Inferno Match in Smackdown VS Raw 2010?

  1. Hey everybody, I got a question 2 ask even though I gotta give credit for the game!! It's definitely the stuff!! Im already holdin both the women's titles on the game!! But now it's the wrestler's turn in the men's division!! How do u set a person on fire durin the inferno match?!Anyone knowin the answer can leave me a line on my e mailin address at


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    HersheyChoco8 - 7 years ago

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  1. You have to do a grapple when he is extremely weak and never stop moving. Extra: All of you moves including you finishers, apron, ground, running, down moves are more powerful. You can still take off the turnbuckles if you like, but you can't touch the fire or else you will take some damage. You can still do high flying finishers and moves. I think you can do submissions in this kind of match. You can't pin or submit or KO your opponent. If you throw you opponent to the flames he will get some damage, but not alot because you throwed him and he didn't actually touch it by himself. You can use superstars from all the brands in the wwe, but you player has to be a male. You can even us a created superstar! We are lucky to have the inferno match because it hase been done only five times in history. Signatures can be used. If you don't want to be burned then you have to tap the buttons they tell you to tap when your opponent did a front grapple so he can burn you and win the match.

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  1. For pst you press R1 and right analog stick at same time then drag them toward the fire has to be 500 degrees

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  2. R u sure on that answer because I tried draggin the guy a plenty of times with my created wrestler and it still wouldnt work because they have it as R1 cancels everything and Im wantin 2 drag the guy 2 burn!! (Inferno Match on SmackDown Vs Raw 2010)

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  3. You have to drag him while in a grapple, he mustn't be on the ground.

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  4. temperature-500
    get opponent in STRONG grapple.
    Drag him with Left analog (or digital, whatever your controller settings) towards the ropes.

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  5. The Same Way As SD VS RAW 2009

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  6. You get them in a ultimate control grapple then walk towards the flames. (Must be 500 degrees)

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