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"RE: Re: Chain of Memories"

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories for the PlayStation 2 is a remake of Chain of Memories for the Game Boy Advance. Re:Chain of Memories was released as a bonus for Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ in Japan. Now Square has finally decided to release it overseas, which is a first. Square has a reputation for keeping remakes and goodies to Japan strictly. Just how does this game fare? Read on.


The graphics are good. People who have played the Game Boy Advance version of this game will love them. Otherwise, they look fine for a PlayStation 2 game, but rushed in some areas.

Overall, some special attacks and combos look really well done, some look forced or rushed.

STORY: 7/10

It's a continuation of the first Kingdom Hearts. Sora and company waltz into Castle Oblivion, following a mysterious cloaked man. As they progress through floors, they remember forgotten memories and forget current memories. In Sora's way is a group of people clad in black that belong to a group called the "Organization". Sora meets with old friends and foes from the first Kingdom Hearts.

The Disney worlds have no voice acted cutscenes, and since there are only 3 story room for each Disney world, it feels rushed and out of place sometimes. Each floor of Castle Oblivion comes with voice acted cutscenes directed at the main story.

Overall, the story feels rushed and awkward at some places, but it's good enough for a Kingdom Hearts game.


You create your own dungeons. Upon defeating an enemy, you are granted a "map card" with a numerical value from 0-9. You use these map cards to open paths to the next room, essentially creating your own dungeon.

There are 4 special map cards. Key to Beginnings, Key to Guidance, and Key to Truth. These three are used for Story rooms

The final is Key to Rewards. These are very rare to come by and are used for special reward rooms.

This game does not play like any other Kingdom Hearts. Cards are used. There are 4 card categories, Attack, Magic, Item, and Enemy. Attack cards consist of Keyblades, such as the Kingdom Key and the Lady Luck. Magic contains Fire, Thunder, Aero, Blizzard, Gravity, Stop, and summon cards. Items contain Ethers, Potions, and much more. Enemy cards are cards that resemble enemies and have a certain ability or effect that relates to said enemy.

All cards(Except Enemy Cards) are numbered from 0-9. 0 is a wild card that can break any number of cards in play. 1-9 are simple and straight forward.

Cards may be chained together in pairs of twos or threes to form Sleights. Certain combination of cards or values will form in a special Sleight. For example, forming 3 different attack cards(Different Keyblades) of a 10-15 numerical value will form Blitz. After using a Sleight, the first card you used to form the Sleight will be lost, until the end of the battle.

Once all your cards are used, you must reload them. There is a card counter at the beginning of each deck. Holding "X" until it fills up will reload your cards. After each reload, the counter will raise by one, until it is at three, which is the max.

Cards are obtained by platforming rooms, story events, or Moogle shops.(Which are a map card)

Overall, the card system feels solid and well-done, but sometimes it gets annoying.


Rarely will the controls feel clunky.


It'd be a spoiler if I mentioned it now. Complete the game for a nice bonus...

MUSIC: 8/10

Mostly tunes reused from the first Kingdom Hearts, and Chain of Memories, but it doesn't feel awkward. New music has been made for Castle Oblivion and Boss fights with Org. members.


Ansem appears in the "replay value"

Riku is back, and Sora and Riku constantly bicker and fight, just like in Kingdom Hearts.
The Disney worlds are classic for everyone who grew up with Disney.
If you've played the Game Boy Advance version of this game, you will love the transitions from Game Boy Advance to PlayStation 2.



Unique battle system
Budget title
Solid controls
Catchy music
Somewhat interesting plot


Plot is somewhat cheesy
Battle system may be looked down upon by some
Music may get tiring


Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories is a great game for the PlayStation 2, even if you've already played the original on Game Boy Advance. I have owned the Game Boy Advance version since release, and I can say this game was well worth my money. It's a budget title as well, for only $35 dollars.($30 for US citizens.)

If you are a Kingdom Hearts fan and you've a PlayStation 2, this game is a must get!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/26/08

Game Release: Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories (US, 12/02/08)

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