FAQ/Walkthrough by Shinarouji

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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shinarouji

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    Table of Contents

    1. I. About This Guide
      1. General
      2. Copyright
      3. Contact Information
    2. II. Version History
      1. Latest and Greatest
      2. Past Updates
    3. III. Game Introduction
      1. Story Synopsis
      2. Character Profiles
      3. Character Analysis
      4. Party Suggestions
    4. IV. Gameplay
      1. Controls
      2. Battle System
      3. Strategy
      4. Titles
      5. Eleth Gauge
      6. Inn Requests
      7. Dualize
    5. V. Childhood Arc Walkthrough
      1. Lhant Hill
      2. Lhant
      3. West Lhant Road
      4. Return to Lhant
      5. Lhant Hill
      6. East Lhant Highroad
      7. Barona
    6. VI. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part I)
      1. Orlen Woods
      2. Barona
      3. Lhant
      4. Seaside Cavern
    7. VII. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part II)
      1. Barona Catacombs
      2. Wallbridge Ruins
      3. Gralesyde
      4. Wallbridge
      5. Barona Catacombs
    8. VIII. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part III)
      1. North Lhant Road
      2. Oul Raye
      3. Sable Izolle
      4. Inside the Rockgagong
      5. Yu Liberte
      6. Strahta Desert Ruins
    9. IX. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part IV)
      1. Yu Liberte
      2. Warrior's Roost
      3. Velanik
      4. Zavhert
      5. Amarcian Enclave
      6. Fendel Research Lab
      7. Fendel Tower
      8. Fendel Glacier Ruins
    10. X. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part V)
      1. Zavhert
      2. Lhant
      3. Untrodden Snowfield
      4. Snowshroud Ruins
    11. XI. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part VI)
      1. Region 13
      2. Humanoid Research Center
      3. Bathus Citadel
      4. Telos Astue
    12. XII. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part VII)
      1. Lambda's Cocoon
      2. Sidequests
      3. Ghardia Shaft
    13. XIII. Future Arc Walkthrough
      1. Lhant
      2. Gustwork Ruins
      3. Strahta Desert Ruins
      4. Eleth Research Laboratory
      5. Arcadia Garden
      6. Lastalia Shaft
      7. Fodra's Core
      8. Role-Playing Dolls
      9. Grade Shop
    14. XIV. Sidequests
    15. XV. Library
      1. Consumables
      2. Dishes
      3. Materials
      4. Weapons
      5. Armor
      6. Unique Equipment
      7. Gems
      8. Valuables
      9. Dualize Book
      10. Discovery Book
      11. Enemy Book
    16. XVI. Titles
      1. Asbel
      2. Sophie
      3. Hubert
      4. Cheria
      5. Malik
      6. Pascal
      7. Richard
      8. Skill Terms
    17. XVII. Shops
      1. Lhant
      2. Barona
      3. Gralesyde
      4. Oul Raye
      5. Sable Izolle
      6. Yu Liberte
      7. Velanik
      8. Zavhert
      9. Amarcian Enclave
      10. Telos Astue
      11. Turtlez Shop
      12. Katz Korner
    18. XVIII. Frequently Asked Questions
    19. XIX. Credits

    XV. Library (Continued)

    Discovery Book

    Various points of interest to be found around the world. They occasionally yield items and always have a resulting skit. Remember that Discovery points that yield items can be continuously farmed from as long as you exit and re-enter the area. Discoveries 79-85 are Future Arc only.

    D01Apple TreesFruit trees that are native to Windor. Their apples are used in many products, notable Apple Gels.LhantApple
    D02Lord WindegardeUsed for tasks like grinding flour, this landmark windmill is beloved by the people of Lhant.LhantN/A
    D03Family PortraitA large portrait of the Lhant family, depicting Lord Aston, his wife Kerri and their two sons.LhantN/A
    D04Gel SeedsCrunchy, flavourless seeds that mysteriously transform into gels when blended with fruit juice.West Lhant RoadGel Seed
    D05Cryas ShardsShards of cryas that were found near Lhant. They contain only tiny amounts of usable eleth.East Lhant HighroadN/A
    D06Spring of HealingLocals say that no illness will befall those who drink the healing water from this spring.Lhant HillN/A
    D07Abandoned NestThere aren't any feathers in this vacant nest, but fur from a bear-like animal is scattered about.Lhant HillN/A
    D08Friendship TreePer an old tradition, a group of friends made a friendship pact by carving their names into this tree.Lhant HillN/A
    D09Windor CowsAn ordinary species of cow that's native to Windor. Its fresh milk is beloved throughout the country.East Lhant HighroadN/A
    D10GloandiThis valkines cryas, whose name means The Green Mother, bestows wind upon the people of Windor.BaronaN/A
    D11Water of AbsolutionThis holy water is used to wash the dead in the belief that it will absolve them of their worldly sins.BaronaWater of Absolution
    D12Morino FlowersThe flowers of a plant found mainly in wooded areas. They are often used as ingredients in medicine.Orlen WoodsMorino Flower
    D13Tea FieldsThe nutritious leaves from these fields are brewed into tea by nobles and commoners alike.North Barona RoadTea Leaves
    D14Ice PopsThis frozen delight is making waves in Barona. If WIN is written on the stick, the next one is free!BaronaN/A
    D15Headmaster's BustThe statue of a man who has been honoured for developing the Knight Academy's training curriculum.BaronaN/A
    D16Glintsoul ColonyA colony of bugs that emit a vivid aura of light. They lay their eggs in areas rich with water eleth.Seaside CavernN/A
    D17Deathglow AlgaeThis algae glows a beautiful, other worldly hue, but releases paralyzing spines when touched.Seaside CavernDeathglow Algae
    D18Vestiges of WarRemnants of the Fendel war camp. The camp seems to have been used by a single company of soldiers.North Lhant RoadN/A
    D19Massive SkeletonThese ancient monster bones crumble at a touch. They don't seem to have any archaeological significance.Barona CatacombsN/A
    D20Puffpetal DownWhen this plant blooms, it floats into the sky, roots and all. Its down is prized for use in bedding.South Barona HighroadPuffpetal Down
    D21Projection DeviceThis machine is believed to be an Amarcian recording device, but it isn't clear why it was left here.Wallbridge RuinsN/A
    D22Silent StoneA dead cryas that worked diligently until the day it went dark, never to absorb eleth again.Wallbridge RuinsN/A
    D23PotatoesA vital foodstuff that is grown in the fertile fields of Windor. Passerby are free to take a few.Gralesyde HighroadPotato
    D24Bells of GloryBestowed by the king as a symbol of Windor's majesty, these historic bells are a Gralesyde landmark.GralesydeN/A
    D25Message in a BottleA bottle found on the shore of Lake Grale. Water seepage has made it hard to read the letter within.GralesydeN/A
    D26CarrotsA colourful vegetable grown in the fertile fields of Windor. Any citizen is free to harvest some.Old Grale HighroadCarrot
    D27300 Year-Old BarrelLeft to sit for 300 years, this barrel emits a powerful aroma. This is as suspicious as barrels come.WallbridgeN/A
    D28Graves of the UnsungGraves of soldiers who died in past conflicts. Truly, our lives are built on the sacrifices of others.Barona CatacombsN/A
    D29Twin VasesA green vase tightly secured by a chain. The other vase, a red one, is broken.Barona CastleN/A
    D30First FlagThough only half remains, being flown at Windor's founding makes this faded flag a notable treasure.Barona CastleN/A
    D31Stone of TruthEveryone is free to take a taste of this bluish rock salt. It will taste sweet to liars.Oul RayeTruth Salt
    D32Strahtan CactiCacti that grow in clusters in the Strahtan Craglands. They're often used as dualizing ingredients.Strahta CraglandsStrahtan Cactus
    D33Daunting BookA gigantic magical tome that has been petrified. Its text has yet to be deciphered.Sable IzolleTorn Page
    D34SomnosphereA strange pendulum that puts all who look upon it to sleep. It moves without any outside power.Sable IzolleN/A
    D35Golden SmileThe head of a statue to a goddess, cast in gold. It would sell for a fortune if only you could move it.Inside the RockgagongN/A
    D36Enormous EggThe hard, acid-resistant egg of a certain monster. It will exit the body through natural processes.Inside the RockgagongN/A
    D37Desert BananasRipe bananas that grow in desert climes. Through not very sweet, they're useful for cooking.Strahta Desert (East)Banana
    D38Great FountainIt is said that good fortune comes quickly to all who gaze upon this fountain. It shouldn't take long.Yu LiberteN/A
    D39No-Sweat SnowmanAn artificial snowman created through cryas rates. It apparently absorbs the heat in its vicinity.Yu LiberteN/A
    D40Sand PeopleRocks used as landmarks in the desert. They look like people when viewed from the right angle.Strahta Desert (West)N/A
    D41Ancient EmbersMystical torch flames that have been burning continuously since before the city was abandoned.Strahta Desert RuinsTorchflame
    D42DuplemarThis valkines cryas, whose name means the Deep Sea, blesses Strahta with limitless water eleth.Strahta Desert RuinsN/A
    D43Dried-Up WellA desert well that has become famous for the high-quality salt that coats its basin.Strahta Desert (North)Truth Salt
    D44Annals of VictoryAll challengers dream of seeing their name on this list of Riot Peak champions throughout history.Warrior's RoostN/A
    D45Peach TreeA peach tree that thrives in spite of its harsh environment. No seed can take hold outside of this spot.Fendel BorderlandsPeach
    D46Kaigar's ScriptA script penned by Kaigar I, who was called a genius in his time and famously met a spectacular end.VelanikKaigar's Script
    D47Frozen TreeA giant tree composed entirely out of ice. These tend to appear where eleth naturally gathers.Fendel Moutain PassN/A
    D48CabbagesThick cabbages grown beneath snow are one of Fendel's biggest crops. Passerby are free to take a few.Fendel HighlandsCabbage
    D49Bottomless PipeThis pipe is large enough to climb into, but local lore says that you'd never find the way out.ZavhertN/A
    D50Doll-Within-A-DollWait, there's another doll inside?!ZavhertN/A
    D51RadishesRadishes grown beneath the snow are one of Fendel's three major crops. Passerby are free to take a few.Mt. ZavhertRadish
    D52PumpkinsPumpkins grown beneath snow are one of Fendel's three major crops. Passerby are free to take a few.Mt. ZavhertPumpkin
    D53Chocolate FountainAn unusual device built under orders from a previous Amarcian Overseer.Amarcian EnclaveChocolate
    D54Robo-PetNeighbors complain that this mechanical animal built by Pascal abruptly turns on and scares them.Amarcian EnclaveN/A
    D55Eleth RechargerA device created to recharge cryas that have run dry. If it worked, it would turn the world upside down.Fendel Research LabN/A
    D56Profane CreationA genetically engineered monster made by human hands. It still appears to be alive.Fendel Research LabN/A
    D57Frozen NestA bird's nest frozen by the wall. Icebirds, a protected species, will hatch from the frozen eggs.Fendel TowerN/A
    D58Treasure TroveA mountain of discarded iron scraps. One man's trash is another man's treasure.Fendel TowerCommon Metal
    D59Rainbow Ice PillarA natural wonder found only at temperatures near absolute zero. Even open flame can't melt it.Fendel Glacier RuinsIcicle
    D60ForbrannirThis valkines cryas, whose name means, "The Burning One," could be the salvation of Fendel.Fendel Glacier RuinsN/A
    D61Icedrop FlowersThese flowers were thought to be extinct, but a few became encased in ice and miraculously survived.Untrodden SnowfieldN/A
    D62Yearning for HomeArt seemingly drawn by people unable to return to their homeland. Their plea resonates still.Snowshroud RuinsN/A
    D63Mechanical ScrapyardMachines that were damaged or ran out of eleth voluntarily gathered at this site and went dormant.Snowshroud RuinsRare Metal
    D64Tempus AeturnumSome sort of device that ran on eleth. It isn't clear what it was used for.Telos AstueN/A
    D65Emerald HopeA natural plant that's been preserved in the library. It would wither if it were taken outside.Telos AstueN/A
    D66Giant TubA soybean-processing tub that stinks like sweaty feet. At times soybean cuisine can be found here.Telos AstueN/A
    D67Old Toy BlocksA pile of old building blocks. Maybe there were children here long ago...?Humanoid Research CenterN/A
    D68Tarlow-XSavior of the land, rah rah Tarlow-X! It feels like I'm underwater, rah rah Tarlow-X!Humanoid Research CenterN/A
    D69Secret FortA secret fort surrounded by the footprints of children, cryas shards, and bits of scrap ore.Region 13N/A
    D70Unsettling GardenFlowers that eerily appear to be made of clay. It isn't clear if they're natural or man-made.Region 66Lump of Clay
    D71Military InsigniaThis splendidly decorated insignia is proof that Fodra once had a proud military.Bathus CitadelN/A
    D72Amarcian KeyA key engraved with unique patterns. Ancient Amarcians used it for something, apparently.Bathus CitadelN/A
    D73Heart of StoneA portion of the ruins where the oldest known metal in the world can be gathered.World's EyeLegendary Metal
    D74Gigantic DrillA drill pointed skyward. Though abandoned long ago, it seems like it could start up again any time.Ghardia ShaftN/A
    D75The Forgotten OnesHumanoids who were used in the construction of the Ghardia Shaft. They remain just as they were left.Ghardia ShaftN/A
    D76Heat Ray Cannon BA terminal that allows for manual operation of the aquasphere-piercing heat ray cannon.Sandshroud RuinsN/A
    D77Sunscreen RangersCharacters that are popular among children. They're in a team called Brave Vesperia or something.Beach ResortN/A
    D78CatnipA giant piece of catnip. Katz, beware: Don't eat and drive! If you're driving, don't eat! Got it?Katz KornerN/A
    D79The Lords' MemorialThe resting place of generations of Lhants. Past lords, including Aston, sleep peacefully here.LhantN/A
    D80Eloquent StoneAlso known as The Melodius Stone, this cryas continuously absorbs and emits large quantities of eleth.Gustworks RuinsN/A
    D81Gustworks CoreA device that manages the Gustworks Ruins. It's powerful enough to affect weather patterns on Ephinea.Gustworks RuinsN/A
    D82Core-Sample LogResearchers used this to record information on the Fodra core samples they collected.Eleth Research LaboratoryN/A
    D83Eradication BloomA flower that kills any pests who invade its garden, even humans. Its toxic color is very unsettling.Arcadia GardenN/A
    D84Mining SamplesA pile of earth that was to be brought to the surface for eleth research. It's just dirt now.Lastalia ShaftN/A
    D85Data TransmitterA 1,000-year-old transmitter for sending data to the surface. It is no longer operational.Lastalia ShaftN/A