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"A spectacular remake of a mediocre game."

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, was not so great of a game. It had crummy gaphics [Even for the Game Boy Advance], mediocre gameplay, and a sloppy story. Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories takes the horrible and turns it into the wonderful. Square Enix did a great job reinventing a GBA game onto the Playstation 2. In this review, I'm going to touch up on the differences between this installment and the original, both good and bad.

Graphics: 7/10

Graphics are starting to matter less and less in this day and age, yet anybody can be annoyed by horrible graphics. For a PS2 game released after the Play Station 3, the graphics are good. Not spectacular, but good. In most of the cutscenes, the graphics look like specs of colored dust making up the TV. [ie, it's blurry.] It's overlookable, but it seems like Square didn't try hard enough with this factor-- Or maybe too hard. Looking at in-game graphics, they are pretty amazing for a PS2 game. During battle and on the field, Sora makes crisp movements and swift swings of the keyblade, looking wonderful all the while.

On the 2-D original, you could barely tell where you were striking, except for the fact of what's straight in front of you. Graphics can easily effect other aspects of the game, such as gameplay...

Gameplay: 10/10

Compared to the original, this remake has a lot more to offer gameplay wise. However, it still involves the original's battle system. The battle system can be be pretty annoying if you don't know how to use it. If you've played the original, it's practically the same, just 3-D. If you haven't...

Battling in this game is a lot more complicated than the simple button-mashing of Kingdom Hearts & Kingdom Hearts II. To battle, you have a deck of cards with numbers on them, ranging from 0-9. The enemies also have they're own deck. When you each put out a card, the card with the higher number takes precedence, and the enemy/Sora using the card gets to take their turn, while the losing Heartless [Or Sora] does nothing. The battling itself is much like in Kingdom Hearts and in Kingdom Hearts II. This game, however, takes that battle system and calls it to require much more strategy.

Story: 9/10

As Sora travels to the top of Castle Oblivion, the games setting, he loses his memories while gaining new ones. Throughout the game, you travel the the same "worlds" that Sora & co. traveled to in Kingdom Hearts. This, however, is not the main plotline. After Sora travels through his lost memories in each world, he arrives on a new floor on Castle Oblivion. He may encounter members of Organization XIII-- The band of people who are messing with Sora's memories.

The story is very simple, yet also perplexing. The characters are what makes what would be a pretty bland storyline into an interesting one.

Pacing: 5/10

This is the downside of the game. As you go through each world again and again and again [And again...] ... It becomes extremely boring. Only the last few worlds in the game actually have much anything to do with the main plotline, and during most of the game, the only story-line action going on is in-between each world. That is the one major flaw of this game, sadly.

Overall: 7.75 [8]

If you've played the original or any of the other Kingdom Hearts games, this one will be a wonderful addition. The only problem is how you can easily lose the motivation to play during times when there is practically no real story, other than the pieces you've seen over and over again.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/23/09

Game Release: Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories (US, 12/02/08)

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