How do I beat Riku IV?

  1. I know there's already a topic on this but it's not very helpful. im on the 4th riku fight, right after destiny islands. im at level 45, and i havn't electivly learned any sleights. is there a strategy to use besides sonic blade, or do i just have to level up my sleights until i learn it?

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    Balmung04 - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    i have literally tried everything.. I have a Jafar, Queen Card and Vexen in my deck.. plus like 7 zeros and everything I can throw at him.. and I STILL cannot beat him. I just do not know what to do anymore. I have never been so frustrated on a video game in my life

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    Eye_of_Valmar - 8 years ago

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  1. What I did was use a deck built off of Ars Arcanum; the deck had ten lines of keyblades with numbers one or two, then three cures, and the Jafar card so that he couldn't break the low level Arcanum sleight. After the sixth or seventh attack he went down.

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  1. When he uses dark aura, make sure to use a 0 card, it can save your butt big time and make sure u got good cards in your deck aswell.

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  2. I'm stuck on him too. But I'm getting pretty close by having almost every other card being a 0 value. As long as I'm not trying for two hours like I was for I think fight #2, I'll be okay.

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  3. This is a very difficult fight indeed. When I took him on I was a level 50-55, I believe, so a little leveling couldn't hurt. Anyway, in terms of general strategy you'll need some nice CP for the required cards. For me it was (ideally) Oogie-Boogie Card, Vexen, optional Captain Hook if you have the CP to go the extra mile) 5-6 cures (if the 1st one is premium it works quite well with or without a mega-ether), mostly 9 attack cards with a few 8's in the very beginning if you need them, 2-3 potions, optional clouds or fires, at LEASTone ether, one elixer (lower is fine to save on CP, a 1 will do you just fine) and 4-6 0 kingdom keys. This list can be tweaked and neglected a little bit if you don't have the CP to pull it off. Here's how you use them:

    Start the battle by selecting your reload card and then charging it almost completely to full, avoiding the first few attacks Riku throws at you with a dodge roll and continuing to charge as needed. Before hand you should have placed your 0 kingdom keys (CP friendly) at the very bottom of your deck so that they're just to the left of your reload card. Shortcut either the first of these, or the first of your cures. Preparation complete, break Riku's next attack with an 8 or 9 card and nail him with a combo. If you stand a somewhat nice distance from him, you can wait till he uses a card, then break it before it hits you. This will do damage as well as deplete his deck slowly. If he ever prepares to use a slieght, break it with one of your trusty 0's near the reload card. When you run out of attack cards, chain a potion and a few cures together to make a hard to break Reload/Cura combo. (This works really well if one of the cures is premium, as you will actually get it back from the middle of the slieght to use in a curaga sleight later). If you suffer damage but are not at low/critical health, use an Oogie Boogie to keep you going for a while, or throw a cure/cura/curaga in fornt of it first as needed. As soon as it wears out use Vexen so that you KNOW you have a second chance. Repeat this until you get to your magic cards. If you have clouds/fires, chain them together or use the higher ones in card breaks as needed, and then heal and refil with ether/mega-ether to do it again.

    The next step depends on your life and Riku's cards. If he stops to reload his because you've been breaking them a lot, then use your almost full reload card to reload yours as well and wail on him some more. If he's still going strong and you need cards, use an elixer+any card+any card slieght to reload ALL of your cards and get ready to rumble. (Friend cards work well for this as they hardly can be used without him breaking them) If for some reason your second chance has been exhausted, and you have Captain Hook, use it immidately as it can save you from heaps of damage a couple of times for the remainder of the fight. Once reloaded, use the above strategies again to keep chugging along. You have 2 very easy-access reloads before things get hairy at all, and with enough damage dealth before you need to reload your whole deck, you shouldn't need the 3rd.

    This is my best strategy for all bosses, and has yet to let me down on proud mode. good luck, and sorry for the rant. ^_~

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  4. The one with a long answer seems effective, but try mine.

    Have a Jafar card, Card Soldier card and Vexen Card with you in your deck. The other cards is up to you. Make sure you have cures.

    Jafar card, because your cards won't be broken as long as they are placed.

    Card Soldier after Jafar, because your attacks will be very fast, and give Riku a hard time to recover.

    Vexen card after Card Soldier(sometimes you need to use it, even if the card soldier card is not yet finished), because you will be revived, if you die, but only by about 1/4 hp.

    Just attack him, heal when needed, and use a 0 card when he uses sleights.

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  5. never mind I got him

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  6. For me i had 3 things 0 cards (at least 4-5), lots of HP&Cures, and Sonic Blade ^o^! ( i use sonic blade because it cause Riku to flinch alot causing him to have a small chance of breaking it, does alot of damage, and looks awsome!)

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  7. also some advice, put your lowest value card first (DON"T USE 0'S!!!)

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  8. I just got through this one. I tried the 0 technique and he just cheesed me with sleight spams when recharging. I got pissed and used his own technique back and completely raped him. Here is what I did (cards are listed in the order I had them).

    *note you will need between 900 and 1k cp (none of my cards were premiums). I think I was at 975 at the time*

    18 attack cards ranges 9-8. I didnt care about what keyblade it was, their primary role is to stop everything he tosses. I had eight 9s and ten 8s.

    Two 0 cards followed by a single 1 card

    3 Simbas, mine were levels 8,6 and 6

    Two cure 9s

    4 Fires as high as you can get, mine were three 9s and an 8

    2 Elixir, 1 Megilixir, and an Hi-potion. mine were levels 0,1,6 and 9 respectively.

    The cards were in that exact order. From the start I locked on and did not let it release and spammed sleights. You can spam it or do it quickly as soon as Riku is going to attack to break his card. Your first few attacks will be Zantetsuken and Sonic Blade. The final sonic will stun for a short time to execute Ars Arcanum. It wont last long but the short time it runs it will slash a huge chunk of life off (one time it lasted for the entire move). If he breaks this and he probably will you are going to get hit. But his day will be ruined fast by Simbas stun. Follow the stun up with a 3 card combo of Cura+ fire. Next comes Firaga. Finally time your next card because its the lifeblood of your assault. If he is still stunned use your first item card quick, otherwise wait for an opening (or his card to break if you can). Rinse, repeat 2 or 3 cycles and he will be defeated.

    If your luck is really bad and he stops all your items, stay calm and recharge normally and begin with another sleight spam and try the items again when you get to them. I hope this helps.

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  9. you CAN beat him, I can't tell you a perfect strategy because I don't know you but I will say some tips.
    First, you should have at least two 0 cards, do not use zantetsuken because it does too little damage and if you use you 0's it eats them up, I recommend putting the 0's in the front and scroll past them that way when you need them for breaking a sleight or a card that could kill you you only need to scroll one card back.
    Second, if you don't have many sleights then focus mostly on raw attack, use about x9 9 cards, with the weakest card being about a C in strength. Have about 6 or 7 magic cards focusing mostly on a single element, fire, lightning, or blizzard, so you can use some 'gas, no gravities or stops though.
    Third, you only NEED 2 cures, but you can add more if you want, try to keep them at least at a 6, and have at least one item, I'd use an elixir, for both magic and weapons, try to also get at least a 6.
    Finally, if you have space add a shadow card and if you have it, dragon maleficent, they are completly optional though. if you're going to use an item use the item in a sleight with the item first followed by two cures, so you get an instant reload and a cura with it being hard to break. If you still have space you can add more 9 attack cards, or an item, but all in all, get used to your deck, adjust your deck according to how much health and cp you have, and learn which of his cards do what, making it easier to avoid, like if he does the sleight where he jumps into the air several times and on the final jumps a lot of beams shoot out of the ground then glide throughout the attack if you can, you won't get hurt.

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  10. Try Lethal flame and omnislash, it will be useful... i beat him using this kind of deck
    STOP+Attack Card+Attack Card (Lethal Flame)
    STOP+Attack Card+Attack Card (Lethal Flame)
    STOP+Attack Card+Attack Card (Lethal Flame)
    STOP+Attack Card+Attack Card (Lethal Flame)
    (Ars Arculum)
    (Ars Arculum)
    (Ars Arculum)
    (Ars Arculum)
    Mega Potion
    Cloud ( all three for an omnislash)
    use it , it might help.

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  11. One strategy you could use will almost guarantee you'll win.

    First, set up a deck with a bunch of 6s, 7s, and 8s, along with some cures and a high potion.

    Then, line up the cards for several Sonic Blade sleights. Then use them over and over again, and when you run out, use the high potion in a sleight, then repeat.

    Even though Sonic Blade is weaker than Lethal Flame, using this strategy will likely work, and we won't be able to lay a finger on you.

    You could use Lethal Flame, but the risk of getting killed becomes higher since he doesn't die immediately after using them again after using the high potion, and trust me, I tried using this strategy, and he killed me.

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  12. 5 lethal flame sets, 4 cures, then a medly of mega-ethers and elixers
    carried me from vexen up to marluxia
    Makes it a bit to easy though......

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  13. I first got a deck of high summon cards and attack cards then I added a few cures and then i had oogy boogie's card and vexen too

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  14. Watsup, I just beat this fight, be careful cuz Larxene is right after and harder ... much harder.

    Anyways. All I did to beat Riku was I put every single Fire and Cure I had and just card broke him with Firaga A LOT. I beat him in like 2 relaods. A mega ether won't hurt either. I think I had a lvl 9 one. Hope I helped. ((I only had 4 cure cards but it worked for me. 3 of them were prems.))

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  15. Right forgot about 0s. I had two for dark aura.

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  16. There's no such thing as a "Sonic Blade" sleight...

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  17. A lot of these explanations seem ... overly long and complicated. I was around level 32 or so when I beat this boss (with somewhere around 290 HP) using the following cards:

    LVL 9 Oathkeeper x 6
    LVL 8 Oathkeeper x 2
    LVL 7 Cure x 2
    LVL 0 Cure x 1
    Vexen Card
    Oogie Boogie Card

    With a Hi-Potion and Hi-Ether (I never needed them, they were just in case). I used the LVL 0 Cure to block all his sleights (immediately going to a corner and reloading, dodging as needed), and if I absolutely needed to heal I used one of my level 8 cards with the two LVL 7 cures.

    Make sure you use Vexen's card at the start (if you die, use Oogie Boogie's card), and don't use any sleights except for healing. If you absolutely have to, go ahead (that's what the Potion is for), but even if you do and don't put the potion in you can still beat him with three LVL 9 Oathkeeper cards.

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  18. There's something I call sleight combo, wich are 3 sleights who, after u reload, u'll have 2 other sleights left. Here are some exemples:

    Thunder Raid
    Lethal Flame

    Lethal Flame
    Lethal fame

    Ther are many other sleights combos, and they are VERY useful cuz u can make 5 sleights with 9 cards. So try to biuld your deck like this:

    Sleight Combo
    Sleight Combo
    Sleight Combo
    Sleight Combo
    Cure Sleight

    This may look like a really small deck, but u can do 20 sleights with it! Of course, u'll have to choose powerfull sleights, cuz u're strict to 20 sleights. Don't worry if u're taking long to create sleight combos, cuz it rally takes long at the begining. Don't worry about his sleights, if u make it quick, he won't even have time to use them (I mean Dark Aura, but the other sleights are easy to dodge). A bout the enimy cards, try using these:


    I'd say u use they at this order. I u still can't beat him, try leveling up to put more sleight combos and another cure sleight.

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  19. Ok, here is my sure-fire strategy which is kinda nooby but works on Riku IV and the second battle with Larxene
    Have 15 or more keyblade cards
    Be able to do Sonic Blade
    A lot of High Number Cards

    Have the order of your cards go 6, 7, 8, 6, 7, 8 (You don't need it to be 6, 7, 8 but any 3 numbers that go to around 22) Then just spam Sonic Blade it'll bring down about one bar and can finish him off pretty quickly. Also your next battle is Larxene you can spam Sonic Blade for her too

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  20. Here's a little tip...

    1) Have you got 9,8,7 cards with you? if so, try arranging them in series of 9's 8's and 7's.
    2) 9 is a difficult card to break but the sleight is rather useless... only to the extend of having high number card.
    The 8,8,8 card sleight is good for long distance and 7,7,7 card sleight is good for multiple attacking.
    3) since you'll have no choice but to use the sleight all the time, 3 or 4 Hi-potion cards would help provided you are of hardcore mode like me with low health (i played this with 155 health and won with a few losses).
    4) you'll need a lot of cure cards and since you have Hi-potion cards (use wisely) 1 attack with cura and carging up to nearly full charger would help a lot, in fact, it actually worked out quite well. Just keep charging until you really need it. So keep attacking until you have no cards, charge, attack heal sleight then attack, rinse, lather, repeat.
    5)0 cards are a life saver as they completely disable even all powerful attacks. So the best is to have 5 or 6 of these babies (of course i'm talking about kingdom key 0 card as it is the cheapest so keep them if you get them, others are very expensive other than wishing star).
    6) Riku is immune to certain types of magic, but i don't bother with it as it wastes CP and hardly does damage.
    7) ALWAYS and i mean it, ALWAYS!! break Riku's elixir, hi-potion, mega potion cards as it will kill you by having his card back to tip top condition.
    8) Don't bother with other item cards as it will only make you go confused. even if you wanted one, go for 1 mega potion as it will reset the charge counter and retrieving all cards back. Don't ever touch the megalixir and elixir cards or don't even bother with it as it is just a waste of CP.

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  21. Oh... forgot to add one more. arrange your card into a series of strike, thrust, and finish.

    1st 6 levels

    For example: pumpkin head( good at strikes (C+)) + pumpkin head (good at thrusts(C+)) + Olympia ( finisher is B)

    next few levels

    i kinda forgot but take note on the attack strikes, thrust and finishers. Try going C+ and above cuz C+ damage is not bad too. Don't just suggest one weapon with one type of ability, analyze all 3 attack modes. I hardly bother with the break recovery, got kinda used to it.... Try putting all finishers with raking B, B+, A and A+. These are the best. Don't bother with element type attack cards... they only make your life more miserable. Do add metal chocobo to your deck coz it has a neutral ability with attacks even though enemy has a shield.

    Good luck.

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  22. Someone else said this, but i think this needs emphasis:


    Line up a bunch of sonic blade sleights (20-23, 3 different type keyblades) and let loose. Once the attack starts he can't stop you. I beat him my first try in about 45 seconds this way, no joke. Just spam sonic blade and he will go down easily. I had a lot of cp at the time and had about 11-12 of these sleights lined up, but you probably won't need that many. Keep a few 0's handy for his bigger sleights just in case, and a hi-potion or elixir or two if needed. If you use sonic blade repeatedly he will go down fast and easy. This also works wonders for Larxene. Never had a problem with either of them.

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  23. Since you DON'T have Sonic Blade, and most of these responses rely on that, I would suggest a minor abuse of the card engine. No matter what, you can NEVER have fewer than ONE attack card in your deck, even if it's the first card in a sleight.

    Here's what you do:

    1x lv9 attack card (use the strongest you can)
    2x lv9 fire cards

    use the rest of your CP to fill your deck with cure cards, with as many 0 cards as you can. Using this deck, you can sleight the attack and fire cards together and hit him with a fira attack over and over and never run out of those cards, because that single attack card will NEVER disappear thanks to the rule of always having one attack card. Use the zero cards to break his attacks, focusing mostly on his super attack (the name of which is evading me now.) To avoid helm break, just jump and glide until the end, and counter as many of his regular attacks as you can with those healing cards.

    The beauty of this deck is that it only requires a few CP to pull off, and it can be used against basically every boss except axel, for whom I just switched out the fire cards for blizzard cards. It'll take a bit of adjustment to get used to this deck, but I beat at LEAST 1/2 of the proud mode bosses with this deck and this deck alone, and would have used it for more if I'd known about it sooner.

    A tip, though, is to NEVER use this in regular fights against heartless, because it'll take AGES to finish them off.

    Anyway, good luck!

    User Info: Ninja_Penguin

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