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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TimJab

    Version: 0.70 | Updated: 11/15/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            GGGGGG   TTTTTTTTTT   AAAAA
                            GG           TT      A     A
                            GG           TT     A       A 
                            GG  GGG      TT     AAAAAAAAA
                            GG   GG      TT     A       A 
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                            GGGGGGG      TT     A       A
                               LIBERTY CITY STORIES
                                   Version 0.70
                                     by TimJab
    * Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (C)2005 Rockstar Games *
    * Playstation Portable (PSP)                                    *
    * 1-6 Players Ad-Hoc Wi-Fi Multiplayer Supported                *
    * Rated M for Mature (Ages 17+)                                 *
    * Memory Stick Duo 320 KB                                       *
    There are a million stories in Liberty City.  This one changes everything.  
    Once a trusted wise guy in the Leone crime family, Toni Cipriani was forced 
    into hiding after killing a made man.  Now he's back and it's time for things 
    to be put right.
    The streets of Liberty City are in turmoil.  Warring Mafiosi vie for control 
    as the town begins to self-destruct under waves of political corruption, 
    organized crime, drug trafficking and union strikes.  No one can be trusted as 
    Toni tries to clean up mess of the city's chaotic underworld.  Deranged hit 
    men, morally depraved tycoons, cynical politicians and his own mother stand in
    his way as Toni tries to bring the city under Leone control.
    Forced to fight for his life in an odyssey that will shake Liberty City to its
    foundations, Toni must use any means necessary to secure his place in the 
    leadership of the Leone family.
                             *     VERSION HISTORY [1.0]      *
    Version 0.50
    -Started on November 1st, 2005
    -Walkthrough added through completion of Portland
    -Basic Controls List
    -Cheat Codes
    -All Hidden Packages in Portland
    -Radio Info
    -Character Info
    Version 0.51
    -Started on November 4th, 2005
    -Added Custom Soundtracks by Sights Unseen II
    -Fixed a few glaring problems (for example, my margin base! 79 A's across the 
    top of the FAQ = huh?)
    Version 0.60
    -Started on November 6th, 2005
    Seems like I've slacked a bit eh?  I've been proofreading this entire FAQ as 
    well as reading e-mails, keep em coming!  Additions to this version include
    -General rewrite
    -Added a few alternate strategies
    -Began Staunton Island walkthrough
    -Updated Legal Info
    Version 0.70
    -Started on November 15th, 2005
    -Complete FAQ Overhaul.  I made it easier on the eyes and easier to navigate.
    -Added a couple more missions to walkthrough
    Planned Updates for Version 0.75
    -Walkthrough added through completion of Staunton Island
    -Secrets and Easter Eggs
    -Multiplayer Info
    -Side Missions Walkthrough
    -Updated Character Info
    -Vehicle Info
                         *  BASIC LEGAL AND CONTACT INFO [1.1] *
    This is where all the stuff goes about not stealing my FAQ and claiming it as 
    your own,not putting my FAQ up on your site without permission et cetera, but 
    to be honest, I can'treally enforce anything I say here.  I trust you guys.
    The truth is, I've worked very hard on this so people could use it, so if you 
    want to use my FAQ, just contact me at
    and I'll probably let you use it.  Right now the websites with permission to 
    use my FAQ are
    The same email address as above can be used for any user submissions made to 
    this FAQ.  If you have some sort of alternate strategy for beating a mission 
    or know the location of the 100th hidden package that I might be missing, by 
    all means send it in.  I will give you full credit for your find (just be sure
    to include your GameFAQS user name) so there is no reason to be shy about it.
    Anyway, I know you're probably bored of scrolling through this, and even more 
    bored if you are reading it, so let's move on.  Enjoy the FAQ, I hope it helps.
                               *  TABLE OF CONTENTS [1.2] *
    [1.0] Version History                 *
    [1.1] Basic Legal and Contact Info    *
    [1.2] Table of Contents               *
    [1.3] Getting Started                 *
              -PSP Update 2.00            *
              -Controls                   *
    [1.4] Characters                      *
    [1.5] Radio Info                      *
             -Radio Station Track Listing ************
             -Custom Soundtracks by Sights Unseen II *
    [1.6] Vehicle Showroom                           *
    [1.7] Walkthrough                                *
    PORTLAND                                         *
      - Prologue                                     *
    VINCENZO STRAND                                  *
      - Slacker                                      * 
      - Dealing Revenge                              * 
      - Snuff                                        *
      - Smash and Grab                               * 
      - Hot Wheels                                   *
      - The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade             *
    JD STRAND                                        *
      - Bone Voyeur!                                 * 
      - Don in 60 Seconds                            *
      - A Volatile Situation                         *
      - Blow Up 'Dolls'                              *
      - Salvatore's Salvation                        *
      - The Guns of Leone                            *
      - Calm Before the Storm                        *
      - The Made Man                                 * 
    SALVATORE STRAND I                               *
      - The Offer                                    *
      - Ho Selecta!                                  *
      - Frighteners                                  *
      - Rollercoaster Ride                           *
      - Contra-Banned                                *
      - Sindacco Sabotage                            * 
      - The Trouble With Triads                      *
      - Driving Mr. Leone                            *
    MARIA STRAND                                     *
      - Shop 'till you Strop                         *
      - Taken for a Ride                             *
      - Booby Prize                                  *
      - Biker Heat                                   *
      - Overdose of Trouble                          *
    MA CIPRIANI STRAND                               *
      - Snappy Dresser                               *
      - Big Rumble in Little China                   *
      - Grease Sucho                                 *
      - Dead Meat                                    *
      - No Son of Mine                               *
    STAUNTON ISLAND                                  *
    SALVATORE STRAND II                              *
      - A Walk in the Park                           * 
      - Making Toni                                  *
      - Caught in the Act                            *
    DONALD LOVE STRAND                               *
      - The Morgue Party Candidate                   *
      - Steering the Vote                            *
      - Cam-Pain                                     *
    LEON MCAFFERY STRAND                             *
    [1.8] Sub-Missions                               *
    [1.9] Multi-Player                               *
    [2.0] Hidden Packages                            *
    [2.1] Cheat Codes                                *
    [2.2] Closing                                    *
    Hit Ctrl + F and type in the number code (ex. 1.6) surrounded in bracket to 
    quick-jump to that specific section of the FAQ.
                            *   GETTING STARTED [1.3]  *
    If you haven't already done so, you're going to have to update your PSP 
    firmware (version 2.00) in order to play Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City 
    Stories.  If you have no idea what that means, don't worry, its simple.  First
    off, you need the AC Adaptor and its power cord that came with the PSP(or in 
    my case, the one that cost $34.99 at EB Games because I lost it ;().  Plug in 
    your PSP to the nearest outlet using the AC Adaptor and choose upgrade option 
    on the PSP home screen. Alternatively, selecting the UMD option will prompt you
    to update, so either way works.  Downloading only takes a minute, you get a 
    free wireless web browser, and more importantly, the ability to play GTA:LCS.
    While most people believe GTA was designed to be enjoyed on a home console, I 
    think Rockstar did a tremendous job in creating a new adventure for a portable
    platform.  However, without a large analog thumbstick, the action can sometimes
    be hard to control.  Some people, like myself, have adjusted to the smaller 
    thumbstick the PSP provides.  However, if you find it frustratingly difficult 
    to navigate the streets of Liberty City, I would suggest investing in the 
    analog stick attachments by Naki.  Alternatively, youcan change controls to 
    the D-Pad via the options menu, but I wouldn't recommend it.
    Now on to the controls.
    On Foot:
    X Button: Sprint
    Note: Tapping the X button repeatedly rather than holding it gives you an 
    unlimited sprinting distance.
    Square Button: Jump
    Triangle Button: Hijack/Enter Vehicle
    O Button: Attack/Fire Weapon 
    L Button: No Use 
    R Button: Target Enemy/Civilian
    Analog Stick: Move Toni
    L Button and Analog Stick: Look around
    R Button and Analog Stick: Auto-Aim
    Up and Down D-Pad: No use
    Left and Right D-Pad: Cycle Weapons
    R Button and Left and Right D-Pad: Cycle Targets
    In Car:
    X Button: Accelerate
    Square Button: Brake, Hold to reverse
    Triangle Button: Exit Vehicle
    O Button: In car: No use, On motorcycle: Fire Weapon Forward
    L Button: No Use
    R Button: Handbrake
    Analog Stick: Steer vehicle
    L Button and Analog Stick: Move Camera (Hit O to perform drive-by)
    R Button and Analog Stick: No Use
    Up D-Pad: Enter Vehicle Specific Mission
    Down D-Pad: Horn/Sirens
    Left and Right D-Pad: Cycle Radio Stations
                            *     CHARACTERS [1.4]     *
    Grand Theft Auto introduces a fantastic batch of new characters, and also 
    features some welcome series veterans, one of which is the main character.
    TONI CIPRIANI (voiced by Danny Mastrogiorgio)
    The main character of GTA:LCS, you control Toni as he moves up the ranks of 
    the Leone crime family.  You remember him from GTA III as the guy who lived 
    with his mom and gave you various jobs to do.  However, Toni is anything but a
    momma's boy.  
    SALVATORE LEONE (voiced by Frank Vincent)
    The don of the Leone crime family.  Salvatore is as fair a man as a mafioso 
    crime lord can be, and is certainly a good friend to have.
    MARIA LATORE (voiced by Fiona Gallagher)
    Salvatore's trophy wife who seemingly has relations with everyone but.  Taking
    care of Maria during her ODs and other episodes is part of Toni's job.  She 
    claims to be in love with Toni, but this could just be either the drugs talking
    or Maria's obvious easiness.
    JD O'TOOLE (voiced by Greg Wilson)
    JD is an obese pervert who runs a strip joint in the Red Light District.  JD 
    starts the game working for the Sindaccos, but is actually attempting to fall 
    in with the Leones.
    VINCENZO CILLI (voiced by Joe Latruglio)
    Apparently some sort of capo for the Leone crime family.  He is charged with 
    bossing Toni around towards the beginning of the game, but he appears to have 
    some sort of different agenda.
    MA CIPRIANI (voiced by Sondra James)
    Toni's mom.  We never see her, but she sends us on some missions while in 
    Portland.  She shuns Toni for not being as tough as his father, regardless of
    how hard Toni tries to impress her.
    JANE HOPPER (voiced by Gordana Rashovich)
    A union boss who is starting to piss Salvatore off.  She may play a larger role 
    later in the game.
    WAYNE (voice actor unknown) 
    Maria's boyfriend.  Part of a biker gang that gets wiped out by Toni early on.
    MICKEY HAMFISTS (voiced by Chris Tardio)
    A Leone family thug.
    GIOVANNI CASA (voiced by Joel Jones)
    A real man according to Ma Cipriani, Casa in nothing but a pervert deli owner.
    8-BALL (voiced by Guru)
    A familiar face from GTA III, 8-BALL runs the car-bomb garage in Harwood. 
                            *     RADIO INFO [1.5]     *
    The radio has always been one of my favorite parts of Grand Theft Auto.  The 
    full-fledged radio stations with DJs, call-ins, interviews, station 
    identfication et cetera never ceases to amaze me.  Not to mention the great 
    licensed soundtracks of each GTA (with the next-gen exception of GTA III).  
    GTA: LCS doesn't dissapoint with its radio selection either.
    Type: Talk Radio
    DJ: Numerous
    Heartland Values with Nurse Bob
    Electron Zone
    Breathing World
    Type: Modern Rock
    DJ: Mike Hunt
    "Train" by Conor & Jay
    "This One For Me" by Cloud Nineteen
    "Take The Pain" by Purser
    "Free Yourself" by L-Marie ft. Raff
    "Drive" by 15 Ways
    "Welcome To The Real World" by Rosco Stow
    "Keep Dreaming" by Vanilla Smoothie
    LIPS 106
    Type: Pop
    DJs: Cliff and Andee
    "Funk In Time" by Rudy La Fontaine
    "Love Is The Feeling" by Sawaar
    "Mine Until Monday" by Sunshine Shrine
    "Get Down" Credit Check
    "Tonight" by Cool Timers
    "Bassmatic" by Nina Barry
    "Into Something (C'mon Get Down)" by The Jackstars
    Type: Opera
    DJ: Sergio Boccino
    "Il Travatore: Anvil Chorus" by Giuseppi Verde
    "Il Travatore: Tacea La Notte Placida" by Giuseppi Verde
    "Nabucco: Chorus Of The Hebrew Slaves" by Giuseppi Verde
    "Cosi Fan Tutte: E Amore Un Ladroncello" by Wolfgange Amadeus Mozart
    "Marriage Of Figaro: Overture" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart"
    "I Pagliacci: Vesti La Giubba" by Ruggiero Leoncavallo
    Type: House 
    DJ: Boy Sanchez
    "Sing It Back (Boris Musical Mix)" by Moloko
    "Free" by Ultra Nate
    "I Believe" by Happy Clappers
    "House Music" by Eddie Amador
    "Feel What You Want" by Kristine W
    "Hideaway (Deep Dish Vocal Remix)" by De'Lacy
    "Spin Spin Suger (Armand's Dark Garage Mix)" by Sneaker Pimps
    "Plastic Dreams" by Jaydee
    "Altered States" by Ron Trent
    "There Will Come A Day (Half Tub Dub)" by The Absolute ft. Suzanne Palmer
    "Positive Education" by Slam
    "Flash" by Green Velvet
    "Circus Bells (Hardfloor Remix)" by Robert Armani
    "Higher State Of Consciousness" by Wink
    Type: Indian/Arabic
    DJ: Panjit Gavaskar
    "Raghupati (Folk Tune)" by Ananda Shankar
    "Dum Maro Dum" by Asha Bhosle
    "Neeve Nanna (Only You Were Mine)" by Vijaya Anand
    "Kidda" by Natacha Atlas
    "Hebeena Hebeena" by Farid El Atrache
    "Aini Bet Ref" by Ahmed Mneimneh
    "Im Nin'Alu" by Ofra Haza
    "Ballaa Tsoubou Hal Kahwa" by Samira Tawfic
    Type: Reggae
    DJ: Natalie Walsh Davis
    "Pick A Sound" by Selah Collins, Ruddy Ranks, and Redeye
    "What A Wonderful Feeling" by Errol Bellot, Ruddy Ranks, and Redeye
    "Watch How The People Dancing" by Kenny Knots, Ruddy Ranks, and Redeye
    "Lean Boot" by Richie Davis, Ruddy Ranks, and Redeye
    "Ready For The Dancehall Tonight" by Peter Bouncer, Ruddy Ranks, and Redeye
    "You Ha Fe Cool" by Richie Davis, Ruddy Ranks, and Redeye
    "Ring My Number" by Kenny Knots, Ruddy Ranks, and Redeye
    "Run Come Call Me" by Kenny Knots, Ruddy Ranks, and Redeye
    Type: Rap
    DJ: DJ Clue
    "All I Need" by Method Man
    "Shook Ones Pt. II" by Mobb Deep
    "Incarcerated Scarfaces" by Raekwon
    "N.O.R.E" by Noreaga
    "Shut 'Em Down (Remix)" by Onyx ft. Noreaga and Big Pun
    "Beware" by Big Pun
    "Twinz (Deep Cover '98)" by Big Pun
    "Get At Me Dog" by DMX ft. Sheek of the Lox
    "Ruff Ryders Anthem(Remix)" by DMX ft. DJ Clue, Jadakiss, Styles, Drag-On & Eve
    "Do What You Fell" by Redman ft. Method Man
    "Chain Gang Freestyle" by The Lox and Black Rob
    "Chest2chest Freestyle" by The Lox
    MSX 98
    Type: Techno/Electronica
    DJ: Codebreaker
    "Renegade Snares" by Omni Trio
    "Terrorist" by Renegade
    "Finest Illusion (Legal Mix)" by Foul Play
    "Living For The Future (FBD Project Remix)" by Omni Trio
    "Stay Calm (Foul Play Remix)" by DJ Pulse
    "Disturbance (Tango Remix)" by Hyper-On Experience
    "Cold Fresh Air" by Higher Sense
    "Living For The Future" by Omni Trio
    "Thru The Vibe (2 on 1 Mix)" by Omni Trio
    "The Helicopter Tune" by Deep Blue
    "Dred Bass" by Dead Dred
    Type: Oldies 
    DJ: Reni Wassulmaier
    "First Hand Experience In Second Hand Love" by Giorgio
    "I Wanna Rock You" by Giorgio
    "E=MC2" by Giorgio
    "Chase" by Giorgio 
    "I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone" by Giorgio
    "From Here To Eternity" by Giorgio
    CUSTOM SOUNDTRACKS - by Sights Unseen II *
    Technique one:
    Requirements: PSP EAC.
    You need to use the PSP EAC.
    Just download that, after its finished, rename the file by adding .zip to it.
    Unzip, install, reboot, and open the program. All you need to do is usb connect
    your psp, drag any and all your mp3s to the EAC window, it compresses, then go
    into your psp custom tracks folder and rename all the files to .gta
    It will make your future conversions easier.
    If you haven't downloaded the RCT, you'll need to manually make a custom track
    folder in your saved data folder. The proper folder name is
    This method didn't work for me, but it's been tested and does work. The second
    method has worked for just about everyone.
    Method 2:
    Requirements: Windows Media, Nero, Daemon, RCT.
    1. Connect PSP to computer via USB Mode.
    2. Open Windows Media Player
    3. Click File > New Playlist. Select the songs you want in GTA. Save playlist 
    as gta or whatever you want.
    4. After you select your songs, highlight them, right click, and choose Copy 
    to CD or Device.
    5. Since you have Nero, under Items on Device choose "Nero Fast CD-Burning 
    Plug-in or something similar.
    6. The status on the songs should change to Ready to copy. Click on copy on the
    upper right corner and Nero should open.
    7. When the Nero pop up appears, under Current recorder choose Image Recorder. 
    After that click burn.
    8. Save it wherever you please.
    9. When it's done burning, exit Nero and open Daemon.
    10. When you open Daemon (if it doesn't open just right click it on the taskbar 
    in the system tray), it'll ask you to select a new image. Select your playlist
    you saved.
    11. Take no action if the computer asks you to.
    12. Now open Rockstar Custom Tracks. When it's open switch it to Generic 
    DVD-Rom. Your songs should appear as Track01, Track02, etc.
    13. Rename them if you please.
    14. On the left side there should be a CD with an arrow. Click it. Make sure 
    no songs are playing in the program or are highlighted. If a song is 
    highlighted it will only copy that one. So if one is highlighted just click 
    the white background in the program.
    15. Once clicked a pop up called "Game Selection" will pop up. GTA: Liberty 
    City Stories (US) will be among the choices. Obviously, choose that one.
    16. Extracting begins. >_>
    17. When extracting finishes close the program, disconnect the PSP from the 
    USB connection, turn on the PSP, turn on the game.
    18. When the game starts up, pause it, go to Audio, go to Custom Tracks and
    select On.
    You're done.
                            *  VEHICLE SHOWROOM [1.6]  *
    *Vehicle Showroom coming in Version 0.75*
                            *     WALKTHROUGH [1.7]    *
    Finally we come to the meat and potatoes of this FAQ, the walkthrough of Grand
    Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.  Here you will find out how to progress 
    through the game if you are stuck, and learn useful tips for beating the harder
    To send in alternate strategies to be included in the Walkthrough, email me at 
    timyac@hvc.rr.com.  You will recieve full recognition.
    This walkthrough is meant to aid you on all missions as they become available,
    and does not necessarily highlight the most direct route through the game.  
    Part of the fun of GTA is take it on at your own pace.
    Spoilers will be included in the walkthrough when unavoidable (ex. kill so and
    so), but will be clearly marked.  
    When ranking a mission's overall difficulty, I take into account not only how 
    hard it is to complete the task, but also how difficult the mission is in 
    comparison to the rest.  One extremely tough mission will lower the difficulty
    ratings of the others.  Difficulty ratings may flucuate as I progress into the
    game.  Mission difficulty is ranked out of 5.
    Ctrl+F to find a specific mission.
    Difficulty: *
    Reward: $100
    This is just and easy mission to get in touch with the controls.  After the 
    opening cutscene, simply drive Vincenzo to each waypoint, the first being your
    hideout.  This apartment will serve as you save point for the first portion of
    the game.  After the quick hideout tutorial, use the t-shirt icon to change 
    into the Leone suit and rejoin Vincenzo in the car.  Now drive Vincenzo's place
    in Atlantic Quays to drop him off and complete the misson.
                                   VINCENZO STRAND
                     Located in Atlantic Quays (marked by V on map)
    Difficulty: *
    Reward: $100
    Prerequisite: Beat the mission "Prologue"
    Vincenzo's first mission is an easy one.  Watch the cutscene where Vincenzo
    informs you that a Leone dealer is bringing in much money.  Its your job to
    make sure he starts bringing in some dough.  Once you gain control of Toni, 
    hijack a vehicle and follow the yellow blip on the map until you reach the 
    dealer.  A quick scene will occur and the dealer will get into your car.  A 
    new yellow blip on the map appears at this point.  Simply drive the dealer to 
    this blip without him somehow dying to complete the mission.
    Difficulty: *
    Reward: $500
    Prerequisite: Beat the Vincenzo mission "Slacker"
    Apparently the dealer had good reason to be afraid.  In the cutscene you learn
    the dealer you dropped off has already been killed, and it's up to you to
    avenge his death.  Grab a car and head to the map blip.  Once there, prepare
    for your introduction to hand-to-hand combat.  Hold R to target the rival 
    dealers and O to punch their heads in.  Beat all 3 dealers to death or simply
    run them over to pass another easy mission.
    Difficulty: **
    Reward: $500
    Prerequisite: Beat the Vincenzo mission "Dealing Revenge"
    This is probably the first mission that's possible to fail, though doing so 
    isn't very likely.  After watching the cutscene, drive yourself to Ammu-Nation 
    to pick up a gun.  Take the pistol, courtesy if Vincenzo.  Be sure to not 
    accidentally fire your new weapon by pressing O will inside the store, or the
    guy behind the desk will shoot you and most likely kill you.  Exit the store
    and take note of the Ammu-Nation icon that appears on the map.  You can follow 
    this back to get more guns at any time.  Drive to the yellow blip on your map, 
    a construction site, equip your pistol, and enter.  Hold down the R button and 
    use O to shoot one of the two guards.  While still holding R, tap right or left 
    on the D-Pad to target the other guard.  Shoot him and proceed through the 
    tunnel.  On the other side you can use the R button and the analog stick to 
    manually aim and shoot the explosive barrels, or simply kill the two guards 
    normally.  Move on and kill the slightly tougher guy by the car and pick up his
    cell phone.  Take the car and you will be prompted to take it to the 
    Pay-And-Spray.  Do as you're told and bring the car to get sprayed.  Like 
    Ammu-Nation, the spraying is free for this mission, but will cost money in the 
    future.  Once you get the car sprayed, the mission is over, but take the time 
    to note the Pay-And-Spray icon for future use.
    Afterwards, you should get a call on your phone from a guy called JD.
    Difficulty: **
    Reward: $1000
    Prerequisite: Beat the Vincenzo mission "Snuff"
    Watch the cutscene where Vincenzo explains how his guys have botched a simple 
    job at the gas station.  Its your job to save the guys, and you need a 4 seat 
    vehicle to get them all out.  I personally like to use a Rumpo van because its 
    cooler for the guys to jump in the back and they are often found near 
    Vincenzo's place, but any 4 seater will do.  Get a suitable car and head 
    towards the blip representing the gas station.  There is a blue bar 
    representing the health of your men, but they survive plenty long enough.  Get 
    to the gas station and eliminate the cops nearby before making your rescue, so 
    that way no bullets hit a gas tank and kill you and your men.  After picking up 
    the guys, haul but for the nearby Pay-And-Spray from last mission with your new 
    3 star wanted level.  Get the car sprayed to reduce your level to 3 blinking 
    stars.  In this level cops won't chase you, but if you do anything wrong the
    cops will be after you again.  Drive carefully until the stars dissapear 
    completely and bring the men back to Vincenzo to complete the mission.
    Difficulty: ***
    Reward: None
    Prerequisite: Beat the Vincenzo mission "Smash and Grab"
    Vincenzo informs Toni of a nearby car loaded with drugs that he wants you to 
    take car of.  Follow the blip to the car, a Banshee in a large alleyway, and 
    enter it.  A cutscene occurs with the cops coming towards you and Toni realizes
    its a trap.  Make your way to the Pay-And-Spray again with a 3 star wanted 
    level.  Once safe, follow the new objective of bringing the car to Vincenzo's 
    lockup.  Drive over to the garage and watch the cutscene.  Toni is tired of 
    Vincenzo, and he's gonna make a point by destroying his car and drugs.  Bring 
    the car to the crusher highlighted on the map and park the car in the yellow 
    marker.  Once the crane drops the car into the crusher, the mission is over, 
    and you get a call from your momma.
    Viscenzo's missions are over for the time being. 
    Difficulty: ****
    Reward: $3000
    Prerequisite: Beat the JD mission "The Made Man"
    Vincenzo calls after you beat "The Made Man" and wants to make amends with you. 
    Pay him a visit via his V icon to start this mission.  Once at his place, you 
    recieve a cell phone call redirecting you to the boat at the Portland Docks.  
    It can be confusing to get to the boat, but its actually rather easy.  Starting
    from the door of Vincenzo's hideout looking out, go right, but instead of 
    to curve stay straight and drive onto the gray area and past a few trees.
    Proceed down the dock from here and you will see the boat.
    Enter the boat, and bypass the first hallway on the right but be sure to check
    out the second to score a Python, which will be very helpful.  Also be sure to
    grab the body armor at the bottom of the stairs if you need it, before entering
    the hull.  Once inside the hull, a short scene occurs and you're attacked by 
    numerous guys with chainsaws.  Take them out with the Python without letting 
    the room get too crowded.  Once they are all dead, Vincenzo appears.  Take him 
    out however you see fit and exit the boat to end this mission.
                                      JD STRAND
                   Located in Red Light District (marked by J on map)   
    Difficulty: *
    Reward: $500
    Prerequisite: Beat the Vincenzo mission "Snuff"
    JD's hoes are holding out on him!  JD is owed $700, and it's your job to help 
    him collect it before his hookers get off their shift.  
    Drive around until JD spots a hooker and collect her cash.  Variations of 
    collecting the cash are having to deal with clients in their cars, and rival 
    pimps stealing your hooker's dough.  Just beep the horn at the cars to get the
    hookers out and run over the pimps to have them drop the cash.  You should have
    plenty of time to collect the cash before the end of the shift.
    Difficulty: *
    Reward: None
    Prerequisite: Beat the JD mission "Bon Voyuer"
    This mission is much easier than you'd expect.  Its your job to get Salvatore 
    out of the strip joint as the cops raid it.  Once you get in the car, travel 
    the extremely short distance to the Pay-And-Spray, and then just drive 
    Salvatore home.  Nothing to it.
    Difficulty: ****
    Reward: $1000
    Prerequisite: Beat the JD mission "Don in 60 Seconds"
    This will definitely be the hardest mission you've played so far.  You need a 
    decent cache of guns, so be sure to pick up a newly available SMG at 
    Ammu-Nation if you need it.  
    Once your equipped make your way to the casino the Sindacco's plan to blow up. 
    You're going to have to take on three waves of Sindacco thugs.   Make note of 
    the health pickup in the adjacent alleyway if you should need it.  Dispatch the
    first two waves as they appear.  One guy in each wave will attempt set a bomb 
    by the casino, so make him your top priorty, because if he sets it, there is no 
    way to diffuse it.  The casino can only survive one bomb going off, you will 
    fail if two bombs successfully detonate.  The third waves of Sindaccos will 
    come in a Patriot.  Kill them the same way.  The fourth wave comes in a bomb 
    rigged truck.  Once they get out of the vehicle, hijack it and haul it away 
    from the casino.  The car is stuck in a low gear but you can still get it a 
    safe distance (use the blue bar) before getting out and getting the hell out 
    of there.  After the truck explodes a safe distance away, the mission is over.
    Difficulty: **
    Reward: $1500
    Prerequisite: Beat the JD mission "A Volatile Situation"
    It's time for revenge.  You're going to blow up a Sindacco joint, and its 
    easiest if you use the Sindacco car parked right outside JD's bar.  Take the 
    car to 8-Balls place marked on the map and get a bomb installed.  Drive to the 
    Sindacco's club carefully, making sure to keep the car damage meter down and 
    the bomb safely unexploded :).  If you are using the Sindacco car, the guards 
    will let you drive right in, otherwise they will shoot at you.  Drive the car 
    into the parking garage and run a safe distance away.  The guards will 
    probably shoot at you now, but they will all die as soon as you hit the 
    detonator, which is automatically selected and used with O. 
    Difficulty: ***
    Reward: $1500
    Prerequisite: Beat the Salvatore mission "Contra-Banned"
    Watch the cutscene to learn that Salvatore has been kidnapped by Sindacco's 
    while leaving the club.  JD notices one of the kidnappers and sets you on the 
    task of following him.  Follow the Sindacco a short distance to where they are 
    holding Salvatore  The Sindaccos are planning to crush the car with Salvatore 
    in it, and its your job to stop them.
    Follow the Sindaccos and ram their car until they get out.  This can be 
    difficult, so alternatively you can wait until they get the car under the 
    crusher and exit the vehicle.  Make a mad dash and enter the Sindacco car and 
    peel away before the crane grabs it.  Afterwards just drive Salvatore back to 
    his mansion and watch the cutscene to end the mission. 
    Difficulty: *
    Reward: $3000
    Prerequisite: Beat the JD mission "Salvatore's Salvation"
    The game makes this mission much harder than it has to be.  Salvatore is coming
    down to the Red Light District for revenge on the Sindaccos.  Its your job to 
    make sure he isn't killed, and the game gives him a generous life bar.
    Start the mission by using the stairs in the alley across the street to get the
    sniper rifle.  Enter the yellow marked vantage point and Salvatore will appear. 
    The game wants you to snipe the attacking Sindaccos, but it is much easier to 
    just drop down to the street and eliminate them with a normal gun because they 
    are shooting at Salvatore and not you.  Kill the Sindaccos and the two cops 
    that show up, and follow Salvatore into the back entrance of the strip joint to 
    pass the mission.
    Difficulty: *** 1/2
    Reward: $1000
    Prerequisite: Beat the JD mission "The Guns of Leone"
    Toni is informed about a guy named Massimo, who may be a snitch.  You need to 
    get to Salvatore's house before he leaves.  Once you get there, watch the scene
    of Massimo entering his helicopter.  Follow the slow moving helicopter to a 
    meeting with the Diablos, and then to a rooftop meeting with the Triads.  Get 
    up on the roof and watch the short scene.  Eventually, your seen and Massimo 
    escapes.  Kill the attacking Triads on the roof with you, being especially wary 
    of the sniper rifle wielding one.  After killing them, snipe the Triads on the 
    ground.  This can be frustrating, so you may have to go down the stairs.  Use 
    the health if necessary, and kill all the Triads to complete the mission.
    Difficulty: **
    Reward: $1500
    Prerequisite: Beat the JD mission "Calm Before the Storm" 
    Wow, this is a sad mission.  In the cutscene, Toni meets up with a very excited
    and dressed up JD to drive him to his ceremony.  JD is gonna be a made man.  
    Anyway, you're joined by a thug named Mickey, presumably to help you out.  
    Drive towards the yellow blip until you are attacked by Sindacco assassins.  
    Protect JD by running over the 4 Sindaccos, and then continue on to the 
    ceremony by the car crusher.
    Wait?  The car crusher?  Not a great spot for a ceremony.  An excited and 
    oblivious JD promises the first drinks before Mickey shoots him in the back of 
    the head.  Mickey tells you to take him home and dump the car in the river.  
    The problem is, your car is leaving a trail of blood, and whenever a cop sees 
    it, its an automatic two star wanted level that not even a trip to the 
    Pay-And-Spray can take care of.  Drop Mickey at his house and drive towards the 
    river (the really big water supply ;)).  Drive at the river and hit triangle to 
    bail out.  The car will keep going into the water and the mission is complete.
                                  SALVATORE STRAND I
                      Located in Portland Beach (marked by S on map)
    Difficulty: ***
    Reward: $500
    Prerequisite: Beat the JD mission "Don In 60 Seconds"
    This isn't really as hard a mission as the stars suggest.  It can just easily 
    take a turn for the worst and become frustrating.  
    Salvatore wants you to bring some money to union boss Jane Hopper down at the 
    docks.  After a short cutscene, you are surrounded by 4 thugs, with a few 
    others strewn about.  If you can get away from the initial 4 however, you 
    should be OK.  The frustrating part is getting knocked down by one of the thugs 
    and getting kicked to death...not fun.  You shouldn't attempt to fight back, 
    just sprint up to the street to escape and end the mission.
                         Alternate Strategy by Justin Myers
    This mission was incredibly annoying till I got smart. BEFORE going to the 
    checkpoint, grab a PCJ-600 or other motorcycle (NOT a car, you need 
    manuverability and acceleration!) and go off the unique jump near Salvatore's 
    (The one with the police bribe) and park your bike near the boxes (where you 
    will be "spawned" during the cutscene). Hop off, and run to the checkpoint. At
    this point, before you trigger the checkpoint, the strikers will still try to
    kill you, but not with molotovs, etc. If you did it right, you'll hit the check
    point, trigger the cutscene, run out of the boxes, hop on your ride, and haul 
    ass outta there. Easy as pie.
    Difficulty: **
    Reward: $500
    Prerequisite: Beat the Salvatore mission "The Offer"
    Salvatore wants you to get some picketers on his side.  In order to do this, 
    you need to drop off 6 hookers at the dock before the picketers' shifts are 
    over.  Grab the Sentinel outside Sal's house and pick up 3 hookers, they 
    are marked with a blue icon on the map.  You will be prompted to bring them to 
    the docks, so do so, its marked by a yellow blip.  After dropping them off, 
    repeat the process to beat the mission.  You should have plenty of time.
    Difficulty: **
    Reward: $1000
    Prerequisite: Beat the Salvatore mission "Ho Selecta!"
    Salvatore wants you to help him out by scaring the bajeezus out of a couple 
    union bosses.  Follow the red blips to each of the three bosses and ram their 
    car.  Eventually, they will get out of the car and give up, but they may need 
    the extra help of your fist in their skull to make up their mind.  Once all 
    three bosses are scared, the mission is over and you get a phone call from 
    Maria, Salvatore's wife.
    Difficulty: *
    Reward: $1000
    Prerequisite: Beat the Salvatore mission "Frighteners"
    This is an easy mission.  Salvatore wants you to scare Jane Hopper into 
    submission.  Ms. Hopper is currently be interviewed at the Head Radio building,
    so jump in a car and follow the blip to its location.  Once there, dispose of 
    her chaffuer and you will steal his clothes.  Get in the car and wait for 
    Hopper.  Once she's in, just drive around really fast, go off jumps, and crash 
    into stuff until Hopper is scared.  Just avoid setting the limo on fire or 
    crashing into water and this should be easy.  After she submits, follow the 
    new yellow blip to the picket lines and drop her off to complete the mission.
    Difficulty: ***
    Reward: $1000
    Prerequisite: Beat the Maria mission "Overdose of Trouble"
    After the cutscene, grab the Sentinel outside and follow the blue blips to pick 
    up some backup.  After picking up all three guys, follow the yellow blip to the
    docks.  Note the location of the police bribe on the way to the back of the 
    docks.  Before entering the yellow marker, grab the body armor if you need it,
    because there is gonna be a bit of shooting.  After the cutscene, you have a 
    three star wanted level, so shoot the guy directly in front of you and hop into
    FAIL.  Wheel the car around and exit the docks the opposite direction the car 
    was facing, picking up the police bribe on the way.  This gives you a two star 
    wanted level for the drive to the Pay-And-Spray, making it considerably easier.
    After spraying the car, bring it to Sal's garage to complete the mission.
    Difficulty: ****
    Reward: $1500
    Prerequisite: Beat the Vincenzo mission "The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade"
    For this mission, you're gonna need guns, lots of them.  Pick up the weapons
    Salvatore gives you if you need them, and then shoot down to the blip on your 
    map.  Pull out your best gun and just start firing, you're gonna need to kill
    about 20 Diablos.  The reason this mission can get tough is the Leone's 
    inability to stay alive.  Once you drop under 10 guys, you'll get a message 
    everytime one dies.  If they all die you fail.  There is really no strategy to
    this, just keep moving and firing.  Once all the Diablos fall, answer your cell 
    phone to complete the mission.
    Difficulty: ****
    Reward: $1500
    Prerequisite: Beat the Salvatore mission "Sindacco Sabotage"
    Salvatore trusts only you to go down to his warehouse and pick up a large sum 
    of money.  Get a vehicle and follow the yellow blip.  Once at the warehouse, 
    watch the cutscene.  You get a generous amount of time to collect the money 
    while dealing with the flames and an endless supply of Triad thugs.  Your first
    priority is to avoid the fire.  One wrong step and you're toast.  Collect all 
    the money and then get a vehicle.  Exit the warehouse through the blown up wall
    and return to Salvatore's mansion to beat the mission.
    An odd thing I noticed in this mission that may not always be there is the 
    Banshee from this mission's opening cutscene crashed into a tree in Salvatore's
    driveway.  I thought this was odd.
    Difficulty: *** 
    Reward: $4000
    Prerequisite: Beat the Salvatore mission "The Trouble With Triads"
    Watch the cutscene to learn Salvatore wants out of Portland.  Grab a trusty car
    and bring Salvatore to the ferries.  Before you get to the yellow marker, hit 
    the handbrake to spin the car into the yellow marker backwards.  Once the cops 
    swarm, you get a headstart on your three star wanted level by hauling ass in 
    the other direction.  Hit up the Pay-And-Spray, although the game tells you it 
    won't work, the cops never bothered me after it.  Afterwards, drive to the 
    Callahan Bridge, get some speed, and go off the jump to reach Staunton Island.  
    Once there, watch the news report, and then drive Salvatore to your new safe 
    house to complete the mission.
                                     MARIA STRAND
                       Located in St. Marks (marked by M on Map)
    Difficulty: **
    Reward: $100
    Prerequisite: Beat the Salvatore mission "Frighteners"
    Your first mission for Maria is to drive her around town so she can "shop".  
    Apparently Maria doesn't want to pay for any of this however.  Drop her off at 
    the first store and then ditch the one star wanted level you get for the 
    shoplift.  Bring Maria to the next store, which has probably the best security 
    system ever.  After dodging the shotgun wielding shop-owner, evade the cops, 
    and attempt to survive with you're three star wanted level.  This means 
    choppers and spike strips, what the hell did she steal?  You can stop by the 
    Pay-And-Spray if you want, but I recommend going straight to Maria's house and
    dropping her off to complete the mission.
    Difficulty: **
    Reward: $500
    Prerequisite: Beat the Maria mission "Shop 'Till You Strop"
    Maria wants you to drive her to her dealers, so do so.  Once you pull up behind
    the dealers, there's a quick scene and Maria gets kidnapped.  Chase and ram the
    the kidnappers' car without letting them get to far away.  If you can trap them
    against a wall they will get out and open fire.  Just run the kidnappers' over 
    or get out and use your guns, whichever you prefer, although the former is 
    preferable.  After they are out of the way, drive Maria home to complete the 
    Difficulty: **
    Reward: None
    Prerequisite: Beat the Maria mission "Taken for a Ride"
    You enter to find Maria's place empty, but get a message telling you that she 
    has put herself up as the first place prize in a street race.  Obviously, this 
    bit of info might piss Salvatore off, so find yourself a bike and head to the 
    starting line to make sure Maria doesn't end up with some dirtbag.  I unlike 
    most people prefer to use and recommend the Sanchez for this mission.  It has 
    better handling than the PCJ and speed isn't really a factor as the other 
    racers tend to move slowly.  You should be able to breeze past the other racers
    on the straightaway past the diner, and the Sanchez gives you a distinct 
    advantage while navigating the city streets.  You can afford at least one 
    cataclysmic crash and still win with plenty of time to spare.  In the cutscene 
    after you win, take note of Maria's boyfriend, Wayne.
    Difficulty: ***
    Reward: $1500
    Prerequisite: Beat the Maria mission "Booby Prize"
    Remember Wayne?  Turns out beating women "revs his engine" as Toni says, and 
    Maria is his latest victim.  Get an SMG and head down to Chinatown to get some 
    payback.  After the scene, kill the bikers and hop on one of their rides.  You 
    have to kill Wayne, but just keeping up with him can be frustrating, so I 
    recommend driving carefully behind him and avoiding crashes.  Eventually he'll 
    get off his bike back in Chinatown.  Take note of his very large gun and kill 
    him to complete the mission.
    Difficulty: **
    Reward: None
    Prerequisite: Beat the Maria mission "Biker Heat"
    Ever seen Pulp Fiction?  In a similar scene, we find Maria (Mia?) overdosing. 
    It's up to you to help her find her "Zap", which she swears she left at the 
    Callahan Diner.  Drive her there and watch the cutscene.  Wayne's gang members 
    will now chase you to the new location of the zap, Hepburn Heights.  Wayne's
    gang member's don't really do much, you should lose them without trying.
    Once arriving at Hepburn Heights, Maria tells you that the zap is actually at 
    her apartment.  Drive her there and she will tell you she is absolutely 
    positive she left it at Salvatore's.  Once you arrive the mission is over, and 
    you're finished with Maria's strand of missions, which nets you the badass 
    GoodFellas suit as a reward.
                                   MA CIPRIANI STRAND
                     Located in St. Marks (marked by C on Map)
    Difficulty: **
    Reward: $100
    Prerequisite: Beat the Vincenzo mission "Hot Wheels"
    This is a pretty easy first mission for Ma.  After having his manhood 
    questioned, Toni sets out to prove that real man Giovanni Casa is nothing but 
    a no-good pervert.  Head to your safehouse to get a camera, then follow the 
    blip to Casa's deli, and watch the scene.  After the scene, follow Casa's van 
    to the woods under the Callahan Bridge.  Watch the scene, and then equip the 
    camera and sneak up on Casa.  Don't get too close, the shot doesn't really have 
    to be that good, just get Casa in a picture.  Head back to Ma's apartment to 
    complete the mission.
    Difficulty: **
    Reward: None
    Prerequisite: Beat the Ma Cipriani mission "Snappy Dresser"
    Ma says Toni's scared of Triads.  Prove her wrong by taking some out.  Follow 
    the red blips to Chinatown, the large red blip is a Triad fish truck, and the 
    smaller one is a group of armed Triads.  Go for the truck first, just ram it 
    until the Triads jump out.  Run them over and collect their ammo, then exit 
    your car and run past the barriers.  Dispose of the Triads the way you've been 
    doing it all along, when the last one falls, the mission is over.
    Difficulty: **
    Reward: $1000
    Prerequisite: Beat the Ma Cipriani mission "Big Rumble in Little China"
    Apparently there's a lot of guys better than Toni, another one being some 
    street racing punk named Sucho.  Once again you have to try to prove yourself 
    to Ma, so get a fairly reliable car and head to the starting line.  The race is 
    one lap and not that hard, just use your mini-map to see what's ahead.  After 
    winning, watch the short scene.  Chase down Sucho, his car is marked with a red 
    arrow and blip.  Trap him against a wall so he gets out, and then run him over. 
    I kind of feel bad for the guy, but at least you've completed the mission!
    Difficulty: ***
    Reward: $500
    Prerequisite: Beat the Ma Cipriani mission "Grease Sucho"
    Seems Ma still prefers Casa to you.  He's stopped paying protection money and 
    that takes balls.  It's your job to change this of course, and you can start by
    picking up Casa at his deli.  Ignore the cops in the cutscene, they won't do 
    anything.  Now, take Casa to the sawmill for a little "talk".  Once you get 
    inside, watch the cutscene.  Afterwards, you have to kill Casa with just an 
    axe, which can be tough because Casa's fast for his size.  He can't escape, so 
    don't get worried, just hit him once to knock him down and hack him while he's 
    on the ground.  After a gruesome cutscene, you have to evade the cops while 
    bringing Casa's delivery van back to the deli.  Stop and the Pay-And-Spray to 
    lose the heat, then go back to the deli with the van and watch the cutscene to 
    complete this mission.
    Difficulty: *****
    Reward: None
    Prerequisite: Beat the Ma Cipriani mission "No Son of Mine"
    Ma's last mission is the hardest one this island has to offer.  Get all your 
    guns together as well as some Body Armor and head to Ma's house.  After the 
    cutscene, grab the shotgun and blast the guy on the stairs.  Go down the stairs 
    and kill the remaining hitmen.  Get a good vantage point for the second wave 
    and blast them as they exit their cars.  The third wave is tougher, they have 
    SMGs.  Blast them while staying close to the health in case you need it.  The 
    fourth and final wave is definitely the hardest, I actually beat them on 
    accident, but what I did is a pretty good idea.  I planned to jump in a car and
    book for the hospital to hole up with the health pickups, but the guys got 
    there too fast.  I ran over one of the hitmen but their bullets set my car on 
    fire.  I ran away and the explosion killed all but one, who I killed easily 
    with the shotgun as he lay on the ground.  After the fourth wave is wiped out, 
    the mission is over, and you get a message informing you that the hitmen will 
    stay on your tail throughout the game.
                         Alternate Strategy by Justin Myers
    When you do this mission, park your car in the middle of the intersection in 
    front of her house: This will cause traffic to back up, giving you more time 
    between waves of hitmen. Go through the cutscene, grab the shotgun and run down
    the stairs, taking out the hitmen there. Then go back up the stairs. Now you 
    have one of two choices. Jump on a bench and free aim snipe the hitmen with 
    your uzi (which leaves you unguarded), OR take advantage of the traffic stacked
    up and shoot at on of the cars visible to you from the stairway. This allows 
    you to be protected by the stairs, but the explosion you set off will blow up 
    the rest of the cars in a chain reaction of spectacular proportions. This will
    feed back to the hitmen. I advise using this on the third or fourth wave.
                                 SALVATORE STRAND II
                      Various Contact Points (marked by S on map)
    Difficulty: ****
    Reward: $1500
    Prerequisite: Beat the Salvatore mission "Driving Mr. Leone"
    Salvatore wants you to take out Mayor RC Hole, and you best bet to do so is 
    during his jog in the park.  Enter the park unarmed, and when you get close to 
    the mayor, pull out a weapon and blow him away.  He is heavily guarded, so grab 
    his phone and book out of there, stopping to shoot guards that get in your way. 
    After escaping, drive to Salvatore's.
    If the mayor gets away, he'll get into a car and peel out. Run him down and 
    kill him, take his phone and get to Salvatore's.
    Difficulty: *
    Reward: $2000
    Prerequisite: Beat the Salvatore mission "A Walk In The Park"
    Ready for the easiest 2000 bucks you've ever made?  Ignore your skepticism and 
    drive with Mickey to the contact point.  After you arrive, watch the cutscene 
    and the mission is over.
    Afterwards, you should get a call from Ma signaling the end of the hit that's 
    out on you and also nets you the Antonio outfit.
    Difficulty: ***
    Reward: $2000
    Prerequisite: Beat the Salvatore mission "Making Toni"
    This mission is kind of tough.  While there are Secret Service guys everywhere, 
    the game is generous in terms of health.  Just aim and fire to kill the guys 
    surrounding you, and shoot down the helicopter when it appears.  No real 
                                 SUB-MISSIONS [1.8]
    *Sub-Missions info coming in Version 0.75*
                                MULTI-PLAYER [1.9]
    *Multi-Player info coming in Version 0.75*
                               HIDDEN PACKAGES [2.0]
    Hidden packages have long been a staple of the GTA series (with the exception 
    of San Andreas if you want to get technical), and they make a return in Liberty
    City Stories.
    *Hidden Package Locations coming in Version 0.75*
    10 packages found - Pistol at safehouse
    20 packages found - Shotgun at safehouse
    30 packages found - Body Armor at safehouse
    40 packages found - MP5 at safehouse
    50 packages found - Python at safehouse
    60 packages found - M4 at safehouse
    70 packages found - Sniper Rifle at safehouse
    80 packages found - Flamethrower at safehouse
    90 packages found - Rocket Launcher at safehouse
    100 packages found - $50,000
                                 CHEAT CODES [2.1]
    While I don't condone cheating in order to beat the game (as it removes the
    feeling of accomplishment!), but I like everybody always want to squeeze the 
    last bit of fun from each GTA installment.  These codes provide a fun way to
    keep playing after you beat the main game.  
    SQUARE, SQUARE, R1, X, X, L1, CIRCLE, CIRCLE - Aggressive Drivers
    TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, R1, SQUARE, SQUARE, L1, X, X - All Green Lights
    TRIANGLE, R1, L1, DOWN, DOWN, R1, R1, TRIANGLE - All Vehicles Chrome Plated
    DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, X, L1, R1 - Bobble Head World
    CIRCLE, X, DOWN, CIRCLE, X, UP, L1, L1 - Cars Drive On Water
    CIRCLE, RIGHT, X, UP, RIGHT, X, L1, SQUARE - Change Bike Tire Size
    UP, DOWN, CIRCLE, UP, DOWN, SQUARE, L1, R1 - Clear Weather
    L1, DOWN, LEFT, R1, X, CIRCLE, UP, TRIANGLE - Commit Suicide
    L1, L1, LEFT, L1, L1, RIGHT, X, SQUARE - Destroy All Cars
    L1, R1, L1, R1, UP, DOWN, L1, R1 - Display Game Credits
    L1, L1, LEFT, L1, L1, RIGHT, CIRCLE, X - Faster Clock
    R1, R1, L1, R1, R1, L1, DOWN, X - Faster Gameplay
    UP, DOWN, TRIANGLE, UP, DOWN, X, L1, R1 - Foggy Weather
    L1, R1, CIRCLE, L1, R1, X, L1, R1 - Full Armor (Blue Bar)
    L1, R1, X, L1, R1, SQUARE, L1, R1 - Full Health (Red Bar)
    DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, L1, R1 - Have Girls Follow You
    L1, R1, TRIANGLE, L1, R1, CIRCLE, L1, R1 - Money Cheat ($250,000)
    L1, L1, TRIANGLE, R1, R1, X, SQUARE, CIRCLE - Never Wanted
    UP, DOWN, X, UP, DOWN, TRIANGLE, L1, R1 - Overcast Weather
    L1, L1, R1, L1, L1, R1, UP, TRIANGLE - Peds Attack You
    R1, R1, L1, R1, R1, L1, RIGHT, CIRCLE - Peds Have Weapons
    L1, L1, R1, L1, L1, R1, LEFT, SQUARE - Peds Riot
    L1, UP, LEFT, R1, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, DOWN, X - Perfect Traction
    UP, DOWN, SQUARE, UP, DOWN, CIRCLE, L1, R1 - Rainy Weather
    L1, UP, RIGHT, R1, TRIANGLE, SQUARE, DOWN, X - Raise Media Attention
    L1, R1, SQUARE, L1, R1, TRIANGLE, L1, R1 - Raise Wanted Level
    L1, L1, LEFT, L1, L1, RIGHT, SQUARE, TRIANGLE - Random Ped Outfit
    R1, TRIANGLE, X, R1, SQUARE, CIRCLE, LEFT, RIGHT - Slower Gameplay
    L1, L1, LEFT, L1, L1, RIGHT, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE - Spawn Rhino
    TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, DOWN, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, UP, L1, L1 - Spawn Trashmaster
    L1, L1, CIRCLE, R1, R1, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, X - Sunny Weather
    DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, X, X, SQUARE, R1, L1 - Upside Down Gameplay
    Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Up, Up, Right, L, R - Upside Up
    UP, X, X, DOWN, LEFT, X, X, RIGHT - Weapon set 3
                                   CLOSING [2.2]
    That's just about it for version 0.5 of my Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City 
    Stories FAQ.  It is not, however, the end of the FAQ completely.  I hope to
    have Version 0.75 up in less than a week.  Version 0.75 will have all the 
    additions listed before, as well as a complete walkthrough of Staunton Island.
    Be sure to check it out!
    I'd like to thank you for using my FAQ.  Other thanks include
    Jeff "CJayC" Veasey for operating GameFAQS and accepting my FAQ (hopefully!)
    Rockstar Games for making the great GTA series
    Sights Unseen II for his Custom Soundtracks Info
    Justin Myers for alternate strategies
    Other hosts: NeoSeeker, Cheat Code Central, Josh Keegan

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