Review by jamieeng

Reviewed: 11/30/09

A nice try from EA, but too many bugs...

If you're looking for a nice football game, with a lot of realism, this is a great game. But the only down side is the amount of bugs and glitches...

Gameplay: 10/10

Although there still isn't a 360 dribbling system yet, the gameplay is still the same great it was, with new tricks, better AI and better team-mates. Your team-mates make a lot more runs into space, and the opposition defenders are much harder to get past. Goalkeepers are also better, which makes it harder to score. Also, legendary mode is available from the start. Certainly better than 09 gameplay!

Game modes: 10/10

Two new game modes have been added to FIFA 10, and there is still the normal manager mode, tournament mode and quick match. Be a Pro: Club and Country lets you pick any player from any team, and the point is to play for your club team and international team. If you are not already captain of your club or country, you must put in good performances to eventually win the armband, and if you're good enough become a footy legend. You can also win growth points to boost your attributes, won by getting match experience points.. The other new game mode is The Season, where all you do is get on the pitch and play through a whole season for any club you want, not having to worry about training, financial problems or anything else like that.

Graphics: 10/10

The graphics are much improved on 09, with much more detail on players faces, and new 'real faces', which are very much like the players' face in real life. The pitch graphics are also very good, and snow looks very real. Nothing much else to mention, the graphics are great.

Bugs and glitches: 5/10

Unfortunately, FIFA 10 contains a lot of bugs and glitches, which is a big let down to the game. I have read of stupid glitches like the game freezing when the ball goes out of play, and I have also experienced the game freezing while simulating in Manager Mode, the game freezing in practice, and the game freezing whenever you sub a goalie. Such a shame...

Well, despite the numerous amount of bugs and glitches, I very much enjoy FIFA 10. It is much more enjoyable than FIFA 09, and I especially enjoy Be a Pro: Club and Country. I got it for £22.50, and it is certainly worth it! I say get it!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: FIFA 10 (EU, 10/02/09)

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