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    Secrets FAQ by DokiWaku

    Version: 2.5 | Updated: 01/26/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Final Fantasy X Secrets FAQ   ver 2.5
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      Hi all. This FAQ was originally written for the Japanese release of the game.
    I have added some details about the American release of the game. For the most
    part both versions of the game are the same. Just a few name changes here and
    there to worry about. I have left most of the names as they appear in the
    Japanese version. Most are similar enough that you should know where I am
    talking about. This FAQ contains spoilers to a degree, but only when absolutely
    necessary to explain where to go. Consider that fair warning…besides why bicker
    about spoilers when you are already cheating by reading this drivel? Now
    then….on with the FAQ.
    Airship Passwords and Coordinates
    In your airship menu you have 3 options
    We are concerned with the latter 2.
    First we have some passwords. These can be found by reading the Al Bhed symbols
    scattered throughout Spira once you have enough of the dictionaries to actually
    read them correctly. Here are a few passwords to enter.
    Japanese version codes:
    They must be entered in hiragana. If you don’t know hiragana, go find a cheap
    book at B&N or the like. Even the $10 travel size books usually have the 2
    Japanese alphabets listed.
    GO tsu DO HA N DO  = Kinokoiwa Valley Bottom  (the lowercase tsu means use the
    smaller tsu from the middle of the character list)
    BI KU TO RI A SU = Bisaido Ruins 1
    MU RA SA ME = Bisado Ruins 2
    American version codes:
    For the American release the codes must be entered in all capital letters
    Once you enter these, you can select the new area from the list (it will even
    show up with a little box that says ‘NEW’.
    Then there are the coordinates. You can freely move the cursor around the map.
    On the left X,Y,Z coordinates are shown. Z is just elevation and is
    unimportant. So here are some X,Y locations to use. Just press the O button to
    search these spots and the new location will appear in your List menu.
    X-74 Y-36 = Omega Ruins
    X-15 Y41 =  Sanubia Sand Dune
    X-16 Y-57 = Ebon Temple (Anima)
    X-31 Y-73 = Bisaido Rainbow Waterfall
    X-34 Y-58 = Mihen Abovewater Ruins
    X-42 Y-57 = Kinokoiwa Battle Ruins
    The Celestial Mirror & Powering up your Ultimate Weapons
        Now that you have all these new locations you may notice there are a few
    boxes that you cannot open. These are magically sealed and required the
    celestial mirror. So let’s go through what we need to do to get one….
    Start off in the Nagi Plains/Calm Lands (the huge open grassy field area with a
    small shop area in the center) Depending on what entrance you came from there
    should be a chocobo rider who will give you a chocobo to ride nearby. Once you
    are riding the chocobo, head to the southeast corner of the map. You will see a
    small yellow feather near what looks like a broken bridge. Press the O button
    (while still riding the chocobo… some people are DENSE) and you will jump down
    to a small ledge. Continue down the path to the very purdy Remaria Shrine.
    Inside the shrine you can face challenges against the summon spells you have
    earned thus far. You will need to beat all 8 aeons here eventually. After
    toying with this for a bit, head outside to the right side of the temple. Talk
    to the chocobo and you can race in a mini game against another chocobo. If you
    make it to the center before the other chocobo you are rewarded with a cloudy
    mirror… but it isn’t magically charged yet. Note that you can continue to race
    and gain other items, but it requires avoiding the flags and opening as many
    chests as possible. The max number of chests you can open and still win is 5.
    You get REALLY good stuff for this game. Win once with 1 chest, then with 2
    chests, etc.
    Now take your cloudy mirror to the forest of Makalania south of Nagi
    Plains/Calm Lands. There is a mother and son standing together near the
    beginning of this town. Talk to each of them a few times. Then go right and
    then north. There will be a small area with a few people standing around. Talk
    to each of them. One of them (the boy’s father) will run off. Go back to the
    first area and talk to the mother and father a few times each. Now run up the
    glowing, sparkly path to the left. Talk to the son and head up the north path.
    You can now charge your mirror (only need to do this once). Your mirror will
    now open the chests and walls that contain each character’s ultimate weapon.
    Also note that once you have a power up scroll for an ultimate weapon, you need
    to return here to have it imbued with the special powers.
    Ultimate Weapons
      Keep in mind that the weapons stink at first (they keep you from gaining
    AP!!!) but after you power them up, they rock. You must have the powered magic
    mirror to open the chests and walls that contain the ultimate weapons!!!! It is
    also very important to note that you cannot win some of these items until late
    in the game!!! For instance; playing the butterfly mini game when you first get
    to that part in the game will only award you a sphere or other simple item. You
    must come back to these areas and games after you have your airship.
    Note that the American version refers to the 2 power ups by their planetary
    name and either crest or sigil.
    Ultima Weapon
    Location:Northwest Nagi Hill
    Power up Items:
    Sunday Scroll => Ebon/Yevon Dome chest after fight with Yunaleska, the 3 part
    battle with giant medusa head demon. (go down stairs in rear of room twice to
    make chest appear.)
    Sunday Holy Scroll => win last Nagi Hill chocobo race with a time of 0:0:0
    Location:Nagi Hill
    -Collect all monsters from Nagi Hill/Calm Lands, use mirror to open box. (More
    on this below)
    Power up Items:
    Monday Scroll) => Beside Island Beach
    Monday Holy Scroll => Defeat all summons at Remaria Shrine and release
    summoner’s spirit.
    Knight of Tamanegi (Onion)
    Location:Barji=Ebon Shrine (outside Anima’s temple), under lake where monster
    breaks through the wall (after 2nd fight with him)
    Power up Items:
    Tuesday Scroll => Guadoslam, Go to the farplane. It’s over there on the left.
    Tuesday Holy Scroll => evade thunder 200 times continuously at Thunder Hill.
    Must be 200 times in a row, without being struck by lightning at all. To evade,
    wait for a bright white flash and press the O button at the same moment. You
    will jump back instead of getting hit and falling back. This will take you
    quite some time. Note that some areas have more lighting that others.
    World Champion
    Location:Get from Bartender at Luka Cafe after you win a few Blitzball
    Powerup Items:
    Wednesday Scroll =>Locker inside Blitzball Locker room in Luca.
    Wednesday Holy Scroll => Blitzball prize…must win all of Wakka’s overdrives
    first. I won 60 games of Blitzball before winning this scroll. It was a prize
    for a Ranking tournament of 10 games.
    Location: Thunder Hill
    -Activate 3 stones at Thunder Hill by pressing square. Find the Sabotender
    ghost and follow him to a small ruin. Press square. It’s on the first map and
    near the right edge of the screen. Looks a little like a collapsed lighting
    Powerup Items:
    Thursday Scroll => Box at Gagazetto Mountain
    Thursday Holy Scroll => Second Butterfly Mini-game in Makarania Forest (see
    God Hand
    Location:Bottom of Kinoko Canyon (use airship coordinates from above)
    Powerup Items:
    Friday Scroll => West of Sanubia Desert in a whirlpool of sand, just before
    Friday Holy Scroll => Clear the Sabotender Event at Bikanel Island (more on
    this below)
    Location: Kinoko Canyon Street
    -Get rusted sword from Nagi Hill (on the map just before you enter the stolen
    fayth cave… Go to the northeast exit, then go under the second bridge instead
    of over it then go to the right. There are a few people here, near them is a
    sword stuck in the ground. Press O to grab it.
    -Go to Kinoko Canyon Street (this is the area just south of the remains of the
    magic cannon destroyed during operation Mihen), Find an elevator stone on your
    left and go up and use the sword on the statue of a man standing over a dead
    behemoth. Then use your powered mirror on the symbol on the wall.
    Powerup Items:
    Saturday Scroll =>South of old Mihen Street
    Saturday Holy Scroll =>Collect enough monsters for the Monster Trainer to
    unlock 10 special battles. (More on this below)
    Nagi Hill Chocobo Races and Tidas Ultimate Weapon
    To gain Tidas best weapon and holy scroll, you need to complete the Chocobo
    races at Nagi Hill. To begin, find the STATIONARY person riding a chocobo near
    the entrance (any entrance you come from, the rider will be nearby) One of the
    options is to race. You must complete each race to unlock the next. The last
    race is against another rider. Wining this once will allow you to pass the
    guard in Northwest Nagi Hills to get Tidas ultimate weapon. To get to the
    location of the weapon you must be on foot! The path is too small for a chocobo
    to reach.
      Wining the last chocobo race with a time of 0:0:0 will earn the Holy Scroll
    power up for Tidas weapon. To attain this time you need to gather as many
    balloons as you can and avoid all the birds. The more balloons you collect, the
    lower your time. If you have trouble, purposely time out by getting stuck on
    the first turn in the path and letting the timer run out at 2 minutes. During
    the following race, the birds will be easier to dodge. ***note*** this cheat
    will NOT work on the American version.
    Catching the Butterflies
       In the Makalania Forest you will find a parrot-man playing a harp. After
    talking to him, to your immediate left is a butterfly. Upon touching it, you
    begin another mini game challenge. You must collect all the blue butterflies
    without touching ANY of the purple ones before the timer runs out. Touching a
    purple butterfly starts a battle and costs you a few seconds. After completing
    the first challenge, a similar challenge awaits on the next screen past the
    parrot-man. Kimari’s Holy scroll is won from this second challenge….. but it is
    very important that you do this after you have the airship. Otherwise you will
    just win a sphere or an ether. Try not to pop a blood vessel on this one. I got
    a little irate at this part (>_<)*~@#$! In the American version you only need
    win the first challenge. The second challenge contains only a teleport sphere.
    Capturing Monsters
       Capturing monsters is a pretty fun/tedious side-quest in the game. It is
    required for quite a few of the optional quests. Start off by heading to Nagi
    Plains/Calm Lands. To the east of Nagi plains is a shop with a dragon wrapped
    around it. This is the monster trainer. The weapons he sells here have a
    special ability that let you capture monsters for him.  Any monster (except
    mechanical ones) that you kill with these weapons is considered captured. When
    you capture one of every creature from a given area, you receive a prize and
    you also unlock a special battle. You get to fight this battle once for free.
    Afterwards you may select the boss from the list and fight it again for a small
    fee. If you gather 10 of each creature from an area you unlock another special
    battle. One bonus to these fights is that dying will simply return you to the
    trainer, and not “Game Over” you.
        At first, the only area available for creature capturing is Nagi Plains.
    Once you have captured one of every creature from Nagi Plains, return to the
    Monster Trainer. A chest will fall from the sky when you talk to him. This
    chest contains Yuna’s Ultimate weapon, and requires the Celestial mirror to
    open. Now, if you talk to the Monster Trainer you can bring up a list of all
    the areas in the game where you can capture creatures. The next area you should
    work on is Gagazeto Mountain. Collecting 10 of every creature at the mountain
    earns you a special seal that will remove one of the barriers that block your
    path to the final Aeon in the game.
    The regular area selection screen looks like this:
    Bisaido                                                            Kirika
    Mihen                                                              Kinoko
    Jyoze                                                              Thunder
    Makaranya Forest                                          Bikanel Desert
    Nagi Plains                                                     Cave Under the
    Gagazeto Mountain                                       Inside the body of Sin
    Omega Ruins                                                  Area Conquest
    Species Conquest                                          Original
    Here is a rundown of each area’s monsters, in the order they appear on the
    monster trainer list:
    Dingo – small dog
    Condor – small bird
    Water Pudding – a small blue slime
    Daisonikusu – a lizard-like enemy
    Killer Bee – yep, it’s a bee.
    Aero Element – a floating yellow magic symbol
    Barusemu- a small seed-shooting plant
    Mihen Fang – the first of many reused enemies… a small dog
    Ipiria – another lizard type creature
    Float Eye – a grey eyegore, a winged creature with one large eye
    White Element – a floating blue magic symbol
    Rarudo – small shell armored critter with fat claws
    Valve – a small brown dragon
    Bomb – a floating ball with pointy “hair”
    Dual Horn – Beast with 2 large horns on his back
    Raptor – another lizard
    Gandaruva – Floating purple goblin with a peacock-like tail
    Thunder Pudding – Not an offical Jello flavor…. A green & yellow slime
    Red Element – Floating red magic symbol
    Ramashyutou – blue & yellow dragon
    Garuda – a large winged creature.
    Garumu – a dog
    Shimarugu – small brown bird
    Bite Bagu – another bee
    Snow Pudding – light blue slime
    Banipu – small shell armored critter with fat claws and weird yellow jelly on
    his back
    Bajirisuku –  large orange serpent dragon
    Ochyu – Huge plant with several tall arms
    Thunder Plains
    Meryujinu – a lizard
    Aero Jyu – a red floating goblin remake
    Buiru – a green eyegore
    Gold Element – floating yellow magic symbol
    Kusariku – blue dragon with spikes going down spine
    Raruva – a floating demon skull
    Iron Giant – a huge armored warrior with a large sword in hand
    Sabotenda? – the tiny cactus guy himself
    Makaraya Forest
    Suno Urufu – Hey! It’s another dog!
    Shumeruke – and another lizard too!
    Wasp – oh look another bee!
    Evil Eye – a Blue eyegore clone….
    Ice Pudding – is it ice or is it pudding?
    Blue Element – floating blue magic symbol
    Murufushu – small shell armored critter, with ice crystals on his back
    Mafuto – small shell armored critter, with smoke coming out of him
    Kushibosu – spike legged reptile
    Chimera – a beast with several different animal heads and a snake for a tail
    Bikaneru Desert
    Sand Wolf – dog
    Arukyuone – small black bird
    Mushyuiushyu – green dragon with horns
    Zuu – a huge black bird
    Sandworm – a huge worm… the spice must flow!
    Sabotenda – the real tiny cactus guy <-- really good AP
    Nagi Plains
    Sugoru – dog
    Nebirosu – a red bee
    Flame Pudding – a red slime
    Juriddo  - another little armor critter
    Hedge Viper – black serpent dragon
    Ogre – a fat Chewbaca
    Claw – a white tiger with really big whiskers
    Chimera Brain – a black & red version of the Chimera
    Moruboru – a large plant with many eyes and teeth, tentacles for legs
    Cave Under the Valley
    This is the area where you find the Aeon Youjimo
    Youi – lizard again
    Garukimasaera – Red floating goblin
    Dark Element – a floating black magic symbol
    Nizuheggu – red dragon with large horns
    Soun – a brown mushroom
    Varaha – white beats with 4 horns on this back
    Ehijyu – a spike legged reptile
    Ghost – a floating demon skeleton with a glowing tail
    Tonbery – a small green guy with a knife and a lantern
    Gagazeto Mountain
    This area includes the snowy mountain, the caves and the underwater parts of
    the caves.
    Bandersnatch – a…. wolf, not a dog, yeah that’s it
    Aliman – yellow eyegore clone
    Dark Pudding – Bill Cosby’s favorite slime
    Grenade – a blue bomb type enemy
    Guratto – a blue seed-shooting plant
    Grendel – blue beast with 4 horns on his back
    Ashura – a 4 armed yeti
    Mandrake – huge plant with tall arms
    Behemoth – a giant purple beast with a brown Mohawk
    Supurashya -  piranha fish, sometimes in groups of 2 or 3
    Akeorosu – angel-like fish
    Rising Spike – a large fish with 2 huge horns
    Inside the Body of Sin
    Anti Sansan – blue mushroom
    Rise – another ghost enemy
    Urufuramaita – iron giant on the right
    Urufuramaita-   iron giant on the left
    Devil Mosorisu – dragon skeleton in stone
    Great Moruboru – a stronger version of the moruboru
    Barubatoisu – a fat demon wearing huge armor
    Adamantium – giant turtle
    King Behemoth – a stronger version of the behemoth that casts Meteo as it dies
    Omega Ruins
    Zarasu – the final lizard enemy
    Death Float – the last eyegore
    Black Element – a floating black magic symbol
    Haaruma – a familiar looking armor critter
    Piuroborusu – a golden bomb creature
    Spirit – a demon ghost
    Mechii – a spike legged reptile
    Master Claw – an orange tiger with long whiskers
    Master Tonberi – a stronger version of the tonberi from the cave under the
    Varuna – a demon that looks a lot like Diabos.
    I didn’t bother listing the names of the special battles. All you really need
    to know about these is that you earn them by collecting monsters. No, I didn’t
    keep track of what area unlocked which battle… I just earned them all as fast
    as I could. To unlock all the special battles, collect 10 of every creature
    from every area. Then you need to defeat all the special battles to unlock the
    final special battle – a super powered version of the Omega weapon. He is
    painful. If you defeat this battle you earn 10 Master Spheres. These spheres
    will instantly earn ANY one sphere on the sphere board from any location.
    Almost useful, but would have been more helpful about 50 hours earlier in the
    game (^_^;;
      So you want tips for defeating all the special battles? Go get all the
    ultimate weapons and power ups first! You need to be able to hit for 99,999 to
    be able to defeat many of these battles. Having at least one character over
    9,999 HP helps a lot too. I used Tidas, Rikku and Wakka for all the battles and
    just healed and used Overdrives. There are a few tricky battles where you need
    to cast reflect on yourself and cast magic on yourself to hit the enemy, but
    this is nothing new to the world of Final Fantasy. If you take the time to do
    all the other stuff first, the super battles are a lot easier. They are still
    pretty hard though! Also note, special battle 1,2 & 3 are not the direct
    translation of the names of these menus. I just didn’t feel like digging
    through my dictionaries to look them up. I am sure the creature names are a bit
    off too, but mostly this list is just to help you figure out what creature you
    are missing.
    Getting Second Overdrive for Valfor
        Go back to Besido and talk to the woman and dog by front left side of
    Valfor’s temple. If they aren’t there wait a bit and they will show up. Or walk
    around and talk to everyone. You’ll know you have it when some yellow text pops
    up. Apparently you can do this fairly early in the game, but I got it rather
    late (^_^;;
       Also note, this is the ONLY summon that gets a second overdrive. Valfor
    needed it anyhow. His other one sucked.
    Getting Aeon Youjimbo.
        Go to the northeast exit of Nagi Plains (popular area isn’t it?) Now go
    under the second bridge instead of over it. Take a left on the next area into a
    cave area. Follow the path onward and you will fight against Youjimbo and then
    continue on. At the end of the cave you will reach the summon chamber. 
    Youjimbo tells you he doesn’t work for free. Offer him some cash for him to
    join. He asks for 300,000 but apparently some people have offered him less and
    gained him anyway. Personally I gave him 310,000. I figure there has to be a
    difference. Some have said you gain some extra items this way. I am not sure.
    Now when you cast him, he has 2 commands. Pay him to attack, and return. Paying
    him 1 coin will get his 3 regular attacks. Paying him 0 coin will make him
    leave. If the enemy can be killed with an instant death spell and you pay him
    over 100,000 coin, he hill do a special attack and chop them in half. I guess
    they count this as his overdrive since when his meter fills nothing happens.
    This is best viewed by saving first and then giving him all your money. Then
    reset after you see it. You won’t need to use it most of the time since it is
    so darn costly and doesn’t work on bosses.
    Magic Pots
        A common enemy from several Final Fantasy games, the Magic pot makes a
    return in Youjimbo’s dungeon. If you have the ability to see enemy data you
    will notice that these have a HUGE amount of hit points. There are 5 places to
    attack. 4 of them are good, 1 is bad. You can gain elixirs, phoenix downs, and
    other items by attacking the good ones, but be careful! Choose the bad ones and
    the pot will explode for massive damage. So far, tossing an item to the Magic
    pot has had the same result as attacking it, so save your elixirs.
    Getting Aeon Anima.
    You’ll need the coordinates at the top of the FAQ to get to this area. Before I
    begin on the requirements for gaining entrance to Anima’s fayth chamber, a word
    of warning; you will have a semi hard fight with the water beast from the
    beginning of Tidas’ journey in Spira. He is MUCH stronger and you’ll be forced
    to use Tidas, Wakka, and Rikku. Be sure to have stone ward on your party
    members so the battle doesn’t end right away.
      Once that is taken care of, you need to light the 6 seals to unlock the
    barrier guarding Anima. To do this you need to solve the optional destruction
    sphere puzzles found in each Aeon’s shrine. All of these optional puzzles
    involve locating the destruction sphere that you use somewhere to open a way to
    a hidden chest. Each hidden chest will contain a special item.***NOTE THAT
    THESE ITEMS ARE NOT IMPORTANT*** It is just a bonus for completing the extra
    puzzle. The seal you see is the important part. There is no menu that will tell
    shrine until you get the destruction sphere and open the treasure chest. I will
    NOT list the way to solve the shrine puzzles other than to say, after you open
    the way in or out of the shrine, keep messing with things and you will be
    rewarded. Some of them are pretty tricky and require resetting the pushable
    pillars a few times, or pushing a pillar off a cliff with different stones in
    them (that’s enough of a hint. Don’t email me asking how to solve these.)
        Since many have written me about the item in Ebon/Yevon Dome, I will try
    and point you in the right direction. Ebon/Yevon Dome is the last area listed
    on your airship’s location list (Zanarkaland). You need to get to the room with
    all the floor panels that you light up by touching them. You should notice the
    monitor is now displaying 7 white squares. You must light up only the 7 white
    squares on the floor of the 2 rooms to get the destruction sphere. From there
    you should be able to figure it out.
        Once you have all 6 special items use the airship to go to X-16 Y-57 =
    Ebon/Yevon Temple. This is the first area of the game. You need to jump in the
    water. Dive down and explore with the X button (to leave this area again use
    the Square button) Be warned! You must fight the boss from the beginning of the
    game and he isn’t playing this time. After the fight enter the door and swim
    up. Enter this door and you will be in a room with a magical seal and 6
    statues. As you walk in from of each statue it will light up if you have the
    stone. Here is the order they are arranged by (you can touch them in any order,
    but this may help if you are missing one)
    Upper Left=Besido - Valfor’s Shine
    Middle left=Macalainia - Shiva’s Shrine
    Bottom left=Ebon/Yevon Dome – Puzzle area just before the fight with Yunareska
    (giant medusa head boss) ***NOTE*** this is the one everyone misses. You have
    to leave the shrine and go one your airship, talk to the people at Beville
    temple, and then return to solve the puzzle!!!!
    Upper right= Beberu/Beville - Bahamut’s Shrine (YOU CAN NEVER RENETER,GET IT ON
    THE 1st GO!!!) ***NOTE*** you REALLY can’t miss this one. It has no puzzle. It
    is blocking your path out of the temple. If you miss it you are a total tool
    and beyond my help.
    middle right=Djoze - Ixion’s Shrine
    bottom right=Kilika – Ifirit’s Shrine
    Once all 6 are little the way is cleared and you get Anima. Boy he’s strong,
    isn’t he? On your way out, search the stone rubble that the giant fish broke
    through (at the beginning of the game) for the chest that has Lulu’s Ultimate
    weapon, and then press square to exit the water.
    Revisit the Aeon Shrines
        After you slay Seymore you will not be allowed to renter the summon shines.
    After you gain access to your airship, visit Beville temple and talk to the
    alcolyte and Mika. Now you will be able to visit the shrines again. By
    resolving the puzzles in the shines you can also talk to the Fayths themselves
    now and get some nifty items. Visit Guadoslam and return to the farplane for a
    few more scenes as well.
    Getting the Last Aeon, The Magu 3 Sisters
        Note that getting this one takes some effort, and also note that you will
    almost never lose once you have them. You need to have all the other aeons
    first. Go get them all. You need to capture the creatures from Nagi Valley/Calm
    Lands and then 10 of each creature from Gagazeto Mountain for the monster
    trainer to give you one key item (see monster capture section elsewhere in this
    FAQ). Then go to the Remaria Shrine and battle against each of your summons.
    Once you beat them all, the woman will give you an item. You then use the 2
    items to break the 2 seals blocking the door. Once the seals are gone, Yuna
    walks in, and then walks out and you have the overpowered & goofy looking Magu
    3 Sisters aeon. The Magu 3 sisters were the babel tower boss battle in FF4 (FF2
    in the states). This is an odd choice for a last aeon in the game, but they are
    pretty strong. Make sure to challenge the summoner on your way out to battle
    the Magu sisters and gain Yuna’s Holy scroll. Pretty simple battle with Anima
    really. If you have his Overdrive ready, it’s a one-move win.
    Custom Super Weapons and Armor
        You can make custom super weapons and armor if you have a lot of time and
    Gil. I advise using these only with a blank 4 slot weapon or armor. You can buy
    these from a boy at the beginning of the Makaranya Forest once you have your
    airship.  Here are a few of the better things you can do with your equipment:
    Exceed Max Damage
    With this ability equipped on your weapon you can hit for a max of 99,999
    instead of only 9,999. You need 60 Dark Matter. You can win these from many of
    the special battle fights at the Monster Trainer. When you equip this ability
    on a weapon, the name of the weapon changes as well.
    Exceed Max HP
    A lot harder to earn, this ability is equipped in your armor and allows you to
    have more than 9,999 HP. It is very hard to raise your HP very far past 9,999
    though, even if you use the additional abilities of HP +30% and the like. To
    gain the Exceed Max HP ability you need 30 Wings of Heaven. The only method I
    know of to gain these items is by using the Wairu (Bribe) command. If you bribe
    the Maruboru in Nagi Plains/Calm Lands and pay the amount 540,000 he will leave
    behind 2 to 4 Wings of Heaven. Very expensive, but well worth it when you want
    to beat the special battles. You also get 30 of them for capturing 10 of every
    enemy for one area of the game.
    Auto Haste
         Automatically casts haste on you at the beginning of battle.You need to
    steal 80 Chocobo Wings (not feathers) from the Sabotenda/ Cactuars found in
    Bikanel Desert. You can only steal 2 at a time. The best place to get these
    fast is the cactuar “village” area opened by removing the sandstorm (see
    Sabotender mini games below) Once you have this in your armor though, you will
    have a much easier time.
    Auto Phoenix
         This ability is equipped on your armor. When a fellow party member dies in
    battle, you will automatically use a phoenix down on them. Save you a lot of
    turns if you die a lot. You need 30 Mega Phoenix items for this ability. Not
    sure of a good place for them, but the Monster trainer gives you 99 of them at
    one point for capturing creatures.
    No Random Encounters
        There is an ability you can add to armor equipment to avoid random battles
    completely. The ability is called "enkaunto nashi" (no encounter). You need 30
    "kiyome no shio" (purifying salts). You can steal these from zombie Ebon
    soldiers in the Ebon Dome. I have also found a few weapons and armor that have
    this ability already while fighting in Omega Ruins and inside the body of Sin.
    Sabotender mini games
        First, in the Thunder Valley there are several stones with the Sabotender
    symbol carved into them. You can activate some of them by pressing square on
    them. When you have 3 of them activated, go to the southern area of the Thunder
    Valley. You can see a faint ghost of a Sabotender running around. Follow him
    and press square. You will pray at a shrine ruin and gain Kimari’s best weapon.
        In the desert before Rikku’s home, there is another stone with a Sabotender
    symbol on it. Press square to activate it and remove the sandstorm. Now you
    have to catch 10 Sabotender in a mini game. Here’s how it works. After
    activating the stone once, go back to the beginning of the desert area. You
    will see a Sabotender on the right, next to the first save point. Talk to him
    and you will play a game of “Red light, Green light” You can only run at him
    when he isn’t looking at you. If you keep running you lose. There is also a
    timer. If you catch him you get to fight him and gain a good bit of AP. Even if
    you fail you gain a special sphere. Take this sphere back to the Sabotender
    stone. You need to repeat this process, looking for 10 different Sabotender
    total, returning with each stone before searching for another. Here is a list
    of where to find them. Note that the order may be different for you. Sorry
    there aren’t a lot of good landmarks to go by to give better directions.
    1.Near Save Point at Oasis
    2.Save point inside tent (just touch the save point then cancel)
    3.Search the 20% off sign near the Sabotender stone
    4.2 Sabotenders running back and forth near ruins to the west
    5.Save point at somewhere in the desert
    6.lower left corner of save point near ruins
    7.west side of the cactus statue area
    8.Go back to the first save point in the desert, watch a small scene, then go
    to the roof of your airship
    9. Inside a treasure chest to the southwest
    10. Inside a whirl of sand in Sabotender stone area.
        Once you get all 10, the sandstorm in the desert will subside and you can
    get the 2 chests below.
    Locked Chest in Al Bhed Home
        When Al Bhed is under attack you can find a room to the right that has a
    unique treasure chest. This one has a combination lock one it. The trick to
    this puzzle is first to have enough of the Al Bhed books to know what it is
    saying and then using the clues to do math for the answer. Or you can just
    input 5633 and be done with it. Not to worry if you missed this one though,
    it’s just a sphere, not a super important item.
    Jeckt Shoot
        The Jeckt Shoot is Tidas Father’s signature move in Blitzball. You learn it
    on the boat journey to Luca. The move is learned in a basic “whack a mole”
    fashion. I learned it pretty fast by using the smash the buttons a whole lot
    technique and got it on my third try. During the normal storyline, you only get
    one shot at learning the move. If you failed to get the move, return to the
    boat with your airship by visiting the second village (the one with Huts and
    docks) Get on the boat to the south and choose the second option (Luca) Now go
    to the deck of the ship. Press the O button on the Blitzball and keep at it
    till you get it. The move makes winning Blitzball games a lot easier. There is
    also a Jeckt Shoot 2 that you can win as a prize in the Blitzball tournaments,
    but you must have earned all 3 of Tidas Key Abilities listed on his data page.
    The Jeckt Shoot 2 hit’s 3 people and then turns the ball invisible before
    shooting to the goal. There could possibly be a Jeckt Shoot Mark 1, but
    personally I needed a break from Blitzball, so I’ll get back to this sometime.
    Gaining Tidas’ Overdrives
        To gain Tidas’ overdrives, just keep using them over and over. After a
    while you will learn the next one up.
    Gaining Wakka’s Overdrives
        You can win new overdrive roulette types in the Blitzball Ranking and
    Tournament modes. So far I have found 3 additional Overdrives in this way,
    Attack Roulette, Status Roulette, and Ooruka Roulette. In my opinion, Attack
    Roulette is the best. You can attack all targets 6 times or hit a lone enemy 18
    times!!! If you have Wakka’s ultimate weapon powered up and use this Overdrive,
    things just die.
    Lulu’s Overdrive
       Because many people seem to have trouble with this, here is the skinny on
    Lulu’s Overdrive. Simply rotate the right analogue stick clockwise as fast as
    you can. The number will go up the more you rotate the stick. I’ve gotten her
    to cast 8 times this way. From what I have heard recently, the more you level
    Lulu, the easier it is to cast multiple times and the number raises.
    Gaining Auron’s Overdrives
        For Auron, you need to find different Jeckt Spheres laying about the world.
    Every time you view one of these spheres you learn more about Basaraka, Jeckt
    and Auron’s journey 10 years ago. Some of these will give Auron a new
    Overdrive. You need to find all 10 to gain Auron’s final overdrive. Jeckt
    Sphere locations are available in Muni Shinobu’s FAQ on gamefaqs.com
    Kimari’s Overdrives
        Kimari has an ability called Dragon Sword. Whenever you use this ability
    you drain HP and MP from the enemy. If the enemy has a blue magic skill that
    Kimari can learn, he will gain it automatically. His overdrive meter will also
    fill all the way up, allowing you to test it out. Just try out his Dragon Sword
    on all the enemies you can. The only one that seems remotely tricky to earn is
    “Sunshine “ which you get from the Omega Weapon.
    Rikku’s Overdrives
        Rikku’s overdrive combines items to create special attacks and powerups
    during battle. You have to choose any 2 items to combine; even 2 of the same
    kind will work. There are a lot of combinations to try. Have fun. I don’t feel
    like going through the headaches involved in trying all the combinations.
    Someone else will take care of it soon I’m sure (^_^)
    Tidas and the Women of FFX
        There are a few parts of the game that vary depending on which female
    character you have battled with the most and healed often. First is the scene
    where you ride the snowmobile. I got a scene with Lulu where we talked about
    Chap. Others have gotten to ride with Rikku and she kisses Tidas on the cheek.
    I’m sure there is a scene with Yuna too, but have not heard about what happens
        Another thing that changes depending on which girl you use the most is
    Tidas final overdrive. The girl that throws the ball to Tidas is the girl
    you’ve used the most. Right now Lulu throws the ball for me. The giggle is
    nice. }:-)
    Memory Spheres
        You will notice Memory spheres in many of the game’s inns. There is even
    one at the first location of the game at the underwater Ebon Shrine to the left
    on the first map. Using these combines all of your Al Bhed Books into a Al Bhed
    dictionary that can be shared between other FFX saves. This way you can find
    all 26 books and then start a new game and understand what the Al Bhed people
    are saying (well if you know Japanese anyhow) Elsewhere on Gamefaqs.com is a
    detailed FAQ on the locations of the books, written by Muni Shinobu. Check it
    out, and make sure not to miss books 19-22 as they are one shot only with no
    way to get later.
    Music and Movie Players
        In Luca there is a theater where you can playback music and video from the
    game. Any music you have heard already, and any videos you have seen can be
    replayed as often as you like. Dolby 5.1 can even be turned on if you support
    it and have an optical cable attached to your system. To view the movies, you
    must first purchase video spheres for the movies from the short guy on the
    right, inside the theater. For music it’s the guy on the left next to him.
    After you buy the items just go to the counter to go to the auditorium area and
    playback to your hearts’ content. Note that you can view all of the video in
    the game with the exception of the ending. To unlock all 50 of the videos, wait
    till after you finish all of the fights against Sin. Then return to the Luca
    Theater. I am still missing a few of the songs myself so I’m not sure how to
    gain the last few of those.
    HELP! I am hopeless stuck on this boss battle with
      Regardless of which of these boss battles you are referring to here is a
    simple strategy to follow for the under leveled gamer. Stop at the save point
    just before the boss battle. Get in several fights where you do your best to
    raise every character’s Overdrive meter to full. Next, do the same with all of
    Yuna’s Aeons. Once you have done this, save your game. Sometimes even with
    everything just right, the game can decide you aren’t going to win. If you
    still can’t win even after having each aeon use it’s overdrive and using all of
    your character’s overdrives, you need to level, Period. Run in circles and
    fight for 2 to 3 hours to catch up to the level the game wants you to be at for
    the fight.
      Apparently a lot of people can’t see the most obvious of solutions… To defeat
    the flying dragon that you fight on the airship, simply have Tidas or Rikku use
    the Talk trigger command ONCE. This will tell Cid to move the airship further
    away from the enemy. Now he will have a much weaker attack. The airship will
    also fire rockets at him sometimes. Just remember that only Wakka and Lulu have
    distance attacks (unless you’ve been leveling enough to give someone else
    worthwhile spells.) *Note* The second time you fight this enemy, in the
    underwater battle, simply throw a couple Phoenix downs on him to kill him
    Help! Sin just vaporized me! Game Over man!
    Yes, you need to kill him before he does that attack. Stick with regular
    attacks and Overdrives. The aeons take too long. Remember to have Tidas or
    Rikku tell Cid to move the Airship closer with the special command as well.
    Don’t be caught off guard by the whole “I will vaporize you now” attack of his.
    Al Bhed Book Locations
        Muni Shinobu wrote a great FAQ for locating all 26 of the books (also on
    gamefaqs.com). Besides being able to understand what the Al Bhed are saying,
    collecting all 26 and visiting Lin on your airship will reward you 99 Reverse
    Keys. You can use these to add the Double Overdrive ability to any 3 weapons.
    This makes your Overdrive meter fill up twice as fast. Also note you cannot get
    back into Al Bhed’s Home once the missiles blow it to smithereens. Make sure
    you get books 19-21 on your first go through the town!!! You also only have 1
    shot at book 22 in beville temple.
    How long is the game?
      The game is all on one DVD ROM. If you mean how long does it take to beat and
    view the ending, about 45-50 hours. The total number of gameplay hours is
    closer to 75-80. Maxing out the characters requires a lot of time leveling,
    gaining gil, and fighting tough enemies at the monster trainer…and all for
    nothing other than bragging rights and one useless key item. The average RPG
    gamer will play about 55 hours. Die hard peeps will stick it out. My Japanese
    save has 220 hours with all the characters maxed in all stats with 75,000 HP
    (and no Gameshark BS either)
    Can I play the Japanese FFX on my American PS2?
       No. There is NO WAY. Seriously. Yes, I am aware of all the different
    modchips on the Market. There is the OrigaChip, which is only for early model
    Japanese PS2s that allows US game playing, …but they have 28 wires and are
    buggy ass hell. There is also the NeoKey 1-3 and USB version NeoKey Chips…
    These allow you to play bootleg copies of Import games, and WILL NOT PLAY
    IMPORT ORIGINALS….  there is no bootleg version of FFX currently and if one
    becomes available I want nothing to do with it. Most Boots of DVD games have
    corners cut, such as degraded video and sound, allowing it to take up less
    space. Also, there is no version of the Gameshark CDX that bypasses the PS2
    country code either. There is no functional “Swap Method” either.
        In short the ONLY way to play the Japanese version of FFX is on a Japanese
    UNMODED PS2. If you have a Japanese PS2 that has a chip installed, you will
    have to remove it in order to play.
    Are the Japanese Voices much better than the American ones?
    Yes….and no. Personally, I thought Square should have hired better actresses
    for the female parts. Tidas sounds like a goofball in both versions.
    A lot of people complained the Suare cheated and didn’t resynch the lips to the
    voices with the American release…well, I’m here to tell you the voices didn’t
    match the lips that well in the Japanese version either.
    Will this game swallow my soul?
    Yes. It will. Take a shower beforehand and bring a change of clothes.
    Props and Shouts
        That is all for now. I don’t see many more updates in this FAQ’s future,
    unless something big is found. A good portion of this FAQ was made possible
    with the help of some of the people on the FFX message board at
    www.gamefaqs.com . Props to Iori Kusanagi, Mucals, MATEK, Bravni, DarkLoser, JL
    Lee, Muni Shinobu, Peas on Earth and everyone else on the FFX message board for
    info and generally making the message board fun to hang out in.
    You can mail me at dokiwaku@earthlink.net if you have trouble understanding
    anything about my FAQ and I may help you out. If you ask a question that is
    easily answered by actually READING this FAQ, I will make fun of you and call
    you insulting names. Try to keep the questions specific…at the very least try
    to write the question in comprehensible English. Letters written in ALL CAPS go
    directly to the recycle bin. No questions about Gameshark codes as I do not own
    one for the PS2.
    |>0|<!\//@|<u - Proud co-founder of Wedoca
    Luck is one of my many skills ~ Isamu Dyson

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