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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by leifpowers

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/12/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Nobunaga's Ambition: Iron Triangle (NAIT) (PS2) FAQ
    Version 1.0
    By Leif Powers
    E-mail address: LEPmf@yahoo.com
    This document is in the public domain.
    Table of Contents 
    1.  Introduction
    2.  Grand Strategic Overview
    3.  Things to Remember
    4.  Getting the Second Fief
    5.  About Officers
    6.  About Unit Tactics
    7.  About Troop Unit Types and Armaments
    8.  Offensive Operations
    9.  Defense
    10. Fief Management
    11. About Diplomacy
    14. About Strategy Phase Tactics
    15. Story Events
    16. Clan Techs
    17. Unlocking New Stuff
    1. Introduction
    Nobunaga's Ambition: Iron Triangle is an excellent strategy game. It has a
    relatively strong delegation mechanics and fief switching controls, which
    allow you to implement something pretty close to the ideal strategy without 
    spending days tweaking every stupid fief (until you conquer large amounts of
    the map and have to clean up after the CPU's dreadful civil policy in all
    the conquered fiefs).
    The game does have one downside - a very diluted tactical representation.
    In contrast to Nobunaga's Ambition: Rise to Power, where you could massively
    compensate for civil and military disadvantages by skillfully manipulating
    the AI units (re: bypassing the enemy units to storm the enemy main camp), 
    in NAIT the whole game is correctly aligning your civil policy with your 
    current military needs.
    With that said, because NAIT has a developed logistical model, there are a
    number of moves you can make during operations to exploit the enemy disposition
    (reinforcements, unit mobility disparities, trapping and multi-way conflicts).
    Hopefully this guide should give a good outline of how to grow more powerful
    as quickly as possible.
    2. Grand Strategic Overview
    The game usually goes like this:
    1. If problems with powerful neighbors, upgrade castles and research/build
    Musket techs and Musket turrets. 
    2. Develop your fief to emphasize draft and gold. Get officers if you can.
    3. Set alliances, increase base troops, and otherwise prepare for an all-out
    assault on your weakest neighbors, leaving your own castle in a weak position.
    4. Reset the new fiefs into a similar state.
    5. Begin developing techs to efficiently take down castles (Rams,
    Infantry, etc.)
    6. Once you expand into double digit fiefs, consider developing Civil Tech
    depending on your fiefs' region. For example, in the Kanto plain, you have 
    tons of paddies, but in Kyushu, most of the techs are worthless.
    7. Start building with an eye on Food, since this is usually the biggest
    problem in conquering new lands at this point.
    8. Complete your clan techs and move towards fully-upgraded Dragoons by
    researching the Musket tree. Also upgraded Rams if needed.
    9. Create new Provinces and assign targets to guide the AI in helping you
    mop up the other 3/4 of Japan.
    3. Things to Remember
    - Sending low-INT units out to battle is a fool's errand.
    - If you are taking down a castle with your best officers, generally sending
    2x the number of garrisoned troops will balance preserving troops and
    food consumption. More of course depending on how strongly fortified (could
    be 4x if they have a monster castle ringed with Musket Turrets).
    - If you are building a few structures, combine your officers to squeeze in
    before the season turns. However, for many structures, send single officers
    (assuming 50+ POL) for each district.
    - Always repair ports (sometimes if you assign to a province, the repair
    gets cancelled) if you have any kind of gold on hand. The CPU will always
    fail to conquer if you appropriately man (and arm with muskets) as long as
    you fully repair the port. 
    - Threaten daimyo once they have one base. It's best to conquer the
    castle first and Threaten their port to increase your odds of success.
    - Build 3 Ninja Camps when bordered by famous daimyo, 2 Ninja Camps per
    castle otherwise. 
    - DO NOT attempt to fight in a Turret alleyway, ever. If you think you will
    get intercepted (if you aren't sure, the answer is yes) conquer somebody else 
    and attack from a better approach. 
    - Hang on to a few good Items if you know you will soon recruit powerful
    officers. This way you can immediately raise their loyalty and avoid the
    double whammy of fighting against them. You can also spam Reward but obviously
    at a cost.
    - If you have Gold and decent INT officers (70+), Inspiring your units is 
    pretty effective and allows them to use Taunt as the third tactic, which will 
    have better linkage than Rally and thus you might actually see it get used.
    4. Getting the Second Fief
    In any game that attempts to track actual troop strength, making your first
    conquest is usually the hardest part of the game, and NAIT is no exception.
    Generally you start out with a fixed set of officers, whom you may or may not
    be able to pay. The ronin usually aren't very good in this game, so hire as
    many as you can put to work with your current Gold supply, but waiting for
    good generals won't pay off. Bathhouses are worthless.
    The next step is usually growing your fief as you have many open spots. Gold
    is the limiting factor if you have a number of officers, so build Garrisons
    next to your Castle and either immediately build (if you will get attacked)
    or leave space for Turrets on the plots closest to your castle. 
    If you are very weak but already have Musket Turret available to research,
    research it also if you can spare the officers. They are the only way that you
    will repel large invasions with inferior generals. Depending on Engineering
    tech level, you may consider some other upgrades. 
    Once you have enough protection to hold on to your fief, you want to build up
    Barracks. Since you have no Fame, your popularity only gives you one or two 
    Draft commands a season. Accordingly, you must use your highest LEA officers
    to draft and help them out by building Barracks. 11 is a pretty good number,
    more than that and the game starts giving you only 50 additional troops per
    Once you have built up a number of troops, pursue Alliances if they can help
    you isolate on one force. Otherwise, you may need to buy more Muskets to 
    Once you have double the strength of the opposing fief (in officer quality
    and men), go send everything at it. The force mix will heavily depend on your
    clan tech, but usually you send 1 infantry unit to get the walls, and then
    your clan specialty to wipe out the troops. 
    To repel possible invasions on your weakened fief, you can wait until you
    have comparable forces as the surrounding territory. Additionally, Turrets
    will help you compensate for a lack of troops.
    Once at the enemy base, target the walls and intercept any units or 
    reinforcements that come out. In this game, you cannot really ignore the
    opposing units. Wipe them out and then immediately repair at least a small
    amount of the walls. 
    Rinse and repeat.
    5. About Officers
    Rule #1: Always Reward your officers if they have Normal sympathy towards you.
    Once they get 100 loyalty, Shingen's tricks don't work anymore. Keep the
    less loyal officers away from the more devious daimyo borders.
    Rule #2: Amplify strengths with items. You should seldom alternate battle 
    officers, so that they gain experience and new tactics. Accordingly, you 
    shouldn't try to cover weaknesses - you should just load up the VAL officers
    with VAL items, the INT officers with INT items, etc.
    Rule #3: Buy Aptitude-enhancing items for your high POL officers instead of
    benching your generals to research. Faster, less expensive, more efficient.
    Rule #4: Draft and Procure are more effective with high LEA and high POL
    officers respectively, so don't just use chumps to do these commands.
    Rule #5: Kinsmen rule Provinces. The best you can spare should be used.
    Early on when you are just delegating ports, you can use a 100 Loyalty chump.
    Alternatively you can screw the game rules and just reset if they declare
    independence since it's a time-saving measure anyway. You can use a 100 Loyalty
    hoss, but then you will need to remove all your kinsmen from the covered
    6. About Unit Tactics
    In general, you want to use anything that can Confuse the enemy. Sniping
    the enemy officer is excellent also. Rally is a helpful skill if you are not 
    paying close attention to the battle (Inspiring). 
    This is another reason why Bows are worthless, they have weak tactics.
    For units with Battle Tactics (Snipe, Thrust, etc.) high VAL is needed for
    best results. For units that only have Strategy Tactics (Confuse, Rally, etc.)
    you need high INT and experience. So your Ram doesn't need to have Munenori
    Yagyu in the company. Of course, experience is a given if you
    do the smart thing and don't rotate out generals. 
    Always assign 3 officers if you have 3 tactics.
    While you will generally use the highest point-value tactics first to 
    maximize linkage, using lower ones first is useful when facing elite units
    like Kenshin Uesugi, where you want to cut their troop numbers as quickly
    as you can in the beginning to avoid annihilation. Using lesser tactics can
    also be helpful if your highest level tactic is Strategy-type (e.g. Confuse) and
    the enemy's INT is too high for it to work consistently. 
    7.  About Troop Unit Types and Armaments
    The game does a pretty good job of showing your unit strengths. In general,
    you will want to stick with your clan's tech (often you have no choice since
    you don't have alternative officers) in the beginning, diversify to the
    opposite type unit (troop killers vs. wall destroyers) and end up with 
    Dragoons and fully upgraded Rams or Cannons in the end game for food and power 
    If your clan is just weak, generally you want to field Infantry with Muskets 
    for range - no techs needed, reasonably well suited to most battles, pretty 
    good bang for the buck and survivability.
    Once you get more gold, substitute Cavalry for Infantry to alleviate food 
    In terms of mid-game, good alternative researches for complementary units are 
    the first four Infantry techs, Muskets with their first four techs and Superior 
    Ramrods, and Rams with their factory and Iron Axles.
    Bows can be useful early on if there are some lightly defended castles and
    you don't have the cash for Muskets. Mass bows will preserve much of the 
    castle walls and can be easier than using Cavalry or other units since you
    will take less time to bring down a castle with only a couple thousand troops.
    Ships are worthless because you only need to establish ports 3 times (really 2
    since Hokkaido only has 1 castle and so shouldn't need much effort to take
    if you started anywhere but the extreme north). Plus, in conquering a force
    that has a port, half the time you will receive a Boat or other useful
    I've never used Towers, but they are a poor substitute for Musket Tech.
    Still, if you do find lightly defended castles and have people to spare,
    Towers work.
    Cannons are pretty good against lesser technologied forces. It is not too hard
    to force the enemy out when you get free shots on castle (which is true for
    upgraded Muskets also, but to a lesser extent). However, you can't get them
    until later in the game, at which point you are more concerned about Food and
    troop battles. Plus they are not good against personnel, which is why I prefer
    Rams - easier to get early, less techs, far more useful in a big troop battle
    because of their huge defense if upgraded (50 - twice as much as Dragoons). 
    But against heavily fortified castles without Turrets, Cannons are very useful.
    8.  Offensive Operations
    In general, the principle to follow in NAIT is to stack your forces deeply
    and focus fire on any troops in the area. Once they have been eliminated, you
    go wail on the castle until the walls come down, or if the castle is well
    fortified, you surround it. (Or come back with Rams which is a far better
    strategy in terms of food)
    Whether it's better to focus on strong or weak depends on escape routes and
    so forth: if you can send the weaker unit back earlier, that often compensates
    for taking a beating from a strong one. Just annihilating the unit isn't that
    great because they still get their injured (although you get a morale boost
    which is usually worth it). 
    For a typical fief invasion, you bring your troops to the border without
    crossing, so that they re-form close together. Then you cross into it, moving
    quickly past Turrets that aren't adjacent to the castle. Eliminate all 
    unavoidable Musket Turrets before besieging the castle. 
    When the castle is allied with other troops, reinforcements will be dispatched.
    This is an excellent opportunity for intercept of poorly distributed units
    as the CPU does a poor job of keeping the Cavalry and ranged attackers 
    together. This is especially true if they go by sea and you have Muskets. 
    Be sure to dispatch them before they can get to the castle because...
    Both offensively and defensively, there is a trick to positioning your troops
    to use the castle as a meat shield. When you march out defensively, you can 
    go the opposite direction from the attackers and leave orders on finding new
    targets. Thus, you can march out your ranged attackers, giving them the
    ability to use unit tactics, while taking advantage of the castle walls for
    cover. Of course, this won't work if they target your unit with ranged, but
    unless you have a number of Musket Turrets, holding out is generally not 
    what's wanted. 
    If you let the enemy do this, you are giving them a huge advantage. 
    Picking off transport and engineer units is an excellent pastime. Usually
    you need Cavalry to do this though, the transport units particularly love to
    run away - which may be what you want if you don't have a lot of troops and
    are just trying to survive. 
    Reinforcements to other castles are nice also, but they tend not to pass too
    close by to you, so in the food vs. military advantage balance, it's not that 
    If you have a force's territory surrounded on two or more sides, there are
    sometimes opportunities to trap their units in reinforcement. If you attack
    a castle (ideally with a high-defense unit), they will march out from other 
    castles to defend. However, if their road network is lightly defended, you can 
    pursue the reinforcements and cut them off from both castles. 
    Anytime you see a force loading up at a port, that's a great time to leave
    your ports be and let them march out. You can reinforce the port when they 
    actually set out, and then deal their would-be navy severe blows when they
    arrive, cutting off their retreat. The CPU has the most ridiculous love for
    ports and will get a lot of troops killed going for those worthless towns.
    Muskets against skiffs is just gruesome.
    Any adjacent castle invasion is reason to jump in and attack whoever's winning.
    This is especially good with Cavalry and ranged attackers, which don't do well
    against walls. You let the attackers deal with the walls, and then you come
    in quickly and wipe everybody out. 
    You can take someone else's castle too or draw off their reinforcements, but
    if you don't have a good reason for keeping the other guys alive (balance of
    power), usually it's best to lie in wait and attack when they've beat each
    other senseless. 
    When planning to attack a port by sea (you will do this 3 times in the game), 
    you mass muskets and come all at once. There is no other way.
    On harder difficulties, oftentimes the CPU will stupidly attack adjacent
    forces instead of allying, weakening them. I find it's best to allow multiple
    forces to stay in play on harder difficulties, assuming they are viable (no
    single weak castles should be allowed to endure). Many, many times, you will 
    attack the stronger force, and open up opportunities for the weaker force to 
    attack them also. Playing them off one another is devastating, making Hard 
    sometimes easier than Easy. 
    Sometimes you want to force the enemy into a field battle. You can bait them
    into doing so if you target one of their castles from the outset of your march.
    If they reinforce from adjacent fiefs, you can engage them well outside the
    range of any defenses they may have in those fiefs. Likewise, if you wait to
    target the enemy castle until you reach the border, you will give the CPU
    no time to prepare for your invasion.
    Surround is not a very good order because it takes too long to deflate the
    castle's morale (~3 months if you bring the minimum force). I believe you can 
    speed it up by bringing extra troops with Taunt or other morale lowering 
    tactics, and have them attack the walls or reinforcements to build up Will (use 
    Manual tactics). 
    Even un-upgraded Rams will make relatively quick work of fully-upgraded castle
    walls so long as you use your best officers and take ten thousand or more 
    troops. If for some reason the castle has large numbers of troops, this is
    far preferable to attempting Surround and getting your people killed. You can
    mass your clan's best units with similar effect (e.g. 50000 cavalry commanded
    by your best officers will do a number on any castle). 
    If you put two well-manned and led Rams on a castle it melts.
    Always remember though, you should not attack without sufficient force. 
    Fighting and losing is a disaster in this game because instead of being able
    to follow up with increased pressure, they just repair their castle and
    heal their injured. The only time you should pressure is when
    one force is getting very powerful relative to the others and you need to
    keep them occupied fighting you. Starvation is pretty hard in this game
    because of the huge initial stocks of food and gold and the non-consumption of 
    food during peacetime. 
    9.  Defense
    Defense is excellent in NAIT because of all the obstacles you can set up
    for the invading force. 
    Before you even go on the defense, you should be tracking the troop levels in
    the adjacent fiefs to identify forces that might try an attack. On land, it
    usually trends that they will wait for 2-to-1 odds, as opposed to the sea,
    where they will do the same thing, except that they're actually 1-4 against
    when you consider the fact that your port fortifications and muskets will eat
    up their bow skiffs at a 10-1 ratio.
    Once the horn is blown, the first thing you need to decide is whether you can 
    keep the castle. If you can't, and don't intend to immediately retake, you need 
    to raze all your non-combat buildings before they cross into your territory and
    probably march out of the castle, trapping the invading force against your
    walls and extracting the maximum for your loss before fleeing.
    Next, depending on officer skill, you erect the Decoys and Turrets appropriate
    to the size of the invasion. Any additional repairs can go in, although
    upgrades usually take too long unless you intercept the forces in the field.
    Procure Muskets as needed to ensure that your castle (and any troops you 
    intend to sortie inside the castle or out) can do maximum damage.
    At this point, you know the troop strength, so you decide whether to 
    intercept them on the road, draw them in and then intercept, Mislead to break
    up their concentration, or let them all come in tight and then hold out.
    Interception on the road works great when the force is unevenly composed
    (Cavalry with Bows), since you can focus fire right away. You usually do this
    when the castle is under heavy attack and you need to relieve some of its
    burden. I've used just this technique alone to turn a moderate defeat into
    a huge victory after all action concluded by buying time for reinforcements
    to arrive and retake the castle after the enemy had suffered major losses. 
    Shingen got wiped out almost before the rest of that wing of the pincer even
    came up to confront my western forces, and it just went downhill for them. 
    Drawing them in is good when the enemy does not have very strong forces and
    you want to maximize the combined damage to their army. It's also good when
    your reinforcements will arrive soon and you wish to surround them instead
    of letting their forces take your units one at a time.
    Using Mislead is good in a number of situations, but particularly when you 
    have some Turrets on the road that you inherited. I've seen the Uesugi do
    some truly rotten things by Misleading forces back and forth along a Musket
    Turret line. Otherwise it's just good for improving focus-fire when you have
    a number of units in the area. 
    Letting them come in tight is good when your castle is heavily fortified 
    (itself or surrounded by Musket Turrets) and you have few good troops. If they
    move to Surround the castle, you can block them by just intercepting one of
    the forces. This is also the ideal situation for using the walls as a shield
    and having ranged attackers let loose while they are positioned inside. 
    It also works well when you intend to bring a superior force to annihilate the
    enemy and want to give the most time for the castle to deal out damage
    before committing your more-valuable troops (the castle takes money to 
    recharge which is a heck of a lot easier to come by than popularity). 
    Anytime you can use Rumor or Raid, do so, but I find that they are almost never
    recommended (therefore effective) tactics against the types of forces that 
    would actually attack you.
    Make sure to march out Cavalry as the engagements end to delay and pick off
    the most critically damaged units as the enemy retreats. 
    Certain castles (Ishiyama, Kannonji, Odawara) can be turned into
    Citadels with 40000 HP. If they are upgraded to four story keeps (may have to
    upgrade everything), you have sufficient cash (50K gold), and three 
    S Engineering Aptitude officers are available in the fief, an event will occur
    no later than the end of the year to upgrade them.
    10. Fief Management
    In general your development strategy should emphasize troops in the early
    game, when you only get ~3 drafts per year. As you expand, gold and/or food
    will become issues, so you will want to build for those as needed. Academies
    should be built as officers become available for research.
    The first order of business is the rapid development of your fiefs. Most
    daimyo have far too few officers to do this, so the very first priorities
    are the acquisition of new officers and the construction of sufficient Shops
    to support them. Obviously you will hire any ronin that can possibly be useful,
    Search, and Entice rival officers if you have a great civil servant. You
    should also Reward your officers to prevent them from going over to the
    enemy. If possible, build the 2-3 Ninja Camps per fief needed to prevent most
    The next step should be either invasion (given a suitably weak fief) or
    the construction of 11 Barracks. After 11 Barracks, you will no longer receive
    100 additional troops per Draft. Plus, if you build more, you will choke off
    your research and gold pipelines. 
    The appropriate time to invest in Research and the necessary Academies is very
    clan-specific. In general, you want to always keep something in the pipeline,
    ideally not using your best battle officers, as those officers are needed more
    in invasion. High POL/INT officers should also be avoided in the early going
    as they are needed for Entice, Inspire, etc. If possible, Negotiate with your 
    allies to gain useful technology and save space on Academies. 
    Once you have conquered another fief, build a Workshop if it will save time
    in regenerating the necessary districts, and then build up the 2-3 Ninja
    Camps and 11 Barracks. Typically you will need to repair and possibly fortify
    the castles also, but this can be done with weaker officers.
    Usually you should build Paddies anywhere there are rivers, build your 
    Garrisons close to castles (so you can put up Turrets later if needed), and
    then put all the other facilities in areas with the most spaces. Until you
    have highly developed Civil Tech, it doesn't make sense to build in constricted
    Using one officer per facility is the most efficient officer/days ratio. Of
    course, when you are in the early going and short on gold, putting multiple
    officers on each facility is best. 
    Fortifications like castle upgrades and turrets are usually not needed, 
    assuming you have enough troops and gold. Since you will usually not be on
    defense, building up the fief is far more useful in the short and long term.
    Simply repairing the castle and manning it with equal troops to the largest 
    forces adjacent to your fief will be sufficient. However, fortifications can be 
    useful if you are reducing your troops or baiting the enemy, and have lots of 
    gold and mediocre officers. 
    11. About Diplomacy
    Getting into an alliance is usually something you do with a force that has
    either technologies you like, or that covers one approach to your domain.
    Can be pretty expensive though...best to do when you don't have a lot of
    Obviously very tough when you are small...just send your highest POL officer
    and hope. 
    Sometimes they ask for a pretty low-ranking hostage, so don't let that warning
    deter you. Save and then see which officer they ask for.
    If you stay in your former ally's territory after the alliance has expired,
    you will lose 10 Fame every month that one of your units remains in the
    To satisfy the Request from an ally, you generally need to target the
    castle/port to defend and then do something good like repelling the invasion. 
    The officer will give a notice that indicates their fulfillment of the
    In assisting the ally, you usually just need to send a solid number of troops. 
    Ideally you send ranged attackers so you take minimal damage. 
    Forcing the enemy into a Truce can be better than actually conquering them.
    The reason is the miserable handling of spoils from the conquered territory.
    Accepting the Truce can get you 2/3 of their gold, whereas if you conquered
    their territory, you get none. Naturally the large gold stores enjoyed by other
    forces are a favorable target. You can then use the cash to buy more food,
    invade their neighbors, then come back for Round 2.
    When a Coalition is formed against you, reinforce all bases and wait for the
    imminent attacks. They will keep coming if they actually have sufficient force
    to try, but they usually spend themselves utterly in the first wave and have
    no shot of continuing at a comparable pace. 
    Negotiate is useful for basic techs (including the Academy), but I have not
    found that the CPU will generally give up higher techs (even if you have some). 
    Threaten is possible whenever you vastly dominate one of your neighbors. The
    typical scenario has you conquering their castle, then Threatening their port
    to claim all their officers without recruitment. However, it is possible to
    Threaten daimyo that have multiple castles left. For example, as Shogun and
    with more than one million troops to their 20K troops, and attacking two of 
    their castles, I was able to Threaten the Oda (1590, Hidenobu as leader) even
    though they had six unconquered territories (including fully-developed Osaka
    Make sure you Release all their officers before you Threaten them to maximize
    the Fame gained.
    On the note of Release, each time you capture a city, Release a number of the
    enemy officers. However, leave their best officers under lock and key for when
    the enemy comes pleading for you to release them. Giving up the officer will
    yield 10 Fame, an item, or a pitiful amount of gold. Obviously the 10 Fame is
    the key (as well as the Fame you got from releasing the idiots). 
    14. About Strategy Phase Tactics
    Mostly useless because they don't work. Inspire of course is pretty good as
    you can use Taunt instead. Raid, with the exception of a certain situation,
    tends not to work. Mislead or Rumor has a higher success rate, but even those
    tend not to work most of the time. 
    15. Story Events
    This is the thread that contains the compiled list from iblyz, which in
    turn comes from a number of folks on the Gamefaqs board. There are a few
    not listed on this (e.g. execution of Sena (Tokugawa))
    1st , credit to all who post these events.
    Just to name a few
    Xiahou Mao
    Sun Xiao
    Just compile it and make this post to help me and the others who will be 
    hunting for events.
    Motonobu Matsudaira change his name to Motoyasu Matsudaira(Tokugawa)
    In the 1st scenario.
    Motonobu Matsudaira wed Lady Sena from the Imagawa and change his name to 
    Motoyasu Matsudaira
    Automatic( I guess)
    The battle of Okehazama:(Oda)
    In the 1st scenario.
    Yoshimoto Imagawa will attack Oda.
    Raid the Yoshimoto Imagawa's troop with Nobunaga Oda.
    Nobunaga Oda's raid will confuse Yoshimoto Imagawa's troop.
    Finish off the Yoshimoto Imagawa's troop.
    Yoshimoto Imagawa killed and Nobunaga Oda got two officer.
    (Masatsuna Yanada and Shinsuke Mori)
    Motoyasu Matsudaira claim independence(Tokugawa)
    Just trigger The battle of Okehazama.
    The Matsudaira claims Okazaki castle(+10 000 troops).
    Kiyosu Alliance(Oda)
    After the independence of Matsudaira
    The Matsudaira will propose the alliance.
    Accept or refuse the alliance.
    The Matsudaira will be the ally of the Oda for 150 months.
    You will ot be able to ally with ieyasu for quite some times.
    The Death of Dosan Saito.(Oda)
    Sometimes after the alliance
    Yoshi tatsu will rebel against his father.
    Dosan Saito killed and the alliance between oda and saito dissolved.
    The execution of Oda Nobutaka.(Oda)
    After Dosan Saito's death.
    Nobunaga will murder Nobutaka after he knows of the conspiracy against him.
    Just execute Nobutaka.
    Fame drop about 20 points but all officer will gain loyalty(+10).
    The recruitment of Shigeharu Takenaka:
    Sometimes around 1964
    yoshi tatsu dies and Takenaka will rebel only to give it back to tatsuoki.
    In my experience just wait till 1964 and it'll trigger(obviously saito must 
    have shigeharu takenaka)
    Recruit Takenaka or demands the inabayama castle.
    Takenaka joins the Oda and truce between the oda and the saito
    Takenaka become ronin, Inabayama castle is still under the Saito.
    Harunobu Takeda Becomes a Singen Takeda:
    Build 5 temples.
    Harunobu takes the Name Shingen.Vassal loyalty +10.
    Yoshishige Otomo becomes a preist:
    Build 5 colony.
    Yoshishige takes the name Sorin,Vassal loyalty +10.
    Matsudaira Motoyasu renamed to Tokugawa(Tokugawa)
    After Year 1559 December
    Whilst possessing an Forum, Kikutei Harusue visits.
    Matsudaira Motoyasu renames himself to Tokugawa Ieyasu, fame +100
    Taking a position in Kanto(Uesugi)
    Scenario 1
    Take one of the castles in Kanto
    Nagao Kagetora renames himself to Uesugi Kenshin, Nagao Kagenobu becomes Uesugi 
    Kagenobu, Kenshin becomes Kanto's Chancelor . Uesugi Norimasa becomes vassal.
    Posted 5/4/2009 9:50:10 PM
    message detail	-----------------------------------------
    The fateful boating in Nojiri Pond(Uesugi)
    Once Nagao becomes Uesugi, Sangao Maskage and Usami Sadamitsu must be in the 
    same castle or harbour.
    To give or not to give
    Give the boat - Masakage and Sadamitsu dies, Nagao Ashikage becomes a vassal 
    with the tactics Kurumagakari, renames to Uesugi Kagekatsu and becomes adopted 
    by Kenshin.
    Do no give the boat - Nothing happens
    Inabayama renaming to Gifu(Oda)
    Trigger -
    Nobunaga must be in control of Inaba Castle, and you are not yet in control of 
    the Muromachi Palace.
    Inabayama castle is renamed Gifu castle, fame +100
    Hideyoshi Kinoshi ta renamed to Hideyoshi Hashiba(Oda)
    after gifu renaming and hideyoshi stipen over 1000.
    Trigger -
    Trigger the gifu events
    Allaince with the Azai.(Oda)
    Around 1960+
    Trigger -
    Just negotiate for alliance with the azai. And Nobunaga personally will handle 
    Oda Nobunaga will marry O-Ichi to Azai,
    Alliance with azai bout 60 month.
    Mogami Succession(Mogami)
    When Yoshiaki Mogami and Yoshi-toki are old enough to be named heir.
    Yoshimori is daimyo
    Sadanao Ujiie is still alive
    Trigger -
    retire in favor of either son
    Yoshimori and Yoshi-toki become Retired status
    Yoshiaki becomes daimyo
    Sadanao dies
    Kagetora Adoption(Hojo)
    propose alliance to Uesugi while Ujiyasu and Kenshin are respective daimyo
    Ujihide Hojo is in play
    Neither clan may be allied to Takeda
    Ujihide Hojo will be adopted by kenshin and named Kagetora Uesugi.
    Alliance with Uesugi.
    Otate no Ran(uesugi)
    after Kenshin's death around 1577
    Kagekatsu, Kagetora, and Kanetsugu Higuchi must all be in play
    Choose whether Kagekatsu or Kagetora becomes daimyo
    Kagekatsu succeeds
    Kagetora, Kagenobu, and Norimasa Uesugi(unsure on Norimasa) will all die
    Kagetora succeeds, Kagekatsu and Kanetsugu will both be exiled and permanently 
    despise Kagetora
    alliance with both Takeda and Hojo will be made
    Posted 5/4/2009 9:50:44 PM
    message detail	-----------------------------------------
    Tamenobu Tsugaru declare Independence.(nanbu)
    sometime after 1570
    Ishikawa Castle's troop count drops below 5000
    Deploy to attack Tsugaru or not.
    Deploy and
    Tamenobu will be exiled
    Masazane and Sanechika Kunohe will die
    do not deploy and Takanobu Ishikawa will die
    Ishikawa Castle will become Tsugaru Castle
    all officer in Tsugaru Castle will join Tamenobu
    Tamenobu takes on Tsugaru last name
    Naoie Ukita's rebellion(Uragami)
    Anytime(i guess)
    Okayama Castle's troop count drops below 5000
    Naoie and Kagechika Akashi in the clan
    Punish Naoie or Not
    Do not Punish Naoei ,gain extra until you have 10,000 troops in Okayama
    Neva tried it.(Help plz)
    Honnoji Incident(oda)
    sometimes around jun 1582
    Yakami Castle must have more troops than Nijo Palace
    Sadakatsu Murai must be in Nijo
    Mitsuhide in Yakami
    Nobunaga in Azuchi
    Have Hideyoshi and Kuroda attack the mori clans fortress near the Okayama 
    Castle(be gentle and do not let it fall until the event occur).
    There will be a fiest or somewhat and Nobunaga intend to take Mitsuhide with 
    sometimes around july 1582
    just transfer Mitsuhide to Azuchi castle.
    The events will occur
    Mitsuhide, Hideyoshi and Shibata will be independence.
    Posted 5/4/2009 9:53:44 PM
    message detail	Anyone got the yoshi teru's assasination event?
    i've been trying to get this events.
    Posted 5/5/2009 10:22:42 AM
    message detail	Just a few things to clarify and additional events:
    Motonobu Matsudaira change his name to Motoyasu Matsudaira (Imagawa)
    Motonobu Matsudaira wed Lady Sena from the Imagawa and change his name to 
    Motoyasu Matsudaira
    Trigger: Marry Motoyasu to Sena (not an automated event if you play as Imagawa 
    so you must use the Marry command in order to activate this event)
    The Death of Dosan Saito (Oda)
    Technically this event happens in Spring 1556, The Battle of Okehazama could 
    happen before or after this event
    Yoshi tatsu will rebel against his father.
    Trigger: Automatic
    Effects: Dosan Saito killed and the alliance between oda and saito dissolved.
    The Yoshi tatsu Rebellion (Saito)
    Trigger: In spring 1556, an automated conversation between Dosan and a retainer 
    will be kick off where Dosan will ponder whether if he should retire and turn 
    his clan over to Yoshi tatsu or not.
    Effects: select "Retire" command and choose Yoshi tatsu to take over
    Continue to play for a few moments which will kick off an event where Dosan is 
    shown to have a second thought about Yoshi tatsu being the clan's leader and 
    then Genta will offer Yoshi tatsu two options.
    Option A: Execute Dosan
    Effects: Dosan Saito is killed and the alliance between Oda-Saito break off.
    Option B: Spare Dosan
    Effects: an automated event of Yoshi tatsu is forced to battle with Oda. 
    Yoshi tatsu will emerged victorious when Oda is forced back to Owari but his 
    force will end up many thousand injured soldiers in process. Then, Dosan and 
    Yoshi tatsu will bond as a father and son and thereby Dosan continues as an 
    officer for Yoshi tatsu and live on. Oda-Saito alliance break off
    Kiyosu Alliance (Matsudaira)
    After the independence of Matsudaira
    Trigger: Use ieyasu to propose the alliance
    Effects: The Matsudaira will be the ally of the Oda for 150 months
    16. Unique Clan Techs
    This is a straight cut-and-paste of Shardukar's list that he posted on the
    board. Think his list is better than the one normally listed in the English
    version because it lists the secondary effects:
    Some tech names aren't written properly because of my computer having issues 
    with the kanji. (I have to use the korean patch, otherwise no font works 
    properly, and korean patch removes kanji)
    Clan specific Technology
    Spirit of Mikawa (one of the best skills in game along with furinkazan)
    Tokugawa Ieyasu
    Allows one to fight with 0 morale, Blocks Confusion (almost all, stops sneak 
    attacks as well apparently, its still debated)
    One line of command (? I don't know the name of this one, because the letters 
    were screwed up on my windows)
    False message (? the one that makes one retreat) no longer works
    Wargod (something like that)
    Raises your skill bar 30%; faster, When you attack enemy cavalry atk rises 23%
    When cavalry skill succeeds, the rate in which the enemy are 'shaken' rises
    Simultaneous fire (army one slicing bow?)
    Ashikaga Yoshi teru, Ashikaga Yoshiaki, Imagawa
    Bow skills rise in power 50%
    Three line firing (or at least something like that)
    Date, Oda
    Teppo skills rise in power 50%
    Cry of the monkey (Its really called that in Japanese, I believe it comes from 
    the type of kiai you yell for a famous dojo in that area)
    When Teppo skill succeeds enemy may be confused
    Sniper (I dont know its name, again letter screwing up)
    Easier to hurt enemy generals (light injury)
    Country slayer (same as sniper and one line of command, letter screws up)
    Cannon attack +20 ;Speed 80;And a not so clear effect (which makes it 60 of 
    Fire attack on docked ships (Grrr fonts)
    Mori, Kobayakawa, Kikkawa, Gono
    Able to take down all ships except for Ironclads instantly
    Defensive siege attack speed +50;Castle skills power up 50%;
    Domestic Policy
    Controlled Lands? (Im assuming this name as well)
    During defensive sieges supplies (rice) usage is 0
    All Clan specific skills require you research one A skill in that tree. Except 
    for Sanadamaru, which is obtainable early on. Although I referred to them as 
    clans, in reality most skills are only obtainable with the first three 
    generations of Daimyo (of that family). Some clans however, have only one 
    person available to learn that skill (usually the more famous one of that clan)
    The next post will deal with events
    PSN : Shardukars
    17. Unlocking New Stuff
    You get new Unification Scenarios for each of the following accomplishments:
    - Unify Japan as Shogun (an event given when you have 1000 fame) - useless
    fictional scenario unlocked
    - Unify Japan as Regent (an event given when you have 1000 fame and have
    declined Shogun) - some other useless fictional scenario
    - Unify Japan with all technologies obtained - "The Final Battle" 1575 
    Nagashino scenario unlocked
    - Unify Japan as the Oda clan, starting the game in the very first scenario 
    (so you have a chance at the Oda story events), obtain five Oda story events, 
    and decline the offices of Shogun and Regent (think Nobunaga Oda may have to be 
    alive) - "To Declare War" scenario with the Oda in control of Gifu Castle and 
    the shogun Yoshiteru Ashikaga murdered
    You get new Historical Officers whenever you clear a regional scenario.
    For clearing Challenges, you get new Challenges. For clearing them all, you
    get a chunk of new Historical Officers.

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