FAQ/Walkthrough by Shinarouji

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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shinarouji

    Version: 1.575 | Updated: 04/27/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Table of Contents

    1. I. About This Guide
      1. General
      2. Copyright
      3. Contact Information
    2. II. Version History
      1. Latest and Greatest
      2. Past Updates
    3. III. Game Introduction
      1. Story Synopsis
      2. Character Profiles
      3. Character Analysis
      4. Party Suggestions
    4. IV. Gameplay
      1. Controls
      2. Battle System
      3. Strategy
      4. Titles
      5. Eleth Gauge
      6. Inn Requests
      7. Dualize
    5. V. Childhood Arc Walkthrough
      1. Lhant Hill
      2. Lhant
      3. West Lhant Road
      4. Return to Lhant
      5. Lhant Hill
      6. East Lhant Highroad
      7. Barona
    6. VI. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part I)
      1. Orlen Woods
      2. Barona
      3. Lhant
      4. Seaside Cavern
    7. VII. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part II)
      1. Barona Catacombs
      2. Wallbridge Ruins
      3. Gralesyde
      4. Wallbridge
      5. Barona Catacombs
    8. VIII. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part III)
      1. North Lhant Road
      2. Oul Raye
      3. Sable Izolle
      4. Inside the Rockgagong
      5. Yu Liberte
      6. Strahta Desert Ruins
    9. IX. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part IV)
      1. Yu Liberte
      2. Warrior's Roost
      3. Velanik
      4. Zavhert
      5. Amarcian Enclave
      6. Fendel Research Lab
      7. Fendel Tower
      8. Fendel Glacier Ruins
    10. X. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part V)
      1. Zavhert
      2. Lhant
      3. Untrodden Snowfield
      4. Snowshroud Ruins
    11. XI. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part VI)
      1. Region 13
      2. Humanoid Research Center
      3. Bathus Citadel
      4. Telos Astue
    12. XII. Adulthood Arc Walkthrough (Part VII)
      1. Lambda's Cocoon
      2. Sidequests
      3. Ghardia Shaft
    13. XIII. Future Arc Walkthrough
      1. Lhant
      2. Gustwork Ruins
      3. Strahta Desert Ruins
      4. Eleth Research Laboratory
      5. Arcadia Garden
      6. Lastalia Shaft
      7. Fodra's Core
      8. Role-Playing Dolls
      9. Grade Shop
    14. XIV. Sidequests
    15. XV. Library
      1. Consumables
      2. Dishes
      3. Materials
      4. Weapons
      5. Armor
      6. Unique Equipment
      7. Gems
      8. Valuables
      9. Dualize Book
      10. Discovery Book
      11. Enemy Book
    16. XVI. Titles
      1. Asbel
      2. Sophie
      3. Hubert
      4. Cheria
      5. Malik
      6. Pascal
      7. Richard
      8. Skill Terms
    17. XVII. Shops
      1. Lhant
      2. Barona
      3. Gralesyde
      4. Oul Raye
      5. Sable Izolle
      6. Yu Liberte
      7. Velanik
      8. Zavhert
      9. Amarcian Enclave
      10. Telos Astue
      11. Turtlez Shop
      12. Katz Korner
    18. XVIII. Frequently Asked Questions
    19. XIX. Credits

    XVIII. Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What does the "f" in the title mean?

    A: Future. This is an enhanced port of a game that was originally on the Wii, and it added an epilogue after the game that's known as the Future Arc, hence the "f" in Tales of Graces f.

    Q: Is there dual audio?

    A: No, the voices are only in English.

    Q: When will the DLC costumes be available?

    A: To put it simply, we don't know yet. No one knows yet. There are DLC costumes on the disc though, so we will likely see them soon enough.

    Q: Battle system; what do?

    A: You can read a full detailed explanation up in the IV. Gameplay section, but basically you have CC that can be spent to use attacks, of which each has a set CC value. You can use attacks until you run out, then you must let it recharge before you can attack again (holding square can speed this up). A-Artes are arranged like a tree and you must travel the branches to get to the arte you want whereas B-Artes can be used freely. Effectively using both will increase your CC, so practice until you get the hang of it.

    Q: I want to get the difficulty trophies for the final boss. Do I have to play through the whole game on that difficulty to get it?

    A: No. All you have to do is beat the final boss on that difficulty to get the trophy, even if you have played on Easy or Normal for every single battle beforehand. You can even make a save beforehand and reload four times to get all of them if you wish.

    Q: What are the chest passwords?


    Oul RayeTurtlez
    Sabel IzolleRockgagong
    Yu LiberteDuplemar
    Warrior's RoostRiot Peak
    Amarcian EnclaveGauss
    Telos AstueEphinea
    Katz KornerFoselos


    Q: Why is Pascal the only character missing their mystic artes?

    A: Because you haven't done the sidequests for them! Her first can be found on the road out west of Gralesyde if you speak with the bandit multiple times, her second is in the Sabel Izolle research building and her third is on Mt. Zavhert; when you reach the sign, head west and then south to find a chest.

    XIX. Credits

    • Thanks To:
      • GameFAQs, for hosting this guide.
      • Aselia, the wonderful Tales wiki for filling in a few holes in the Titles and Collector's Book sections. (http://aselia.wikia.com/wiki/Tales_of_Graces)
      • black muramase63, for his excellent Tales of Innocence guide on this site that I have based my formatting off of.
      • Doomerang, for his assistance with sidequests and all of the inn requests.
      • Three_Leaf_Ivy, for extra information regarding recipes.
      • Xendyl, for all the Carta Card quotes.
      • The helpful members of the Graces boards here for providing minor additions and corrections*
      • You, for reading it!
    • I need to take a little bit of time to sort out and update this section as quite a few users have sent in suggestions. It's coming, don't worry! Much more to come as the guide progresses.

    Copyright 2012 Eli R. (Shinarouji)