Are people cheating?

  1. I've had NHL2K10 game for a few weeks and I've been playing online for PS2. I'm usually pretty good at this game but when I play against certain players (I won't mention usernames here) they always DESTROY ME. Their players skate faster than mine no matter who I am and they always seem to score 10 goals + by skating into my goalie. It's totally possible that I suck at the game and that's the end of the story, but I've seen lobby chat accusing these same people of cheating against them as well. The only other wierd thing is that these people spend an abnormally high amount of time in their strategy settings at the beginning of the game to set this up. Anybody have anything to add to this???Thanks!

    User Info: gamefan33

    gamefan33 - 7 years ago

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