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"Jak's New Adventure. Start of the new saga?"

Jak & Daxter: The Lost frontier
Written by: Smithy Jones

This is yet another chapter in the Jak and Daxter saga yet this time around is was done by High Impact games which has done the PSP games for Ratchet and clank. This game brings us back to the action platformer the series is know for yet Jak keeps his haircut he had in Jak X.

Story 7/10

This game picks up sometime after Jak X as Jak, Daxter and Kiera, who which is following in the footsteps of her father and becoming an Eco Sage, are on a quest to fix the problem with the World's eco as the natural supply line of eco has been severely dwindling causing eco Storms as well as earthquakes. As the world's supply of has steadily decreased over time, the storms and quakes have gotten worse. Now the 3 Heroes must set out to fix this world wide problem. Throw in some air pirates and a some sinister plot elements and you have The Lost Frontier
All in all this did make for a good plot

Game Play 7/10

The game plays more or less like jak 2 or Jak 3 with a hinting of the first game. What makes this game unique is the dogfighting and Daxterjacking. The game is a mix of dogfights, a few races here and there and platforming. Your start out in a new version of the Hellcat, most will remember it from Jak 2 and Jak 3 as the large Krimson Guard vehicle. This one well is new and improved as it can dogfight pretty well. Your adventure starts with your hellcat being grounded because you got shot down by the "pirates". You start out with the game briefing you on the controls as it gives you challenges that require to get familiar with the controls as you go and find a way to get the Hellcat back up and running. After you complete the first level, you get a chance to fight the pirates to rescue their newest victim. From there you begin to dive in more into the store and game play as I don't want to spoil the game for those who wish to enjoy it. You will need to play it to see how it turns out. One thing people will notice is the loading between areas. Unlike in the previous 3 platforming titles to the Jak and Daxter series, The Lost frontier does not have that seamless loading as it often changes the screen to a separate load screen instead of the familiar fluid and seamless loading that I and I am sure most of the Jak and Daxter fans enjoyed and appreciated

Controls 5/10

Seeing as this game was made for the PSP, the controls have suffered for the PS2 version as they did not incorporate the crouch or long jump in this game. The High Jump was remade as an eco power. The controls do work out pretty good but not good enough as the camera control is shoddy at best, it is limited most of the time as you are not always able to pan around to look in Jak's direct when you are fighting

Fun Factor 6/10

Jak and Daxter: The lost frontier is a fun game to play given the minor hiccups it has. As a fan of the series I did find this game quite enjoyable to play as Daxterjacking added a fun challenge and a original concept to the Jak and Daxter series. Sure in Jak 2 and Jak 3 you could steal zoomers and Hellcats but not this way or in such detail. Once you Beat the game, Hero mode comes around giving you a chance to play the game again with all your gun mods, place mods, and eco powers giving you a chance to get 100% file. As for being able to replay the game multiple times, I can say you can play the game a few times in a row before you get tired of it. I, myself, am still working on Hero mode working on those few side missions that I neglected to try for in my first run through. Though with how short the game is, beating the game repeated will probably become boring after time

Audio/Visual 7/10

The graphics in the game suffer from the fact it was a PSP game made into a PS2 game. You can see a difference in frame rates as well as the subtitles if you use the option for them are out of sync with the audio it self and the subtitles themselves are only on the screen briefly just long enough to get a glance at the subtitles themselves. As for the voice acting in the game, I am sure some of you heard that Jak has a new voice actor. This is true but he does his best to fill his role and does fit pretty well. Keira and Daxter sound the same and I believe use the same voice actors as before. If you can listen you will hear one of the better treat this game has to offer and that is the well done musical score. The music alone saved this portion from receiving a bad score

Overall 6/10

The game Does receive a better then average score Mostly because I am a fan of the Jak and Daxter series and the music in this game was pretty well done. It was refreshing to go back to the platforming the series is know for yet it was very short. The game can easily be beaten in a day, in 5-7 hours. In my honest Opinion High Impact games did an alright job but they did not do their homework at when they were developing Lost Frontier. The Lack of the long jump and crouch, the bare bone feeling the game gives you after you beat it for the first time, the lack of explanation for Dark Daxter even though they do try to please the Daxter fans and I give them props on that but they should have thought things out or at least explained them better. Good Attempt High Impact Games but please next time please fine tune the PS2 version of the game before you ship it as the final product

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/16/09

Game Release: Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier (US, 11/03/09)

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