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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shinarouji

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    Table of Contents

    1. I. About This Guide
      1. General
      2. Copyright
      3. Contact Information
    2. II. Version History
      1. Latest and Greatest
      2. Past Updates
    3. III. Game Introduction
      1. Story Synopsis
      2. Character Profiles
      3. Character Analysis
      4. Party Suggestions
    4. IV. Gameplay
      1. Controls
      2. Battle System
      3. Strategy
      4. Titles
      5. Eleth Gauge
      6. Inn Requests
      7. Dualize
    5. V. Childhood Arc Walkthrough
      1. Lhant Hill
      2. Lhant
      3. West Lhant Road
      4. Return to Lhant
      5. Lhant Hill
      6. East Lhant Highroad
      7. Barona
    6. VI. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part I)
      1. Orlen Woods
      2. Barona
      3. Lhant
      4. Seaside Cavern
    7. VII. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part II)
      1. Barona Catacombs
      2. Wallbridge Ruins
      3. Gralesyde
      4. Wallbridge
      5. Barona Catacombs
    8. VIII. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part III)
      1. North Lhant Road
      2. Oul Raye
      3. Sable Izolle
      4. Inside the Rockgagong
      5. Yu Liberte
      6. Strahta Desert Ruins
    9. IX. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part IV)
      1. Yu Liberte
      2. Warrior's Roost
      3. Velanik
      4. Zavhert
      5. Amarcian Enclave
      6. Fendel Research Lab
      7. Fendel Tower
      8. Fendel Glacier Ruins
    10. X. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part V)
      1. Zavhert
      2. Lhant
      3. Untrodden Snowfield
      4. Snowshroud Ruins
    11. XI. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part VI)
      1. Region 13
      2. Humanoid Research Center
      3. Bathus Citadel
      4. Telos Astue
    12. XII. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part VII)
      1. Lambda's Cocoon
      2. Sidequests
      3. Ghardia Shaft
    13. XIII. Future Arc Walkthrough
      1. Lhant
      2. Gustwork Ruins
      3. Strahta Desert Ruins
      4. Eleth Research Laboratory
      5. Arcadia Garden
      6. Lastalia Shaft
      7. Fodra's Core
      8. Role-Playing Dolls
      9. Grade Shop
    14. XIV. Sidequests
    15. XV. Library
      1. Consumables
      2. Dishes
      3. Materials
      4. Weapons
      5. Armor
      6. Unique Equipment
      7. Gems
      8. Valuables
      9. Dualize Book
      10. Discovery Book
      11. Enemy Book
    16. XVI. Titles
      1. Asbel
      2. Sophie
      3. Hubert
      4. Cheria
      5. Malik
      6. Pascal
      7. Richard
      8. Skill Terms
    17. XVII. Shops
      1. Lhant
      2. Barona
      3. Gralesyde
      4. Oul Raye
      5. Sable Izolle
      6. Yu Liberte
      7. Velanik
      8. Zavhert
      9. Amarcian Enclave
      10. Telos Astue
      11. Turtlez Shop
      12. Katz Korner
    18. XVIII. Frequently Asked Questions
    19. XIX. Credits

    XV. Library (Continued)

    Unique Equipment

    As with weapons, each character has a specific set of extra equipment they can use. They are the following: Scabbards (Asbel), Anklets (Sophie), Glasses (Hubert), Ribbons (Cheria), Colognes (Malik), Scarves (Pascal), and Cloaks (Richard).


    #NameP. DEFEffectLocation
    U001Bronze Scabbard14N/AShop: Barona
    U002Polished Bronze Scabbard14Hurt Chain [2]Barona Inn Request
    U003Iron Scabbard16X-Beast [1]Shop: Barona
    U004Steel Scabbard24Hurt Strike [1]Shop: Gralesyde
    U005Hardened Steel Scabbard24Hurt Strike [2]Oul Raye Inn Request
    U006Titanium Scabbard32Hurt Stand [1]Shop: Oul Raye
    U007Fine Titanium Scabbard32Hurt Stand [2]Yu Liberte Inn Request
    U008Silver Scabbard38X-Spirit [2]Chest: West Strahta Desert
    U009Gold Scabbard40X-Inorganic [2]Shop: Zavhert
    U010Platinum Scabbard42Sorcerer [2]Shop: Zavhert
    U011Hyper Scabbard55Steadfast [1]Shop: Telos Astue
    U012Rare Scabbard64Valiant [3]Shop: Katz Korner
    U013Battle Scabbard92Steadfast [1]Master Rank Arena Reward
    U014Grimm Scabbard115X-Nova [5]Chest: Zhonecage Floor 5
    U015Fairy Scabbard64Sorcerer [4]Zhonecage Floor 5


    #NameP. ATKEffectLocation
    U017Pretty Anklet16Hurt Guard [1]Shop: Lhant
    U018Cute Anklet16Hurt Guard [2]Gralesyde Inn Request
    U019Floral Anklet24Hurt Smash [1]Shop: Gralesyde
    U020Fancy Floral Anklet24Hurt Smash [2]Sable Izolle Inn Request
    U021Titanium Anklet32X-Insect [2]Shop: Sable Izolle
    U022Moon Anklet38Hurt Cast [1]Chest: North Strahta Desert
    U023Lunar Anklet38Hurt Cast [2]Amarcian Enclave Inn Request
    U024Star Anklet42X-Machine [2]Shop: Amarcian Enclave
    U025Rune Anklet55Boost [1]Shop: Telos Astue
    U026Misty Anklet64Assassin [3]Shop: Katz Korner
    U027Mythril Anklet92Boost [1]Katz Korner Inn Request
    U028Grimm Anklet115X-Nova [5]Chest: Zhonecage Floor 9
    U029Ancient Donut64Paladin [4]Zhonecage Floor 9


    U030Simple Frames35N/AShop: Yu Liberte
    U031Plain Glasses35Hurt Strike [2]Warrior's Roost Inn Request
    U032Silver Frames38X-Spirit [1]Chest: North Strahta Desert
    U033Fancy Frames38X-Spirit [2]Velanik Inn Request
    U034Gold Frames40X-Inorganic [2]Shop: Amarcian Enclave
    U035Gold Glasses40X-Inorganic [3]Zavhert Inn Request
    U036Platinum Frames42Sorcerer [2]Shop: Amarcian Enclave
    U037Platinum Glasses42Sorcerer [3]Amarcian Enclave Inn Request
    U038Goggles55Trick [1]Shop: Telos Astue
    U039Monocle64Paladin [3]Shop: Katz Korner
    U040Scholar's Monocle92Trick [1]Oul Raye Inn Request
    U041Nerdy Glasses64Valiant [4]Zhonecage Floor 2


    #NameC. DEFEffectLocation
    U042Ribbon14N/AShop: Barona
    U043Pretty Ribbon16Hurt Guard [2]Shop: Lhant
    U044Lovely Ribbon16Hurt Guard [2]Lhant Inn Request
    U045Red Ribbon24Hurt Cast [1]Shop: Gralesyde
    U046Freshened Ribbon24Hurt Cast [2]Sable Izolle Inn Request
    U047Blue Ribbon35X-Reptile [2]Shop: Yu Liberte
    U048Orange Ribbon38X-Amorphous [2]Chest: West Strahta Desert
    U049Green Ribbon40X-Plant [2]Shop: Zavhert
    U050Elemental Ribbon42Sorcerer [2]Shop: Zavhert
    U051Magical Ribbon55Share [1]Shop: Telos Astue
    U052Ancient Cloth64Valiant [3]Shop: Katz Korner
    U053Weird Ribbon92Share [1]Warrior's Roost Inn Request
    U054Jet Black AntennaeHunter [4]Zhonecage Floor 1


    #NameC. ATKEffectLocation
    U055Natural Scent14N/ADefault
    U056Scarlet Aroma24X-Spirit [1]Shop: Gralesyde
    U057Rose's Whisper24X-Spirit [2]Yu Liberte Inn Request
    U058Mariner's Musk32X-Aquatic [2]Shop: Oul Raye
    U059Citrus Wind38X-Human [2]Shop: Turtlez
    U060Leafy Balm40X-Plant [2]Shop: Zavhert
    U061Magic for Men42Hurt Cast [1]Shop: Zavhert
    U062Mystical Allure42Hurt Cast [2]Amarcian Enclave Inn Request
    U063Tiger's Essence55Release [1]Shop: Telos Astue
    U064Debonaire Dandy64Valiant [3]Shop: Katz Korner
    U065Chivalrous Night92Release [1]Master Rank Arena Reward
    U066Eau de Peau64Warrior [4]Zhonecage Floor 7


    U067Long Scarf24N/ADefault
    U068Pretty Scarf32X-Dragon [2]Shop: Sable Izolle
    U069Beautiful Scarf32X-Dragon [3]Oul Raye Inn Request
    U070Red Scarf38Hurt Strike [1]Chest: Strahta Desert Ruins
    U071Hot-Blooded Scarf38Hurt Strike [2]Warrior's Roost Inn Request
    U072Blue Scarf40Anchor [1]Shop: Amarcian Enclave
    U073Orange Scarf42Hurt Cast [1]Shop: Amarcian Enclave
    U074Mandarin Scarf42Hurt Cast [2]Amarcian Enclave Inn Request
    U075Green Scarf55X-Fiend [2]Shop: Telos Astue
    U076Nature's Scarf55X-Fiend [3]Win Magic Carta (Hard Mode)
    U077Magical Scarf64Anchor [1]Shop: Katz Korner
    U078Fluffy Muffler92Sorcerer [4]See: Sidequests
    U079Fluffi Muffler92Sorcerer [5]Chest: Zhonecage Floor 8
    U080Fox...Scarf?64Assassin [4]Zhonecage Floor 8


    #NameStat IncreaseEffectLocation
    U081Royal CloakEVA +22Paladin [1]Default
    U082Elven CloakEVA +29Assassin [2]Chest: Wallbridge
    U083Undine CloakP. DEF +40X-Freeze [5]Chest: Strahta Desert Ruins (Future Arc)
    U084Gnome CloakC. DEF +40X-Petrify [5]Chest: Wallbridge (Future Arc)
    U085Sylph CloakACC +40X-Poison [5]Chest: Gustworks Ruins
    U086Efreet CloakP. ATK +40X-Burn [5]Chest: Fendel Glacier Ruins (Future Arc)


    You can either get gems by dualizing shards with equipment pieces, mastering then and then dualizing the attribute with another mastered equipment of the same type, or by simply dualizing two existing gems. As per usual, Dualize means check the Dualize Book.




    G020Poison Charm92% chance of preventing poisonShop: Lhant
    G021Paralysis Charm92% chance of preventing paralysisShop: Barona
    G022Freeze Charm92% chance of preventing freezeShop: Velanik
    G023Burn Charm92% chance of preventing burnShop: Gralesyde
    G024Stone Charm92% chance of preventing petrifyShop: Yu Liberte
    G025Slow Charm92% chance of preventing slowShop: Oul Raye
    G026Seal Charm92% chance of preventing artesealShop: Telos Astue
    G027Curse Charm92% chance of preventing curseShop: Telos Astue
    G028Weak Charm92% chance of preventing weakShop: Zavhert
    G029Poison-Paralysis Charm84% chance of preventing poison/paralysisDualize
    G030Poison-Freeze Charm84% chance of preventing poison/freezeDualize
    G031Poison-Burn Charm84% chance of preventing poison/burnDualize
    G032Poison-Stone Charm84% chance of preventing poison/petrifyDualize
    G033Poison-Slow Charm84% chance of preventing poison/slowDualize
    G034Poison-Seal Charm84% chance of preventing poison/artesealDualize
    G035Poison-Curse Charm84% chance of preventing poison/curseDualize
    G036Poison-Weak Charm84% chance of preventing poison/weakDualize
    G037Paralysis-Freeze Charm84% chance of preventing paralysis/freezeDualize
    G038Paralysis-Burn Charm84% chance of preventing paralysis/burnDualize
    G039Paralysis-Stone Charm84% chance of preventing paralysis/petrifyDualize
    G040Paralysis-Slow Charm84% chance of preventing paralysis/slowDualize
    G041Paralysis-Seal Charm84% chance of preventing paralysis/artesealDualize
    G042Paralysis-Curse Charm84% chance of preventing paralysis/curseDualize
    G043Paralysis-Weak Charm84% chance of preventing paralysis/weakDualize
    G044Freeze-Burn Charm84% chance of preventing freeze/burnDualize
    G045Freeze-Stone Charm84% chance of preventing freeze/petrifyDualize
    G046Freeze-Slow Charm84% chance of preventing freeze/slowDualize
    G047Freeze-Seal Charm84% chance of preventing freeze/artesealDualize
    G048Freeze-Curse Charm84% chance of preventing freeze/curseDualize
    G049Freeze-Weak Charm84% chance of preventing freeze/weakDualize
    G050Burn-Stone Charm84% chance of preventing burn/petrifyDualize
    G051Burn-Slow Charm84% chance of preventing burn/slowDualize
    G052Burn-Seal Charm84% chance of preventing burn/artesealDualize
    G053Burn-Curse Charm84% chance of preventing burn/curseDualize
    G054Burn-Weak Charm84% chance of preventing burn/weakDualize
    G055Stone-Slow Charm84% chance of preventing petrify/slowDualize
    G056Stone-Seal Charm84% chance of preventing petrify/artesealDualize
    G057Stone-Curse Charm84% chance of preventing petrify/curseDualize
    G058Stone-Weak Charm84% chance of preventing petrify/weakDualize
    G059Slow-Seal Charm84% chance of preventing slow/artesealDualize
    G060Slow-Curse Charm84% chance of preventing slow/curseDualize
    G061Slow-Weak Charm84% chance of preventing slow/weakDualize
    G062Seal-Curse Charm84% chance of preventing arteseal/curseDualize
    G063Seal-Weak Charm84% chance of preventing arteseal/weakDualize
    G064Curse-Weak Charm84% chance of preventing curse/weakDualize


    Sections will be divided between key items, request items, Manuscripts and even the Carta Cards.

    Key Items

    #NameHow to Get
    V001User's GuideAutomatic
    V002Collector's BookAutomatic
    V003Discovery BookExamine the Apple Tree in Lhant
    V004Enemy BookExamine the right desk in Asbel's room
    V005World MapStory Event
    V006Stamp Card CaseStory Event
    V007Manual ManualChest in the cottage on East Lhant Highroad
    V008Eleth MixerStory Event
    V009Soul OrbObtained from fighting enemies x amount of times
    V010GlassphereVarious chests in the Childhood Arc
    V011TrashRandomly found from shining spots
    V012Arithmos CoreChests inside the Ghardia Shaft
    V013Plucked FlowerStory Event
    V014Richard's RingStory Event
    V015Letter from MomStory Event
    V016Fortress KeyStory Event
    V017Pressed SopheriaStory Event
    V018Letter to the PresidentStory Event
    V019Good-Luck CharmStory Event
    V020Rockgagong FluteStory Event
    V021Pascal's DiagramStory Event
    V022ID CardStory Event
    V023Spy's LetterStory Event
    V024Old Military CredentialsStory Event
    V025Elevator KeyStory Event
    V026Security PassStory Event
    V027Chancellor's LetterStory Event
    V028Archive of Wisdom KeyStory Event
    V029Pigeon CommunicatorStory Event
    V030Derris BitStory Event
    V031Derris RingsStory Event
    V032Sopheria SeedsStory Event
    V033Night Lily SeedsShining spot in Barona
    V034Canola SeedsShining spot in Gralesyde
    V035Amaryllis SeedsShining spot in Oul Raye
    V036Gerbera SeedsShining spot in Sable Izolle
    V037Lassamble SeedsShining spot in Yu Liberte
    V038Daphne SeedsShining spot in Warrior's Roost
    V039Niferum SeedsShining spot in Velanik
    V040Bloody Rose SeedsShining spot in Zavhert
    V041Jack-in-the-Pulpit SeedsShining spot in Amarcian Enclave
    V042Nameless Flower SeedsShining spot in Telos Astue
    V043Cat Pine SeedsShining spot in Katz Korner
    V044Turtlez Tot's NoteTurtlez Tot in Oul Raye
    V045Katz PlushieChild in Zavhert
    V046Estelle PlushieDualize
    V047Prince PlushieDualize
    V048Ba'ul PlushieChest in Yu Liberte
    V049Bush Baby PlushieResidence in Velanik
    V050Imp PlushieChest in Gralesyde
    V051Noko PlushieChest in Lhant
    V052Moji-kun PlushieChest in Barona
    V053Mizu-chan PlushieDualize
    V054Lara's MedalSidequest
    V055Best Princess StoriesBarona, Lhant, Gralesyde, Velanik and Zavhert
    V056Victor's BadgeSidequest
    V057Conqueror's BadgeSidequest
    V058Amarcian KeyBathus Citadel
    V059Memory CoreSidequest
    V061Lost AnkletCollect 40 Carta Cards & speak with the man at Zavhert Port
    V062Hero StaffSandshroud Ruins
    V063Argo IrisDrop: Abysseon (Ghardia Shaft)
    V064Turtlez FluteTurtlez HQ
    V065Katz DekoderCat-Crazy Coot's House
    V066Gloandrake's CryasBeat the Green Dragon
    V067Duplewyrm's CryasBeat the Blue Dragon
    V068Forbrawyvern's CryasBeat the Red Dragon
    V069Letter from RichardStory Event
    V070Gas Control LeverEleth Research Laboratory
    V071Memory DataStory Event
    V072Red LiquidLastalia Shaft
    V073Purple LiquidLastalia Shaft
    V074Yellow LiquidLastalia Shaft
    V075Green LiquidLastalia Shaft
    V076Grey LiquidLastalia Shaft


    Not much to note, other than locked chests will have their passwords in brackets right beside them.

    #NameEffectRequired ElethLocation
    V077Book of PerfectionRandomly restores 4-16 eleth when you score a no-damage victory.0Chest: Barona Catacombs
    V078Book of MaintenanceRestores up to 5% of your eleth when you complete a battle without cooking.0Chest: Wallbridge Ruins
    V079Book of WealthRandomly gives 2-14 Gald at the end of battle.Up to 2%Locked Chest: Gralesyde (4)
    V080Book of DissolutionTakes items won in combat that can't be held and turns them into eleth.0Shop: Gralesyde
    V081Book of TalentGrants 3% extra SP at the end of battle.10Chest: Wallbridge
    V082Book of PrecedenceRestores eleth if highest achieved combo in a battle is a multiple of 10 hits.0Chest: Wallbridge Ruins
    V083Book of SuppressionDoubles your eleth bonus when you successfully strike all weak points in a combo.0Chest: Castle Secret Passage.
    V084Book of SustenanceRestores HP as you travel.1 per set travelled distanceLocked Chest: Oul Raye (turtlez)
    V085Book of RestraintMakes dishes cooked restore 1/4 of the usual HP, but at half the eleth cost.0Locked Chest: Sable Izolle (rockgagong)
    V086Book of PotentialHastens Eleth Mixer development when a dish is cooked in battle.2x original cost of dishDrop: General (Warrior's Roost)
    V087Book of PreemptionGrants an extra 1 CC at the beginning of battle.16Chest: Inside the Rockgagong
    V088Book of GatheringDoubles the odds of acquiring material items.30Shop: Lhant (Rank 10)
    V089Book of AcquisitionMakes enemies drop shards more often.50Locked Chest: Amarcian Enclave (gauss)
    V090Book of DuplicationGives out two items instead of one whenever the Eleth Mixer generates an item.3x original cost of itemChest: Strahta Desert Ruins
    V091Book of SwiftnessBoosts movement speed on the field.1 per set travelled distance.Shop: Turtlez (Rank 3)
    V092Book of MetabolismDoubles the duration of cooked dishes.2x original cost of dishLocked Chest: Warrior's Roost (riot peak)
    V093Book of FinesseDoubles steal success rate.10 eleth every 30 secondsLocked Chest: Zavhert (ironspike)
    V094Book of SatiationAllows the mixer to cook two dishes per battle.0Drop: Viscera Parasite
    V095Book of SerendipityDoubles the odds of receiving items that have not yet been acquired.20 eleth if successfulChest: Fendel Research Facility
    V096Book of CuisineDoubles recovery effect of dishes cooked in battle.3x original cost of dishMagic Carta Clear (Normal Mode)
    V097Book of ValorRestores eleth when defeating a high-level enemy. Determined by the difference between highest enemy level and average party levelRangesChest: Fendel Glacier Ruins
    V098Book of Holy WaterMaintains the effects of a Holy Bottle.1 per set travelled distance.Amarcian Enclave Inn Request
    V099Book of SolitudeDrops active battle party to one member.0Chest: Sandshroud Ruins
    V100Book of DeductionDeducts gald to refill eleth whenever entering a town.0Locked Chest: Velanik (strahteme)
    V101Book of ExchangingHalves glad earned, but restores a proportional amount of eleth.0Chest: Humanoid Research Center
    V102Book of EnthusiasmHalves all stats except ACC, doubles EXP earned.30Locked Chest: Telos Astue (ephinea)
    V103Book of FortuneDoubles item generation success rate in the Eleth Mixer.2x original cost of itemChest: Bathus Citadel
    V104Book of PassionHalves all stats except ACC, doubles SP earned.50Drop: Richard
    V105Book of StrikingCounts twice the amount of arte usage.Shop: Turtlez (Rank 10)
    V106Book of RestrictionHalves all stats except ACC, doubles critical rate.0Locked Chest: Yu Liberte (duplemar)
    V107Book of GrowthIncreases eleth capacity by having it in the Mixer.20Chest: Snowshroud Ruins
    V108Book of ExpansionIncreases the amount of items that can be set in the Eleth Mixer.20Chest: Fendel Tower B12
    V109Book of SmithingDoubles equipment temperament speed.20Chest: Lambda Cocoon
    V110Book of Audacity50% EXP/SP bonus, enemy critical hits do more damage.70Chest: Lambda Cocoon
    V111Book of FriendshipDrop: Amber (Riot Peak)
    V112Book of FortitudeCuts damage received in half.1 per 1/60 secondChest: Ghardia Shaft
    V113Book of PartnershipBoosts P. ATK of two characters by 35%30Drop: Amber (Zhonecage)
    V114Book of GloryDrop: Solomus
    V115Book of AwakeningDoubles the length of Eleth Burst.1200Drop: Dark Turtlez
    V116Book of FrugalityReduces eleth uses for cooking in half.50 if not activated in battleDrop: Rockgagong

    Carta Cards

    Initial quotes will be provided for those who have trouble with the minigame attached to this. As for the names, localized ones will be on the left while the original Japanese ones will be on the right, as many fans know the characters by one or the other. In the cases that they are the same, only one name will be posted. Note that anything past Magic Carta No. 50 (Marta) is available in the Future Arc only with the exception of Amber.

    #NameInitial QuoteSecondary QuoteLocation
    V117Magic Carta No. 1 (Stahn)Th-The sword spoke!How in the world can you speak?Shining Spot - East Lhant Highroad
    V118Magic Carta No. 2 (Rutee)Hey, Atwight? I have something to ask you...It's about Leon.Shining Spot - North Barona Road
    V119Magic Carta No. 3 (Philia)L-Look out!Philia Bomb!Shining Spot - West Lhant Road
    V120Magic Carta No. 4 (Garr / Woodrow)Allow me to disengage my limiter!I leave the rest...to you...Shining Spot - North Lhant Road
    V121Magic Carta No. 5 (Leon / Lion)I hail from the Kingdom of Seingald...My name is Leon Magnus.Shining Spot - South Barona Road
    V122Magic Carta No. 6 (Chelsea)No way, I'm not lost!I was just hanging out with Keyaki and my other friends!Shining Spot - Gralesyde Highroad
    V123Magic Carta No. 7 (Mary)I'm alive, Dalis.You saved my life twice.Shining Spot - Old Grale Highroad
    V124Magic Carta No. 8 (Karyl / Johnny)People call me "Blue Lightning".You can call me Karyl!Shining Spot - Strahta Craglands
    V125Magic Carta No. 9 (Bruiser / Kongman)I am the champion!Hey, kid! I got next! Remember that!Shining Spot - Strahta Desert (East)
    V126Magic Carta No. 10 (Lilith)A ladle in my right hand, and a frying pan in my left!Arise! Wake the dead!Shining Spot - Strahta Desert (West)
    V127Magic Carta No. 11 (Dymlos)It's all right, Stahn...We've lived too long already.Shining Spot - Strahta Desert (North)
    V128Magic Carta No. 12 (Atwight)I think I've fulfilled my promise to your mother.Never change, okay Rutee?Shining Spot - Fendel Borderlands
    V129Magic Carta No. 13 (Igtenos)Glory to Phandaria!And long live Garr!Shining Spot - Fendel Mountain Pass
    V130Magic Carta No. 14 (Chaltier)You will always be my young master.I will follow you, no matter what.Shining Spot - Fendel Highlands
    V131Magic Carta No. 15 (Clemente)You'll be all right. You're a strong girl.Take care of yourself, Philia.Shining Spot - Mt. Zavhert
    V132Magic Carta No. 16 (Yuri)Intend to?I already have.Sable Izolle - Speak with the boy to the right of the research institute.
    V133Magic Carta No. 17 (Estelle)The voices of corpses buried beneath the trees...creep up and lure us to our doom.Shining Spot - Glacier Road
    V134Magic Carta No. 18 (Karol)Until you really think I'm a boss...I'll just do my part as a fellow member of Brave Vesperia.Shining Spot - Untrodden Snowfield
    V135Magic Carta No. 19 (Rita)You thought you could win?Too bad!Sable Izolle - Speak with the boy to the right of the research institute.
    V136Magic Carta No. 20 (Raven)So this is the end, huh?Farewell, all my dear fans the world over.Shining Spot - Uncharted Sandstretch
    V137Magic Carta No. 21 (Judith)This is the path I have chosen....Goodbye.Shining Spot - Region 13
    V138Magic Carta No. 22 (Kyle)I want to be just like my dad!A great hero, just like him!Gralesyde - Speak with the maid out the back door of Duke Dalen's manor.
    V139Magic Carta No. 23 (Loni)Don't attack when your spirit is low!You'll get knocked back!Gralesyde - Speak with the maid out the back door of Duke Dalen's manor.
    V140Magic Carta No. 24 (Judas)Another nightmare...They always begin here, don't they, Chal?Lhant - Plant five seeds in Cheria's garden.
    V141Magic Carta No. 25 (Reala)Kyle? Kyyyyle!Hey! Over here!Zhonecage - Floor 9, Reala has a 25% chance of dropping this. You may refight her.
    V142Magic Carta No. 26 (Nanaly)I understood Lou better than anyone.If nothing else, I'm sure of that.Gralesyde - Speak with the maid out the back door of Duke Dalen's manor.
    V143Magic Carta No. 27 (Harold)Always keep your rocket launcher ready to fire.It's my motto!Gralesyde - Speak with the maid out the back door of Duke Dalen's manor.
    V144Magic Carta No. 28 (Cress / Cless)We need magic to defeat Dhaos.Would you help us, please?Shining Spot - Region 66
    V145Magic Carta No. 29 (Mint)I'm sure I heard my mother's voice!The voice that helped me pull through.Lhant - Chest up at the top of the windmill.
    V146Magic Carta No. 30 (Arche)Hmph! Chester...I REALLY, REALLY HATE YOU!Barona - Chest to the right just before the valkines cryas.
    V147Magic Carta No. 31 (Claus / Klarth)Defeat Dhaos? Are you...serious?Hmph, that's quite a tall tale.Gralesyde - Chest inside the storehouse.
    V148Magic Carta No. 32 (Suzu)I'm not going to cry.A true ninja steels her heart against such emotions.Oul Raye - Chest near the Turtlez.
    V149Magic Carta No. 33 (Chester)Cress...Did you know?Ami, she liked you.Sable Izolle - Chest down a little path due east of the inn.
    V150Magic Carta No. 34 (Lloyd)How can we go on a quest to regenerate the world...if we can't even save the people standing right in front of us?!Yu Liberte - Chest to the north of the left arch of the building just east of the weapon shop.
    V151Magic Carta No. 35 (Colette / Collet)Hehe...thanks.I'm glad I was able to live to this day.Warrior's Roost - Chest right by the inn.
    V152Magic Carta No. 36 (Genis / Genius)You don't have to apologize, Lloyd.I like you, as well as the people of Iselia.Velanik - Chest behind the child just as you enter.
    V153Magic Carta No. 37 (Raine / Refill)Lloyd Irving, wake up!Lloyd!Zavhert - Chest in town as you take the west path upon entering.
    V154Magic Carta No. 38 (Sheena / Shihna)The people of Mizuho were chased from this land.We all live in hiding.Amarcian Enclave - Chest in Pascal's room.
    V155Magic Carta No. 39 (Kratos)Hmph...and I thought I'd finally earned the right to die.But you're as softhearted as ever.Telos Astue - Chest in Emeraude's room.
    V156Magic Carta No. 40 (Zelos)Now, now, settle down, my darling hunnies!Hi there, my little cool beauty, are you hurt?Katz Korner - Chest in the first area.
    V157Magic Carta No. 41 (Presea)Thank you for assisting me with my daddy's burial....I've been a great burden on you all.Lhant - Rank 7 Shop
    V158Magic Carta No. 42 (Regal)I swear upon my good name and these shackles that bind me...I shall not betray you.Barona - Rank 9 Shop
    V159Magic Carta No. 43 (Luke)I'm the ambassador!What I say goes! Understand?!Gralesyde - Rank 6 Shop
    V160Magic Carta No. 44 (Guy)My sword cuts all!Enter the amazing guy!Oul Raye - Rank 7 Shop
    V161Magic Carta No. 45 (Tear)I didn't expect you to be a Seventh Fonist, too.That was careless of me.Sable Izolle - Rank 10 Shop
    V162Magic Carta No. 46 (Anise)Oh, no! Ion!The Commandant's in danger!Yu Liberte - Rank 9 Shop
    V163Magic Carta No. 47 (Jade)My apologies. I'd forgotten the young master here...hasn't a clue about the world around him.Velanik - Rank 6 Shop
    V164Magic Carta No. 48 (Natalia)Asch! Stop!You're making no sense!Zavhert - Rank 10 Shop
    V165Magic Carta No. 49 (Emil)Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality.Courage is what helped me make true friends.Amarcian Enclave - Rank 2 Shop
    V166Magic Carta No. 50 (Marta)Are you gonna fight with me or run?C'mon. You're a man. Speak up!Telos Astue - Rank 4 Shop
    V167Magic Carta No. 51 (Reid / Rid)There are people I love that live in this world.I'm not letting them die!Lastalia Shaft - Chest in Base 5
    V168Magic Carta No. 52 (Farah)Maybe we can become heroes!Yeah, no problem!Lastalia Shaft - Chest in Depths 4
    V169Magic Carta No. 53 (Chat)Will you become my deck hands?Not subordinates, but deckhands. And you will address me as captain!Lastalia Shaft - Chest in Depths 5
    V170Magic Carta No. 54 (Max / Fog)She doesn't like pickles on her burgers.She's kind of...well, you know.Lastalia Shaft - Chest in Depths 6
    V171Magic Carta No. 55 (Keele / Keel)What kind of technology does Celestia possess?What exactly is that stone attached to your forehead?Fodra's Core - Left side
    V172Magic Carta No. 56 (Meredy)You saved Meredy and Quickie.Thank you.Fodra's Core - Left side
    V173Magic Carta No. 57 (Ruca)It was probably just luck.I've...never been in a fight before.Strahta Desert Ruins - Chest near the entrance.
    V174Magic Carta No. 58 (Illia / Iria)What the heck are you doing?!Are you an enemy or a friend?!Oul Raye - By the inn after reaching the lowest part of Fodra's Core.
    V175Magic Carta No. 59 (Spada)What's up with you?You start talking to me and then just go quiet?Strahta Desert Ruins - West of the valkines cryas.
    V176Magic Carta No. 60 (Ange)Oh my! Then this meeting must be fate.I myself am Ange Serena.Fendel Glacier Ruins - Chest in the second room.
    V177Magic Carta No. 61 (Ricardo)Kids again?Since when did battlefields turn into playgrounds?Fendel Glacier Ruins - Chest in the third room.
    V178Magic Carta No. 62 (Hermana)Don't worry 'bout it. From now on, eat yer fill, 'kay?Imma work hard to keep ya fed.Fendel Glacier Ruins - Chest in the area behind the valkines cryas.
    V179Magic Carta No. 63 (Shing)A guy who can't even make the girl in front of him smile?Someone like that could never save the world.Lhant - Inn Request (Rusted Nail)
    V180Magic Carta No. 64 (Amber / Kohak)Yes. I believe you.A bad person couldn't use a Soma anyway.Zhonecage - Floor 3, Amber has a 25% chance of dropping this. You may refight her.
    V181Magic Carta No. 65 (Jadeite / Hisui)Listen up. You lay one finger on my sister...and you're dead.Barona - Inn Request (Hairpin)
    V182Magic Carta No. 66 (Beryl)Shut up! Just shut up!I don't trust anyone!Gralesyde - Inn Request (Pretty Anklet)
    V183Magic Carta No. 67 (Innes)Oh? A well-endowed beauty, you say?I get that all the time~!Oul Raye - Inn Request (Necklace)
    V184Magic Carta No. 68 (Kunzite)The unique identification code my master gave me is...Kunzite.Sable Izolle - Inn Request
    V185Magic Carta No. 69 (Veigue)All that matters is that Claire is safe.I don't care if I die myself.Warrior's Roost - Complete Master Class
    V186Magic Carta No. 70 (Mao)The past isn't important.The future is!... Heh heh.Gustworks Ruins - Chest while the groups are split up.
    V187Magic Carta No. 71 (Eugene)I have seen many Force adepts in my day...You have potential.Gustworks Ruins - Chest while the groups are split up.
    V188Magic Carta No. 72 (Annie)Life doesn't have any one color.That's the truth that I've learned.Gustworks Ruins - Chest when the groups reunite.
    V189Magic Carta No. 73 (Tytree)Wow, sweet! That's five stars right there!Did you know about the mushrooms?Zavhert Port - Show the old man 80 Carta Cards.
    V190Magic Carta No. 74 (Hilda)I will overcome...I will overcome myself!Gustworks Ruins - Return to the Discovery Point with a full party and open the chest.
    V191Magic Carta No. 75 (Senel)If she wants to hurt something we care about...Then we won't show her any mercy.Eleth Research Laboratory - Chest at the first puzzle.
    V192Magic Carta No. 76 (Will)My real occupation is that of a natural historian.I never claimed to be a sheriff.Eleth Research Laboratory - Chest directly in front of you after you defeat the boss.
    V193Magic Carta No. 77 (Chloe)It is my duty to help those in need.I shall accompany you.Eleth Research Laboratory - Chest past the first puzzle after clearing the dungeon.
    V194Magic Carta No. 78 (Norma)I have no doubt anymore, master!I won't run from the truth!Eleth Research Laboratory - After obtaining the Gas Control Lever, go south and use it to open a path to the chest containing her card.
    V195Magic Carta No. 79 (Moses)This here's a job for a real man!Y'all leave it to me.Arcadia Garden - Chest after finding five Otherworldly Seeds and moving the giant bear out of the way.
    V196Magic Carta No. 80 (Jay)I need to know. I can't stand it when there's something I don't know.You know?Arcadia Garden - Chest after finding five Otherworldly Seeds and moving the giant bear out of the way.
    V197Magic Carta No. 81 (Grune)Oh, come now. Let's not worry about little things, okay?They're...little.Arcadia Garden - Chest near the Discovery.
    V198Magic Carta No. 82 (Shirley)They have offered their hand...And I intend to accept it.Arcadia Garden - Chest found after taking one of the early warps in the dungeon.
    V199Magic Carta No. 83 (Caius)Let's see...Well, it's edible...I think.Yu Liberte - Inn Request
    V200Magic Carta No. 84 (Rubia)Come onnnn, flavor!Dinner's ready!Warrior's Roost - Inn Request (Bone Key)
    V201Magic Carta No. 85 (Asch)If you're scared of killing...then throw away your sword!Velanik - Inn Request (Seafood Set x5)
    V202Magic Carta No. 86 (Flynn)We need just laws laid down by the government...to ensure that people can live lives of stability and peace.Zavhert - Inn Request
    V203Magic Carta No. 87 (Repede)Grrrr...Woof! WOOF! WOOF!Amarcian Enclave - Inn Request (Seafood Stew)
    V204Magic Carta No. 88 (Patty)A villain like him? Pah!He deserves at least this much!Telos Astue - Inn Request (Green Scarf)
    V205Magic Carta No. 89 (Dio)Come on, it'll be fine!It'll work out somehow!Katz Korner - Inn Request (Glowfruit)
    V206Magic Carta No. 90 (Mell / Mel)How many times have we told you?It's dangerous to leave the house!Katz Korner - Inn Request (Fly Lure)

    Request Items

    V207Assorted FlowersLhant Manor Garden
    V208Anonymous LetterLhant Hill Tree
    V209Beloved HandkerchiefBarona
    V210Ship ModelBarona Catacombs
    V211Royal Knights' DocumentsBarona Bar
    V212Windor's Military HistoryEast Lhant Highroad Cottage
    V213Windor CrestBryce in Orlen Woods
    V214Tuning ForkSeaside Cavern
    V215Green CryasOld Grale Highroad
    V216Wallbridge EvidenceWallbridge Ruins, speak with Dalen first
    V217Businezz ApplicationTurtlez HQ
    V218Book of Rare CreaturesStrahta Craglands
    V219Trade PermitLhant
    V220Sunken CargoOul Raye
    V221Abandoned CargoUncharted Sandstretch
    V222Blue CryasSable Izolle
    V223Investigation ReportOul Raye
    V224Treasured Picture
    V225Proof of Another WorldShuttle Crash Site
    V226Polishing ToolsEast Strahta Desert
    V227Cherished LocketWest Strahta Desert
    V228Hand-Drawn Map
    V229Seablue StatueOswell Family Vault
    V230Daily MedicineArena
    V232SpadeFendel Mountain Pass
    V233DrillAmarcian Enclave
    V234Raw MaterialsMt. Zavhert
    V235Rockgagong FurSteal from the Rockgagong
    V238Research SamplePascal's Room
    V240Kurt's PendantFendel Glacier Ruins
    V241Replacement PartTelos Astue
    V242Drive UnitHumanoid Research Center
    V243Broken BroochRegion 66
    V244Data RecorderWorld's Eye
    V245Winner's TrophyAmarcian Enclave - Shot Cube
    V246Liquisilk FabricStrahta Desert Ruins
    V247Pearl WindthreadBarona Castle
    V248Shark FinBeach Resort

    Dualize Book

    This doesn't actually have its own book in the game like the others do - you can find it under the User's Guide. The "Cook" sub-section is basically the exact same as the Dishes section above, but for completion's sake it will be included here as well. The bare minimum information about Cooking will be posted, so for all the effects check the Dishes section.


    B001Apple GelApple + Gel SeedConsumable
    B002Peach GelPeach + Gel SeedConsumable
    B003Grape GelGrapes + Gel SeedConsumable
    B004Melon GelMelon + Gel SeedConsumable
    B005Syrup BottlePanacea Bottle + Strahtan CactusConsumable
    B006Life BottlePanacea Bottle + Truth SaltConsumable
    B007ElixirMelon Gel + Rainbow LensConsumable
    B008Holy BottleWater of Absolution + Morino FlowerConsumable
    B009Dark BottleWater of Absolution + Deathglow AlgaeConsumable
    B010Red SageSage + Suspicious PowderConsumable
    B011Red LavenderLavender + Suspicious PowderConsumable
    B012Red VerbenaVerbena + Suspicious PowderConsumable
    B013Red RosemaryRosemary + Suspicious PowderConsumable
    B014Red SaffronSaffron + Suspicious PowderConsumable
    B015Red ChamomileChamomile + Suspicious PowderConsumable
    B016Red SavorySavory + Suspicious PowderConsumable
    B017Mastery Tonic EXMastery Tonic C + KnightwaterConsumable
    B018Mastery Tonic GMastery Tonic EX + KnightwaterConsumable
    B019Eleth Bottle EXEleth Bottle C + KnightwaterConsumable
    B020Eleth Bottle GEleth Bottle EX + KnightwaterConsumable
    B021Soaring CrystalPretty Feather + Torn PageMaterial
    B022Wriggler CrystalVenomous Needle + Torn PageMaterial
    B023Submerged CrystalWhirling Seashell + Common MetalMaterial
    B024Seascale CrystalHard Scale + Common MetalMaterial
    B025Overgrown CrystalAnonymous Seed + Torn PageMaterial
    B026Fangtear CrystalPointy Fang + Common MetalMaterial
    B027Formless CrystalHazardous Liquid + Rare MetalMaterial
    B028Mighty CrystalDragon Scale + Rare MetalMaterial
    B029Bloodsucker CrystalBusted Blade + Rare MetalMaterial
    B030Possessed CrystalCore Fragment + Torn PageMaterial
    B031Reticent CrystalEarthen Pot + Legendary MetalMaterial
    B032Glacierfall CrystalRare Metal + IcicleMaterial
    B033Hyperdense CrystalDangerous Liquid + Lump of ClayMaterial
    B034High-Grade CrystalDecaying Sword + Lump of ClayMaterial
    B035Artificial CrystalWorking Gear + Rare MetalMaterial
    B036Violent CrystalLegendary Metal + TorchflameMaterial
    B037Blazing CrystalTorchflame + Torn PageMaterial
    B038Moist CrystalWater of Absolution + Common MetalMaterial
    B039Earthshudder CrystalGolden Bough + Lump of ClayMaterial
    B040Bluster CrystalElegant Feather + Lump of ClayMaterial
    B041Lightshimmer CrystalClear Core + Legendary MetalMaterial
    B042Darkshine CrystalPossessed Crystal + Torn PageMaterial
    B043Win StickLose Stick + Toxic FluidMaterial
    B044Lose StickWin Stick + Otherworldly SeedMaterial
    B045Jade FigureCorrupted Edge + EverlightMaterial
    B046Silver FigureMythical Scale + Giant's ShieldMaterial
    B047Seablue FigureKiller Fang + GodwoodMaterial
    B048Amber FigureAlluring Feather + Needle of ExtinctionMaterial
    B049Abyssal FigureArcane Gear + MeteoriteMaterial
    B050Scarlet FigureFantabulous Fur + Classified SeedMaterial
    B051Golden FigureIncredible Bone + Demon's ClawMaterial
    B052GlowfruitCore Dust + Nameless SeedCashable
    B053Tanned LeatherFur + Wood ChunkCashable
    B054HairpinFeather + Decaying FangCashable
    B055Poison FruitNameless Seed + Poison NeedleCashable
    B056PyrogenMysterious Liquid + Core DustCashable
    B057RingScale + SeashellCashable
    B058Animal GlueShattered Bone + FurCashable
    B059Music BoxBroken Gear + Rusted NailCashable
    B060HornDecaying Fang + Shattered BoneCashable
    B061Fly LureRusted Nail + FeatherCashable
    B062Poison BrewPoison Needle + Mysterious LiquidCashable
    B063Shell ChalkSeashell + Quarry StoneCashable
    B064Fishing RodWood Chunk + Chipped ClawCashable
    B065EarringChipped Claw + ScaleCashable
    B066Stone ClockQuarry Stone + Broken GearCashable
    B067LanternCore Fragment + Upper Quarry StoneCashable
    B068VellumFancy Fur + Anonymous SeedCashable
    B069Quill PenPretty Feather + Pointy FangCashable
    B070Deathwing WineAnonymous Seed + Venomous NeedleCashable
    B071Fine FileHazardous Liquid + Busted BladeCashable
    B072Collar FrillsHard Scale + Whirling SeashellCashable
    B073GelatinStrong Bone + Fancy FurCashable
    B074Gear PuzzleWorking Gear + Core FragmentCashable
    B075BraceletPointy Fang + Sharp ClawCashable
    B076Kitchen KnifeBusted Blade + Working GearCashable
    B077CausticVenomous Needle + Hazardous LiquidCashable
    B078Bone KeyWhirling Seashell + Strong BoneCashable
    B079Spirit MaskFine Wood + Pretty FeatherCashable
    B080NecklaceSharp Claw + Hard ScaleCashable
    B081Expensive DeckUpper Quarry Stone + Fine WoodCashable
    B082Imperial EggClear Core + Strange GearCashable
    B083Fireproof ClothFinest Fur + Dragon ScaleCashable
    B084Wings of IcarusElegant Feather + Finest FurCashable
    B085The Theory of EvolutionSecret Seed + Golden BoughCashable
    B086Soft StoneDangerous Liquid + Earthen PotCashable
    B087Black RingDragon Scale + Killer NeedleCashable
    B088Hand of GloryAmazing Bone + Emperor's ClawCashable
    B089Deicide BladeStrange Gear + Decaying SwordCashable
    B090White RingSharp Fang + Amazing BoneCashable
    B091Damascus SteelDecaying Sword + Dangerous LiquidCashable
    B092CantarellaKiller Needle + Secret SeedCashable
    B093All-Seeing EyeCrystal Seashell + Clear CoreCashable
    B094Demonsbane ArrowGolden Bough + Elegant FeatherCashable
    B095Decisive DiceEmperor's Claw + Sharp FangCashable
    B096Arc of the CovenantEarthen Pot + Crystal SeashellCashable
    B097Ashen RingBlack Ring + White RingCashable
    B098Stream RodFine Wood + Fishing RodCashable
    B099Carbon RodStrange Gear + Rare MetalCashable
    B100Neptune's RodGolden Bough + Damascus SteelCashable
    B101Balloon ClothPuffpetal Down + CausticCashable
    B102Stuffed DollPuffpetal Down + Balloon ClothCashable
    B103Annals of the AlmeseraKaigar's Script + Quill PenCashable
    B104Imperial CrestRare Metal + Imperial EggCashable
    B105Toxic FluidDeathglow Algae + CantarellaCashable
    B106Stinky BagGlowfruit + CausticCashable
    B107Rainbow LensFine File + All-Seeing EyeCashable
    B108Magical MirrorCommon Metal + The Theory of EvolutionCashable
    B109Bizarre ClumpLump of Clay + Soft StoneCashable
    B110KnightwaterTorchflame + IcicleCashable
    B111Frying PanCommon Metal + Fireproof ClothCashable
    B112Suspicious PowderAnimal Glue + Shell ChalkCashable
    B113Heavenly OreLegendary Metal + Damascus SteelCashable
    B114Feather BadgeCollar Frills + Balloon ClothCashable
    B115Masklike ObjectBone Key + Spirit MaskCashable
    B116Expensive CrownTorn Page + Heavenly OreCashable
    B117EverlightLuminous Core + Perilous LiquidCashable
    B118Estelle PlushieStuffed Doll + Imperial CrestCashable
    B119Prince PlushieStuffed Doll + Bizarre ClumpCashable
    B120Mizu-chan PlushieStuffed Doll + Toxic FluidCashable


    K001Rice BallRice + Dried Seaweed
    K002Plum Rice BallRice Ball + Pickled Plum
    K003Roe Rice BallRice Ball + Roe
    K004Salmon Rice BallRice Ball + Salmon
    K005Fried RiceRice + Egg
    K006Crab Fried RiceFried Rice + Crab
    K007DoriaRice + Cheese
    K008PaellaRice + Seafood Set
    K009BouillabaisseTomato + Seafood Set
    K010Fisherman's RiceRice + Crab
    K011Sweet and Sour EelRice + Eel
    K012Natto RiceRice + Natto
    K013Rice PorridgeRice + Tea Leaves
    K014Plum PorridgeRice Porridge + Pickled Plum
    K015Salmon PorridgeRice Porridge + Salmon
    K016Sea Bream PorridgeRice Porridge + Sea Bream
    K017Eel PorridgeRice Porridge + Eel
    K018Grilled Chicken BowlRice + Chicken
    K019Chicken and Egg BowlGrilled Chicken Bowl + Egg
    K020Pork Cutlet BowlRice + Pork
    K021Roe BowlRice + Roe
    K022Beef BowlRice + Beef
    K023Tuna BowlRice + Tuna
    K024Salmon and Roe BowlRoe Bowl + Salmon
    K025Sushi RollRoe Bowl + Dried Seaweed
    K026Natto RollNatto Rice + Dried Seaweed
    K027OmeletteTomato + Egg
    K028Rice OmeletteOmelette + Rice
    K029Soba OmeletteOmelette + Yakisoba Noodles
    K030PizzaBread + Cheese
    K031Pasta CarbonaraPasta + Egg
    K032Meat Sauce PastaPasta + Minced Meat
    K033Pasta VongolePasta + Clam
    K034Yakisoba NoodlesPasta + Pork
    K035SandwichBread + Lettuce
    K036French ToastBread + Egg
    K037Grilled CheeseSandwich + Cheese
    K038Pudding CakeBread + Pudding
    K039Natto on ToastBread + Natto
    K040Fried ManjuBread + Miso
    K041Potato SaladPotato + Carrot
    K042Baked PotatoPotato + Milk
    K043GratinChicken + Cheese
    K044Soup au GratinOnion + Cheese
    K045Pasta au GratinGratin + Meat Sauce Pasta
    K046CroquettesPotato + Minced Meat
    K047Beef CroquettesCroquettes + Beef
    K048Crab CroquettesCroquettes + Crab
    K049SteakBeef + Carrot
    K050Radish SteakSteak + Radish
    K051Marbled SteakHigh-Grade Beef + Carrot
    K052Marbled Radish SteakMarbled Steak + Radish
    K053Salisbury SteakOnion + Minced Meat
    K054Radish Salisbury SteakSalisbury Steak + Radish
    K055Tofu Salisbury SteakSalisbury Steak + Tofu
    K056HamburgerSalisbury Steak + Bread
    K057CheeseburgerHamburger + Cheese
    K058Double CheeseburgerHamburger + Cheeseburger
    K059Cabbage RollsCabbage + Minced Meat
    K060Scottish EggsSalisbury Steak + Egg
    K061Fried ChickenCabbage + Chicken
    K062Twice Cooked PorkCabbage + Pork
    K063Pork Potato StewPotatoes + Pork
    K064Beef Potato StewPotatoes + Beef
    K065Beef with Red Wine SauceRed Wine + Beef
    K066Dry CurrySpice Set + Minced Meat
    K067CurrySpice Set + Veggie Set
    K068Pork CurryCurry + Pork
    K069Chicken CurryCurry + Chicken
    K070Beef CurryCurry + Beef
    K071Seafood CurryCurry + Seafood Set
    K072StewVeggie Set + Milk
    K073Beef StewStew + Beef
    K074Seafood StewStew + Seafood Set
    K075Pot au FeuVeggie Set + Cabbage
    K076BorschtTomato + Beef
    K077Fish & ChipsPotato + Cod
    K078Salmon PiePie Sheet + Salmon
    K079Chili ShrimpTomato + Shrimp
    K080Curried CodSpice Set + Cod
    K081Miso-Glazed CodMiso + Cod
    K082CrablettesCrab + Egg
    K083Seafood SaladSeafood Set + Lettuce
    K084Clam Miso SoupMiso + Clam
    K085Radish Miso SoupMiso + Radish
    K086Tofu Miso SoupMiso + Tofu
    K087Beef TofuBeef + Tofu
    K088Mabo TofuTofu + Minced Meat
    K089Mabo EggplantMabo Tofu + Eggplant
    K090Mabo CurryMabo Tofu + Curry
    K091Dasihi StewRadish + Egg
    K092Miso StewDaishi Stew + Miso
    K093QuichePie Sheet + Egg8
    K094Apple PiePie Sheet + Apple
    K095Pumpkin PiePie Sheet + Pumpkin
    K096Banana PiePie Sheet + Banana
    K097Meat PiePie Sheet + Minced Meat
    K098Peach PiePie Sheet + Peach
    K099Chocolate PiePie Sheet + Chocolate
    K100Apple ParfaitWhite Wine + Apple
    K101Tomato ParfaitWhite Wine + Tomato
    K102Peach ParfaitWhite Wine + Peach
    K103Grape ParfaitWhite Wine + Grapes
    K104CheesecakeCheese + Egg
    K105PuddingMilk + Egg
    K106Pumpkin PuddingPudding + Pumpkin
    K107TruffleMilk + Chocolate
    K108Chocolate-Covered BananaBanana + Chocolate
    K109Chocolate PuddingPudding + Chocolate


    T001KatanaIron Sword + Moist CrystalSword
    T002FlambergeSteel Sword + Blazing CrystalSword
    T003ZephyrusRune Sword + Soaring CrystalSword
    T004Ice CoffinBattle Sword + Glacierfall CrystalSword
    T005BalmungPlatinum Sword + Mighty CrystalSword
    T006DurandalMythril Sword + High-Grade CrystalSword
    T007IslebergRare Sword + Reticent CrystalSword
    T008DisintegratorLong Sword + EnasphereSword
    T009ValkyraffeMythril Sword + Epic NeckSword
    T010DefendersSteel Gauntlets + Hyperdense CrystalGauntlet
    T011Garm's FangsRune Gauntlets + Wriggler CrystalGauntlet
    T012Lizard RippersBattle Gauntlets + Seascale CrystalGauntlet
    T013Crystal CuttersPlatinum Gauntlets + Lightshimmer CrystalGauntlet
    T014Titan's KnucklesMythril Gauntlets + Earthshudder CrystalGauntlet
    T015Shining TalonsRare Gauntlets + Violent CrystalGauntlet
    T016Diabolic SlicersIron Gauntlets + DiosphereGauntlet
    T017KittletsBattle Gauntlets + Kitty's PawGauntlet
    T018Beastfang BladeRune Dualblade + Possessed CrystalDualblade
    T019Twin LancerPlatinum Dualblade + Formless CrystalDualblade
    T020Aqua LimitMythril Dualblade + Submerged CrystalDualblade
    T021VoltekkaRare Dualblade + Bluster CrystalDualblade
    T022Sevenstar DualbladeRune Dualblade + TriasphereDualblade
    T023Pike PikePlatinum Dualblade + GillshinerDualblade
    T024Fruit KnivesSteel Knives + Overgrown CrystalDagger
    T025Bluesky BladesRune Knives + Bluster CrystalDagger
    T026Assassin's BladesBattle Knives + Wriggler CrystalDagger
    T027Survival KnivesPlatinum Knives + Hyperdense CrystalDagger
    T028Impulse BladesMythril Knives + Earthshudder CrystalDagger
    T029Prism RainersRare Knives + Lightshimmer CrystalDagger
    T030SolbrightsThrowing Knives + TesserasphereDagger
    T031SkewersBattle Knives + CharbroilerDagger
    T032Iron BladerangRune Bladerang + Soaring CrystalBladerang
    T033Feral HunterBattle Bladerang + Fangtear CrystalBladerang
    T034The ScrapperPlatinum Bladerang + Artificial CrystalBladerang
    T035The IllusionistMythril Bladerang + Possessed CrystalBladerang
    T036Third SupernovaRare Bladerang + Blazing CrystalBladerang
    T037Elite DemonbladeSteel Bladerang + PentasphereBladerang
    T038The PeepinatorPlatinum Bladerang + ForktorquerBladerang
    T039Frenzy RodRune Shotstaff + Darkshine CrystalShotstaff
    T040Earthgale StaffBattle Shotstaff + Hyperdense CrystalShotstaff
    T041Splashwater StaffPlatinum Shotstaff + Moist CrystalShotstaff
    T042Giant HammerMythril Shotstaff + Formless CrystalShotstaff
    T043Dreamer's FlangeRare Shotstaff + High-Grade CrystalShotstaff
    T044Staff of ExpirationSteel Shotstaff + EksisphereShotstaff
    T045Looper WooperPlatinum Shotstaff + PondslopperShotstaff
    T046Fame and FaithSteel Saber + Darkshine CrystalRapier
    T047Knight ArmorLeather Guard + Seascale CrystalArmor
    T048Ocean's BlueIron Guard + Submerged CrystalArmor
    T049Brave ForceSteel Guard + Possessed CrystalArmor
    T050Deep CrimsonRune Guard + Bloodsucker CrystalArmor
    T051MegingjordBattle Guard + Mighty CrystalArmor
    T052Fortress ArmorPlatinum Guard + Reticent CrystalArmor
    T053ReflexMythril Guard + High-Grade CrystalArmor
    T054Last CrusaderRare Guard + Violent CrystalArmor
    T055MumbaneLeather Guard + Darkened OreArmor
    T056Middy BlouseMisty Blouse + Formless CrystalRobe
    T057Racy CorsetSilk Blouse + Wriggler CrystalRobe
    T058Cocktail DressWhite Blouse + Overgrown CrystalRobe
    T059Feathered RobeRune Blouse + Artificial CrystalRobe
    T060Elder's RobeBlack Blouse + High-Grade CrystalRobe
    T061Wildcat WearWarlock's Garb + Fangtear CrystalRobe
    T062Pinafore DressMythril Blouse + Mighty CrystalRobe
    T063Heavenly GarbRare Blouse + Soaring CrystalRobe
    T064Shrine Maiden's GarbBlouse + Purebright ClothRobe
    T065Vermillion TunicIron Tunic + Dragon's BloodTunic


    Y001Poison-Paralysis CharmPoison Charm + Paralysis Charm
    Y002Poison-Freeze CharmPoison Charm + Freeze Charm
    Y003Poison-Burn CharmPoison Charm + Burn Charm
    Y004Poison-Stone CharmPoison Charm + Stone Charm
    Y005Poison-Slow CharmPoison Charm + Slow Charm
    Y006Poison-Seal CharmPoison Charm + Seal Charm
    Y007Poison-Curse CharmPoison Charm + Curse Charm
    Y008Poison-Weak CharmPoison Charm + Weak Charm
    Y009Paralysis-Freeze CharmParalysis Charm + Freeze Charm
    Y010Paralysis-Burn CharmParalysis Charm + Burn Charm
    Y011Paralysis-Stone CharmParalysis Charm + Stone Charm
    Y012Paralysis-Slow CharmParalysis Charm + Slow Charm
    Y013Paralysis-Seal CharmParalysis Charm + Seal Charm
    Y014Paralysis-Curse CharmParalysis Charm + Curse Charm
    Y015Paralysis-Weak CharmParalysis Charm + Weak Charm
    Y016Freeze-Burn CharmFreeze Charm + Burn Charm
    Y017Freeze-Stone CharmFreeze Charm + Stone Charm
    Y018Freeze-Slow CharmFreeze Charm + Slow Charm
    Y019Freeze-Seal CharmFreeze Charm + Seal Charm
    Y020Freeze-Curse CharmFreeze Charm + Curse Charm
    Y021Freeze-Weak CharmFreeze Charm + Weak Charm
    Y022Burn-Stone CharmBurn Charm + Stone Charm
    Y023Burn-Slow CharmBurn Charm + Slow Charm
    Y024Burn-Seal CharmBurn Charm + Seal Charm
    Y025Burn-Curse CharmBurn Charm + Curse Charm
    Y026Burn-Weak CharmBurn Charm + Weak Charm
    Y027Stone-Slow CharmStone Charm + Slow Charm
    Y028Stone-Seal CharmStone Charm + Seal Charm
    Y029Stone-Curse CharmStone Charm + Curse Charm
    Y030Stone-Weak CharmStone Charm + Weak Charm
    Y031Slow-Seal CharmSlow Charm + Seal Charm
    Y032Slow-Curse CharmSlow Charm + Curse Charm
    Y033Slow-Weak CharmSlow Charm + Weak Charm
    Y034Seal-Curse CharmSeal Charm + Curse Charm
    Y035Seal-Weak CharmSeal Charm + Weak Charm
    Y036Curse-Weak CharmCurse Charm + Weak Charm