What is a premium card?

  1. And what is the advantage of using them?are they really helpful?

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  1. Premium is an elevated state possible for any attack, magic, or summon card. Item and enemy cards are excluded and never appear as premium cards. Card packs purchased in moogle shops may include premium cards. In random battle, rare in most rooms but common in Premium Rooms, a heartless may drop a black-and-gold "P" card. If you pick it up, after battle you can pick a card from your deck to elevate that one card to premium status. Avoid picking a card valued "1", however, unless you're looking to sell the card.

    A premium card's CP is equal to its one card, regardless of the card's actual face value, so including a premium card in your deck may use much less of your Max CP. In many cases, but not always, a premium card sells for the same MP as its eight card. For face-values 1-7, this is an increase, but not for nine and zero cards, or if the selling price does NOT equal the eight card.

    Premium cards are classified as "unreloadable", but that's only a concern early in the game. The better item cards (whose descriptions state they can reload unreloadable cards) can bring the card back once it's "lost" in battle by being used as the first card of a combo or sleight. Careful placement in a deck keeps the card around longer before that becomes an issue, of course, the same as any other card.

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  1. Three things.
    1-They are cheaper. A premium will always have the cost of a card of that type with a number 1(a Kingdom Key 1 will cost 10, so every premium Kingdom Key will cost 10).
    2-They disappear after you use them in battle, and you can't reload them the normal way, not even with the item cards(they return after the battle, of course).
    3-They sell for more moogle points.

    Funny thing is, if you sleight some premium cards, the first will disappear as a premium(meaning it can't be reloaded, not even with items), but the others will still reload normally once.

    So you could put some easy to use cards like Thunder to do some bonus damage while costing very little, or you could put them at the start of a sleight. It will disappear for that battle anyways, but it won't reload with items, unlike normal cards sleights.

    If you don't think you would like them only once per battle, or you didn't like them in sleights for some reason, then sell them, since they sell for more.

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  2. Premium Cards sell for more and do more damage.

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  3. Premium card is like upgraded card. It has lower cost, but can't be reloaded so use it at your hunting deck. don't use it for boss battle. It will ruin your combo. except if you have a good math and deck builder skill.

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  4. BTW, documented a test case in a similar answer. Easy to duplicate and see for yourself.

    What's not said there is that repeating the test using the regular reload card (instead of a Mega-Ether card) restored the latter two Simba and latter two Thunder cards, just as you'd expect to see if you'd used nonpremium cards.

    Take care with the premium selector (and how cards are stocked, especially with that Cure-6 card) early in a new game, but once you get good at playing item cards, premium cards can offer you lots of possibilities.

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