How do you get past level eight?

  1. in the Game Monsters vs Aliens.How do you get past level eight? In the room with the platform three trains in the center while playing as the missing link?

    User Info: maryanyc

    maryanyc - 8 years ago

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  1. Head left or right from your starting position in that area, following the paths that go around the abyss in the center. You need to hit three buttons, one on each side and the third is in the middle where you start. It'll deactivate the force fields. Then jump to the platforms in the center, one at a time. As you ride each platform, jump over the lasers, then jump and tail-whip the button on the wall. The platform will carry you back to the center, where you can jump to the next one. At the control center, just move the targeting cursor over the three buttons, and The Missing Link will hit them to finish the level. The Missing Link can double jump; if you're not sure that a single jump will safely get you where you need to go, use a double jump just to be sure.

    User Info: Crythania

    Crythania - 8 years ago 1 0

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