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    Game Script by MabinogiFan

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    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories Game Script
    Copyright 2009-2013 Ryan Parisen (MabinogiFan)
    This guide may not be used on any other web site or source without permission
    from me.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Sources Used:
    My own copy of the game (Mostly courtesy of Theater Mode)
    Youtube.com (Mainly videos by EmiruKyasutaine, EmirutheKnight, EmiruHD, and
    Kingdom Hearts Wiki (Copied the word "Naminé" from there)
    Thanks go to DJ Firewolf, who wrote a game script for Kingdom Hearts II. His
    guide inspired me to write this script. And it gave me ideas of how to write my
    script. I wrote this script in a similar way he wrote his. So I give him my
    thanks for the inspiration.
    If you have any questions or comments, e-mail me at flipperdedipper@aol.com.
    If you find any potential errors in this guide, please inform me.
    [About this Guide]
    This "Game Script" serves as a complete transcript of all the dialogue in this
    game. This is mainly for people who wish to know the storyline without playing
    the game, or for those who need to look up a quote from the game easily.
    In this guide, I've written down pretty much all of the dialogue in this game.
    I've also written descriptive details to inform you on what is happening in a
    In this game script, all the dialogue in Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories 
    is at your fingertips, but I guess it's no substitute to playing the actual
    game and experiencing it yourself. Nevertheless, I hope you will find use for
    this guide.
                                [Game Script Contents]
    Sora Prologue.............................................................(SPL)
    Floor 1 (Traverse Town)...................................................(TVT)
    Floor 1 Exit/Floor 2 Enter................................................(1-2)
    Floor 2 (Olympus Coliseum)................................................(OLC)
    Floor 2 Exit/Floor 3 Enter................................................(2-3)
    Floor 3 (Halloween Town)..................................................(HWT)
    Floor 3 Exit/ Floor 4 Enter...............................................(3-4)
    Floor 4 (Monstro).........................................................(MSO)
    Floor 4 Exit/Floor 5 Enter................................................(4-3)
    Floor 5 (Agrabah).........................................................(AGB)
    Floor 5 Exit/Floor 6 Enter................................................(5-6)
    Floor 6 (Wonderland)......................................................(WDL)
    Floor 6 Exit/Floor 7 Enter................................................(6-7)
    Floor 7 (Neverland).......................................................(NVL)
    Floor 7 Exit/Floor 8 Enter................................................(7-8)
    Floor 8 (Atlantica).......................................................(ALT)
    Floor 8 Exit/Floor 9 Enter................................................(8-9)
    Floor 9 (100 Acre Wood)...................................................(1AW)
    Floor 9 Exit/Floor 10 Enter...............................................(910)
    Floor 10 (Hollow Bastion).................................................(HLB)
    Floor 10 Exit/Floor 11 Enter..............................................(101)
    Floor 11 (Twilight Town)..................................................(TLT)
    Floor 11 Exit/Floor 12 Enter..............................................(112)
    Floor 12 (Destiny Islands)................................................(DTI)
    Floor 12 Exit/Floor 13 Enter..............................................(213)
    Floor 13 (Castle Oblivion)................................................(COB)
    Sora's Final Boss/Ending..................................................(SBE)
    RR Prologue...............................................................(RRP)
    Basement 12 (Hollow Bastion)..............................................(12H)
    Basement 12 Exit/Basement 11 Enter........................................(B12)
    Basement 11 (Agrabah).....................................................(B11)
    Basement 10 (Neverland)...................................................(B10)
    Basement 9 (Monstro)......................................................(B09)
    Basement 8 (Traverse Town)................................................(B08)
    Basement 7 (Atlantica)....................................................(B07)
    Basement 6 (Halloween Town)...............................................(B06)
    Basement 5 (Wonderland)...................................................(B05)
    Basement 4 (Olympus Coliseum).............................................(B04)
    Basement 3 (Destiny Islands)..............................................(3DI)
    Basement 2 Enter..........................................................(B2E)
    Basement 2 (Twilight Town)................................................(2TT)
    Basement 2 Exit/Basement 1 Enter..........................................(B1E)
    RR's Final Boss/Ending....................................................(RBE)
    EXTRA DIALOGUE............................................................(EDL)
    [Author's Note: From Floors 2 to 10 in Sora's story, and from Basement 11 to 3
    in Reverse Rebirth, players are given the choice of playing through the worlds
    in whichever order they choose, depending on what cards they have. I've
    scripted the worlds in this guide in the order I played them in my playthrough
    of the game. The order in which others may or may have played them through
    might be different from the order that's in this script, but the events that
    happen in these worlds DO NOT affect what happens in the hallways between them.
    Which means they can be played in any order, and will not affect the overall
    continuity of the game.]
    If you wish to jump to a specific section in the guide, press CTRL+F and type
    in the corresponding character at the rightmost side.
                               [-------Game Script-------]
    [Sora Prologue-------(SPL)]
    (As the game starts, the song "Simple and Clean" plays, and the opening trailer
    is shown, which showcases several scenes from the first Kingdom Hearts game.
    The story starts where the last game left off. Sora, Donald, and Goofy are
    walking down a dirt road surrounded by grass, and Sora sees Pluto up ahead,
    who's carrying a letter from King Mickey in his mouth. Sora and the gang
    proceed to chase Pluto down the road. Later on at night, Sora, Donald, and
    Goofy are asleep in the grass. Sora wakes up and walks a short distance down
    the path. He then comes to a crossroads of four paths and stares into the sky.
    A man's voice is heard)
    ????????: Along the road ahead lies something you need.
    (A figure wearing a black-hooded coat is seen behind Sora. Sora turns around
    but the man disappears. Sora looks around for him, and the man reappears behind
    him. Sora turns around and faces him)
    ????????: However---in order to claim it you must lose something that is dear
    to you.
    (The man turns around and disappears. Sora walks ahead towards him but he is
    gone. The scene switches to a girl in a white room drawing on her sketchbook.
    There is a doll of her inside a cage hanging in the corner. The girl's drawing
    is seen as a colorful castle as she puts her sketchbook down. The scene
    switches to a similar-looking castle in the distance on a single path. Sora
    stands overlooking the castle, and the Re: Chain of Memories logo appears on
    the screen. Sora, Donald, and Goofy then walk toward the castle. Donald and
    Goofy say something to each other that is not heard. Sora looks up at the
    castle and gasps slightly, wondering what's inside. He continues toward it)
    Donald: Huh?
    (They all continue into the castle. Sora opens the door and looks inside. The
    trio then walks in)
    Goofy: Hey, ya think it's OK to barge in?
    Donald: But we gotta do it, if we're gonna find the king...
    Goofy: The king?! (Goofy is surprised and looks around the room) King Mickey's
    Donald: Something just told me he'd be here, OK?
    Goofy: Really? 'Cause now that ya mention it, I was kinda thinkin' the same
    Sora: Seriously? Me too! One look at this castle, and I just knew: Our very
    best friends---they're here.
    Goofy: A-hyuck! Guess great minds think alike.
    (Jiminy Cricket jumps out of Sora's shirt)
    Jiminy: Wait, hey, hold on! It can't be just a coincidence!
    Donald: Oh, no, Jiminy. Ya don't mean that---
    Jiminy: Yep, I had it too, mm-hmm! I had the exact same feeling.
    Goofy: Gawrsh, maybe it's contagious.
    Donald: No, no. Something's screwy. We gotta go take a look.
    Sora: All right.
    (Sora starts to walk toward the door at the end of the hall. Donald jumps)
    Donald: Wak! Where are you going?!
    Sora: That way. To the door. (Snickers) Are ya scared?
    Donald: Aw, don't be ridiculous! Come on, let's go, Goofy!
    Goofy: Hey, fellahs, shouldn't we shut the door behind us before we go? (Turns
    around) Sora!
    (The hooded man appears in front of the entrance and the doors close)
    Sora: That's it! Who are you?
    (Sora grunts and summons his Keyblade. The others prepare for battle. The
    hooded man walks toward them)
    Donald: Wak! Heartless! Oh yeah? I'll try some magic!
    (Donald waves his wand and yells)
    Donald: THUNDER!
    (No magic comes out)
    Donald: Come on. THUNDER! THUNDER!!
    (Nothing happens)
    Donald: Come on... Blizzard? FIRE!
    (Nothing happens. The hooded man reaches them)
    Donald: Why isn't it working? (He slumps)
    ????????: I should think it's obvious. The moment you set foot in this castle,
    you forgot every spell and every ability you ever knew. In this place, to find
    is to lose, and to lose is to find. That is the way in Castle Oblivion.
    Sora: Castle Oblivion?
    (The mystery man disappears in an aura of darkness, and reappears behind Sora)
    ????????: Here you will meet people that you have known in the past. And you
    will meet people you miss.
    Sora: I miss? Riku! You mean Riku's here?!
    ????????: If what you want...is to find him...
    (The man holds out his hand and gusts of wind and flower petals appear and are
    blasted at Sora. Sora tries to block them with his Keyblade. The man then 
    becomes transparent and flies through Sora. Sora then runs at the man, jumps,
    and slashes him, but the man disappears, leaving flower petals behind)
    Sora: Huh?
    (The man reappears at the doorway at the end of the hall. Sora's group runs 
    toward him)
    Sora: What'd you do?!
    ????????: I merely sampled your memories. And from them, I made this.
    (The man holds out a card in this hand. It depicts Traverse Town, a world from
    the first Kingdom Hearts game)
    ????????: To reunite with those you hold dear---
    (He tosses the card to Sora)
    Sora: What's this, a card?
    ????????: It is a promise for the reunion you seek. Hold the card to open the
    door. And beyond it, a new world. Proceed, Sora. To lose and claim anew, or to
    claim anew only to lose...
    (The man disappears and Sora, Donald, and Goofy gasp. Donald, Goofy, and Jiminy
    watch Sora, who stares at the card)
    Sora: C'mon---let's go.
    (Sora walks up to the door and holds up the card to open it. Sora walks through
    the door)
    [Floor 1 (Traverse Town)-------(TVT)]
    (Sora enters Traverse Town)
    Sora: This can't be right... We're in Traverse Town!
    (The Hooded man is behind Sora)
    ????????: What you see isn't real.
    (Sora turns around but the man disappears and reappears behind Sora)
    ????????: This town is an illusion created by your memories ingrained in that
    Sora: My memories?
    (Jiminy hops down from Sora's shirt onto the ground)
    Jiminy: (Jumping up and down) Forget about that, Sora! We lost Donald and
    (Sora turns around and looks for his friends)
    Sora: Donald? Goofy? Guys, where are you? (To the man) What did you do with
    ????????: They are at the mercy of the cards now. Master the cards, and their
    strength will be yours again.
    (The man begins to teach Sora how to use cards in battle. A Donald card appears
    on the field)
    ????????: The laws of this castle require that your friends be transformed into
    cards. If you value your friends, you won't fail to pick them up.
    (Sora picks up the Donald card)
    ????????: Cards you pick up are added to the top of your stack. Use them, and
    your friends will come to your aid.
    (Sora uses the Donald card. Donald appears and casts two random spells)
    ????????: The cards you use vanish, but they will reappear to aid you time and
    again. Cards are the hearts of your friends. Everything in this castle is ruled
    by cards. Whether an enemy or a door confronts you, cards are the only way to
    proceed. But you mustn't forget your own strength.
    (Sora jumps and dodge rolls)
    ????????: First think for yourself. Move, then use the cards.
    (Sora uses his attack cards on the man, who is guarded from the attacks)
    ????????: You now know how to use your strength. But it would be of no use if
    you lose sight of your opponent. I wonder if you can catch me.
    (The man flies around Sora. Sora locks on to him)
    ????????: Good. Every move you make causes a card to disappear. If you use up
    all your cards, you will be unable to act. But there is a solution. Keep using
    cards until you run out, and I will show you.
    (Sora uses up all of his cards)
    ????????: You have no more cards, and without them, no power. If you want that
    power back, you must focus. Bid the cards return to you, and they will.
    (Sora reloads his cards)
    ????????: The strength of your heart brought back the lost cards. You can
    recall spent cards at any time. You need only wish it. But each time you do,
    the cards will take longer to return. The cards are by no means unlimited. Use
    them wisely. Anticipate the flow of battle--- And choose the most effective
    cards. You may use any card in your deck.
    (Sora cycles through his cards)
    ????????: The four card types you use in battle are grouped into two wider
    categories. The first category includes attack cards, magic cards, and item
    cards. The second category consists entirely of enemy cards. To use cards from
    a different category---
    (Sora switches between card categories)
    ????????: Cards will empower you whether you are attacking or defending. But it
    is up to you to decide when to attack and when to defend. Do not forget that.
    (The card lesson ends. Donald and Goofy appear and run to Sora)
    Sora: Are you two all right? Where have you been?
    Donald: You tell us! When you opened the door, we saw a strange light--- ...and
    the rest is just...blank.
    Jiminy: (Jumping up and down) Gee, that doesn't help. Try to remember what
    happened. I have to keep my journal up to date.
    Goofy: Hey, Donald, where'd I get the new clothes? (He looks at his clothes and
    feels them)
    Donald: Wak?! Me too, Goofy! Somebody's been messing with our clothes!
    Sora: (To the man) Could it be the cards again?
    ????????: That is for you to ponder. Master the cards and make your way through
    the castle. But from here, you walk alone.
    Goofy: Alone?! We can't let Sora go alone!
    Donald: Yeah! Sora can't do anything without our help!
    Sora: Thanks a lot, Donald.
    Goofy: You sure you'll be okay?
    Sora: Of course! (To the man) You want me to go alone? Fine. I can take care of
    ????????: Hmph, the hero speaks boldly. Go, then. The rest of Castle Oblivion
    awaits. Walk the avenues of latent memory, and you shall meet someone dear to
    (The man disappears)
    Jiminy: I've got a bad feeling about this...
    Sora: Relax, Jiminy. I'm ready for any tricks he's got up his sleeve. How hard
    can it be to figure out these cards? All I have to do is use one in front of
    that door over there.
    Key of Beginnings Room
    (Sora comes to the Third District in Traverse Town)
    Sora: Hmm, fighting alone isn't as easy as I thought...
    (Two cards covered in light descend and Donald and Goofy appear in their
    Sora: Aah! Don't pop out of nowhere like that!
    Donald: Hey, it's not our fault! We don't know what's going on!
    Goofy: A-hyuck?!
    (Pluto is behind the group)
    Sora: Pluto?!
    Donald: Things keep getting stranger. What's Pluto doing here?!
    Goofy: There's nothing strange about that. We came to Traverse Town with Pluto,
    didn't we?
    Donald: Did we?
    (Jiminy hops down)
    Jiminy: No, wait! According to my journal, it was before you met Sora that you
    came to town with Pluto!
    Donald: Wak! He's right! We were chasing after Pluto, and that's how we ended
    up in Castle Oblivion!
    Goofy: But aren't we in Traverse Town?
    Jiminy: Well, it's not really Traverse Town. I think the card created this
    Traverse Town inside Castle Oblivion!
    Sora: Aaghh! Who cares about all that? It's too confusing! I don't know where
    we are, but let's just keep moving forward defeating Heartless! We'll get
    Leon: You'd better be careful, or it's the Heartless that are going to defeat
    (Leon appears and walks over to Sora and the gang)
    Sora: Leon, it's you! What are you doing in Castle Oblivion?
    Leon: Castle Oblivion? What are you talking about? This is Traverse Town. And
    how do you know my name? Who are you?
    Sora: !
    Leon: I've never met the likes of you before.
    Sora: Quit playing, Leon! We all fought the Heartless together! You know that!
    Leon: Look, I don't know what you're talking about. I don't even know your
    Goofy: You don't?
    Leon: ...Sorry.
    Sora: I can't believe it. How can you have forgotten about us?
    Leon: I feel for you, but you've got the wrong guy. Happens all the time. Don't
    take it so personally, Sora.
    (Donald and Goofy look at each other)
    Donald: !
    Goofy: ?
    Donald: You DO know his name!
    Leon: Now, now hold on! Why do I know your name?
    Goofy: (To Donald) You think Leon's just kidding around?
    Donald: If he is, it's not funny. Sora's really upset.
    Leon: Who's kidding around, Goofy? You and Donald are the ones who---
    Donald: Hey!
    Leon: (Holding his head) I don't get it... Something's wrong with my memory.
    What's happening here?
    Yuffie: I dunno, Leon. Maybe Aerith was onto something after all.
    (Yuffie appears and walks over to Leon)
    Yuffie: She said she sensed some uncanny kind of power. And asked us to look
    into it. Well, this is as uncanny as it gets. Maybe you should take Sora to see
    Sora: Yuffie, you know my name!
    Yuffie: Yep! Looks like you know mine, too.
    Leon: You know him?
    Yuffie: Nope! Total stranger. But I definitely know his name. Strange, yes, but
    convenient! We can skip the introductions.
    Leon: (Holding his head) How is it that you can accept this situation so
    easily? I don't get you...
    Yuffie: Well, I'm gonna run ahead and fill Aerith in. Leon, you give them the
    grand tour. See ya later!
    (Yuffie and Pluto leave)
    Leon: ... I guess it's no use pondering over it. Come on, follow me. But there
    are Heartless wandering around town. I'd better teach you how to protect
    yourself in battle.
    (Leon begins to teach Sora more about cards)
    Leon: See the numbers printed on your cards? They range from 0 to 9. Higher
    numbers mean stronger cards. If you and your enemy both play a card at the same
    time, the higher card wins. Go on, try it out.
    (Sora uses his cards. Sometimes he breaks Leon's cards, and sometimes Leon
    breaks Sora's cards. Leon is guarded from all attacks)
    Leon: See how it works? Playing a card higher than your opponent's and breaking
    through their defenses is called a "card break." Playing a lower card results
    in your attack being deflected. Even powerful cards can be deflected if the
    enemy's card is higher. Whoever is on the losing side of a break is left wide
    open to attacks. Don't let that person be you. Cards with 0 as their value are
    special. No matter what card the enemy plays, you can break it with a zero
    card. But if you play the zero card too soon, the enemy can break it with any
    card they play. In other words, it's the most powerful card if it comes last,
    and useless if it comes first. Try to make the most of it. Card values also
    affect the cost of assembling a deck. Keep that in mind. Now it's time to teach
    you how to stock cards. You don't have to use battle cards one at a time. You
    can also assemble three cards and use them all at once. This is called
    "stocking" cards. Stocking cards and using them in threes is much stronger than
    using cards individually. Go on, give it a try. Stock any three cards in your
    (Sora stocks three cards)
    Leon: The sum of your three stocked cards becomes the value you play. The value
    is usually high and hard to break, and the combo attack deals a lot of damage.
    Don't hold back. Show me what you can do.
    (Sora uses his three stocked cards)
    Leon: Combo attacks aren't the only benefit of stocking cards. Choose your
    cards carefully and you can unleash special abilities called "sleights."
    Sleights come in all varieties, and each has its own unique card combination.
    You should try it out once you've collected more cards and learned a sleight or
    two. But keep one thing in mind. Every time you use stocked cards, you lose the
    first card you picked. You can't reload it. The lost card won't return until
    the end of the battle. Relying only on sleights will cause your cards to run
    out. That means trouble.
    (The lesson ends)
    Leon: Think you've got the hang of it, Sora?
    Sora: Yeah, more or less. I'll pick up the rest when I fight some real battles.
    Leon: Here, I found this lying around. You take it. Remember what I told you
    and make good use of it.
    (Sora receives a Simba card)
    Key of Guidance Room
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy are in a house with Leon's group)
    Sora: Aerith, have you forgotten me, too?
    Aerith: I don't know whether to say "nice to meet you" or "good to see you
    again." I don't think I know you, but I still feel like you belong here.
    Yuffie: Yeah, exactly! Like we've never met, but it still doesn't feel weird
    knowing your name.
    Sora: But I'm telling you, we HAVE met. We took on the Heartless together. We
    were a team!
    Leon: It feels like you're right... But I can't remember.
    Sora: Then I guess you won't remember what you told me. In Hollow Bastion, when
    I sealed the Keyhole: "We may never meet again..."
    Leon: ...but we'll never forget each other.
    Sora: See, you do remember!
    Yuffie: He's right, Leon! I remember you saying that, too.
    Leon: I guess I can't write it off as a coincidence, then.
    Aerith: I don't have any memory of it, but somehow I still remember. I think
    your heart is doing the remembering for us.
    Sora: My...heart?
    Aerith: We don't know you, Sora, but your heart is full of memories of us
    together. Those memories must resonate in our hearts, too. Maybe they tell us
    things we couldn't otherwise know.
    Leon: So you're saying that Sora's memories are affecting ours?
    Aerith: His memories do seem to have a certain power.
    Sora: Maybe it's like that guy said, then. This town is just an illusion.
    Something my memories created.
    Aerith: And...there's someone special to you in this town?
    Sora: How did you--- Ah, I get it. My memories are resonating with yours,
    telling you what happened. Yeah. A friend of mine is somewhere in this town---I
    mean, Castle Oblivion.
    Yuffie: Castle Oblivion? What's that? There aren't any castles in here.
    Sora: That's not quite what I mean.
    Aerith: You're still not sure what's going on yourself. Right?
    Sora: Right. We just got here, after all. I want to take a better look around.
    Leon: Then go have a walk around town. There are Heartless, but that's no
    problem for you.
    Sora: So you know I can fight?
    Leon: I can't say I know, but I feel like believing you. Let's leave it at
    Key to Truth Room
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy are running through the Second District of the town.
    They meet a man named Cid)
    Cid: Well, whaddaya know. It's Sora! (Scratches his head) Wait, what am I
    saying? I don't know you. But you do LOOK like a Sora, what with the spiky hair
    and baggy pants...
    Sora: It's okay, Cid. That's my name.
    Cid: So! You've heard of me, eh? Well, I can't say as I'm surprised.
    Sora: Anyway, maybe you can help me out. A friend of mine's supposed to be 
    somewhere in this castle---er, town. Got any ideas?
    Cid: Your friend, huh? Lately all this town sees is Heartless. Can't even take
    two steps without gettin' attacked. (The camera zooms in on the bell tower in
    the distance) In fact, this plaza's the worst. Word is, a jumbo-sized Heartless
    shows up when that bell rings. If you value your hide, you'll get outta here
    while the gettin's good.
    (Cid leaves)
    Goofy: Gawrsh, maybe we should leave.
    Sora: Don't you want to see the Heartless?
    Donald: NO, we DON'T!
    (The bell rings)
    Donald: The bell!
    Goofy: Be careful, Sora!
    (They summon their weapons. A Guard Armor Heartless falls from the sky, its
    body parts separated into pieces. It then reattaches itself. They destroy it.
    Later, Leon's group meets with Sora's group in the Second District)
    Yuffie: So your friend wasn't here?
    Sora: No, I don't think I'll find him in this town. But he's somewhere in this
    castle. I just know it.
    Cid: Castle? Like this whole town's inside some humongous castle? Hoo, that's
    Leon: He's probably right, Cid. We may not understand what's going on, but Sora
    does. He can see that reality is bigger than just this world.
    Sora: I wish I was that sure.
    Leon: You'll be okay, Sora. No matter what shape reality takes, you can handle
    it. I may not remember you, but I know you in my heart.
    Sora: Leon...
    Yuffie: Take care, Sora.
    Cid: (Scratches his head) I'm a little lost...but best of luck anyway.
    (Leon's group leaves. Donald and Goofy also leave. Sora starts to join them,
    but Aerith comes back to speak with him)
    Sora: What's up?
    Aerith: I don't have all the answers, but I had to tell you something. Your
    memories created this town, right?
    Sora: That's what the guy who gave me the card said.
    Aerith: If that's true, then this town is just a figment of your mind...and so
    are we.
    Sora: But...you can't be a figment! You're standing right here. The town is
    here, too!
    Aerith: But I'm not really me. I don't remember the things I should. And I
    sense things I shouldn't. Sora, beware your memories. In the journey to come,
    you'll be faced with more illusions. Sometimes the shadows of your memory will
    deceive you, try to lead you astray.
    Sora: So, uh...what exactly does that mean?
    Aerith: I'm sorry. I'm just another illusion. The truth is out of my reach.
    Sora: Don't say stuff like that. It's depressing...
    Aerith: Stay strong, Sora. Don't let the illusions distract you from what's
    truly important.
    Sora: ...Okay.
    Donald: Sora!
    (Donald and Goofy are in the nearby alley)
    Goofy: Are you ready to go?
    Sora: Yeah, be right there. (To Aerith) Well, I'd better be going.
    (Aerith is gone)
    Sora: Aerith? Aerith!
    Donald: What about Aerith?
    Sora: Where did she go? I was just talking to her!
    Goofy: Aerith left with Leon and the others, remember?
    Sora: Huh?!
    Donald: You worried us. Just standing there by yourself.
    Sora: (To himself) Is this what she meant...?
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy leave Traverse Town)
    [Floor 1 Exit/Floor 2 Enter-------(1-2)]
    (The trio enters the First Floor Exit Hall. Once there they are greeted by the
    hooded man from before)
    ????????: Well, Sora? Did you enjoy meeting your memories?
    Sora: Yeah, it was good to see everyone. But what do you really want from me?
    ????????: What do you have to give?
    (The man walks toward them. Sora, Donald, and Goofy summon their weapons.
    Another man with red, spiky hair and wearing a similar black coat appears
    behind the mystery man)
    ????: Hello!
    (Sora snickers angrily)
    ????????: What do you want?
    ????: No hogging the hero.
    (The hooded man tosses the red-haired man a card)
    ????????: Then perhaps you'd like to test him.
    ????: Perhaps I would.
    (The hooded man disappears)
    ????: My show now, Keyblade master. Who am I? Oh, my name's Axel. Got it
    Sora: Uh...sure.
    Axel: Good, you're a quick learner. So Sora, now that we're getting to know
    each other better...
    (Axel summons two bladed chakrams. Sora, Donald, and Goofy get ready to fight)
    Axel: don't you go off and die on me now!
    (They fight. Sora's group wins. Back in the Exit Hall, Axel is gone. A card
    covered in light hovers over. Sora picks it up)
    Goofy: Another one. What's it do?
    (Jiminy climbs onto Sora's shoulder)
    Jiminy: Hmm. Kinda looks like the card you used when you made Traverse Town.
    Sora: Then I guess we're gonna need it to keep going...
    Axel: That's right.
    (Sora gasps. Axel is standing near the staircase to the Second Floor)
    Donald: Axel!
    (Axel walks over to them)
    Axel: Did you really think after that introduction, I would give up oh so
    Sora: You were testing us.
    Axel: And you passed. Congratulations, Sora! You're ready now---ready to take
    on Castle Oblivion. You will need to follow your memories. Trust what you
    remember and seek what you forget. Then you will find someone very special.
    Goofy: You mean King Mickey and Riku?
    Axel: You will just have to give some more thought to who it is that's---most
    important to you. Our most precious memories lie so deep within our hearts
    that they're out of reach. But I'm sure that you can find yours, Sora.
    Sora: Why me?
    Axel: You have lost sight of the light within the darkness. And it seems that
    you've forgotten that you forgot.
    Sora: The light within darkness...
    Axel: (Holds out his hand) Would you like me to give you a hint?
    (Sora thinks for a minute)
    Goofy: Sora---do ya need it?
    Sora: I'm gonna figure it out for myself. If you're in my way---
    Donald: (Jumps in front of Sora) Don't worry, Sora! We'll protect you!
    Axel: (Snickers) Good answer. Just what I'd expect from the Keyblade master.
    But be forewarned... When your sleeping memories awaken, you may no longer be
    who you are now.
    (Axel disappears. Sora receives five world cards. The group enters the Second
    Floor of the castle)
    Jiminy: Hmm...
    Sora: What's wrong, Jiminy?
    (Jiminy climbs onto Sora shoulder)
    Jiminy: Well, ya see, what Axel said back there worries me. What could he have
    meant by, "You may no longer be who you are"?
    Sora: I may no longer be me? How can I be anyone else?
    Jiminy: (Laughs) Of course. Still, you can't be too careful.
    Goofy: Yep. Feels like just about anything could happen here in Castle...
    (Trying to pronounce it) Oblivi - Oblivi - Obliv---
    Donald: Castle Oblivion!
    Goofy: Oh, yeah! Now I remember!
    Sora: We'll be okay. Whatever it is they're cooking up, we'll be able to
    handle it together.
    Goofy: 'Course we will, like at that creepy castle we explored together, the
    one with all those weird contraptions.
    Sora: Hmm... When was that?
    Donald: Uhh... I can't remember. What was it called?
    Goofy: Gawrsh, oh it was, uh... Holla... Holly... Holler... Sorry. I can't
    Donald: Wak! Stop goofing around.
    Sora: Goofy, sure you didn't make it up?
    Goofy: I don't think so...
    (Sora holds up his next card at the Second Floor world entrance, and enters to
    the next world)
    [Floor 2 (Olympus Coliseum)-------(OLC)]
    (The group enters Olympus Coliseum and comes to the Coliseum gates. Donald sees
    a nearby notice board and runs over to it)
    Donald: Look, an announcement!
    (Sora and Goofy join him. Jiminy jumps out and jumps up and down to read the
    Jiminy: Hmmm... It's for some sort of contest. They're calling it the "Olympus
    Coliseum Survival Cup." Contenders have to run an obstacle course, battling
    each other along the way. And listen to this: "The great hero Hercules will
    also compete for the Cup." It says here he's never been beaten.
    Sora: Sounds like fun. Why don't we enter, too?
    Goofy: I thought you'd say that. Whenever there's a contest, you're rarin' to
    join up.
    Donald: You're going to compete even if we don't, right?
    Sora: Uh-huh.
    Donald: Guess we'd better tag along, then.
    Jiminy: (Jumps) Hold it, everyone. There's more... (Jumps) "Only contenders who
    finish the preliminary course may enter the main competition." (Jumps) It says
    the preliminary course is just ahead.
    Sora: Then what are we waiting for? Let's go!
    (They leave. Hades appears and reads the announcement board)
    Hades: "Hercules is a model of true strength and gallantry---the perfect
    (Hades turns red, overcome with anger)
    Hades: Oh, he's perfect, all right. PERFECTLY INFURIATING!! Just thinking about
    that little sunspot makes me boil! HOO, I'd like to drag him into the
    ?????: Which is why you hired me.
    (Cloud enters)
    Hades: That's right. You're my man... Cloud, is it? Your job is to beat
    Hercules in the games. And once you've got him cornered... ...finish the job.
    Do that for me, and---
    Cloud: You restore my lost memories. As we agreed.
    Hades: You have my word.
    (Cloud leaves)
    Key of Beginnings Room
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy enter the Coliseum lobby and meet Phil)
    Phil: Huh? Where did you come from? Don't tell me you guys finished the
    Sora: We sure did. And now we want to go for the Cup!
    Phil: Well, you came to the right place. Not that you stand a chance against
    Donald: Why not?
    Phil: Two words. You ain't heroes!
    Sora: You're wrong!
    Goofy: Yeah, he said three words.
    Sora: Exactly...but that's not the point! How can we prove we're heroes unless
    you give us a chance?
    (Hercules walks in)
    Hercules: He's right, Phil. They cleared the prelims. I think they deserve a
    Phil: Hmm...you got a point there, Herc. But still---
    Hercules: Of course, we could always cancel the games.
    Sora: Cancel them? What for?
    Hercules: Old Phil's prelim course was so hard, no one else could finish it.
    Sora: Is that right? Well, if you let us compete, you won't have to cancel the
    games! How about it, Phil?
    Phil: ... Okay, you got me over a barrel, so fine. Here's how it works, kid---
    Sora: It's Sora---not "kid."
    Phil: Sure, sure, kid. Since your team and Hercules are the only contenders---
    Cloud: No, they're not.
    (Clouds walks in through the doors)
    Cloud: The games have a new challenger. Name's Cloud.
    Phil: The more the merrier! Now the games will really be something to see!
    Hercules: I'm looking forward to this. Don't expect me to pull any punches!
    Sora: Hey, as long as you don't expect me to take them! (To Cloud) Let's give 
    it our best.
    Cloud: Hmph.
    Phil: Okay, let's get this show going! But first I gotta explain a few rules.
    Rule #1! First one through the obstacle course wins! Rule #2! In the event of a
    tie, a battle will determine the winner! Rule #3! You can interfere with your
    opponents on the course! And finally... Rule #4! All challengers have to give
    it everything they got!
    (All the challengers line up, ready to run out of the room)
    Phil: All right, enough with the spiel. On your marks... Get set... GO!!
    (They head out)
    Key of Guidance Room
    (Somewhere in the Coliseum, Sora, Donald, and Goofy meet Cloud, who's holding
    his buster sword)
    Goofy: Gawrsh, that was nice of him to wait for us to catch up!
    Donald: He's not waiting! Remember Rule #3? "You can interfere with your
    opponents on the course"!
    (They ready their weapons)
    Sora: He's looking to narrow the field!
    (Donald and Goofy prepare for battle)
    Cloud: You can put that away. I'm not looking for a fight with you, so keep
    Sora: ?
    Goofy: See? He was waitin' for us to catch up.
    Donald: Well, we've caught up. Let's take him up on his offer and keep going!
    Sora: I don't see a downside...
    (They walk past Cloud, but Sora turns around)
    Sora: (To Cloud) Listen, are you sure?
    Cloud: I'm not here for the Cup. Just Hercules. Today he loses more than the
    (They are surprised)
    Sora: You don't mean... But why?!
    Cloud: This is business. Stay out of it. Go win your Cup.
    (Sora summons his Keyblade. Cloud turns around)
    Cloud: Do you realize what you're doing?
    Sora: Rule #3! You can interfere with your opponents. Right? You're not the
    only one who wants to fight Hercules.
    (They prepare for battle)
    Cloud: Big mistake.
    (They fight Cloud and win. After the fight, Cloud is gone)
    Sora: Cloud! Where'd you go?
    (Jiminy jumps out)
    Jiminy: He headed for the finish line! We'd better go after him!
    Sora: Right!
    (They leave to find Cloud)
    Key to Truth Room
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy reach the arena of the Coliseum and encounter Hercules
    and Cloud, the latter being on his knees)
    Hercules: You lost! Give it up, Cloud!
    (Cloud gets up)
    Cloud: We're not done yet...
    Hercules: I can't guarantee your safety if we keep going like this!
    Cloud: Better worry about yourself. Looks to me like you're slowing down a bit.
    Hercules: Ungh...
    (Sora runs to Hercules and readies his Keyblade)
    Sora: Don't worry! I'll back you up!
    Hercules: Sora?
    Cloud: Get all the backup you want. I'm going to finish you and get back my
    Sora ! Your memories?
    Hades: Now, now, Cloud, we don't want to spill the beans.
    (Hades appears and walks to the center of the ring)
    Hercules: Hades! You!
    (Hades turns to Cloud)
    Hades: Looks like you oversold yourself. All you did was wear him down. This
    doesn't look good for your performance rating... Let me put it this way: You, 
    my spiky-haired friend, are fired.
    Cloud: ! But...my memories! We had a deal!
    Hades: Did you really think you could get back your lost memories just like
    that? Get a grip!
    Cloud: Why, you---
    Hades: Out of the way! I'll take care of Irk-ules myself!
    (The scenery turns red, and the sky becomes dark. Hades charges himself with
    fire and unleashes it, knocking everyone besides Hercules away and bringing
    Hercules to his knees)
    Sora: Hey!
    Hades: Rule #5! It's never too late to enter the games.
    Hercules: Hades, you were behind this from the start!
    Hades: Cloud may have failed to take you out, but he did break you down. Time
    for Plan B. Pack your pita, Herc, 'cause you've just won a free trip to the
    Underworld---paid by me!
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy run to Hercules's side, their weapons ready)
    Sora: Hold it!
    Hercules: Sora, no!
    Sora: Come on, Herc---how can we go one-on-one if you're in the Underworld?
    Hades: Good point, kid. I guess you'll just have to go with him! Rule #6! There
    are no rules! Ha ha!
    (They fight and defeat Hades. Later at the arena, Sora's group and Hercules
    meet with Phil)
    Sora: What?! The games are cancelled? How come?
    Phil: Two words! Everyone is pooped!
    Goofy: Wait, that was more than two---
    Sora: You gotta be kidding! What about my match with Hercules?
    Hercules: I'm sorry, Sora. But you wouldn't want me to compete in this
    condition. Let's have a match when I've rested up a bit. Can you wait?
    Sora: Okay. I'll hold you to that.
    Hercules: Then it's settled!
    Jiminy: Sora, over here! He's coming around.
    (Cloud is lying on the ground on one knee outside of the ring, with Jiminy
    watching him. Sora and the gang walk over to them)
    Sora: You okay?
    Cloud: Yeah. (He gets up) Sorry I messed up your games.
    (He starts to leave. He stops when Sora starts to speak)
    Sora: Hey! Hope you get your memories back! Forget about what Hades said.
    Sometimes the tiniest thing can make you remember stuff you forgot years ago.
    (He nods) If it's an important memory, there's no way it could ever be gone
    forever. That's what I think, anyway.
    (Cloud creates a card of himself in his hand and tosses it to Sora, who puts it
    in his pocket)
    Cloud: That's for you. For helping me out.
    Sora: Sure you don't want to just come with us instead?
    (Cloud looks back and flips one of his hairs)
    Cloud: Not interested.
    (Cloud leaves)
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy leave Olympus Coliseum)
    [Floor 2 Exit/Floor 3 Enter-------(2-3)]
    (The trio enters the Second Floor Exit Hall. Goofy stops and thinks for a
    Goofy: Hmm...
    Donald: Huh? What's the matter?
    Goofy: It's that creepy castle that I was talking about earlier... I know I
    didn't imagine it.
    (Donald and Sora exchange looks)
    Goofy: 'Cause that was the castle where Sora had to use the Keyblade to free
    Kairi's heart.
    (Flashbacks of that event appear on the screen)
    Goofy: Then he just disappeared! And I was so worried. How could I ever forget
    Sora: Oh! It was when I turned into a Heartless! Wait. That happened...in a
    Donald: Aww... You forgot that? 'Cause I remember perfectly.
    Sora: Then what's it called?
    Donald: That's easy! It was...
    (Donald doesn't remember)
    Donald: Jiminy, help me... Is it in your journal?
    (Jiminy pops out)
    Jiminy: Every word! I finished the first volume right before we got to this
    (Jiminy looks around for his journal)
    Jiminy: Now then, if I can just find it... Oh, (Laughs) here we go!
    (Jiminy takes out his journal and jumps onto the floor)
    Jiminy: (Opening his journal) Let's have a look... Oh! How could it be?!
    Goofy: What's the matter?
    Jiminy: All my entries--- They're gone! Every page is blank!
    Donald: (Surprised) What'll we do?!
    (Donald and Sora exchange looks)
    Jiminy: How could this have happened? I'm so careful with the journals!
    (Weeping) All that hard work is gone...
    Sora: The journal's blank... What's going on?
    (They leave the Exit Hall. The scene switches to the girl in the white room
    drawing on her sketchbook. Back in the castle, Sora, Donald, and Goofy enter 
    the Third Floor)
    Donald: Something's screwy. Journal pages don't just vanish!
    (Sora stops walking)
    Sora: What if...it's more things?
    Donald: Huh?
    Sora: Goofy was telling us about another castle we'd been to... But none of us
    really remembers it. Do ya think... Could it be that we don't remember because
    we're losing our memories?
    Donald: Losing? Our memories?
    Jiminy: Hold on! Remember what that mystery fella said? "In this place to find
    is to lose, and to lose is to find." It musta been our memories he was talking
    about losing!
    Sora: So if we keep going, we'll lose more... Guess it really is Castle
    Donald: So the higher we go, the more we'll forget? Does that mean everything
    and everybody will be forgotten?
    Sora: Riku and Kairi too...
    Donald: Do you want to go back?
    Goofy: Don't worry, fellahs! We might forget about where we've been or what
    things we've seen, but we won't forget who are friends are.
    Donald: I don't know...
    Goofy: C'mon, Sora, when you turned into a Heartless, did you forget about me
    and Donald?
    Sora: Of course I didn't!
    Goofy: There ya go! No matter what happens, you won't forget your friends.
    Sora: Huh...
    (He looks at Donald and Goofy. Donald looks worried and Goofy nods)
    Sora: You're right. Thank you, Goofy.
    Donald: So, if there's nothing here that can make you forget about your
    friends...then we have nothing to be scared of! Let's go!
    (Donald walks to the door)
    Sora: But when I turned into a Heartless...who was the one who took forever to
    notice and kept clobbering me?
    (Donald stops)
    Donald: How come you didn't forget about that?!
    (Donald jumps up and down and babbles angrily. Sora and Goofy laugh. Sora holds
    up his next card at the Third Floor world entrance, and enters to the next
    [Floor 3 (Halloween Town)-------(HWT)]
    (The group enters Halloween Town. Once there, they are clothed in scary-looking
    outfits, and Goofy notices the scary scenery in the area)
    Goofy: Gawrsh! Don't like the looks of this place. I bet it's crawlin' with
    Donald: Aw, phooey! There's nothin' to worry about. You won't be spooked if you
    already know what's coming! Not even real ghosts can frighten us anymore. If
    they take one look at us, THEY'd be the ones to run away!
    Goofy: You really think so?
    Donald: Trust me!
    (Donald walks toward the green fountain, and Jack Skellington pops out of it)
    Jack: Welcome to Halloween Town!
    Donald: (Scared) Waaak! (Falls on his back) A ghost!
    (Sora and Goofy prepare for battle)
    Jack: Wow, that was the best shriek I've heard in ages! If you're THAT easy to
    scare, we're gonna have a great time! Sorry, I haven't even introduced myself.
    I'm Jack Skellington! And this is Halloween Town. People around here call me
    the Pumpkin King! So if you're lookin' for a ghoulishly good time, you've come
    to the right place.
    Donald: (Angry and jumping up and down) Well, we aren't!
    Jack: Too bad, because at the moment, we've got a bit of a problem in Halloween
    Sora: What kind of problem?
    Jack: Well...
    (Several Shadow Heartless surround them)
    Jack: Like this!
    Sora: Gyaaa!
    (They defeat the Heartless)
    Donald: (To Jack) What's the big idea! Why'd you go and call the Heartless?
    Jack: I didn't call them. I just knew when they were going to show up. In fact,
    I'd love to get rid of them. They actually go around attacking people, instead
    of just scaring them.
    Sora: Why are they here?
    Jack: I was just going to go ask Dr. Finkelstein the same question. I'm heading
    to his laboratory right now. Follow me!
    (Jack leaves)
    Donald: Sora, what should we do?
    Sora: I guess we'd better go.
    Donald: I don't like this. What if he's leading us right to the Heartless?
    (Jack reappears)
    Jack: Bingo! You saw right through me!
    Donald: (Scared) Waaak!
    (He falls down again)
    Jack: Ha ha ha, I'm just kidding! Now let's get going.
    (Jack starts to leave. Sora and co. follow him)
    Key of Beginnings Room
    (Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Jack enter Dr. Finkelstein's lab. Dr. Finkelstein is
    in his wheelchair reading a large book)
    Jack: Allow me to introduce Dr. Finkelstein! He's a world-famous genius!
    Dr. Finkelstein: Yes! Maybe I'm TOO smart. I'm afraid I've created something
    Donald: What's that?
    Dr. Finkelstein: Well... Have you ever stopped to think about the power of
    "true memories"?
    Sora: True memories?!
    Dr. Finkelstein: You see me boy, our hearts are full of memories---but not all
    of them reflect the truth. The heart isn't a recording device. Even important
    memories change with time. They warp or fade, leaving us with but a shadow of
    what we hoped to remember.
    Sora: Could that be happening to me?
    Dr. Finkelstein: It happens to everyone. Some memories grow ugly, and some
    become more beautiful. If we could recover our true memories, the world would
    seem completely different. So, I devised a potion from forget-me-nots that
    brings our true memories back.
    Sora: Did it work?
    Dr. Finkelstein: Well, that's the problem...
    Jack: As soon as the doctor got a whiff of the potion, Heartless started
    popping up!
    Donald: Sounds like a failed experiment to me.
    Dr. Finkelstein: No! My research is flawless! I just need another look at the
    potion to find out what went wrong!
    (The doctor moves his wheelchair over to a tube containing green liquid. He
    opens the top of his head to scratch his brain)
    Dr. Finkelstein: Unfortunately...it's vanished.
    (He closes his head)
    Sora: Maybe someone swiped it?
    Dr. Finkelstein: It must've been Sally! Jack, you've got to find her and get my
    potion back.
    Jack: Leave it to me!
    Sora: Can I tag along?
    Jack: What for?
    Sora: I want to know more about these "true memories" the doctor keeps talking
    Jack: Excellent! Then let's go find Sally!
    (They leave the laboratory)
    Key of Guidance Room
    (Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Jack find Sally in the cemetery)
    Jack: There you are, Sally. I thought I'd find you here.
    Sally: Who are your friends?
    Jack: They're interested in true memories. You have the potion, don't you?
    Sally: Well...yes.
    (She takes out the potion from her dress)
    Jack: Could you give it back?
    Sally: I guess so, if you insist. But...I'm afraid. All the Doctor did was
    smell it, and the Heartless appeared. What if someone drinks it?
    Jack: Are you kidding? What could be more exciting?
    Sally: I'm worried, Jack. Isn't there another option?
    Sora: Any ideas, Jack?
    Jack: I can't think of a thing.
    ????? ??????: I can! Give it here!
    (Oogie Boogie appears behind Sally, attacks her, knocking her away, and grabs
    the potion)
    Sally: Oh, no! The potion!
    (Sora's group readies their weapons)
    Jack: (Pointing) Oogie! You again!
    Oogie Boogie: Jack, where are your manners? I'm just helping you put the potion
    to good use! You should thank me! Well, well. Just one sniff, and the Heartless
    appeared. What would happen if I chugged the whole thing? THAT would be scary!
    Poor Jack! You can't hold a candle to Oogie Boogie. Time for Halloween Town to
    taste pain and despair beyond any nightmare!
    Jack: Pain and despair? Oogie, you monster!
    (Oogie runs away)
    Sora: C'mon, Jack! We've gotta go after him!
    (They chase after Oogie Boogie)
    Key to Truth Room
    (Sora and co. chase Oogie Boogie into his lair. As they enter, the gates close
    behind them)
    Jack: Oogie! Hand over the potion!
    Oogie Boogie: You fools don't know when to quit! Say...all this running around
    is making me thirsty!
    Jack: Oogie! No!
    Oogie Boogie: Yes!
    (Oogie takes out the potion, uncorks it with his mouth, and drinks the entire
    Sora: Oh, no...
    Oogie Boogie: Ahh! Lip-smacking good! (Starts shaking) Agh! What's this?
    What... Something's wrong! Something deep inside me. Something...scary!
    Jack: Oogie! What's going on?
    Oogie Boogie: (Cowering) No! Get back! Stay away from me!
    (They fight and defeat Oogie Boogie. Later at Dr. Finkelstein's laboratory,
    Sora, Donald, Goofy, Jack, and Sally meet with the Doctor)
    Dr. Finkelstein: Confound that Oogie Boogie! He drank nearly all of my precious
    potion! There are only a few drops left!
    Goofy: Sora, why don't you ask the doc if you can drink the rest?
    Sora: No. I'd better not.
    Dr. Finkelstein: What, don't you want it? Too bad. It would've been a great
    Sally: Now, Doctor...
    Jack: (To Sora) Don't you want to find out about your true memories?
    Sora: Of course---now more than ever. But there's this guy---Axel. I promised
    him I'd find the truth on my own.
    Dr. Finkelstein: I just don't understand. When I inhaled the potion, Heartless
    appeared--- ...and when Oogie drank it, he was overcome with fear. What could
    it mean?
    Sally: It means the potion was a failure.
    Dr. Finkelstein: No! I can't be wrong! Oogie MUST have found his true memories!
    Hmm... True memories must unbalance the heart--- ...and cause unpredictable
    changes within!
    Sora: Then...what about me? What happens when my true memories awaken?
    Dr. Finkelstein: Perhaps something even more terrifying... But this is all just
    a hypothesis. I can't be sure without further research.
    Jack: What's wrong, Sora? Does the doctor's theory scare you?
    Sora: Well, yeah---a little.
    Jack: That's good to hear! Fear and doubt are signs of a strong heart. They
    push your heart, strike out in new directions, take chances! Without them, your
    zest for life might fade... ...as would your taste for fear. And believe me,
    that would really ruin my fun.
    Sora: Thanks, Jack. I'll remember that.
    Jack: Then good luck, gentlemen! May you always enjoy being frightened!
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy leave the lab, and then Halloween Town)
    [Floor 3 Exit/Floor 4 Enter-------(3-4)]
    (The gang enters the Third Floor Exit Hall)
    Donald: Aw... I hope the king is gonna be okay...
    Sora: Why bring that up?
    Donald: I had to be sure that I hadn't forgotten him.
    Goofy: How'd that go for ya?
    Donald: Good! I remembered---we're on a quest to find the king.
    Goofy: I remember that too. The king helped save everything by staying on the
    other side of the door to darkness. I think...
    Donald: You got it, Goofy!
    Sora: And me--- I'm looking for Riku. He was with the king when the door
    closed. Hm. I guess there's no way we'll forget the most important memories.
    Donald: That's good. 'Cause I don't want to forget...
    (They leave the Exit Hall. The scene switches to another room inside the
    castle. Axel and a woman wearing a similar black coat are standing near a
    crystal ball)
    Larxene: You seem pretty intrigued by this Sora kid.
    Axel: Are you telling me you're not, Larxene?
    (Larxene giggles)
    Larxene: Haven't decided yet... I think what intrigues me more is what you see
    in him.
    Axel: There was a time he became a Heartless. And if one becomes a Heartless---
    Larxene: They lose their minds and their feelings... They're consumed by the
    Axel: Right. But not Sora. He held on to his feelings, even as a Heartless.
    And there's only one other man who's been able to do just that.
    Larxene: It's the strength of his heart... That's what interests you. Why the
    Keyblade chose Sora's heart.
    Axel: To unlock the mysteries of the heart. Isn't that the Organization's
    (Larxene snickers. The scene switches back to Sora, Donald, and Goofy, who
    enter the Fourth Floor)
    Donald: Hey, I wonder if there's anything we've forgotten...
    Goofy: Hmm... If we did, what would it have been?
    (They think for a moment)
    Goofy: I can't think of anything, so maybe that means that I really am losing
    my memories.
    (Donald looks sad)
    Goofy: But whatever they were, they couldn't have been very important memories,
    Sora: Right, or else I don't think you would have forgotten it.
    (Sora takes out a star made out of seashells)
    Sora: Look.
    Donald: What is it?
    Sora: A good luck charm Kairi gave me. It's special to her, so I promised that
    I would return it. I'll never forget making that promise. It's why I could
    never forget Kairi.
    (Donald and Goofy nod)
    Sora: Am I right, Kairi?
    (Sora sees an image of Kairi in his head. They smile at each other. Then a girl
    wearing a white dress appears behind him)
    Sora: Huh?!
    (Sora looks back but the girl disappears)
    Sora: Oh... Do I know...that girl?
    Donald: Hey, Sora. Where did you go?
    Sora: Sorry. Never mind.
    Goofy: We better keep goin'.
    (Sora holds up his next card at the Fourth Floor world entrance, and enters to
    the next world)
    [Floor 4 (Monstro)---------(MSO)]
    (The group enters Monstro)
    Sora: What a weird place! Everything's kinda springy and soft.
    Goofy: Nice and warm, too. I'm startin' to feel like a nap.
    ?????????: I think you should be a little more worried.
    Donald: Who's there?
    (Pinocchio is hiding behind a wall)
    Pinocchio: You're inside the belly of Monstro the Whale.
    (Jiminy jumps to the ground)
    Jiminy: Why, I know that voice... Pinocchio? Pinoke, it's you! Come on out!
    Pinocchio: Is that you, Jiminy? Gosh, I thought I'd never see you again!
    Jiminy: Gee, there's no way you wouldn't find me again. I'm your conscience.
    And your conscience will always be your guide. Remember?
    Pinocchio: Sure, Jiminy. And I've been a good boy, promise. I didn't tell a
    single lie.
    (Pinocchio's nose grows longer)
    Pinocchio: Uh-oh!
    Jiminy: Well, for Pete's sake!
    Pinocchio: Oops! But...how did YOU end up inside Monstro, anyway?
    Sora: We, uh, sort of used a special way...
    Goofy: It's so special, we don't know how we did it!
    Pinocchio: That's too bad... I was hoping you could help me and Father get out
    of here.
    Jiminy: Well, I'll be! Geppetto's here, too?
    Pinocchio: Sure he is. Follow me!
    (They follow Pinocchio)
    Key of Beginnings Room
    (Sora and co. come to a ruined ship inside Monstro's mouth, where Geppetto
    Jiminy: Geppetto!
    (Geppetto walks to the ship's edge)
    Geppetto: Bless my soul, it's Jiminy Cricket. How in the world did you get
    Jiminy: You tell me! How does a clockmaker wind up in the belly of a whale?
    Geppetto: Well, it's a long story...
    (The gang climbs on to the ship, and Geppetto tells his story)
    Donald: So you sailed out to look for Pinocchio...
    Goofy: ...and Monstro swallowed you!
    Geppetto: Yes, but I found my son. I would do anything for my Pinocchio.
    Sora: But now you can't get out, can you? Being stuck in the belly of a whale
    is awful.
    Geppetto: Not if Pinocchio and I are together. That makes everything a little
    bit better. There's nothing better than being reunited with someone you care
    Sora: Yeah... I know what you mean.
    Geppetto: I don't care if I'm trapped here, so long as I have Pinocchio. He's
    such a good boy.
    Jiminy: Well, he still tells fibs. But with a little help from me...
    Geppetto: Oh, Jiminy, you worry too much.
    Sora: Speaking of Pinocchio... Where is he?
    Donald: He was here a minute ago. Where's he gone this time?
    Geppetto: I expect he's off exploring. That boy has been poking around just
    about everywhere inside this monster. He won't tell me why it's so important. I
    tell him it's dangerous, but he won't listen.
    Jiminy: That boy's a handful! Sora, if you don't mind...
    Sora: I know, I know. You want us to help you find him, right? C'mon, guys,
    let's get going!
    (Donald and Goofy nod)
    Key of Guidance Room
    Pinocchio: Oh!
    (Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Jiminy find Pinocchio in another area of Monstro)
    Jiminy: Pinocchio! What are you thinking?! You know Geppetto worries when you
    wander off by yourself.
    Donald: Jiminy was worried, too!
    Pinocchio: I'm sorry...
    Sora: What are you doing, anyway? Looking for something?
    Pinocchio: Um...yeah, I'm looking for treasure!
    (His nose grows longer)
    Jiminy: Here we go again!
    Pinocchio: But, Jiminy...
    Goofy: Now, don't be so hard on the little fella, Jiminy. We promise not to get
    mad, Pinocchio. Is that why you're afraid to tell? No need to fret. Tell us the
    truth---we'll understand. Put yer trust in Goofy!
    Pinocchio: ... I was looking for a way out. Father says he's happy, but it's my
    fault we're stuck here. I shouldn't have run away from home. I want to help
    Father get home to the workshop. But he'll worry if I tell him what I'm doing.
    Jiminy: So that's why you thought you had to tell a lie.
    Goofy: You did it 'cause you love your dad!
    Donald: All you need now is courage!
    Pinocchio: What?
    Donald: Tell Geppetto the truth. With a little courage, you can do it! If you
    tell him how you really feel, I bet he'll help you find a way out.
    Sora: And we'll give you a hand!
    Pinocchio: Really? You'll help us? Okay, I'll give it a try! Wish me luck,
    Jiminy: No more keeping secrets, then. Have we got a deal?
    Pinocchio: Sure! I'll be brave and tell Father how I really feel. No lies this
    Jiminy: Great! Then your nose won't---
    (The ground shakes)
    Sora: What's happening?!
    Donald: I got a bad feeling about this!
    Jiminy: Pinocchio, run for it!
    (Pinocchio runs away. A Parasite Cage Heartless falls from the ceiling in front
    of him)
    Sora: Pinocchio!
    (Pinocchio is trapped inside the Heartless)
    Pinocchio: Help! I'm trapped!
    Sora: What?!
    (They fight the Parasite Cage. After the fight, the Heartless is knocked out,
    but Pinocchio is still trapped inside)
    Pinocchio: Help me! I'm scared!
    Sora: Pinocchio, be brave!
    Pinocchio: How?
    Sora: Don't give up! Try fighting your way out!
    Pinocchio: Be brave... Okay, I'll try!
    (Pinocchio jumps up and down, which opens the Heartless' cage and allows
    Pinocchio to climb out, right before the Heartless is destroyed and its heart
    is released)
    Jiminy: Pinocchio, are you all right?
    Pinocchio: Don't worry, I'm okay. Just a little sticky...
    (He gets up)
    Pinocchio: But I have a great idea! That thing spit me out when I started
    fighting back. Why don't we try the same thing with Monstro?
    Sora: Of course! If we're lucky, Monstro might cough us up!
    Donald: Great idea! Let's go deeper inside and try it!
    Pinocchio: I'm going, too!
    Jiminy: No, it's too dangerous.
    Pinocchio: Aww, c'mon...
    Jiminy: You should be with Geppetto. No use escaping from Monstro if you two
    get separated again!
    Sora: Leave this to us.
    Pinocchio: I guess you're right. Be careful, everybody!
    (Everyone besides Pinocchio leaves)
    Key to Truth Room
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy enter Monstro's throat)
    Goofy: Looks like this is as far as we go.
    Sora: Ready, then? Let's shake things up!
    Donald: It would be easier if we had someone to fight...
    Sora: Perfect timing. Looks like we've got company!
    (Several Shadow Heartless surround them. One spooks Donald. They defeat the
    Sora: Whew...
    (The ground shakes, which shocks them)
    Goofy: A-hyuck?
    Jiminy: It's working! Monstro's gonna sneeze!
    (Monstro sneezes. The group is risen out of the throat. They land in Monstro's
    Sora: Oww... Now I know what getting shot out of a cannon feels like.
    Goofy: Where's Pinocchio and his dad?
    Jiminy: They're gone. They must've gotten out safely.
    Sora: Without you, Jiminy? I thought there was no escaping your conscience!
    Jiminy: I don't mind being left behind, as long as they're both safe. Maybe
    Pinocchio doesn't need me after all.
    Sora: What do you mean?
    Jiminy: That little puppet used to have trouble telling right from wrong. But
    he's come a long way. Maybe he doesn't need Jiminy Cricket anymore. Seems like
    he's got a conscience of his very own.
    Sora: Don't you remember what Geppetto said? "There's nothing better than being
    reunited with someone you care about." I bet Pinocchio's counting the days till
    he can see you again.
    (Jiminy jumps back onto Sora's shoulder)
    Jiminy: Well, what do you know... You might be right.
    (Donald and Goofy nod. The group leaves Monstro)
    [Floor 4 Exit/Floor 5 Enter---------(4-5)]
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy enter the Fourth Floor Exit Hall)
    Sora: Who could that have been before in my memory? (Thinking) It wasn't
    Kairi... But another...girl? Maybe... I think her name was...
    Donald: Sora!
    Sora: (Surprised) Aah!
    Donald: Let's go! You want to find Riku and the king, don't you?
    Sora: Um, sure. Man. It was right on the tip of my tongue...
    (They leave the Exit Hall. The scene switches over to the girl in a white room.
    She's drawing a picture in her sketchbook of Sora, Kairi, herself, and Riku
    holding hands. Sora and the gang enter the Fifth Floor. Goofy and Donald nod as
    they walk toward the door)
    Sora: I remember!
    Donald & Goofy: Huh?
    Sora: There was another girl!
    Goofy: What? A girl? Where?
    Sora: No, no, I mean on the islands where I used to live. Besides Kairi and
    Riku, there was one other girl I was friends with. The four of us played
    together all the time.
    Jiminy: Sora... Seems to me that's the first time you've mentioned her.
    Sora: Yeah...I guess I forgot all about her. I think...she just suddenly went
    away when I was still really little.
    Donald: What do you think made you remember that now?
    Sora: I'm not sure. But it's been coming back in pieces as we go through the
    Goofy: Gawrsh, do ya remember her name?
    Sora: I don't remember. I feel kinda dumb. We said we weren't gonna forget our
    friends, and well now... I can't even remember her name.
    (Sora puts his head down, ashamed)
    Donald: Sora...
    Goofy: Aww, you shouldn't be worryin', none! If it's been coming back to you in
    pieces... You're sure to remember her name just like everything else!
    (Sora nods, still a bit worried. Sora holds up his next card at the Fifth Floor
    world entrance, and enters to the next world)
    [Floor 5 (Agrabah)---------(AGB)]
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy enter Agrabah)
    Goofy: Look, Sora! Someone's in trouble!
    (They see Aladdin up ahead. He is surrounded be several Shadows)
    Donald: We'd better do something!
    (They run into the brawl with their weapons)
    Sora: Mind if we help?
    Aladdin: Thanks! I thought I was done for!
    (They fight the Heartless, but more keep coming)
    Donald: They just keep coming!
    Aladdin: Guess we'd better see if the legends are true. Magic lamp, my first
    wish! Get rid of these Heartless!
    (Aladdin holds out a lamp. Blue smoke comes out of it and a blue genie is
    Genie: Stand back, kids! Genie of the lamp coming through! Ain't nothin' I
    can't make right as rain---well, if we HAD rain in the desert.
    (Genie teleports beside Aladdin)
    Genie: But enough dry jokes! One Heartless disappearing act, coming right up!
    (Genie wags his finger in the air, and the Heartless disappear)
    Goofy: Gawrsh!
    Donald: Why didn't you call him in the first place?
    (Aladdin looks down)
    Aladdin: It's not that simple. You see---
    Genie: I couldn't have said it better myself. But I will anyway! I'm strictly
    limited to three wishes per master. And ixnay on the wishing for more wishes!
    (Genie disappears)
    Sora: So you've got two wishes left? Better use them carefully.
    Aladdin: I've got to get back to the palace somehow. But with all these
    Goofy: Hey, Sora. We're headed that way too, so why don't we go with Aladdin?
    Sora: Sounds like a plan.
    Aladdin: That would be great! Thanks a lot!
    Key of Beginnings Room
    (Sora, Donald, Goofy, Aladdin, and Genie are heading towards the palace)
    Goofy: So, uh, why are you going to the palace, Aladdin?
    Aladdin: That no good royal vizier, Jafar. He tricked me into getting this
    magic lamp from the Cave of Wonders. The cave was crawling with Heartless. I'm
    lucky I made it back to Agrabah in one piece!
    Sora: Wasn't there anyone else there to help you out? This Jafar guy's got
    some nerve giving such dangerous orders.
    Genie: I know how you feel, Master. People have been ordering me around for
    10,000 years. And what help do I get? I keep wishin' someone will wish me outta
    this gig. But go figure the odds on that.
    Aladdin: Well, how 'bout I use my third wish to set you free?
    Genie: Doth my pointy ears deceive me? Master, you'd do that for me? You're not
    just pullin' my topknot now, are you?
    Aladdin: I promise, Genie. Anyway, there's only one thing I really want.
    Genie: Then we'll just have to DO something about that, Al! Can I call you Al?
    So, what'll it be? Fame? Fortune? A herd of luxury camels to call your very
    Aladdin: Well, there's this girl. Her name is Jasmine. She's princess of
    Agrabah. And...that's the problem. It's hard for a "street rat" like me to get
    a chance to see her. That's how this all started. I thought if I went to the
    Cave of Wonders, I could get the treasure, and maybe then Jasmine would want to
    meet me.
    Sora: Sounds like your wish should be that you can see Jasmine anytime you
    want, huh?
    Genie: Well, I've got just the package for you! You'll not only meet the lady,
    you'll go in style... ...as PRINCE ALI! How d'ya like the sound of that, Al?
    Aladdin: Me, a prince! Can you really do that?
    Genie: In an Agrabah minute!
    Aladdin: I guess the legends were true after all. C'mon, let's get to the
    (They leave for the palace)
    Key of Guidance Room
    (The group enters a small alley, and they notice something down below)
    Donald: Wak! Look at that!
    Aladdin: Who is that...?
    (Down below, Jasmine is on the ground and surrounded by Heartless)
    Aladdin: It's Jasmine!
    Goofy: She needs our help!
    Sora: We'll never make it in time!
    Aladdin: Then I've no choice. Genie, I wish for you to save Jasmine!
    Genie: Can do! CHAAARGE!
    (Genie wags his finger, and the Heartless disappear. The group joins Jasmine
    at the bottom of the alley)
    Aladdin: Jasmine!
    Goofy: We're lucky! She fainted, but it looks like she's okay.
    Sora: But now you've only got one wish left.
    (More Heartless appear. Sora, Donald, and Goofy prepare for battle)
    Aladdin: Not again! Sorry, Genie. But you're the only one who can---
    Sora: Wait! This is your last wish! Don't waste it. This time, let US handle
    the wish-granting!
    (They defeat the Heartless)
    Sora: See? We didn't need Genie this time.
    Aladdin: Thanks, Sora. But I'm still down to my last wish...
    (There is a flash of light)
    Sora: What---
    Donald: Wak! What's happening?
    Aladdin: Oh, no! The lamp! It's gone!
    (He feels around for the lamp. Jafar and Iago are on the ledge above)
    Jafar: Hmm, it seems my plans have gone amiss. I was certain you'd waste your
    last wish... ...what with poor Jasmine in distress and these delightful
    creatures to deal with. But no matter. At last the lamp and its genie are mine
    to command!
    Aladdin: Why are you doing this, Jafar? You've got the lamp! What more do you
    Jafar: Such an interesting question. You see, I knew you were going to use the
    lamp to try and win Jasmine's heart. But we can't have that, now, can we?
    Because I am the one Jasmine will marry!
    Sora: You?!
    Jafar: Certainly you realize that if I marry the Princess, then nothing can
    stop me from becoming Sultan! You're nothing more than a pawn in my game,
    street rat! Genie! My first wish! Deliver Jasmine to me!
    (Genie appears, holding Jasmine in his hands)
    Aladdin: Genie! What are you doing?!
    Genie: Sorry, Al. My hands are tied on this one. I gotta obey whoever has his
    mitts on the lamp.
    Jafar: Precisely. Farewell, Aladdin...you fool!
    (Jafar and Genie leave. Aladdin puts his head down in failure)
    Aladdin: Great. Now I've lost Jasmine AND the lamp.
    Sora: You can feel bad about it some other time! If you don't pull yourself
    together, you'll never see Jasmine again! You lost the lamp. So what? You can
    still save her on your own! Losing someone you care about is bad, but not as
    bad as never getting them back!
    Aladdin: Sora... You're right. I can't give up now! I've gotta save Jasmine!
    Donald: But Jafar's got the lamp. We can't just walk up to him and expect to
    Aladdin: Maybe we can. I've got an idea. Listen up!
    Key to Truth Room
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy engage Jafar at the palace gates)
    Jafar: What's this? Has Aladdin given up on his precious Jasmine already? Well,
    I'm not going to waste a wish on the likes of you three. I'll deal with you
    Sora: Aladdin! Now!
    (Aladdin jumps off from a nearby stand)
    Jafar: What? You! Genie, seize him!
    (Aladdin runs to Jafar but Genie appears in his way)
    Genie: Al, forgive me!
    Aladdin: Gr...
    (Genie knocks him away)
    Aladdin: You fell for it, Jafar!
    Jafar: What do you mean?!
    Sora: He means that you just blew your second wish! Only one left!
    Aladdin: Go ahead, use it to win Jasmine's heart. You'll still have us to deal
    Genie: Oh, NOW I get it. Al, you are so clever!
    Jafar: Well, well. The cunning of a rat. But unfortunately, you can't see
    beyond the bait. Your little ploy changes nothing! I can crush you once and for
    all AND make Jasmine my own! Genie! My last wish! Transform me into an all-
    powerful genie!
    (Genie looks down and snaps his fingers. Red smoke envelops Jafar. He then
    glows and releases energy which explodes in mid-air. Sora is transported to an
    area with rising blocks and lava. Jafar rises out of the lava in genie form)
    Sora: It's so hot! Jafar must be doing this...
    (Iago flies by, carrying a lamp. Sora defeats Jafar by destroying the lamp.
    Later, Sora, Donald, Goofy, Aladdin, and Genie meet back at the palace gates)
    Donald: We rescued Jasmine AND we got the lamp back!
    Goofy: You still have one wish left, Aladdin.
    Genie: He sure does. Time for me to make a prince outta this guy! Course, I'd
    like to be free, but like they always say, genies can't be choosers. You're
    probably miffed about that whole puppet-of-Jafar thing, anyway. Go on, Al. Wish
    for what's really in your heart. Be a prince. Get the girl.
    Aladdin: Okay, here goes. Genie, I wish for your freedom!
    Genie: But Al...!
    (Genie starts to glow and he grows legs)
    Aladdin: Now no one like Jafar can use you for evil again. Genie, you're free!
    Genie: Al, I'll never forget this. But what about Jasmine? What are you gonna
    Aladdin: I was wrong, Genie. If I used your help to win Jasmine... ...I'd be no
    better than Jafar. Jasmine means the world to me. I want to show her the real
    Sora: That's the spirit!
    Aladdin: Thanks, and good luck to you, too.
    Sora: What for?
    Aladdin: I was ready to give up back there, but what you said really kept me
    going. That's when it hit me. You must be looking for someone you care about,
    Sora: Yeah...
    Aladdin: Listen, Genie...
    Genie: Say no more, little pal! I know JUST what you're thinking. Here you go,
    (Genie creates a card of himself and gives it to Sora, who puts it in his
    Genie: Whenever you need me, just call. That okay with you, Al?
    Aladdin: Of course!
    Sora: Are you sure?
    Genie: Anytime at all. Hey, without you guys, I might never have been able to
    ditch that lamp! And I think Aladdin will be fine without me for at least a
    little while.
    Sora: I see. Thanks!
    Aladdin: Let's hope both our wishes come true, then. Take care, Sora!
    (Aladdin leaves. Sora, Donald, and Goofy leave Agrabah)
    [Floor 5 Exit/Floor 6 Enter---------(5-6)]
    (The group enters the Fifth Floor Exit Hall)
    Donald: Sora, is there anything else you remember about that other girl?
    Sora: Hmmm...just bits and pieces.
    Goofy: Maybe you could try tellin' us some more stuff about her. Who knows? It
    might even help ya remember other things.
    Sora: Well, uhh...
    (As Sora talks, his memories play inside his head)
    Sora: She was quiet...and always drawing. When we'd go to the beach, she'd draw
    a picture instead of swimming. Sometimes she'd draw us, too! She was really
    good. (Chuckling) I remember Riku and I fighting over who she'd draw next. But
    one day, she was gone, just like that. I think the grown-ups knew the reason.
    They might even have tried to explain some of it to me. But I was little. I
    probably didn't understand what was happening. I remember crying after she was
    (Sora's memories end)
    Sora: But...that's all. I still don't remember her name.
    Donald: Oh, I bet you'll remember it in no time!
    (Sora smiles and nods. Jiminy pops out and sighs)
    Jiminy: I must point out. Sora keeps remembering things instead of forgetting
    them. It seems to me forgetting things may be the only way---to reach the
    memories buried deeper down inside each of us.
    Goofy: So we should forget in order to remember?
    Sora: Like those guys said... "Our most precious memories lie so deep in our
    hearts, that they're out of reach." All that stuff about finding being losing
    and losing being finding... I didn't get it at first, but maybe this is what
    they meant.
    Goofy: Gawrsh, Sora, I think I'm a little jealous of ya. How come me and Donald
    and Jiminy aren't rememberin' more of the stuff from our memories?
    Donald: Come on, Goofy! Let's get going. We've got to forget things faster.
    (Goofy nods. Sora and the gang leaves the Exit Hall. The scene switches over to
    Axel and Larxene in the crystal ball room in the castle)
    Larxene: Just as we intended.
    Axel: We'll continue with our plan. Let's see how far this group will go.
    Larxene: You had your fun on the first floor. So this time, it's my turn.
    (Axel tosses her a card. She kisses it and giggles. She then walks over to Axel
    and touches his face)
    Larxene: I'm not going to just give it to him.
    Axel: Don't break him.
    Larxene: Well... Do I detect a soft spot? I'm not going to break the toy. I'm
    not dumb.
    Axel: Don't forget. Sora is the key. We need him if we're going to take over
    the Organization.
    (Larxene touches his lip)
    Larxene: I know that you're in on it, too... But keep it under your hood at
    least until the time is right.
    (She waves goodbye and vanishes. Axel smiles)
    Axel: You would have been wise to have done the same, Larxene.
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy enter the Sixth Floor)
    Goofy: So, Sora, did anything back there help ya remember your friend's name?
    Sora: Uhhh... Her name's the only thing I can't seem to remember.
    Donald: You gotta try! Hurry up and remember it!
    Sora: (Smiling weakly) Hehe...
    (Sora holds up his last card at the Sixth Floor world entrance, and enters to
    the next world)
    [Floor 6 (Wonderland)---------(WDL)]
    (The group enters Wonderland. They are in the Lotus Forest when Goofy stops and
    looks back)
    Goofy: Hey, somebody's comin'.
    (The White Rabbit scurries past them. Donald is surprised. The rabbit pants and
    checks his watch)
    White Rabbit: I'm late! I'm late! I'm dreadfully, awfully late! The queen will
    roast me for dinner! If I'm late for the trial, it'll be off with MY head next!
    Sora: What do you mean, "off with your head"?!
    White Rabbit: Oh my fur and whiskers! I'll never make it!
    (He runs off)
    Sora: Off with his HEAD?
    Donald: For such a peaceful-looking place, it sounds pretty dangerous!
    Key of Beginnings Room
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy follow the White Rabbit to the courtroom. The rabbit
    runs up the stairs of a platform)
    Goofy: Gawrsh, looks like some kind of get-together. What's the occasion?
    Donald: Hey, this must be that trial the White Rabbit was talking about!
    (The White Rabbit blows his trumpet)
    White Rabbit: Alice! Do you understand the charges against you?
    Alice: Of course not! I've done nothing wrong!
    Queen of Hearts: Feigning ignorance, dear? You are charged with aiding the
    creatures called Heartless who threaten my kingdom!
    Alice: Fiddlesticks! Where's the evidence?
    Queen of Hearts: The evidence is...I forgot! That's the evidence! Because you,
    Alice, are the one who stole my memory!
    White Rabbit: We can't rid the kingdom of Heartless until we get Her Majesty's
    memory back. This is a serious crime!
    Alice: This is so unfair! So what if you're a queen! Don't blame me just
    because you can't remember things!
    Queen of Hearts: Such insolence! You're talking to the Queen of Hearts! And to
    think I might have let you go, had you apologized straightaway! What a brazen
    Sora: Who's the brazen one?
    (Sora runs ahead to the court)
    Goofy: Uh, Sora?
    Queen of Hearts: The court has reached a verdict! OFF WITH HER HEAD!
    Sora: Hold it! This trial is a farce! You should investigate before you arrest
    innocent people!
    Queen of Hearts: What is the meaning of this? How dare you suggest Alice didn't
    steal my memory. I suppose you know who the real culprit is, then!
    Sora: Huh? I, er...
    Queen of Hearts: Speak! Or it's off with all of your heads! Now, out with it!
    Who's the thief?
    Sora: Um...uh... ... I'm the thief!
    Queen of Hearts: Say that again?
    Goofy: Gawrsh, really?
    Sora: Of course not! But what else am I supposed to say?
    Donald: This is really screwy, Sora!
    Queen of Hearts: Cards! Seize them all!
    (The Card Soldiers attack. Sora fights and defeats them)
    Sora: Whew...
    Donald: Wak! Where's Alice?
    Goofy: Looks like she escaped.
    Queen of Hearts: Perhaps she did. But YOU won't!
    (More Card Soldiers appear)
    Donald: I think we've been trumped!
    Sora: Run!
    (They run out of the courtroom, the cards chasing them)
    Key of Guidance Room
    (Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Jiminy find Alice in the forest)
    Sora: Things got a little crazy back there, but at least you're okay.
    Alice: I don't mean to be ungrateful, but...was that true, what you said? Are
    you the thief?
    Sora: What? Of course not! Why would I steal the queen's memory?
    Goofy: Yep, Sora only said that 'cause he wanted to save---
    Donald: ---to show off!
    (Goofy looks at Donald. Sora thinks for a second)
    Alice: Is that right? Well, you saved me all the same. Thank you.
    (A purple cat's head appears on a mushroom, with his body appearing on top of
    his head. He puts his head back on his body)
    Alice: It's the Cheshire Cat!
    Cheshire Cat: Feeling better after that mad dash, are we? Oh, but you're not
    out of the woods yet!
    (He disappears and reappears on a closed flower bud)
    Cheshire Cat: The queen's a stickler for justice! She won't forget you till she
    remembers! She won't stop hounding you till you get her memory back! Did she
    forget because she remembers? Does she remember that she forgot? Doesn't
    matter, I suppose.
    Sora: I don't know---I think we oughta just stay away from her.
    Jiminy: But Sora, what about Alice? If the queen catches her again, it's off
    with---well, you know.
    Sora: Then I guess we'd better do something about the queen.
    (The Cheshire Cat reappears on a tree branch)
    Cheshire Cat: You should do something. But you don't have to do anything.
    Sora: Huh?
    Cheshire Cat: If you can't remember something, it's like it never happened.
    Likewise, if something never happened, you can't remember it. Try too hard to
    remember, and your memory might lie to you.
    Sora: Lie?
    Cheshire Cat: That's all I'll say. The rest is for you to figure out.
    (He disappears)
    Key to Truth Room
    (Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Alice enter the Bizarre Room)
    Goofy: Gawrsh, what's with the sudden change of scenery?
    Alice: Let's look around!
    (Alice walks ahead)
    Alice: Oh, dear!
    (Several Card Soldiers stop Alice. The Queen of Hearts is behind them)
    Queen of Hearts: Thought you'd seen the last of me, did you?
    Sora: Uh-oh!
    Queen of Hearts: Game's up, scoundrels! For stealing my memory, I sentence you
    to... I sentence you to...
    (There is a flash of light)
    Queen of Hearts: ... I...sentence... ... Oh? What's going on? Where am I?
    Donald: Huh?
    Queen of Hearts: What in the world am I doing? Confound it, I can't remember!
    Sora: What's wrong with her?
    Goofy: Maybe somebody swiped her memory again?
    Alice: Sora, watch out! Something's coming!
    (A Trickmaster Heartless falls down from the sky)
    Sora: So this is what stole the queen's memory!
    (Sora destroys the Heartless)
    Queen of Hearts: You there! All of you! What is the meaning of this? Where did
    that creature come from?
    Sora: How would WE know?
    Queen of Hearts: So, you refuse to answer? You're hiding something! (To the
    Card Soldiers) They're plotting against me! Seize them immediately!
    Alice: Please, Your Majesty, wait! It was you who commanded us to destroy those
    Sora: Huh?
    Alice: Your Majesty, in her prudence, didn't completely trust us at first. And
    so, at Your Majesty's command, we fought them to prove ourselves. Isn't that
    right, Sora?
    Sora: We did? I mean, we did! Your, uh, Majesty.
    Queen of Hearts: I...told you...to do that?
    Alice: But Your Majesty, don't you remember?
    Queen of Hearts: Don't be ridiculous! I never forget anything! Of course I gave
    the command. You did splendidly.
    (The queen and the Card Soldiers leave. Alice is relieved)
    Alice: Well, that was close.
    Sora: Way to improvise! I never would've thought of that.
    Alice: But the Cheshire Cat said as much. "Try too hard to remember, and your
    memory might lie to you." The queen would never admit she forgot. So instead,
    she remembered something... ...that didn't happen! She ended up fooling
    Sora: ...
    Alice: What is it, Sora?
    Sora: Hm? Nothing. Well, I guess you'll be safe now.
    Goofy: And the queen won't give us any more trouble! After all, we got rid of
    the Heartless, just like she commanded!
    Donald: Don't tell me you've been fooled, too!
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy leave Wonderland)
    [Floor 6 Exit/Floor 7 Enter---------(6-7)]
    (The group enters the Sixth Floor Exit Hall. Once there, they are greeted by
    Larxene. Sora gasps. They run to her and ready their weapons)
    Donald: I bet you work with Axel!
    Larxene: Too clever. I'm Larxene. So...are you enjoying your stay at the
    castle? I bet it's nice to peel away all the worthless memories and awaken the
    true memories... (Giggles) that lie deep in your heart.
    Sora: True memories?
    Larxene: Although...it seems that you're still forgetting the most important
    thing here. When that poor girl hears that you've forgotten her name, why...
    it'll just...it'll break her heart.
    Sora: Poor girl? Do you know her?!
    (Larxene laughs)
    Sora: Is she...here?
    Larxene: Yes, she is. You see, the bad guys are holding her captive somewhere
    deep inside the castle. And you obviously are the hero, so you have to go save
    her. Although...
    (Larxene runs up to Sora and punches him twice. Sora dodges the punches but
    Larxene kicks him, knocking him away and causing a star pendant to fall out of
    his clothes and onto the floor)
    Larxene: I'M a bad guy, so you have to go through me!
    Goofy: Sora!
    (Sora picks his head up and notices the star pendant)
    Sora: What's that? Is that thing mine?
    Larxene: What a shame... You've been wearing it all this time and forgot? No...
    That's not possible. The memory has to be engraved somewhere deep inside your
    heart. Sora---you think carefully, now. What oh what could it be? And who gave
    it to you?
    Sora: Na... Na...mi...?
    Larxene: Sora... Sora... You're getting it now! Release the memory from within
    your heart!
    (Sora starts to get up)
    Sora: Nami... Naminé.
    Larxene: Well, it's about time. That's right...Naminé. Yes, she's the one that
    gave you that tacky little good luck charm.
    (She picks up the pendant)
    Larxene: Not that you even bothered to remember. No surprise, (Starting to
    sound upset) seeing as you also couldn't remember her NAME. Talk about
    heartless! I can't believe you! It'd serve you right if I decided to smash this
    piece of junk!
    Sora: Let it go!
    (Sora swipes her hand, knocking the charm out of it. Sora catches it)
    Sora: Naminé gave me this. It's very important to me!
    Larxene: Oh, it's important to you?
    (Larxene charges with lightning and summons several knives in her fingers)
    Larxene: Ten seconds ago, you didn't even know what it was!
    (She swipes her hand down and releases a charge of lightning. Sora fights
    Larxene. After the fight, she throws her knives at Sora. He deflects them with
    his Keyblade and jump slashes at Larxene, but she dodges)
    Larxene: Hmph. You're not as bad as I thought. You really are a hero. A
    heartless hero.
    Sora: Who asked you?!
    Larxene: Oh, does it hurt because it's the truth? You are just a baby. And if
    you're gonna be a baby, then here ya go.
    (Larxene tosses a card to Sora)
    Larxene: I created another card from your memories, you know. Be a good boy and
    say "thanks." Ta-ta!
    (Larxene disappears)
    Sora: Wait, Larxene!
    (Sora slashes the air in anger)
    Sora: Where are you? Don't you dare hide from me! Show yourself!
    (He keeps slashing the air. Donald and Goofy exchange worried looks. Jiminy
    hangs onto Sora's hood while Sora looks around for Larxene angrily and slashing
    the air)
    Jiminy: Sora, calm down! She's not coming back.
    (He calms down)
    Goofy: Sora?
    Sora: I hate this... Why'd I need someone like that to bring back...Naminé's
    (Sora obtains four more world cards. The scene switches over to Axel in the 
    crystal ball room in the castle. Larxene appears)
    Larxene: Whew... Throwing that battle wore me out.
    Axel: Really? It looked to me like you just plain lost.
    Larxene: How dare you! You don't appreciate the nuances of---
    ?????: An ungainly effort.
    Larxene: Huh?
    (A man with dirty blond hair and wearing a black coat appears in the room)
    Larxene: Vexen!
    Vexen: How could you be humbled by someone of such limited significance? You
    shame the Organization.
    Larxene: Grr...
    Axel: How can we help you, Vexen? It's not very often we see you topside.
    Vexen: I came to lend you a hand. You obviously believe this Sora has much
    potential, but I remain unconvinced he is truly worth such coddling. I think an
    experiment would show if he really is of any value to us.
    Larxene: Hmph. Well, here we go again. It's just an excuse so you can carry out
    your little experiments. That's all.
    Vexen: I'm a scientist. Experiments are what I do, yes.
    Axel: Whatever. You can do what you want. But you know, I think testing Sora is
    just a cover for testing your valet.
    Vexen: Valet? He's the product of pure research.
    Larxene: What he actually is is a toy.
    Vexen: Hmph. You should just learn to be quiet.
    (Larxene looks away)
    Axel: Anyway... Since you came all this way, you're gonna need this.
    (Axel holds out a card of Destiny Islands)
    Axel: A humble gift to my elder. I hope you use it to put on a very good show
    for us.
    (Vexen takes the card and smiles. An unknown figure walks in. The scene
    switches to Sora, who runs into the Seventh Floor)
    Donald: Sora, not so fast!
    Sora: We don't have time! They've got Naminé. We gotta rescue her!
    (Donald and Goofy enter the floor)
    Goofy: Phew, Sora sure does seem like he's upset.
    Donald: You'd be too. He just remembered a friend but found out she's in
    (Sora motions for them to come)
    Goofy: Good point. I guess if we heard that the king was in danger, we would be
    pretty upset about that, too.
    (Sora holds up his next card at the Seventh Floor world entrance, and enters to
    the next world)
    [Floor 7 (Neverland)---------(NVL)]
    (The group enters Neverland. They find themselves inside a ship)
    Sora: Where are we now?
    Goofy: The floor is kinda unsteady. I can hear the ocean, too...
    Donald: I know! We must be inside a ship!
    Sora: Well, we'd better find a way out. But which way do we go?
    (Tinkerbell flies in and surprises them)
    Donald: Wak!
    Sora: Who are you?
    (Tinkerbell flies around them. Jiminy jumps down)
    Jiminy: Maybe she's trying to help us.
    Goofy: Looks like you're right!
    (They follow Tinkerbell)
    Key of Beginnings Room
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy follow Tinkerbell to another part of the ship)
    Sora: Is it just me, or are all the rooms starting to look the same?
    Goofy: (To Donald) Maybe we're just goin' in circles?
    Donald: Some help SHE was.
    (Tinkerbell flies around Donald angrily)
    Goofy: I think you mighta ruffled her feathers, Donald.
    ????? ???: Tink, what are you doing?! You weren't supposed to bring the pirates
    WITH you!
    (Peter Pan flies down from the ceiling. Sora runs to him but Peter pulls out a
    Peter Pan: Stay back, pirates! Or this will be the last fight you pick!
    Donald: What's the big idea! We're not pirates! We're only here because... ...
    Umm... Why are we here, Sora?
    Sora: Huh? How am I supposed to know, Donald? Goofy, what do you think?
    Goofy: Gawrsh, beats me.
    Peter Pan: Okay, okay, I understand. Sora, Donald, and Goofy, right? I guess if
    you were real pirates--- ...you wouldn't get lost on your own ship. Plus,
    you're dressed funny.
    Donald: There you go again!
    Sora: Wait, so if you thought we were pirates... This must be a pirate ship!
    Peter Pan: That's right. You're trapped inside the Jolly Roger---ship of the
    ol' codfish, Captain Hook.
    Donald: Well, if we're trapped, that means you are, too!
    Peter Pan: Me? Don't be silly. No one can capture Peter Pan! I'm just laying
    low until it's time to spring my plan.
    Goofy: What plan is that?
    Peter Pan: The pirates kidnapped my friend Wendy. She's got to be somewhere on
    this ship.
    (Tink flies next to Peter)
    Peter Pan: I didn't expect there to be so many pirates on watch, though. I sent
    Tink to look for a way around... ...but all she found was you.
    Sora: I bet I know what Tink had in mind! If we all make a big enough racket---
    we can distract the pirates!
    (Tink flies around Sora)
    Goofy: Gawrsh, you musta read her mind!
    Sora: So how 'bout it? Let's work together, at least until we get above deck.
    Peter Pan: Well, why not? Of course, I could save Wendy myself, if I wanted to.
    But you guys look like you'd be stuck without me.
    (Peter flies away)
    Donald: Don't you have ANY manners?
    Key of Guidance Room
    (Peter Pan and Tinkerbell fly into the room inside the ship where Wendy is)
    Peter Pan: There she is!
    Wendy: Peter? Peter Pan!
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy enter the room)
    Peter Pan: Wendy, are you all right? I've come to rescue you with my three new
    Lost Boys! C'mon, let's get off this leaky ol' tub and do some exploring!
    Ha ha! We'll never grow up!
    Wendy: Listen, Peter. I've got something to tell you... I want to go home to
    (Peter is shocked)
    Peter Pan: What are you talking about? Why would you want to do that? You'd
    have to turn into a grown-up. Besides, goin' on adventures is a lot more fun!
    If you go back to London, you'll have to leave the nursery. You'll grow up and
    we'll never see each other again!
    (Wendy turns away)
    Wendy: I know, Peter. But... I still want to go home.
    Peter Pan: I came to rescue you! And you don't care if you ever see me again!
    Wendy: No, you don't understand!
    Peter Pan: Suit yourself! And while you're at it, rescue yourself! I'm leaving.
    (Peter leaves)
    Sora: Hey, wait a minute---
    Donald: There he goes.
    Wendy: Peter...
    Sora: Not very thoughtful, is he? What do we do now?
    Goofy: Hey, I've got an idea! Why don't we think of something once we get up on
    Donald: That doesn't make any sense...I think.
    Sora: Well, there's still trouble waiting outside. Wendy, you stay here. We'll
    try to create a distraction.
    Wendy: All right. Be careful.
    Goofy: Maybe if you stay here, Peter will change his mind and come back.
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy leave)
    Key to Truth Room
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy enter the deck of the ship)
    Donald: Whew! We finally made it out!
    ??????? ????: There you are, you rascals!
    (Captain Hook appears)
    Captain Hook: I'll teach you to play stow away on my ship! Friends of Peter
    Pan, I'll wager!
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy turn to one another)
    Donald: Are we his friends?
    Goofy: He sure didn't seem to think so.
    Sora: Yeah, the way he took off like that. He even ditched Wendy.
    (Hook gets angry)
    Captain Hook: I'm not finished talking yet! How dare you ignore me and plot
    behind my back! Uncivilized brats! You're in cahoots with Peter Pan, no
    Sora: If you say so. Either way, you're gonna let us off this ship.
    Goofy: And Wendy's coming with us.
    Captain Hook: Think again, you scallywags! Hook's one step ahead of you!
    (Wendy is on the edge of the plank, which shocks them)
    Sora: Wendy!
    (They run to the edge of the ship)
    Captain Hook: Any trouble, and Wendy takes a long walk off the plank!
    Donald: You wouldn't!
    Captain Hook: Believe me, I'd rather not. After all, I need Wendy to bait that
    blasted Peter Pan!
    Peter Pan: Then I'll just have to take the bait, you old codfish!
    Captain Hook: !
    (Peter Pan and Tinkerbell appear in front of Wendy)
    Wendy: Peter!
    Peter Pan: Here I am, Hook! Miss me?
    Captain Hook: Insolent BRAT! Today is the day you pay for taking my hand!
    (Hook runs toward him, but Peter flies behind Wendy and holds her in his hands.
    He then flies out of the way, leaving Hook hanging at the edge of the plank)
    Peter Pan: Uh-oh!
    Captain Hook: Agh? Wa-wa-wa-wa-whoa!
    (Hook regains his balance. He then gets angry)
    Captain Hook: You've made a fool of me for the last time, Pan! I'll cleave you
    to the brisket!
    (They fight Captain Hook and defeat him)
    Sora: Thanks, Peter, we owe you one.
    Peter Pan: Well, at first I thought I'd let you handle it, but it really looked
    like you needed help. But hey, you three did pretty good, though. Wendy, about
    London... Are you sure you won't change your mind?
    Wendy: Peter, I'm sorry. But I really want to go home.
    Peter Pan: I was afraid of that... Everyone grows up---and grown-ups always
    forget. First you'll forget what it feels like to be young, and then you'll
    forget about me.
    Wendy: How can you say such a thing, Peter? I'll never, ever forget you.
    Peter Pan: Sure, that's what you think now. But when you try to remember me,
    the memories will be gone. You'll forget---little by little, one memory at a
    time. Once you're grown up, there won't be a single memory left.
    Sora: Don't say that. Memories---even important ones---don't come back to us
    whenever we want them to. But that doesn't mean the memories are gone. It's
    more like...like they're sleeping. So when the right thing comes along and
    wakes the memory up, we can remember it. The memories engraved in our hearts
    never go away. I'm sure of it.
    Wendy: He's right, Peter.
    Peter Pan: Never, huh? It's funny. I thought everybody who left Neverland
    forgot all about it. But I have a feeling you guys just might be different.
    Okay, Sora! If you say we'll meet again, then I believe you!
    Wendy: Oh, Peter!
    Peter Pan: Let's go, Wendy. London is waiting.
    (She nods. Peter picks her up and starts to fly)
    Peter Pan: Goodbye, Sora. I'll be waiting to see what you look like all grown
    (Peter, Wendy, and Tinkerbell fly away, but then Tinkerbell flies back to Sora)
    Sora: What's the matter, Tink?
    (Tink creates a card of herself and gives it to Sora)
    Sora: This must be a gift from Peter.
    (He puts the card in his pocket)
    Donald: Maybe he's not such a thoughtless guy after all.
    (A Moogle falls from the sky and lands on Donald)
    Donald: Oww!
    Goofy: Another gift from Peter?
    (The Moogle gets up)
    Donald: What's the big idea!
    (Sora and Goofy laugh. The Moogle flies away. The gang leaves Neverland)
    [Floor 7 Exit/Floor 8 Enter---------(7-8)]
    (Sora enters the Seventh Floor Exit Hall. He gasps as he enters, as he sees his
    friend, Riku, walking toward him)
    Sora: You're... Riku?! What are YOU doing here?
    Riku: Not happy to see me? Lemme know if I'm getting in the way---ya know, of
    something that's more important.
    Sora: Huh? I didn't mean that...
    Riku: Hmph. Spare the excuses. I bet that you had all but forgotten about me.
    Sora: Are you crazy? C'mon. I came all this way looking for YOU!
    Riku: But you're not anymore, right? Now it's only Naminé that you're looking
    for. You don't care about me. Just like you never cared... ...at all about her
    Sora: Naminé's...?
    Riku: Hmph. I knew it. Never even gave it a thought, did you? Just cuz you want
    to see Naminé---sorry---doesn't go both ways. Tell ya the truth, Naminé doesn't
    even want to look at your face.
    Sora: Why not?!
    Riku: You should ask your memories...why Naminé disappeared from the islands.
    Remember that, and you'd know.
    Sora: Did I... Did I do something? Is it my fault? Riku...
    (Darkness envelops Riku and he dons his darkness armor)
    Riku: Go home, Sora. I'll care for Naminé. Anyone who goes near her...
    (He summons his weapon, Soul Eater)
    Riku: ...goes through me!
    (Riku attacks Sora, who blocks the attack with his Keyblade. Their blades clash
    Sora: What's---What's wrong with you?! We're supposed to be friends!
    Riku: Please, Sora. Since when have you ever cared about me? Naminé's not the
    only one who's sick of looking at you. So am I!
    (Riku jumps backward)
    Sora: Riku, stop it!
    (Sora and Riku battle. After the battle, Riku pants and runs away into the
    Eighth Floor)
    Sora: Riku! Please wait!
    (Sora chases Riku into the Eighth Floor. By the time he enters the floor, Riku
    is gone)
    Sora: Riku! Where are you?
    (Sora doesn't see him, and he puts his head down. Donald and Goofy enter the
    Goofy: Sora, are you okay?
    Sora: Don't worry about me. Riku...what happened?
    (Jiminy pops out)
    Jiminy: Hmmm... Sure was strange. Almost like Ansem was back controlling Riku
    Sora: But we got rid of Ansem for good.
    Goofy: Then I wonder what is wrong with Riku...
    Donald: Hold on... The king! If he's with Riku, he might be in danger!
    (Goofy nods. They both look at Sora, who's upset over Riku)
    Donald: Sora...
    (Jiminy hops down to the floor)
    Jiminy: I know... You're thinking Riku isn't your friend... But that's just not
    Sora: Ya sure?
    Jiminy: Well, I know he said some awful things to you back there... But you
    gotta remember---we are in Castle Oblivion. Why, folks lose their memory here a
    little bit at a time. Riku's probably just forgotten that the two of you were
    such close friends. That's all.
    Sora: So he just forgot?
    Jiminy: My guess is that's so. But Sora...instead of being sad, we have to
    figure out a way to help Riku get his memory back. If we all work together,
    why, we're sure to get you through this. No need to mope.
    Goofy: Jiminy's right. You shouldn't push your friends away.
    (Donald and Goofy nod)
    Sora: (Still upset) Yeah. Okay.
    (Donald and Goofy exchange looks and nod)
    Donald: Sora, do you remember our very first promise?
    Sora: Huh?
    Donald & Goofy: Always smile!
    Goofy: That was the promise we made to each other the first time we met!
    (Donald nods)
    Goofy: We promised to never forget to keep smiling!
    (Sora cheers up)
    Sora: You're right.
    (Sora holds up his next card at the Eighth Floor world entrance, and enters to
    the next world)
    [Floor 8 (Atlantica)---------(ALT)]
    (The gang enters Atlantica)
    Goofy: Gawrsh! This looks like the bottom of the sea.
    Sora: It sure does. So how come we can breathe?
    Goofy: Hmm... Beats me! Maybe someone cast a spell on us?
    Sora: It's just like breathing air!
    Donald: But it's not air. See? Someone's swimming this way!
    (Ariel appears and swims over to them, holding a trident)
    Ariel: If anyone asks, you didn't see me!
    Donald: What?
    Ariel: Sorry, I don't have time to explain. Just promise you won't tell!
    Goofy: Hey, what's that sparkling thingy you got there?
    Ariel: Oh, nothing---nothing at all! Remember, you didn't see me!
    (She swims away)
    Donald: Well. Looked like she was in a hurry.
    Sora: She was hiding something.
    Donald: I wonder what it was?
    Key of Beginnings Room
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy enter the throne room of King Triton, and meet a crab
    named Sebastian)
    Sebastian: Oh, woe is me...
    Sora: Is something wrong?
    Sebastian: Someone stole the king's magic trident. Atlantica is defenseless!
    And to top it off, Princess Ariel has disappeared! King Triton's worried sick.
    He won't leave his chambers.
    Sora: Ariel? She disappeared?
    Sebastian: Ariel's friend Flounder would know where she is, but now he's gone,
    (Sora turns to Donald and Goofy)
    Sora: Wait a sec... Didn't we just see Ariel?
    Goofy: Yep. But she didn't look real happy to see US! Hey, wasn't she carrying
    something when we saw her?
    Sora: You don't think that was the trident?
    (Jiminy hops down)
    Jiminy: You know, maybe it was.
    Donald: Wak? But that means Ariel stole it!
    Jiminy: There must be some explanation.
    (Sebastian is talking to himself)
    Sebastian: Ariel! Where did you swim off to this time? If anything happens to
    you... The king will think it's all my fault! He told me to keep an eye on
    her, and now this! What if she ran away because of something I said?! King
    Triton will banish me forever!
    Sora: (To Donald and Goofy) He'll pop his shell if we tell him Ariel took the
    Goofy: Guess we'll have to get to the bottom of this ourselves!
    (They leave the throne room)
    Key of Guidance Room
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy find Ariel and the trident in Ariel's grotto)
    Sora: There she is!
    Ariel: (To herself) This is all my fault. I wish I'd never taken Daddy's
    trident. I should've known things would turn out this way.
    Donald: She DID take it!
    Goofy: Pipe down! Somebody's comin'!
    ??????: No need to worry, child. You did the right thing.
    (Ursula appears in a cloud of black smoke)
    Ursula: Why, I'm sure you'd do anything in the world to help your little
    friend. Poor Flounder has been swept away to the human world. No place for a
    little fish. Why, if we don't hurry, you might not have a friend to save---
    Ariel: No!
    Ursula: Besides, you're not GIVING me the trident, dear---just letting me
    borrow it for a bit. You can save Flounder! Lend me the trident, and I'll help
    Ariel: I know. But Daddy needs the trident to defend Atlantica. I need time to
    Ursula: Well, it's all the same to me. Just remember, your little friend is
    dodging fishhooks while you twiddle your fins. Well, you can come see me once
    you've made up your mind.
    (Ursula disappears in black smoke)
    Ariel: What am I going to do?
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy walk up to Ariel)
    Sora: Don't trust HER, that's for sure.
    Ariel: How long have you been listening?
    Sora: Oh, long enough.
    Donald: It doesn't matter. Sora's right! Don't trust that sea witch! She's up
    to no good. You can see it in her face!
    Ariel: Then we all agree! The problem is, I don't have any idea where Flounder
    is. And she's the only one who can help.
    Sora: What about us? C'mon. Let's go talk to her. You shouldn't have to do this
    by yourself.
    Ariel: Really? You'll come with me?
    Sora: You bet! I know how it feels to have friends in trouble. Let's get going!
    Key to Truth Room
    (Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Ariel enter Ursula's lair. Ursula comes out of the
    shell at the end of the room and down to the ground)
    Ursula: My, so many guests! Have you made up your mind, my dear?
    Ariel: I'll do anything for Flounder. But I need proof I can trust you. You
    said we could save Flounder if I gave you the trident. Well, prove it!
    Ursula: But of course! See?
    (She waves her hand, and Flounder appears in a shroud of darkness)
    Flounder: Ariel!
    Donald: I knew something was fishy!
    Ursula: There you have it. If you want your precious Flounder back, give me the
    Ariel: ...
    (The trident glows and levitates over to Ursula)
    Ursula: Ha ha! Mine at last! Now I'm ruler of all the seas!
    Ariel: Let Flounder go!
    Ursula: But of course! I'm feeling generous.
    (Flounder swims to Ariel)
    Ursula: Which reminds me... You always wanted to see other worlds, didn't you?
    Well, dear, I know just the world to send you to! Unfortunately, this will be a
    one-way trip!
    (She creates a strike of lightning with the trident. Sora is transported to a
    single platform. Ursula, who has grown gigantic with the power of the trident,
    slams her tentacles down)
    Ursula: The sea and all its denizens shall grovel before me!
    (Sora fights and defeats Ursula. Everyone is back in Ursula's lair afterwards)
    Flounder: Please don't be mad, Ariel. That ol' witch tricked me.
    Ariel: Flounder, as long as you're safe, nothing else matters. Now all we have
    to do is return the trident and everything will be okay.
    Sora: But what if the king finds out you're the one who took it in the first
    Ariel: I'll be grounded forever...
    (Sebastian's voice is heard somewhere in the area)
    Sebastian: Ariel! Ariel! Where are you, girl? If you can hear me, please
    Ariel: It's Sebastian! He came all this way just to find me.
    Goofy: Yep, and when he does, you're gonna get it!
    Sora: Hey, I know! Why don't you just say the sea witch stole the trident?
    And you got it back all by yourself! Then there's no way you'll get in trouble!
    Ariel: I just had the same idea! But...I can't do that. I don't want to get in
    trouble, but I can't lie. Not about this. I know I haven't made the best
    decisions lately. It was a mistake to take the trident. But I made that mistake
    because I wanted to help you, Flounder. I'm proud of that. Blaming someone else
    would mean giving those feelings up. So, I'm going to tell the truth.
    Jiminy: She's right, Sora! Honesty is the best policy.
    Sora: Hey, I was just kidding! Great, now I'M the one in hot water!
    (The gang leaves Atlantica)
    [Floor 8 Exit/ Floor 9 Enter---------(8-9)]
    (Sora enters the Eighth Floor Exit Hall. He sees Riku walking to the next floor
    and gasps. He then runs to Riku)
    Riku: Take the hint... I told you to go home.
    Sora: Not until I rescue you 'n Naminé.
    Riku: I don't remember ever asking you to rescue me.
    Sora: Did you forget? Kairi's there---waiting for us both to come home.
    Riku: You're the one who forgot. I told you at Kingdom Hearts when we closed
    the door... "Take care of Kairi."
    (Sora gasps and looks down)
    Riku: Give it up. I'm not going back to the islands---for anything.
    Sora: It's not just for Kairi! What about the rest?
    Riku: You can have those losers. Already forgot 'em.
    Sora: That's enough!
    (Sora summons his Keyblade)
    Riku: What about you, Sora? Do you actually remember what they all look like?
    Sora: Of course I rememb---
    (Sora looks down. Riku laughs)
    Riku: Don't feel bad. That's what this castle does to you---after a while. It's
    good. You forget all the useless stuff and remember for the first time what
    really matters. I remembered it, Sora. I now know the one thing that is most
    important to me. Protecting Naminé. Nothing else matters---not a thing.
    (Sora looks at Riku and remembers when the two of them used to fight using
    wooden swords as children)
    Sora: Hey...Riku... I think I'll jog your memory.
    (Sora readies his Keyblade. Riku snickers and raises his Soul Eater)
    Riku: Go ahead and try.
    (Sora and Riku battle. After the battle, Riku lays on foot on the ground,
    defeated. He uses his weapon to get up)
    Riku: Hmph. Too bad, Sora. You can fight me all you want, but I still won't
    remember a thing.
    Sora: C'mon, Riku... Let's quit fighting---let's go help Naminé.
    Riku: Together---right. So like you... ...Sora---you're always trying to worm
    your way into my heart!
    (He holds his weapon to Sora's neck)
    Sora: Hold on! When did I ever do that?
    Riku: Hmph, you forgot that, too? You never cared. It never mattered to you!
    (Riku runs away into the next floor)
    Sora: You won't push me away.
    (The gang leaves the Exit Hall. The scene switches to the girl in a white room.
    Axel appears and walks over to her)
    Axel: Does it hurt, Naminé? Watching your two childhood friends fight all
    because of you? You have my sympathies. From the heart.
    (Naminé picks her head up and looks angrily at Axel)
    Axel: But don't waste your time. We Nobodies can never hope to be somebodies.
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy enter the Ninth Floor. Sora sighs and puts his head
    down while Donald and Goofy look at each other, worried)
    Sora: I don't get it. Riku and I---we both want the same thing. Both of us want
    to help Naminé out. How come we're fighting each other? I mean, Riku and I have
    argued about stuff in the past, but...
    Goofy: Could be 'cause ya care what happens to each other.
    (Donald nods)
    Sora: Hm... I really thought so, too, but...maybe Riku doesn't...
    Donald: You can't give up. You're friends---tied together. Sora, Riku, and...
    and... What was her name?
    (Goofy thinks but comes up with nothing)
    Jiminy: Hm. It seems our memories are fading mighty fast. Sora, we gotta hurry.
    I bet Riku will come around if you just talk to him.
    Sora: You're right. We three were never apart. Me 'n Riku... ...and Naminé.
    (Sora holds up his next card at the Ninth Floor world entrance, and enters to
    the next world)
    [Floor 9 (100 Acre Wood)---------(1AW)]
    (Sora enters 100 Acre Wood. He comes to Winnie the Pooh's house, and finds Pooh
    sitting on a log)
    Sora: What's wrong, little fella?
    Pooh: I'm looking for my friends.
    Sora: Are they around here? It looks like nobody's here.
    Pooh: Oh. Then perhaps I'm looking for nobody.
    Sora: You're looking for nobody?
    Pooh: I suppose I must be. But, they don't seem to be anywhere. (Starts rubbing
    his tummy) And all this searching is making my tummy rumble. Hmm...I wonder if
    there's any honey about. Oh, but if I stop to eat, I shall first have to stop
    Sora: Why don't we look for your friends together?
    Pooh: For nobody, you mean?
    (Sora sits down on the log)
    Sora: No, for your friends. They might be around here. Let's find them
    Pooh: Oh, are you looking for my friends, too?
    Sora: No, but I'm looking for some friends of my own.
    Pooh: And are they friends who know my friends?
    Sora: I'm not sure, Pooh. (Standing up) But I know what it's like to miss your
    friends. So why don't we look for them together?
    Pooh: I'd like that, Sora.
    (Sora walks behind Pooh's house and notices something on the ground)
    Sora: Huh?
    (Piglet is hiding behind one of the shrubs. When he looks out and sees Sora, he
    becomes scared. Sora notices him and walks to him, but Piglet runs behind
    another shrub. Sora eventually finds Piglet behind one of the shrubs)
    Piglet: Ooooh! Oh no! Oh, dear! Don't mind me.
    Sora: You're not Pooh's friend?
    Piglet: Well, I... Um... I mean, I'm not NOT Pooh's friend... I'm...
    (Pooh walks over to them)
    Pooh: Why, hello there, Piglet.
    Piglet: Oh! It's you, Pooh! I'm so relieved... I finally found someone! I got
    separated from the others. And I was so worried, I didn't know what to do.
    Sora: That explains why you were so fidgety.
    Pooh: Piglet, why don't you come with us to look for the rest of our friends?
    Piglet: What? Oh my, I don't know... Ohh... What should I do...
    Sora: Guess he doesn't want to come.
    (Sora and Pooh start to walk away)
    Piglet: Wait! Please!
    Pooh: Have you decided to join us, Piglet?
    Piglet: Well, no. I'm... I'm still thinking. But before you got here, I found
    something strange in the shrubs... I thought it might help you to find everyone
    (Sora learns Confuse. Sora and Pooh go through Rabbit's garden and are about 
    to leave when a pumpkin rolls down the path)
    Sora: Watch out!
    (Sora jumps out of the way and the pumpkin hits Pooh, which causes him to roll
    back through the gate. Pooh gets up and Sora walks to the gate)
    Sora: That was close! Are you okay, Pooh?
    Pooh: Yes...I seem to be.
    Sora: Where did that pumpkin come from?
    ??????: Yoo-hoo!
    (Rabbit appears from the end of the path, and he walks over to Sora)
    Pooh: Hello, Rabbit.
    Rabbit: Oh, I'm glad you're here! Would you help me sort the vegetables from my
    Sora: So the pumpkin was yours...
    (Sora talks to Rabbit)
    Rabbit: Do you want to help sort the vegetables?
    Sora: Sure, I'll help!
    (Sora helps Rabbit sort his vegetables)
    Rabbit: Thank you for the help. Please take this, won't you?
    (Sora learns Cross-slash+. Sora and Pooh leave the garden and come to a
    grassy hill with a large tree. They notice three balloons tied to a log)
    Sora: I wonder what these balloons are for?
    (Sora and Pooh take the balloons and they rise into the air. They ride the
    balloons up to the top of the tree, collecting honey along the way. At the top
    of the tree, Sora and Pooh meet Owl)
    Owl: Hoo! Look who made it all the way up here!
    (Sora, Pooh, and Owl all gather back at the bottom of the tree)
    Owl: Are you all right, Pooh?
    Pooh: Oh yes, Owl. I found it rather fun.
    Sora: Maybe you could use a balloon to look for your friends.
    Owl: Hoo! Hoo! You might think so, young man. But serious problems arise when
    you arrive at your destination.
    Sora: ?
    Owl: Once you find your friends, how do you get down to them? You see, a
    balloon goes only where the wind blows. Which is usually up! What if you saw
    your friends, but the wind kept them just out of reach? I'd rather have to keep
    looking for my friends, than find them and not be able to reach them.
    Sora: You've got a point.
    Owl: If you want to find someone, you'd best do it on foot. It can be quite
    exciting to stumble across a friend where you least expect them!
    Pooh: Well, that is how I feel---when I stumble across some honey!
    Owl: That's the spirit, Pooh! Keep moving and keep looking.
    Pooh: Thank you, Owl. That's what I'll do. My tummy is anxious for me to find
    that honey.
    Sora: Don't worry, I'll help Pooh find his friends.
    Owl: Splendid! Here's something to speed you on your way.
    (Sora learns Firaga Burst. Owl flies away. Sora and Pooh come to a clearing
    with trees and tree stumps. They see Tigger bouncing on the tree stumps.
    Tigger then jumps off and talks to them)
    Tigger: Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Say, how would you like to bounce with me?
    (Sora and Pooh bounce on the tree stumps with Tigger)
    Tigger: Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Not bad at all!
    Pooh: We were just trying to bounce like you, Tigger.
    Tigger: I'm surprised you could keep up with me.
    Sora: Well, I can bounce with the best of them, now!
    Tigger: Is that so? Then let's see you do this!
    (Tigger jumps from stump to stump, somersaulting in mid-air both forwards and
    Sora: Whoa!
    (Tigger jumps back to them)
    Tigger: What do you think of that?
    Sora: I could never...
    Tigger: Awww, you don't have to do it like me! Bouncing is best when you do it
    your own way! 'Cause I'm Tigger, and you're Sora! Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!
    (Tigger bounces away, but Pooh stops him)
    Pooh: Tigger, I think you dropped something.
    Tigger: Oh, that? I found it on top of a tree when I was bouncing. You can have
    it, Sora. Kind of weighs me down when I'm bouncing!
    (Tigger bounces away. Sora learns Idyll Romp. Sora and Pooh continue into a
    muddy area, with a big shrub of grass and weeds in the middle of the mud. They
    walk over to a hole surrounded by 3 ledges. The hole has wind coming out of it)
    Sora: That's an awfully blustery hole...
    (They walk over to the hole and the wind propels them high into the air. They
    float down and land in the middle of the big shrub. Roo comes out of it. Sora
    and Pooh follow)
    Pooh: Hello there, Roo. What were you doing here?
    Roo: I was so busy looking for Tigger, that I was blown away by the wind, and
    fell down here!
    Pooh: And you got stuck?
    Roo: No. I was waiting for Tigger... ...so we can ride the blustery wind
    together! So, if Tigger rides the wind here, this is where I'll be! It sure
    will surprise Tigger. Don't you think?
    Sora: But what if he doesn't fall here?
    Pooh: Hmm...yes, if Tigger rides the wind, his bounces might bounce him even
    further away.
    Roo: Well, I was getting a little lonely and tired of waiting for him.
    Sora: Instead of waiting, why don't you see if you can find him?
    Roo: You're right! That's a great idea!
    (Roo starts to leave, but he comes back)
    Roo: By the way, I found this in the shrubs. Why don't you take it?
    (Sora receives a Mega-Ether card. Sora and Pooh climb up onto a ledge and find
    Eeyore, who's lost his tail)
    Eeyore: Lost my tail again. It figures...
    Sora: Do you know where you lost it?
    Pooh: Oh yum! I found it.
    (Pooh is over by a a hole in a tree)
    Pooh: I knew if I just listened to my tummy it would find some honey.
    Eeyore: Probably upset the bees, though. Taking their honey, that is.
    (They get honey from the hole in the tree, and Sora gets rid of the bees with
    his Keyblade. Pooh runs into a tree and Eeyore's tail falls out from the top
    of a branch. Pooh gets up)
    Pooh: Oh, bother... My head...
    Eeyore: Well, much obliged, Pooh.
    Pooh: I'm sure I'm obliged to you too, Eeyore. But...um...for what?
    Eeyore: For running into that tree and getting my tail back for me.
    Pooh: Oh but, I was just trying to get away from those bees. And keep up with
    Eeyore: Well anyhow, you helped me. Thanks.
    Sora: And I was just trying to get rid of the bees. It was an accident that we
    found your tail.
    Eeyore: An accident. It figures. Nobody would help me on purpose. But I'm still
    obliged. Thank you, Pooh and Sora.
    Pooh: You're welcome, Eeyore.
    Eeyore: Here's something for you.
    Sora: Hey, it's okay, Eeyore. It was just an accident.
    Eeyore: I know, but this fell down along with my tail. It's the accidental part
    of my thank you.
    (Sora receives an Elixir card. Sora and Pooh come to a log in the middle of a
    grassy field)
    Sora: I guess we can't go any farther. So Pooh, wasn't it more fun looking for
    friends together?
    Pooh: Oh yes, Sora. It was. And I'd like you to have this. Thank you for
    helping me.
    (Pooh sits down on the grass)
    Pooh: Whew... I've walked so far, I think I need a little rest. If only I had a
    honey pot to keep me company...
    Sora: ... Well, I'd better be going.
    Pooh: Where to?
    Sora: To look for my friends.
    Pooh: Then I shall help you look for them, too.
    Sora: That's okay, Pooh. You should stay here.
    Pooh: You mean...this is goodbye?
    Sora: No way! I'll always know where to find you. (Thinking) ! If I don't
    (Pooh gets up)
    Pooh: Don't worry, Sora. You can count on me. Even if you forget Winnie the
    Pooh, I won't forget you.
    Sora: Thanks, Pooh.
    (Sora receives a Bambi card and leaves 100 Acre Wood)
    [Floor 9 Exit/Floor 10 Enter---------(910)]
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy enter the Ninth Floor Exit Hall. They look around for
    Riku but he isn't there)
    Donald: Where'd Riku go?
    Goofy: (To Sora) Guess he must've finally got tired of fightin' with ya.
    Sora: I sure hope so.
    (They leave the Exit Hall. The scene switches to Axel, Larxene, and Vexen in
    the castle's crystal ball/meeting room)
    Larxene: So what's going on, Vexen? Your Riku was supposed to counter Sora.
    What's he waiting for? Where is he?
    (Vexen gets angry)
    Axel: He's hiding somewhere to lure Sora deeper into the castle, right? I
    suppose we should just leave it at that, you know.
    Larxene: A-ha! Oh, I see now! I would have never guessed that. So sorry, Vexen.
    Vexen: Silence!
    Larxene: Predictable response. Forget it. Men without hearts are so boring.
    Vexen: You're one to talk. As if you have such a heart to speak of yourself.
    ????????: That's enough.
    (The hooded man from the start of the game appears in the room)
    Vexen: Marluxia!
    (The man takes his hood off and reveals his pink hair)
    Marluxia: Vexen, the simple fact is that your project was a failure. You'd best
    not disappoint us again.
    Vexen: Disappoint YOU? You go too far! In this Organization, you're No. 11! I'm
    No. 4 and I will not have you---
    (Marluxia points his scythe at Vexen. He gasps)
    Marluxia: I've been entrusted this castle and Naminé by our leader. Defying me
    will be seen as treason against the Organization.
    Axel: "Traitors are eliminated." I believe that's what the rules say.
    Larxene: Who needs a half-baked good-for-nothing, anyway?
    Vexen: Ng...
    Marluxia: Vexen, you cannot win against Sora.
    Vexen: Pity to be so ignorant. As you're only able to see the surface of
    things, I should not expect you to appreciate my true might.
    Marluxia: Oh?
    (Marluxia de-summons his scythe)
    Marluxia: Then let us watch as you prove it.
    Vexen: What?
    Marluxia: None of us wish to be suspicious of a comrade.
    Vexen: Your insincerity is comforting.
    (Vexen disappears)
    Axel: You give a challenge like that to Vexen and he'll seriously want to
    eliminate Sora.
    Marluxia: That would be an unfortunate denouement.
    (Marluxia walks over to Naminé and places his hand on her shoulder)
    Marluxia: What to do? Your hero is soon to be wiped from existence. But I
    believe there is a certain promise that he made you. Isn't that right, Naminé?
    Naminé: ...Yes.
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy enter the Tenth Floor)
    Donald: WOW! The tenth floor... We've gotten up pretty high.
    Jiminy: And that must mean we've lost ten whole floors' worth of our
    memories. Sora, it's still not too late. Don't you think we should turn back?
    Sora: Can't do it...because...that would break an old promise that I made.
    Jiminy: An old promise? What would that be?
    Sora: On the islands, I promised Naminé---that I'd keep her safe, no matter
    what. But I forgot it... I didn't remember until I started forgetting 
    everything else! A promise between the two of us... That's why I can't leave.
    Now that I remember the promise, I have to keep it.
    Jiminy: Of course. We understand, Sora.
    (Sora holds up his last card at the Tenth Floor world entrance, and enters to
    the next world)
    [Floor 10 (Hollow Bastion)---------(HLB)]
    (The group enters Hollow Bastion)
    Goofy: I'm hearin' voices! I wonder who it is.
    (Jiminy hops down and starts hopping closer to where the voices are)
    Jiminy: Shhh! I think something's wrong!
    (Belle and the Beast and talking nearby)
    Beast: But Belle, I don't understand! I came here to rescue you!
    Belle: Beast... I did not ask you to come. And it doesn't matter anyway. I'm
    not going back with you, so you're wasting your time.
    Beast: Belle? Do you know what you're saying? How can you stay here with that
    Belle: I've nothing more to say. Now leave, before she finds you.
    (Belle leaves for the castle entrance. Sora and the group walk to the Beast)
    Beast: Belle...why?
    Sora: I'm not sure what's going on, but...is everything okay?
    Donald: Don't feel bad. There must be a reason she said those things.
    Beast: Keep your sympathy. No one could ever care for a beast like me.
    (Beast leaves)
    Goofy: Poor guy. Sure wish there was somethin' we could do for him.
    (They run to the castle entrance)
    Key of Beginnings Room
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy find Belle in the castle library)
    Belle: Who are you? Were you kidnapped, too?
    Sora: Uh...not exactly. It's a long story. Wait! So you've been kidnapped? You
    don't want to be here?
    Belle: Yes... ...No, I don't really want to be here. That witch forced me to
    come here. I have no one to talk to. Books are all I have to ease my
    loneliness. And then there's him... Oh, I've missed him so much.
    Goofy: You mean the Beast? Then why were you so mean to him before?
    Sora: Yeah. You really hurt his feelings.
    Belle: You don't understand. I can't let him see how I really feel.
    Sora: Why not?
    Belle: It's just that---
    (The sound of a door opening is heard)
    Belle: ! Oh no, she's coming! Hide, quickly! 
    Sora, Donald & Goofy: ?
    Belle: There's no time to explain. Quick. Hide!
    (They run away and hide. The bookcases toward the wall slide open and
    Maleficent walks out from them and into the room)
    Belle: Oh... Hello. To what do I owe this visit?
    Maleficent: He was here---yes? He risked his life to come and save you. Why do
    you reject him?
    Belle: I won't ask for his help.
    Maleficent: Oh, and why is that?
    Belle: You know very well why. I'm not going to fall into your trap!
    Maleficent: Then I have no choice but to make you BEG for his help!
    (Maleficent and Belle disappear in a puff of darkness and green fire. Sora,
    Donald, and Goofy run to where they were)
    Sora: No! She got away!
    Goofy: What should we do?
    Sora: Help her, of course! What else?
    (They run to find Maleficent and Belle)
    Key of Guidance Room
    (Belle and Maleficent are talking by a fountain in the castle's entrance hall)
    Maleficent: What are you waiting for? Call to him!
    Belle: No! I won't let you hurt him!
    Maleficent: Then I shall make you scream! The fool will come running the moment
    he hears your cries.
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy enter the scene)
    Sora: Enough!
    (They ready their weapons)
    Sora: The Beast isn't the only one you have to deal with.
    Maleficent: Begone, boy. You have no business here. Unless, of course, you wish
    to join in the screaming! This is perfect. When that brute hears your shrieks
    of terror, he'll come right to me!
    Beast: Don't trouble yourself.
    (Beast jumps off from the upper level onto the floor)
    Belle: You're here! No! You mustn't! I told you to leave this place! Leave me
    alone! I never want to see your face again!
    Beast: Belle...
    Jiminy: What an awful thing to say!
    Beast: All right. If that's how you feel, I understand. My hideousness is
    punishment for being selfish and unable to love. I was made into a monster,
    loved by no one...and I only became more selfish. That is... Until I met you,
    Belle. You're the only person who accepted me. Little by little, you warmed my
    cold, selfish heart. The memories of our days together are my most precious. I
    won't cast them aside. So I'm sorry, but I can't leave you here...even if you
    hate me for it. Consider it my final selfish act.
    Belle: Oh, Beast...
    Maleficent: Well, well. I never dreamed such ugliness could hide so beautiful a
    heart. This calls for a change of plan. Beast, I shall claim your heart instead
    of Belle's!
    (Maleficent starts casting a spell, which surrounds her in darkness and green
    Belle: No! Please!
    (Maleficent casts a fire ball at the Beast. Belle runs to Beast and takes the
    hit from the spell, causing her to vanish and her heart to be released)
    Maleficent: Well, so much for the change of plan. Belle's heart it is, after
    all. It seems her cold words spoke little of her true feelings. Ha ha ha, she
    loves you, Beast! I can feel it shining in her heart!
    Beast: (Roaring) You fiend! Release Belle's heart at once!
    (The Beast dives at Maleficent, but she disappears before he reaches her)
    Beast: Where are you?!
    Sora: (Pointing) She went that way! That's the way the shadows fled.
    Beast: What are you doing here?
    Donald: No time to talk! We gotta go after them right away!
    Beast: You'd help me?
    Goofy: You bet! After what you just said, we GOTTA help you!
    Sora: Let's go get Belle's heart back!
    Beast: Right!
    Key to Truth Room
    (Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Beast find Maleficent in the castle chapel. They
    ready their weapons)
    Maleficent: You've done well to make it this far, Beast. As your reward, I'll
    tell you why Belle rejected you. My dark magic requires hearts of utmost
    beauty. Belle was perfect. Deep in her heart, her love for you shone with
    uncommon radiance. But she guessed my plans. By denying her love for you, she
    put her heart beyond my reach.
    Beast: But she saved me! She protected me!
    Sora: She couldn't hide how she really felt...
    Beast: I've heard enough! Release her heart! NOW! If you don't...
    Maleficent: Hm hm hm...
    Beast: (Roaring) Do not try my patience!
    Maleficent: Don't you realize why I am telling you all this? Did you think it
    was out of kindness? I did it to erase your doubts. Now your heart is beginning
    to shine with love for Belle. I shall have your heart, too, monster!
    Sora: Not if we stop you!
    Maleficent: You dare to challenge me? Pitiful fools!
    (Maleficent releases tons of energy, transforming her into a dragon. The group
    fights and defeats her. Belle's heart floats down and her body is restored)
    Beast: Belle!
    (The Beast takes her and holds her)
    Beast: Thank goodness...
    Belle: Please forgive me. I had to be cruel to you. But no matter how I tried,
    I couldn't hide my true feelings...
    Beast: I'm the one who should apologize...for doubting you. I never want to
    remember feeling that way...so angry, so alone.
    Belle: Then don't. Let's replace the sad memories with happier ones---starting
    Beast: Belle...
    Goofy: There they go with the mushy stuff, a-hyuck!
    Sora: Yeah, I think it's time we got on our way.
    Donald: Good idea! Let's keep moving.
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy leave Hollow Bastion)
    [Floor 10 Exit/Floor 11 Enter---------(101)]
    (The gang enters the Tenth Floor Exit Hall. Vexen appears and the group gets
    ready to fight)
    Sora: Who are you?!
    Vexen: I am Vexen. I have come to collect your debt, Sora.
    Goofy: A debt? Sora, do you owe somethin' to this guy?
    Sora: Come on, of course not.
    Vexen: Oh, but you do. You owe me for reuniting you with your former friend.
    Sora: You don't mean---
    Vexen: Indeed, I do. I'm the one who brought Riku to you.
    Sora: Then...you're the one... You're the one who's been controlling him! What
    have you done with him?
    Vexen: I see no need to give you information about where Riku is. After all---
    (Vexen summons a large blue shield)
    Vexen: Why trouble you in your final hour?
    (Sora and Vexen fight)
    Vexen: As I expected, you weren't one to die very easily.
    (Vexen de-summons his shield)
    Sora: As if I'd ever lose to you!
    Vexen: I wouldn't be so sure. Did you even notice? I was delving deep into your
    memory as we fought. And here... Look what I found.
    (Vexen holds up a card of an unknown world)
    Vexen: A card crafted from all the memories that are locked in the other side
    of your heart.
    (Vexen tosses the card to Sora and disappears)
    Sora: Wait!
    (Sora runs to Vexen but he is gone. He then looks at the card)
    Sora: Memories...in the other side?
    (They leave the Exit Hall .The scene switches to the Organization's meeting
    room in the castle. Axel, Larxene, and Marluxia are gathered around the crystal
    Axel: If Sora disappears, that would mess up the Organization's plans.
    Marluxia: I trust that you know what you need to do.
    Axel: Haven't a clue, really. Maybe you could spell it out for me.
    Marluxia: Vexen has clearly committed a treasonous act against the
    Organization. You must eliminate the traitor.
    Axel: No taking that back later.
    (Axel disappears. Sora and the group enter the Eleventh Floor. Sora takes out
    his new card and looks at it)
    Jiminy: A card made outta memories from "The other side of your heart"? Hmm, I
    wonder what it does.
    Sora: We'll find out soon enough. It's the only one we have left. No other way
    to move forward.
    (Sora holds up the card to the door)
    [Floor 11 (Twilight Town)---------(TLT)]
    (The group enters Twilight Town)
    Goofy: Gawrsh... Where are we, Sora?
    Sora: Hmm... I dunno... I've never been here.
    Donald: Me neither.
    (Jiminy jumps down)
    Jiminy: That can't be right! Up 'til now, the only places we've been are from
    Sora's memory.
    Sora: Maybe so, but I definitely don't remember this.
    Donald: You might have forgotten this town just like the other stuff.
    Jiminy: This is terrible. Our memories are practically gone.
    (Donald and Goofy look down in despair. Sora takes out Naminé's good luck
    Sora: We'll be okay. See, look at this...
    Goofy: Naminé's good luck charm!
    Sora: There's a special memory that goes with this. One night, when Naminé and
    I were little, there was this meteor shower. Naminé started crying. She said,
    "What if a shooting star hits the islands?" So I said, "If a shooting star
    comes this way, I'll hit it right back into outer space!" I was swinging this
    toy sword around the whole time. Naminé just smiled and said, "Thanks." And
    then she gave me this.
    (An image of Naminé enters Sora's head. She begins to talk)
    Naminé: Sora, I'm so sorry. All this, because of me...
    (The image fades away. Sora keeps talking about the charm)
    Sora: Naminé said she had it ever since she was a baby.
    Donald: And she gave it to you? Aww...
    Sora: Yeah. So I promised her... From now on, I'll bring you good luck. I'll
    keep you safe. But then one day, Naminé left the islands...and I forgot about
    her all this time. I really let her down...
    Key of Beginnings Room
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy come to the entrance to a mansion inside the town.
    Sora stops and looks around)
    Goofy: What's wrong?
    Sora: Something...feels really strange. I'm sure I don't know this place, but
    it's starting to feel like it's familiar to me...
    Donald: You must have come here sometime before.
    Sora: No, and that's what's strange...
    Goofy: It could be like with Naminé. You forgot lots of other stuff---and
    that's why you remember this place now.
    Sora: No... It's different. With Naminé---my memories...sort of came drifting
    back to me, a little piece at a time. But not now. It's not memories---just
    this idea that I must have been here before.
    Vexen: So, feeling nostalgic?
    (Vexen appears. The group tenses up)
    Vexen: Sora...a question, then, for you... Your memories of Naminé or your
    feelings here---which of the two of these is more real, I wonder.
    Sora: Naminé, of course! Whatever it is that I'm feeling, I bet it's just
    another one of your mean little tricks!
    (Vexen laughs)
    Vexen: The memory's wiles can be cruel. In its silence, we forget. In its
    obsession, it binds our hearts.
    Sora: Cut the riddles!
    Vexen: I told you--- This place was created solely from another side of your
    memory. It is on the other side of your heart that the memory of this place
    exists. It is your heart that remembers.
    Sora: You're wrong! I don't know this place!
    Vexen: If you remain bound by the chain of memories and refuse to believe what
    is truly found inside your heart... ...then throw it away. You are not a
    Keyblade master---just a slave to twisted memories. Yes... Exactly like my
    (Vexen summons his shield)
    Vexen: Your existence is worth nothing!
    Sora: Like YOUR Riku? Worth nothing?
    (Sora is overcome with anger)
    Sora: That's enough! YOU'RE the one who changed Riku! Every word you've said is
    a lie! I'd never throw away my heart!
    (Sora summons his Keyblade)
    Sora: I'm gonna take you down and save Riku and Naminé. THAT'S what's in my
    (Sora fights Vexen. After the fight Vexen lays on the ground and pants in pain)
    Vexen: Urrgh... You have such strength, even at the mercy of your memory---
    Sora: None of that matters! Just put Riku back!
    (Vexen laughs)
    Vexen: Just put him back?
    (He starts to get up)
    Vexen: The Riku you speak of...has but one fate, to sink into the darkness---
    and you will share that fate, Sora! If you continue to seek the girl, Naminé,
    the shackles will tighten, you'll lose your heart...and end up becoming
    Marluxia's pawn!
    Sora: Marluxia? What does Naminé have to do with---
    (Axel's chakram flies past Sora and strikes Vexen. Axel is behind Sora. Sora
    turns around and gasps)
    Sora: Axel!
    Axel: Yo, Sora. Did I catch you at a bad time?
    (Vexen starts to get up)
    Vexen: Axel, why...?
    Axel: I came to stop you from talking too much...by eliminating your existence.
    Vexen: No... Don't do it!
    Axel: We are just Nobodies who have no one to be, yet we still "are." But now
    you can be nothing instead of just being a Nobody. You're off the hook.
    Vexen: No... Please don't!
    (Vexen cowers)
    Vexen: I don't want to---
    Axel: Goodbye.
    (Axel snaps his fingers and Vexen is engulfed in flames. He then fades away
    into darkness. Sora watches in horror)
    Sora: What are you--- What ARE you people?!
    Axel: Hm... Don't know. I wonder about that myself.
    (Axel disappears. Sora and the gang leave Twilight Town)
    [Floor 11 Exit/Floor 12 Enter)---------(112)]
    (The scene switches to Larxene and Marluxia in the Organization's meeting room.
    Axel appears in the room)
    Larxene: Nice work. I say good riddance to that blabbermouth.
    Axel: Marluxia... You used Vexen to test Sora's strength, didn't you?
    Larxene: Not just Sora's. It was yours, too. We weren't sure if you actually
    had it in your bones to take out a fellow member.
    (She walks over to Axel)
    Larxene: Well, I guess that you did. It's time to join up. Taking over the
    Organization will be like child's play with the three of us.
    Axel: So that's where Sora comes in.
    Larxene: Of course. He wants to see Naminé, so why don't we just give him what
    he wants?
    (Marluxia talks to Naminé)
    Marluxia: Rejoice, Naminé. The time is near for you to meet the hero that
    you've been longing for.
    Naminé: I'm...glad.
    Larxene: But I'm warning you. You'd better not do anything to betray Sora's
    feelings. Do you understand me, little one?
    Naminé: I understand.
    Marluxia: All you need do is layer Sora's memories, and bring his heart closer
    to you.
    (Marluxia and Larxene disappear)
    Naminé: Sora... Even if you come for me---what then?
    (Sora enters the Eleventh Floor Exit Hall. He is greeted by Riku)
    Sora: Riku!
    Riku: You'll hurt Naminé if you go further.
    Sora: You still want to fight? But Vexen's gone, so now you're free!
    Riku: It doesn't matter what happens to him. I'm protecting Naminé from you.
    That's what's in my heart. Sora, I made a promise to Naminé. I promised to...
    keep her safe.
    Sora: You did?
    Riku: There was a meteor shower...this one night when she and I were little...
    Naminé got scared and said, "What if a shooting star hits the islands?" So I
    told her: "If a shooting star comes this way, I will protect you!"
    Sora: You made a promise! With a toy sword!
    Riku: What... How do you know about that?
    Sora: Because...that was the promise I made to her that night! I would protect
    her! I said it!
    Riku: Don't lie! You weren't the one there that night!
    Sora: YOU're the one who wasn't there! That was when she gave her good luck
    charm to ME!
    Riku: Her what?!
    (Sora takes out the charm)
    Sora: See?
    (Riku gasps)
    Riku: Tell me... Where did you get that?
    (There is a small flash, and Riku holds his head in pain)
    Riku: Sora...good try.
    Sora: Huh?
    Riku: That must be a fake. I've got the real one right here!
    (Riku takes out a similar charm)
    Sora: Wha--- TWO of them?!
    Riku: Fakes should be destroyed!
    (Sora and Riku battle again. After the battle, Riku pants)
    Sora: Riku...
    (Riku runs away, leaving his good luck charm behind)
    Sora: Huh?
    (He sees the charm. Donald and Goofy appear)
    Donald: Isn't that Naminé's good luck charm?
    Sora: It's just like mine.
    (He picks it up)
    Sora: How'd he get this?
    (The charm glows and gives off a strong light)
    Sora, Donald, & Goofy: Whoa!
    (The charm turns into a card of Destiny Islands, Sora's home world)
    Goofy: It turned into a card!
    (Sora walks toward the entrance to the next floor. Donald and Goofy stay back,
    thinking about what's happened)
    Donald: Aww...I don't understand what's going on...
    Sora: Let's just keep moving, okay? It doesn't matter.
    Donald: It DOES matter. How can two of you have the same memory? You can't both
    be right.
    Sora: I'm wrong? Fine, then don't believe me!
    Goofy: That's not what he meant. We're just kinda worried.
    Sora: Then let's ask Naminé! That should clear it up. Look, we don't have time
    to sit around. So let's GO.
    (Donald and Goofy exchange looks)
    Goofy: Sora, what happened to ya?
    Sora: What's THAT mean?
    Goofy: Well, ya always get real touchy when it comes to stuff about Naminé...
    But before we came to this castle, you didn't even remember what her name was.
    Donald: Now Naminé is the only thing you talk about.
    Goofy: It doesn't make sense. Maybe you should just slow down and think ahead
    about some of these things.
    Sora: Think ahead? What is the matter with you guys? Do you want me to abandon
    Donald: No, that's not it---
    Sora: Then do whatever you want! You can lay back and take a nap for all I
    care! I'M going to find Naminé!
    (Sora runs ahead into the next floor, leaving Donald and Goofy behind)
    Donald & Goofy: Sora!
    (They look at each other, worried. The scene switches to Axel and Naminé in the
    Organization's meeting room. Axel talks to Naminé)
    Axel: You're all that he's got left. So then, if you don't stop this, no one
    (Naminé gasps)
    Naminé: But I... It's too late.
    Axel: You shouldn't give up just yet. Say, Naminé. Have you noticed? Marluxia
    doesn't seem to be around.
    Naminé: What are you...saying?
    Axel: Just that there's no one here who would want to get in your way.
    (Naminé runs out of the room)
    Axel: Just make it count. Now THIS should be interesting. Try and make it
    enjoyable, Sora. It's the least you can do for me, you know.
    (He laughs. He then notices something and clutches his chest)
    Axel: Hey, wait. I'm enjoying this. You guys ARE something else!
    (Sora enters the Twelfth Floor. He takes out the Destiny Islands card and looks
    at it. Jiminy pops out from Sora's hood)
    Jiminy: Sora, that was no way to---
    Sora: Keep it to yourself!
    (Sora holds up the card to the door)
    [Floor 12 (Destiny Islands)---------(DTI)]
    (Sora enters Destiny Islands)
    Sora: I'm not going crazy, am I? I know exactly where this is... Yeah! This is
    our island! Where Naminé and I used to play together!
    Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie: Heeeey!
    (Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie appear and run to Sora)
    Wakka: Whassup, Sora!
    Selphie: So, whatcha wanna do today?
    Sora: Hey, guys! Am I glad to see you, uh...
    Tidus: "Uh" what?
    Wakka: We got food on our faces?
    Selphie: Please, Wakka. Only you could be dumb enough to not notice food stuck
    to your face.
    Wakka: Hey, whoa! That's a low blow, ya?
    Tidus: I dunno, Wakka. I think Selphie's on the mark.
    Wakka: Aw, not you too, Tidus!
    Sora: Oh, yeah. You're Selphie, Wakka, and Tidus, that's who you are!
    Wakka: You hit your head?
    Sora: No, uh...just thinking aloud.
    Selphie: I know... You're thinking about HER again!
    Tidus: Ohhh, I get it. Yeah, he's a total zombie when she's on his mind.
    Wakka: That would explain why he's actin' all funny towards us.
    Selphie: I bet you want us to take a hike so you two can be ALONE, huh?
    Sora: Ummm...I guess.
    Selphie: All right, all right. We'll disappear for awhile. Go find her, cowboy.
    Tidus: We'll try to be quiet while we SPY on you!
    Wakka: Hey, Sora's serious. Give the guy some room.
    Tidus: I'm only kidding!
    Selphie: See you later, Sora!
    (They leave)
    Key of Beginnings Room
    (Sora encounters Riku by the Paopu tree on a nearby tiny island)
    Riku: Hey, Sora. What's the big rush?
    Sora: I know you...
    (He thinks for a moment)
    Sora: You're Riku!
    Riku: Gee, thanks for remembering me. It's been, what, a couple of hours?
    Sora: Er... Never mind. Are you okay? Are you still under his control?
    Riku: What are you TALKING about?
    (They both think)
    Sora: I get it... You must be the Riku from my memories.
    Riku: "The Riku from my memories"? Sounds like you're stuck in the land of
    Sora: I guess I kind of am.
    Riku: Ha ha, you're such a kid. How are you gonna take care of HER if you act
    like that?
    Sora: Hey, speaking of her---
    (There is a powerful shaking sound)
    Sora: What's happening?!
    Riku: How should I know! Whatever it is, it can't be good! I'm gonna go warn
    the others!
    (Riku starts to run off)
    Sora: Then I should go---
    Riku: I know, I know! It's your job to look after her. Go, Sora!
    Sora: Okay!
    (They both run off)
    Key of Guidance Room
    (A large dark sphere hovers in the sky. The islands have been destroyed and
    reduced to a single landmass, which Sora is on)
    Sora: The island!
    (Sora runs to the edge and looks down. A Darkside Heartless rises up behind
    him. Sora destroys it)
    Sora: Okay...I have to keep her safe... Naminé! Can you hear me?
    (Naminé is behind Sora. Sora notices her)
    Sora: Naminé...
    (Sora runs to her)
    Naminé: Sora... You really came for me.
    (Sora nods and smiles. He then takes her hand)
    Sora: It's you... It's really you. I've been through so much just to see you.
    Naminé: Yes. I wanted to see you, too. But this isn't right. I messed up. I
    wanted to see you... But this isn't the right way.
    Sora: Naminé?
    Naminé: I was lonely for so long. I just couldn't bear it anymore. So I called
    out to your heart and had you come all the way out to this place. You came for
    me and I'm so...so happy, but...but to your heart I had to---
    Sora: Don't worry. I'm here because I promised that I would protect you.
    Naminé: Sora... Thank you. And I'm sorry.
    (She lets go of his hand)
    Naminé: I'm not supposed to be in this picture.
    (Another image of Naminé appears behind Sora)
    2nd Naminé: That's true.
    Sora: (Noticing) Huh? Naminé?!
    2nd Naminé: That isn't me. I'm not there.
    Naminé: I don't really exist inside your heart.
    2nd Naminé: I don't exist in anyone's heart.
    Naminé: I never have existed anywhere.
    Sora: What... What are you saying? What's gotten into you? Weren't we
    inseparable, always together? But then you had to go away... I came here so I'd
    never lose you again!
    2nd Naminé: Was it really me you wanted to see?
    Sora: Of course it was! I know I've forgotten a lot of things in this castle,
    but never anything about you!
    (He takes out Naminé's good luck charm)
    Sora: Look! You gave this to me, didn't you?
    Naminé: You have it! My good luck charm.
    2nd Naminé: No, Sora! You can't believe me!
    (The original Naminé looks away)
    Sora: What am I supposed to do...
    2nd Naminé: Think, Sora. Think just one more time. About who's most special to
    you. Call out to that piece of memory that glimmers faintly deep inside your
    heart. No matter how far away the light gets, your heart's voice will always
    reach it.
    Sora: Who's most special to me? That's an easy one. It's you, Nami---
    (The good luck charm glows and gives off a light. It changes into Kairi's good
    luck charm. Sora sees Naminé and she changes into Kairi. The islands are
    Sora: Who... Who was that? I can't remember her, but she feels so...familiar.
    Naminé? Naminé!
    (Sora leaves Destiny Islands)
    [Floor 12 Exit/Floor 13 Enter---------(213)]
    (Sora encounters Naminé in the Twelfth Floor Exit Hall)
    Sora: Naminé! It isn't you. The person most special to me--- It's not you...
    Naminé: No. The girl you really care about... The one who was always with
    you... It's not me. It's her.
    Sora: But then who...who is she? Cuz I can't...think of her name. If she's so
    special to me, then why can't I remember?
    Naminé: Because I went into your memories and---
    Riku: Let ME explain this.
    (Riku appears)
    Riku: Plain and simple. Your memory is a train wreck. You're not the one who's
    meant to protect Naminé. It's supposed to be me! But you and your messed-up
    memories are always in the way, Sora!
    (Sora and Riku battle one last time. After the battle, Riku is down on the
    ground. Sora comes to his aid)
    Sora: Riku!
    Riku: Want some more?
    (Riku fires a blast at Sora, knocking him to the ground)
    Sora: Aah!
    Naminé: Sora!
    (Riku has a smile on his face as he walks to Sora)
    Sora: Riku...
    Riku: Looks like I win.
    Naminé: Riku, stop!
    Riku: You are through!
    (Riku prepares to strike down Sora. Naminé panics)
    Naminé: I said STOP!
    (Riku's head flashes. He stops and falls to the ground)
    Sora: Riku...? Riku! RIKU! (To Naminé) What did you do? What did you do to him?
    (Larxene appears)
    Larxene: Broke his heart. I'd say more like she smashed it, really.
    Sora: Smashed...his heart?! Then...what's gonna... What's gonna happen to Riku?
    (Larxene laughs)
    Larxene: Oh, you're so much fun to watch. If it's Riku you're worried about,
    then don't. Because Riku was never really here.
    Sora: What do you mean?
    Larxene: Do you really think I'm just gonna say it? That's too easy! Oh, what
    to do?
    Sora: Quit the games!
    (He attacks Larxene but she kicks him away. She sighs)
    Larxene: All right, have it your way, then. I know it'll kill you to hear this,
    but I think I can live with that. That thing lying there is just a puppet that
    Vexen made as an experiment. No more than a toy. It's laughable, really. It
    called you a fake, but IT was a fabrication all along.
    Sora: Not Riku? A fake?!
    Larxene: Fake in every possible way. It was only finished recently. How could
    it remember anything?
    (She picks up the fake Riku)
    Larxene: You get it? Its memories with Naminé were just planted, not real.
    (She throws the replica near the wall)
    Larxene: Yup. That means, all this time, it's been picking fights with you over
    memories---that were counterfeit, trumped up, and completely bogus. Isn't that
    the truth, Naminé?
    (She picks Naminé's head up)
    Larxene: Oh, so cute...but behind this little face, you do awful things.
    (Naminé looks away)
    Sora: Naminé...
    Larxene: You're so stupid. Don't you get it now? That's what Naminé's powers
    are about! She can enter, rearrange, and even create new memories---of
    anything, even things that never happened. The girl you've been trying to
    protect all this time---is really a manipulative witch who shackles people's
    Sora: Then...my memories...are all...
    Larxene: Oh, you do get it! Lies, lies, all lies! Just Naminé's illusions,
    nothing more. Binding you in the chains of your own memory was central to our
    trap. It makes me tingle to think how easily you were duped. So close to it---
    we were almost there. This was our only chance to turn the Keyblade master into
    our puppet, but--- That jerk Axel---he used Naminé to betray us!
    (She summons her knives. Sora gasps)
    Larxene: So now, I'm left with no choice but to eliminate you!
    Sora: You'll pay...
    (Larxene steps forward. Naminé walks in between Sora and Larxene and spreads
    her arms out to protect him)
    Naminé: Don't!
    Larxene: Huh? It's a little late for the witch to grow a conscience. Last time
    I checked---YOU'RE the one who fooled around with his memories creating this
    Naminé: I know, but---
    Larxene: I should tell you that I'm in an EXTREMELY foul mood. Thanks to you,
    all our plans are ruined!
    (Larxene knocks her away)
    Sora: Naminé!
    Larxene: What's this? Are you upset? (Giggles) And you don't even actually know
    Sora: Maybe not. But still...I made...a promise.
    Larxene: What?
    (As Sora talks, he starts to stand up)
    Sora: A promise I made to Naminé to keep her safe. Maybe my memories are fake.
    But the promise is real to me. (He falters slightly) That's why---I'll keep it.
    Larxene: Hmph. You're such an idiot. There is no promise and there never was!
    You're just delusional. Must you insist on playing the hero? Whatever. If
    that's the way you want it... You're going down alone!
    (Goofy's shield appears and flies past Larxene, distracting her. Goofy appears
    and runs in front of Sora. Donald casts Curaga on Sora and runs in front of
    him as well)
    Donald: Not if we can stop you!
    (Sora gets up)
    Sora: Huh?
    (Donald and Goofy have their weapons ready, shielding Sora)
    Sora: Donald! Goofy! You found me!
    Goofy: Of course we did. We were worried about you!
    Donald: And we promised! We promised that we would protect you!
    (Sora smiles. Donald and Goofy nod)
    Goofy: You won't ever be alone. It's always been the three of us and we stick
    Donald: And that is how it's going to stay!
    Larxene: Okay... Have it your way. More pain for you means more fun for me!
    (The group fights and defeats Larxene)
    Larxene: (Panting) No... No! I refuse to lose to such a bunch of losers!
    (She begins to fade away)
    Larxene: I think I'm...I'm fading?! No, this isn't...the way I... I won't...
    (Larxene fades away into darkness. The trio notices Naminé in front of the
    replica Riku, laying on her knees. They walk over to her)
    Goofy: You must be Naminé! It's good to meet ya. We're friends of Sora's and my
    name is---
    Naminé: You're Goofy, and you're Donald.
    Donald: Yeah, but how did you know that?
    Goofy: Congratulations, Sora! You finally found your friend. I'm so happy for
    Jiminy: Gee, there sure are a lot of questions... Naminé, I know this probably
    won't be easy for ya...but could ya tell us what happened?
    Naminé: Of course. It's my fault, after all. I took the people and memories
    that were inside Sora's heart...and little by little, I replaced them with
    false memories.
    Donald: Hey... What about Sora's promise?
    Naminé: Made up. It was fake. Sora never really promised me anything. Me being
    with him on the islands---that was a lie, just like everything else. We never
    met. I was never Sora's friend---
    Sora: And you were never anything more---either...
    Naminé: No. You see, in all of your true memories, I was never really there.
    Jiminy: Gee, then that must mean it was your magic that made the rest of us
    lose our memories, too. Is there any way for us to ever get 'em back?
    Naminé: I can fix everything if we go to the thirteenth floor. But Marluxia,
    Jiminy: Bet I know who that is. Was he the fellah who made you tamper with all
    of our memories?
    Naminé: If I didn't obey, he said I'd be locked in this castle forever. I've
    been alone for so long...
    Goofy: So ya did what he told ya to do because you were lonely?
    Naminé: I'm so sorry...
    Sora: Don't be. Please don't cry...
    Naminé: Oh... Of course. I know I really don't have the right to.
    Sora: That's not what I meant!
    Naminé: What?
    Sora: It's like this... I'm really not happy about you messing with my
    memories. But...you know---I can't really get mad at you for it, either. These
    memories you gave me... In my head, I know they're lies---but they still feel
    right. Like the promise I made. I said I would protect you and that I wouldn't
    make you cry...not ever. Naminé...if you cry now---I'll feel guilty, like I let
    you down. So don't cry...please. Until I get my memories back, smile and try to
    be happy. It's easier on me that way.
    Naminé: Sora...
    Donald: Oh, brother! That's a bit much.
    Goofy: It's okay. Sora always gets like this every time he's around a girl!
    Sora: Aw, cut it out! I thought you both lost your memories, too!
    (Donald laughs)
    Donald: Too bad. Good friends don't forget the good stuff!
    (Donald winks. Goofy laughs)
    Sora: Come on...
    (He smiles. Naminé laughs)
    Sora: There! That's it! That's the Naminé I remember. Yeah...I really liked it
    when you used to smile. Of course, that was really only in my fake memories.
    But what I'm feeling now definitely isn't fake. It's real.
    Naminé: Thank you.
    Sora: Well, then, let's go.
    Donald: Oh boy! I can't wait to get my memory back!
    Goofy: Naminé, Marluxia is gonna be up there, so maybe you'd better stay down
    Sora: Yeah. Maybe you could look after Riku? We'll come get you when it's over.
    Naminé: Okay.
    (They walk to the stairs. Donald and Goofy wave goodbye. Sora stops for a
    moment and looks back at Naminé)
    Naminé: Please be careful, Sora.
    Sora: I'll be okay... I promise!
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy enter the Thirteenth Floor. They walk through the door
    ahead and enter the main area of the floor)
    [Floor 13 (Castle Oblivion)---------(COB)]
    (The trio is walking down the halls of the castle when Sora stops to think.
    He takes out Kairi's good luck charm and looks at it)
    Sora: Who was it? Who's most important to me?
    (He thinks for a moment)
    Sora: Nothing...
    Donald: Can't you remember?
    Sora: No. I only remember Naminé. C'mon, do you guys remember anything at all?
    (Donald sighs)
    Donald: No. Sorry, Sora. It's important, but I just can't remember... I don't
    want to be, but I'm getting scared.
    Goofy: Then we should really make a promise!
    Sora & Donald: Huh?
    Goofy: What you said back there kinda got my brain a-thinkin'. Whenever you
    make a promise that's super-duper big--- Maybe it gives you the courage to face
    the scary stuff!
    Sora: Courage...
    Donald: Yeah! Let's do it!
    (He holds out his hand)
    Donald: Even if we get scared, or in trouble---or even if we get separated---
    (Goofy holds out his hand)
    Goofy: or even if we sorta forget each other---
    Sora: Whatever happens---we're friends.
    (They join hands)
    Donald: All for one, and one for all!
    (The group heads out to look for Marluxia. Back in the Twelfth Floor Exit Hall,
    Naminé is looking after the Riku Replica. Marluxia appears inside the room.
    Later, Marluxia is walking through a large room in the Thirteenth Floor when
    Axel appears)
    Marluxia: You have some nerve to show your treasonous face around here...some
    nerve indeed---
    Axel: Treasonous? I don't know what you could possibly be talking about.
    Marluxia: Why let Naminé go? If it weren't for your needless meddling--- We
    could have turned the Keyblade master to come and serve us.
    Axel: Ohh, right, your big plan. You use Naminé to rewrite Sora's memory piece
    by little piece. And he turns into her total puppet. Then, using Naminé and
    Sora together, you and Larxene overthrow the Organization. Am I right? I would
    say that YOU are the traitor, Marluxia.
    Marluxia: Since when were you suspicious of us?
    Axel: Do either one of us have the heart to believe anyone?
    Marluxia: So you only eliminated Vexen to obtain proof of our plan?
    Axel: That, I didn't want to do, but it was your order.
    (Axel summons his chakrams)
    Marluxia: Oh...
    Axel: Remember the order: "You must eliminate the traitor." I always follow
    orders, Marluxia. Larxene paid the price for disloyalty when she disappeared...
    You must do the same!
    (Axel slashes at Marluxia with his chakrams, but he dodges the attack. Axel
    then throws his chakrams at Marluxia, who blocks them with his scythe. They fly
    back and Axel catches them)
    Axel: The Organization's betrayed. In that name, I will annihilate you.
    Marluxia: That line's not you.
    Axel: Well, had to try it once, you know.
    (Axel runs to Marluxia and tries to slash him, but he evades using super speed.
    Marluxia tries to slash Axel, but he jumps out of the way. He proceeds to slash
    an energy wave out of his scythe and fire it at Axel, who struggles to block it
    with his chakrams. Marluxia laughs. He waves his hand to materialize something,
    which makes Axel snicker. Naminé is in front of Marluxia, frozen in fear)
    Axel: Is that your shield? Won't do you any good, I'm afraid.
    Marluxia: I wonder. Are you listening, Sora?
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy appear from the door behind Axel)
    Axel: Oh?
    Marluxia: Axel says he's willing to harm Naminé to get me. You won't let that
    happen, will you?
    (The trio readies their weapons)
    Axel: Oh, come now. You're Marluxia's puppet already?
    Sora: After I finish you, he's next!
    Marluxia: Hmph.
    Axel: Hmph. Now, Sora. We've got more in common than you might think. I'd
    really rather not fight you... But I can't dishonor the Organization, now, can
    (Flames surround Axel. Sora fights and defeats him)
    Axel: You're better than I thought you'd be. It was worth saving you after all.
    Sora: Saving me? What d'ya mean?
    Axel: (Starting to fade) Sorry, I would hate to kill the suspense.
    Sora: Axel!
    (Axel fades away. Sora notices Marluxia and Naminé are gone. He runs out of the
    room to find them. Sora, Donald, and Goofy make their way to another room in
    the castle and find Marluxia and Naminé)
    Marluxia: You've defeated Axel.
    (He laughs)
    Marluxia: The Keyblade's power---how I've longed to make it my own.
    Sora: Let Naminé go!
    Marluxia: You've no chance of winning. Naminé... Erase Sora's memory.
    (Naminé, Sora, Donald, and Goofy gasp)
    Naminé: But if I do that...
    Marluxia: That's right. Sora's heart will be destroyed.
    Goofy: His heart, destroyed?
    Donald: You can do that?
    Marluxia: I'd rather have preferred him unmarred, but he can be rebuilt---more
    to my liking with time. Naminé, do it.
    Naminé: No. Sora forgave me even when I deceived him. So how could I destroy
    his heart? There's no way! I don't care what happens to me. I won't hurt Sora!
    I won't do it!
    Marluxia: Then you will---
    Sora: Do it, Naminé!
    (Naminé gasps)
    Sora: I don't care! You can erase my memory!
    Goofy: Sora, why'd you say that?!
    Sora: Because who will I look after if I don't have Naminé? So just do it!
    Erase my memories. Destroy my heart. I promised! I'll always protect you! You
    have to believe me!
    Naminé: Sora...
    Sora: I don't need any memories to take on someone like Marluxia!
    Donald: You bet! Even if Sora forgets it all, Goofy and I won't forget!
    Goofy: Donald's right. He and I can remember everything for Sora!
    Sora: See, I'll have all my friends' memories, so I can piece my own together
    Marluxia: You ignorant fool. If Naminé uses her powers to erase your memory,
    you'll be nothing but an empty shell. Your heart will no longer be able to feel
    or to care. Just like---Vexen's pathetic imitation of your Riku.
    Riku Replica: Take another guess.
    (Sora, Donald, and Goofy are surprised. The Riku Replica appears out of a pool
    of darkness in the air and slashes at Marluxia, who jumps backward to dodge.
    Naminé screams)
    Marluxia: It can't be!
    Sora: Riku!
    Riku Replica: No. Just an imitation.
    Marluxia: You're a shell---a shell who has had everything taken! Everything!
    Riku Replica: What can you possibly think I ever had? Both my body and my heart
    are fake. But...there is one memory I'll keep...even if it's just a lie!
    Whether it was a phantom promise or not... I will protect Naminé!
    Marluxia: Imbeciles...
    (A flower petal falls from the air, turning into Marluxia's scythe in his hand)
    Marluxia: You would knowingly shackle your heart with a chain of memories born
    of lies?
    (Sora readies his Keyblade)
    Marluxia: You would be one who has a heart, yet cast aside your heart's
    (The Riku Replica puts his arm in front of Naminé)
    Marluxia: You turn from the truth because your heart is weak--- You will never
    defeat me!
    (Sora fights and defeats Marluxia. Marluxia is surrounded by flower petals as
    he disappears in a wave of purple and white energy)
    Donald: Is he gone?
    (Sora gives Donald a thumbs up. Donald nods)
    Marluxia: You could say that.
    (They are surprised. Marluxia reappears)
    Marluxia: However, what you destroyed was merely an illusion of me.
    (Sora gets angry)
    Riku Replica: So what!
    (Riku strikes Marluxia, but it turns out to be another illusion)
    Riku Replica: Another imitation.
    (They look to the door up ahead)
    Sora: He's really...in there?
    Naminé: Yes.
    Sora: I knew it. I can feel his power. It's trying to destroy my heart.
    Goofy: Gawrsh, we'll just take care of him together!
    Donald: Sora! C'mon!
    Sora: Riku... Protect Naminé.
    Riku Replica: You don't...mind?
    Sora: (Smiling) Should I?
    Riku Replica: All right.
    [Sora's Final Boss/Ending---------(SBE)]
    (Sora walks over to the door and everyone looks at it)
    Donald: Oh boy, Sora! This is the final battle!
    Goofy: Are you ready?
    Sora: It's our last battle!
    (Sora enters through the doorway and finds Marluxia hovering in the air)
    Marluxia: Soon the emptiness will shatter your heart---here in this world of
    (He waves his arm, and a tornado made of wind and flower petals surrounds him.
    Sora is pushed back from the pressure. He gasps as he sees Marluxia on top of a
    giant mechanical creature)
    Marluxia: As lightless oblivion devours you---drown in the ever-blooming
    (Sora defeats Marluxia and the machine)
    Marluxia: Your hopes are doomed to the darkness!
    (Marluxia transports Sora to another location; a blue void with white chains in
    the distance. Marluxia and Sora are on top of a large floating vehicle, and a
    giant angel holding a scythe is behind Marluxia. Sora defeats Marluxia one last
    time. Marluxia screams in agony as he, the vehicle, and the angel disappear.
    Marluxia reaches for Sora, but fades away into darkness and flower petals. Sora
    leaves the battleground and reenters the castle. Donald and Goofy close the
    doors and Sora locks the doorway with his Keyblade)
    Sora: You okay, Riku?
    Riku Replica: Not Riku. I'm a fake. I can't remember why I was created or where
    or when... All that's inside of me---is time with you and Naminé. But I know
    those memories are not real.
    Goofy: Gee, Naminé, can't you use your magic to put Riku's memory back to
    Naminé: Well, I---
    Riku Replica: It's all right. I'll deal.
    (He begins to walk away)
    Sora: Wait! Who cares if someone created you? You are you and nobody else. You
    have your own heart inside you. Those feelings and memories are yours and yours
    alone. They're special!
    Riku Replica: Sora, you're a good guy. I don't have to be real to see how real
    your feelings are. That's good enough.
    (He leaves)
    Sora: Riku! Riku...
    Donald: (To Naminé) Can you put our memories back?
    Naminé: Yes. Not remembering something doesn't really mean that it's gone.
    Goofy: What d'ya mean?
    Naminé: When you remember one thing, that leads to remembering another---and
    then another and then another. Our memories are connected. Many pieces are
    linked together like they're in a chain---that makes up each of us. I don't
    actually erase any memories---just take apart the links and rearrange them. You
    still have all your memories.
    (Jiminy pops out)
    Jiminy: So you can put 'em back together?
    Naminé: Yes, but first, I have to undo the chains of the memories I made on my
    own. After I've done that, I have to gather up the memories scattered across
    each of your hearts and then reconnect them. It might take some time. But I
    think it might work. No---it will work. I'm sure. It's my turn to look after
    Sora: All right. We all really trust you.
    Jiminy: Oh... Wait a second! You said you had to undo the links of the memories
    you made. But that means---
    Naminé: Yes. You won't be able to remember anything about what happened here.
    Sora: Not even you?
    Naminé: I'm sorry. It's the only way, I'm afraid. Sora, you have a choice. You
    can lose your memories of this castle and reclaim your old ones...or keep your
    memories here and give up the memories that you've lost.
    Sora: Do I have to...to choose?
    Naminé: Yes.
    (He thinks for a moment. Donald and Goofy exchange looks, worried about his
    Sora: Make me like I was.
    Naminé: Oh, okay. Nobody needs to keep a bunch of memories that aren't real,
    right? You want to remember all of the people who are really important to you.
    Anybody would choose that.
    (Naminé leads them to a room containing a giant pod)
    Donald: To remember again, we have to sleep in that?
    Naminé: Yes. It's going to take a little time, but I'll take care of you.
    Goofy: Gawrsh, when we wake up, we won't remember who you are anymore...
    Donald: But how are we gonna thank you?
    Jiminy: Don't worry about that! I'll just make a big note in my journal. And it
    will say, "Thank Naminé."
    (Sora smiles)
    Donald: Oh, good. That makes me feel better.
    Goofy: Well, good night, then, Naminé.
    Naminé: Good night, Goofy.
    (Donald and Goofy leave)
    Naminé: You too, Sora.
    Sora: Okay.
    (He starts to climb into the pod)
    Naminé: All of this may have started with a lie...but I really am glad that I
    can meet you, Sora.
    Sora: Yeah, me too. When I finally found you, and even when I remembered your
    name, I was happy. The way I felt then--- That was no lie.
    Naminé: Goodbye.
    Sora: No, not goodbye! When I wake up, I'll find you. And then there will be no
    lies. We're gonna be friends for real. Promise me, Naminé.
    Naminé: You're going to forget making that promise.
    Sora: If the chain of memories comes apart, the links will still be there,
    right? So the memory of our promise will always be inside me somewhere. I'm
    sure of it.
    Naminé: Yeah, you're right. Okay, it's a promise.
    Sora: Good. Until later.
    (They join their pinky fingers together to signify their promise. Sora waves
    goodbye and jumps into the pod)
    Naminé: A promise... Huh... Sora, some of your memories' links are deep in the
    shadows of your heart and I won't be able to find them. But don't worry--- You
    made another promise to someone who you could never replace. She is your light.
    The light within the darkness. Remember her, and all the memories lost in the
    shadows of your heart will come into the light.
    Sora: Another promise...
    Naminé: Look at the good luck charm. I changed its shape when I changed your
    memory--- But when you thought of her just once, it went back to the way it
    (Sora takes out Kairi's charm and looks at it. The pod closes, and Sora is
    surrounded by darkness. He stares at the charm, trying to remember his friend.
    Naminé appears beside him. Sora remembers his friends from Traverse Town and
    Destiny Islands. He shakes his head as he continues to try to remember. Riku's
    image appears in his mind, and then, finally, Kairi's)
    Sora: Kairi!
    (The darkness becomes light)
    Sora: My friends... 
    (Naminé starts to float away)
    Sora: Naminé?
    Naminé: Don't worry. You might forget about me...but with our promise, I can
    come back.
    Sora: A promise is a promise.
    Naminé: Yes. One day the light---it will be ours, and it will bring us
    together. Til then---I'll be in your heart.
    Sora: Right. Forgotten---but not lost.
    (The credits roll, with the song "Simple and Clean" playing in the background.
    During the credits, several screenshots from the game are shown. After them,
    some of the characters from Sora's story are shown, each performing a different
    animation. Three new cutscenes are also played. The first one shows Destiny
    Islands, and Kairi is staring into the ocean. Tidus and Wakka run by, and
    Selphie stops and walks over to Kairi. In the next scene, the Riku Replica is
    walking down the halls of Castle Oblivion. Axel appears and holds out his hand
    to the replica. In the last scene, a blond-haired boy is walking down the
    streets of Twilight Town. Three other kids, eating sea-salt ice cream, walk
    past him. The boy looks back, but his face is not shown. After the credits, the
    scene switches to a room housing Organization members. They are sitting in
    thirteen high chairs, but five of those seats are empty. Words appear on the
    There is always sleep between part and meet
    with our usual words on the usual street.
    (The scene switches to Naminé looking after Sora, who's sleeping in his pod.
    More words appear on the screen)
    So let us part like we always do...
    And in a world without you
    I'll dream of you.
    When I come to, let us meet
    with our usual words on the usual street.
    [End of Sora's Story]
    [Author's Note: R/R is much shorter than Sora's Story. In this mode, most
    worlds will only require players to find a boss and defeat it, with no dialogue
    [R/R Prologue---------(RRP)]
    (Reverse/Rebirth begins with Riku floating in a empty void. He wakes up)
    Riku: Where am I...
    (A man's voice is heard)
    Voice: Stay asleep.
    Riku: (Gasps) Who's there?!
    Voice: You should remain asleep. Here, between light and dark.
    Riku: Between...what?
    (He gasps)
    Riku: The king! Where's the king?! Together we closed the door to darkness.
    After that---
    Voice: You came drifting here by yourself. You did not have the strength to
    overcome the darkness. Or...maybe you were close to it.
    Riku: Hmph. As if I'm some kind of demon.
    Voice: Hmm. Turn from the light. Shut your eyes. Here blanketed by the
    darkness, sleep is safety. Sleep is eternal. But...
    (A light shines, revealing a card. Riku averts his eyes from the light. The
    card floats around him)
    Riku: What's this?
    Voice: It is a door to the truth. Take it and your sleep ends, as you take the
    first step toward the truth. But know this: the truth will bring you pain. Will
    you still go? There is no return to the security of sleep.
    (Riku thinks for a moment, and then takes the card, which is of the Hollow
    Bastion world)
    Riku: This seemed like a boring place to take a nap anyway.
    Voice: That was very well said, Riku.
    (The card glows, and Riku is transported to the Twelfth Basement of Castle
    Oblivion. He looks around and wonders of his new surroundings. He sees a door
    up ahead. He then looks at the Hollow Bastion card)
    Riku: A door to the truth, huh...
    (Riku holds up the card to the door)
    [Basement 12 (Hollow Bastion)--------(12H)]
    (Riku enters Hollow Bastion)
    Riku: This is Hollow Bastion!
    Voice: What you see is not real. It's the world of your memory.
    Riku: My memory?
    Voice: The things you remember from your time at Maleficent's castle became a
    card, and that card made this world. You've seen everything here before,
    haven't you?
    Riku: Yeah... So what now? Am I going to learn something? Maybe meet someone?
    Voice: You would meet the people in your memories. Ordinarily.
    Riku: What does that mean?
    (No response)
    Riku: Hey! I'm asking you a question!
    (Still no response)
    Riku: Fine. But it had better be you I run across next, Voice.
    (Riku runs toward the castle)
    Key of Beginnings Room
    (Riku enters a bedroom)
    Riku: Everything IS just how I remember it. Even this room...
    Voice: It must be nice being back in your old bedroom. Think of all the
    Riku: You again. Sorry, but these memories I could do without. Maleficent gave
    me this room.
    Voice: So she did. And you lived here, tempted by the darkness she offered. You
    cast away your home, your friends, everything... But at least they gave you a
    nice room.
    Riku: Stop talking!
    (Riku runs out of the room)
    Key of Guidance Room
    (Riku enters the upper level of the entrance hall)
    Riku: No one here, either... There's nothing but Heartless in this castle.
    (He jumps down to the lower level)
    Riku: Voice! I know you're watching---so explain this! Where are the people
    from my memories?
    Voice: Do you want to see them?
    Riku: Of course I do.
    Voice: But you cast them aside.
    Riku: What?
    Voice: You dreamt of the outside world, and you passed through the door to
    darkness. Behind you, you left family, friends, home---everything---all in
    pursuit of darkness.
    Riku: But I cast that aside, too!
    Voice: And what do you have to show for it? First your home, then the dark.
    Your heart only knows how to cast away. It's empty---like that room. Like your
    memories. That's why you don't meet anyone. Your heart is hollow---except for
    the residual darkness.
    Riku: You're wrong! I rejected the darkness!
    Voice: Ha ha ha... Did you really, now?
    (Riku runs out of the room)
    Key to Truth Room
    (Riku enters the castle chapel, where Maleficent is waiting)
    Maleficent: I knew you would return, Riku.
    Riku: Maleficent! You're alive?!
    Maleficent: You haven't been paying attention. I am but a figment of your
    Riku: Of all the people I could run into, it had to be you.
    Maleficent: But of course. After all, your heart is steeped in darkness. You
    can only see those who exist in that same darkness...
    Riku: No...
    Maleficent: Be grateful you have someone to keep you company. Your heart is
    empty. Were it not for the darkness it contains, you would be completely alone.
    Riku: That's sounding pretty good right about now.
    Maleficent: Come, now. You once turned to me to sate your hunger for darkness.
    You want me here. Who but I can grant you the darkness you long for?
    Riku: There was a time I did want you around. I surrendered my heart to the
    dark. But never again. You and your darkness have nothing to offer. All I did
    was lose myself... Empty myself! I'm finished with all that. If I'm stuck
    seeing people like you, people of the dark... I'll take you out one by one.
    Maleficent: Then you mustn't forget to destroy yourself last. For, like me, you
    are one of the dark.
    Riku: That's fine with me. I turned to darkness because my heart was weak. I
    hate that weakness. It's like I'm my own enemy. And seeing people like you
    embrace the darkness just makes it worse! Enough talk, Maleficent.
    Maleficent: So you hate the darkness enough to fight it. Oh, the agony you must
    feel! Then let me end your pain, Riku---end it forever...with the wondrous
    power of darkness!
    (Maleficent transforms into her dragon form. Riku fights and defeats her. He
    then leaves Hollow Bastion)
    [Basement 12 Exit/Basement 11 Enter---------(B12)]
    (Riku enters the Basement 12 Exit Hall. He hears the man's voice again)
    Voice: Why do you shun the darkness?
    Riku: Hmph. Come on, I know you heard me---every word I said to Maleficent.
    Voice: Darkness is your weapon. It is time you learned you must accept it.
    Riku: What do you mean?
    Voice: Stop resisting. Accept the darkness. You have no choice...
    (The man appears in the room through an aura of darkness. He is revealed to be
    Ansem: ...if you are to serve me again!
    Riku: I thought it was you...Ansem.
    Ansem: Oh. You don't seem surprised.
    Riku: All you have been talking about is the darkness. I can only assume you
    wanna pull me back in...so you can play puppet master.
    Ansem: Clever boy. I knew you'd be the one to most appropriately serve me. And
    now, surrender to me again---
    Riku: You're crazy!  Not a chance!
    (Riku summons his Soul Eater. He slashes at Ansem, who absorbs the attack with
    his hand and blows Riku back)
    Ansem: Did you really think you could do me harm? A weakling like you couldn't
    even defeat Sora---and you had darkness on your side.
    Riku: (Grunting) Excuse me...for being weak...
    Ansem: You are weak. You need darkness. Surrender. Bow to darkness. Bow to me.
    Riku: Grr... That's not gonna happen!
    Ansem: Only the darkness can offer to you all of the strength that you will
    ??????: You're wrong!
    (A sphere of light floats down and hovers around Riku)
    Riku: That voice...! Your Majesty?!
    Mickey: That's right! Remember Riku, you're not alone.
    (The sphere fuses into Riku's chest)
    Mickey: Listen close. The light'll never give up on you. You'll always find it,
    even in the deepest darkness!
    Riku: I got it.
    (He gets up)
    Riku: I won't lost to darkness. Not today.
    Ansem: You think that feeble little light can save you from the darkness that I
    command? You shall feel my dark powers---in your bones!
    Riku: Give me all you've got. I'll give it right back!
    (Riku and Ansem battle)
    Riku: What, that all you got?
    Ansem: It seems to me that you are intent on resisting the darkness. All right.
    Then see it for yourself.
    (Ansem holds out a card)
    Riku: Huh?
    Ansem: This is a card crafted from your memory. Advance through the world it
    creates and soon, you will understand... Chasing after light is not the way. It
    will not give you distance from the darkness. There is no running from the
    Riku: Don't worry, I'm not running. Give it. I'll enter the world and in the
    end, if I haven't given in to the darkness... Then I win.
    (Ansem tosses the card to Riku)
    Ansem: I have one more gift for you.
    (Ansem clenches his hand, and a dark sphere forms inside Riku. He writhes in
    Riku: What'd you do?!
    Ansem: I simply tempered the darkness that yet remains in your heart.
    Riku: You still think that I'd rely on darkness?
    Ansem: To use it or not is your choice. I'll be waiting, Riku...for you to
    sense it and yield to the darkness in your heart!
    (Ansem disappears. Riku grunts, closes his fist and, looks ahead. He obtains
    four world cards. The scene switches to a dark room inside the castle. A black-
    coated man with dark blue hair waits inside the room. Another coated man with
    brown hair appears inside the room. The blue-haired man speaks)
    Zexion: Don't I even warrant a hello, Lexaeus?
    (Vexen appears)
    Vexen: What is going on here, Zexion? I want an explanation.
    Zexion: Nice to see you too, Vexen. It's such a shame. The Organization used to
    be the rope that bound us together.
    Vexen: You're only number 6! How dare you---
    Lexaeus: Let it go, Vexen.
    (The two stare angrily at each other)
    Lexaeus: Zexion, tell us. What did you detect?
    Zexion: Visitors. I picked up two scents in the castle's lowest basement. One
    of them was Maleficent---
    Vexen: Don't be absurd. The witch is gone. She cannot return from the realm of
    darkness of her own volition.
    Zexion: If you would let me finish... The scent belonged not to the real
    Maleficent but to a very convincing double. But I truly cannot say much beyond
    that since the double is no more. Our other visitor saw to that.
    Lexaeus: And who is it?
    Zexion: I do not know for sure... But the scent was very similar to that of the
    Vexen: And yet, not exactly the same, was it?
    (Zexion nods)
    Vexen: This truly piques my curiosity.
    Zexion: Now---what to do?
    Lexaeus: We wait---see what develops.
    (Riku leaves the Exit Hall and enters the Eleventh Basement)
    Riku: Something smells...funny... What's that scent? It's so familiar...
    (He gasps silently)
    Riku: Darkness. It's the smell of darkness. I can't believe this is happening.
    The darkness even seeped into my skin...
    Mickey: Don't worry, Riku.
    Riku: Your Majesty!
    (A sphere of light floats down and it turns into King Mickey. He is
    transparent. They both smile. Riku gasps)
    Riku: What happened? I can see...right through you.
    Mickey: Funny, huh? I can only send a bit of my power to this place. That's why
    I've got a request for ya.
    Riku: Request?
    Mickey: Listen, Riku. Just because darkness holds you, don't let go of who you
    are. You've got to fight the darkness inside you! It won't be easy to do, I
    know. But please don't forget. Even in the darkest darkness, there's always a
    little bit of light.
    Riku: Light within darkness...
    Mickey: You and I have seen it. The far welcoming light inside the door to
    darkness... The light of Kingdom Hearts---it will show you the way. Please
    don't give up. Believe in the light. That's a request from my heart.
    Riku: Okay... I'll do my best.
    Mickey: Trust me. I'll try to find a way to reach you. I'll get there, I
    (Mickey reaches out his hand. Riku tries to shake it, but his hand passes right
    through Mickey's hand)
    Riku: You're an illusion...
    Mickey: Don't worry. We shook hands in our hearts, remember? We're connected,
    you and me.
    Riku: Guess we are.
    (Mickey disappears. Riku holds up his next card at the Basement 11 world
    entrance, and enters to the next world)
    [Basement 11 (Agrabah)---------(B11)]
    (Riku enters Agrabah. He passes through the world, defeating Heartless along
    the way. He eventually finds Jafar and defeats him. He leaves Agrabah and
    passes through the Basement 11 Exit Hall. The scene switches to Vexen, Zexion,
    and Lexaeus in the Basement meeting room of the castle. Vexen paces back and
    forth. Zexion is thinking and eventually comes up with something)
    Zexion: I have identified the scent. It is Riku.
    Vexen: Riku, you say? Has he emerged from the realm of darkness?
    Zexion: His existence---it was once doubled in the darkness.
    Vexen: Fascinating... That's why you mistook him for the Superior. The dark
    power given to Riku facilitated his escape from its realm.
    Zexion: What I want to know is why he appeared here in Castle Oblivion.
    Vexen: That's really quite simple. His existence resonates with that of another
    Zexion: Sora is in the castle?
    Vexen: He arrived earlier. Marluxia is already using Naminé's unique powers to
    meddle with Sora's heart.
    Zexion: Without even bothering to consult us.
    Vexen: It seems he desperately wants the Keyblade master for himself--- What a
    foolish plan, indeed. Sora's is not such an interesting existence. The entity
    that holds true value---is Riku, the hero of darkness.
    (Meanwhile, Riku enters the Tenth Basement. He holds up his next card at the
    Basement 10 world entrance, and enters to the next world)
    [Basement 10 (Neverland)---------(B10)]
    (Riku enters Neverland. He passes through the world, defeating Heartless and
    then Captain Hook. He comes out into the Basement 10 Exit Hall and is
    confronted by Vexen, who appears in the room)
    Riku: Huh?
    Vexen: I take it you're Riku.
    Riku: Are you with Ansem?
    Vexen: You are half correct. Let us say that he is not the Ansem with which you
    are familiar. He is Ansem and he is not Ansem. Perhaps a "Nobody" best conveys
    the idea.
    Riku: Riddles were never my thing. Try again.
    Vexen: He belongs to neither the light nor the dark but walks the twilight
    (Riku gasps. Vexen laughs)
    Vexen: Catching on now? Oh yes, you also stand in between the light and the
    darkness. It appears we have much in common.
    Riku: Maybe... Like you said, there really is darkness left inside of me. But
    so what? Darkness is my enemy!
    (He summons his Soul Eater)
    Riku: And so are you for reeking of that awful smell!
    Vexen: Oh ho! So it's a fight you want. Very good---I shall take you on!
    (Riku and Vexen fight. Riku jumps and slashes at Vexen, but he blocks it with
    his shield. Riku strikes again, but is blocked. Vexen laughs)
    Vexen: I find, coursing through you, there is a darkness of formidable power
    growing! Well worth the trouble of aggravating you. All this excitement has
    provided me with invaluable data.
    Riku: What?!
    (Vexen hits Riku with his shield, which pushes him back)
    Vexen: Many thanks, Riku!
    (Vexen disappears)
    Riku: Tch... It was a trick all along.
    (Riku enters the Ninth Basement. He holds up his next card at the Basement 9
    world entrance, and enters to the next world)
    [Basement 9 (Monstro)---------(B09)]
    (Riku enters Monstro. While in the world, he defeats Heartless as well as the
    Parasite Cage. After defeating them, he leaves the world and enters the
    Basement 9 Exit Hall. The scene switches To Lexaeus and Zexion in the Basement
    meeting room. Zexion is thinking)
    Lexaeus: What's happening to Sora?
    Zexion: Naminé's powers are being used to shuffle his memories as we speak.
    Marluxia may well succeed in getting his puppet. Sora would be a valuable asset
    to the Organization...but Marluxia and Larxene's actions, they---leave me quite
    Lexaeus: And then there is Axel. Who knows what that one is thinking...
    Zexion: Vexen should take care of this. His replica is soon to be completed.
    Lexaeus: But Vexen despises Marluxia. Think of the mess it would make.
    Zexion: So we must tell him. Isn't it better that Vexen clean up the mess than
    leave it to us?
    (Riku enters the Eighth Basement. He holds up his last card at the Basement 8
    world entrance, and enters to the next world)
    [Basement 8 (Traverse Town)---------(B08)]
    (Riku enters Traverse Town. He passes through, defeating Heartless and the
    Guard Armor. After that, he leaves the town and enters the Basement 8 Exit
    Hall. He sees somebody up ahead)
    Riku: Huh?! What are you supposed to be?
    (A second Riku enters)
    Riku Replica: Surprised? I guess you should be. After all, I look just like
    you. I'll tell you what I am. I'm an exact replica of you that Vexen made from
    your data.
    Riku: So you're a fake me.
    Riku Replica: Not a "fake"! I don't care if you're "real"! You're not better!
    We share the same body and the same talents. But there is one easy way to tell
    us apart, though!
    (The replica points at Riku)
    Riku Replica: Unlike you, I fear nothing.
    Riku: Are you calling me a coward?
    Riku Replica: You're afraid of the dark! The darkness inside you still
    frightens you, no matter what you say.
    Riku: Grr...
    Riku Replica: But I'M different. I embrace the darkness. I can make it do
    whatever I want.
    (The replica changes into Dark Mode. He also summons his Soul Eater)
    Riku Replica: So... I can wipe the floor with you!
    (The two Rikus battle. After the battle, the replica is laying on one knee)
    Riku: Hey, Fake. I thought I heard you say you were gonna wipe the floor with
    Riku Replica: Hmph. Don't forget, I'm still new. I'll get stronger and
    stronger. The next time we fight, you're finished!
    Riku: Then let's fight now!
    (Riku strikes the replica's head, but he releases dark energy that flings the
    real Riku backwards. The replica laughs)
    Riku Replica: It's nice having darkness on my side. You are SO missing out. How
    could you be scared of something that can be so thrilling?
    Riku: Enough!
    Riku Replica: Hmph. So now the coward is playing tough. So long, Real Thing.
    Hope you don't miss me.
    (The replica runs away into the next floor)
    Riku: Come back!
    (The replica is gone)
    Riku: (Scoffs) No way. I'm not a coward...
    (The scene switches to Vexen, Zexion, and Lexaeus in the Basement meeting room.
    The Riku Replica enters the room. Vexen talks to him)
    Vexen: So, how was the real thing?
    Riku Replica: He's spineless. In no time at all, I'll be better than him.
    Vexen: In the meantime, would you be interested in meeting another who's
    considered a hero?
    Riku Replica: You mean Sora. I hear he's somewhere in the castle. You want me
    to take care of him?
    Vexen: We'll see... Yes... I intend to make good use of you.
    Riku Replica: No worries. The real Riku was nothing. Sora won't be, either.
    They're no match for me.
    (Riku enters the Seventh Basement)
    Riku: Come out! Show yourself, Fake!
    Ansem: Fake? Oh, no... That's not exactly the right word.
    (Riku looks around for Ansem, and he appears)
    Riku: What are you saying? Isn't he just a copy of me?
    Ansem: More like a model. He is an example of what you should try to be. He
    accepts the darkness...just like you once couldn't help but accept me. But now
    you are afraid. Perhaps YOU are the one who is being fake. Fake when you
    pretend to have no fear.
    Riku: When have I been afraid of the dark?
    Ansem: Inside of the card-worlds...you grappled desperately with the darkness.
    Desperation is fear. You fight the darkness because it is what frightens you.
    Riku: I... Be quiet!
    (Riku summons his Soul Eater. He attacks Ansem, who catches the blow and flings
    him backward)
    Ansem: Stubborn boy.
    (He tosses a card to Riku)
    Ansem: Then continue your fight, if you must. Eventually, you will learn. You
    cannot resist the darkness.
    (He disappears. Riku obtains four more world cards. He holds up his next card
    at the Basement 7 world entrance, and enters to the next world)
    [Basement 7 (Atlantica)---------(B07)]
    (Riku enters Atlantica. He goes through the world and defeats Heartless and
    then Ursula. After that, he leaves Atlantica and enters the Basement 7 Exit
    Hall. The scene switches over to Axel, Larxene and Vexen in the meeting room at
    the top of the castle)
    Axel: How can we help you, Vexen? It's not very often we see you topside.
    Vexen: I came to lend you a hand. You obviously believe this Sora has much
    potential, but I remain unconvinced he is truly worth such coddling. I think an
    experiment would show if he really is of any value to us.
    Larxene: Hmph. Well, here we go again. It's just an excuse so you can carry out
    your little experiments. That's all.
    Vexen: I'm a scientist. Experiments are what I do, yes.
    Axel: Whatever. You can do what you want. But you know, I think testing Sora is
    just a cover for testing your valet.
    Vexen: Valet? He's the product of pure research.
    Larxene: What he actually is is a toy.
    Vexen: Hmph. You should just learn to be quiet.
    (Larxene looks away)
    Axel: Anyway... Since you came all this way, you're gonna need this.
    (Axel holds out a card of Destiny Islands)
    Axel: A humble gift to my elder. I hope you use it to put on a very good show
    for us.
    (Vexen takes the card and smiles. The Riku Replica walks in. Vexen looks at the
    Axel: That card holds the memories of Sora and Riku's home.
    Riku Replica: It's just a card. What good is that?
    Larxene: With a little help from Naminé, you'll have all the real Riku's
    memories. Maybe we can get her to make you forget you're nothing but a fake. In
    other words, we'll remake your heart so you can be---exactly the same as the
    real Riku, 'kay?
    (The replica gasps)
    Riku Replica: You want to remake my heart?! The real Riku is a wimp who's
    afraid of the dark! What do I want with the heart of a loser?!
    Larxene: Any objections, Vexen? After all, you do want to test Sora, don't you?
    Vexen: It must be done.
    Riku Replica: How can you? Are you betraying me?!
    Vexen: I told you I would make good use of you, didn't I?
    Riku Replica: No---
    Larxene: Relax, kiddo. I don't think it's going to hurt that much!
    Riku Replica: I'll hurt YOU!
    (He summons his Soul Eater and attacks Larxene. She knocks the replica away,
    which covers him with electricity as he falls. Larxene laughs)
    Larxene: Stupid little toy! Think you could defeat me? Where would you ever get
    a thought like that?
    (As Larxene talks, the replica starts to get scared, and Naminé watches in
    horror at the far end of the room)
    Larxene: But---look on the bright side. Along with everything else in your
    head, Naminé will erase the memory of me knocking you flat. Instead, she will
    implant the loveliest little memories you could ever hope for! It's no big deal
    if they're all lies.
    (The replica cowers)
    Riku Replica: No...
    (Larxene starts to walk over to him)
    Riku Replica: NOOO!!!
    (Meanwhile, the real Riku enters the Sixth Basement. He holds up his next card
    at the Basement 6 world entrance, and enters to the next world)
    [Basement 6 (Halloween Town)---------(B06)]
    (Riku enters Halloween Town. He passes through the world and defeats the
    Heartless and Oogie Boogie. He then leaves Halloween Town and enters the
    Basement 6 Exit Hall. The scene switches over to Naminé in the Thirteenth Floor
    meeting room. Larxene walks over to her)
    Larxene: Why so glum, Naminé? Is there something that's been troubling you? Are
    you feeling awful about tinkering with Sora's memory? Or maybe you---
    Riku Replica: Cut it out, Larxene.
    (The Riku Replica enters the room)
    Riku Replica: Naminé---she doesn't want to remember Sora.
    Larxene: Is that so?
    Riku Replica: (To Naminé) Don't worry. Whatever's hurting you, I'll make it go
    (He takes out her good luck charm)
    Riku Replica: I swear it on this---the good luck charm you gave me. See ya.
    (The replica leaves)
    Larxene: That's just amazing. It's almost like you completely made his heart
    from scratch. Nice touch with the good luck charm. I didn't know you could use
    memories to transform objects like cards into keepsakes. You used the same
    trick on Sora, right? You changed Kairi's good luck charm with your magic,
    didn't you? (Giggles) It won't be long before Sora forgets about Kairi
    completely! And then he'll be all yours to---
    Naminé: He won't forget.
    Larxene: Huh?
    Naminé: No matter how much I change his memory, Sora will never forget Kairi.
    Memories of me--- More false memories of me will just make his feelings for
    Kairi even stronger than before. Because...I'm the shadow of Kairi.
    Larxene: What's your problem with that? That should be your incentive not to
    screw anything up. Just do a good job rewriting Sora's heart. Then you can
    actually be somebody---and no longer just Kairi's shadow. You'll be real in
    Sora's heart.
    (Meanwhile, Riku enters the Fifth Basement. He holds up his next card at the
    Basement 5 world entrance, and enters to the next world)
    [Basement 5 (Wonderland)---------(B05)]
    (Riku enters Wonderland. He passes through the world, defeating Heartless and
    the Trickmaster along the way. After defeating them, he leaves Wonderland and
    enters the Basement 5 Exit Hall. The scene switches over to Zexion thinking in
    the Basement meeting room. He gasps when he realizes something. Lexaeus
    appears in the room)
    Lexaeus: Vexen is no more.
    Zexion: Yes, his scent is gone. Axel struck him down...something I find
    deplorable--- Agents of the Organization striking each other down.
    Lexaeus: Our problem is Sora. Vexen proved to be no match for him, yet he's
    still under Naminé's control.
    Zexion: But we cannot eliminate Sora, can we?
    Lexaeus: Correct. For our Superior---he is in dire need of the hero of light.
    When light loses sight of its path---we may find use for the dark. What we must
    do---is obtain the darkness.
    Zexion: Riku... Of course.
    (Lexaeus nods)
    (Riku enters the Fourth Basement. He takes out his final card and looks at it)
    Riku: Just one card left. If I get through this, will I be free of the
    (Riku holds up his last card at the Basement 4 world entrance, and enters to
    the next world)
    [Basement 4 (Olympus Coliseum)---------(B04)]
    (Riku enters Olympus Coliseum. He goes through the world and defeats the
    Heartless and Hades. After defeating them, he leaves Olympus Coliseum and
    enters the Basement 4 Exit Hall. He becomes tense and prepares for battle as
    he's greeted by Lexaeus, who's holding a large tomahawk)
    Riku: That scent... You're another one of those "nobodies."
    Lexaeus: You've done well thus far. But to possess your powers, and yet fear
    darkness... What a waste.
    Riku: I do not...fear it!
    Lexaeus: I sense that you do. You're also capable of controlling the darkness.
    Cast away your useless fear. Open your heart. Embrace the darkness.
    Riku: And if I say no?
    Lexaeus: Then you lose both light and darkness---and disappear!
    (Lexaeus surrounds himself with a red and black aura. Riku struggles against
    the pressure released from the aura)
    Lexaeus: I, Lexaeus, will not yield to the frail heart---of an infantile
    coward! Now, stop resisting---and let the darkness in!
    (Riku and Lexaeus fight. After the battle, both of them are exhausted)
    Riku: You're finished!
    (Riku runs up to attack Lexaeus)
    Lexaeus: Don't mock me!
    (Lexaeus swipes Riku with his tomahawk, knocking him to the ceiling. He then
    falls back to the ground)
    Lexaeus: You were too much trouble.
    (Lexaeus walks to Riku, but Riku becomes enveloped in darkness, entering him
    into Dark Mode. Lexaeus gasps. Riku picks up his weapon and vanishes. Lexaeus
    freezes and drops his weapon, for Riku has slashed right through him. Riku's
    voice melds with Ansem's)
    Riku: Too slow.
    Lexaeus: You are the Superior's---
    (Lexaeus starts to fade away)
    Lexaeus: Forgive me, Zexion. This was a fight I should not have started.
    (He fades away)
    Riku: Heh...
    (The scene changes to Riku floating in the middle of a dark void. Ansem's
    voice is heard)
    Ansem: I see you now...clearly.
    (Riku wakes up)
    Riku: Huh? (Looking around) Lexaeus?!
    Ansem: Riku... I can see your heart...
    Riku: No...it's not. Darkness this foul could only...only be---
    Ansem: That's it, remember me... Let me drift into your heart...
    Riku: Ansem!
    (Ansem laughs)
    Ansem: You called out my name. You have been thinking about me... You're afraid
    of the darkness I command. Good... The more you think of me, the closer my
    return draws. And when I have awoken, I will take hold...
    (Ansem appears)
    Ansem: Your heart will be mine!
    (Ansem holds out his hand and tries to grab Riku. Riku struggles to avoid him.
    There is a flash of light, and Mickey's sphere appears)
    Mickey: Riku, fight! Don't let him win!
    (The sphere disappears)
    Riku: Your Majesty!
    (Mickey is in his transparent form, and he guards Riku with his arms)
    Ansem: You meddlesome king!
    (Riku appears back in the castle. He wakes up)
    Riku: The king... He protected me... Your Majesty, where are you? Please
    (No one is around. Riku clutches his heart)
    Riku: You're with me, aren't you...
    (The scene switches to Zexion in the Basement meeting room)
    Zexion: Lexaeus is gone as well...
    (Axel appears)
    Axel: Vexen, Larxene, Lexaeus... I wonder who will be next in line.
    Zexion: I thought perhaps it might be you.
    Axel: Me? No way. I already took my pounding from Sora. He thinks I'm done for
    good. Nope, I think it'll be Marluxia next. For defying the Organization and
    targeting Sora. I hope he moves exactly as his heart commands him to. So, what
    about you? I thought you guys had plans for Riku.
    Zexion: Yes, we were going to set him off against the traitors... But with
    Marluxia gone, there is no more need. He is nothing but a nuisance now.
    Axel: And he's dangerous, as well. After all, he took down Lexaeus.
    Zexion: You know that is not how I do things. Tell me, did you obtain the data
    on Riku's home?
    (Meanwhile, Riku leaves the Exit Hall and enters the Third Basement. There is a
    great rumble in the castle. Riku gasps)
    Riku: What? One of the scents has died---a really strong one. Huh?
    (Zexion appears)
    Zexion: The keeper of this castle, Marluxia, has just been felled by the
    Keyblade master.
    Riku: Keyblade... You mean Sora! Sora is here?!
    Zexion: Yes. Want to see him? But...can you face him?
    Riku: What's that mean?
    Zexion: The world of darkness, and Ansem's shadow, still nest within your
    heart. Do you plan to face Sora like that? Are you not ashamed?
    (Riku looks away)
    Zexion: Sora's fate is to battle the darkness. He must oppose anyone who hosts
    the dark---in other words, it's you. If you don't believe the words I say...
    (Zexion tosses a card to Riku)
    Zexion: then you had best see the truth with your own eyes.
    Riku: This card! This is our---
    (The card is of Destiny Islands)
    Zexion: Yes, it is your home.
    (Zexion disappears. Riku looks at the card. He holds it up to the door)
    [Basement 3 (Destiny Islands)---------(3DI)]
    (Riku enters Destiny Islands. Once there, he sits on the Paopu tree and looks
    out to sea)
    Riku: I never thought I'd miss the island winds so much... Hmph. There was a
    time I couldn't wait to get off this rock. And now I'm acting all relieved.
    (Riku gets off the tree. He sees Selphie, Tidus, and Wakka in the distance)
    Riku: Is that...? Hey!
    (They don't hear him. Riku runs over to them)
    Riku: What's with you guys? I don't think I've ever seen the three of you so
    (They look at him but don't respond)
    Riku: What, is there something on my face?
    (Still no response)
    Riku: Guys?!
    (The three vanish. Riku is shocked)
    Key of Beginnings Room
    (Riku runs back to the Paopu tree. He notices Kairi behind him)
    Riku: Kairi... Hey, Kairi. Are you---
    (Kairi vanishes)
    Riku: Ah... No!
    (Zexion is behind Riku)
    Zexion: Surely you knew this would happen.
    Riku: !
    Zexion: You've been to a number of worlds in your memory before this one. And
    in those worlds, you met only dark beings. That's all that's left in your
    heart: dark memories. Your memories of home are gone---each and every one.
    Riku: That's a lie! I remember everyone from the islands! Tidus and Selphie and
    Wakka! Kairi and Sora, too! They're my...my...
    (He pauses for a moment and looks down)
    Riku: my closest friends...
    Zexion: And who threw away those friends? Maybe it's your own actions that
    you've forgotten. You destroyed your home!
    (There is a flash of darkness, and the islands are reduced to a single
    landmass. Riku gasps and observes his surroundings)
    Riku: This is...that night!
    Zexion: All of the islands you grew up on were sundered, scattered. Many hearts
    were forever lost to the darkness. Because of what YOU did!
    (Zexion points over to a projection of Riku at the edge of the island. Riku
    Zexion: You hated being an islander, so you opened the door to darkness and
    destroyed the islands. It was YOU! You were pulled into the darkness then, and
    now you belong to the darkness.
    (Riku clutches his heart and looks ahead in horror)
    Zexion: You should look---look at what you truly are!
    (The projection of Riku transforms into a Darkside Heartless)
    Riku: This...this can't be who I really am!
    (Riku destroys the Darkside. He pants and looks around the island. He notices
    Sora looking out to the dark sea on the edge of the island)
    Riku: Sora?! Sora!
    (Riku walks over to Sora)
    Riku: Sora, it's me---
    (Sora turns around and attacks Riku with his Keyblade. Riku jumps backward and
    dodges it)
    Riku: What?!
    (Sora jumps at Riku and strikes him. Riku blocks the attack with his Soul
    Eater, their blades now clashing)
    Riku: Stop it, Sora! Don't you recognize me?
    Sora: Yeah, I recognize you. I can see exactly what you've become!
    (Sora jumps back and fires a laser at Riku, knocking him on his back)
    Sora: How can the light hurt you? Riku... Have you really become a creature of
    the dark? You're not Riku anymore... You're just a pawn of the darkness. So be
    it. It's time for you to face the light!
    (Sora holds up his Keyblade and creates a sphere, which engulfs everything in
    light. Riku is floating in a white void afterwards)
    Riku: I'm...fading... Fading away...into the light.
    ?????: You won't fade.
    (Kairi appears)
    Kairi: You can't fade. There's no power that can defeat you---not the light,
    not the dark. So don't run from the light---and don't fear the darkness.
    Because both will make you stronger.
    Riku: Make me stronger? Darkness too?
    Kairi: Yeah. Strength that's yours. The darkness inside your heart---it's vast
    and it's deep...but if you can truly stare into it and never try to look away,
    you won't be afraid of anything again.
    Riku: All this time I've tried to push the darkness away---
    Kairi: You've gotta just remember to be brave. Know that the darkness is there
    and don't give in. If you do that, you will gain strength---the kind that's
    unlike any other. You'll be able to escape the deepest darkness---
    Riku: ---and I'll be able to see through the brightest light---
    Kairi: Follow the darkness. It'll show you the way to your friends.
    Riku: Can I face them?
    (Naminé's image fuses with Kairi's and their voices meld)
    Kairi & Naminé: You don't want to?
    Riku: You know I do. Of course.
    (Kairi nods and disappears)
    Riku: And I will! With my strength--- My dark strength!
    (Riku reappears in a dark shroud)
    Riku: Darkness!
    (Riku enters Dark Mode and summons his Soul Eater. He slashes the air and is
    released from the void. Back on the island, Riku has slashed through Sora)
    Zexion: Impossible!
    (Sora transforms back into Zexion. He falls to the ground)
    Zexion: How is it that you found me when you were there in the light?
    Riku: You reek of darkness. Even the light can't block the smell.
    (Zexion gasps)
    Riku: I guess I followed the darkness right to you.
    Zexion: This is absurd... Then I shall make you see... That your hopes are
    nothing---nothing but a mere illusion!
    (Riku fights and defeats Zexion. Zexion is on the ground after the fight)
    Zexion: After all your protests, you're still like us, on the side of darkness.
    Riku: I know who I am.
    Zexion: When did that happen? You were always terrified of the dark before---
    Riku: Not anymore!
    (Zexion gasps. Riku slashes through him. Zexion groans in pain and disappears.
    Riku returns to normal. He leaves Destiny Islands and passes through the
    Basement 3 Exit Hall)
    [Basement 2 Enter---------(B2E)]
    (The scene switches to the Basement meeting room. Zexion appears, holding his
    side in pain. He walks over to the wall for leverage)
    Zexion: What IS he?! (Slamming the wall) No one's EVER worn the darkness the
    way that he does! It's impossible!
    (Axel and Riku appear in the room. Zexion gasps and cowers by the wall. He
    notices something in Riku)
    Zexion: Oh... Oh, yes. The replica, of course. We can use this Riku to defeat
    the real one. Axel?
    Axel: (To the replica) Wouldn't you like to be real?
    (The replica nods)
    Axel: All you need is the kind of power that the real Riku doesn't have. If you
    can get that, you can be a new person---not Riku, nor anybody else. You won't
    just be a copy of someone. You will be unique, your OWN self.
    Zexion: Axel! What are you saying to him?!
    Axel: You know, he's as good a place to start as any.
    Zexion: You can't do this!
    (The replica grabs Zexion by the collar. He is surrounded by an aura of
    darkness as he starts draining Zexion's life force. Zexion begins to fade away)
    Axel: So sorry, Zexion. Hm... You just found out way too much.
    (The scene switches back to Riku, who enters the Second Basement. Ansem's voice
    is heard)
    Ansem: Riku... Riku...
    Riku: Who's there?
    Ansem: I know you can feel it... The grip that I have on your heart.
    (Riku gasps and touches his heart)
    Ansem: You have let in the darkness, Riku. That means very soon your heart
    shall become an all-consuming darkness.
    Riku: I'm not like that now!
    Ansem: Yes, you are.
    (There is a flash, and Riku freezes)
    Riku: Can't move!
    (Darkness starts to rise out of Riku)
    Ansem: The deeper the darkness runs inside you, the stronger I become.
    Controlling you is effortless.
    (Mickey's sphere appears and fuses into Riku's heart. Everything is consumed in
    Ansem: Ugh... Must you interfere again?!
    (Riku regains control of himself. He tries to catch his breath)
    Mickey: Phew! Sure glad I made it in time! Heh! That oughta keep Ansem busy for
    a while.
    Riku: Huh?
    (Mickey is behind Riku, in solid form)
    Mickey: Sorry I couldn't come here sooner, Riku.
    Riku: Your Majesty, is it you?
    Mickey: Uh-huh!
    (Riku touches the king's face)
    Mickey: Whoa! (Laughs) That tickles!
    (Riku laughs in relief)
    Riku: This time, you're not an illusion. I'm so glad that you could make it
    Mickey: I made a promise to you that I would find a way, didn't I? Oh!
    (Riku falls down)
    Riku: Ahh..I'm okay. Don't worry. Guess I'm just relieved. I've---I've been
    alone so long that having someone else around is...is a little...overwhelming.
    But...uh, how did you make it here? I thought it was too far.
    Mickey: I found a card to help me.
    (He takes out a card of Twilight Town)
    Mickey: I needed a way outta the realm of darkness, and then suddenly, this
    card appeared right in front of me. When I picked it up, I could see your
    heart beyond the darkness. That's what let me find you. I guess the card 
    thought its place was to be with you.
    (Riku takes the card and looks at it)
    Riku: Maybe you are right.
    (Riku holds up the card to the door)
    [Basement 2 (Twilight Town---------(2TT)]
    (Riku enters Twilight Town. He gasps and wonders about his new location)
    Riku: Where am I? What is this place? Oh! Your Majesty?
    (He isn't there. Ansem appears)
    Ansem: You must battle me all alone. Against my dark powers!
    (Riku gets angry and summons his weapon. He notices something and drops his
    Ansem: What's this? Are you giving up? Finally ready to surrender to your fate?
    Riku: You're not the true Ansem.
    (Ansem drops his guard and allows Riku to talk)
    Riku: Your scent is different. The Ansem in my heart smells darker. The odor is
    more foul. But your scent just isn't that. It's not darkness. It's something
    else. I finally understand. You're the one who guided me when it started. You
    came to me pretending to be Ansem. You gave me the card--- To make me face the
    (Ansem gives off a bright yellow aura, and his voice melds with that of another
    Ansem: Hm. That is correct.
    (Ansem transforms into a different man. He wears a red and black outfit, and a
    red sash that covers his face)
    DiZ: DiZ, or so I am known. You---I've watched you all along.
    Riku: Really. Who are you? And what do you want from me?
    DiZ: For you to choose.
    Riku: Choose?
    DiZ: You are a special entity. You exist between light and dark. You stand in
    the twilight. You are to meet Naminé, then choose.
    Riku: Naminé? Who's that?
    DiZ: You will know soon.
    (DiZ transforms into a ball of light and flies away)
    Key of Beginnings Room
    (Riku reaches the gate to the mansion in Twilight Town)
    Riku: Maybe Naminé is here...
    Riku Replica: Hold it.
    Riku: Huh?
    (The Riku Replica is standing behind Riku)
    Riku Replica: Hmph. You've changed. Your own darkness---it doesn't frighten you
    Riku: How can you tell?
    Riku Replica: Because I'm you.
    Riku: No, I'M me.
    Riku Replica: "I'm me," he says. Must be nice being real. A fake like me could
    never get away with saying that. (Starting to sound angry) That's right, I'm a
    phony, a fake! The way I look, the way I feel, everything I remember! And even
    this newfound power!
    (The replica surrounds himself with a dark aura)
    Riku: Huh?!
    Riku Replica: I thought by finding some new strength, I could finally be
    someone---someone who is not at all you! But...nothing changes... I'm still
    just empty! Everything about me is borrowed. As long as you're around, I'll
    never be more than a shadow!
    (Riku fights and defeats his replica. After the battle, the replica is lying
    on the ground, fading away into darkness)
    Riku Replica: So...it's over. Hmph. Death doesn't frighten me. Good riddance to
    a phony life. My heart was never real. I'm sure even what I'm feeling now is
    probably all fake.
    Riku: What are you feeling?
    Riku Replica: What happens when a fake dies---one like me? Where will my heart
    go? Does it disappear?
    Riku: It'll go somewhere. Maybe to the same place as mine.
    Riku Replica: Tsk. A faithful replica until the very end. That's...okay.
    (The replica fades away)
    Key of Guidance Room
    (Riku comes to the room where Sora is sleeping in his pod. He meets Naminé)
    Riku: Are you Naminé?
    Naminé: Yes.
    Riku: I see... That was you...
    Naminé: Huh?
    Riku: Forget it. Nothing.
    Naminé: Please... Come this way.
    (Riku sees Sora inside his pod and gasps. He runs to the pod)
    Riku: Sora! (To Naminé) What have you done to Sora?
    Naminé: Nothing. He's just asleep. To get his memory back.
    (Naminé explains everything to Riku)
    Riku: So Sora chose to forget about this castle...and get his old memories
    Naminé: You have a choice to make, too.
    Riku: Why me, too? No one's messed with my memories.
    Naminé: It's not your memories. It's your darkness. In your heart there is
    darkness, and in that darkness is Ansem. He may be at bay for now---but
    eventually he'll wake, and he will take over you just like he did before. But I
    have powers you can use. With my powers, I can put a tight lock on your heart.
    That way, Ansem could never come out from inside you.
    Riku: What happens to me if I let you do that? Will I forget everything like
    (Naminé is silent)
    Riku: I'll have to.
    Naminé: The darkness in you will be sealed tight just like your memory. You'll
    stop remembering the darkness. You'll go back to how you were. Riku, please
    (Riku thinks for a moment and looks at Sora, sleeping in his pod)
    Riku: He doesn't even look worried. Will I sleep like that, too?
    Naminé: Yes.
    Riku: Figures. Sora always did as he pleased. Whatever we'd be doing together,
    he'd find a way to slack off. Even trying to leave the islands---I did all the
    work on the raft by myself. That's it. When this slacker wakes up, I'll tell
    him off. I told him to take care of Kairi and here he is just taking a nap! But
    I can't chew him out like he deserves---if I've been asleep.
    (Naminé gasps)
    Riku: I don't need my heart locked. I'm ready---I'm gonna fight Ansem.
    Naminé: But what if his darkness overtakes you?
    Riku: If that happens, then the darkness will show me the way.
    Naminé: Yes... That's true.
    Riku: (Chuckles) Why do I get the feeling that you knew I would say that?
    Naminé: I didn't know. I hoped. I wanted you to face the darkness, because
    you're the one who can.
    Riku: So that's the reason---that's why you came to my rescue inside that
    light... ...in the form of Kairi.
    Naminé: When'd you know?
    Riku: I knew when I met you. You and Kairi smell the same.
    (Riku starts to leave)
    Riku: Look after Sora.
    (Naminé nods and smiles. Riku leaves Twilight Town)
    [Basement 2 Exit/Basement 1 Enter---------(B1E)]
    (Riku enters the Basement 2 Exit Hall and meets up with Mickey)
    Mickey: Gosh, I guess you decided not to go to sleep.
    Riku: How'd you know that?
    Mickey: I heard it from DiZ.
    (Riku gasps. DiZ in on the left side of the hall)
    Riku: Do you know him?
    Mickey: Well, I'm not sure. Gotta feelin' that I've met him...somewhere...
    Riku: (To DiZ) Hey. Who are you?
    DiZ: I could be nobody or anybody. It is up to you whether you choose to
    believe in me or not.
    Riku: Boy, you really like pushing decisions on other people.
    DiZ: And you have pushed away slumber making the choice to face Ansem.
    Riku: Do you think I'm reckless?
    DiZ: You have chosen your own path.
    Riku: Are you supporting me? Or are you abandoning me?
    DiZ: That will be your choice as well.
    (DiZ hands a black coat to Riku. He takes it)
    Riku: What's this?
    DiZ: The Organization will pursue you. Like a pack of hunting dogs, they will
    sneak up on you if they sense your presence. However---this cloak that is worn
    by Nobodies will render their eyes and noses useless. The ears, not so... They
    wear this to give themselves protection from being devoured by darkness. Is it
    clear? Even the Organization cannot rule the darkness.
    Riku: Doesn't matter. I won't run from the darkness.
    DiZ: Hmm.
    (DiZ tosses a card of Castle Oblivion to Riku)
    DiZ: The card will draw out your heart's darkness. Finish your business with
    Riku: (To Mickey) Come on. Let's go.
    (Mickey nods. They both walk toward the next floor. Riku and Mickey enter the
    First Basement. Riku takes out his new card and looks at it)
    Riku: He said this card will draw Ansem out...
    Mickey: Don't worry! We can defeat him together!
    Riku: Sorry... I've gotta face him alone.
    Mickey: But why?!
    Riku: There's no point in doing this if I can't do it on my own. But I do need
    a favor. If Ansem is the victor, he's going to enslave me. If that happens, use
    your powers to destr---
    Mickey: O'course! I'll be right there to save ya!
    Riku: Huh? No that's not it. I want you to destr---
    Mickey: No way! No matter what happens, I'm gonna be right there to help ya. I
    promise ya that. Unless...you don't believe I'll come through for ya...
    Riku: I choose to believe in you---always, Your Majesty.
    Mickey: And I in you. You're not gonna lose, I know it.
    Riku: Thanks.
    (Riku holds up the Castle Oblivion card to the door, and he enters. He runs
    down the halls of the castle when he stops to catch his breath. He summons his
    Soul Eater)
    Riku: Ansem! Where are you? Show yourself!
    (Ansem laughs)
    Riku: Huh?
    Ansem: Why in such a hurry? I'll be here at the very heart of darkness...
    Watching you plunge into the same darkness---inside of you.
    (Riku continues on)
    [R/R's Final Boss/Ending---------(RBE)]
    Key of Beginnings Room
    (Riku enters a large room)
    Riku: I smell you, Ansem. Show yourself.
    (Ansem appears)
    Ansem: I have watched you fight. I know your strength. Your skill with darkness
    has grown. It has become more mature. And yet, why... Why do you accept the
    darkness---but still refuse me? You know you and I are similar. We both follow
    where the darkness leads. Indeed, we are the same, so why? Does some part of
    your heart still have a fear of the dark?
    Riku: That's not it. The truth is...
    (Riku summons his Soul Eater)
    Riku: I just can't stand your foul stench.
    Ansem: You are a fool. You should know my powers well by now.
    Riku: Yeah, I know. Or did you forget? I used all the power you had to give---
    and Sora still beat me. I'm not at all impressed with your powers!
    Ansem: Very well. In that case---
    (Darkness surrounds Ansem)
    Ansem: You shall sink into the abyss!
    (Ansem releases a huge wave of darkness. Riku tries to fight the pressure given
    off. Riku is transported to a dark area with only a single white platform)
    Riku: Huh?
    (Ansem's Guardian appears and attacks Riku. Riku dodges)
    Ansem: Hm!
    (Riku fights and defeats Ansem. They reappear back in the castle)
    Ansem: Insolent brat!
    (Ansem fires a dark energy ball at Riku. Riku catches it with his weapon and
    slashes it, causing it to dissipate)
    Riku: Ansem!
    Ansem: Huh?
    (Riku runs to Ansem and slashes through him)
    Riku: This is the end!
    Ansem: This...is hardly...the end... Your darkness---I gave it...all to you...
    My dark shadow...lingers... Someday... Someday... I will return!
    (Ansem explodes and releases a huge cloud of darkness. Riku is consumed)
    Riku: Sora... Kairi...
    (Mickey's sphere appears)
    Mickey: Gosh, Riku, I know you wanted to do this alone...but ya don't mind
    gettin' a LITTLE help, do ya?
    (Mickey appears and helps Riku out of the darkness. Back in the castle, they
    enter the First Floor and are about to exit the castle)
    Mickey: So, Riku...what happens next? Are you goin' home?
    Riku: I can't go home---not yet. It's still here. It's really faint, but I can
    sense him. So I think his darkness may still have a hold on me.
    Mickey: Your darkness belongs to you. Just the same way your light does. Up
    till now, I thought darkness was something that should never exist. Then I
    spent time with you and changed my mind. The road you chose---I didn't know.
    Light and dark, back to back. With you, I think they might meet in a way
    nobody's seen before. Wonder where that road leads. I'd like to see myself.
    Riku: Hm?
    (Mickey holds out his hand)
    Mickey: I'd like to walk the road with ya.
    (Riku laughs and joins his hand with Mickey's)
    Riku: Your Majesty, I'm really flattered... I don't know what to say.
    Mickey: Gosh, Riku, you know you don't have to call me that now. We're pals.
    Riku: Fair enough, Mickey.
    (They both leave the castle. They are wearing black coats as they walk down a
    dirt path surrounded by grass. They come to a crossroads of four paths and meet
    with DiZ in the center)
    Riku: What are you making me choose now?
    DiZ: Between the road to light---and the road to darkness.
    Riku: Neither suits me.
    (Mickey is surprised. Riku walks past DiZ to the road in the middle)
    Riku: I'm taking the middle road.
    DiZ: Do you mean the twilight road to nightfall?
    Riku: No. It's the road to dawn.
    (The credits roll, with the song "Simple and Clean" playing in the background.
    During the credits, several screenshots from Reverse/Rebirth are shown. After
    the screenshots, some characters from Reverse/Rebirth appear on the screen and
    each perform a different animation. Three new cutscenes are also shown. The
    first one shows Riku and Mickey walking down a path in Hollow Bastion. Riku
    feels pain in his heart and stops walking. He ignores it and walks on, leaving
    Mickey worried. Mickey rejoins Riku. The next scene shows a blond-haired boy
    walking down the streets of Twilight Town. Three kids eating sea-salt ice cream
    walk past him. Axel appears and puts his hand on the boy's shoulder and talks
    to him. Both of them are then shown on top of a large clock tower, eating ice
    cream and chatting. The last scene shows Naminé and DiZ looking after Sora,
    who's still asleep in his pod. A silver-haired figure wearing a black coat
    walks into the room. The credits end. A scene is shown with the blond-haired
    kid about to walk up an alleyway in Twilight Town. Words appear on the screen
    as the scene goes by)
    Beyond the path without you
    is a forgotten promise to keep.
    (The three other kids walk over to the boy. They talk)
    We may have walked side by side,
    but now we go on back to back.
    And though our paths may not cross,
    all paths are connected somewhere.
    (The boy walks to the top of the clock tower and stands there overlooking the
    When I arrive at where you are,
    we may not appear to be as we were...
    But we'll make another promise to keep.
    [End of REVERSE/REBIRTH, and the whole story]
    [EXTRA DIALOGUE---------(EDL)]
    Sora's Story:
    -Floor 1 Exit-
    Goofy: Gawrsh, you think there are more like Axel and that other guy?
    Donald: If we meet Axel again, you can leave him to me!
    -Floor 2 Enter-
    Goofy: Harrow... Halo... Hmm... That's funny. Why can't I remember?
    Donald: We'll be here all week if we wait for Goofy to remember!
    -Floor 2 Exit-
    Goofy: Once we get out of the castle, let's help Jiminy rewrite the journal!
    Donald: I don't think Jiminy would erase his own journal.
    -Floor 3 Enter-
    Goofy: There's no way we could ever forget our friends!
    Donald: If you're still remembering the silly stuff, we'll be okay.
    -Floor 3 Exit-
    Goofy: I bet Riku and the king are still together.
    Donald: We've got to find the king soon! I know I'll never forget that!
    -Floor 4 Enter-
    Goofy: Kairi will be real happy if you find Riku and bring him home.
    Donald: Don't you lose the good luck charm Kairi gave you!
    -Floor 4 Exit-
    Goofy: What's on your mind, Sora? Seems like you're in another world.
    Donald: Snap out of it! We've gotta find the king and Riku!
    -Floor 5 Enter-
    Goofy: Something or another is bound to make you remember your friend's name.
    Donald: Another friend, huh? Why didn't you mention her before?
    -Floor 5 Exit-
    Goofy: See how much you remembered! It won't be long before her name comes back
    to you, too.
    Donald: Aww, I wish I had lots of buried memories to remember.
    -Floor 6 Enter-
    Goofy: Don't you just hate it when something's on the tip of your tongue?
    Donald: If you ask me, you're THIS close to remembering your friend's name.
    -Floor 6 Exit-
    Goofy: Naminé... So that's her name. Aren't you glad you finally remembered?
    Donald: Who cares what the bad guys say, anyway? Wak!
    -Floor 7 Enter-
    Goofy: Any friend of yours is a friend of ours. Let's go help Naminé!
    Donald: Come on, Sora! We gotta rescue Naminé from the bad guys!
    -Floor 7 Exit-
    Goofy: Gawrsh, what coulda happened to make Riku talk like that?
    Donald: We'd better go after Riku!
    -Floor 8 Enter-
    Goofy: It sure is nice to have the happy Sora back.
    Donald: Try not to get TOO excited, Sora!
    -Floor 8 Exit-
    Goofy: Once you help Riku get his memories back, you'll be friends again in no
    Donald: Riku is so stubborn! Has he always been like that?
    -Floor 9 Enter-
    Goofy: It'll be real nice when you, Riku, and Naminé can laugh together again.
    Donald: Kai... Kai... Wak?! That's weird. I can't think of her name.
    -Floor 9 Exit-
    Goofy: Maybe Riku doesn't want to fight with you anymore.
    Donald: Careful! You never know where Riku might be hiding!
    -Floor 10 Enter-
    Goofy: If you remember your promise to Naminé, then you still must have your
    important memories.
    Donald: Special promises like yours are meant to be kept.
    -Floor 10 Exit-
    Goofy: I got a bad feeling about all this. We should be careful.
    Donald: The other side of your heart? Is that where the stuff you forget goes?
    -Floor 11 Enter-
    Goofy: You think there are memories on the other side of MY heart? Kinda
    Donald: If you ask me, Vexen's waiting to trap us!
    -Floor 11 Exit-
    Goofy: Riku's good luck charm turned into...a card?!
    Donald: So you and Riku had the same memory? Hmm...
    -Floor 12 Exit-
    (After Riku battle)
    Naminé: Everything is my fault...
    (After Larxene battle)
    Naminé: I wish I could help Riku. I'm the one who caused his suffering...
    Goofy: You're a nice guy, Sora. Why? It's a secret, a-hyuck!
    Donald: What if we have to face Axel AND Marluxia?
    -Floor 13 Enter-
    Goofy: Promises never fade, even if all our memories do.
    Donald: Let's deal with Marluxia and get our memories back!
    -Before Final Battle-
    Naminé: Your heart can withstand even Marluxia's power. I know it!
    Donald: You ready? 'Cause whatever's behind that door seems really powerful...
    Goofy: As long as we remember our promise, there's nothing we can't face!
    Riku Replica: I'll take care of Naminé. I promise.
    -100 Acre Wood-
    Piglet: I just can't seem to make up my mind. Whatever should I do?
    Roo: You can't just bounce around. You gotta watch how Tigger bounces.
    Eeyore: I can't do without my tail...
    Eeyore: Thanks for accidentally helping me, Pooh. You too, Sora.
    (If Sora was to return to the 100 Acre Wood after leaving for the first time,
    and if he were to exit again, the following conversation between Pooh and Sora
    would occur)
    Sora: I guess we can't go any farther. So Pooh, wasn't it more fun looking for
    friends together?
    Pooh: Yes. Thank you.
    (Pooh sits down on the grass)
    Pooh: Whew... I've walked so far, I think I need a little rest. If only I had a
    honey pot to keep me company...
    Sora: ... Well, I'd better be going.
    Pooh: Where to?
    Sora: To look for my friends.
    Pooh: Are you sure you don't need my help?
    Sora: Yeah. You should stay close to home.
    Pooh: All right, Sora. I'll be sure to do the remembering for both of us.
    -Basement 2 Enter-
    Mickey: The power of light should keep Ansem locked up for a while.
    -Basement 2 Exit-
    Mickey: Gosh, it sure feels like I've met DiZ somewhere before.
    -Basement 1 Enter-
    Mickey: You'd never let the darkness get the best of you. I'm sure of that.
    [End of the script]

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