new game using a memory card that has a Naruto: Ultimate Ninja (1) save file on it. You will receive 340 Ninja Info Cards and 50,000 Ryo as a bonus.

    Contributed By: Chaos Control.

Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles Cheats


  • Rewards for beating the game

    Certain things can be unlocked once you finish the game.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Boss battlefinish the game once.
    Gaara as support characterfinish the game once.
    Kakashi as support characterfinish the game once.
    shuriken patternfinish the game once.

    Contributed By: Meteorites.


  • Chakara Refill Boost

    During the Loading screen if allocated enough time to move the right thumbstick enough in a circle. A Blue Chakara Ball will pop-out and if you notice your unfilled Stamina / Chakara Bar. It will refill a little about 25% worth everytime you do this. Between Loading screens with the Konoha Symboyl in the lower right corner

    Contributed By: blue4639.

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