How do you get past the laser and button with the force field around it in level 10?

  1. In level 10, the Missing Link is beating the lasers by first hitting them and then getting on top and beating them down. After you get past that, and onto the next part, you find yourself with a laser and a button that has a force field around each. The laser shoots out rockets that follows you. How get past the lasers?

    User Info: Baybeechic4eva

    Baybeechic4eva - 7 years ago


  1. Use your tail whip attack to bat the rockets back at the rocket launchers. Wait for a rocket to get close to you, tail whip it, and it'll get batted back at the launcher that fired it. Keep doing this, and the force field protecting the button should get knocked out. Your tail whip attack is also a great way to defeat those pesky robots and destroy objects. It does more damage than the Missing Link's punch attack.

    User Info: Crythania

    Crythania - 7 years ago 0 0

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