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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shinarouji

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    Table of Contents

    1. I. About This Guide
      1. General
      2. Copyright
      3. Contact Information
    2. II. Version History
      1. Latest and Greatest
      2. Past Updates
    3. III. Game Introduction
      1. Story Synopsis
      2. Character Profiles
      3. Character Analysis
      4. Party Suggestions
    4. IV. Gameplay
      1. Controls
      2. Battle System
      3. Strategy
      4. Titles
      5. Eleth Gauge
      6. Inn Requests
      7. Dualize
    5. V. Childhood Arc Walkthrough
      1. Lhant Hill
      2. Lhant
      3. West Lhant Road
      4. Return to Lhant
      5. Lhant Hill
      6. East Lhant Highroad
      7. Barona
    6. VI. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part I)
      1. Orlen Woods
      2. Barona
      3. Lhant
      4. Seaside Cavern
    7. VII. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part II)
      1. Barona Catacombs
      2. Wallbridge Ruins
      3. Gralesyde
      4. Wallbridge
      5. Barona Catacombs
    8. VIII. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part III)
      1. North Lhant Road
      2. Oul Raye
      3. Sable Izolle
      4. Inside the Rockgagong
      5. Yu Liberte
      6. Strahta Desert Ruins
    9. IX. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part IV)
      1. Yu Liberte
      2. Warrior's Roost
      3. Velanik
      4. Zavhert
      5. Amarcian Enclave
      6. Fendel Research Lab
      7. Fendel Tower
      8. Fendel Glacier Ruins
    10. X. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part V)
      1. Zavhert
      2. Lhant
      3. Untrodden Snowfield
      4. Snowshroud Ruins
    11. XI. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part VI)
      1. Region 13
      2. Humanoid Research Center
      3. Bathus Citadel
      4. Telos Astue
    12. XII. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part VII)
      1. Lambda's Cocoon
      2. Sidequests
      3. Ghardia Shaft
    13. XIII. Future Arc Walkthrough
      1. Lhant
      2. Gustwork Ruins
      3. Strahta Desert Ruins
      4. Eleth Research Laboratory
      5. Arcadia Garden
      6. Lastalia Shaft
      7. Fodra's Core
      8. Role-Playing Dolls
      9. Grade Shop
    14. XIV. Sidequests
    15. XV. Library
      1. Consumables
      2. Dishes
      3. Materials
      4. Weapons
      5. Armor
      6. Unique Equipment
      7. Gems
      8. Valuables
      9. Dualize Book
      10. Discovery Book
      11. Enemy Book
    16. XVI. Titles
      1. Asbel
      2. Sophie
      3. Hubert
      4. Cheria
      5. Malik
      6. Pascal
      7. Richard
      8. Skill Terms
    17. XVII. Shops
      1. Lhant
      2. Barona
      3. Gralesyde
      4. Oul Raye
      5. Sable Izolle
      6. Yu Liberte
      7. Velanik
      8. Zavhert
      9. Amarcian Enclave
      10. Telos Astue
      11. Turtlez Shop
      12. Katz Korner
    18. XVIII. Frequently Asked Questions
    19. XIX. Credits

    V. Childhood Arc Walkthrough (Continued)


    • Items:
      • Rice x3
      • Water of Absolution x3
    • Discoveries:
      • Water of Absolution

    Go back down to the Inn to progress the story. After the event Richard will leave and Hubert will replace him, the latter of which will gain the Second-Born Son title. Speak to the innkeeper and rest, and when you regain control it'll be nighttime. Before you leave the inn, enter the room on the left that was previously locked and grab three bowls of Rice from the closet in the corner. This must make it the fifth food item we've found shoved in a closet since we've began... this stuff can't possibly be fit for human consumption. Poor kids.

    Exit the inn and go to the upper area of Barona, and then head all the way to the very right for a scene. While waiting for Richard to arrive, Asbel find a secret hole on the right side of the church and head in. On the inside we can see a fountain in the top right corner, so investigate it to add the Water of Absolution sanctuary to your Discovery Book and also receive three bottles of the Water of Absolution. Now investigate the fountain-less left side of this area and you'll find another secret entrance.

    Barona Catacombs

    • Items:
      • 500 Gald
      • Apple Gel x3
      • Glassphere
      • Life Bottle

    Head up and use the save point. Then follow the linear path until it forks to a continuation of the landmass you're currently on and a bridge. Take the bridge to find 500 Gald and then continue on the normal path. Head down first and take the right path to find three Apple Gels, then go back up. As you cross the boarded up area, grab the treasure chest and you'll find a Glassphere. Ignore the next alcove and choose to go up the path instead of down it to find a chest containing a Life Bottle, then go back down and continue until you find another save point. I'd recommend you use it. Up ahead we'll fight three bats as a mini-boss, but they shouldn't give you much trouble. Enjoy the following cutscenes and rejoice (or lament) that your time as a child is over.

    Orlen Woods

    • Items:
      • Eleth Mixer
      • 800 Gald
      • Life Bottle x2
      • Wood Chunk
      • Iron Tunic
      • Morino Flower
      • Apple Gel x3
      • Chipped Claw
    • Discoveries:
      • Morino Flowers

    Seven years have passed since the events that occurred in Barona. Asbel is now training to become a knight with his instructor Malik so that he'll never fail to protect anyone again. So let's continue the journey with our grown up protagonist, shall we? Right away we're thrown into combat with a wolf and learn about B-Artes. The artes we used in childhood were all called A-Artes, so with this new style we can enhance our performance in battle and get much more out of the battle system. If the new tutorials aren't enough, be sure to read the segment on the battle system up in the IV. Gameplay section. Afterwards the resulting cutscene, speak with Malik to receive the Eleth Mixer and have him join your party.

    Eleth Mixer

    The Eleth Mixer is both the "Cooking" system in Graces as well as a way to create various items. If you put a dish in it, it will automatically take effect during battle after certain conditions have been met. For example, the Rice Ball - when someone's HP hits or falls below 60%, the Rice Ball will automatically kick in and heal them. However, there is a catch; dishes in the Eleth Mixer take up a certain amount of Eleth each time they're used, and if you run out you won't be able to use it again until you refill them at town. As for items, you can place them in the Mixer and after a short amount of time you have a chance at producing another of the same item. Naturally, this also requires Eleth. The beauty of this is that even if you don't have any of the item currently on hand, as long as it's been in the Collector's Book, you can still place it in the mixer. To increase your maximum Eleth, just keep using it!

    Feel free to use the save point behind you and take your time through the area as you grow more accustomed to the new style of artes. When the path forks, keep going up to find 800 Gald inside the treasure chest there. When you see a boulder, stop and take note of the log bridge to the southeast. Cross it to find two Life Bottles and head back up, then continue following the linear path and open another treasure chest for a Wood Chunk as you pass it by. Head north at the next split to find an Iron Tunic, then return and restock on items via the Turtlez if you wish. Check out the glowing flowers to his right to add the Morino Flowers to your Discovery Book, as well as pick a Morino Flower for yourself. You can dualize this with one of your Water of Absolutions to make a Holy Bottle if you wish. Cross the bridge and head south to find two tiny inlets. Push the boulder on the left to make a shortcut to the beginning of the area and the treasure chest on the right to get three Apple Gels. Back up to the main path, head east all the way to receive a Chipped Claw and then take the path to its left for a save point and a scene.

    After Malik leaves the party, head to the top left of the village and Asbel will begin to hear some strange sounds. Now head all the way to the right and go in between the top house and the one Malik's standing in to find a wolf sprint away. Head back to the left again for a battle. Your attacks will do no damage, so dodge and land a few hits until a mid-battle cutscene occurs. Now set Shockwave Slash to whichever direction you wish and use it to break the enemy's shield. Continue with the battle normally now, but beware: he hits quite hard. Take advantage of the sidestep mechanic to gain CC and beat him. Now that that's over with, head all the way back to where we started (feel free to take advantage of the boulder we moved earlier) and exit on to the field.

    North Barona Road

    • Items:
      • World Map
      • Pork x2
      • Tea Leaves x2
      • Pasta x2
      • Pie Sheet x3
      • Apple Gel x2
      • 360 Gald
    • Discoveries:
      • Tea Fields

    Malik will give us the World Map when we exit the woods. Head south and grab two cuts of Pork from the chest and check out the sign with the barrels around it for the Tea Fields Discovery and two Tea Leaves. As you go around the field you'll see that there's a south road off the path; take it to find two servings of Pasta. Go back to the main path and continue heading west to find the part of this area we visited as children. After a quick rest, go into the cabin to find three Pie Sheets, then exit and notice the treasure chest in the shade of the tree has been restocked with two Apple Gels. The other treasure chest here has its contents refilled as well, so pay it a quick visit to receive 360 Gald. Now head all the way south to reenter Barona, the capital.


    • Items:
      • Magic Carta No. 30 (Arche Klein)
      • Pie Sheet x8
      • Egg x2
      • Night Lily Seeds
      • Dried Seaweed x3
      • Best Princess Stories
      • Rice Ball
      • Elixir
      • Ice Pop
      • Moji-kun Plushie
      • Royal Knights' Documents
      • Exceed Shard
      • Hourglass
      • Magic Carta No. 42 (Regal Bryant)
    • Discoveries:
      • Ice Pops
      • Headmaster's Bust

    As the path opens up again, you'll find a vendor directly to your right. Speak with her to purchase an Ice Pop if you wish, but be sure to check its right side to find the Discovery Ice Pops. Now revisit the area with Gloandi (the enormous green monument) and check the lower right corner as the camera switches to see a treasure chest that contains the Arche Klein Carta Card. Now pay a visit to the old couple's home we entered as a child over on the east side. Loot the cabinets yet again to find two Pie Sheets and two Eggs. You can also speak with the woman here to receive an additional three Pie Sheets. Enter the Lower City and head west as if you were going to port. Stop before the old man sitting on the bench and you should notice something shiny in the bushes next to him. Examine and you'll find some Night Lily Seeds. If you head down to the port and take the long path out above the water, you'll find a chest containing three... Pie Sheets. Yeah.

    Anyway, go up to the Inn and check the closets in both rooms for three Dried Seaweeds and the Best Princess Stories key item. Now head for the Knight Academy to the east of the Inn, but check out the bust that's over on the side to get the Discovery Headmaster's Bust. Lookin' good, Kratos. Speak with the guy on the left as you enter to get a Rice Ball, then head into the west room and as you enter and check out the chest - you'll notice it's locked with a password, as are multiple others in the game. No worries though, just input "treasure" and you'll get an almighty Elixir. Check the suitcase in the righthand corner to get an Ice Pop as well. Note that if you eat these, you randomly get either a Win Stick or a Lose Stick. Now, go back to where the old man on the bench was and go up the stairs to reach the bar, but before you go in check around the right side to find a Moji-kun Plushie.

    After the scene in the bar, check the shining spot at the bottom right part of the screen for the Royal Knights' Documents. Now head back to the Knight Academy for another scene. After, Cheria will rejoin your party (as a playable character!) and you'll receive the Letter from Mom key item. Cheria and Malik will switch places, and their next destination will be Lhant. If you wish you can go up to the castle and speak to the guard on the left for a short event, though it only shows you that Richard's ring won't be able to help you anymore. Head back to Gloandi one last time before you take a ship at port and speak to the Knight there to get an Exceed Shard. You can dualize these with equipment to increase your CC, so be sure to see him before you leave! As you head down to port, go to the right just before the screen changes and you actually enter the Barona Port area. You'll see a bunch of boxes lined up here, as well as a guy walking around. Move the boxes so that you can access the top right area and there will be a hidden chest containing an Hourglass. Now board the ship and set off for Lhant.

    Note that if you get enough stamps in the shops here (Rank 9), the shop will sell you the Regal Bryant Carta Card.

    East Lhant Highroad

    • Items:
      • Feather
      • 540 Gald
      • Iron Scabbard

    Once again the treasures are restocked, so check all of the previous ones for a Feather, 540 Gald, and an Iron Scabbard. When you reach the cabin there'll be a scripted fight, but it's just with the regular enemies around here. After you win the easy battle, Cheria will officially join the party and gain the Radiant Healer title.


    • Items:
      • All-Divide
      • Best Princess Stories
      • Noko Plushie
      • Pork x2
      • Magic Carta No. 29 (Mint Adenade)
      • Magic Carta No. 41 (Presea Combatir)

    The situation's grown quite dire, so let's get things done quickly. Firstly, head to the manor and check the chest in Aston's room. The password is... Aston. So yeah. Open it to get an All-Divide, check the middle cabinet in the top left corner for the Best Princess Stories key item, and then head out. Check outside the house to the right of the windmill to find a Noko Plushie, then go in and open the closet for another two pieces of Pork. Outside and up the windmill for the Mint Adenade Carta Card, then out the north exit.

    Note that if you get enough stamps in the shops here (Rank 7), the shop will sell you the Presea Combatir Carta Card.

    North Lhant Road

    • Items:
      • Pretty Ribbon
      • 1000 Gald

    As you go up on the main road you can find a Pretty Ribbon in the chest nearby. Head up the west path (grabbing 1000 Gald from the treasure chest along the way), then continue on in that direction. Next screen will have a scene and a short scripted fight, but afterwards you'll notice that you're faced with a fairly large problem. The game will force you to run even if you want to fight it, so head back to the hill behind Lhant to shake it off.

    Lhant Hill

    • Items:
      • 180 Units of Eleth
      • Nameless Seed
      • Life Bottle
      • Poison Needle
      • Poison Charm
      • Panacea Bottle x2
      • Pretty Anklet
      • Eleth Bottle C

    Check all of the three old chests along the way (as well as the new one) for 180 Units of Eleth, a Nameless Seed, a Life Bottle and a Poison Needle. Then head to the meadow. After the surprising cutscene, you'll find yourself up another party member. The Helmcrusher packs a punch, but with Cheria casting offensive spells and Asbel and your new party member attacking head-on, you should be able to keep up the combos fairly easily and take it down. Don't hesitate to switch characters with the D-Pad and heal if you're in a pinch. You'll get both a Sopheria Seed after the battle and Sophie's Dead Ringer title. Before heading back to Lhant, take the vines down by the tree and check the restocked treasure chests for a Poison Charm, two Panacea Bottles, a Pretty Anklet, and an Eleth Bottle C. Now revisit your home town.


    • Items:
      • Assorted Flowers
      • Life Bottle

    Straight to the manor for a scene. Before you enter, check the left side of the garden for some Assorted Flowers. Head up to Asbel's room. Sleep in his bed afterwards to see his inner conflicts, and then enter Aston's room. I'd strongly recommend that you purchase three Poison Charms while you're here and equip one on each character, but the choice is yours. Head back to North Lhant Road once again. Once there, head back to where we first ran into the Helmcrusher, take the right path down the hill stock up with the Turtlez if need be. Grab the nearby Life Bottle from the chest and head on in.

    Seaside Cavern

    • Items:
      • 1500 Gald
      • Apple Gel x3
      • Eleth Bottle C
      • Syrup Bottle
      • Steel Scabbard
      • Life Bottle
      • 1125 Gald
      • Dark Bottle x2
      • 210 units of Eleth
      • Holy Bottle x2
      • Mastery Tonic C
      • Deathglow Algae x3
    • Discoveries:
      • Glintsoul Colony
      • Deathglow Algae

    Open the nearby chest as you walk in for 1500 Gald, then the next one for three Apple Gels. After you resurface from diving in the water, go west and open the two chests for an Eleth Bottle C and a Syrup Bottle. Head back to where you surfaced and jump off the top right part of the water to arrive at a new area with a Steel Scabbard. Back again and up the main path to the outside, you can find a Life Bottle hidden behind one of the pillars. Jump in again at the other side, then continue and open the chest for 1125 Gald along the way. Water, resurface, take left path. You'll find two Dark Bottles, 210 Units of Eleth, and the Glintsoul Colony Discovery. Back at the main path you can find two Holy Bottles to compliment the dark ones you just picked up, and as you reach the next area you'll find a Mastery Tonic C submerged in water, as well three Deathglow Algae if you check the Deathglow Algae Discovery growing right next to it. Save your game and prepare for the next boss.

    Boss: Queen Slime

    This is the first real test to see how well you've been doing with the battle system. Queen Slime spawns little Green Slime enemies periodically; dispatch these with your A-Artes, and be sure to take care of them as soon as they pop up. Queen Slime has over 4000 HP on Normal and while she's slow and doesn't attack as often as other enemies, she can both do a lot of damage and poison your party incredibly easily. This is where those charms we bought back at Lhant come in handy, since now we can just concentrate on taking her and her tiny slime followers out. If you find yourself in trouble, remember that knowing the CC system isn't the sole factor at being good at this game. Switching to Sophie or even Cheria when you need healing and taking charge can help immensely, especially if the AI is struggling on its own.

    Head out afterwards.

    North Lhant Road

    • Items:
      • 720 Gald
      • Fur
      • Shattered Bone
    • Discoveries:
      • Vestiges of War

    To the right of the save point you can find a bit of the beach. Walk around it and grab 720 Gald, then continue north. After the scene, check the camp inlet to the southwest of the save point for the Vestiges of War Discovery, open the chest next to it for some Fur, then head straight south and grab a Shattered Bone from the chest on the left side. Book it south all the way back to Lhant.


    • Items:
      • Pickled Plum x3
      • Pasta x3

    You're too late. Thankfully Strahta has dropped by to help get rid of the Fendelian forces. Right off the bat you're thrown into a battle with Hubert, but before you win check the equipment screen and remove his Rune Guard. Throw it on Asbel and enjoy the hefty stat bonuses you receive. Afterwards a cutscene will show that Strahta and Windor have now formed an alliance, plus you'll get to see how drastically different Hubert is. If you head back to the right house by the windmill and speak with the grandmother, you can get some more Pickled Plums from her. Now head inside the manor, speak with the maid in the room on the right to receive three pieces of Pasta, and enter the room on the right for a short fight. You'll likely be absolutely destroyed by him, but you can't win no matter what you do at this point so just roll with it.

    East Lhant Highroad

    • Items:
      • Decaying Fang

    Not much to do, really. Head towards the cabin for a reminiscent scene, check the treasure chest right by the save point afterwards and then head to port. When you reach Barona, head straight to the underground passage in the church and enter it once again.

    Barona Catacombs

    • Discoveries:
      • Massive Skeleton

    Walk forward a bit and you'll run into Richard, reuniting the three friends from childhood. After a short battle he will receive both the Benevolent Prince and Long-Lost Friend titles. We can't progress anywhere past where the path splits, so push the stone door in and follow the new path out and check out the bones you pass on the wall for the Massive Skeleton Discovery.

    South Barona Highroad

    • Items:
      • Magic Carta No. 5 (Leon Magnus)
      • Red Ribbon
      • Puffpetal Down x3
      • Feather
      • Paralysis Charm
      • Pasta x3
      • Rusted Nail
      • 658 Gald
    • Discoveries:
      • Puffpetal Down

    Open the treasure chest as you emerge into the new area for a Red Ribbon. You can also check the shining spots around for the Leon Magnus Carta Card. Head north and check out the purple sporing flora to the side to get the Puffpetal Down Discovery, as well as three fluffy Puffpetal Downs. Keep going north until you find a chest with a Feather in it, then go back down to where the cabin was. After the fight, check the chest around the left side of the cabin for a Paralysis Charm, then head inside to get three more pieces of Pasta. Now head all the way south for an amusing event, as well as the introduction to our new friend Pascal! After the event, open the treasure chest up north to find a Rusted Nail, then go down the southeast path and grab 658 Gald before warping to the next area.

    Wallbridge Ruins

    • Items:
      • 255 Units of Eleth
      • Scarlet Aroma
      • Hyperdense Crystal
      • Floral Anklet
      • Book of Maintenance
      • Steel Tunic
      • Life Bottle x3
      • Panacea Bottle x2
      • Burn Charm
    • Discoveries:
      • Projection Device
      • Silent Stone

    Pascal will receive the Ruins Spelunker title and officially join your party upon entering. See how there are three little colored stones jutting out from the path? Stand on the block at the south one to ride it over, then take the next one and go up. Take these next directions are you look at your compass at the top left part of the screen: ride the western block up, then take the next two to the left. At the next split take the eastern block down and descend to the next level via the green block there.

    Save if you wish and then take the northern block to hit a floating gold one that then shoots upwards. Ascend via the green block and now go back to the first where the first split was (West, top North, North, East), only instead of taking the western block up, take the southern block left. The gold block you hit has created a path to two chests containing 255 Units of Eleth and a Scarlet Aroma. Head back to the save point (North, West, South, South, East, Descend) and take the southern block left for a scene. The Mercurius isn't nearly as tough as it looks, especially since you can easily gang up on it with four party members. Just be wary of its charging attack when it poises its tail and a red aura stains the ground, as it can stone nearby party members. After the fight Sophie will receive the In the Flesh title. Check out the floating glyph once again to get the Projection Device Discovery, then head south a bit and take the left block as opposed to the right one we came from. Ascend.

    Take the southern block left to find a Hyperdense Crystal, then jump on the eastern block to knock a floating purple one over. Head back across from the chest and take the eastern block down this time, then the next four available (grabbing a Floral Anklet along the way.) Descend via the southern block for a Book of Maintenance, then head back up and descend via the northern one. Take the next two blocks, making sure to grab the Steel Tunic along the way, then take the lower of the two blocks on this island to hit another floating gold one upwards. Take the top one now and ascend to find three Life Bottles, then cross over the new path and descend once more. Only one block to take, and then at the next island examine the floating mass with rocks orbiting around it for the Silent Stone Discovery. Take the blue block, save, and ascend.

    Take the blue blocks north twice and then take the top block here, as the bottom one will take you back to the beginning of the dungeon. Take the rightmost block to hit a floating purple one over, then take the next three blocks for a chest with two Panacea Bottles. Ride the next two blocks over for a Burn Charm, then head back the way you came (South, South, South, North, East, South, South) as this next block also takes you back to the beginning. Go south twice more to be back at the start, then take the warp and we'll finally get out of here.

    Gralesyde Highroad

    • Items:
      • Magic Carta No. 6 (Chelsea Torn)
      • Potato x3
      • 1920 Gald
      • Moist Crystal
      • Peach Gel x2
    • Discoveries:
      • Potatoes

    Oh hey, the sun! The main party probably forgot what it felt like. Check the shining spots around to find the Chelsea Torn Card Card, then investigate the potato field you pass to find three Potatoes and the Potatoes Discovery. If you walk up to the guy standing there and head directly to his left, you'll come across a chest with 1920 Gald in it. When the path forks, go down the left side to find a Moist Crystal, then go back up. Before heading down the right path, head up the grassy part right beside it to find a chest holding two Peach Gels. You can find a hidden shining spot if you go directly left of the three travellers, but otherwise keep heading north to reach Gralesyde.


    • Items:
      • Pasta x3
      • Magic Carta No. 31 (Claus F. Lester)
      • Best Princess Stories
      • Canola Seeds
      • Imp Plushie
      • Book of Dissolution
      • Book of Wealth
      • Crab
      • Magic Carta No. 22 (Kyle Dunamis)
      • Magic Carta No. 23 (Loni Dunamis)
      • Magic Carta No. 26 (Nanaly Fletch)
      • Magic Carta No. 27 (Harold Berselius)
      • Magic Carta No. 43 (Luke fon Fabre)
    • Discoveries:
      • Bells of Glory
      • Message in a Bottle

    Let's head down to the port, shall we? Take the east exit when the path opens up to a square and head all the way down. When you begin to see little awnings, check behind the first lamppost on the right to find a chest with three pieces of Pasta. That's all, so head back to town. Head into the storehouse left of the item shop to find the Claus F. Lester Carta Card. Head left and enter the inn, then go around the left and check the box beside the door for another Best Princess Stories before going out the rear entrance. If you go south a bit, you can find the Bells of Glory Discovery. Keep going south and when the camera switches check the shining spot on the right to find some Canola Seeds. As you continue north, head to the left of the red sign and you'll find an Imp Plushie, as well as a young man selling a spell book for an obscene amount of Gald. Naturally you can't afford this, so choose not to buy and he'll sell it for 3000. Take him up on the offer to get the Book of Dissolution. Head north to reach Duke Dalen's Manor.

    After the scenes, Asbel will receive the Sword of the King title, but don't head off to Wallbridge just yet. Return to Duke Dalen's Manor and head upstairs to find a locked chest. Enter "4" as the password and you'll get the Book of Wealth. Return to the first floor and exit through the right door and head down the long path. Investigate the nearby Crab to add it to your inventory, then check the bottle in the water over on the right for the Message in a Bottle Discovery. Speak with the maid on the way up to receive the Carta Cards of Kyle Dunamis, Loni Dunamis, Nanaly Fletch, and Harold Berselius. Not bad! Return to the main square and head out all the way west; we have a few things to do.

    Note that if you get enough stamps in the shops here (Rank 6), the shop will sell you the Luke fon Fabre Carta Card.

    Old Grale Highroad

    • Items:
      • Magic Carta No. 7 (Mary Argent)
      • 1300 Gald
      • Overgrown Crystal
      • Green Cryas
      • Carrot x3
      • Mariner's Musk
      • Slow Charm
    • Discoveries:
      • Carrots

    You can find the Mary Argent Carta Card from shining spots in this area. Head west and you'll see a treasure chest to your north, open it for 1300 Gald. Keep going west and as you climb the hill you'll notice a tree to your left; there's a chest above it with an Overgrown Crystal. Keep going up and you'll see a guy with a smiley face above his head. Speak with him three times and you'll be forced into combat, but afterwards Pascal will receive the Wind Summoner title, plus you'll get some Green Cryas. You should have Pascal equip this new title right away, as Rank 1 will grant her a mystic arte. Check out the Carrots to add them to your Discovery Book, as well as receive three Carrots. You can find two more chests on the right side as you continue up, containing a Mariner's Musk and Slow Charm. Going even further north just gets you to East Lhant Highroad, so go back to town and return to the Ruins.

    Wallbridge Ruins

    Ride this block over and then take the western block up. Ascend via the green block and take the warp out.


    • Items:
      • Elven Cloak
      • Darkshine Crystal
      • Book of Talent
      • 285 Units of Eleth
      • Titanium Scabbard
      • Apple Gel x4
    • Discoveries:
      • 300 Year-Old Barrel

    Head forward two screens and grab an Elven Cloak from the chest. Head up the ladder two levels and take the north door out. In the next room go down the latter two areas and pull the lever, then head out the door. Check the 300 Year-Old Barrel to add it to the Discovery Book, then head back to the previous room and take the ladder up two levels. Keep going north and enter the next room to find a chest containing a Darkshine Crystal. Climb up the ladder, cross over to the other side and climb down for a Book of Talent. Exit and go south. Take the ladder down all the way to restock at the Turtlez and find 285 Units of Eleth, then go back up two levels and exit south. Enter the door on the left here for an interesting scene, after which we'll get the Fortress Key. Richard will also receive the Belligerent Prince title. Check the chest here for a Titanium Scabbard, then exit and go south. Take the ladder down twice and pull the lever, then exit south twice to find four Apple Gels. Back up the ladder twice, exit south, and save if you wish. Head south again on the left side, and pull the final lever here. Exit and after a scene you'll be faced with a fight.

    Afterwards go north, head down the ladder one area and exit to the right for another scene. If you so wish, head back to the room with the Turtlez and the Eleth chest (take the right door after the cutscene, climb the ladder and head for the bottom floor of northeast tower) and head north for a warp back to the Wallbridge Ruins. If you don't feel like going back there you can skip past this next section, but keep in mind that it'll be inaccessible for a while if you speak with Richard and continue on with the story.

    Wallbridge Ruins

    • Items:
      • Grape Gel x2
      • 2320 Gald
      • Peach Gel x3
      • Holy Bottle x2
      • 255 Units of Eleth
      • 2160 Gald
      • Mastery Tonic C
      • Drop Bottle
      • Eleth Bottle C
      • Book of Precedence

    Take the first blue block you see and descend via the green one. Go down and then take the lower of the two blocks to hit a floating gold one upwards, then take the higher of the two. Ride the western block up and grab two Grape Gels from the chest, then go back once and ascend via the green block to find 2320 Gald. Descend, south, west, and ascend once again. Ride the eastern block down and take the next block to find three Peach Gels. Take the three blue blocks back (you'll be back at the warp) and this time ride the western block up. Ascend via the green block and take the southern blue one left and keep going until you hit a floating purple block. Now go back and take the other blue one down to reach a platform with a blue and a green block. Take the blue ones to eventually find two Holy Bottles, then go back and take the green one to descend to find 255 Units of Eleth. Go back and return via the other green block. Ride the northern blue block to the right and choose to take the top green block. Ride the northern blue block over until you reach a chest containing 2160 Gald, then hit one of the gold blocks down. Return to the platform with the green block and ride the other blue one down, then keep taking them to lower the older gold block. Blue twice, then descend via the green for a Mastery Tonic C. Ascend, western blue block up, descend via green, then take the 'other' green one on this platform. Take the lower blue blocks until you come across another green one, ascend and collect a Drop Bottle. Descend, northern block to the right for an Eleth Bottle C, then take the western blue one up to ascend yet again. With all the gold blocks you've hit thus far, you'll be able to reach a chest containing the Book of Precedence. Descend, five blue blocks all the way back to the first green block, blue block twice, and you're back to the beginning.

    Block. Block block block block block. Sick of it yet? Great, warp out and kiss this dungeon goodbye.


    • Items:
      • 2100 Gald

    Head south twice, climb the ladder two areas up and exit south to find the central tower again. Enter, head up the stairs and walk towards Richard to continue. After the scene head north twice, go down the ladder one area and exit west to be rid of that tower. Head to the left by the Turtlez to find a chest containing 2100 Gald, then head north for a scene and continue in that direction to reach the South Barona Highroad.

    South Barona Highroad

    • Items:
      • Peach Gel x3
      • Apple Gel x3
      • All-Divide
      • Elixir
      • Life Bottle x3
      • Hourglass
      • Panacea Bottle x3

    Not much to do, just speak with every soldier for the above items and re-enter the Barona Catacombs.

    Barona Catacombs

    • Items:
      • Book of Perfection
      • Core Dust
      • Panacea Bottle x2
      • 240 Units of Eleth
      • 1800 Gald
    • Discoveries:
      • Graves of the Unsung

    Head all the way back up until you go through the stone wall and join the main area again. As before the chests are replenished, so check on the bridge for a Book of Perfection, then take the lower path and go right for some Core Dust. Go back and take the upper path now, looting the chest on the boarded up area for two Panacea Bottles. Continue on and take the upper path for 240 Units of Eleth, then push in the stone wall you just passed. Walk down the stairs and push in yet another stone door for 1800 Gald and the Graves of the Unsung Discovery. Head north and save, then exit into the secret passage.

    Castle Secret Passage

    • Items:
      • Peach Gel x2
      • Mastery Tonic C
      • Wriggler Crystal
      • Book of Suppression
    • Discoveries:
      • Twin Vases

    This is the first time we've had more than four party members, so you'll have to sit one of them out. I'd recommend either Pascal or Richard as they generally play similar roles in battle, but it's your choice. Regardless of what you choose, head north and grab two Peach Gels from the chest there, then go back down and head east. Solve the three incredibly simple block puzzles as you advance and head up the stairs after a short scene occurs. Head north for a Mastery Tonic C, then go back down and check out the Twin Vases Discovery as you head west. Go south of the save point to find an actual puzzle that'll make you think for a second. Pull the top one to the right three spaces, push the middle block left once, down once, then left three times. Pull the top block down once, push it left thrice, down once, and left thrice again. Now pull the lower block up twice, push it left three times, down once, and left four times. Exit south on the other side for a Wriggler Crystal, then head up the stairs twice and you'll run into a second block puzzle.

    Push the middle block left once and then do the same to the one ahead. Move the bottom block right, up twice, left twice, down once, and then left four times. As for the top block, move it right once, down twice, left once, down once, and left five times to solve. Open the chest to receive a Book of Suppression, then return to the save point and head north.

    Barona Castle

    • Items:
      • Life Bottle x3
      • Rune Tunic
      • 315 Units of Eleth
    • Discoveries:
      • First Flag

    We have some exploring to do, so purchase a few Holy Bottles here. The hallways are narrow and packed with enemies, so you may end up being frustrated by the increase rate of battles. Head north at the next screen and take the west exit to find three Life Bottles, then go back and go through the southeast room. Go east three screens and then exit through the southwest where you'll find a Rune Tunic. Head west until you reach a save point, then check the tapestry on the north wall for the First Flag Discovery. West again to fight Victoria. As you go left, enter the third door to find 315 Units of Eleth, then head west and north to fight Cedric. Be sure to keep your distance from him when he enters Eleth Break, since not only as his attacks powerful, he can also use a Mystic Arte.

    When you're done, head west and enter the Throne Room once again. Head back to the room everyone's in and they'll join back, as well as Malik, who will gain both the Prisoner of War and Dismissed Captain titles. Go back to the area before the Throne Room and exit to the south to reach Barona. Head to port and travel back to the East Lhant Highroad.

    East Lhant Highroad

    • Items:
      • Bread x3
      • Windor's Military History

    Head into the cabin as you pass by to find three pieces of Bread, then talk to the old man to get the Windor's Military History item. Malik will also acquire the Silver Hunk title. Continue onward to Lhant... except we can't get in through the main entrance. So go down to where we found the Cryas Shards Discovery/Stahn's Carta Card and enter through the Canal.


    Before going into the manor, head up to Cheria's house and examine the star in her front yard for a scene. Check it twice more to see Sophie plant the Night Lily and Canola seeds we've picked up thus far. Head to the manor and enter Hubert's office. Exit and you'll have a boss fight with Asbel, Sophie, and Hubert.

    Boss: Richard

    Just like back when Asbel learned Shockwave Slash, Richard has a barrier up. You'll have to use Lightning Strike to dispel it, so equip it if you don't have it on already and pierce Richard's defenses. He'll periodically restore it as well, so make sure you have the B-Arte on hand. Also be sure to go into the menu and equip something on Hubert if you took his Rune Guard for Asbel back at the beginning of the arc. Richard has a bad habit of casting a spell when you're near him, so feel free to take full advantage and slip some combos in while he begins the incantation. All in all he should go down without too much of a hassle.

    North Lhant Road

    • Items:
      • Watermelon Attachment

    After the scenes, Sophie will receive the One and the Same title. Head south along the road and you'll see a big watermelon sitting directly in the middle. It's the Watermelon Attachment! To equip it, head to Status and scroll through until you get to the Attachments page, then click on the Watermelon to equip it. Silly, isn't it? After you decide whether or not to equip them, head to the meadow at Lhant Hill for a scene and then return to Lhant.


    Head to the manor, and check out the yellow star up on the second floor before you do anything else to overhear a conversation between Hubert and Kerri, then go down and enter Hubert's office for a scene and the Letter to the President key item. Asbel will also receive the Brother's Keeper title. Head back to the square for a group reunion and head out to West Lhant Road. You'll get the Pressed Sopheria along the way.

    West Lhant Road

    • Items:
      • Scale
      • Peach Gel x2
      • 1600 Gald

    Open the chest by the Gel Seed tree for a Scale, then head west for both a scene and a fight. Afterwards, Pascal and Cheria will receive the Adolescent Girl and An Old Friend, Returned titles, respectively. Check the chest over by the tree for two Peach Gels, the chest underneath the cliff on the beach for 1600 Gald, and then return to Lhant once again.


    • Items:
      • Anonymous Letter
      • Seashell

    Check the room across from Hubert's office in the manor for a scene and a Good-Luck Charm, then head out. Head back to the tree in the meadow of Lhant Hill to get the Anonymous Letter key item, and as a result Cheria will receive the Sympathetic Soul title. Now exit out West Lhant Road and head to port via the path to the left of the beach that was previously blocked off. You can grab a Seashell from a chest along the way.

    West Lhant Port

    • Items:
      • Rice x2
      • Egg x2

    As per usual, enter the house and loot the cabinets for two bowls of Rice and two Eggs. Nothing else to do here, so hop onboard and set sail.

    Oul Raye

    • Items:
      • Turtlez Tot's Note
      • Rice x3
      • Magic Carta No. 32 (Suzu Fujibayashi)
      • Amaryllis Seeds
      • Onion x3
      • Book of Sustenance
      • Truth Salt
      • Magic Carta No. 44 (Guy Cecil)
    • Discoveries:
      • Stone of Truth

    Upon entering, Malik will receive the Erudite Fellow title. Speak with the nearby Turtlez Tot and he'll give you his Turtlez Tot's Note. Enter the port cottage right at the top of the steps and open the chest to find three bowls of Rice. Exit and as you see the Turtlez you should also see another chest right behind him; open it for the Suzu Fujibayashi Carta Card. When you reach the top of this short hill, you should see a shining spot next to the rocks, so check it out and you'll find some Amaryllis Seeds that you can plant back in Lhant. Speak with the middle-aged man catching some shade underneath the tarp and he'll give you three Onions. Head down the short set of stairs to the left and check right above them for another password chest. Its password is "turtlez", and you'll receive the Book of Sustenance. Now head down these steps and check out the bluish white stone on the pillar for the Stone of Truth Discovery, as well as some Truth Salt. Leave town.

    Note that if you get enough stamps in the shops here (Rank 7), the shop will sell you the Guy Cecil Carta Card.

    Strahta Craglands

    Before doing anything, go south a bit and then east to the Uncharted Sandstretch.

    Uncharted Sandstretch

    • Items:
      • Magic Carta No. 20 (Raven)
      • Mastery Tonic C
      • 5100 Gald
      • Arcane Bottle

    Avoid all enemy encounters here, as even on Easy you'll be destroyed in a matter of seconds. Check the shining spots as you walk through to find the Raven Carta Card. While you're looking for it you'll probably get a number of good items since you're not supposed to be here yet in the game. The path is incredibly linear, so just head down and then east as far as you can, picking up a Mastery Tonic C, 5100 Gald, and an Arcane Bottle along the way. We'll see some more ruins, but the party will decide now's not the time to investigate, so head back.

    Strahta Craglands

    • Items:
      • Magic Carta No. 08 (Karyl Sheeden)
      • 1440 Gald
      • Strahtan Cactus x2
      • Pretty Scarf
      • Book of Rare Creatures
      • Soaring Crystal
      • Titanium Anklet
    • Discoveries:
      • Strahtan Cacti

    Now then, head west. I'm sure you know the drill by now - check the shining spots and you can find the Karyl Sheeden Carta Card. Head south a bit as you go west to find a chest containing 1440 Gald, then continue. You'll notice that despite the monsters there are people out and about, so head up to the group of cacti by a few of them to add the Strahtan Cacti to your Discovery Book and receive two Strahtan Cactus. Yes it's grammatically incorrect, but we're going by item names! Head south of the cacti to find a treasure chest containing a Pretty Scarf. Speak with the man who has a smiley face above his head to receive a Book of Rare Creatures, then stick to the south wall as continue on west to find two chests containing a Soaring Crystal and a Titanium Anklet.

    Sable Izolle

    • Items:
      • Gerbera Seeds
      • Book of Restraint
      • Magic Carta No. 33 (Chester Burklight)
      • Magic Carta No. 16 (Yuri Lowell)
      • Magic Carta No. 19 (Rita Mordio)
      • Torn Page
      • Book of Cuisine
      • Blue Cryas
      • Magic Carta No. 45 (Tear Grants)
    • Discoveries:
      • Daunting Book
      • Somnosphere

    You probably hate zoning for all those Carta Cards, don't you? Well now we can finally put them to good use! Speak with the man who has a smiley face over his head to play the Magic Carta minigame. Basically, the quote on each card will be read and you have to pick the corresponding character to get points and win. Naturally this is easier if you're a veteran of the series, but if you're a newcomer you could right down the character's first name, as well as the first few words of their quote since that'll be enough to match them. Anyway, if you win solo without Carter getting any of the cards, Asbel will receive the Dark Enforcer title, which will grant him the Yuri Lowell costume.


    If you equip a title that has a costume on it and level it up to Rank 3, you can go in the Status screen and select that costume to wear permanently, even with other titles equipped.

    We can come back later on when we have more Carta Cards to get another two costumes, but for now let's continue on. Go up and around behind the item shop and check the shining spot in the top right for some Gerbera Seeds, then cross the bridge and open the chest to the north for a password chest. Enter "rockgagong" to get the Book of Restraint. Head up for a scene, then take the left path down, cross the bridge, and go east as you come out to the open area to go around the house and find a chest containing the Chester Burklight Carta Card. Back up to where we saw the scene, speak to the little boy to the right of the save point and he'll give you his Yuri Lowell and Rita Mordio Carta Cards. Check the blue book in between the pillar behind the save point and the boy we just received some cards from to find the Daunting Book Discovery, as well as a Torn Page. Even if you don't have the Carta Cards from shops, you should now have enough to play Magic Carta on Normal. Win this without Carter getting any cards and Sophie will get the Great Pirate title which will grant her the Patty Fleur costume. You'll also receive the Book of Cuisine. If you have enough Carta cards by all means play the hardest difficulty and win the last title, but otherwise you should have twenty altogether. When we get five more, we'll come back. Head up into the research tower.

    Within the tower, check the gold star that's right in your face as you walk in for a short scene, after which you'll get some Blue Cyras, and Pascal will receive the Water Summoner title. See the stocky man standing in front a tube that has a spiralling green tornado in it? Check the tube to add the Somnosphere to your Discovery Book, then exit. Head down the bridge back where we found Chester's card, only this time cross yet another bridge and exit out on the field.

    Note that if you get enough stamps in the shops here (Rank 10), the shop will sell you the Tear Grants Carta Card.

    Strahta Desert (East)

    • Items:
      • Magic Carta No. 9 (Bruiser Khang)
      • Cheese x3
      • Spice Set x2
      • Eleth Bottle C

    Check the shining spots for the Bruiser Khang Carta Card, then enter the cottage and check the chest for three pieces of Cheese. Back outside, head north until you find a chest with two Spice Sets, then go back south to the cottage and take the west path. Check the chest behind the cacti for an Eleth Bottle C, then save your game and continue.

    Inside the Rockgagong

    • Items:
      • Life Bottle x2
      • Fangtear Crystal
      • Rockgagong Flute
      • Book of Preemption
      • Blue Ribbon x3
      • Peach Gel x3
      • 405 Units of Eleth
    • Discoveries:
      • Golden Smile
      • Enormous Egg

    Make sure you avoid stepping in the purple stomach acid, as you'll lose HP when you do. Head north past the save point and jump across the rocks, then go north again for a little scene. A Viscera Parasite will appear, so take it out. After the battle, jump across the rocks to the east and open the treasure chest for two Life Bottles, then go around the back for another chest containing a Fangtear Crystal. Enter the house and check the left side to get the Rockgagong Flute in the shape of an ocarina, and we'll also learn how we can save the Rockgagong. A Turtlez will appear out of nowhere, and while he sells his usual wares he'll also let you rest for free. Use this as a way to grind titles if you desire.

    Head around the left side of the house and jump across. Walk west into the acid and jump across three times to find a chest with the Book of Preemption, then go back to where we were. Head all the way north and jump across to fight another Viscera Parasite. After the battle jump back, then go south a tiny bit and east to jump again twice to the east. Head south and jump three times, head south across the acid for a Blue Ribbon, and then jump east to find a treasure chest with three Peach Gels. Jump back once to the island with the turtle and check the lower left part to find another set of rocks you can jump across. Open the chest for 405 Units of Eleth and walk a bit to the left to fight a third Viscera Parasite. Return to the house.

    Head south of the house a bit and then jump to the left twice to find the Golden Smile Discovery. Then go back to the house, up around the left and up and over to the far right. Go south and east a little bit and jump twice to fight, yet again, a Viscera Parasite. Back twice, take the northeastern rocks over to find the Enormous Egg Discovery and walk a bit to the left to fight the fifth and final Viscera Parasite. Save your game and head across the now-raised rocks to its left, defeat the queen parasite and let's get out of here. Pascal is amazing.

    Strahta Desert (East)

    • Items:
      • Rockgagong Fur
      • Veggie Set x2
      • Syrup Bottle x2
      • 1080 Gald
      • Banana x3
      • Blazing Crystal
    • Discoveries:
      • Desert Bananas

    Freedom! Save your game, but before we continue westward open up the Artes menu and check everyone's A-Arte properties by pushing square and reading the details. If you have one that says "Chance of Stealing Item", switch that character into the first party slot and head back north to the cliff. We're going to challenge the Rockgagong. Now obviously we're nowhere near powerful enough to defeat it, but we're going to steal an item from it. Head up and continuously use whichever A-Arte has stealing properties until you have stolen some Rockgagong Fur (it'll pop up on the screen above the character portraits), then get the heck out of there. Return to the save point and keep going west.

    Go south in the new open area to find a chest holding two Veggie Sets, then north for two Syrup Bottles. Go west from here to find 1080 Gald, then down and west until you run into a person. Check the tree next to him for the Desert Bananas Discovery, (as well as three Bananas), then the chest on his other side for a Blazing Crystal. Continue on to the next save point and enter Yu Liberte.

    Yu Liberte

    • Items:
      • Magic Carta No. 34 (Lloyd Irving)
      • Cheese x6
      • Onion x3
      • Lassamble Seeds
      • Water Goggles Attachment
      • Ba'ul Plushie
      • Book of Restriction
      • Magic Carta No. 46 (Anise Tatlin)
    • Discoveries:
      • No-Sweat Snowman
      • Great Fountain

    Head up north until you reach the square. Go up to the equipment and item shops (upgrading your characters if you wish) and you'll notice stairs between them with a gated off entrance. Go to the north of the left arch and you can head left around the back to find a chest containing the Lloyd Irving Carta Card. Now go west and enter the inn. Check out the snowman statue in left fountain here on the main floor to get the No-Sweat Snowman Discovery. Exit and go back to the fountain in the square, then head north.

    Here in the residential district, head west until you see a few houses, then enter the White Wine Estate. Check the drawer directly above you as you walk in for three pieces of Cheese, then leave. Enter the Red Wine Estate right next to it and do the same here for three Onions. If you speak with the girl by the stairs, you'll also receive three more pieces of Cheese. Back outside, go all the way to the right and check the bushes around Oswell Manor for some Lassamble Seeds, then enter the manor and check the table to find the Water Goggles Attachment. Return to the main area and head north once again to reach the next district. Go all the way right and at the next screen take the southeastern stairs down to find a chest holding a Ba'ul Plushie. Now head back and go north up to the Presidential Palace, making sure to check the Great Fountain Discovery as you pass underneath it.

    Speak with the guard and after a short scene with the president you can check the password chest behind his desk to find the Book of Restriction. The password is "duplemar". Enter the Oswell Manor before you do anything else for an optional scene, then walk through the middle fountain and listen to the people. Go south to the next screen and take the left path around the fountain to see another short conversation, then head back to the palace and along the way you'll overhear one final chat. Naturally we'll be following what they say, so go west from here for a scene. Back at the inn Pascal will receive the Born Scribbler title, then head to the palace and speak with the president to get an ID Card and leave through the west gate to search for the valkines cryas.

    Note that if you get enough stamps in the shops here (Rank 9), the shop will sell you the Anise Tatlin Carta Card.

    Strahta Desert (West)

    • Items:
      • Magic Carta No. 10 (Lilith Aileron)
      • 1151 Gald
      • Silver Scabbard
      • Orange Ribbon
      • Bluster Crystal
      • Stone Charm
      • Upper Quarry Stone
      • Core Fragment
    • Discoveries:
      • Sand People

    You can find the Lilith Aileron Carta Card around the shining spots in this area. If you stick to the west wall you can find a chest containing 1151 Gald and another one below it just a bit that has a Silver Scabbard. As you come across the Turtlez, check the red standing statues for the Sand People Discovery. Walk straight down the middle after the save point and you'll come across an Orange Ribbon in a chest by some bones. When the path splits, go around the east side to find a Bluster Crystal, then head north at the next split for a Stone Charm. Hug the west wall once again and you'll see yet another chest that has an Upper Quarry Stone inside. Stick south to fine a Core Fragment, then continue to the Strahta Desert Ruins.