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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shinarouji

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    Table of Contents

    1. I. About This Guide
      1. General
      2. Copyright
      3. Contact Information
    2. II. Version History
      1. Latest and Greatest
      2. Past Updates
    3. III. Game Introduction
      1. Story Synopsis
      2. Character Profiles
      3. Character Analysis
      4. Party Suggestions
    4. IV. Gameplay
      1. Controls
      2. Battle System
      3. Strategy
      4. Titles
      5. Eleth Gauge
      6. Inn Requests
      7. Dualize
    5. V. Childhood Arc Walkthrough
      1. Lhant Hill
      2. Lhant
      3. West Lhant Road
      4. Return to Lhant
      5. Lhant Hill
      6. East Lhant Highroad
      7. Barona
    6. VI. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part I)
      1. Orlen Woods
      2. Barona
      3. Lhant
      4. Seaside Cavern
    7. VII. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part II)
      1. Barona Catacombs
      2. Wallbridge Ruins
      3. Gralesyde
      4. Wallbridge
      5. Barona Catacombs
    8. VIII. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part III)
      1. North Lhant Road
      2. Oul Raye
      3. Sable Izolle
      4. Inside the Rockgagong
      5. Yu Liberte
      6. Strahta Desert Ruins
    9. IX. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part IV)
      1. Yu Liberte
      2. Warrior's Roost
      3. Velanik
      4. Zavhert
      5. Amarcian Enclave
      6. Fendel Research Lab
      7. Fendel Tower
      8. Fendel Glacier Ruins
    10. X. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part V)
      1. Zavhert
      2. Lhant
      3. Untrodden Snowfield
      4. Snowshroud Ruins
    11. XI. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part VI)
      1. Region 13
      2. Humanoid Research Center
      3. Bathus Citadel
      4. Telos Astue
    12. XII. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part VII)
      1. Lambda's Cocoon
      2. Sidequests
      3. Ghardia Shaft
    13. XIII. Future Arc Walkthrough
      1. Lhant
      2. Gustwork Ruins
      3. Strahta Desert Ruins
      4. Eleth Research Laboratory
      5. Arcadia Garden
      6. Lastalia Shaft
      7. Fodra's Core
      8. Role-Playing Dolls
      9. Grade Shop
    14. XIV. Sidequests
    15. XV. Library
      1. Consumables
      2. Dishes
      3. Materials
      4. Weapons
      5. Armor
      6. Unique Equipment
      7. Gems
      8. Valuables
      9. Dualize Book
      10. Discovery Book
      11. Enemy Book
    16. XVI. Titles
      1. Asbel
      2. Sophie
      3. Hubert
      4. Cheria
      5. Malik
      6. Pascal
      7. Richard
      8. Skill Terms
    17. XVII. Shops
      1. Lhant
      2. Barona
      3. Gralesyde
      4. Oul Raye
      5. Sable Izolle
      6. Yu Liberte
      7. Velanik
      8. Zavhert
      9. Amarcian Enclave
      10. Telos Astue
      11. Turtlez Shop
      12. Katz Korner
    18. XVIII. Frequently Asked Questions
    19. XIX. Credits

    XII. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part VII) (Continued)

    World's Eye

    • Items:
      • Book of Audacity
      • Rare Tunic
      • Data Recorder
      • Book of Smithery

    Go to the right one screen when you enter, then head for the southeast room here for the Book of Audacity. Drop down, go west twice and open the chest here for a Rare Tunic, then examine the gold star to its north for a scene about Emeraude. Afterwards you'll receive the Data Recorder and Sophie's Version 6.1 title. Now go right three rooms and let the wind suck you back up to the top floor. From here exit out to the left and go up to the northeastern hut. After you drop down, exit to the right and you'll find a chest with the Book of Smithery. To exit, ride the wind back up and go east three screens, go through the hut up top (passing by the Heart of Stone Discovery once again), and enter the hut to the northwest. From here continue west, enter the northeastern hut and take the wind one last time. Leaving through the east and going up the path will take you back to the shuttle, permitting your exit.

    Orlen Woods

    • Items:
      • Windor Crest
      • Bryce's Claws

    Go to the back of the woods and challenge Bryce to a rematch. If you win, you'll get his Windor Crest as well as a pair of Bryce's Claws for Sophie.

    Amarcian Enclave

    • Items:
      • Mythril Shotstaff
      • Rare Shotstaff
      • Winner's Trophy

    More of the Shot Cube minigame is available, so let's jump right in. Ranks 1 and 2 are done, so start with Stage 10 under Rank 3. Push the bottom left block to the right and send the vertical duo up to fill in the left column, then go over to the bottom right block and hit it straight up. Go to where it stops and move it over to the left, taking the one in front with it and filling out the middle row as well. The rest is fairly self-explanatory: hit the block next to you left, hit the one up top down and the one at the bottom up to solve the puzzle.

    At Stage 11, begin by going to the lower block on the right side and push it over to the left. Now go up top and hit the eastern block downwards so that it ends up just above the bottom right cube that's already in the square. Head on over to the left side and push everything over to the right, then hit the top block down, the right blocks left and the bottom block up to finish. You'll get a Mythril Shotstaff when you do.

    Now select "Final Challenge" and get ready for Stage 12. Hit the bottom left block upwards and the top right block downwards, making three blocks on the right side. Push the middle block on this side to the left, then hit the bottom right block up. Now push the top cube on this right side over to the left, then go to the bottom and hit this one up. Hit the remaining block on the right side to the left, move the bottom set of blocks on the left side over to the right, hit the top block down and then finish it off by moving the left block right. Congrats! You'll receive the Rare Shotstaff and the Winner's Trophy upon completion of the minigame. The Puzzle Master skit is another prize afterwards.

    Swimsuit Costumes

    • Items:
      • Inner Tube Attachment
      • Shark Fin
      • Abandoned Cargo
    • Discoveries:
      • Sunscreen Rangers

    Just as it says. Start off by heading to X Axis: -367 and Y Axis: -159 and scan with B1 to find the Beach Resort, then check the colorful starfish over to the right for the Sunscreen Rangers Discovery. Speak with the receptionist on the left and accept her offer to use the pool for a scene and Cheria's Alluring Temptress title. If you try and leave, you'll run into a gold star about the swimsuits; turns out the group forget theirs in the changing rooms and a Turtlez stole them. Before we leave though, enter the door to the northwest and we'll be back in the pool. Check the shining tube lying around near the middle for the Inner Tube Attachment, then go in the water itself and check the blow-up shark in the top right corner for a Shark Fin. Leave the Beach Resort.

    Now then, let's jump around a bit and find those costumes. First go to Oul Raye and check the jug to the right of the item shop for Asbel's Vest-Dressed title, then head over to the Strahta Desert Ruins and go left when you're able and down the stairs to the shady area; the lone Torch Elemental on the far left of this section will drop Sophie's Beach Kitty title. Exit and travel to Inside the Rockgagong, then make your way to the bottom right corner and fight the Felonfake here for Hubert's Six-Eyes title.

    For Cheria, go to Sable Izolle and check the right side of the counter behind the item store vendor to buy the Seaside Angel title for 100,000 Gald. Speaking with the man in the entrance of Yu Liberte will yield Malik's Lifeguard title, leaving no one but Pascal. Travel to the Uncharted Sandstretch and go southeast, fighting two battles against seven Blast Helmites each. You'll get some Abandoned Cargo afterwards along with Pascal's Free Spirit title, then you can continue on to open the ruins with the Amarcian Key. We're just going to be quick here and come back in a short while. Go down the stairs and fight the stationary Pooka Helmite for Pascal's Deep Sea Diver title, then check the room just north for a chest and exit out.

    Back on the shuttle, search for X Axis: 2 and Y Axis: -308 to find the Oswell Family Vault.

    Oswell Family Vault

    • Items:
      • Eleth Bottle EX
      • Life Bottle x3
      • Panacea Bottle x2
      • Peach Gel x2
      • Beef x3
      • Peach x3
      • Arcane Bottle
      • All-Divide
      • Hourglass
      • Imperial Crest
      • White Wine x3
      • Red Wine x3
      • Elixir
      • Mastery Tonic EX
      • Drop Bottle
      • Bizarre Clump
      • Toxic Fluid
      • Seablue Statue
      • Syrup Bottle x2
      • Seablue Vestments

    After a short battle Hubert will receive the Scion of Oswell title. From where we begin head south back down the stairs and take the smaller sets to the west and east for an Eleth Bottle EX and three Life Bottles. Now go back up the main stairs and stick to the west wall to find two Panacea Bottles, then go to the east wall and grab two Peach Gels. Enter the treasury on either side to see just why it's called the family vault. On the east side we can get three pieces of Beef, three Peaches, an Arcane Bottle, an All-Divide, an Hourglass, an Imperial Crest, and three White Wines. On the west side you can find three Red Wines, an Elixir, a Mastery Tonic EX, a Drop Bottle, a Bizarre Clump, some Toxic Fluid, and a Seablue Statue. In the middle on either side you can grab two Syrup Bottles, and finally a Seablue Vestments, a unique armor for Hubert. You've pretty much robbed Oswell out of house and home now, so let's head out.

    Go to X Axis: -381 and Y Axis: 129 for the Shuttle Crash Site.

    Shuttle Crash Site

    • Items:
      • Proof of Another World
      • Silvered Vestments

    First of all, save your game somewhere. You can see the gold star in the distance, but before you approach it set your difficulty to Easy. Walk up and examine the star for a scene, then a battle with a humanoid from Fodra. You'll notice that he isn't attacking at all, which is why you should switch it to Easy. He has a self-destruct attack that will likely obliterate your party if you aren't on the lowest difficulty, and setting a food item in the Eleth Mixer to revive you from KO won't work if everyone dies. If you're having trouble, equipping a title like Paragon that halves damage over 1500 (which he'll definitely hit over) or All-Divide would also be beneficial. Regardless of what you do, survival means earning the Proof of Another World request item. Check around the right side of the shuttle and walk all the way up to find a hidden treasure chest in the bushes here; it contains Sophie's Silvered Vestments.

    Set your coordinates to X Axis: 334 and Y Axis: 180, then enter.

    Turtlez HQ

    • Items:
      • Businezz Application

    Speak with the Turtlez who has a smiley face icon to get the Businezz Application, as well as Sophie's Gothic Lolita costume title. That's it, surprisingly. You should have more than enough fish by now, so let's take care of that next.

    Katz Korner

    • Items:
      • Magic Carta No. 40 (Zelos Wilder)
      • Hourglass
      • Cat Pine Seeds
      • Katz Klothez
      • Milk x3
    • Discoveries:
      • Catnip

    First we need to go to ten towns and feed a cat a fish in each, so here are the locations:

    LhantIn the square, to the north as you shuttle in
    BaronaIn front of the church used to enter the Catacombs
    GralesydeDown at the port, to the right before the stairs to the ship
    Oul RayeInside the port cottage
    Sable IzolleBehind the left pillar outside the Research Tower
    Yu LiberteInside the White Wine Estate, located in the Residential District
    Warrior's RoostTo the right of the Annals of Victory Discovery
    VelanikInside the residence in front of the Inn
    ZavhertInside of Fermat's house
    Amarcian EnclaveOutside of Pascal's room


    When you feed the final cat, it'll ask "Meow?"; now, since we're fluent in Catanese we fully understand the question it asks and will reply with "Yes."

    Once there, start by examining the chest up northeast for the Zelos Wilder Carta Card, then examine the carrot board on the merry-go-round for the Catnip Discovery. Over to the left and check out the chest here; enter "foselos" for an Hourglass, then pick up the Cat Pine Seeds from the shining spot right above it. Speak with the man sitting by the pond on the right side, then go back to the shuttle. Scan around X Axis: 332 and Y Axis: -392 and enter the Cat-Crazy Coot's House. You'll get the Katz Dekoder key item and Katz Klothez, plus you can open the chest for three bottles of Milk. If you speak with any of the above cats and revisit, you can check out the Katz in the northeast room to shop, view anime cutscenes and skits you've seen.


    • Items:
      • Beloved Handkerchief

    Return to Cheria's garden and you'll see all of the flowers in full bloom. Sophie will receive the Flower Girl title afterwards. Enter Cheria's house and check out the gold star for a scene with Frederic, then shuttle to Barona and check the gold star outside the item shop for the Beloved Handkerchief request item. We have to do a few events to progress the flower sidequest, so exit and let's shuttle.

    Fendel Glacier Ruins

    • Items:
      • Kurt's Pendant
      • Abyssal Vestments

    Go all the way down to the Valkines Cryas and check behind the warp to see a hidden door. Follow the path down all the way (opening some chests as you go) and check the grave once you get to the bottom. You'll receive Kurt's Pendant, as well as Malik's Unable to Die title. Open up the new chest that just appears after the scene for the Abyssal Vestments, then leave.

    Formal Costumes

    • Items:
      • Ship Model
      • Melon
      • Liquisilk Fabric
      • 5760 Gald
      • Elixir
      • Pearl Windthread
      • Scarlet Vestments
      • Drill

    First of all, go back to the Catacombs in Barona and go to where the childhood arc ended. Check the shining spot on the left for a Ship Model, then return to Lhant and answer Kerri's inn request. Along with some nice rewards, Asbel will receive the Honorary Knight title. Before heading out for the next outfit, check the gold star to the right of the item shop here in Lhant for a scene, as well as a Melon. Return to Cheria's house and plant the Cat Pine Seeds, then head out for Strahta Desert Ruins. Head up to the valkines cryas and temporarily avoid the gold star, opting instead to travel around the back and open the chest for some Liquisilk Fabric.

    To Barona we go. Enter the castle and go right four screens, then up to the northwest room. Go west for 5760 Gald, then take the northeast and northwest exits for an Elixir and a Pearl Windthread. Go to any cat and return to Katz Korner, then turn in the Liquisilk, Windthread, and Shark Fin items at the inn for the Modern Youth and Innocent Maiden titles for Hubert and Cheria respectively, then some Scarlet Vestments for Pascal. If you haven't done so already, going to X Axis: 334 and Y Axis: 180 and speaking with the Turtlez gives you Sophie's Gothic Lolita costume title. Pascal's Free Spirit title back at the Uncharted Sandstretch is hers, so let's go get Malik's. If you wish, you may return to Lhant now at any time and check the gold star by Cheria's garden one final time for a cat to follow you area wherever you go in Lhant.

    Go to Telos Astue and trek to the Bathus Citadel. We have to go all (!) the way back to the final room, so follow these quick directions: right two screens, up to 2F, right two screens, up to 3F, right one screen, take the lift up, enter north, exit southeast, lift up, north, exit southwest across the green bridge, southeast and take the lift up, northeast door across the green bridge, north. Check the gold star here for a Drill and Malik's Model Soldier title.

    Sandshroud Ruins

    • Items:
      • Crystal Seashell
      • Eleth Bottle EX
      • 900 Units of Eleth
      • Grape Gel x3
      • 6900 Gald
      • All-Divide
      • Elixir
      • Clear Core
      • Hourglass
      • 1 Gald
      • Book of Solitude
      • Mastery Tonic EX
      • Hero Staff
    • Discoveries:
      • Heat Ray Cannon B

    Enter the red door here at the start and power up the dungeon. We've already grabbed the chest down on the bottom floor, so just go down the first set of stairs and enter the red door on the left. These puzzles are huge, so be sure to pay close attention.

    When you start off in this room there will be two devices with a current running through them to the north and south. Start off on the north side. Make this device face north, then make the following one face east. Follow this one again, making it face north for a chest containing a Crystal Seashell and then east to power the north door. Now return to the beginning and make the south device face south. Send the current here north and then the resulting current east. Before you send the final current north, make it face south for a chest to appear containing an Eleth Bottle EX. In the next room, make the sole current face east and continue south to reach the next puzzle.

    Go east and send this current to the east as well, though you'll activate an enemy while doing so. Send the following current south for 900 Units of Eleth, then examine the circular switch by the device. It will then move and continue on to the nearby device, allowing you to continue. Make this current go east and then examine the switch on the floor three times, after which you can send the current south and then west. You may now continue south, but if you wish to grab one more chest go north to the red door and we'll take it from the top with the west device. Send the current south and then check the circular switch at the far west of the room twice to make a chest containing three Grape Gels appear. Examine the southernmost device that has a current running through it and send it west, moving the circular switches twice to continue to the next room. Ignore the stairs and go east to find 6900 Gald, then follow the floor to the next puzzle.

    Going south first, send the current west and move the circular switch three times for an All-Divide. Of the three devices here, make the northwestern one face north. Before you continue with this, make the device due south of this one face west and then go back up and send the current through it; this avoids an encounter. Follow to the switch and make it so that the path moves the current south (it should now be going through a device pointing east), then examine the switches here until goes southeast for a chest containing an Elixir. Now send the current west and examine the following switch twice to open the southern door. Back to the beginning, take the north path and examine the switch to make the current reach the first device. Have the following two devices send it west, then examine the switch to make it go south. Make this next device face west as well, examine the following switch and have the current keep on its western path. Make the device face south here and examine the switch until the current leads west, revealing a chest containing a Clear Core. Return the switch to its original position, then send the current west and examine the switches until both doors open.

    As you can see here, the current splits between red and blue. Just point all three of the devices north, open the chest for an Hourglass and head through the next two doors. We'll take the currents one step at a time, so begin with the red. Send the first three devices north, west and north for a chest containing 1 Gald, then make the device with the red current face south. When you make the following device face west you can then send the next one either west or north. Make it go west and open the chest for the Book of Solitude.

    Return to the very first red device and point it south, then move the two blue devices right above it south as well; this will mix to cross over the purple panel down below. The current here will split, so follow the red current and make the device point north and the following device point east. Send this current north (it's the device directly above the red/blue current split) and make sure the next device is facing north as well to have it pass through another purple panel. Move this device west and the current will split once again. Have the red current go south, then move the device just past the red panel here to the west. Make the next device face west as well and then the following two devices face south and west respectively to light up the red side of the door. Return to where the current splits for the second time and follow the blue now, making the devices face west twice and then finally moving the last one south to open the door. Check the bottom left corner in the new room for the Heat Ray Cannon B Discovery. Ignore the warp and return to the save point, then go south twice and east twice to the final puzzle.

    Now as you can clearly see, there are four colors here. Yeah. Head to the top row of devices and make them all face east with the exception of the one above the current split; have this face south. Just below the purple panel at the far east, make the device directly below face south, the one to the left of it north, the one to the left of this one north (it will be directly below the blue panel), keep the one below the green panel as it is, make the one to its left face north, and then move the device that's directly on the yellow panel until it faces north. At the row below this one (a yellow current will be running through them), move the first three from left to right north, then move the fourth one south. This will make it run to the purple panel in the middle. Now make the fifth device face east and the final one face north. From here go directly south once as the device on the blue panel is fine as is, and move it south. Make the device on the red panel face north, then make the one with the yellow current running through it face south. Have the second last device in this row face east, then go south of the one on the blue panel.

    Start off in this row by making the first device point east, then make the second one go north. Have the third go south, then skip over the fourth and go to the fifth one that's below the red panel and have it face north. Have the sixth face south and the final one face east, then go down to the next row. Move the device above the green panel north, then have the second one face south. Go directly south of this device to the one in between the yellow and green panels and have it face east, then return to the second device in row above. Go west past the red/blue/yellow current splitter on the floor and make this device face east. Next, move the one above the orange panel so that it faces south, then make the device that's actually on the orange panel face east. To the device directly east of the red panel, have it face north and then move the one on the red panel north as well. Go north and make the device on the blue panel face east so that it passes through the purple panel, then go south and move the device in between the orange and yellow panels north. Move the one on the yellow panel east and the door will open.

    Head east and fight the Greavereaper to find a Mastery Tonic EX and a Hero Staff. Warp out and return to the shuttle, then go to Ghardia Shaft. There are still quite a few sidequests, but we'll get back to them after the Future Arc.

    Ghardia Shaft

    • Items:
      • Red Sage
      • 7267 Gald
      • Arithmos Core x6
      • All-Divide
      • Grape Gel x3
      • Life Bottle x7
      • Hourglass x2
      • 825 Units of Eleth
      • Holy Bottle x3
      • Book of Fortitude
      • 7830 Gald
      • Red Lavender
      • Elixir
      • Mastery Tonic C
      • Red Verbena
      • Panacea Bottle x2
      • Red Saffron
      • 840 Units of Eleth
      • Syrup Bottle x2
      • Fatal Attraction
      • Mastery Tonic EX
      • Red Chamomile
      • Red Savory
      • Eleth Bottle EX
      • 870 Units of Eleth
    • Discoveries:
      • Gigantic Drill
      • The Forgotten Ones

    Open the chest as you enter for a Red Sage, then warp down. Check the northeast chest for 7267 Gald, then continue east and descend. Two lifts here to the southwest; take the south for an Arithmos Core, then the west to warp down again. You want to get all the chests here after you take the next lift, so walk past the red, yellow and blue floors to reach an All-Divide, then go red, yellow, red, blue (grabbing three Grape Gels), red, yellow, blue for a second Arithmos Core. Step back on the blue one to go back to the beginning, then follow the path again, only taking the blue to the save point instead. Ascend to fight two Dullahans, then descend for two Life Bottles and an Hourglass. If you wish you may go south and fight a very powerful Abysseon (Argo Iris - to be used for Asbel later) that drops very good weapons for your characters, but otherwise continue west for a scene. Pick up 825 Units of Eleth as you pass through and warp once again. Take the south path for three Holy Bottles, then go east and descend. There's a Book of Fortitude waiting in the chest to the northwest before you continue. Take the south path before the save point for 7830 Gald, then go south for a big puzzle. The lift to the east leads to a Destinion (Omniweapon Fists - Sophie).

    North, west, north, north, west, north, north (Hourglass), west, south, south (Arithmos Core), south, south (Red Lavender), west (Elixir, Life Bottle x2), north, north, west, north (Red Rosemary) and you're at the lift. Another scene, then a Mastery Tonic C awaits in the chest here. Go north for the Gigantic Drill Discovery, then all the way south for a save point and a lift.

    West for a Red Verbena, then continue west and examine the green stand. Head to the northeast now and take the left warp down for your fourth Arithmos Core, then go all the way west and take the green crystal. Return to the green stand and move it two more times, then take the right warp. Switch the green and orange crystals here, then keep going west for two Panacea Bottles and a peach crystal. Switch the two once again, then go all the way back to the green stand and examine it once. Take the west warp once more and place the peach crystal in its proper position, taking the nearby warp up for a Red Saffron and a Vespereon (Keris Blades - Cheria). Return to the green stand and move it twice, then take the east warp and move the orange stand once. Go back one warp, then walk east to fight the Rebirtheon (Rosary's Wrath - Hubert). Head all the way west now and take the northwestern warp out of here, making sure to loot the nearby chests for 840 Units of Eleth, two Syrup Bottles, and a Fatal Attraction coat.

    Go east for a Mastery Tonic EX, then west for a Red Chamomile. This whole area is shaped like a clock, so note each warp as a position of the hands. Start off by taking the warp at ten for The Forgotten Ones Discovery, then go back and take the warp at eight and examine the yellow stand to make it move. Go back and take the warp at seven to grab a red crystal, then go to eleven and switch the crystals for a white one. Return to eight and move the yellow orb back since we won't be needing to access that warp again, then take warp four for your fifth Arithmos Core. Back again and take warp five for a Red Savory and then examine the light blue stand once. Take warp one and switch crystals, then warp two and put the purple one in its rightful place, grabbing an Eleth Bottle EX along the way. Return to warp seven and place the blue crystal here, then walk south of the save point in between warps five and seven to find the black crystal. Back to warp one and switch the crystals, then finally place the white crystal south of the save point to advance. Head all the way north for a fight, yet another scene. Open the chest here for three Life Bottles, then save and head down.

    Go north when the paths split for another warp that leads to the sixth and final Arithmos Core, then backtrack to the "clock room" and go all the way east for a Symphonion (Uroboros - Pascal) and then all the way west for a Phantasion (The Undertaker - Malik). As you take the south warps a few times, you can find a treasure chest to the north a tiny bit that has 870 Units of Eleth inside. Keep going south until you fight two Proserpinas, then continue south until you reach the final save point of this arc. Save your game and continue north to fight the final boss.

    The first form is very similar to the one you fought at the Cocoon, but afterwards...

    Boss: Lambda Angelus

    The final boss of the game, so let loose with all your best moves. He hits fast, hard, and can inflict multiple status ailments on your entire party. Feel free to use whatever items you wish to aid you, as you can get plenty in the future arc and even through the main game when you load up your old save. By this point in the game you already know how to properly use the battle system and attack his weaknesses, so just keep an eye on your party's health and bombard him with attacks the best you can and you'll soon complete the main game.

    Watch the numerous scenes unfold and see the credits roll. Save when prompted, then check Extras under the main menu and select "Lineage & Legacies." Just a note - you can do almost everything that's optional in the adulthood arc here as well.


    • Discoveries:
      • The Lords' Memorial

    After the scene, Asbel and Sophie will receive the Lord of Lhant and Toast of the Town titles, respectively. Go up and check Aston's grave and add The Lords' Memorial to your Discovery Book. Head towards the manor for a scene, then enter and check the gold star inside Aston's office to see how he and Kerri got together. Exit out to East Lhant Highroad and fight outside the cottage, then return to the manor again for a few scenes and the Letter from Richard key item. Enter the east room on the first floor and then shuttle your way over to the Barona castle for a scene. The party will (mostly) reunite and we'll get a number of titles: Traveling Healer (Cheria), Eradication Director (Hubert), Special Attache (Malik), and King of Windor (Richard). Return to Lhant and examine the gold star outside Cheria's house, then shuttle to the Barona Catacombs.

    Barona Catacombs

    • Items:
      • Arcane Bottle
      • Grape Gel x3
      • Gnome Cloak

    Check the chest to the right of the stone passage for an Arcane Bottle, then go up and around until you see an inlet for three Grape Gels. Take the path down by the soldier and go over to the right for a Gnome Cloak and warp out to the left.

    Gustwork Ruins

    • Items:
      • Sylph Cloak
      • Dangerous Liquid
      • Lavender
      • Verbena
      • Magic Carta No. 70 (Mao)
      • Elixir
      • Needle of Extinction
      • Suspicious Powder
      • Magic Carta No. 71 (Eugene Gallardo)
      • Magic Carta No. 72 (Annie Barrs)
      • Killer Fang
      • 1000 Units of Eleth
      • Radiant Howl
    • Discoveries:
      • Eloquent Stone
      • Gustworks Core

    We'll be split up into two groups after the scripted fight. As Asbel cross the blocks west twice and north once, taking the lower southern block over to get a Sylph Cloak from a chest here before going up to the main area. Go west again and examine the orange device to switch up to Hubert's party. Go west and north, then take the lower southern block like when we were with Asbel for a Dangerous Liquid. Take the block right across from it for a Lavender, then go back and west two times for a scene. Ride west and north, then hit the gold block here and send it down. Continue and switch to Asbel, taking the west path first to hit a gold block up before switching back to Hubert. Hit the gold block when you come across it and then go west to use the one you just hit up with Asbel. Go west here for a Verbena, then back and north to the switching device. Before you use it, go east for the Mao Carta Card, then take this block over to hit another gold one down. Go up past the device and head north for an Elixir, then switch groups.

    Take the south block here to find the Eloquent Stone Discovery, then take the north ones for a Needle of Extinction and go past the device to hit another gold block. Switch back to Hubert and ride the blocks over until you're stopped by the red one, then go east and hit yet another gold block. Return and go north to switch once again. As Asbel, go west and east, then east again for a Suspicious Powder. Now go north and west, hitting the gold block here before switching back. Go until you reach the split, head west and then south at the next split for the Eugene Gallardo Carta Card. Return and take the blue block up north before descending via the green block. Switch here, then just follow the blocks and the two groups will reunite.

    Ascend via the green block when you come across it and go south for a screen change. Go south yet again for the Annie Barrs Carta Card, then go back to the north and ride west for the Gustworks Core Discovery. Head back the green block and descend, then go west and north for a Killer Fang. Return and go west, then take the south block for 1000 Units of Eleth. Back up north twice and save, then take the green block down and fight three Legendary Wyverns. After a minute or so you'll get a cutscene and be able to activate Asbel's Accel mode, so try it out by pushing R2. Check the chest after the battle for the sword Radiant Howl, then go back up to the save point and take the block south. Head east twice and ascend, then go east twice, south twice, east, south, east, west, south, east four times, south, and one final stretch of blocks over to the east to exit. Cheria will receive the Readers of Hearts title when you do so, which grants her Accel gauge.

    You'll see a skit called Sentimental Journey as you exit the church; view it and then grant Malik his wish by shuttling to Velanik and entering the inn. Check the gold star here for a scene, then go to the Zavhert plaza and check the gold star here as you enter via shuttle. After the scene Malik will receive the Retracer of Paths title, which grants him a Mystic Arte to be used in his Accel mode (which we don't quite have yet.) Now then, go to the Amarcian Enclave and head right back out to the Fendel Glacier Ruins after the scene.

    Fendel Glacier Ruins

    • Items:
      • Sage
      • Symphonian Scepter
      • Scars of Eternia
      • Magic Carta No. 60 (Ange Serena)
      • Magic Carta No. 61 (Ricardo Soldato)
      • 500 Units of Eleth
      • Tempest Bringer
      • Efreet Cloak
      • Verbena
      • Magic Carta No. 62 (Hermana Larmo)

    The chests here will be restocked, so go through the glaciers in the first room to find a Sage and the Symphonian Scepter. To the next screen, the chests here will have the Scars of Eternia, and the Ange Serena Carta Card. To the next area, taking a short detour to the left to find the Ricardo Soldato Carta Card, then go down. Loot the restocked chests here for 500 Units of Eleth and the Tempest Bringer, then continue on for a scene and the full gang will be back together again. Before warping out, check the back left room behind the machinery and examine all the paths for an Efreet Cloak, Verbena, and the Hermana Larmo Carta Card. Exit the dungeon.

    Amarcian Enclave

    To the Overseer's Chamber with you. After some scenes Pascal and Malik will receive their Big Sister Type and Leader of Men titles respectively, granting their Accel gauges. After the party splits, go to Yu Liberte and go towards the Predisent's palace for Hubert's Contrarian title, granting him his Accel gauge. View the Filial Piety skit here and then go up and speak with the president, after which Richard will receive his Eradication Commander title. You have three guesses as to what it will grant you, and it's not his Accel gauge. Definitely not. (Okay yeah it is.) Go to Oswell Manor, activating the skit along the way, and Hubert will receive his Legion Commander title which grants his Accel Mystic Arte. Exit out and head for the Strahta Desert Ruins.

    Strahta Desert Ruins

    • Items:
      • Brave Vesperia
      • 500 Units of Eleth
      • Magic Carta No. 57 (Ruca Milda)
      • Seraphic Hearts
      • Fandom's Light
      • Undine Cloak
      • Magic Cart No. 59 (Spada Belforma)
      • Rosemary

    Head along the right path, picking up the Brave Vesperia as you go. The color puzzles are reset, but thankfully you'll just be able to speed by them with this. Step on the red block, the blue block, and then the yellow to advance. Open the chest as you go down the stairs for 500 Units of Eleth, then go down the left set of stairs first to find the Ruca Milda Carta Card. Back up and down the right stairs now, you'll reach the second color puzzle. Step on the yellow block, then the blue block, and then the read to pass through. At the third puzzle go yellow, blue, and red to find the Seraphic Hearts. Continuing west, open the chest at the top for the Fandom's Light, then continue north to reach another puzzle. Going blue, red, and yellow will solve it. The chest before the save point will hold an Undine Cloak, then continue on for a fight. Afterwards check the chest to the left for the Spada Belforma Carta Card, then head south and exit, opening the chest on the left as you reach the screen with various people for a Rosemary. To the Amarcian Enclave once again.

    Amarcian Enclave

    Go east to Pascal's house and you'll meet back with the girls. Sophie will receive the Sophie Lhant title afterwards, granting her Accel gauge. This makes everyone, so be sure to learn them all. Grab some chocolate from the Discovery here and along the way you should also see a skit about visiting Fermat in Zavhert. Drop by and speak with the man to meet Sagan, her fiancee. Give him some chocolate and after the scene showing Fermat's successful delivery, Sophie will receive her Godmother title, granting her Accel Mystic Arte. Afterwards shuttle on over to Lhant and activate the A Lord's Work skit, then enter Aston's office and examine the gold star for Asbel's Hopebringer title and Accel Mystic Arte. Over to Gralesyde now and check out the A Night at the Inn skit, then visit the inn and examine the gold star for Cheria's Blurter of Truths title and yes, her Accel Mystic Arte. There's only Richard left now, so enter Barona, view the Left Behind skit and walk up to Barona Castle for a gold star, a few scenes, Richard's Benign Conspirator title and his Accel Mystic Arte. These are all learned like normal mystic artes, so don't forget to equip the titles. Telos Astue is the next destination, but if Cheria or Hubert have their Accel modes learned, let's make a quick detour.

    Fighting the Rockgagong

    • Items:
      • Book of Frugality

    You may want to save before giving this a go. Travel to the dungeon "Inside the Rockgagong" and you'll actually be taken to the cliff in the desert just before him. The party is still likely far too underleveled to make a dent in his HP, but thankfully we can use a little exploit. Go into the menu and make a few temporary adjustments to your settings and team lineup: Set the difficulty to the highest available it's not already there, put as many books in the eleth mixer that halves stats as you can, and switch either Cheria/Hubert into the first slot with their Dutiful Daughter/Lover of Lhant titles respectively. Make sure your Accel gauge is full before challenging him! When you're ready, walk up to the cliff and challenge it to a fight.

    Now what's special about these two titles is that they take damage that's dealt to you and let you deal it right back to the enemy, provided you don't die. The only problem is that under these circumstances you will 'absolutely' die in one hit. Thankfully if you push R2 just as you take damage from the Rockgagong, you can cancel the death animation and attack him afterwards to kill him instantly. This can actually be done with all of the enemies in the game, but it's considerably more difficult against them than the Rockgagong. If done successfully, you'll get the Book of Frugality and the "Gagonged!" Trophy. Warp to Telos Astue.

    Telos Astue

    Fight all of the enemies around here for a scene, then go down to B1 and enter the west house for a scene. Exit out and head for the Eleth Research Laboratory.

    Eleth Research Laboratory

    • Items:
      • Magic Carta No. 75 (Senel Coolidge)
      • Rosemary x2
      • Gas Control Lever
      • Magic Carta No. 78 (Norma Beatty)
      • 1000 Units of Eleth
      • Magic Carta No. 76 (Will Raynard)
    • Discoveries:
      • Core-Sample Log

    The left and middle doors won't work, so take the right one and descend. Check the machine to the each and we'll be at yet another puzzle. Lower the blue and yellow blocks once, then raise the red blocks and open the chest for the Senel Coolidge Carta Card. Return to the machine and reset the blocks, then raise the red blocks twice, the yellow blocks once, and lower the blue blocks to pass. Enter the door on the other side and continue on to the Control Room. Open the chest to the southeast for two Rosemary, then keep going until you reach the second puzzle. Raise blue twice and lower the yellow ones twice, then cross over and reset. From here raise yellow once, blue twice, and lower red to get the Gas Control Lever, then reset and raise blue twice and lower yellow twice once again. Go all the way south and deposit the lever in the machine to find the Norma Beatty Carta Card, then go across the puzzle and into the north door. Ascend via the elevator at the end for a scene, after which you can go east and save your game.

    Upon descending you can enter the door at the end to find 1000 Units of Eleth and the Core-Sample Log Discovery. Go north from here for a fight and some Memory Data, then afterwards quickly check the chest here for the Will Raynard Carta Card. Continue to the elevator and ascend, then avoid the lasers here and escape to the shuttle.

    Arcadia Garden

    • Items:
      • Otherworldly Seed x5
      • Magic Carta No. 82 (Shirley Fennes)
      • Meteorite
      • Magic Carta No. 81 (Grune)
      • 1000 Units of Eleth
      • Demon's Claw
      • Magic Carta No. 79 (Moses Sandor)
      • Magic Carta No. 80 (Jay)
    • Discoveries:
      • Eradication Bloom

    This place is big. Really big. So big that you can get lost very easily, especially when looking for items. Forgive the incredible repetition of directions here, but they really are necessary.

    Go north for a scene, then head east to enter Area 1. Ignore the north and south wavy walls as you enter; they're portals that will transport you all around the dungeon, but these two just lead in a loop to demonstrate this. Anyway, continue east until you reach a fork, then go west and west again at the next split to warp to Area 2. From here go south and west into the portal and you'll find a big bear on the other side guarding some chests. Go south, west, and south for a chest containing some Otherworldly Seeds. You'll need five of these to get him to leave, so go far southeast from the bear now (not through the portal we just came from, further down) and warp over. Take the west warp here at the fork for a chest containing the Shirley Fennes Carta Card, then warp back and check the chest to the east for a Meteorite. Go south, west and south from the chest for two more chests containing your second Otherworldly Seed and the Grune Carta Card. Go north and take the west warp, then go north a bit and east into Area 3. From here go east for the third Otherworldly Seed, then go north and check out this blue flower for the Eradication Bloom Discovery. Take the southeast exit out of here, passing by the open chest that contained Shirley's Carta before going south. Take the east path when it splits again for 1000 Units of Eleth, then go back and continue along the main path, going west when you reach the warp for a Demon's Claw chest and the fourth Otherworldly Seed. Go south a bit until a portal pop up behind you, then take it to reach an area just before the save point. Go west, north and west for a portal to pop up behind you again, then go back through it and you'll be taken to the fifth and final Otherworldly Seed. Now to return to the bear go north until a portal pops up behind you; go back through it and then go west, north, east, north, west. You'll be back in the main area with the blue flower. Take the south exit, going west, north, west, north (past a chest), north all the way and through the portal up here. Now continue along this path and feed the bear the five seeds for him to leave, and for you to collect a Fodra Memory gown, as well as the Moses Sandor and Jay Carta Cards.

    Ready to get out of here? Return to the blue flower (southeast portal, south, east, east, south, east, north), then go through the southeast exit and continue south until you reach the butterflies, going all the way west and south afterwards through the warp here. Take the immediate warp on your left now, then continue along the short linear path and pass through the next one. From here go south a bit until a giant orange warp appears behind you. Take it and save your game, then go south for a fight. Continue south afterwards and take the path to return to the shuttle, then go to Telos Astue.

    Telos Astue

    Down to B1 again and into Emeraude's home. Rest for the evening, then speak with your party on all three of the floors. Return to the Lounge on 2F and sleep a bit again, then view all of the skits here and then head over to Pascal's room in the Amarcian Enclave. Check out the gold star and Pascal will receive her Pastel Pascal title, granting her Accel Mystic Arte. Afterwards you can shuttle over to Lastalia Shaft and continue the story, but first...

    Gustworks Ruins

    • Items:
      • Verbena x10
      • Magic Carta No. 74 (Hilda)

    We'll be returning to the Gustworks Core Discovery now that Pascal has rejoined our ranks. Thankfully everything is already set up here, so to get back all that you'll have to follow are simple directions. From the beginning go west three times, north, west four times, north, east, west up to the gold block, north, west, north twice, west, south, west, and descend via the green block. From here go west, ascend via the green block and go south and then west to reach it. Examine and Pascal will open the core, allowing you to pass through and ride the block over for ten (!) Verbena and the Hilda Carta Card.

    To get out of here just invert the above directions and follow them backwards... but just in case that's not your fancy, follow this from the Discovery: east, north, descend via green block, east, ascend via green block, east, north, east, south twice, east, south, east, west using the other block, south, east four times, south, east three times. Now return to the Eleth Research Laboratory.

    Eleth Research Laboratory

    • Items:
      • Magic Carta No. 77 (Chloe Valens)
      • Sage x2

    Go down the right elevator and walk past the first puzzle. Instead of heading in the door here however, continue past the rubble that earlier in the game blocked us off and open the chest on the other side for the Chloe Valens Carta Card. You can also go through the door here to find a chest holding two Sages, but that's all to do so head out and shuttle to Lastalia Shaft.

    Lastalia Shaft

    • Items:
      • Destiny Breakers
      • Alluring Feather
      • Rebirth Crusader
      • Luminous Core
      • Sword of Legendia
      • Innocent Shiners
      • Deathly Abyss
      • Magic Carta No. 51 (Reid Hershel)
      • 80000 Gald
      • Mythology Bearer
      • Red Liquid
      • Purple Liquid
      • Classified Seed
      • Green Liquid
      • Magic Carta No. 52 (Farah Oersted)
      • Mythical Scale
      • Magic Carta No. 54 (Max)
      • 160000 Gald
      • Magic Carta No. 53 (Chat)
      • Incredible Bone
      • Yellow Liquid
      • Phact Phantasia
    • Discoveries:
      • Mining Samples
      • Data Transmitter

    Before you go anywhere in this dungeon, go buy four Poison Charms from Lhant, four Paralysis Charms from Barona, four Burn Charms from Gralesyde, four Slow Charms from Oul Raye, and finally four Weak Charms from Zavhert. Return to Lastalia Shaft now and continue.

    Go all the way south and take the warp to begin. Start by going south across two platforms, east across two, and then south again to reach a lift, grabbing the Destiny Breakers from a chest to the right just before you actually reach it. Ride it down to Base 3 and take the next one down to Base 4. Go west and find an Alluring Feather, then east and take the warp back up. From here go west across one platform and north twice to reach the entrance, then take the north bridge that leads northeast, southeast and south for a chest containing the Rebirth Crusader. Follow the reverse of the above directions now (north, northwest, southwest) and take the lift to the east of where you began. A Luminous Core can be found down here, after which you can take a warp and go southwest when the path splits to descend once again. Go southwest when the path splits and take the lift down to find a warp. After you take it, go northeast at the three way spilt for the Sword of Legendia, then return and go southeast until you reach another lift and descend. Head to the northwest part of this area and then take the path up to the northeast for the Innocent Shiners, then go southeast and take the first lift you come across to descend, after which you can warp up.

    West across two platforms and then north across two from here to reach the entrance once again, then go north (remembering that it curves to the northeast) and take the northwestern path this time. At the four-way fork choose to go south and descend, continuing east for a Deathly Abyss. Go back a bit and take the far north platform down to Base 5, going south to find the Reid Hershel Carta Card. Now go east and warp back up and go northwest across two platforms and southwest to return to the beginning, then take the east lift again. Warp to the west, then go southwest when the path splits and ride the lift down. Southwest when the path splits to another lift, then warp again and go all the way east to descend via yet another lift. This time go all the way northeast and descend via the lift to reach Base 6. Grab the chest here for 80000 Gald, examine north for the Mining Samples Discovery and finally go west for a save point. Before we can go north though, take the warp to the west and we'll be back up at the entrance. Go north (curving northeast), northwest, west all the way, and southwest to descend to Base 3. This time at the split go northeast and ride the lift here to Base 5. Check the device here, then go back to the two sets of stairs you just unlocked. Take the west set down, go just to their north and walk a bit to the right until you're in the corner here. There's a hidden chest that contains a Mythology Bearer. After that take the north warp, going east at the four way split across two platforms, then southwest and south to reach the entrance. Take the west warp down, then save your game and go north for a battle. Afterwards you'll be in a new lower level of the shaft and you can go south to continue.

    Down on the second floor, equip the Burn Charms on your party and go west around the crystal until you fight an Enervite Hulk. Beat it and you'll get a Red Liquid, then return to the red crystal and use it to neutralize the spring. Go to the far southeast and check the pillar jutting up from the ground to knock it down a bit, then go northeast until you reach the glyph by the tree, taking it down to the third floor and equipping your Slow Charms before going all the way west and fighting a Futilite Hulk for some Purple Liquid. Go to the far southeast for a Classified Seed, then take the the upper east path from the Futilite Hulk and neutralize this crystal, then descend via the nearby platform. Equip your Poison Charms before going all the way southwest to fight an Oblivite Hulk and earn some Green Liquid, then open the nearby chest for the Farah Oersted Carta Card. Now go all the way southeast (picking up a Mythical Scale along the way), cross the makeshift bridge consisting of the pillar we knocked down earlier and break this one here as well. Go northeast from here and neutralize the green crystal to advance. Go west a bit and take the platform here down.

    On the sixth floor, equip your Weak Charms and open the chest right to the southeast here for the Max Carta Card, then go west when the path splits and check the chest for 160000 Gald. Fight the Glacite Hulk just northwest of here for some Grey Liquid, then take the platform to your right to find the Chat Carta Card. Cross over to find another chest holding an Incredible Bone, then examine the 85th and final Discovery here and add the Data Transmitter to your book and have Malik receive the Ultimate Discoverer title. Back down to where we fought the Glacite Hulk, go northeast and neutralize the grey crystal before heading around to the far southeast and taking the platform here up to the fifth floor. Equip your Paralysis Charms and go northeast to fight the Debilitite Hulk and receive some Yellow Liquid, then go back to the northwest and neutralize the final crystal. Return to the sixth floor and go back to the grey crystal there to the northwest from where we are, descending via the platform just south of it. Down on the seventh floor, go northeast and open the chest for the Phact Phantasia. You're free to switch up your accessories again now, so do so if you wish and save your game before going south for a fight. Take the warp to the southwest afterwards.

    Fodra's Core

    • Items:
      • Katz Klothes
      • Magic Carta No. 55 (Keele Zeibel)
      • Fatal Attraction
      • Hourglass
      • Elixir
      • Golden Figure
      • Arcane Bottle x3
      • Magic Carta No. 56 (Meredy)
      • Magic Carta No. 58 (Illia Animi)
      • Grilled Chicken Bowl x10

    Not much to say, just take the left and right paths as they pop up while moving north to reach the next area. At the far southeast you can find some Katz Klothez, while the southwest path holds the Keele Zeibel Carta Card. Take the west path above this one for a Fatal Attraction, then go to the east for an Hourglass. Now stick to the north a bit and walk to the very west (careful not to take the southern path back to the Fatal Attraction) for an Elixir, and head directly opposite to the right side for a Golden Figure. This item is very special because if you use it on one of your characters, they'll gain a title that lets them turn into Richard during battle. Anyway, take the east path above this one for three Arcane Bottles and then, as you know, go west for the Meredy Carta Card. Save here and take the portal out to the shuttle, then enter Oul Raye and check the shining spot by the inn for the Illia Animi Carta Card. You can also head over to the Amarcian Enclave and enter Pascal's Room for a skit fight between Cheria and Pascal; win and you'll get ten Grilled Chicken Bowls. Return to the core now and continue north for your final battle.

    Boss: Fodra Queen

    As the final boss, it's only natural to expect that she be annoying. And you'd be correct to assume so. She begins battle by standing on this flower that manages to keep her out of the range of a decent number of your attacks, meaning that if you have any spellcasters you may want to switch to them for the first little bit. She'll switch each time she loses about a quarter of her HP, and when she does you'll be faced with her second style of attacking. The flower disappears but a sword takes its place, effectively mowing down your characters with relative ease. Still, this is the time for your melee characters to shine. She hits fast and incredibly hard, so be sure to keep an eye on your health at all times while fighting her.

    Once you get her down to 6% of her total HP she may use a mystic arte called Dual the Sol that can almost wipe out your entire party. This isn't very fair, but thankfully the game has included a way of counteracting the deadly technique; by moving the controls in certain positions you can retaliate against it and kill her. Just note that it's entirely optional and if you're having trouble, you can pause in between each mystic arte to confirm the buttons.

    Mystic ArteControls to Counter
    Dual the SolHold the left control stick to the left + Hold O
    Aquarius SphereHold X
    Prism StarsHold Triangle
    Shining GateHold Square
    Nova ExplosionHold Triangle + Hold O
    Maxwell MinimusHold Square + Hold X + Hold O
    Dimensional MaterialHold Square + Hold Triangle + Hold X + Hold O

    Afterwards, enjoy the cutscenes. You've deserved them! When prompted to make a save, SAVE TO A NEW FILE as it takes you back to the end of the main game. Load up your save to continue doing things on your current playthrough, or go to Extras on the main menu and select New Game +.