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"Good for players without a handheld"

Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories is a remake of a remake. The thing about this game is that it still feels new. The original game for the GBA was basically the same from what I have read, but I never played it on the GBA.

Like all of the other games there is that one guy who says "darkness" until it becomes so cheesy and redundant that you just skip the scenes, but overall the characters are fun and interesting. Also playing from a Kingdom Hearts 2 point of view it is nice to see were you first meet the Organization and what actually happened to all of the missing members in the second game.

The story is rehashed from the first game for the mot part until you get past all the worlds that you had already visited in the first game. The fun is not really had until later in the game anyways, but you do get the nostalgia feeling throughout.

The game play is tough at some points. The card system while not perfect does make the game challenging. Some people will complain about the card system(me being one of them), but if they didn't put it in the game it would be to easy to play through. Once a few decent cards are you will breeze through normal fights but some bosses will knock you around a bit.

The graphic's are the same as the last Kingdom Hearts so there is no improvement that I saw. The music is rehashed also, but the ending theme is a remix of the original.
Overall the Sora side of the story is fun and it's good to see what happened, but not really worth the money for a remake of a remake.

The Riku side however gives you a reason to buy this if you have some extra money. Although this story is rehashed toa fourth degree until you make it to the second floor from exiting the castle it is nice to see what Riku was doing. The only real problem with Riku's trout through Castle Oblivion is that you can not customize his deck which makes it tough on some of the bosses because your highest card is a five and the boss has a few nine's to throw at you.

Other then minor gripes the game is fun to play through and your really getting a game and a half from Square-Enix which does not happen much from any publisher.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/12/09

Game Release: Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories (US, 12/02/08)

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