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    Original Soundtrack FAQ by Iluna

    Version: 1.8 | Updated: 09/19/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Final Fantasy X Original Soundtrack List ver 1.8 (Eighth version)
    By: Luna (squirestand@hotmail.com)
    This Walkthrough is written especially to the Soundtrack lovers,
    it is under the Original List of the FFX soundtrack. I am really
    giving it out a work on it so whoever wants to use this FAQ for other
    I am protecting my work so you know this FAQ is under copyrighted by me.
    This is the temporaly list that given the permission to post my FAQs in
    their websites:
    - Entity (www.neoseeker.com)
    - PSXcodez.com (www.psxcodez.com)
    ~Before It Started~ (11.5.2002)
    This is the almost the end of the update, With all corrections and fixing
    stuff done in here, I
    would like to say sorry to the viewers because I was very busy on the time
    being, Plus on my
    computer is Out Of Order.......I've to format my computer and do on working
    again, all my info's
    are gone so I've a very hard time finding those info's back. Anyway, This
    time it will be a lot
    of update and adding stuff on here, plus I added more on reviews on the
    Final Fantasy X Piano Collections
    and the Final Fantasy 20020220 Concert Orchestra. With this nearly last
    update. I can't gureentee I can
    update or adding more stuff in, but if I have choice, I prefer to stay with
    this updates and make this
    FAQ a sounding success. I'll try my very best. Now that I have some time,
    Update it!~
    (P/S: To all of viewers, if you think of this FAQ needs some corrections
    please feel free to
    correct it, there is a lot of imcomplete information, So i do need your
    help, Thank you!)
    ~Luna~ written on 16.09.2002 at 13:05pm GMT
    currently listening to Besaid Island (FFX Piano Collections)
    1.1         Introduction
    1.2         The List ~English and Japanese~
    1.3         Lyrics (Note that it is a random arrangement)
             - Otherworld
             - Suteki Da Ne (Isn't It Beautiful?)
             - Pure Heart
             - Hymm of Fayth (Song of Prayer)
             - Tidus~Go Dream by Masakazu Morita
             - Yuna~Feel by Mayuko Aoki
             - Tidus and Yuna~Endless Love Endless Road by Masakazu Morita and
    Mayuko Aoki
             - Otsuki Sama ~Utiki Sama~
    1.4         The FAQs
    1.5 (a)     Inspiration
    1.5 (b)     Final Fantasy X Piano Collections and Final Fantasy 20020220
    Concert Orchestra
    1.6         Others
    1.7         Credits
    This is my first FAQ on soundtrack, so this is also my first FAQ,
    any questions and corrections; you may send it though my e-mail.
    I got the FFX OST a few months ago, Since in the GameFAQ there are many of
    them feel curious about the name of their songs so I decided to help them
    Plus, The North America version of FFX is already in sale, so you know they
    need help.
    This FFX OST consist of 91 tracks+3 (4) special tracks, so I do need
    someone's help on
    whoever knows the special track which do not included in the FFX OST Normal
    please e-mail me. All songs are terrific and wonderful, the main theme
    "Suteki Da Ne"
    (Isn't it beautiful?) in my opinion is the best theme song I've ever heard
    Eyes On Me (FF8), and Melodies of Life (FF9). Rikki, one of the famous
    singers in Japan,
    performs Suteki Da Ne. So let's go on with the list! We will go more on
    In early version, I do mention about the special (bonus) tracks that consist
    on the
    FFX Limited Edition. Actually, The diffrence between the Original edition
    and Limited
    edition is just the packaging (Thanks to Jazreel Leong for the corrections),
    So may i know
    where is the special tracks are included in? Answers are welcomed.
    ~The List~
    This is list on Disc 1 until Disc 4. Disc 1 has 26 tracks, Disc 2 has 23
    Disc 3 has 21 tracks, and Disc 4 has 21 tracks, So total together 91 tracks.
    Now let's view it
    together.... (As the request of  Stacey J Wimmer, I will list the length of
    this song)
    Disc One
    Track   Name                                          Length
    01 -    I want to tell everything ~ Tidus             0:06
    02 -    At Zanalkand                                  3:02
    03 -    Prelude                                       3:42
    04 -    Tidus' Theme                                  3:31
    05 -    Otherworld                                    3:12
    06 -    Hurry                                         2:37
    07 -    This is your story                            2:17
    08 -    Eerie                                         2:48
    09 -    Normal Battle                                 3:13
    10 -    Victory Fanfare                               1:33
    11 -    Game Over                                     0:34
    12 -    No dream, No hope                             3:04
    13 -    Secret Maneuvers                              1:27
    14 -    Underwater remains                            4:13
    15 -    Chee is an alvedo trive                       3:24
    16 -    Ennemy assault                                2:39
    17 -    The men who live for Blitz                    3:53
    18 -    Veside Island                                 4:44
    19 -    Scenery of Spira                              2:45
    20 -    Song of Prayer                                0:41
    21 -    Illusion                                      3:46
    22 -    The place of trial                            3:30
    23 -    Song of Prayer - Valfor                       0:42
    24 -    Summon                                        0:36
    25 -    The daughter of a great summoner              3:46
    26 -    Good night                                    0:06
    Disc Two
    01 -    Yuna's Theme                                  3:28
    02 -    Omen                                          3:13
    03 -    Sending to another dimension                  1:33
    04 -    The silence before the storm                  3:10
    05 -    Song of Prayer - Ifrit                        0:38
    06 -    Luca                                          3:41
    07 -    Welcome to the Eldery Maika Chief             1:16
    08 -    Indefatigable determination                   1:11
    09 -    The Splendid Performance                      3:29
    10 -    Faceoff                                       2:03
    11 -    Blitz Off                                     3:28
    12 -    Auron's Theme                                 2:41
    13 -    Mihen road                                    3:23
    14 -    Brass de Chocobo                              2:49
    15 -    Travel Beaureau                               3:05
    16 -    Authorised to pass                            1:10
    17 -    Seymour's Theme                               3:02
    18 -    Gloom                                         4:40
    19 -    Joze Temple                                   3:16
    20 -    Song of Prayer - Ixion                        0:37
    21 -    Ride Shiparf ?                                4:10
    22 -    Rikku's Theme                                 4:01
    23 -    Quadsalam                                     3:23
    Disc Three
    01 -    Thunder Plains (Lighting Field)               3:44
    02 -    Ject's Theme                                  2:29
    03 -    Forest of Makalarniya                         3:20
    04 -    Sea of mist                                   2:16
    05 -    Temple marching band                          2:22
    06 -    Seymour's ambition                            2:14
    07 -    Song of Prayer - Shiva                        0:37
    08 -    The advancing men                             2:11
    09 -    The blazing desert                            3:42
    10 -    Danger                                        3:59
    11 -    The revealed truth                            4:04
    12 -    Takeoff                                       3:25
    13 -    Wedding                                       1:10
    14 -    Assault                                       4:03
    15 -    Tragedy                                       4:03
    16 -    I can't fly                                   1:24
    17 -    The road to purgation                         2:25
    18 -    Song of Prayer - Bahamut                      0:38
    19 -    The time of Judgment                          3:39
    20 -    The man who killed father                     2:39
    21 -    Suteki da ne (Isn't It Beautiful?)            5:32
    Disc Four
    01 -    Yuna's Decision                               3:40
    02 -    Lulu's Theme                                  3:50
    03 -    Forwards with courage                         3:23
    04 -    Song of Prayer - Youjinbo                     0:39
    05 -    People of the north pole                      4:25
    06 -    Song of Prayer - Ronso tribe                  0:40
    07 -    Fluctuating flame                             4:37
    08 -    A dream that will end some time               4:21
    09 -    Song of Prayer- Yuunaresuka                   0:39
    10 -    Challenge                                     4:18
    11 -    At the end of Abyss                           4:35
    12 -    Dread                                         4:25
    13 -    Song of Prayer - Spira                        0:40
    14 -    Dead people smile                             3:31
    15 -    Seymour Battle                                5:46
    16 -    Song of Prayer - Anima                        0:40
    17 -    Summon monster battle                         5:52
    18 -    The final battle                              5:45
    19 -    Ending Theme                                  5:30
    20 -    Please remember them~ Yuna                    0:15
    21 -    Suteki da ne (orchestra version)              6:17
    Japanese List
    This is same as what I list up there, the name are changed to Japanese
    for an original feeling
    Disc One
    01 - Tidus~ Zenbu Hanasite Okitainda
    02 - Zanarukando nite
    03 - Prelude
    04 - Tidus no theme
    05 - Otherworld
    06 - Isoge!
    07 - Koreha omae no monogatari da
    08 - Bukimi
    09 - Nomaru Battle
    10 - Shori no fanfare
    11 - Game Over
    12 - Yume mo kibou mo arimasen
    13 - Anyaku
    14 - Kaiteiiseki
    15 - Chii ha arubedozoku
    16 - Tekishuu
    17 - Britz ni kaketa otoko
    18 - Bisaido tou
    19 - Supira no jokei
    20 - Inori no uta
    21 - Gensou
    22 - Siren no ma
    23 - Inori no uta ~ Varufare
    24 - Shoukan
    25 - Daishoukansi no musume
    26 - Oyasumi
    Disc Two
    01 - Yuna no theme
    02 - Houdou
    03 - Ikai Okuri
    04 - Arasi no mae no sizukesa
    05 - Inori no uta ~ Ifrit
    06 - Ruka
    07 - Maika sourousi kangei
    08 - Fugyou no ketsui
    09 - The Splendid Performance
    10 - Taiji
    11 - Blitz Off
    12 - Auron no theme
    13 - Milhen kaidou
    14 - Brass de Chocobo
    15 - Ryoukou kousi
    16 - Tsukou wo kyokasimasu
    17 - Seymour no theme (shimoa no theme)
    18 - Yoiyami
    19 - Jyoze Jinn
    20 - Inori no uta - Ikushion
    21 - Shipaafu noruu
    22 - Rikku no theme (Ryukku no theme)
    23 - Guadosaramu
    Disc Three
    01 - Kaminari heigen
    02 - Jecto no theme
    03 - Makaryana no mori
    04 - Mukai
    05 - Jiingakutai
    06 - Shimoa no yabou (Seymour no yabou)
    07 - Inori no uta - Shiva
    08 - Semarikuru mono tachi
    09 - Syakunetsu no sabaku
    10 - Kiki
    11 - Akasareta sinjitsu
    12 - Hassin
    13 - Kekkonsiki
    14 - Shugeki
    15 - Higeki
    16 - Watashi ha toberu
    17 - Jouzai no michi
    18 - Inori no uta - Bahamut
    19 - Sinpan no toki
    20 - Chichi no ayameta otoko
    21 - Suteki Da Ne
    Disc Four
    01 - Yuna no ketsui
    02 - Ruru no theme
    03 - Isamasiku susume
    04 - Inori no uta - Youjinbou
    05 - Kyokuhoku no tami
    06 - Inori no uta - Ronzozoku
    07 - Samayoi no hono
    08 - Ituka Owaru Yume
    09 - Inori no uta - Yuunaresuka
    10 - Chousen
    11 - Sinen no hateni
    12 - Antan
    13 - Inori no uta - Supira
    14 - Sibito ga warau
    15 - Seymour Battle (Shimoa Battle)
    16 - Inori No Uta - Anima
    17 - Shoukanju Battle
    18 - Kessen
    19 - Ending Theme
    20 - Yuna ~ Omoidashite Kudasai
    21 - Sutaki Da Ne (Orchestra Version)
    * As for the special tracks, I finally know what they are. There are only 3
    tracks that are NOT
    included in the OST. They are:
    -Wakka's Theme
    -Hum of Hymm of the Fayth (Tidus)
    -Hum of Hymm of the Fayth (Yuna)
    Lulu's theme is also included into the special theme as well. But if Square
    Sounds brought
    up Lulu's theme to Original Soundtrack, but why not take Wakka's theme up?
    He ain't popular
    to the Japanese gamers, OR WHAT? I just can't explain why and I also need
    this question
    to be answered, But if you buy the Domestic version of FFX, maybe there
    would be Wakka's
    theme, Hum of Hymm of the Fayth for Tidus and Yuna included into the CD's.
    Lastly, how
    Square Sounds really careless about arrangement of tracks, yare yare....
    Finally, the Lyrics are here, there is singers perform two songs in this
    Rikki is the performer of the Suteki Da Ne, and the song "Otherworld",
    the performer is Bill "xtillidiex" Muir, but is composed and arranged by
    Nobuo Uematsu.
    And Lyrics is written by Alexander O. Smith. So let's go on with the Lyrics
    Lyrics written by Alexander O. Smith
    Music and Arranged By Nobuo Uematsu
    Go on if you want it.
    An otherworld awaits you
    Don't you give up on it.
    You bite the hand that feeds you.
    All alone cold fields you wander
    Memories of it, cloud your sight
    Fills your dreams, disturbs your slumber
    Lost your way, a fallen knight
    Hold now, aim is steady
    An otherworld awaits you.
    One thousand years--you ready?
    The otherworld it takes you
    Go into the sand and the dust in the sky
    Go now, there's no better plan than to do or to die
    Free me pray to the faith in the face of the light
    Feed me fill me with sin now get ready to fight
    You know you will
    You know you will
    You know you know you know you know that you will
    You know you know you know you know that you will
    Fight fight fight
    Fight fight fight
    Fight fight fight
    Hope dies and you wander
    The otherworld it makes you
    Dreams they rip asunder
    The otherworld it hates you
    Free now ride up on it
    Up to the heights it takes you
    Go on if you want it.
    An otherworld awaits you
    This song is a Heavy Metal type of song, oh, it's quite fantastic when I
    first hear that song,
    it gives us a feeling like the chaos is coming, and you tried to escape from
    Just like Tidus do when he escapes from Zanalkand from the attack of Shin. I
    wonder the Final
    Fantasy song have reached the evolution???
    Now this is the Lyrics of Suteki Da Ne (Isn't it beautiful?)
    Suteki Da Ne
    Lyrics written by Kazushige Nojima
    Composed and Arranged by Nobuo Uematsu
    kaze ga yoseta kotoba ni
    oyoida kokoro
    kumo ga hakobu ashita ni
    hazunda koe
    tsuki ga yureru kagami ni
    furueta kokoro
    hoshi ga nagare koboreta
    yawarakai namida
    suteki da ne
    futari te wo tori aruketa nara
    ikitai yo
    kimi no machi ie ude no naka
    sono mune
    karada azuke
    yoi ni magire
    kaze ha tomari kotoba ha
    yasashii maboroshi
    kumo ha yabure ashita ha
    tooku no koe
    tsuki ga nijimu kagami wo
    nagareta kokoro
    hoshi ga yurete koboreta
    kakusenai namida
    suteki da ne
    futari te wo tori aruketa nara
    ikitai yo
    kimi no machi ie ude no naka
    sono kao
    sotto furete
    asa ni tokeru
    (Japanese Lyrics) Note: You need NJ star Communicator or Magic Win 98 to
    view it,
    If there problem viewing it , contact me.
    (English translation)
    To the words that the wind has brought
    the heart that moved
    to tomorrow that clouds would carry
    the voice which cheered by it
    The mirror reflecting the swaying moon
    My heart shivered
    The soft tears
    Elegant, isn’t it?
    If we could walk holding hands with one another
    I want to go
    To your town, into your arms
    The chest
    my lean my body, and
    Using the night
    to hide my dreams
    The wind stopped and the word is
    a kind, imaginative thing
    Clouds tear and tomorrow is
    a far away voice
    The mirror that the moon is smeared
    Washed heart
    stars swings and dropped
    the tears that I can’t hide
    Elegant, isn’t it?
    If we could walk holding hands with one another
    I want to go
    to your town, to your arms
    The chest
    my body leans on
    to the morning, meet
    dreams to see
    The Suteki Da Ne is performed in three diffrent versions, one is the main
    theme, one is in
    Orchestra Version. And the one is included in the Final Fantasy X Singles,
    Suteki Da Ne~Autumm
    Vayjyon~ (Note that this is not in the FFX OST, so you'll have to buy it
    The Suteki Da Ne is sung by Rikki, the famous singer in Japan, maybe no one
    know her,
    but I'll get her information and post it here as soon as possible.
    The Suteki Da Ne is performed when Tidus comforts Yuna about the Ultimate
    Summon and Zanalkand
    Ruins, and they fall in love in the beautiful nights of the Makaryana lake.
    And this song is
    performed when they are kissing :)
    Oh! How romantic the two little couple is...
    The actual Suteki Da Ne songs has 4 versions, The Main Theme, Orchestra
    Version, Instrumental
    version, and Autumm Vayjon version (izzit the exact name?), The Instrumental
    and Autumm Vayjon
    version can be found at Suteki Da Ne single. Meaning to soundtrack lovers,
    you haven't collected
    all the soundtracks! :) And Square gonna release the new single CD, namely
    "Go Dream~Feel". The
    new single is performed by the vocals of Tidus and Yuna, Masakazu Morita
    (Tidus), and Mayuko Aoki
    (Yuna), So, you won't miss out those singles, Isn't it?
    Pure Heart
    This is theme of Aeris Gainsbourgh, one of the female characters of Final
    Fantasy 7, Before the
    Final Fantasy X out on sale, Nobuo Uematsu has rearranged the Aeris theme,
    and name the theme
    "Pure Heart". This theme is also sung by Rikki. But much better than the
    previous Aeris Theme.
    So it's time to write out the lyrics and let them hear the new arranged
    Aeris Theme....
    Pure Heart
    Lyrics written by Nobuo Uematsu
    Composed by Emiko Shiratori
    Arranged by Jim Ediger
    nagaku tsuzuku kono michi no mukou ni
    shinjirareru mono ga kitto aru
    kaze no naka no tabibito no you ni
    kita no sora wo mezashite ikeba
    kiekaketa atsui omoi
    mou ichido mune no naka de
    kagayaki yureru
    namida nante koboshitakunai no
    yowai jibun ni makenai tame ni
    kazaranai kokoro dake ga
    motteiru me ni wa mienai
    ooki na tsubasa
    te wo hiroge utainagara
    yuukyuu no toki ni dakare
    inochi wo tsunagu
    nagaku tsuzuku kono michi no mukou ni
    shinjirareru mono ga kitto aru
    English Translation (from animelyrics.com)
    straight on this long, continuing road
    there is surely something to believe in
    like a traveler in the midst of the wind
    I have my eyes on the northern sky
    the passionate feelings that were beginning to vanish
    once again sway in radiance in my chest
    I don't want the tears to spill
    as so not to lose to my weaker self
    in eyes holding only an unadorned spirit
    there are great, unseen wings
    I open my arms while singing
    to embrace the perpetuity of time
    to be tied to life
    Straight on this long, continuing road
    there is surely something to believe in
    This is one of the nice songs performed by Rikki, Actually, the original is
    better with it's
    systhenizer, But the vocal is much more artistic and old, gives us some calm
    feeling after this
    song is heard. The reason this song is choosen to be vocal is this song is
    voted by japanese
    gamers in Japan. The votes are up to 1794 volumes. So you know how nice and
    famous this song is.
    This next lyrics........Tidus << Go Dream >>
    Tidus ~ Go Dream
    Performed by: Masakazu Morita
    (Biosheet unknown, again...)
    Go Dream  taiyou no  koe mashita e to
    Ima  yume no chizu  dakishimete tabidatteku
    Go Dream  mukau basho  koe  arashi demo
    Mou  osorenai  karada-juu  kizutsuitemo
    Bokura ga  eranda  ashita e  suzumou
    Mune no jyounetsu  akaki moyashite
    (Instrumental break)
    Go Dream  mamoritai  koe  hito no tame
    Ima  unmei no  shiren sae fuikitte
    Bokura wa  kokoro ni  tsubasa wo  hirogete
    Donna sora demo  tobikoe  nareru
    (Short instrumental break)
    Bokura wa  kono umi  daichi wo  tsukinuke
    Mezasu sekai e  tadoritsuku no sa
    Go Dream, sunlights at the field. Voice coming from distance
    Now dream and travel around the map
    Go Dream, go face the place with a storm , but
    Soon the fear will take your body
    We will fight for tomorrow
    Red chest in a haze
    (Instrumental break)
    Go Dream ,protect by the sake of mankind
    Soon fate will test even the unforeseen
    We must have peace in ours hearts
    What kind of sky will be if we throw ourselves into conformism?
    (short instrumental break)
    We will bring peace to this sea, my substitute land
    Aimmed at the world to struggle on help them
    ~For this song, I have to be honest, in fact, this song is only above
    average, Mazakazu Morita,
    who sings for this song, does not really sing well, But the music is fine,
    with the guitar rock
    feeling, this song is very nice to be observe, the melody is well pitched,
    well arranged, and
    but the only downside is the Electric Guitar plays the treble too loud,
    makes the song a bit
    unbalance from beginning till the end. Overall this song is, yes, only above
    average. They
    need to do a bit of working for this song. But it's a fine song after all.
    Now, The next one would be Yuna~Feel
    Lyrics written by: <please check it for me>
    Composed by: Nobuo Uematsu
    Arranged by: <please check it for me>
    Performed by : Mayuko Aoki (Yuna)
    sono te wo watashi he to
    azukete me wo tojite
    mabuta ni kuchizukete
    itami wo iyashimashou
    nemuri nasai yukkuri to...
    ushinau kowasa wa dare mo onaji
    kanashimi mayoi mo tsutsumikomu
    chikarazuyosa kanjitai...
    arasou munashisa subete no hito
    kizukeba kagayaku hi wa noboru
    sono toki made inoru kara...
    (English Translation)
    Entrust your hand to me
    and close your eyes
    Let me kiss your eyelids
    and I will heal your pain
    Sleep, please, be at ease...
    I want to feel reassurance that
    parting with fear has the same sorrow for everyone,
    as does being wrapped up in perplexity
    If everyone could realize the ineffectiveness of fighting
    then shining sunlight would ascend to us
    Until that time, I will pray, so...
    This song is taken from FFX Song of Prayers, Vocal by Mayuko Aoki, and the
    song is all translated
    in Japanese, I feel that this song is nice and more in japan older style of
    music. Vocalist
    also can sing. They are talented....Just need some of your help, Please
    check it for me who wrote
    this song, and arranged by who.. ok?
    Tidus and Yuna ~ Endless Love Endless Road
    (Bio sheet unknown, worse of all, there is no english translation, but I'll
    find it and post it if avaliable)
    Performed: Masakazu Morita (Tidus) and Mayuko Aoki (Yuna)
    Yuna: Hikarinoasa kiboo no kaoriga
          Afurenagara yokoga o someteiru
    Tidus: Nigirishimeta yubisakihahasazu
           Mirai no doa futarida akete yukoo
    Yuna: Shiawase no kane no nega soranihibiku
          Maiorita tenshitachi uta o utau
    Yuna: Aa...eienni konoai wa tsuzuku
          Shinjirukoto anatani chikaitai
    Tidus: Kujikesoona yorumoatta kedo
           Kimi no egao nandomo sukuwareta
    Yuna: Kotobayorimo taisetsunamonoga
          Kokoronaka hittotsuni tsuoojiatte
    Tidus and Yuna: Arekuruoo kanashimiga osotokimo
                    Futarinara daijyobunorikoeteyuku
    Tidus: Aa...eien ni konomichi o aruku
           Moo nidoto...saerumonowanai
    Tidus and Yuna: ............mirai e tsuzuiteru...........
    This song is so-so. But what attracts me is the calmness of the whole melody
    it plays, and the
    song itself is attracting. Guitar plays the most attactive part of the whole
    song. Yuna who
    sangs the first part, Tidus comes later. This song is more for the love
    couples to sing, Try to get
    your girlfriend and sing this song~:) (Obviously, Voice Actor who sang for
    this song is only so-so)
    But, It'll be diffrent for you to actually comment about this song. Well,
    It's up to you.
    Next lyric, Hymm of Fayth
    (No Data biosheet avaliable at this moment, who knows the biosheet of staff
    who composed the song
    can contribute to me!~)
    This is the translations of the Hymm of Fayth (a.k.a Song of Prayers), It
    has diffrent versions
    of Song of Prayers according to what summon it is.....The lyrics are written
    vertically, but
    read horizontally. If you read the lyrics the right way (vertically) they
    would read something
    like "Praise be to Yu Yevon, The Fayth of Yu Yevon". ,The first FF series
    that has vocals performance,
    Good Job, Square.......(Lyrics contribution are thanks to Surf457@aol.com)
    Another one, Otsuki Sama~Utiki Sama~
    Otuki Sama~Utiki Sama~
    (Biosheet unknown, It's all in Japanese and Chinese chracters that i can't
    easily translate it out
    Please check it out for me also. Answers are welcomed)
    *Ojuugo ya nu utiki kafusa negau
    Ooki na he go nu ko kage nu shita ne
    Kanasharu umuikana iti iti ma din
    natikashasa ukabu umuide yu
    Odayaka na kaze ni mushiti
    tikiyu nu akagari ni mi yuru kuru nu hana
    shiyukaze ni tadayou shidanami no shaami nu ne
    kimubuka ku nagari yuzudai yo irodoru
    Ten nu buribushi nu kyuto san
    (* Repeat)
    This is one of the most romantic songs for me, the song is all in Piano, the
    left hand (Bass
    clef part is played very little, and the song is also quiet, But Rikki is
    sugoi! she sings the
    song well and high pitch, Well, talented singers............ This is also
    one of my favourite
    songs of FFX singles.
    ~The FAQs~
    Some people who are e-maling about questions are answered, only the ones
    which ask a good and
    reasonable question.
    1. From: Nick
    Q: Where can I get my own copy of that soundtrack? Thank a lot.
    A: Actually if you don't mind, You can get it at most of all CD shops, But i
    get an Original copy
    at a CD shop from Japan (I don't stay in Japan, but I ask someone to buy it
    for me). If you are
    North America resident, you may buy it online in ebay website, or go to the
    nearest CD shop to
    ask the sales person to import it. To those Japan residents, you may buy it
    online from
    DigiCube, the original CD producer. To Asians like me, you can buy it in any
    CD shops. Just look
    for the Ever Anime production , you may be able to find it. (Unfortunately,
    the Ever Anime
    production is not original CD's, If you don't mind, you can buy the
    "non-original" disc.)
    2. From: DAMEION138@aol.com
    Q: In regards to the FFX faq about the sound track i cannot  find the song
    is played during the movie "The spring" when Tidus and Yuna kiss that is
    probaly the best FF song i have heard could you tell me what it is called
    A: I don't really understand what does it mean, but most probaly the song
    you asked
    is called "Suteki Da Ne" (Isn't it beautiful?)
    3. From: CzetchNmymail@aol.com
    Q: Don't you think that the melody for Suteki Da Ne is over used a bit? I
    mean it's in Yuna's
    Theme, Braska's Daughter, and A Fleeting Dream.
    A: Actually it depends on how you look on it. But I think A Fleeting Dream
    (A Dream that will end
    some time) is over used a bit. But actually it is nothing big deal. As long
    as the song is nice
    It won't be a problem.
    4. From: Mike
    Q: I was wondering if you had finished it or not.  If not I was wondering if
    you knew the name of
    the song in the boss battles against Seymour and Yunalesca..
    A: If you fight against Seymour, the song name of last form of Seymour
    (Seymour Omnis)
    is called "Seymour Battle", And if you fought Yunalesca, the name of the
    song when you fought
    her is called "Challenge"
    5. From: Shannon Mckaig
    a) Q: Do you have a translation of the linear notes included with the
    soundtrack? It looks like
    there are interviews with the musicians, but i can't read them!
    a) A: I will listed it out in the future update, But mostly it takes time to
    translate the whole
    linear notes out, So i will listed it on my last update, If lucky, it will
    be listed in the next
    b) Q: Also do you have the English translation of the Hymm of the Fayth and
    Suteki Da Ne?
    b) A: I have the translation of Suteki Da Ne, And I will list it out, But
    there is no Hymm
    of the Fayth in FFX, can you list this name much more detail? (Hymm of Fayth
    is actually another
    name for Song Of The Prayers. Thanks to Surf457@aol.com again!)
    6. From: Jason Xtreme
    Q: I have a FFX music question, whats the song named that sounds like "To
    Zanarkin" but is like
    at a different beat.. Know what I mean? Thx
    A: I know what you mean, it will be better when you list the disc and track
    number out, so that
    It will be easier. The song you meant is either and only Omen, I presume?
    7. From : Ross Corriden
    Q: do you know the name of the track that plays when the party visits the
    farplane? The same
    track is played later in the game at the ruins of Zanarkand after Tidus
    discovers that he is a
    A: It is called "Gloom"
    8. From: Lee Jung Hwan
    Q: Hi~~
    i recently finished ff10 and thought it was a great game
    i especially loved the themes and the music was excellent...
    your faq looks great but i had a few more questions
    you know how you can buy music spheres in luca stadium?
    are they the same as the soundtrack?
    and even more.
    i saved at the absolute last save sphere before fighting braska's final
    and when i went back to luca stadium there were still two spaces missing for
    the music spheres
    this means i missed two? they seemed to be the last ones.. i loved the
    "Ending Theme" and i
    would like to hear it without having to finish the game each time is it
    possible within the
    game to hear it? (no money to buy soundtrack..)
    A: Actually this is in-depth questions on how to buy music spheres in Luca
    stadium, I suggest
       you look on Muni Shinobu's Secrets FAQ, it will explain more on music
    spheres. If you
       finished the game then it's really worth to buy the soundtrack, but
    please look at the ending first
       before listen to the ending theme, But, if you listen to the ending theme
    without seeing the
       ending is also ok, It depends on how you decide it. But listen to Ending
    theme without watching
       the Ending FMV is kinda a spoiler for me......... :)
    9. From: Sauron Vulgothan
    Q: I have just read your FAQ regarding the music of Final Fantasy X. Very
    impressive. But I
    wonder if you could give me a little bit of information regarding how I am
    supposed to
    go about obtaining a copy of this soundtrack? I appreciate you help. . . .
    A: See Question 1, and you can get it at most of the shops depending on
    which country you live.
    If you can't find it, Then i suggest you buy it online, or maybe ask your
    releatives or friends
    to help you buy it.
    10. From: SDChocobo@aol.com
    Q:  I read your Final Fantasy X Orginal Soundtrack FAQ, and i have a
    question. You mention a
    re-done version of Aerith's theme, Pure Heart, with vocals by Rikki. Is
    there any way I can
    download/purchase a recording of this? I'd love to hear it. Also, where
    would be a good place
    to go for import CDs? Thank you very much for the help, and sharing this
    great FAQ.
    A:  This is a good question, For original soundtracks, you may buy it at
    most of CD shops, but
    for FFX "side soundtracks (Example: FFX singles)" you may have to buy it
    online, or ask the
    CD shopkeeper to import it from Japan or Taiwan. If you need a good quality
    of CD package, or
    Best quality of sound, you may order it from Digicube Japan. If you don't
    mind on getting the
    only CD, you may buy/ order it from Ever Anime. As for downloads, you may
    download this song
    from Kazaa or Audio Galaxy. A usual good place for getting import CD's is
    always Tower Records.
    11. From:???? (oh I've lost his info....)
    Q: I recently downloaded a song I can't find in any FFX sound tracks... At
    least... I can't
    find the name... I more or less have the FFX OST (dowloaded, sorry! I hope
    to import it soon,
    when I get around to it). I know it's part of FFX, because it's a fast paced
    song that mixes
    part of the Song of Prayers in near the end... The name of the file I got it
    from is something
    to the effect of "FFX Final Battle - Arrange"... Any ideas? I don't know
    what other info I can
    give you without any way to get you the song...
    A: If I'm not wrong, This song is from FFX Soundtrack, Disc 4 Track 17,
    Summon Battle. It is
    a nice song, Since you said "because it's a fast paced song that mixes part
    of the Song of
    Prayers in near the end..." and "FFX Final Battle - Arrange". If this song
    is 5 minutes and 52
    seconds, then this should be the one. Or not, please give me the track
    length so that i would
    know which song it is.........
    For more than 10 years, Final Fantasy's music has moving through it's
    series. It would be dull
    if the music is not there (Duh! Of course that would happend if a game with
    no music...), For the
    past ten years, Nobuo's composition of music has given us a lots of great
    thoughts, and his songs
    are nice and wonderful, all his hard work has made us buy his made
    soundtrack, and his work is
    worth it.
    His compositions and arrangement of music and the list are these below:
    -Final Fantasy I ~ II Original Sound Version
    -Final Fantasy III Original Soundtrack
    -Final Fantasy IV Original Soundtrack
    -Final Fantasy V Original Soundtrack
    -Final Fantasy VI Original Soundtrack
    -Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack
    -Final Fantasy VIII Original Soundtrack
    -Final Fantasy IX Original Soundtrack
    -Final Fantasy X Original Soundtrack
    -Final Fantasy Tactics Original Soundtrack
    (Actually the songs are produced and arranged by Masaharu Iwata and Hitoshi
    Sakimoto, Thanks
    to Hunter for the corrections.)
    -Final Fantasy III The Long Legend (Is it the exact name?)
    -Final Fantasy IV Celtic Moon
    -Final Fantasy V Dear Friends
    -Final Fantasy VI Grand Finale
    -Final Fantasy VII Reunion Tracks
    -Final Fantasy VIII Fithos Lusec Vecos Vinosec
    -Final Fantasy IX Original Soundtrack PLUS
    -Final Fantasy IX Melodies Of Life Single
    -Final Fantasy X Suteki Da Ne Single
    -Tidus & Yuna~ Go Dream/Feel
    -Final Fantasy IV Piano Collections
    -Final Fantasy V Piano Collections
    -Final Fantasy VI Piano Collections
    -Final Fantasy VIII Piano Collections
    -Final Fantasy IX Piano Collections
    -Final Fantasy 1988-1994
    -Final Fantasy Pray
    -Final Fantasy Love Will Grow
    -Final Fantasy Symphonic Suite
    -Square Vocal Collections (Unconfirmed is it composed by him, but i'll put
    it here)
    -Final Fantasy X Piano Collections
    (P.S If anymore soundtracks composed by him, please let me know)
    So as Final Fantasy songs reach the evolution, (FFI- III is created using
    systhenizer, FFIV-FFVI
    is created using a better systhenizer, FF7 is created using Yamaha RG
    Advance Systhenizer, Some
    of those CD's even performed by orchestra's , example: FFVIII Fithos Lusec
    Vecos Vinosec. FFVIII
    to FFX is using rather more great instruments merge with the systhenizers to
    create a beautiful
    melody) The songs are rather more symphonic and emotional when the music
    flows on with the game.
    So the inspiration of musics of FFX should be appreciated.(Remember, they
    will be some spoilers
    Disc One~
    -Tidus~ I Want To Tell Everything-
    -Tidus~ Zenbu Hanashite Okitainda-
    This is only a vocal track with no music, the beginning of the first track,
    it says "saikoka
    mashenai taro, dakana, zenbu hanashite okitainda". It means "Maybe this is
    the end, So, I want
    to tell you everything". This is spoken by Masakazu Morita.
    -At Zanarkand-
    -Zanarukando nite-
    This is a great song! all in piano, this song is a wonderful main theme of
    FFX that symbolize
    the ruined Zanalkand song, with all of the party members grouping up
    together, sitting together
    surrounding the flames, and Tidus comforts Yuna about the Ultimate Summon,
    and ends with the "
    zenbu hanashite okitainda". Unfortunately you only heard it in the Opening
    scene of FFX.
    This is the prelude of the whole adventure, and this techno version of
    crystal theme supposed to
    be the Blitzball competition theme song, isn't it?
    -Tidus Theme-
    -Tidus no Theme-
    Since every character has a main theme to express the character. Tidus's
    theme is one of the
    lively theme song, and it suits Tidus character : Active, determine, and
    sporting person. But
    it is too short.....unfortunately...
    This is great~, the first heavy metal song in Final Fantasy series, when I
    first heard this song,
    i was shocked and fell off from the bed. The melody is very well arranged
    but a little too sharp,
    But anyway, this song is played when Shin attacks the Zanalkand City (before
    it ruinned), I
    remember this scene with Auron looking a huge (very huge) tidal wave, but he
    seems to be too calm
    and standing at the edge of the road, looking at the tidal wave , Cool! (But
    it's pity because
    at the time Tidus supposed to counterattack his Blitzball with his Ject shot
    III, but he can't
    make it since the invasion of Sin)
    One of the best songs, I recommended that hearing this song while playing
    the game, it will make
    you nervous, and you will feel that you are in a hurry! The rhythm is fast
    and well arranged,
    and the melody is fantastic. This song is played when Tidus is escaping from
    the explostion of
    Zanalkand city.
    -This is your story-
    -Koreha omae no monogatari da-
    I personally don't like this song, but it would be better if you hear this
    song while playing the
    game, This song is played when Tidus is been swollen by Sin and warped into
    another dimension,
    1000 years later.....(If you play the game, try to hear what Auron says to
    Tidus when Auron is
    saving Tidus, But personally I don't think he is going to "save" Tidus after
    eiiiiirrrrr...... why Tidus is warpped into such a place? Dark and gloomy,
    poor Tidus, he has to
    find a way to survive from it. This song is gives the impression of uncalm.
    The melody is
    always repeating, so this is not a great song, but more emotional.
    -Normal Battle-
    -Nomaru Battle-
    This is the battle song, not too much of excitement, just the systhenizing
    is heavy and bass is
    stong enough. I like FF7 Battle song more than it. But overall, not bad at
    -Victory Fanfare-
    -Shori no Fanfare-
    Compare to the previous FF victory theme, this is much more lively. Yeah~I
    won the battle!!!
    -Game Over-
    -Game Over-
    I personally think FF7 and FF8 game over theme is better. But this game over
    theme gives me an
    impression of encouragement.. Don't you feel so?
    -No dream, No hope-
    -Yume mo kibou mo arimasen-
    As the name says, Tidus is in trouble, he feels no dream and no hope at all.
    But I don't
    think he is. This song is quite strong in the bass, more balance in treble
    and melody is heavy.
    But I feel that this song dosen't give me the impression as the track name
    -Secret Maneuvers-
    Oh~ a saviour, At last Tidus is free from this dark gloomy place, but
    wait..... This is not right
    those "saviours" don't seem to be friendly, (do they attack Tidus at that
    time? i don't remember)
    and capture him. This song I couldn't express much, as this song is always
    repeating it's melody
    -Underwater Remains-
    Do you listen to Xenogears "Omen" and Chrono Cross "Star Tower" before? If
    then this song melody would be the same with the two songs above, ONE
    STRAIGHT LINE, it dosen't
    change the mood much, but much more giving the impression of cool and calm,
    as well as gloom.
    This song is played when Rikku ask for Tidus help to go underwater ruins to
    activate some kind of
    device. This theme is also call "Underwater Ruins"
    -Chee is an alvedo trive-
    -Chii ha arubedozoku-
    This is Alvedo's theme...... At least to Rikku, She is Alvedo's (Al Bhed)
    tribe. This melody is not important in the beginning, it shows the
    importance when the chorus
    goes on. Not much on bass, a bit of high pitch but balance. This song is
    played when Tidus have
    a conversation with Rikku, and talksabout Tidus homeland, Zanalkand, a
    ruinned city.........
    -Enemy assault-
    This is the boss theme, only one word, FANTASTIC and the best boss theme of
    every Final Fantasy
    series. The melody is fantastic, the song is grand, and more stress on bass.
    It gives the
    impression of fighting a real battle!
    -The men who live for Blitz-
    -Britz ni kaketa otoko-
    When Tidus first reach the Beside Island, this song will be played when
    Wakka ask Tidus to return
    the Blitzball to them, and Tidus show a great technique of blitzball which
    impress Wakka and his
    group. This song is lively, but not as lively as Tidus theme, but more
    grand. Also one of the
    best songs of FFX, I should say. (This song is straight tip off from Tidus
    theme, but it's the best
    arranged "Tidus Theme" yay! You also heard this game when you first step
    into Luca)
    -Veside Island-
    -Besaido Tou-
    Among all of the FFX song that I heard, this is one of the quiet songs that
    I've ever heard,
    the melody is even at first, but change after a while, then back to the
    beginning melody
    but from beginning till the end of the song, It gives us the mood of quiet
    and calm. This
    is the theme of Beside Island (this track supposed to be Beside Island
    -Scenery of Spira-
    -Supira no jokei-
    Oh I like this song~ It's all in guitar, another one of the quiet songs. But
    naturally this song
    melody supposed to be much more up and down, so I won't think this is a
    quiet song after all. The
    song is much more "village" type. But i forgot when this song is played,
    Anybody knows?
    (This song is played in Killika, Thanks to Nedus [LikeOahu@aol.com])
    -Song of Prayer-
    -Inori no uta-
    Another vocal songs, This is the first song of prayer, no music (A
    cappella). But strange,
    why i heard out that woman voice pitch is much higher than man's?
    Illusion oh illusion, sure this song gives us the sleepy feeling dosen't it?
    The melody is
    peaceful, much more cool compare with other songs, Nobuo did a very great
    job on this song.
    The song is played when you are in the dream of Tidus when he's sleeping at
    night after the
    summon cermony of Yuna is done........(This is also played in Macalania Snow
    -The place of trial-
    -Siren no ma-
    This song is played when Tidus have to do the quest to finding broken
    treasures on the summon
    dungeon. This song does not really suits the dungeon but given us much more
    of mysterious feeling
    (You may say it is wrong, but...)
    -Song of Prayer - Valfor-
    -Inori no uta ~ Varufare-
    This is a woman pitch of vocal. The second of the Song of Prayer,
    Valfore.....Her pitch is not
    sharp, but high enough.
    This song is played when Yuna first get the Valfore (Varufare in Japanese),
    and prepare to summon
    it at the first time. Actually this song is not much of comment, so i take
    this song as a
    presentation of a summon.
    -The daughter of a great summoner-
    -Daishoukansi no musume-
    Again, I forgot when this song is played.... But more over, this song is
    rather smooth and relax
    Melody is very flow, and the impression is very relaxing and calm. Great for
    someone who is in
    stress. Believe me, this song will cool you down. (This song is played when
    you and Yuna first met
    each other, If wrong, please feel free to correct me)
    -Good night-
    Ok, Let's go to sleep, 1, 2, 3, ZzzzZZZzzzZZZZzzz..............
    ~Disc Two
    -Yuna's Theme-
    -Yuna no theme-
    Yuna, The main female character, plays a important role of this story, Her
    theme must be
    composed and arranged properly dosen't it? For me it's quite ok, just not
    much of instruments.
    By the way, the most impressive thing is the melody and the beat, arranged
    and set accordingly
    but the pitch is not that balance, am i listen it wrongly, or am i too
    sensitive? This song
    is played when you are preparing the journey.......
    This is the greatest song of FFX that i've ever listen.... The melody is
    changed according to the
    mood itself, the stress on bass is very balance, i like the melody!~
    Again, Please tell me,
    when is this song played.....|||X_X (This song is played in Djose highroad,
    Thanks to
    Surf457@aol.com once again :)~)
    -(For Omen, for the most time you'll heard it in the SS.Riki ship, and the
    way to Djose Temple
    Mostly this song'll play in Djose Highroad)
    -Sending to another dimension-
    -Ikai Okuri-
    This is the time to send hatred spirits to the world of where spirits go,
    Spira.....This song is
    played when Yuna is performing the spirit ceremony at the first time. If you
    see the movie,
    you'll know how impressed the movie it is. Vocals are performed, but the
    voice of man and woman
    are somequite merged...It is also one of the song of prayers
    -The silence before the storm-
    -Arasi no mae no sizukesa-
    Before storm it should be silence, Yeah, Mostly the trebles are more
    important, but most of it
    nearly touch up the bass, and this song is quite short..... But overall not
    bad. (This song
    is played in Macalania Forest, It'll be irritating after you'll run back
    forth Macalania
    for long)
    -Song of Prayer - Ifrit-
    -Inori no uta ~ Ifrit-
    A man's voice, grand and brave, the voice control is very balance. One of
    the best song of
    If you are standing in the busy city, you will know what song suits the
    city, Luca is the one
    of the songs that express the feeling of a busy city. The melody is smooth,
    expression is strong
    enough, You will heard this song in Luca, when Tidus and Wakka along with
    the group tries to
    participate the Blitzball tourament.
    -Welcome to the Eldery Maika Chief-
    -Maika sourousi kangei-
    Quite a grand song, much more music on trumpet, pitch is balance. But i
    don't really like that
    song, don't ask why. This song is heard when the Maika chief, the elder of
    the ebon teachers,
    arrives at Luca. But i am not too sure about his status. Can you check it
    out for me?
    -Indefatigable determination-
    -Fugyou no ketsui-
    Here, this song gives a strong feeling on something's happend, The bass is
    strong, quite a nice
    one here. This song is played when Yuna is been kiddnaped by the Al Bhed
    tribe, am I right?
    (This song is also played when you encountered Kimahri at the first time)
    -The Splendid Performance-
    -The Splendid Performance-
    Nice song, the piano's performance already express the whole song in detail,
    the bass suports
    the treble well. Mostly, it has a peace feeling. This song is played when
    you are at the Blitzball
    stadium when Wakka knows Yuna is saved. So that he won't have worries
    against the enemy team.
    A metal type song, the bass is not soo strong, So i think it should be
    consider as rock type.
    The melody is stressed, and the battle feeling is out. A very nice song,
    indeed. This song is
    played when you found Yuna, and before you have to battle the boss.
    (Actually this is played when
    you're at Blitzball stadium with Tidus and his team against the Luca Gowers,
    When the match about
    to start, this song will played)
    -Blitz Off-
    -Blitz Off-
    Intresting! I like the song, Very nice! The bass express much more than
    treble, but overall the
    song is wonderful. This song is played when you are in the blitzball field
    (everytime you play
    the blitzball sidequest)
    -Auron's Theme-
    -Auron no theme-
    Everyone loves Auron, he is sugoi, cool, good looking, have a nice
    abilities, most HP, Execpt
    that he is already dead. But this song is much more expressed romantic, and
    the chorus expressed
    the cool chararistic of Auron. Anyway, it is quite a nice song.
    -Milhen road-
    -Milhen Kaidou-
    When you arrived Milhen road, this song will be played. A quiet song, with
    some funny tune,
    the guitar part was the most intresting one. Is the treble part is played by
    flute? I heard
    some flute sound over there.....(obviously this song is played in the Milhen
    -Brass de Chocobo-
    -Burasu de chocobo-
    Every chocobo's theme will be named according to the expression of the
    chocobo's song, example:
    Waltz de chocobo will be expressed in waltz feeling. Mamba de chocobo will
    be expressed in
    hawaiian samba feeling. In FFX, this chocobo theme is expressed in brass and
    grand feeling.
    This song is among the nicest chocobo song that I've heard along. It express
    grand and brass
    feeling. But, I wonder if there is got a Trance de Chocobo song?
    hehehe.......(Well, My friend
    said when you're in the Chocobo race to get the Sun sigil [sorry if I spoilt
    it], This song
    is extremely annoying until you'll instantly mute off the television. But if
    you enjoy this
    song, you won't really get annoying, It depends on your choice.)
    -Travel Beaureau-
    -Ryoukou kousi-
    If you travel along so far, And you can't pass through the Milhen passing
    lane (I forgot what
    is it exactly called) You will hear this song. This is also a quiet song. Oh
    my, This song can
    sooth your soul, because no stress on bass and treble, it gives me a lazy
    feeling when i hear
    this song.
    -Authorised to pass-
    -Tsukou wo kyokasimasu-
    This song is quite eerie. and short, I won't comment much on that song. It
    is played when
    Seymour appears to let them pass through the gate. I love this words when he
    said " I will
    be responsible for everything". Nice talk Seymour.
    -Seymour's Theme-
    -Shimoa no Theme-
    Seymour is one of the main villian of this FFX, so his song must be evil.
    Yes, this song gives
    us an evil feeling, and his personality is dangerous. But I like his hair
    style, and his cloths
    is nearly same as Sion Barzath's from The Bouncer. And he is a Guado tribe.
    Controls Anima
    summon.......and many more..........heh
    This is a very dark and very sad song. It gives me that "any problem would
    forever won't be
    solved" feeling. I don't like the song much, gives me much of horrible
    But this song has a strong emotion. I only remember this song is played when
    Tidus reavels
    that he is only a "dream" of Zanalkand citizens. He is only appears in
    dream, When ones dream
    is gone, he will be dissappeared. (This is also played in the second area of
    Inside Sin)
    -Djoze Temple-
    -Jyoze Jinn-
    I only know this song gives me an sneeky feeling. Funny but more importantly
    this song
    has nearly no bass at all. It is played when you arrived Djoze temple to get
    the Ixion Summon
    -Song of Prayer - Ixion-
    -Inori no uta~ Ikushion-
    Another man's vocal, For me, it is nearly out of tune, This vocalist's voice
    is quite lazy
    but strong expression.
    -Ride Shiparf ?-
    -Sibafuu noruu-
    Shiparf, on the way! This song is played when you ride an elephant(?) or
    whatever. To pass on
    the moonflow. I like the chrous part, it express the beautiness of the song.
    -Rikku's Theme-
    -Ryukuu no theme-
    I like Rikku, A 15 year old Al Bhed girl. She's pretty, and cheerful, I like
    her personality.
    So her theme must be cheerful enough. The guitar is smooth, and support most
    of the theme.
    The piano has a nice and elegant tune. A very nice theme overall. (I tried
    to play this song
    in piano, but it is too hard!!)
    I love this song because this song express the scenery of Quadsalam,
    Quadsalam is the place
    of Quado's tribe, Seymour's hometown. This song is also quiet, bass is
    strong, treble is very
    balanced. But low treble sound makes that the bass nearly possess the whole
    song. I hope this
    song would be longer, I really addicated to this song.........
    ~Disc 3~
    -Thunder Plains (Lightning Field)-
    -Kaminari heigen-
    This song is played when you pass through Thunder Plains, The song is very
    relax compare to the
    atmosphere of the whole scenary of the lightning field (eh? It supposed to
    be a horror song
    dosen't it?). I like the very beginning part of the song, It use the clock
    sound (tick,tick)
    The piano sound rather sounds like organ for me......
    -Ject's Theme-
    -Jecto no theme-
    Ject is Tidus's father, is also the main trigger of this story - He is
    actually Sin after Braska,
    Yuna's father use The Ultimate Summon to defeat Sin, and before Sin is dead,
    He possess Ject's
    body to born as another new Sin. Well, bad for Tidus, who always thought
    Ject is the one who's
    responsible for his mother's dead (anyway Tidus mother always care for his
    husband but not Tidus)
    This song is more simple than Scenary of Spira, It's really ALL ON GUITAR,
    yes, only guitar.
    For me, the song is express in some kind of western mexico feeling. Quiet
    but happy...Mambo!~
    (Donald B said that this song is much more sounds like a blues/jazz fusion
    tune. As the rhythm
    sounds like something B.B. King would play. Well, you may say that, but jazz
    is a bit incorrect
    if blues is ok.......)
    -Makaryana Forest-
    -Makaryana no mori-
    Makaryana forest is one of the most beautiful places on entire FFX scenary.
    Unfortunately, This
    scenary you rarely seen it on reality. It's a romantic place. This song is
    express in the
    romantic way, The treble's are very smooth flowing. The melody is somewhat
    copied, maybe from
    Xenogears? But anyway, you will hear this song when Auron is here to get the
    Sphere Video.
    -Sea of Mist-
    This is not a song, There is no melody at all.......and the music is always
    repeated. Somewhat
    copied from Parasite Eve 2. And it's emotion is expressed nervous about
    -Temple Marching Band-
    This song, When i first hear this, The melody is nearly the same but
    diffrent pitch. sometimes
    loud and sometimes soft, and back to the loud melody again. This is more on
    feeling, If you feel
    the song well, You should be able to hear it well. This song is played when
    Yuna is welcomed by
    Guado's when Yuna accepts Seymour's marriage.
    -Seymour's Ambition-
    -Shimoa no yabou-
    Finally Seymour's evil plan is entirely revealed, He is the one who is
    killing his own father,
    possess his father's summon, Anima, and tries to change the Ebon teachings
    and born himself as
    Sin to destroy mankind. Of course, The party would try to stop him no matter
    at what cost...
    This song is entirely taken from Seymour's theme, the bass is strong, Treble
    is expressed in
    strong and anxious form. The melody is more relax compare to his theme. This
    is played before
    you fight Seymour for the first time.
    -Song of Prayer - Shiva -
    -Inori no uta ~ Shiva-
    When you first hear this vocal, you will notice something, The vocal is
    nearly as same as
    Valfore's pitch. Hear it carefully, and you will notice that Shiva's vocal
    is more grand than
    Valfore. Apparently, This one is better.
    -The Advancing Men-
    -Semarikuru mono tachi-
    This song is a bit blur for me. Yes, the bass is out of tune, but it's nice
    to hear and suits
    the mood of this song, I don't know how to comment on this song, because
    it's melody is a bit
    blur....This song is played when you tried to escape after defeated Seymour.
    (This song is also
    played in the First Area of Inside Sin)
    -The Blazing Desert-
    -Syakunetsu no sabaku-
    HOT.....Very hot...... oh~. This song gives me in such a hot impression,
    imagine yourself in the
    very high degree celcius of a desert, this song must be quiet rather than
    giving angry tune.
    For me, the treble is very light, and the bass is almost as light as a
    feather. But overall,
    this song is a bit special because even a quiet song must calm someone down,
    this one is making
    us rather hot because this song is imaginable.
    The style of this song is somewhat copied from Vagrant Story.... Somehow
    this song is much more
    grand and orchestral. And gives a very dangerous feeling. The bass is very
    heavy, The treble is
    much more ancient. It uses somekind of old-japanese instrument, makes the
    song more imaginable.
    (Just imagine when you are at the japanese old war times). This song is
    played when you followed
    Rikku to her hometown, and her hometown is burned down to ashes. This song
    is also played when
    Sin launches an attack to the whole earth, and if you see the movie, you
    will be impressed.
    -The Revealed Truth-
    -Arasareta sinjitsu-
    When the truth about one summoner has to risk own life to defeat Sin......
    This song will be
    played. For me, It has only one layer of melody. And the treble's is very
    heavy compare to bass
    I personally don't like this song, but it gives me a very strong feeling. I
    Yes, finally, it's the airship theme. My most favourite songs. Compare to
    FF9's airship theme (
    Hildagale 3 and Invisible), this is much better. The bass very stress,
    strong and balance. The
    treble is very strong, too. If you see the FMV of when the airship is ready
    to fly, with the
    airship has never fly for measly 1000 years, this would be one of the best
    FMV's of FFX.
    Plus the function of this airship is cool compare to FF8's Ragnarok... But
    the melody is the
    most beautiful part of the beginning to the end.It gives me of you are
    really in the airship
    type of feeling. Although I don't really know how to describe it. Oh, can
    someone tell me, what
    is the name of the airship?
    This is not a happy wedding day.....Seymour forced Yuna to marry with him
    (what kind of this guy
    he is?). His purpose is to stop Yuna for finding the Ultimate Summon (Ones
    summoner is married,
    The journey to defeat Sin will be an end). So it is kind of evil marriage.
    The melody is arranged
    properly. So it expressed out the feeling well.
    This is also a nice song, it is taken from the airship theme, and the melody
    is faster. The FMV
    is great when this song is played (also one of the best FMV's). But this FMV
    is not logic to me.
    Why? Because when Tidus and party tries to interupt the wedding, they slide
    to the Beville temple
    with normal shoes (what i mean is when you slide through a place in a rope
    with only normal shoes
    and not skating shoes, and such a great height, and you still can change
    direction, wow...)
    The melody is express nervous and treble has a higher pitch. The bass is
    express in a special
    tune. Plus the piano is play in a faster way. Anyway, also one of my
    favourite songs. (How the
    heck can you play this song in Piano!? I love this song in Piano more than
    original soundtrack!)
    When you can't save someone or stop the evil marriage with your own hands.
    This song is played
    But if you want to know is this song nice, then you have to see the FMV
    first, then only you can
    feel the song. This song is sad, bass is higher than treble at first, when
    chorus, the treble
    will be higher than bass. So it's sideway down. and this song is long enough
    to express the whole
    tragedy, Plus on the melody of last part of this song is repeating.
    -I can't fly-
    -Watashi ha toberu-
    When Yuna forced to escape the temple with only herself, she decides to
    commit sucide and jumps
    from such a high place, of course it's a trap to Seymour and others. Valfore
    comes to rescue and
    saved Yuna from the high place. The melody is silent at first, but will turn
    on grand at the middle
    till the end. Treble and bass is nearly the same, balance and strong.
    -The Road to Purgation-
    -Jouzai no michi-
    Same to Ject's theme, It's all in piano. yes, PIANO, this time, one piano
    playes the whole song
    So it's nothing to say about the bass and treble. But the melody is sad and
    holy. This song is
    played when you are in the Beville Temple. To get the King of The Aeons,
    -Song of Prayer - Bahamut-
    -Inori no uta ~ Bahamut-
    I thought the song will be sung by a man with grand voice,
    actually........||| this song is sung
    by a child..... and it's out of tune......, but if you see the child, he is
    the one you see in
    the beginning of the game, and he is the one who knows about Tidus
    -The Time of Judgement-
    -Sinpan no toki-
    The wrong judgement to the Yuna and her friends is absolutely nonsense. The
    Yevon's teaching is
    utteraly corrupted, why? But back to the song, the melody is a bit grand,
    the bass is heavy
    compare to the treble, the intresting part is, this song is also taken part
    from suteki da ne!
    -The Man Who Killed Father-
    -Chichi wo ayameta otoko-
    It's actually reffering to Seymour. The treble's and bass are seperated
    according to the melody
    flows (meaning to say the treble is much higher than bass at first, when the
    chorus on, the bass
    will show the important part). The melody is quite eerie. This song is
    played when Seymour face
    the dead Maika chief......and talks about Yuna the betrayal (that's what
    Seymour calls Yuna, How
    dare he, Isn't Yuna is Seymour's wife??)
    -Suteki Da Ne (Isn't It Beautiful?)-
    -Suteki Da Ne-
    Finally, End of Disc 3 ends with the theme of FFX. This song is the most
    beautiful theme, compare
    to FF8 and FF9's main theme. It uses a lot of Japanese instrument in the
    treble side. the bass
    is balance and smooth, so overall this song is very artistic and old. But it
    still the best
    theme of FF series afterall. Rikki is doing a great job of singing this
    song, her voice is high
    pitch and well controled, although she is 30+, she still keeps her voice to
    the children pitch
    of voice, this is rarely seen . This song is played when Tidus and Yuna kiss
    in the beautiful
    nights of Makaryana Forest. So this song is rather expressed romantic and
    beautiful. The lyrics
    is up there. Have a look on it!~
    ~Disc Four~
    -Yuna's Decision-
    -Yuna no ketsui-
    If Yuna is decided to continue the Ultimate Summon journey, even have to
    sacrifice herself, no
    one is able to stop her determination until Sin is defeated. This song is
    more relax and unwind.
    I thought this song would be more stress and strong, but not, It turn
    sideway down, The treble
    is very smooth and flowing, the bass is nearly nothing at all. Overall, not
    bad, you will hear
    this song when Tidus pick up the video on Yuna record herself inside the
    sphere video.
    -Lulu's Theme-
    -Ruru no theme-
    A lot of people thinks that Lulu is much more pretier than Yuna, well... I
    think that only her
    dressing attracts gamers. However, her theme is cool and everlasting. Since
    she is cool and does
    not talk much, but has a caring heart and moreover a sister to Yuna. I don't
    like the treble
    since the pitch is very strong and a bit out of tune, but the bass supports
    the song well, But
    I think Nobuo has make some kind of mistake. But I'm not sure of that
    feeling, too. (This theme is
    played when Lulu fails her first and second journey of becomming a Guardian,
    and you'll meet her
    ex-teammate, and you'll have to fight her ex-teammate (summoner) with this
    -Fowards with Courage-
    -Isamasiku Susume-
    Altough This song does not give me more impression of foward without
    circumstances, but i think
    this song is sure nice enough, especially the treble is "brass" enough. Bass
    is ok and rhythmic.
    I think this would be one of those "ok ok" song (Malaysian English style of
    -Song of Prayer - Youjinbou-
    -Inori no uta ~ Youjinbou-
    This is cool! Odin is replaced by an aeons call Youjinbou, but i think this
    is releated to money
    Back to this vocal, his song is very deep, and pitch is dull enough, suits
    Youjinbou well.
    -People of the north pole-
    -Kyokuhoku no tami-
    This is a bit ancient, This is one of the Ronzo's theme (I presume?). The
    song is long enough
    (Because this song is quite slow), The treble is well arrange according to
    the beat, The bass is
    strong, but it will comes with silent bass at the chorus. Overall, A nice
    song, You will hear
    this song when the party tries to go through the Ronzo village.
    -Song of Prayer - Ronzo Tribe -
    -Inori no Uta - Ronzozoku-
    This vocal is performed by many male's voice, But i thought this song is a
    bit mechanic? Yeah
    Those male's voice is somewhat merged (am i right?)
    -Flunctuating Flame- (or as known as A Wandering Flame)
    -Samayoi no Hono-
    This song is very sad..... And has a very slow rhythm, And somewhat releated
    to death......
    The treble is a bit down but the bass is a bit upwards, so this song is more
    cross over, But
    the flowing is same.... Very sad, well......... I only know that you will
    hear it when Tidus
    has to accept the truth that he is only a dream.........Oh yeah, It seems
    this song also plays
    when at the beginning Wakka tolds Tidus about the Besaid's history.
    -A Dream That Will End Someday-
    -Ituka Owaru Yume-
    A climax song for me, The impression of this song gives me a type of you are
    having a hope to
    save mankind, a very good impression is expressed. The treble loudness is
    same as bass did,
    it express in a louder form, so it's a bit grand. a very nice song. But I
    forgot when this song
    is played, can someone please tell me when this song is played? (But in my
    memory (not memory
    card, I don't have PS2, ok?) this song is played when you are going to fight
    against Sin, And
    Tidus is throwing away Yuna's recorded video sphere.....and this song is
    also played in the way
    to Zanarkand Ruins, before reaching the inner ruins. I just can't stop
    answering this questions
    so please stop sending e-mails about this anymore, ok?)
    -Song of Prayer - Yunnaresuka-
    -Inori no uta ~ Yunnaresuka-
    This song of prayer is a bit pitch changed, all of this vocal's are
    performed by a male.....
    the pitch is uptuned........but also a nice vocal performance, I like
    I like the japanese name better. This song is very nice (Perfect work,
    Square). This is the
    second battle song espacially when you fight Yunnaresuka, (and when you
    fight the normal Omega
    Weapon, I'm not sure is it played in another battle but if yes please
    confirm it for me).
    The melody is swift hardly, It's a type of hardcore song. The treble's are
    quite soft, the most
    important part should be focus on bass, the bass is very strong and stress.
    If you compare this
    song with Chrono Cross Fate~The God of Destiny, and the Chrono Trigger's
    second boss battle song
    this is much better. (most importantly, this song is anxious enough)
    -At the End of Abyss-
    -Sinen no Hateni-
    I personally think that this is the last dungeon, but not. This song is
    played when you are on
    the airship after defeat Sin (first defeat) and plans on touching the Sin's
    heart (Ject) by asking
    the Ebon members singing the Spira Song (you'll see it below). This song is
    very calm and flow,
    the melody is straight to the point of the mood itself. The bass is not too
    strong, it's all
    been touched up by treble. However, this song is not that suits the mood of
    the game itself.
    But corrections can be given if i'm wrong here (don't sue me). This song is
    also played when
    you are at Omega Ruins
    Is this the last dungeon theme? NO?.... this song is a bit eerie, the bass
    is stronger than
    treble, this song has nearly no treble (except the one long line), but the
    bass has two layers!
    The melody is arranged well. Quite an intresting song for me...(this song is
    played in the
    most upper part of the Omega Ruins, when you're on the way to defeat Omega
    -Song of Prayer - Spira-
    -Inori no uta ~ Supira-
    This is the Spira Song, It's among the best song of prayers of FFX
    soundtrack. It's grand and
    orchestric, The vocal's are high pitch but balance. Great job for the
    vocalist (more than 10 of
    them, I presume?)
    -Dead People Smile- (In a proper way, it should be called Smile of a Dead
    -Sibito ga Warau-
    Seymour again..... He's just don't give up, and prepare it's final moment
    with you.......This
    song is also eerie, except it's not eerie enough. The treble is high and
    it's played from
    electric piano. The bass is balance enough, But the melody is taken from
    Seymour's theme so
    it's nearly the same.
    -Seymour Battle-
    -Shimoa Battle-
    Finally Seymour has it's own battle song. This is the third boss battle
    song. And I also like
    it. The treble is very up and down, and changing fast. The bass is arranged
    is a proper way.
    The melody is way too cool for me, and flowing very anxiously. Good Job,
    Nobuo...(But why the
    previous battle of Seymour didn't play out this song???)
    -Song Of Prayer - Anima-
    -Inori no uta ~ Anima-
    This is the last song of prayer, Anima, a dangerous summon that it's
    overdrive will rip your
    heart. However, the vocal's are performed in high pitch man's voice. For me,
    It's good enough.
    Balance and attractive.
    -Summon Battle-
    -Shoukanju Battle-
    SUGOI! I definitely gonna like this song, this song rocks! This is the
    fourth battle song. And it's
    taken from the Song of Prayers, The longest battle song. The melody is
    flowing fast and anxiously.
    The treble has two layers, the higest layer performes the song really well
    and balance. The second
    layer of treble supports the song beautifully. The bass is strong and
    stress, fast and balance.
    And the whole song expression is nervously and fowarding. This song is
    played in the second last
    battle, Before you fight the last boss, Ebon-Jyuu (I only know the Japanese
    -The Final Battle-
    This song is genre in orchestra. It gives me a feeling of Star Wars song
    style, also it's a bit
    copy from Vagrant Story. This song is not as good as Summon Battle, The
    piano plays the song
    really well, But pity the piano is a bit soft. The second layer of treble is
    louder than the
    first layer (Piano). But this song is also express nervous and anxious,
    However you won't lose
    this battle, because this is an Event Battle (Just like fighting the last
    form of Sephiroth
    in FF7). This song also rocks. For me, It's only a but pity because the
    standard didn't
    reach the Summon Battle's standard. (Ebon Jyuu is also called Yu yevon in
    English. Thanks to
    Surf457@aol.com again!)
    -Ending Theme-
    -Ending Theme-
    If you listen to the Ending Theme, you will think that this Ending theme is
    much better than
    the others. Well... This is the evolution of the Square music. This ending
    theme is sad, it
    makes us cry when hearing to this song (at least i did). This song is also
    orchestra. This song
    is absolutely perfect is style of performing, The mood of this song really
    express what is on
    the ending. But at my advice, Please finish your FFX first then ONLY YOU
    Why? Because if you don't finish the ending, you won't know what the song is
    performed. Believe
    me.. Overall, A nice song, Good job again, Square. (I personally feel that
    this track is better
    than FFVIII's ending theme, although it is shorter than FFVIII's ending
    -Yuna ~ Please Remember~
    -Yuna~ Omoidashite Kudasai-
    This is the voice of Mayuko Aoki, Sound of Yuna, Same to the first disc
    first track. She says
    "Shitachinake, onegaiinarimasu, inakunati shimataichi totachi otoko, toki
    toki dehitara,
    Omoidashite Kudasai" means "Everyone listen to me, These peoples are fought
    hard with us,
    So i beg you, Please remember them" (Actually this is a bit incorrect, So if
    any corrections
    within the translations or what Yuna said in this track, Please e-mail me)
    -Suteki Da Ne ~ Orchestra Version-
    -Suteki Da Ne ~ Orchestra Version-
    This is the final track of all FFX soundtrack, The credit's roll, This song
    is performed in
    orchetra version, I feel that this song is the best version of Suteki Da Ne.
    The violin is
    performed in such a great way! The orchestra is grand and symphonic. But
    this song is really
    nothing changed much from the actual Suteki Da Ne, just the whole melody
    change to orchestra.
    Enjoy this song......The longest track of all FFX songs.
    It's done, hope you enjoy the review, If any contributions or adding on
    information and corrections
    on this reviews can e-mail me. But! no flaming, no nonsense, no violence and
    gore. Peace is important!
    ~Final Fantasy X Piano Collections and Final Fantasy 20020220 Orchestra
    Before July 7 2001, Square Sounds has released the Final Fantasy X Single
    named: Suteki Da Ne~Rikki
    from Final Fantasy X. After that, OST is released. Well, If you buy Final
    Fantasy IV,V, VI, VIII, and
    IX Piano Collections. I presume anyone should know there would be Final
    Fantasy X Piano Collections as
    well. As it expected, Square Sounds, and Digicube finally released the Final
    Fantasy X Piano Collections
    (I'll confirm the release date later). When I first rip off the plastic case
    that cover the CD box
    I started to feel the real ability of pianist that will play the song
    entirely in Piano. The song that
    in Piano Collections are down below:
    Track Name : 01. Zanarukando nite (TO Zanarkand)
         Length: 3:18
                 02. Teedusu no teema (Tidus'Theme)
         Length: 4:07
                 03. Besaido Tou      (Besaid Island)
         Length: 3:01
                 04. Inori no Uta     (Song of Prayer a.k.a Hymm of the Fayth)
         Length: 6:18
                 05. Ryokou Kousi     (Travel Bureau)
         Length: 3:00
                 06. Ryukku no teema  (Rikku's Theme)
         Length: 2:49
                 07. Guado Saramu     (Guadosalam)
         Length: 3:08
                 08. Kaminari Heigen  (Thunder Plains)
         Length: 3:21
                 09. Shugeki          (Attack)
         Length: 3:28
                 10. Jouzai no Michi  (Road of Purgation)
         Length: 3:13
                 11. Suteki Da Ne     (Isn't It Beautiful)
         Length: 4:17
                 12. Yuna no Ketsui   (Yuna's Determination)
         Length: 3:02
                 13. Kyokuhoku no Tami(People of North Pole)
         Length: 4:03
                 14. Kessen           (Decesive Battle)
         Length: 3:54
                 15. Ending Theme     (Ending Theme)
         Length: 5:33
    When I first listen to this it was like....... what the... It's G-R-E-A-T.
    HOw that pianist can play the songs
    so well? It's like the songs are totally rearranged as just it can be! and
    the mood that suits the entire song is
    expressed so well and emotional. Totally the best Piano Collections that
    I've ever collected so far. But take
    note that the songs is somewhat rearranged, to really feel the song, listen
    to OST first is top priority, and then
    feel the beat and melody , and where should some song become loud (reached
    outstanding part, name "forte"),and soft (
    reached the non noticed part, or soft music melody part, name "piano". Those
    are Italian terms of where you may learn
    it if you learn how to play a piano. And I'll list the song melody as
    Beginning, then to the main opening, then middle
    ,climax, and at last the ending.
    Piano Collections are performed by Kuroda Aki(or Aki Kuroda if you want).
    Arranged by Nobuo Uematsu, and the sound recording
    is from Digicube. I totally addicated to the piano collections of FFX
    already. Well, let's get on to the Inspiration of FFX
    - Piano Collections!
    Track 1 - Zanarukando nite (To Zanarkand)
    Well, If you didn't had enough of listening the Disc 1 second track <<To
    Zanarkand>>, This piano version can be say is
    "remix" version of To Zanarkand (Well, I don't it is the remix,
    obviously...)the song reached the forte part when reached
    the chorus part and reached the piano part when the song end at the first
    play and second (repeat) play. Basically this
    song goes with the melody of soft-loud-soft. You know this song gives you a
    easy feeling that " wow, I arrived the quiet but
    beautiful Zanarkand" and the pianist did the mood out very well.
    Track 2 - Teedusu no teema (Tidus' Theme)
    This song goes loud and then go soft gradually, and it turns very soft. And
    until the opening part of the song it's turns
    to moderate tune. Until the middle (not climax) it turns to soft then
    uptuned forte. Then the outstanding part is performed
    in the climax, where the forte comes out. and at the end it goes very soft.
    Basically the repeat play melody is same as
    first. Until the near end of the whole song, this song goes moderate and
    suddently go loud, and soft to the very end. This
    song performed in a very good emotional mood. But I prefer the OST version
    better. Kuroda Aki plays the song sort of like
    the song is for performance but not for the characters personality. But it's
    still good.
    Track 3 - Besaido Tou (Besaid Island)
    This song is fast. Not like OST is so like slow and quiet song as ever. So
    the piano version of this song is the best
    way to describe the island in a detailed mood and perfomance. the song
    melody goes like this: soft all the way till
    the middle and climax part it turn loud and outstanding, and go soft. Repeat
    part is the same. the near Ending of the song
    is very soft, and the song ends with the happy loud tune. I love this song,
    it expressed in the way of jazz feeling. This
    is how Besaid Island in piano should be! I should have expected that long
    Track 4 - Inori no Uta (Song of Prayer)
    This song has the same melody speed as OST do. This song is very soft. and
    long. This song can't makes me comment so much
    since the song always soft till the end. The opening part of the song it
    became moderate loudness and become sudden soft and
    in the middle part it turns out very loud (Is Kuroda-san bang the piano? I
    don't know) until the end of the first part and
    the repeat part goes on and on. This song is boring to me (I don't sat it's
    bad, so don't flame me, I have my own opinion)
    but if you want to compare, the song SHOULD be the boring song as it is
    (because of the song!) so mood is always on the
    quiet mood. If you like to be quiet and don't want to be disturbed, then
    here's your song.
    Track 5 - Ryokou Kousi (Travel Bureau)
    This song is, ok, very very quiet. Because of this song is slightly slower
    than the OST version, it makes the song even
    quieter. The melody song goes on very soft - moderate - loud - suddently
    very loud - moderate - and very soft - moderate -
    very loud - moderate - soft - moderate - very loud - moderate - very soft -
    moderate - soft - moderate (To feel the song,
    download it and hear it, if there is wrong with my melody arrangement, go
    ahead and e-mail me to correct it) This song is
    also beautiful. NOT to mention BORING! but this song is should be boring at
    the first place. But I feel this song can make
    me sleep well because the pianist who plays the song make the whole song
    beautiful in terms of melody and beat.
    Track 6 - Ryukku no teema (Rikku's Theme)
    This song is the fun part. it is not as happy go lucky as the OST does. but
    very nice arranged. It goes soft, then moderate
    and loud then at the end part, it goes soft... repeat part is the same. But
    be caution, this song is nice beat arrangement
    some of you may not like it. The melody jumps when the time of the song
    comes. That's why the song is good and fun to hear.
    Track 7 - Guadosaramu (Guadosalam)
    This song is not as nice as OST one. But it is very well emotional arranged.
    You hear this song, and you will feel like you
    were taken to the sad harmonic kind of hotel. This song is soft to moderate
    (from beginning to opening) the loud at the
    middle part, and go soft at the end part. Repeat part is a bit diffrent,
    just the middle goes a bit louder then the first
    part do. I have no comment about this song. But I am fair to give comments
    depends the mood of this song that expressed out.
    Track 8 - Kaminari Heigen (Thunder Plains)
    This song is good. always remain the moderate tune in the beginning and
    turns soft in the opening part, until the chorus
    it turns loud, then the repeat part, the opening is soft and suddently turns
    very loud at the near-middle part, and it
    turns moderate until the end turns to be very soft and fades till the end.
    Very nice song, I personally have a bit of like
    for this song, but not my favourite. But this gives a little of blues-jazz
    feeling. well....
    Track 9 - Shugeki (Attack)
    This song is my most and very favourite of ALL. First, there is no beginning
    part. Secondly, the opening part is all
    rearranged. and soft, until the middle, it goes emotional and loud,
    staggering, and beat turns exciting. Until the
    repeat part it turns back to where the first part it is, this song repeats 2
    times. the second repeat has soft until the
    chorus then turn moderate loud and loud till the very end. I love this song
    the most. In case you really don't know what
    song it is. The ones who own the Original soundtrack, go and look for disc 3
    track 14. If don't, try to remember where
    you have to save Yuna from Seymour's marriage, then you glide the airship
    rail and jump off from  the rail to save Yuna
    (the damm cool FMV that I mentioned about.) This song has a very nice well
    arranged beat that it makes me attracted to
    the song. (At first I thought it was the boss battle theme, silly me.)
    Track 10 - Jouzai no Michi (The Road of Purgation)
    Well well well, The road of purgation is all on Piano in OST, of course it
    expected to be included in the FFX PC isn't it?
    it's soft in the beginning, then became a bit outstanding in the opening
    part in moderate beat. in near chorus it remains
    the moderate loudness and turn soft. It goes on and on (second repeat) and
    finally turns chorus. the Chorus goes moderate-
    soft-moderate-soft-loud in 1/2 sec - moderate- soft- very soft. and the
    third repeat goes very slow and soft. Until the
    middle part turn to be slowy regain fast and moderate loudness and go very
    soft to the end. This song is nice, and suit
    the performance mood. I love the song, again, I feel really addicated to
    this song.
    Track 11 - Suteki Da Ne (Isn't It Beautiful?)
    This song is not long, but yet another beautiful melodic main theme.
    Moderate in beginning and opening part. turn soft in
    middle part and it goes moderate in the very middle of the chorus until the
    end of first part. in the beginning repeat, it's
    all soft. and same to the first repeat part. it's soft in opening, and goes
    moderate-loud this time in chorus, it goes on
    until the near end of the repeat it goes soft and then very soft. Back to
    the second repeat it turns back moderate and soft.
    Until the near end of the whole song it goes soft again, and soft till the
    end. Personally I think no main theme in piano
    can beat the song unless I found one. But this song is very beautiful, suits
    the name "Isn't it beautiful?" and I will answer
    "Yes, it's beautiful and gentle"
    Track 12 - Yuna no Ketsui (Yuna's Determination)
    Beginning of the song it turn out to be moderate then very soft. Opening
    opens with very soft voice to moderate and then
    very soft and goes back with moderate and then soft again and it repeats the
    melody. The chorus is soft and then moderate
    loud and then outstanding (not loud either, just a high pitch) and then go
    very soft to the end of first part. The repeat
    is nearly the same. just it plays diffrently, and goes very soft and soft
    till the very end of the song. Basically this song
    is very emotional, but the piano version makes it quiet and it has a jazz
    feeling. I personally not very giving notice to the
    song. But it turns to be perfect in sense of melody arrangement. Good Job,
    Track 13 - Kyokuhoku no Tami (People of North Pole)
    This song is completely had diffrent mood from OST. Beginning part is very
    soft. but in the end of beginning part it started
    go louder and louder and finally soft. The opening is so quiet and soft,
    until it reaches the chorus started up with a very
    loud (forte) tune. Until the near end of first part it goes soft and soft.
    And then the repeat part goes the same as first
    part does. This song has 2x chorus in the repeated part, the repeated chorus
    goes loud then slowly turn soft and soft. Until
    the end of the song it turns quiet and very very soft. Think about a windy
    tune of the music in OST and such a place (Mount
    Gagazet, it's snow isn't it?) suddently turn so soft and gentle in Piano
    Version. Don't you think it's performed well? But
    it mostly for performance and not suit especially for the game. So it's
    understandable why this song is arranged in such a
    way in Piano Version. I gave this song thumbs up!
    Track 14 - Kessen (Decesive Battle)
    Whoa, this song is way outstanding than OST does (too bad that Summon Battle
    didn't included in the Piano Collections).
    Again, this song has no Beginning part. Opening part opens with a loud
    (forte) tune until the end it turns a bit moderate,
    but still loud. The repeat part is rather intresting, the chorus is slow and
    flowing and from soft to loud and then back
    to soft. and the end of the chorus it turns loud, and then soft, and
    suddently goes loud. and the second repeat it goes the
    same, until the end of the song it goes the chormatic chord and broken
    chords way (If you learn Piano, you should know this
    term, if don't , is some sort like using first, third, and fifth finger to
    play a smooth down notes, and repeat. Well, I
    don't really know how to explain it. Will you guys help me if you can?) and
    it always loud at the end, but the rhythm is
    turning slow then fast at the end of whole song. This song is better than
    OST version. While the pianist expressed the song
    in such a arranged and balanced tune of the whole song. And uses some of the
    piano skills to end the song. If you want to
    really immitate how Kuroda Aki plays the song. It gonna take forever to
    learn it. I love this song better than OST version.
    Honestly (But you should have diffrent minds and opinions, don't you?)
    Track 15 - Ending Theme
    This song will end the CD. Well, It expected. the fifteen song is the Ending
    Song. The song goes on like this : From slow
    to fast, in the soft to moderate tune and soft again, and then turn very
    loud, and then soft again (you can feel it with the
    OST version). and then from slow again to fast rhythm, with soft to loud
    tune. The opening part opens with a soft tune and
    slow rhythm (the hymm of fayth part). and it started to go a bit faster, but
    still in soft (Piano) tune. then until the
    chorus part, it still soft, but fast. then the middle chorus part (To
    Zanarkand part), it is soft at first with diffrent
    major key now, and then turn from moderate, and then turn very loud. 2nd
    middle chorus part is intresting, fast and balancing
    with loud tune it is defintely the best to express the chorus of the whole
    song. And the end of chorus ends up with a soft
    tune. Until the near end of the whole song, it turns soft, to moderate, and
    from slow to fast, and turn back slow and soft
    again, and this ends the whole ending theme. This is good, It basically as
    the same to the OST version of Ending Theme, but
    in more quiet way. This song is better in OST version (because it's
    orchestra, hehheh). But the pianist managed to merge
    the feeling of the whole orchestra feeling with the piano voice, makes the
    song have more emotion and well performed. But
    this song can be more better if the song is not straight from OST
    (Rearranged Version, I mean). It ends the whole CD very
    well. But what about you?
    ----Phew! Finally finish the review again. Those songs makes me addicted,
    and I even cried when the Ending Theme is played,
    luckilly I managed to wipe my tears, and finish the review in time. My final
    words for this CD is : This CD is worth for
    you to buy it. Import it from www.amazon.co.jp, or if you stay in Japan, but
    it from Digicube. However, who does not really
    in intrest on the music genre : Piano, it is advisable to not buy this CD
    since most of the songs are quiet and you may even
    sleep after listen for quite a while. But this CD is very good, and suitable
    for Grade 6 and above to actually "immitate"
    the plays of the pianist. If you do, send praises to Kuroda Aki, Masashi
    Hamauzu and Nobuo Uematsu! They deserves more than
    a credit.---
    Produced by: Nobuo Uematsu
    All Arranged and Directed by : Masashi Hamauzu
    Composed By: Junya Nakano (Track 7), Masashi Hamauzu (Track 3,5,8,9,13,14)
    and Nobuo Uematsu (Track 1,2,4,6,10,11,12,15)
    PERFOMED BY : Aki Kuroda (by the courtesy of Victor Entertainment, Inc.)
    Recording Engineer: Toshiyuki Yoshida
    Assistant Engineer: Teruyuki Takatsu
    Recording Studio: Victor Studio, Tokyo
    Piano Technician: Mikio Wantanabe
    Mastering Engineer: Hiroyuki Hosaka (Columbia Akasaka)
    Art Direction: Tadashi Shimada (Banana Studio)
    Design: Tadashi Shimada, Norie Kadokura (Banana Studio)
    Photography: Hiroshi Shibaizumi, Toshio Sazaki (Hand Made)
    Object: Toshio Hayashi (Hayashi Bijitsu)
    A&R Director: Emiko Funahashi, Tsuyoshi Takemura (Digicube)
    Assistant Director: Yosuke Ikeda, Soushi Yoshida (Digicube)
    Sales Promotion: Saiko Fukui (Digicube)
    Sakes Devolopement: Osamu Abe & Mio Yamamoto (SMD)
    Executive Producers: Kensuke Matsushita & Keiji Hamada, Fumio Kurokawa &
    Kishio Ozawa (Digicube)
    Supervisor: Susumu Arai, Masamichi Someno (Digicube)
    Special Thanks to: Takeshi Watanabe (Victor Entertainment. Inc)
    Presented by : SQUARE SOUNDS CO, LTD
    To be continued.........
    This is one section of most of the e-mailers talking about the soundtracks.
    Most replies are
    answered here. So it is welcomed. In future I will list up the linear notes
    of the soundtrack
    staff, so stay tuned!~
    1. A mail from Peter Spina
    "Hi, I wanted to talk to you about your faq.  I think it's great.  I love
    the music!
    One of my favorites (along with Suteki Da Ne) is Besaid Island when your
    exploring.  Great job!"
    Thanks for the praise, I will do my best to do the FAQ, and answer all the
    For me it is only the first time I do the FAQ, so i don't have too much of
    But anyway, I will made it to the top. Thank you.
    2. Mail from James Weatherlight
    "It seems to me that since you made a gamefaqs guide to the FFX music you
    might be intrested in
    this. The 'Tidus's theme' is derived from 'Dali Village theme' of FFIX.
    'Yuna's Theme' is familar,
    and when I went through my FF music I found it sounds like a recompisition
    of 'Aeris Death' from
    FFVII.  Several other songs I could swear I've heard before in previous FF
    titles. The battle
    music reminds me of something (can't place it just now...) from Final
    Fanasty Tactics or
    FF Trilogy. Heh, your prob wondering what kind of gaming freak I am to be
    able to qoute game music
    from memory. Just thought you should know. Replies are nice."
    I agree with you. When i first heard the soundtrack, I've noticed that most
    of the song style
    is "copied" For me the Summon Battle song style is somewhat copied from FF
    Tactics. For us as
    a gamers, We do hear a lot of music, What musics we heard are somewhat nice,
    but most of the
    gamers won't notice too much, as long as the song is nice, they wouldn't
    care about it, But
    we are addicated to musics, we know what songs are nice, what songs are not,
    which one is copied
    etc etc... Anyway, It is relief that you noticed it. Good job.
    3. One part of the mail from LikeOahu@aol.com
    "But I am not sure of something. I have heard the song Suteki dan ne
    and i don't think the lyrics you have are right. (Pure Heart is fine.) i'm
    feeling lazy, so most of this message will be lowercase. everywhere i look
    the song starts with 'kaze ga' but the song I have start with 'teri kagayaku
    (??? daioto? maybe dai yoto...)"
    The Suteki da ne that you have it now is not the theme from FFX. There are
    two version of Suteki
    Da Ne, the song that you have is another song that has the same name, but
    diffrent melody, Hope
    that you understand. To be specific one is from FFX and one is not from FFX.
    4. Mail from Alina Rionda
    "Hi! I was reading your faq music in hope I would find what I am looking
    for. I play games in
    my spare time but I also play the piano and I fell in love with that last
    theme song of FFX
    the one that is played in piano. My question is, where do I get the sheet
    music, I would like
    very much to play that song is so beautiful, I find even more beautiful than
    the other one that
    is sung. You only discuss the songs and give the lirics and I want the music
    itself, the
    written music so that I can play it myself, do you think you can help me on
    that or suggest
    Uh, that's a tough one, If you want the lyrics you may go
    www.nobuouematsu.com to get the lyrics
    but if you want to play that song, I suggest you play it along with one of
    Violin players, because
    the lyrics is orchestra lyrics, means you have to play the song with a
    violin, and a vocal.
    That's all i know.
    5. Mail from Orion83110@aol.com
    "Hey man, good work with the translations of the songs but I would have to
    say that the final
    battle with Seymour is the best or Contest of Aeons. Ah what the hell, they
    both awesome.
    Also, about 90% of all the songs in the game are derivatives of Suteki da ne
    if you really listen
    closely. But i dont mind at all cuz this is the best soundtrack for a game
    and THE best Final
    Fantasy period. I love it."
    Thanks, but mostly, the song are not entirely derivatives from Sutek Da Ne,
    i found only a few..
    Hmm. Yeah, I don't care at all since i really love the songs so much until i
    forgot the usual
    style of mine...criticize. So, who cares? As long as FFX songs nice, It
    Thanks to:
    Squaresoft and DigiCube (www.squaresoft.co.jp, www.playonline.com or
    -For making such a great design on the FFX soundtrack package
    -For doing this fantastic PS2 game, It hits the highest selling rate of the
    PS2's market
    Nobuo Uematsu, Mashashi Hamauzu, and Junya Nakano
    -For composing such a great songs and give us a great inspiration on FF
    music for the 10 years
    CjayC (www.gamefaqs.com)
    -For doing such a great FAQ site, without you, this FAQ would not be done,
    Thanks a bunch!
    CDDB Service on Winamp (www.winamp.com)
    -For letting me scanned out the Japanese Soundtrack list on FFX, Thanks a
    Jazreel Leong (jezleung@hotmail.com)
    -Thanks for his corrections on the limited edition of FFX contents, thanks a
    Nedus (LikeOahu@aol.com)
    -Thanks for his answer about the when the scenary of spira is played
    -Thanks for letting me know that Alvedo is also known as Al Bhed
    Anime Lyrics (www.animelyrics.com)
    -For the lyrics of Pure Heart, and others. Thanks a lot!
    -For the contributions of Hymm of Fayth (Song of Prayers) Lyrics
    and also for telling me the another name of Song of Prayers
    -Thanks for his answer on when Omen is played
    -Also thanks for the Ebon Jyuu's translation in English.
    Donald B
    -Thanks for his comment (corrections, whatever) about the Ject's Theme.
    Hunter (hunter@intrex.net)
    -Thanks for his corrections on FFTactics soundtrack composer and arranger.
    Aki Kuroda (http://kuroaki.net)
    - For playing such a great and beautiful melody tune of Final Fantasy in
    I'm looking foward to see her playing in the next FF series. A big thanks to
    Because of you, you made the song even more fantasic, I admire you,
    -------------Last Words----------------------------------------
    I am regret of the lost of Final Fantasy X OST, so maybe I can't even update
    the credits for
    the FFX OST, woo-hoo-hoo.......I may have problems but I'll manage to make
    the credits for
    FFX OST posted up here as soon as possible. For the meantime, pray...
    This FAQ is not done yet, I may update always, until it is over, so if any
    contact me at:
    or Xenoserphia in the GameFAQs message board
    This document is Copyright 2001,2002 by Luna

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