Will smackdown vs raw 2011 have online play for ps2 owners?

  1. I am thinking about getting the game for ps2 and not my wii
    What system will have online play?

    User Info: dove218

    dove218 - 7 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. The box says 1-6 players (and notes Multitap capability for 6 players), but neither the box nor the instruction manual specifically talks about online gameplay.

    User Info: rangeraragorn

    rangeraragorn - 7 years ago 2 0


  1. Yes of course in PSP, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360,and in PC.

    User Info: Klusha1999

    Klusha1999 - 7 years ago 1 1
  2. Ps3 and X360

    User Info: afnanpantha

    afnanpantha - 6 years ago 0 0

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