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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shinarouji

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    Table of Contents

    1. I. About This Guide
      1. General
      2. Copyright
      3. Contact Information
    2. II. Version History
      1. Latest and Greatest
      2. Past Updates
    3. III. Game Introduction
      1. Story Synopsis
      2. Character Profiles
      3. Character Analysis
      4. Party Suggestions
    4. IV. Gameplay
      1. Controls
      2. Battle System
      3. Strategy
      4. Titles
      5. Eleth Gauge
      6. Inn Requests
      7. Dualize
    5. V. Childhood Arc Walkthrough
      1. Lhant Hill
      2. Lhant
      3. West Lhant Road
      4. Return to Lhant
      5. Lhant Hill
      6. East Lhant Highroad
      7. Barona
    6. VI. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part I)
      1. Orlen Woods
      2. Barona
      3. Lhant
      4. Seaside Cavern
    7. VII. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part II)
      1. Barona Catacombs
      2. Wallbridge Ruins
      3. Gralesyde
      4. Wallbridge
      5. Barona Catacombs
    8. VIII. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part III)
      1. North Lhant Road
      2. Oul Raye
      3. Sable Izolle
      4. Inside the Rockgagong
      5. Yu Liberte
      6. Strahta Desert Ruins
    9. IX. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part IV)
      1. Yu Liberte
      2. Warrior's Roost
      3. Velanik
      4. Zavhert
      5. Amarcian Enclave
      6. Fendel Research Lab
      7. Fendel Tower
      8. Fendel Glacier Ruins
    10. X. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part V)
      1. Zavhert
      2. Lhant
      3. Untrodden Snowfield
      4. Snowshroud Ruins
    11. XI. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part VI)
      1. Region 13
      2. Humanoid Research Center
      3. Bathus Citadel
      4. Telos Astue
    12. XII. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part VII)
      1. Lambda's Cocoon
      2. Sidequests
      3. Ghardia Shaft
    13. XIII. Future Arc Walkthrough
      1. Lhant
      2. Gustwork Ruins
      3. Strahta Desert Ruins
      4. Eleth Research Laboratory
      5. Arcadia Garden
      6. Lastalia Shaft
      7. Fodra's Core
      8. Role-Playing Dolls
      9. Grade Shop
    14. XIV. Sidequests
    15. XV. Library
      1. Consumables
      2. Dishes
      3. Materials
      4. Weapons
      5. Armor
      6. Unique Equipment
      7. Gems
      8. Valuables
      9. Dualize Book
      10. Discovery Book
      11. Enemy Book
    16. XVI. Titles
      1. Asbel
      2. Sophie
      3. Hubert
      4. Cheria
      5. Malik
      6. Pascal
      7. Richard
      8. Skill Terms
    17. XVII. Shops
      1. Lhant
      2. Barona
      3. Gralesyde
      4. Oul Raye
      5. Sable Izolle
      6. Yu Liberte
      7. Velanik
      8. Zavhert
      9. Amarcian Enclave
      10. Telos Astue
      11. Turtlez Shop
      12. Katz Korner
    18. XVIII. Frequently Asked Questions
    19. XIX. Credits

    VIII. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part III) (Continued)

    Strahta Desert Ruins

    • Items:
      • Red Scarf
      • Freeze Charm
      • Possessed Crystal
      • Torchflame
      • Battle Tunic
      • 4680 Gald
      • Book of Duplication
      • 435 Units of Eleth
    • Discoveries:
      • Ancient Embers
      • Duplemar

    Nowhere to go but east if we want to advance, so head on over and let's tackle the colored puzzle. The trick is to step on each color you want to be raised, but if you raise certain ones their complimentary color will rise as well. So step on the yellow and blue blocks to raise each of their respective blocks in the puzzle, and then the green one will raise as well. Cross over and down the stairs, picking up a Red Scarf along the way. Open the treasure chest to the right of the one with the Red Scarf for a Freeze Charm, then go down the right set of stairs here and come back up the left ones to find a Possessed Crystal. Keep going down until we reach another color puzzle. Step on the yellow one first, then the blue in the middle, then go back and step on the read one at the start. Add the Ancient Embers you pass by to the Discovery Book and you'll receive a Torchflame. For the next color puzzle, go red, blue, and yellow for a Battle Tunic, then walk up the stairs to the left. Go north and at this puzzle, the answers are red, blue, and yellow. Open the chest here for 4680 Gald, then save your game and go north for the next boss.

    Boss: Dispater

    They both have Nova barriers up, so dispel them whenever they're active. You'll probably want to leave Pascal out of this as her low HP will likely become a huge liability. You want to take out one of them as quickly as possible, so consider switching two ally strategies to "Leader's Target" and the last one on "Other Targets" to maximize the damage you deal to one while still keeping the other busy. Once one goes down, the other will quickly follow.

    Sophie will receive the Independent Thinker title afterwards. Walk up to the cryas for the Duplemar Discovery, then begin to backtrack out. As soon as you reach the shade, head west and you'll be able to find two more treasure chests containing the Book of Duplication and 435 Units of Eleth. Get back to the exit and either speak with the Turtlez to fast travel back to Yu Liberte, or walk back yourself.

    Yu Liberte

    • Items:
      • Polishing Tools
      • Cherished Locket

    Return to the president's room in the palace for Hubert to join the party and receive the Dutiful Brother title. Go to the left side of the Residential District and speak with the maid for a scene. Then go south to the Commercial District and check out the woman on the left. You now have two sidequests, so let's go get them done. Exit south to Strahta Desert (East) and search for a monster with a smiley face above it; it stays stationary so it shouldn't be hard to find. Defeat the group of Filifolia Saguaro and you'll get Marian's Polishing Tools. Now head back to Strahta Desert (West) and check the gold star floating just a bit before the Strahta Ruins to fine Moira's Cherished Locket. Return to town and head right all the way out through the north gate.

    Strahta Desert (North)

    • Items:
      • Magic Carta No. 11 (Dymlos Timber)
      • 2080 Gald
      • Truth Salt
      • Moon Anklet
      • Silver Frames
    • Discoveries:
      • Dried-Up Well

    Check the shining spots around for the Dymlos Timber Carta Card. Stick to the left wall to find a treasure chest in between some cacti that contains 2080 Gald. Investigate the Dried-Up Well to add it to your Discovery Book, as well as receive some Truth Salt. Then check the chest beside it for a Moon Anklet. You can get a skit at the well to fight Hubert, and if you win he'll receive the Restorer of Pride title. Continue along the south wall as you head east to find some Silver Frames, then enter the port.

    North Yu Liberte Port

    • Items:
      • White Wine

    Go inside the Port Cottage for some White Wine. If you take the Turtlez Transport back to Yu Liberte you can enter Oswell Manor for another scene. Then, return and take the ship.

    Warrior's Roost

    • Items:
      • Daphne Seeds
      • Red Wine
      • Magic Carta No. 35 (Colette Brunel)
      • Nature's Scarf
      • Book of Metabolism
    • Discoveries:
      • Annals of Victory

    After a scene, you'll get the Spy's Letter key item. There's a shining spot directly to your right, so investigate and you'll find some Daphne Seeds, then check the chest beside it to get some Red Wine. Check the right flame for the Annals of Victory Discovery, then go left to the inn and open the chest to find the Colette Brunel Carta Card.


    Even if you haven't gotten the Carta Cards from shops yet, you should now have 25 from chests and shining spots. This is enough to play the Magic Carta minigame on its highest difficulty, so if you wish take the ship back to North Yu Liberte port, Turtlez Transport twice back to Sable Izolle and perfect the game on hard. Not only will Pascal get a Nature's Scarf (as well as receive the Carta Shark title), but Cheria will receive the Magical Bee title, which grants her the Rita Mordio costume. Most people have quite a bit of trouble with this due to the AI often picking cards after only a word or two of the quote has been said, so you can "cheat" by taking a picture of the cards as soon as they pop up, pausing the game when the quote appears so you can read it and then match the two together before unpausing the game and selecting the correct card. Carter won't know what hit him.

    Back at Warrior's Roost, head north up the stairs and you'll see a password chest over on the right. Enter "riot peak" to get the Book of Metabolism. Speak with the receptionist and and fight five battles to continue on. After the set of fights, Hubert will receive the The Youngest Lieutenant title. You can now fight in the arena if you so choose, but we'll be continuing on for now. Speak with the Spy down by the ships.

    South Velanik Port

    • Items:
      • Crab x2

    Enter the house here and open the chest for two Crabs, then leave.

    Fendel Borderlands

    • Items:
      • Magic Carta No. 12 (Atwight Eks)
      • Fancy Fur
      • Peach x3
      • Anonymous Seed
      • Seascale Crystal
      • Green Ribbon
      • 2520 Gald
    • Discoveries:
      • Peach Tree

    Grab the Fancy Fur as you head east, then get three Peaches as you investigate the Peach Tree Discovery up above as you continue walking. While in battle here, you'll notice there's an enemy named "Strahteme"; continue fighting them in this area until they drop five Strahteme Horns. And, as per usual, you can find the Atwight Eks Carta Card from shining spots here. Continue heading east when the path splits to find a chest containing an Anonymous Seed, and then another holding a Seascale Crystal. Head back and go north now, as if you continue on this path you'll just run into a Turtlez who will send you back to Windor for 1000 Gald. As you head north, you'll see a treasure chest to the left side that'll have a Green Ribbon inside. As you approach town, stick to the left side of the screen and head south onto the snowy path to come across a chest holding 2520 Gald. There's nothing else noteworthy here, so double check to make sure you have five Strahteme Horns and enter Velanik.


    • Items:
      • Magic Carta No. 36 (Genis Sage)
      • Veggie Set
      • Best Princess Stories
      • Book of Deduction
      • Niferum Seeds
      • Kaigar's Script
      • Bush Baby Plushie
      • Spoon
      • Magic Carta No. 47 (Jade Curtiss)
    • Discoveries:
      • Kaigar's Script

    Go up and check behind the small child to find the Genis Sage Carta Card. Head west and enter the residence here, then check the dresser on the left side for a Veggie Set. Exit and head up to the inn and rest for a quick scene. Now go over to the right and head up the stage. Go to the back and we'll be able to find a bunch of items, including another Best Princess Stories key item, a password chest holding a Book of Deduction with the password "strahteme", some Niferum Seeds, and the Kaigar's Script Discovery which will grant us Kaigar's Script. Leave the inn and enter the residence to its southeast. Open the chest for a Bush Baby Plushie, then head out the right door. You can check the southeastern chest for a Spoon, but you'll have to pay the kid 1000 Gald, but do so as he'll be hiding behind the well up north afterwards. Speak to him and get your glad back. As you reenter the house, you'll see the kid is inside with a smiley face over his head. Turns out he needs money to send his mother to a doctor, and that's why he charged you when you got the spoon. If you give him glad in increments of 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, and 6400, he'll have enough money for the doctor to check his mother and Cheria will receive the Good Samaritan title. Worth it? Up to you.

    That's all for here right now, so go straight south of the inn/residence and head east for a scene. You'll give the five Strahteme Horns you fought for to the kids so they can heat their inn. Feels good, doesn't it? Cheria will receive the Kind-Hearted title, and you can head back to the inn for a scene. Exit and head up west of the inn to enter the Fendel Mountain Pass.

    Note that if you get enough stamps in the shops here (Rank 6), the shop will sell you the Jade Curtiss Carta Card.

    Fendel Mountain Pass

    • Items:
      • Magic Carta No. 13 (Igtenos Minarde)
      • Platinum Tunic
      • Dark Bottle x2
      • Suspicious Powder x2
      • Syrup Bottle x2
      • Leafy Balm
      • 3240 Gald
      • Grape Gel x2
    • Discoveries:
      • Frozen Tree

    Walk along the path until the path splits, then take its right for both a Platinum Tunic and two Dark Bottles. Head north and enter the cottage to find two Suspicious Powders. As you exit, check along the shining spots and you can find the Igtenos Minarde Carta Card. As you walk up the west hill, go south first and open the two chests for two Syrup Bottles and a Leafy Balm. Return and go north, checking out the tree along the way to find the Frozen Tree Discovery and behind it for a chest that has 3240 Gald inside. Continue along the path and head right before you go up to see a treasure chest by the crack in the wall that shows the outside; open it for two Grape Gels, then exit the dungeon.

    Fendel Highlands

    • Items:
      • Magic Carta No. 14 (Pierre de Chaltier)
      • Weak Charm
      • Gold Scabbard
      • Cabbage x3
      • 2880 Gald
    • Discoveries:
      • Cabbages

    Speak with the man with the smiley face over his head to learn that he wants some Rockgagong Fur. Thankfully we already have some, so we can do the Inn Request in Zahvert automatically. Anyway head down the path, picking up a Weak Charm and a Gold Scabbard as you go, bearing in mind that you can also find the Pierre de Chaltier Carta Card from the usual shining spots. When the path forks, go north for three Cabbages and the Cabbages Discovery, then back down and west to continue. If you stick to the north as you walk, you'll come across another chest that has 2880 Gald inside. That's all, so keep going to reach the port.

    Port to Zavhert

    Go up for a scene and then board the ship to Zavhert.

    Zavhert Port

    • Items:
      • Grape Gel x3
      • Mastery Tonic C
      • Mastery Tonic EX
      • Pie Sheet x3

    Sophie will receive the Prone to Worry title upon entering. Speak with the man here before the stairs to get rewards based on how many Carta Cards you've collected, bearing in mind that you need fifty to get them all and you can come back at any time. We should at least be able to pick up three Grape Gels, a Mastery Tonic C, and a Mastery Tonic EX. Up the stairs and into the house for three Pie Sheets, then exit and go west to reach Zahvert.


    • Items:
      • Magic Carta No. 37 (Raine Sage)
      • Crab x2
      • Best Princess Stories
      • Bloody Rose Seeds
      • Rice x2
      • Book of Finesse
      • Katz Plushie
      • Magic Carta No. 48 (Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear)
    • Discoveries:
      • Bottomless Pipe
      • Doll-Within-A-Doll

    After two quick scenes and the Old Military Credentials key item, you'll see that the town is divided into west and northern sections. We'll tackle the west first, so go in the house here to find a sickly young girl. She wants all of the possible plushies we can collect, but we don't quite have all of them yet. You can choose to ignore her for now since you won't actually get a reward until you hand them all over, or give her the current ones. Either way exit and go west, checking the chest at the top of the short staircase for the Raine Sage Carta Card. Take a look at the pipes above the man standing as you go up the next set of stairs for the Bottomless Pipe Discovery. Enter the next house here and examine the chest as soon as you walk in for two Crabs, then check out the table at the back and add the Doll-Within-A-Doll to your Discovery Book. Back outside, speak with the man who has a scribbly icon above his head by the stairs, then go up them and enter yet another residence. Examine the nightstand beside the bed on the upper floor for another Best Princess Stories book, then leave and head east until you reach the northern area.

    Enter the inn here and go up into the right room. Check the shining spot for some Bloody Rose Seeds, as well as the drawer in between the two beds for two bowls of Rice. If you have 15 pieces of "Trash" (item from random shining spots, you could have this many right now based on looking for the cards) you can examine the trash bin to the left of the innkeeper and deposit them for a scene and Malik's Environmental Minister title. Otherwise we can do it later in the game. Now that we're down here, enter the west room on the first floor to find a locked chest; its password is "ironspike". Open it to find the Book of Finesse, then exit the inn. Go right, head down the stairs and speak with the child standing here to by a Katz Plushie he made for only 10 Gald. Now go up and speak with the scribbly-icon soldier by the weapon shop again for him to dash away. Despite going south, you can see him standing over by the right of the inn... makes you wonder how quick of a runner he is to travel all the way around the city without us noticing! Speak with him one last time for a scene, as well as receive Pascal's Real Amarcian title, then take the western exit.

    Note that if you get enough stamps in the shops here (Rank 10), the shop will sell you the Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear Carta Card.

    Mt. Zavhert

    • Items:
      • Magic Carta No. 15 (Laville Clemente)
      • Life Bottle x2
      • Raw Materials
      • Radish x3
      • 495 Units of Eleth
      • Grape Gel x2
      • Pumpkin
      • Pretty Feather
      • Blue Scarf
      • Gold Frames
      • Fine Wood
      • Formless Crystal
    • Discoveries:
      • Radishes
      • Pumpkins

    You can find the Laville Clemente Carta Card from the shining spots here. As you walk, stick to the south and you'll come across a chest containing two Life Bottles. When you reach the sign, you'll see that we can continue at Mt. Zavhert to the north, or head left to reach the Fendel Research Laboratory. Head west and the south when the path splits to find a chest... only it's a Fake! You'll be thrust into battle with it, but even with its high stats you shouldn't have too much trouble. If you're able to best it, you'll get some Raw Materials and Pascal will receive the "Fire Summoner" title, granting her the ability to learn a third mystic arte. Return to the previous fork and go north this time, stopping at the Radishes to add it to your Discovery Book and get three Radishes and continue west for 495 Units of Eleth in a chest.

    Now go back to the sign and head north. Along the way you can find another chest that's holding two Grape Gels, and then you'll be at yet another split. Check out the green Pumpkins to add them to your Discovery book as well and you'll get one single Pumpkin. Head around the west of them and open the chest for a Pretty Feather, then keep going and stick to the north to find a partly hidden chest containing a Blue Scarf. South a bit and then east to find a save point, then go south until you come across a snowman and head walk past it to find a chest containing a pair of Gold Frames. Continue south and you can find some Fine Wood across from the snowman as well. Return to the save point and go north, then west for 3670 Gald. Return and go east for a scripted battle against a Bladehorn Boar, then open one last chest for a Formless Crystal and leave through the warp.

    Amarcian Enclave

    • Items:
      • Book of Acquisition
      • Drill
      • Magic Carta No. 38 (Sheena Fujibayashi)
      • Milk x3
      • Chocolate x3
      • Rune Shotstaff
      • Battle Shotstaff
      • Platinum Shotstaff
      • Jack-in-the-Pulpit Seeds
      • Research Sample
      • Magic Carta No. 49 (Emil Castagnier)
    • Discoveries:
      • Robo-Pet

    Let's start off by going down the right set of stairs. Enter the left house and you'll be in Fourier's home. Check the red chest on the left and use the password "gauss" to find the Book of Acquisition, then go right up the middle and open the drawer in between the two green stones for a Drill. Leave and enter Pascal's house on the right for a scene, then open the red chest in the same position as Fourier's room for the Sheena Fujibayashi Carta Card. You can also find three bottles of Milk in the same drawer as Fourier's. After that, check the right side of the room for the Robo-Pet Discovery and head on out. Go all the way west now through the shopping area. If you add the Chocolate Fountain to your Discovery Book, you can get three bars of Chocolate. Back down the stairs, speak with the man who has a smiley face over his head and you can play the Shot Cube mini game if you wish to do so.

    The first three practice stages are easy enough that they don't need an explanation. Afterwards, you'll get the Rune Shotstaff. On Stage 4 push the two in front of you to the middle, then go around each side and push the others in. For Stage 5 push the top left one to the right, then both of them down. Go around to the one of the left side and move it to the middle, then push the bottom right and bottom left ones to the center and put all three up. When Stage 6 starts go up to the top and push it town, then fill in the two on each side. Push the one on the left over to the right, hit the bottom one up, and move the two remaining to the left to clear Rank 1 and receive the Battle Shotstaff.

    On Stage 7 push the top right block downwards, the far left block to the right, the top two down, and then put the rest in the middle. For Stage 8, move the leftmost bottom block up, the middle block on the right to the left, then the top right block down and then left (this will fill the middle row in the square). After that move the bottom block up and fill in the final three. As for Stage 9, start off by hitting the bottom right block over to the left. Then hit the top left block to the right and move both of them down. Move the bottom left block up and then hit these two over to the right. Now hit the sole right block left and hit all of the bottom ones up to complete all the available puzzles and earn the Platinum Shotstaff as your final reward, as well as Pascal receiving the Puzzle Cracker title.

    Now head to the entrance of town and go down the middle steps to reach the Overseer's Chamber. After the scene check behind the pillar on the right side to get some Jack-in-the-Pulpit Seeds, then return to the main area. Go ahead and begin to exit, but take note of the man standing by the left pillar (he has a smiley face icon as well). Speak with him and check the gold star in Pascal's room for a Research Sample, then after the scene Cheria will receive the Only Child title. Leave town.

    Note that if you get enough stamps in the shops here (Rank 2), the shop will sell you the Emil Castagnier Carta Card.

    Mt. Zavhert

    Turtlez Transport back to the west gate of Zavhert and leave town. Walk until you reach the sign again, then go west and north to reach the Fendel Research Laboratory.

    Fendel Research Lab

    • Items:
      • Working Gear
      • Grape Gel x3
      • Panacea Bottle x2
      • Star Anklet
      • All-Divide
      • Platinum Scabbard
      • Orange Scarf
      • Holy Bottle x2
      • 525 Units of Eleth
    • Discoveries:
      • Eleth Recharger
      • Profane Creation

    Enter the first door you come across (not the emergency elevator as it isn't working) to find a Working Gear, then enter the second door to be greeted some blocks. Push the available one over and examine the glyph to open the gate. Cross over, take the elevator down and go in the first door here to find three Grape Gels. The second door will contain two Panacea Bottles. To the next screen and go in the room at the end for a second puzzle, albeit it's hardly more difficult then the first. Push the bottom left block that's already on the switch itself up, then move the one that isn't into its position. Do the same as you did on the above floor and take the elevator down once again.

    Open the chest in the first door for a Star Anklet, then check the purple tubes for the Eleth Recharger Discovery. You can then find an All-Divide in the second door. When you reach the split on the next screen go right for a Platinum Scabbard, then return and go south for another block puzzle. Pull the bottom left one that's on the switch to the left twice, move the one outside of the switch to the bottom right, and then push the remaining block in to solve it. Take the elevator to B3. Head north when you reach the fork to come across an Orange Scarf, then return and go east to go down another floor. Enter the door and for this puzzle, start off by pushing the bottom left block up all the way. Then pull the bottom right block down twice to get access to the next piece you should push to the left all the way, and then move the bottom right block left and up thrice. Head east all the way and go in the door to find two Holy Bottles, then take this elevator back up to B3. Enter the door on the right to find the Profane Creation Discovery, then enter the door on the left for 525 Units of Eleth. Go back down to B4, but before taking this next elevator go right to find a Busted Blade outside the room. Ride down to B5 and you'll fight a Veres. After the fight and resulting scene, check the glyph and you can take the emergency elevator all the way back up to the main floor. Exit to the right.

    Mt. Zavhert

    Head east to return to Zavhert. Before entering though, check out the skit by the save point to fight Sophie, just like we did with Hubert back in the desert. If you win, Sophie will receive the Pact Adherent title.


    Head east and check out the guy with the scribbly icon along the way, then go down the stairs and speak with the two people by the in. Now go south and head west as if we were grabbing Raine's Carta Card and you'll see a gold star; investigate and see into Malik's past for a bit, then keep heading west and speak to the woman outside the house. Enter when she's done and you'll run into Fermat, one of Pascals' fellow Amarcians. You'll get a Security Pass so that we can investigate Fendel Tower. First though, return to the inn and go up to the gold star for another quick look at Malik's history, then rest here for one final scene. Exit and go up from the right of the inn to reach Fendel Tower.

    Fendel Tower

    • Items:
      • Peach Gel x3
      • 3500 Gald
      • Hourglass
      • Eleth Bottle C
      • Life Bottle x3
      • Grape Gel x2
      • Common Metal
      • Chamomile
      • Platinum Frames
    • Discoveries:
      • Frozen Nest
      • Treasure Trove

    Malik will receive the Youthful Revolutionary title upon entering. Open the chest on the right before you go in to find three Peach Gels. On the inside, go down the right stairs and head towards the back to take the elevator to 39F, then enter the dark hall on the left side. Ride the various lifts and grab 3500 Gald along the way, making sure to step on the lift to the left of the chest and then walk across the boards so you have access to the lift on the other side. Here on 40F, speak with the two guards by the stairs and then the guard up northwest. Select either choice and then go back and talk to the guards by the stairs again to advance.

    Turn the right dial here and cross over, then open the chest for an Hourglass. Walk over on the boards and ride the panel right, then walk over them again and take the next panel left. Up here turn both the dials, ride the panel over, turn them both back on (right first, then left) and use the panel to return to the other side. Ascend. Take the lift on the right up, turn both dials and walk across, and then turn the the left dial again. Cross via the panel and go up, adding the Frozen Nest to your Discovery Book as you pass. Turn the left and right dials here and you'll be able to pass over the top section and head to the next screen. Here on 42F a man will give you two Apple Gels, a Peach Gel and a Grape Gel to deliver to the soldiers here. Pay close attention to what the people say! The ones asking for a "red one" and a "cheap one" both want Apple Gels, the one who asks for a "sweet one" wants a Peach Gel, and the "expensive one" you hold is the Grape Gel. Afterwards ride the lifts across to the next screen and grab the Eleth Bottle C from the chest before going down twice to find three Life Bottles. Back up one lift and head east to the next screen. Immediately descend for two Grape Gels, then return and go down the lift on the right side of the screen. Here you'll find the Treasure Trove Discovery, as well as receive a Common Metal. Go down and use the save point, then exit to the east.

    Fight the soldiers here and we can continue on to Kurt's Office. After the scene, walk up to the gold star for yet another Malik flashback and check the chest for a Chamomile. Speak with everyone and then go over to the desk for another scene. We'll exit the tower now, but the main elevator is functional again so let's go back in. Take it up to 41F and go through the left entrance here to find the final treasure chest containing Platinum Frames. Return to Zavhert.


    Head back to see Fermat and an amusing scene, exit out to the northeast to reach Glacier Road.

    Glacier Road

    • Items:
      • Magic Carta No. 17 (Estellise Sidos Heurassein / Estelle)
      • Artificial Crystal
      • 2381 Gald

    Check the shining spots around for the Estelle Carta Card. Take the left as you enter for an Artificial Crystal, then continue and check south of the Turtlez to find 2381 Gald. Very short area here as this is all that's to do, so continue on to the ruins.

    Fendel Glacier Ruins

    • Items:
      • Grape Gel x2
      • Syrup Bottle x2
      • Magic for Men
      • Strong Bone
      • Icicle
      • Elemental Ribbon
      • Whirling Seashell
      • Book of Valor
      • Panacea Bottle x3
      • Mastery Tonic C
      • 585 Units of Eleth
      • Platinum Bladerang
    • Discoveries:
      • Rainbow Ice Pillar
      • Forbrannir

    As you enter, loop around and head through the tunnel to enter the ruins. Walk through this screen and check the chest for two Grape Gels, then push the ice block down the hill to the south. Walk down for two Syrup Bottles and cross the broken icicle to find a Magic for Men cologne. Pull the block back up and send it down the other hills to break the ice here and progress to the next screen. Nothing to note for the next two areas, but when you come to the third you'll find more ice. Drag the block up the hill and let it slide down, granting you access to a chest containing a Strong Bone. Sneak a peek at this sparkling blue form of ice for the Rainbow Ice Pillar Discovery, picking up an Icicle automatically. Now head back to the ice block and push it down the south hill, striking two icicles at once. Break the next two, picking up an Elemental Ribbon and a Whirling Seashell along the way, and continue to the next screen. Go down to the west first and find the Book of Valor, then head south normally until you reach the save point.

    Things get a little bit more complicated here. The first thing we'll want to do is push the westernmost ice block into the slot so that he can send the highest one down the hill and strike the large icicle. Now move the first block back to where it was at the start and send it down the west hill to find three Panacea Bottles. Go over to the block that struck down the large icicle and pull it up one hill, then take it east and begin making your way around to the southeast side. Knock down the two icicles for a Mastery Tonic C, then return to the large one and make your way to the next screen, collecting 585 Units of Eleth along the way. Save if you wish and travel to the bottom for a scene.

    Boss: Kurt

    This is fairly reminiscent of the battle with Malik back at Wallbridge, only about ten times worse. To start off, his damage output is nothing short of absolutely ridiculous and you could easily find yourself being killed in two or three hits if you let your guard down for a second. His shotgun attack is particularly nasty, and can one-shot almost everyone in the party. His mystic arte will definitely kill you as well, and he has a nasty habit of calling in recruits like the Slime Queen.

    With most bosses you've been able to just grit your teeth through attacks and set up combos, but if you do this here you'll be destroyed in a matter of seconds. You have to slow down a bit and dodge the majority of his attacks, only striking when its most pertinent. Naturally the AI doesn't exactly comprehend this so you'll be in for a bit of a rough time, and healing spells will be going off almost the entire battle nonstop. If it's any consolation, you can gang up on the little minions as you like. There's an incredible spike between the enemies and him, so don't feel bad if you have to lower the difficulty to beat him; you're not the first to do so, and you certainly won't be the last.

    Check Kurt for the Platinum Bladerang and examine the valkines cryas for the Forbrannir Discovery; if you've been following along this'll be the sixtieth discovery, and Malik will receive the World Seeker title. Speak with everyone to continue, then take the warp out and Turtlez Transport (or walk back) to the Amarcian Enclave.

    Amarcian Enclave

    Go down the middle and see the Overseer for a scene. Afterwards warp out, travel back to Zavhert and go towards the port. Travel to the World's Eye.

    World's Eye

    Upon entering, Asbel and Sophie will receive the Friend to the End and Conflicted at Heart titles, respectively. Save here and go north for a scene and a fight with an old friend.


    Sophie will be unable to participate in battle now. Speak with the old man here before the stairs, and since you have more than 30 Carta Cards he'll give Asbel the Carta Collector title. Go to the inn and rest for a scene, then return to port and set sail for Oul Raye. You'll get the Chancellor's Letter and Pigeon Communicator key items, and Malik will receive the Pensive Sage title.

    Oul Raye

    • Items:
      • Sunken Cargo
      • Investigation Report

    Cheria will receive the Embracer of Truth title. Speak with the man with a smiley face icon over his head and accompany him on the trip, defeating the enemies you encounter to find the Sunken Cargo item and for Asbel to receive the Expert Scrubber title. Now go over to the west side of town and examine the gold star for Hubert to temporarily leave the party and receive the Keeper of Secrets title. You'll also get an Investigation Report. Turtlez Transport to Sable Izolle.

    Sable Izolle

    • Items:
      • Spice Set x3

    Approach the research institute for a scene, then enter and right down the middle elevator. If you didn't return to finish the Carta game earlier, now would be the perfect opportunity to do so. You can speak with the man to Carter's right as well and he'll give you three Spice Sets. Regardless, enter and walk up to the glyph for a scene and then go back to Oul Raye.

    South Velanik Port

    Absolutely nothing to do here besides exit out and head to the southeast. You'll pass through Border Fortress to get to North Lhant Road, and from there continue southeast and enter the north entrance to the Seaside Cavern.

    Seaside Cavern

    Jump in the water to the south here and check the east wall for it to open. After the scene, go back to the main area and exit out north. From North Lhant Road, travel all the way south and enter Lhant.


    • Items:
      • Curry
      • Rice Omelette
      • Grilled Chicken Bowl

    Go to the manor for a scene. Enter Asbel's room, Hubert's former office, and then Asbel's room again. Exit out for some Curry, a Rice Omelette and a Grilled Chicken Bowl (as well as Hubert's Ambivalent Son title), then head right back in and speak with Kerri in her room for a nice family scene. Take the Turtlez Transport all the way to Velanik for free, then go into the tunnel.

    Fendel Mountain Pass

    • Items:
      • Spade
      • Eleth Bottle C

    Go north past the frozen tree and speak with the man here; he's looking for a drill, and thankfully we picked up one from Fourier's room. Scoop will give you his Spade, and if you speak with him again Cheria will receive the Dutiful Daughter title. Head back down to the cottage and take the east path for an Eleth Bottle C and exit out to the snowy road.

    Untrodden Snowfield

    • Items:
      • Magic Carta No. 18 (Karol Capel)
      • Milk x3
      • Rune Anklet
      • Green Scarf
      • Sharp Claw
      • Veggie Set x3
      • Seal Charm
      • 5400 Gald
      • Syrup Bottle x2
      • Hyper Scabbard
      • Pointy Fang
    • Discoveries:
      • Icedrop Flowers

    We can find the Karol Capel card from the shining spots here, our first Carta in quite a while. Go east at the fork to find three bottles of Milk, then go north and west for two chests holding a Rune Anklet and a Green Scarf. When you go east, look to the right of the Turtlez Transport to find a Sharp Claw, then head directly right of the chest to find a long road. Go north when the road splits for three Veggie Sets, a Seal Charm, and 5400 Gald. Continue going north for two Syrup Bottles, then go south and east to find two more items; a Hyper Scabbard and a Pointy Fang. Examine the large block of ice with flowers frozen inside of it for the Icedrop Flowers Discovery, then return to the Turtlez and enter the ruins.

    Snowshroud Ruins

    • Items:
      • Grape Gel x3
      • Tiger's Essence
      • Mythril Tunic
      • Curse Charm
      • Dangerous Liquid
      • Goggles
      • 660 Units of Eleth
      • Earthen Pot
      • Rare Metal
      • Book of Growth
    • Discoveries:
      • Yearning for Home
      • Mechanical Scrapyard

    Enter the first room here and turn on the power, for starters. Up the first set of stairs and go in the door here to find a chest containing three Grape Gels. Now go back and ignore the main door, opting instead to head down the eastern staircase. Examine the mechanism here until it's pointing at the door, then go inside to find the Yearning for Home Discovery. Exit and continue to the next area. Check the chest on the left as soon as you enter for some Tiger's Essence, then you'll notice another arrow-shaped machine. Point it so that it goes up the stairs and go in the room here for a Mythril Tunic, then make it point north and press forward. When you reach the split, head west twice for a Curse Charm, then return and go east to advance. East here to find a Dangerous Liquid, then out the northwestern door and continue until you reach the bright room with stairs. Open the chest here before climbing the second set of stairs for some Goggles, then advance and open the chest for 660 Units of Eleth before deciding which way to go. It doesn't even matter which way you choose since we have to go through both, but push in the middle switch to light up both doors and go east first. An Earthen Pot awaits you in the side room, then keep going until you reach the area with a holographic red sign and point the mechanism towards the door. Back and around to the west side, we can add the Mechanical Scrapyard to our Discovery Book, as well as receive some Rare Metal. Continue on and point this side towards the door, then advance.

    We have ourselves quite a few more in this room, but first check the corner as you walk in for the Book of Growth. For starters, make the bottom left arrow face north, then follow the charge in the ground and make the next one face north as there's nothing but an enemy in the room to the west. Make the following arrow face east and the final arrow face north to light up the left side of the door. Over on the right side, make the bottom two face east as there is something in this door (a Magical Ribbon to be exact), then return and make the southwestern arrow face north. Follow through by making the next two face east and north respectively to light up the right side and open the door. Save and make your way up for a boss.

    Boss: Polycarpus

    Compared to Kurt this thing is a breeze, but that's still no reason to let your guard down. It has fairly high offense and even higher defense coupled with a swift charging attack, so this battle will end up being lengthy rather than difficult. It's weak to paralysis, so use this to your advantage to score easy hits and set up long combos. Most of its attacks are single target as well, so even without Sophie's healing the fight shouldn't be too difficult.

    Save your game and take the warp out. There will be a quick fight with three of the tainted monsters from World's Eye, but they should fall quickly. Turtlez Transport to North Lhant Road and go back to the shuttle in the Seaside Cavern. After the scenes, return to the shuttle for one more. Return to the main area and go north for a battle, then once again head for the shuttle.

    Region 13

    • Items:
      • Magic Carta No. 21 (Judith)
      • Minced Meat x2
      • Magical Scarf
      • 5278 Gald
      • Tofu x2
      • Secret Seed
      • Finest Fur
      • Holy Bottle x3
    • Discoveries:
      • Secret Fort

    Pascal will receive the Reverent Sister title upon entering Region 13. From here you can check the shining spots around for the Judith Carta Card, but from where you begin start by checking the chest for two pieces of Minced Meat. Head south of the shuttle first, picking up a Magical Scarf right before the fork. Go north when you reach it for 5278 Gald, then walk back down the hill and go east. Here you'll find two pieces of Tofu in the chest, and the Secret Fort Discovery right beside it. Back to the shuttle and head west. Pick up a Secret Seed from the chest along the way, then go north at the intersection to find the Finest Fur. Back up and go west this time, grabbing three Holy Bottles along the way to the warp.

    Telos Astue

    • Items:
      • Natto
      • Nameless Flower Seeds
      • Book of Enthusiasm
      • Magic Carta No. 39 (Kratos Aurion)
      • Magic Carta No. 50 (Marta Lualdi)
    • Discoveries:
      • Tempus Aeturnum
      • Giant Tub
      • Emerald Hope

    To start off, examine the vending machine northwest of the save point and sleep for a scene with Fourier and Poisson. Back to the save point, go up the stairs and check out the massive floating device in the middle for the Tempus Aeturnum Discovery. Now enter the storehouse on the right side of the screen and add the Giant Tub to your Discovery Book, as well as receive some Natto. Go all the way south and go up to the warp on the left or right sides of the area, then ride the elevator up to 2F. Enter the Records Room all the way up north for the Emerald Hope Discovery, then return to the elevator and go down to B1. Walk up to the main house, making sure to grab the Nameless Flower Seeds from the shining spot after the first staircase, and take the warp up to Shuttle Bay. Since our shuttle is currently incapacitated, there's nothing to do but open the password chest with "ephinea" to find the Book of Enthusiasm. Return to the main area and enter the Living Quarters on the left to continue. After the scene, check the chest to the right of Emeraude's pod to find the Kratos Aurion Carta Card, then return to the elevator. If you take it up to 2F again you can speak to the humanoid and buy everyone's Eleth Mod titles, but the prices escalate to outrageous numbers so you're better off coming back for them later. We're done here, so take the warp out back to Region 13.

    Note that if you get enough stamps in the shop here (Rank 5), the shop will sell you the Marta Lualdi Carta Card.

    Region 13

    Walk along the path until you reach the fork, but instead of going east to the shuttle head north and you'll be able to warp to the Humanoid Research Center.

    Humanoid Research Center

    • Items:
      • Drive Unit
      • Grape Gel x2
      • Book of Exchanging
      • Eleth Bottle C
      • Rare Scabbard
      • All-Divide
      • Elegant Feather
      • Golden Bough
      • 705 Units of Eleth
      • Tarlow-X
      • Misty Anklet
    • Discoveries:
      • Old Toy Blocks

    Follow the path until you reach the warp, then check the device and warp back to advance. There are four batteries in the two rooms here, so pick one up and place it in the machine over on the far right. After that go back and grab a second, then take the elevator to B1 South. Enter the room here and examine the gold star for a Drive Unit as well as Hubert's Lover of Lhant title, then open the chest for two Grape Gels. On the next screen, go south at the intersection and enter the room to find the Book of Exchanging, then return and go east. After you warp up, open the treasure chest directly to your left for an Eleth Bottle C and examine the control panel on the right to open the door below. Deposit your second battery here, then take the elevator up to 1F and grab a third. Head down to B2 South.

    The room you come across will have a chest holding a Rare Scabbard, so be sure to pick it up. Go south when you reach the save point for an All-Divide, then return and enter the east room for a few scenes. Asbel will receive the Host to the Light title when all is said and done, but before you move on check the blocks on the floor at the top right of the screen for the Old Toy Blocks Discovery. Exit to the right, then go north and enter the room for an Elegant Feather. Return and go into the south room here for a Golden Bough, then place the battery, get the final one from 1F and ride down to B3 South (you'll have to go back to B2 first). The room here has 705 Units of Eleth that you can stock up with should you need to do so, then go south and all the way east at the intersection. The room in here has the Tarlow-X Discovery, meanwhile the room on the way back will have a chest holding a Misty Anklet. Now go north and warp up to the control panel, head through the door and place your final battery in the slot. Down to B4 South we go. Save and enter the room here for a scene. Investigate each party member for a quick sequence, then get ready to fight.

    Boss: Lambda

    As usual, he can set up a Nova barrier. He's also weak to A-Artes which is a surprising abnormality for a boss this late in the game, so take advantage of this. His attacks sweep through your party but oddly enough they don't do very much damage, so you shouldn't have many issues.

    Afterwards, ride the elevator back up to B2 and go back to the laboratory room that had the toy blocks discovery in it. Sophie will receive the Pact Maker title and finally rejoin your party after the scene here. When you're ready, return to the elevator and ride it up to 1F, exiting this dungeon.

    Region 13

    Up to the shuttle we go, then take the road south. Go up the hill when the path splits and continue on to reach Region 66.

    Region 66

    • Items:
      • Magic Carta No. 28 (Cress Albane)
      • Life Bottle x2
      • Ancient Cloth
      • Elixir
      • Rice x2
      • Lump of Clay
      • Amazing Bone
      • Natto x2
      • Emperor's Claw
      • Broken Brooch
      • 4680 Gald
    • Discoveries:
      • Unsettling Garden

    You can find the Cress Albane Carta Card by checking the shining spots here. Walk along the path until you reach an intersection, then go north for two chests containing two Life Bottles and an Ancient Cloth. Go to the south now (picking up an Elixir along the way), then go all the way east for two bowls of Rice and if you add the Unsettling Garden to your Discovery Book, you'll get a Lump of Clay. Ignore the first northern path as you return to the west and instead opt to go up the second one, exploring the two resulting paths for an Amazing Bone and two Nattos on one side and an Emperor's Claw on the other. Now head up the middle and final hill, examining the gold star along the way for a Broken Brooch and Sophie's Stirred from Detachment title. Open the final chest here for 4680 Gald before taking the warp to Bathus Citadel.

    Bathus Citadel

    • Items:
      • Monocle
      • Hourglass
      • Decaying Sword
      • Mastery Tonic C
      • Book of Fortune
      • Panacea Bottle x3
      • Strange Gear
      • Debonaire Dandy
      • 4400 Gald
      • 750 Units of Eleth
      • Amarcian Key
    • Discoveries:
      • Military Insignia
      • Amarcian Key

    Get ready for some more block puzzles! Open the chest as you enter the second room for a Monocle, then move the upper block right once and the lower block right twice. Go through the door and past the next two screens to reach 2F. At the second set of blocks, all you have to do is go to the top one and move it to the front to advance. Pass through the bottom door for a chest containing an Hourglass, then take the top door to the next two screens. On 3F, go south and continue on 4F until you find a Decaying Sword, then go back up to 3F and head east into the room for a Mastery Tonic C. Move the block here twice to the left, then take the makeshift lift up to reach another puzzle. Push the red block to the right, the yellow block beside it to the right as well, and then push the top block on the left to the front. Go through the door and add the Military Insignia to your Discovery Book, then head back and go through the north door.

    Check the chest here for the Book of Fortune. Move the yellow blocks left twice and the green blocks right thrice to open up a door above. Go to the right side of the screen and open the treasure chest for three Panacea Bottles, then exit to the south. Look familiar? Ascend via the lift to your right and head into the now open door, grabbing a Strange Gear as you enter. First of all, go through the right exit and go all the way up until you find a chest with some Debonaire Dandy cologne inside. Return to the green blocks and move them left three times and cross the bridge to your left to get to the next screen. Open the chest here for 4400 Gald, then push the green blocks to the left three times and take the lift up. Move the yellow blocks here back so you can access the two doors on the left side, then go north. Open the chest here for 750 Units of Eleth, then examine the chest on the pillar for the Amarcian Key Discovery. When you do so you'll receive the Amarcian Key, which can be used to open the ruins back in the Strahta Desert where we found Raven's Carta Card. We'll get back to that later. Anyway, move the bottom set of blocks to the right and the top set to the left; you'll know you did it right when they blacken. Return to the south and take the green bridge we made over to the door on the right side, then save your game and head up for a scene and a fight. Afterwards you'll receive the Derris Rings and Derris Bit key items, as well as a title for each character: Enlightened Swordsman (Asbel), Protos Heis (Sophie), Enlightened Gunner (Hubert), Enlightened Healer (Cheria), Enlightened Bladeranger (Malik), and Enlightened Shotstaff (Pascal). Take the warp out.

    Region 66

    Go southwest until you reach Region 13, then go northwest to reach Telos Astue. Before you enter check the skit by the save point to duel Malik, and if you win he'll receive the Inveterate Teacher title. Enter Telos.

    Telos Astue

    You probably still don't have enough money for the Eleth Mod titles, so don't bother. Head down to B1 and go into the Shuttle Bay to see that the shuttle has been fixed! Exit back out and check the house on the left to see Psi again; he wants us to fix the broken machine. Thankfully you can find it if you check the gold star at the northeast part of B1, after which you'll fight a short battle and get the Replacement Part as a reward. Now then, head back and speak with Emeraude to activate the shuttle.

    Lambda's Cocoon

    • Items:
      • Syrup Bottle x2
      • Arcane Bottle
      • Legendary Metal
      • Eleth Bottle C
      • Grape Gel x3
      • 780 Units of Eleth
      • 5200 Gald
      • Life Bottle x3
    • Discoveries:
      • Heart of Stone

    Continue along the paths until you pass the hut that has the wind that can suck you back up to the entrance. From here go south and open the chest for two Syrup Bottles, then enter the hut on the right for a scene. Continue east at the split to find an Arcane Bottle, then enter the southwest hut. Save if you wish and examine the rocks up north for the Heart of Stone Discovery, as well as some Legendary Metal. On the next screen, go east before entering the hut to the west for an Eleth Bottle C, then you'll be in a room with a bunch of colored flowers. Check the red one as you walk in, then go to the blue one right above it. Examine the northwest red one now and advance, entering the hut directly opposite first so we can collect a few items. Head into the hut on the left here for three Grape Gels, then allow yourself to be sucked down to find 780 Units of Eleth. Right from here to go back up, then go to the left and head north this time. Grab the 5200 Gald on the right side as you walk up, then enter either hut and drop down. As you go back up again, exit right and go south, checking the chest to the right for three Life Bottles before you enter the next hut.

    Here at the second puzzle, check the blue flower as you walk in and then the right one to the far southwest. Cross over the platform and examine this red flower now, then the blue one right beside it. Return to the entrance and go up all the way, touching the red one now to push the platform all the way north. Touch the blue flower to shut them all off and exit. Enter the northwest hut now and go all the way up to the east or west, dropping down and landing on a platform at the third puzzle. Check the northwest blue flower, the far northwest red flower, the blue one right beside it, the furthest south red one, the blue one beside it, the red flower at the far west and finally, the blue one beside that. Continue west and allow yourself to be sucked up, then exit east and enter the southwest hut again. Save here and go on to fight two battles.

    Afterwards, you can use the shuttle.


    Head to the mansion for a scene, then enter Aston's old office on the first floor. Exit to see a scene and when the party reunites go to Lhant Hill. Return to Lhant afterwards, exit the manor and speak with all your comrades. Malik is on the bridge, Pascal, Poisson and Fourier are in the square, Cheria's by the north entrance, Sophie's in the garden outside then manor and Hubert's in Aston's office. Go back to Asbel's room and sleep. Another set of group titles will be awarded afterwards; Steadfast Young Man (Asbel), Wish Maker (Sophie), Heart of a Lhant (Hubert), Dream Chaser (Cheria), Watchful Steward (Malik), and Pride of the Amarcia (Pascal). You're ready to tackle the final dungeon, by why not get some sidequests done? Skip the next section if you'd like to continue.


    • Items:
      • Fluffy Muffler
      • Magic Carta No. 24 (Judas)
      • Jade Vestments

    Speak with Fourier in the town square to get the Fluffy Muffler, a scarf for Pascal. Then head up the stairs and check the gold star outside Cheria's house to plant the remaining seeds we have. After you plant the Amaryllis, Gerbera, Lassamble, Daphne, and Niferum seeds, you'll get the Judas Carta Card. Continue planting the Bloody Rose, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, and Nameless Flower seeds, then move on. There's a new chest in Asbel's room that contains the Jade Vestments armor for him, so go and pick it up. Another thing that you'll want to do now is put some fish (any kind will do) in the Eleth Mixer and make sure you have at least ten in your inventory for a sidequest that's to come. You can use the Books of Duplication and Fortune to speed up the process.

    Exit town and push R3 to call up the shuttle. Keep in mind that you can do this whenever you're on the field.