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"The game doesn't scary like SH1 but almost perfect"

First, this is my first time doing this. OK, KONAMI has released SH1, SH2/Restless Dream,
SH 3, SH 4: The Room, SH Origin, SH Homecoming and the new release is this game, SH: Shattered Memories. I though after SH: Homecoming released, there are no more SH game on PS2, but I was wrong this game SH: Shattered Memories has been released for PS2 console, I tried looking for it and got it, thank you so much KONAMI. Actually, after finish all the SH game except SH: Homecoming because just look at You Tube only 1 SH game that I mention up here can make me can't sleep for 1 day and it is SH1.But, I don't want to talk about SH 1 game. SH: SM is the survival horror-game that has been remake from SH1, which mean it should be scarier than the first one. But, I can't feel the fear after 30 minutes playing. Because…

1. GRAPHICS: The graphic for this game is actually the greatest graphic for SH series, but not good as SH: Homecoming, of course. The graphic looks real that can make you say “Wow, now this is PS2 game. The environments perfect for PS2 and with snowing areas. But, what I don't like is for the shadow, it looks polygon if you see it closely but that's not the problem because the reason I play this game is not to look at shadow, but the person I always look and looking for the fear. So, I give 9/10.

2. GAME PLAY: Because this game is remake from SH1, so the game play is near same, looking for your missing daughter after car crash accident. You control as Harry Mason, of course and find your daughter through the scariest place and solving puzzle and etc. The first time when I play this game, oh, this must be scary than other SH game, unfortunately, after 30 minutes, I feel nothing scary because of some problem and the game are not too difficult, the annoying monster will just grab you and make you tired. Just run to the next check point. New for this game is, now you can use Harry's cell phone to make a call, capture a ghost, read the message, save your game and etc.. Just because the game plays almost same like SH1 and not scary as SH1, I give 5/10.

3. MUSIC: The music for this game is cool, scary when you being chased by some monster and sad. Really, the music is so sad until I want to cry. So, I give 10/10

4. CHARACTERS: Same character like SH1, like Cybil,Dr. Kaufman and Dahlia (for this game, she's young) but there are some additional character, like Woman at the bar through your game play. The characters look real like I mention above. And the voice actor sounds pretty good, I mean excellent. They can do the job. I give 10/10.

5. CAMERA: Why I mention about camera, for increase my word? NO… the camera for this game is not same like SH1-SH Origin. The camera for this game is third person (I think) same like SH: Homecoming, Resident Evil 4/5 which mean you can zoom in when you want to search for something. Also, when you interview with someone, your camera will change into First Person and you can move it to look around the environments. Oh… there are little tricky about camera, the reason why you can move your came when interview with someone is because it will change the ending. Example, for drunken dad video tape ending, while you interview with someone, look for beer and stare at that beer and you will get the ending. So, because the camera little tricky, I give 8/10.

6. ENEMY: Now, this is the reason why I'm not fear when playing this game. From start until the end of the game, you will found SAME monsters that will slow you down from keep running. YEAH, they can't hurt you, but they try to make Harry tired till him unconscious and drag him into the check point. So, you have start all over again to run from Icy World .Oh… almost forgot, that monster only appear when you are trap in Other World which mean they are not appear in normal world . So, I give 5/10.

7. PROBLEM: The problem for this game is, there are no more weapons, just run with torch light. I don't know why KONAMI make this game without weapons. This is also the reason why I'm not feel the fear when playing. You only can throw them away if they grab you. The weapon (not really a weapon) that you can have is flare that make shield for a period time and fall something that can slow down the monster when chasing you. You can't keep the torch after you run away from Other World, so if you got it, use it when the monster almost wants to grab you. So, no weapon and just some “weapon” that you can take it for a while, I give 2/10.

8. CONTROL: The control are easy to remember because of some change like on/off torch light, press triangle, move Harry at Left Analog, run press R2 and etc. The controls are OK, so I give 9/10.

9. PLAYABILITY: It fun when you play the game again after finish once to get all ending and unlock UFO ending which is fun to see. I give 9/10.

10. CONCLUSION: Because the graphic and the others are OK, this game actually will be perfect if KONAMI give Harry some weapon and more monsters. But,it still survivor-horror game. Overall is 7/10.
My advice, if you are SH small or BIG fans, I suggest you buy this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/10/11

Game Release: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (US, 01/19/10)

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