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"The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions..."

The tagline for this review says it all really...

This is a great, great game and will entertain any fan for a good long while. As the review type suggests, this will be a quick one...

The graphics of this game are absolutely amazing in every way but a couple - 1). The crowd still looks utterly terrible. It looks like the arena is filled with the People Under The Stairs, with there being only three individual models that were duplicated a hundred times in order to create the crowd. 2). From some strange reason, there are moments when the wrestlers will suddenly become stick figures for a second. Other than that...the graphics are fantastic.

The sound system for this game is an exact duplication of last year's. The difference of course is the new soundtrack songs. This game has probably the most awesome soundtrack of any wrestling game (with the exception of XBOX's RAW 2...mainly because the soundtrack was whatever your heart and your hard drive desired). That, of course, is what makes one of this game's BIGGEST flaws so heartbreaking - YOU CAN'T USE THE ACTUAL SONGS AS ENTRANCE THEMES. You can't even use them as background music for the Story Designer Mode. I wonder what this game's designers were smoking when they made the decision to cut that feature out... Again, this little Freudian slip was most disheartening...

I have no problem with the gameplay or controls whatsoever. I thought this area was one of the best of the game. The control system is really top notch.

The roster is a good as it can get. It's current and up-to-date...and I really love the unlockable legends that are in this game - especially considering that it's rare to have Dusty Rhodes and Cowboy Bob Orton in any wrestling game.

Oh buddy! There weren't very many new additions going from last year's game to this one, but the ones they had were pretty sweet - starting with the new Diving Create-a-Finisher position. Needless to say, it can get quite humorous if you are making a diving finisher. My only issue with it was that I felt there wasn't enough air time for a really good move. Next, we got the new Story Designer Mode. I had a great deal of fun with this one. The things you can do in Story Designer Mode are potentially limitless. I created a story where, for some reason, everybody decided to beat up on Michael Cole. When you are casting your scenes, you can bring wrestlers, refs, doctors, ring announcers, and even commentators into the fray. Story Designer Mode is definitely a major plus for this game. My only problems with it were that it is very, very tedious to set up and you are unable to say a lot when you write the script. In addition to the hidden championships being automatically unlocked for you, a new championship was added to the fray - the Champion of Champions Belt.

This part is on here for one reason - the giant characters. I figured this bothered me (and probably a lot of other people as well) enough that I had to include by itself. When will they get the physics right in these games? I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that the giant characters should be as slow and sluggish as they are in real life - they shouldn't be able to counter and move like cruiserweights.

The flaws in this game are not nearly enough to take the experience of playing it away from anyone. It is still an amazing game and one of the best wrestling games ever.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/09/09

Game Release: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 (US, 10/20/09)

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