The 4th Riku battle is impossible, how do you beat him?

  1. I can't beat Riku the 4th time you fight him at all, it's like, impossible, and all my friends that have beat him were lower levels than me when they did. I've read Falconesque's walkthrough, shnickshnack's boss guide, and asked my friends how they beat him and tried everything and nothing is working. I'm ALSO stuck at this part on the Gameboy Advance version and it's super super annoying. x_x

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  2. Clarification Request::
    Did that help? If so, remember you need to click an "Accept" link to close the questions you open (unlike board topics, questions don't expire). If not, please elaborate on exactly what is still giving you problems. Thanks.

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  3. Clarification Request::
    That depends, are you talking about Sora's story or Riku's? With Sora's story it's just a matter of having a good deck (at least 4 cures, a mix of powerful attack cards in the 7-9 range, 2 or 3 rank 0 attack cards, and the Vexen card) and some good sleights (Sonic blade, the elemental strike raids, omnislash)

    With Riku's, it's infinitely more complex. Pretty much the only thing you can do there is try not to be hit and use your healing cards wisely.

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  1. When you say "everything", what specifically is not working? How is it not working? Doesn't matter, because the answer is that you need to give a hard look at your deck.

    Riku's fast and playing the Card Soldier enemy card is a good answer to that. But that's not necessarily the first concern.

    Keeping him at a distance is a big help. Playing a Red Nocturne enemy card and spamming Firaga can do that (usually my opening move, in fact). But make sure your Firaga isn't a sitting duck for a card break -- 1 + 1 + 1, not good; 1 + 3 + 6 (10), much better since only a sleight or zero card can break it. Plus if you have the first two rows well-setup identically, then after a reload you'll still have a formidable Firaga ready to go. (Good general tactic, BTW, not specific to Riku's fourth appearance.)

    Sonic Blade or Lethal Flame stop Riku cold. Both sleights are learned as level-up bonuses. With Sonic Blade you need to make sure every tap on triangle connects with the on-screen prompt. If you can, row after row of alternating seven cards make a big dent on his HP. If you don't have any Stop magic cards for Lethal Flame, go to Wonderland and synthesize a bounty-type room.

    If Riku plays Incrementor (appears with a counter beside his card revolver), DON'T play Parasite Cage. It gives you two reloads free of his Dark Aura.

    Riku's highly mobile. Attacks that expect him to hold still are gonna miss. But he is predictable. He runs straight at you, like as not, so Raid sleights have a good shot at tagging him.

    Lastly, there are two other enemy cards of note. Oogie Boogie can get you healed while you're avoiding attacks; best played if your health gets down to halfway. Include Vexen's enemy card in your deck. If things look bad, PLAY it. Auto-Life revives you, but only once and only with minimal HP, so you have about one shot to take Riku down or heal up.

    Otherwise, pay attention to the cards he's playing. Watch what he's stocking in the upper-right corner. Be ready to card break him. If you're not understanding enemy cards, look to the how-to in my guide (E.1.3).

    Look for more tips in these questions:

    Try Nova's walkthrough. You'll find attacks listed and all that if you prefer counter-punching, but take note of the leveling that guide recommends. (Level itself isn't a good measure, but it's important in this case for having certain sleights or more CP.)

    BTW, boss difficulty has changed since the GBA release. What works in ReCOM may not work there, or vice versa.

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  1. this one is easy o.o just do this

    thunder+atk+atk (any raid is good but thunder raid is strongest I belive and takes away alot of hp)

    wait for him to atk u 1st then card break his atk
    its recomended that u have high card numbers o.o dont forget to sometimes roll/dodge and glide arround like nothing is happening WHEN SOMETHING IS HAPPENING

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  2. safest way to deal with him is to spam Arc Arcanum covered with genie jafar enemy card. Be sure to time the triangle press correctly and you can take care 5-6 bar of his health. Use some Omnislash to finish him (is it just me or Riku seems to weak against cloud slashes, one slash decimate 1/2 of his bar) with correct timing and finger-flexes you can simply own him without any damage. (note: this only works for PS2 version, i don't know about GBA version)

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  3. Try this:
    Have at least 6 0 cards in your deck for Sora because you'll be needing it when the Replica will execute Dark Aura. For the enemy card I suggest you have to bring the ff:
    Fat Bandit - to deal high damage when performing Back Attack
    Large Body - for Reflect Guard
    Yellow Opera - for Thunder Boost
    Pirate - to turn all attack cards to 0
    Dragon Maleficent (If you cleared Hollow Bastion early) - sacrifice reload speed to strengthen Physical Attacks
    Gargoyle - as it reduces your chance of getting whacked by the Replica
    Captain Hook - to gain Second Chance
    Genie Jafar - to prevent card breaks in attack cards you use
    Hades - Strengthens attacks when on Dying Status

    I suggest you should be at Level 38-40

    If you're on right now checked this out! Here's my strategy for it.

    Before the start of the battle, have at least 6 o Kingdom Key cards or 3 Crabclaw Cards

    When he readies Dark Aura, Dodging is useless right as it will kill you instantly because of massive amount of combos. Isn't it right? So at the start of the battle, use the Pirate Card you got to turn every cards you have to 0 then use a the sleight Zantetsuken so that it will render it unreloadable. Keep on doing this until you run out of cards but be reminded that it if you use it to soon, the Replica might break yours. Keep on using Zantetsuken for all attack cards with same icons until you run out. You may also use Thunder Raid, Fire Raid, Blizzard Raid, or Judgement Sleights but you can also use Ga Sleights (e.g Blizzaga).

    Then when there's no card left Reload and then use Genie Jafar enemy card for an Attack Veil then keep on spamming the Replica with Sonic Blade, Blitz, or Last Arcanum if you're at level 42. As far as I remember I beat this replica only at Lv. 34 with some Fire and Thunder cards.

    I'm not suggesting you use every enemy cards I listed. Just only choose what's good for you. Well Good Luck.

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