1. I have no idea how to get any of them, also which ones are coming to the USA? The ones in the PSN are rubbish at the moment. Could anyone tell me which in game costumes made it to the USA and how to get them? All the guides say something different, it too confusing :(

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    mrbagly22 - 5 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    Question for Pheem:
    I checked the formal costume for Malik at Bathus Citadel, but I didn't find it there.. the star didn't show up.
    Is there any other requirements in order to get the costume?

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Accepted Answer

  1. There might be some spoilers in here, but anyway:

    Vesperia Costumes
    Beat the Magic Carta guy without him scoring a point (in Sable Izolle)
    Asbel - Yuri (beat on easy)
    Sophie - Patty (beat on normal)
    Cheria - Rita (beat on hard)

    First do the event at the Beach Resort (located at -367x, -159y)
    Asbel - Search Oul Raye vase near Item Shop
    Sophie: Strahtan Ruins, take the left path down the stairs and fight a Torch Elemental thing
    Hubert: Inside Rockgaggon, bottom right corner, fight the Fake Watermelon
    Cheria: Search the tools by the item shop in Sable Izolle and pay 100,000 gald
    Malik: Talk to the man at the entrance of Yu Liberte
    Pascal: In the Sandshroud Ruins (in Uncharted Desert), fight the robot holding her swimsuit (right in front of the power room)

    Formal Costumes:
    Asbel's - basement in the castle sanctuary place, examine the altar where Sophie was stabbed in the child arc, you'll find a model boat, turn it into the Lhant request.
    Hubert's - in Strahtan Ruins, behind Duplemar (their big cryas) there's a chest containing Liquisilk. Turn that into the Katz town Inn.
    Cheria's - Enter Barona castle from the front, go right 4 screens. The screen after you pass the Turtlez guy, go North up the long hallway. Go left, then there should be a room with 3 doors, go in the top-left one I think. There should be Windthread or something. Turn it into the Katz Town Inn
    Malik's- Go back to the end room of Bathus Citadel after you have beaten it and examine the star.
    Sophie's- I believe you have to beat the Zhone Cage (extra bonus dungeon) after talking to the Turtlez chief in the Turtlez Village
    Pascal's - somewhere in the Uncharted Desert, there's a robot you can fight to get the clothes.

    Richard and Sophie get another costume in the f arc.

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Other Answers

  1. I don't know about any others at the moment but the Tales of Vesperia costumes made it into the game. Just get a perfect when battling the card freak (he's near the entrance) in Sable Izolle....which is easier said than done on normal or hard. As for DLC ones i dont know havent heard any news. Anyway there may be other costumes from other games but i havent gotten them yet even on my second playthrough.

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  2. On top of these when u get to the future arc, u can get materials to make figurines of each of the characters and talk to the humanoid on the 2f of telos to give titles to you party allowing them to be another character in battle. This means u can acctually have a team composed of all 4 of the same character. 4 Sophies romp-stomping the baddies and healing themselves and each other as neccessary. :D

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