Help with these following sidequests?

  1. The treasured picture sidequest. I already gave it back through the inn, but the side quest is still in the pending list.

    Broken humanoid sidequest, I went to the humanoid research center but it didn't trigger any skit, i already have the memory core.

    lastly, how do i obtain a glassphere in the main arc?

    User Info: 0i000a

    0i000a - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. 1. IIRC The treasured picture sidequest requires an event between Hubert and a sailor at the top left corner of the North Yu Liberte Port. . .if that doesn't trigger there may be an event in Yu Liberte prior. . .

    2. To get to where the skit is, go to the room with the database and the blocks discovery then exit right and follow the corridor north and east. With the core on hand there should be an event star in front of the machinery in the room at the end of the passage. Don't know what the hangup is if there isn't.

    3. I believe a Glassphere is the rank 3 stamp bonus at the Katz Korner shop. You access it by feeding fish to cats in each town in Strahta, Fendel, and Windor as well as Warrior's Roost and then visiting the Crazy Cat Man's house to obtain the Katz Decoder (he tells you what the coordinates are on your first visit to the Katz and more detailed info is everywhere around here if you need more specifics)

    User Info: Tarvosio

    Tarvosio - 5 years ago 0 0

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