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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

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    Table of Contents

    1. Tales of Graces f - FAQ/Walkthrough
    2. Introduction
    3. Gameplay
      1. Controls
      2. Battle
      3. Artes Menu
      4. Titles Menu
      5. Mixer Menu
      6. Library Menu
      7. Requests
      8. Dualizing
    4. Walkthrough
    5. Chapter 1: Childhood
    6. Chapter 2: Adulthood (Part I)
    7. Chapter 3: Adulthood (Part II)
    8. Chapter 4: Adulthood (Part III)
    9. Optional Sidequests
    10. Chapter 5: Adulthood (Part IV)
    11. Chapter 6: Adulthood (Part V)
    12. Chapter 7: Adulthood (Part VI)
    13. Chapter 8: Adulthood (Part VII)
    14. Optional Sidequests
      1. Beach Resort
      2. Swimsuit Gathering
      3. Sandshroud Ruins
      4. Oswell Family Vault
      5. Shuttle Crash Site
      6. Barona / Turtlez HQ
    15. Chapter 8: Continued
    16. Lineage and Legacies
      1. Last Chance for 100%
    17. Zhonecage
      1. 1st Floor
      2. 2nd Floor
      3. 3rd Floor
      4. 4th Floor
      5. 5th Floor
      6. 6th Floor
      7. 7th Floor
      8. 8th Floor
      9. 9th Floor
      10. 10th Floor
    18. New Game +
      1. Grade Shop
    19. Riot Peak Trials
      1. Normal Class
      2. Master Class
      3. Lineage & Legacies
    20. Skits & Sidequests
      1. Skits Checklist
      2. Sidequest Checklist
    21. Requests Checklist
      1. Lhant Requests
      2. Barona Requests
      3. Gralesyde Requests
      4. Oul Raye Requests
      5. Sable Izolle Requests
      6. Yu Liberte Requests
      7. Warrior's Roost Requests
      8. Velanik Requests
      9. Zavhert Requests
      10. Amarcian Enclave Requests
      11. Telso Astue Requests
      12. Katz Korner Requests
    22. Dualizing Equipment/Gems & Polishing
      1. The Basics
      2. Qualities
    23. Shop List
      1. Turtlez Merchants
      2. Lhant
      3. Barona
      4. Gralesyde
      5. Oul Raye
      6. Sable Izolle
      7. Yu Liberte
      8. Velanik
      9. Zavhert
      10. Amarcian Enclave
      11. Telos Astue
      12. Katz Korner
    24. Dualizing Recipes
      1. Combine
      2. Cook
      3. Convert
      4. Merge
    25. Library Checklist
      1. Consumables
      2. Dishes
      3. Materials
      4. Weapons
      5. Armor
      6. Unique Equipment
      7. Gems
      8. Valuables
      9. Discoveries
      10. Enemy Book Checklist
    26. Titles Checklist
      1. Asbel's Titles
      2. Asbel's Titles (In-Depth)
      3. Sophie's Titles
      4. Hubert's Titles
      5. Cheria's Titles
      6. Malik's Titles
      7. Pascal's Titles
      8. Richard's Titles
    27. Artes (In-Depth)
      1. Asbel's A-Artes
      2. Asbel's B-Artes
    28. Contact
    29. Version History and Updates
    30. Copyright & Disclaimer

    Chapter 3: Adulthood (Part II)


    South Barona Highroad

    Others[_] 658 GaldSkits[_] No. 052: A Place to Belong
    Materials[_] No. 102: Puffpetal Down x3[_] No. 053: Class Dismissed
    [_] No. 043: Feather[_] No. 054: Bilateral Alliance
    [_] No. 220: Pasta x3Enemies
    [_] No. 071: Rusted Nail[_] - [_] No. 026: Water Elemental
    [_] No. 211: Roe[_] - [_] No. 057: Local Star
    Unique Equ.[_] No. 045: Red Ribbon[_] - [_] No. 140: Tortoise
    Gems[_] No. 021: Paralysis Charm[_] - [_] No. 156: Rising Star
    Valuables[_] No. 121: Magic Carta No. 5[_] - [_] No. 185: Royal Soldier
    Disc.[_] No. 20: Puffpetal Down (Dis)[_] - [_] No. 191: Applefake
    [_] - [_] No. 232: Royal Bowman

    If you have the steal effect on any of your characters A-Artes (like Sophie's Eagle Dive), you can steal Roe from the Rising Star's. It's best to set everyone to manual and only play the 1 character. Spam the skill until you see a notice above the character images.

    You can learn the steal effect from your titles.

    As soon as you have control, grab the Red Ribbon from the chest. Firstly, head north and examine the purple flowers for the Puffpetal Down (Dis) discovery, Puffpetal Down x3, and the skit A Place to Belong. Continue north and grab the Feather from the chest near the Barona zoneline. Afterward, head to the cottage for a scene and a fight.

    You can now talk to the Turtlez for a lot of new items, some hinting at new weapon types for a new ally. There is also a skit here called Class Dismissed and a chest with a Paralysis Charm. Inside the cottage is Pasta x3 and a guy who hints at titles gained through opening multiple chests. If you had bad luck with sparkling points, like me, you may have to check the points on the beach and outside the cabin multiple times to get the Magic Carta No. 5.

    When ready, head south from the cottage to grab a sparkling spot near the woman. Continue until you hit a funny scene that is very confusing, at first. After the event, there may be a sparkling point nearby and a chest with a Rusted Nail. Now go southeast for another scene. Before heading inside, grab the 658 Gald and watch the Bilateral Alliance skit.


    Wallbridge Ruins

    Others[_] 258 Unit(s) of ElethSkits[_] No. 055: Takes One to Know One
    Consumables[_] No. 007: Life Bottle x3[_] No. 056: Gut Archaeology
    [_] No. 005: Panacea Bottle x2[_] No. 057: Touched in the Head
    Materials[_] No. 013: Hyperdense CrystalTitles[_] Pascal: Vagabond
    Weapons[_] No. 102: Steel Shotstaff[_] Pascal: Gifted Engineer
    Armor[_] No. 028: Silk Blouse[_] Pascal: Mysterious Groper
    [_] No. 050: Steel Tunic[_] Pascal: Ruins Spelunker
    Unique Equ.[_] No. 067: Long Scarf[_] Sophie: In the Flesh
    [_] No. 056: Scarlet Aroma
    [_] No. 019: Floral AnkletEnemies
    Gems[_] No. 023: Burn Charm[_] - [_] No. 074: Cave Roper
    Valuables[_] No. 078: Book of Maintenance[_] - [_] No. 282: Lizard
    Disc.[_] No. 21: Projection Device[_] - [_] No. 301: Roper
    [_] No. 22: Silent Stone[_] - [_] No. 046: Elder Bat

    Make sure you are using the compass directions and not the screen directions when listening to instructions.

    Pascal will officially join your party and you will be on your way in this annoying dungeon. Head to the moving stone to the (compass) east and ride it across. These will be how you get around and what make this dungeon annoying. Take the only moving stone in this new area to get to a platform with enemies. Ride the western block across and then take the only stones you until you reach a split. Now take the eastern block to a platform with a green block that takes you to the next area. Take the northern block, which unlocks a gold one, and then head back up via the green block.

    Now head back the way we came:

    • West
    • 2nd North
    • North
    • East

    You will now want to take the southern block to a new area where the gold block has appeared to allow you to reach a chest with Scarlet Aroma and 258 Unit(s) of Eleth.

    Now head back to the save:

    • North
    • West
    • South
    • South
    • East
    • Green

    Now go south on the block for a scene and a fight.

    Boss: No. 266: Mercurius

    A total push-over, the only thing you have to watch out for is the Petrifying red aura. Don't worry, it wears off.

    Watch the scene and you will gain the In the Flesh title. Examine the console for the Projection Device discovery and Takes One to Know One skit. Now, take the block we didn't arrive from to go south and then ascend via the green block.

    Take the south block to reach a Hyperdense Crystal and then east to move a purple block. Head back North and go East to a new platform, following the only path available to a Floral Anklet. At the split of green blocks, take the southern one first to a Book of Maintenance and then head back up and down the other side.

    Take the only path you can, grabbing the Steel Tunic on the way, and when you reach the split take the eastern-most block to bump a gold one. Now take the southern one to a chest with Life Bottle x3. Head east to another green block and descend.

    Take the only block you can and then examine the floating rocks for the Silent Stone discovery and Gut Archaeology skit. Now continue the linear path up and then warp out.

    After the cutscene, head back into the ruins and watch the Touched in the Head skit. Take the northern blue block twice and then the western-most north block. You should see a purple block just west, take the northern-most west block to hit it. Now follow the other block all the way to a chest with Panacea Bottle x2. Now follow the northern path until you reach the Burn Charm.

    Now head out of the ruins via this path:

    • South
    • South
    • South
    • North
    • East
    • South
    • South
    • South
    • Warp


    Gralesyde Highroad

    Others[_] 1920 GaldEnemies
    Consumables[_] No. 002: Peach Gel x2[_] - [_] No. 149: Treant
    Materials[_] No. 193: Potato x3[_] - [_] No. 191: Applefake
    [_] No. 018: Moist Crystal[_] - [_] No. 211: Filifolia Root
    Valuables[_] No. 122: Magic Carta No. 6[_] - [_] No. 249: Mandragora
    Disc.[_] No. 23: Potatoes[_] - [_] No. 252: Mandragora Sprout
    Skits[_] No. 059: Settling for Number Two
    [_] No. 058: Risk Management

    Follow the path and to the southwest of Turtlez you may find a sparkling point with the rare drop Magic Carta No. 6. Continue south until you get a scene. Afterward, there may be a sparkling point just south of you. If you continue south you should come across the Potatoes discovery, Potato x3, and the Settling for Number Two and Risk Management skits. South of this is another sparkling point and a chest with 1920 Gald. Follow the path and continue west, instead of branching north, for a Moist Crystal and a sparkling point. Continue and when you reach the group of people, go east back to the road. You should see a treasure on the northern cliff that contains Peach Gel x2. You can now continue to town.



    Materials[_] No. 220: Pasta x3Disc.[_] No. 24: Bells of Glory
    [_] No. 208: Minced MeatSkits[_] No. 060: Who You Are
    Valuables[_] No. 147: Magic Carta No. 31[_] No. 061: That Would Explain a Lot
    [_] No. 055: Best Princess Stories
    [_] No. 034: Canola Seeds
    [_] No. 050: Imp Plushie
    [_] No. 080: Book of Dissolution

    Head to the port in the east first. Follow the path until you actually reach the port area and you should see a chest with Pasta x3 on your right. A little further, hidden in the Turtlez transports usual alcove, you can find a cat to feed. You can now go back to town.

    Head to the building to the left of the Item Shop and grab the Magic Carta No. 31. Now continue west and into the Inn, just past the Equipment Shop. Inside, watch the Who You Are skit and then head through the left hall to some boxes that contain a Best Princess Stories book. Exit the back door, and head east to discovery the Bells of Glory and see the That Would Explain a Lot topic. Continue east to a sparkling spot for some Canola Seeds across the road. Head north a little and read the red sign and turn the corner to find a well hidden Imp Plushie and a guy who you can haggle down to 3,000 Gald for the Book of Dissolution. Now leave town to the west.

    Note that the old woman on the west side of town can make Minced Meat for you if you have Beef and Pork.


    Old Gralesyde Highroad

    Other[_] 1300 GaldDisc.[_] No. 26: CarrotsEnemies
    Materials[_] No. 005: Overgrown CrystalSkits[_] No. 064: Weird Science[_] - [_] No. 031: Wolf
    [_] No. 194: Carrot x3[_] No. 065: Overdue Maintenance[_] - [_] No. 118: Wolf Pup
    Unique Equ.[_] No. 58: Mariner's MuskTitles[_] Pascal: Wind Summoner[_] - [_] No. 171: Hunter
    Gems[_] No. 025: Slow Charm[_] - [_] No. 174: Bandit
    Valuables[_] No. 123: Magic Carta No. 7[_] No. 175: Bandit Leader
    [_] No. 215: Green Cryas

    Head west and grab the chest with 1300 Gald you come across. Follow the path and as you head north up a hill, look behind the western tree for an Overgrown Crystal. Continue north and just to the west of the man with the smiley face should be a sparkling spot in some tall grass.

    If you talk to the smiley face bandit three times in a row you can trigger a fight that will get you Pascal's Wind Summoner title and the Green Cryas. Note that doing this will cause new NPC (like the Turtlez) will appear.

    North even more is a patch of orange that you can examine to discover Carrots, get Carrot x3, and watch the Weird Science skit. Across from this may be another sparkling point. Hug the east wall and you should come across a chest with a Mariner's Musk and a sparkling point. Back on the path north, you will eventually come to another chest with a Slow Charm and a sparkling spot. Going further will lead you back to East Lhant Highroad, if you want to go back to get enemy drops or Soul Orbs. There is also a skit called Overdue Maintenance there. You need to go back to Gralesyde now.


    Gralesyde / Gralesyde Highroad

    Materials[_] No. 214: CrabDisc.[_] No. 25: Message in a Bottle
    Valuables[_] No. 079: Book of WealthSkits[_] No. 062: Jealous Much?
    [_] No. 138: Magic Carta No. 22[_] No. 063: The Ruins Entrance
    [_] No. 139: Magic Carta No. 23Titles[_] Asbel: Sword of the King
    [_] No. 142: Magic Carta No. 26
    [_] No. 143: Magic Carta No. 27

    Head back to the main plaza and then go all the way north to Duke Dalen's Manor for some scenes. After the scenes, Asbel will gain the Sword of the King title. Instead of heading for Wallbridge, head to Dalen's Manor and check the upstairs chest (password: 4) for a Book of Wealth. Now, go downstairs and leave through the right door. Talk to the girl on the path to get the Magic Carta No. 22, Magic Carta No. 23, Magic Carta No. 26, and Magic Carta No. 27. Continue along to the beach to examine the bottle for Message in a Bottle discovery as well as the Jealous Much? skit. You can also examine the crab to get a Crab item. Now head to the Highroad.

    Stop by the save point for The Ruins Entrance skit and then continue on to the ruins.


    Wallbridge Ruins / Wallbridge

    Other[_] 285 Unit(s) of ElethDisc.[_] No. 27: 300 Year-Old BarrelEnemies
    Consumables[_] No. 001: Apple Gel x4Skits[_] No. 066: Inside the Ruins[_] - [_] No. 086: Royal Sergeant
    Materials[_] No. 022: Darkshine Crystal[_] No. 067: Sword of Salvation[_] - [_] No. 185: Royal Soldier
    Unique Equ.[_] No. 082: Elven Cloak[_] No. 068: Windor Rising[_] - [_] No. 232: Royal Bowman
    [_] No. 006: Titanium Scabbard[_] No. 070: The Price of Violence
    Valuables[_] No. 081: Book of TalentTitles[_] Richard: Belligerant Prince
    [_] No. 016: Fortress Key

    In order to get to Wallbridge, we have to go through Wallridge Ruins via the Highroad. After warping down, head north across the block for a skit Inside the Ruins. Head west and then use the green block to ascend where you get a scene and can warp out.

    Wallbridge Map

    I will be naming towers like this: 1D (floor 1 - tower D)

    I also suggest you un-equip anything from Richard (such as an accessory) that you want to use for other characters. He is NOT a permanent member and leaves soon.

    You start on 1D. Head north into 1C where you can grab an Elven Cloak from the chest. Climb the ladder, in the center of the room, up 2 floors to 2C (there is no middle floor here) and leave to the south. Head to the center of this area to find the save and the Sword of Salvation skit. Now go back to 2C and leave to the north. In 2B, go down 2 floors to 1B and pull the lever. This raises the northern bridge.

    Now, leave through the northern door to get to 1A and find he 300 Year-Old Barrel and the Windor Rising skit. Head back to 1B and up the ladder 2 floors to get to 2B and then go all the way north to 2A for a Darkshine Crystal. Now climb up the ladder in this room and go down the other side to 2E for a chest with Book of Talent. Go south 2F and take the ladder all the way down to 1F to find Turtlez and 285 Unit(s) of Eleth. There is nothing north, so climb back up the 2 floors and then head through the door south. Go through the west door here (I) for a scene that gets you the Fortress Key and Richard's Belligerent Prince title.

    After the scene, grab the Titanium Scabbard from the nearby chest. Leave the area and go south to 2G and climb all the way down to 1G. Pull the lever here and then head south to 1H for Apple Gel x4. Now head back to 1G and climb up to 2G and head south. You are back to the area with the save. Cross the center area to get to the other side and go south into 2D and pull the lever here. Watch the scene and then leave for a fight.

    After the scenes, head north and go down the ladder one level to reach the ground outside and head south for a scene. After Cheria joins, go north to enter the tower on the right, just before the bridge, and climb up it it one floor. Head south and enter I for The Price of Violence skit. Now, go back into 2F (tower to the north) and head down to 1F and head north 1E and take the warp to Wallbridge Ruins.


    Wallbridge Ruins

    Other[_] 2320 GaldMaterials[_] No. 003: Grape Gel x2Valuables[_] No. 082: Book of Precedence
    [_] 255 Unit(s) of Eleth[_] No. 002: Peach Gel x3
    [_] 2160 Gald[_] No. 013: Holy Bottle x2
    [_] No. 029: Mastery Tonic C
    [_] No. 011: Drop Bottle
    [_] No. 032: Eleth Bottle C

    Take the southern blue block to a new area to descend via a green block. Take the east block to a new platform and then the most eastern block to pop a gold one up. Now take the other northern blue block from this platform back and go west to get the Grape Gel x2. Head back and ascend via the green block to get 2320 Gald.

    Descend and follow this path:

    • South
    • West
    • Ascend

    Take the eastern block to a new platform that will lead to Peach Gel x3.

    Now head back to the warp:

    • East
    • West
    • North

    Take the western block now and ascend via the green block. Take the southern blue block and follow the path until you see the purple block. Use the nearby blue block to knock it across. Follow the blocks back until you can go east to that purple block you moved. Take the only blue block to eventually reach Holy Bottle x2 and then return to the green block and descend to get 255 Unit(s) of Eleth. Head back to the green block to the west and descend.

    Take the northern block now and then ride the nearby green one. From here, take another northern blue block that will lead to 2160 Gald. Take the southern block to hit a gold one. Return to the platform with the green block now and take the eastern blue block. Follow the blue blocks until you hit the other gold block and then head back. Take the first green block and descend to get a Mastery Tonic C. Ascend and take the western blue block and descend via the green one.

    Descend via the other green block on this platform, now, and take the only blue block you can. Take the northern block to hit a gold block before taking the eastern block. Follow the path until you hit a green one and ascend. Take the blue block to a Drop Bottle and then backtrack via the green block. Take the north blue block and grab the Eleth Bottle C. Go west and ascend now. With all the blocks in place, you can get the Book of Precedence.

    Now head back to Wallbridge via this path:

    • Descend
    • East
    • South
    • West
    • West
    • North
    • Ascend
    • South
    • East
    • Warp


    Wallbridge / South Barona Highroad

    Other[_] 2100 GaldSkits[_] No. 071: Hard to Justify
    Consumables[_] No. 002: Peach Gel x3[_] No. 072: Going Commando?
    [_] No. 001: Apple Gel x3[_] No. 073: A Seven-Year Blur
    [_] No. 009: All-Divide
    [_] No. 008: Elixir
    [_] No. 007: Life Bottle x3
    [_] No. 010: Hourglass
    [_] No. 005: Panacea Bottle x3

    Head back to tower (I) and go up the steps for a scene with Richard. After the scene, head north twice, climb the ladder one floor and leave to the west. You should now be in the courtyard. If you head to the left side of this area you will see that Turtlez has moved and there is a chest with 2100 Gald in it. When ready, head for the north gate for a scene.

    Start by visiting the save for the Hard to Justify skit. As you walk toward Barona, talk to every soldier you see for the following items:

    Make sure to grab the skit next to the group of four soldiers called Going Commando? and then head for the Barona Catacombs for a scene. Afterward, view the A Seven-Year Blur skit at the save point.


    Barona Catacombs / Barona Castle

    Other[_] 240 Unit(s) of ElethValuables[_] No. 077: Book of Perfection
    [_] 1800 Gald[_] No. 083: Book of Suppression
    Consumables[_] No. 005: Panacea Bottle x2Disc.[_] No. 28: Graves of the Unsung
    [_] No. 002: Peach Gel x2[_] No. 29: Twin Vases
    [_] No. 029: Mastery Tonic CSkits[_] No. 069: Burial Plans
    Materials[_] No. 051: Mysterious Liquid[_] No. 074: Separate Worlds
    [_] No. 035: Core Dust
    [_] No. 002: Wriggler Crystal

    We finally get to go the way we did as a child, so head through the stone doorway of revenge and go north. The chests have respawned, so go onto the broken bridge and grab the Book of Perfection. Take the lower path first to a Mysterious Liquid and Core Dust before taking the upper path. Grab the Panacea Bottle x2 and take the upper path to 240 Unit(s) of Eleth. Check the stone door here and take the steps down. This leads to where the lower path ends up, so there is no reason to backtrack unless you want to visit the room of doom. Almost directly across from where you come out is another stone door you need to push to get 1800 Gald, the Graves of the Unsung discovery, and the Burial Plans skit. Now continue west to the Secret Passage.

    You will need to decide which 4 members you want to be in battle.

    Head north and grab the Peach Gel x2 and then go back and head east. Follow the path until you come to a scene with a strange acting Richard (do you know what's going on yet.... cause I think I do). Head north twice to grab the Mastery Tonic C and then go back down one floor and west. Examine the green vase for the Twin Vases discovery and the Separate Worlds skit. At the save, go south and solve the puzzle to get across the gap. On the other side, exit south to get a Wriggler Crystal and then go back north until you reach another puzzle. Solve it to reach a Book of Suppression. Now, head back to the save and go north.


    Castle Interior / Barona

    Other[_] 315 Unit(s) of ElethSkits[_] No. 075: Friends Close, Enemies CloserEnemies
    Consumables[_] No. 007: Life Bottle x3[_] No. 076: Slay the Usurper![_] - [_] No. 086: Royal Sergeant
    Armor[_] No. 051: Rune Tunic[_] No. 077: A Touching Moment[_] - [_] No. 232: Royal Bowman
    Disc.[_] No. 30: First Flag[_] No. 078: Eye to Eye[_] - [_] No. 185: Royal Soldier
    Titles[_] Asbel: Knightmare[_] - [_] No. 039: Royal Guardsman
    [_] - [_] No. 145: Royal Pikeman
    [_] - [_] No. 152: Knight Eagle

    Don't worry about sticking around until you get all the Soul Orbs. You can get these later when these mobs move to Orlen Woods.

    Start by heading east and following the red carpet until you can exit west to get Life Bottle x3. Now go back and take that eastern exit we passed. Follow the path until the next split and go east until you reach a Rune Tunic. Now go west, which leads back to the hall we ran through just a minute ago, and continue west. When you reach the save, check the tapestry for the First Flag discovery and Friends Close, Enemies Closer skit. Continue west for a scene and a fight.

    Boss: No. 018: Victoria

    Victoria is probably one of the longest battles you have fought so far. She has a ton of HP and moves around a lot. She will likely go for your healer and try to corner them. This is BAD. Keep her busy and away from your healers, if possible, and you should eventually take her out.

    Heading northeast takes you back to the Turtlez, so go ahead and restock your Eleth if needed. Head west from Victoria and then enter the third room you pass for 315 Unit(s) of Eleth. Now continue west for a skit at the save called Slay the Usurper!. When you're ready, head to the Throne Room.

    Boss: No. 108: Cedric

    This guy can pack a punch. Make sure to stay away from him whenever he is in Eleth Burst because his Mystic Arte is deadly. You will likely kill him before your Eleth Burst comes around, but if not, you should kill him with a Mystic Arte.

    Enjoy the scenes and when you have control again, head west and reenter the Throne Room. After the scene, return to your party. Now head to the save for the A Touching Moment skit before leaving the castle.

    There isn't much new in Barona that you haven't seen before, but make sure you check the Inn for requests and the Eye to Eye skit. You can now freely explore the areas around Barona if you wish to complete any Enemy Book data. When you're ready, head to Port Barona.


    East Lhant Highroad / Lhant

    Valuables[_] No. 212 Windor's Military HistoryTitles[_] Malik: Prisoner of War
    Skits[_] No. 079: The Orlen Report[_] Malik: Dismissed Captain
    [_] Malik: Silver Hunk

    When you reach the roadside cottage, go inside and talk to the smiley face man to receive the Windor's Military History and Malik's Silver Hunk title. Outside, watch The Orlen Report skit. When you reach Lhant there will be a scene. Afterward, head down to the canal and sneak into Lhant (you may have noticed this path earlier and wondered why you could walk in the riverbed).

    Instead of heading straight to the manor, go to Cheria's house and examine the star in her front yard. This is what you'll be doing with all those Seed valuables we have found from now on. Plant the two seed types you have now. Head to the manor and save for an upcoming trophy opportunity. Head into the study and talk to Hubert.

    Boss: No. 283: Richard

    Firstly, equip some armor on Hubert. Now, Richard uses the same barrier skill that the Nova Wolf did back in the day. Use Lightning Strike to destroy it everytime he puts this up. Richard hits really hard, so watch your HP and use items if needed.

    IF you manage to beat Richard in 60 seconds you will get a trophy. (If you can't you can get it in NG+)


    Chapter 4: Adulthood (Part III)


    North Lhant Road / Lhant Hill

    Attachments[_] Watermelon
    Skits[_] No. 080: Arrested Development
    [_] No. 081: The Power of Conviction
    Titles[_] Sophie: One and the Same

    After all the scenes, you will be on North Lhant Road with only Sophie as company. You can visit Seaside Cavern, if you missed anything, or take the road south toward Lhant Hill. You will come across a shiny Watermelon in the middle of the road that you can attach via the Status Menu and using the directional pad to scroll to attachments. Now, head to Lhant Hill.

    Head for the save point for the Arrested Development skit (and such... really Asbel?) before heading to the field for a scene. On your way back to Lhant you can get another skit, The Power of Conviction, at the save point.


    Lhant / West Lhant Road

    Other[_] 1600 GaldSkits[_] No. 082: A Name to be FearedEnemies
    Consumables[_] No. 002: Peach Gel x2[_] No. 083: A Name to be Treasured[_] - [_] No. 068: Granitoise
    Materials[_] No. 055: Scale[_] No. 084: Like Old Times[_] - [_] No. 087: Sabretusk Boar
    [_] No. 218: Rice x3Titles[_] Asbel: Brother's Keeper[_] - [_] No. 157: Nail Spider
    Valuables[_] No. 018: Letter to the President[_] Pascal: Adolescent Girl[_] - [_] No. 220: Bear
    [_] No. 017: Pressed Sopheria[_] Cheria: An Old Friend, Returned[_] - [_] No. 225: Scuffler Bear
    [_] - [_] No. 178: Giant Bee

    Head to Lhant Manor and go upstairs and to the star to view a scene. Now, head to the study for a conversation with Hubert. You get the Letter to the President and Asbel's Brother's Keeper title. After the scene that follows, head to the square to regroup. You can now head to the bridge for the skit A Name to be Feared before leaving to the west. You also get the Pressed Sopheria.

    Stop by the save point and view the A Name to be Treasured skit. Head to the Gel Seed tree and grab the Scale from the chest before moving on. After the scene you will get Cheria's An Old Friend, Returned and Pascal's Adolescent Girl titles. Before you go back to Lhant, make sure to get the 1600 Gald and Peach Gel x2. Also check the save for Like Old Times and the cottage for Rice x3.


    Lhant / West Lhant Road

    Materials[_] No. 079: SeashellSkits[_] No. 085: Lucky You
    Valuables[_] No. 019: Good-Luck Charm[_] No. 086: Meet the Oswells
    [_] No. 208: Anonymous LetterTitles[_] Cheria: Sympathetic Soul

    Head to Lhant Manor and go to the room across from the study on the first floor for a scene and the Good-Luck Charm. Now watch the skit, Lucky You at the save inside the manor before leaving. Instead of heading toward Strahta, go to Lhant Hill and get the Anonymous Letter and Cheria's Sympathetic Soul title. Now, head to West Lhant Road.

    Head to the beach for a scene and then go to the save for the Meet the Oswells skit. Afterward, head down the southwest path to a whole new area with a Seashell in the chest.


    West Lhant Port / Oul Raye

    Materials[_] No. 218: Rice x2Disc.[_] No. 31: Stone of Truth
    [_] No. 225: Egg x2Skits[_] No. 087: What Real Women Eat
    [_] No. 218: Rice x3[_] No. 088: Never Surrender
    [_] No. 192: Onion x3[_] No. 089: The Sweet Taste of Deceit
    [_] No. 103: Truth Salt x3Titles[_] Malik: Erudite Fellow
    Valuables[_] No. 044: Turtlez Tot's Note
    [_] No. 148: Magic Carta No. 32
    [_] No. 035: Amaryllis Seeds
    [_] No. 084: Book of Sustenance

    You will almost immediately get a scene. Afterward, head into the house and grab the Rice x2 and Egg x2 from the cabinets. Before hopping on the ship, make sure to watch the What Real Women Eat skit at the save. Now, hop on the ship to Oul Raye.

    It's nice to finally visit a whole new area (I'm digging the names). After all the scenes, you will get Malik's Erudite Fellow title. Head north and help the poor turtlez tot from bullies and get the Turtlez Tot's Note. Enter the house up the steps and grab the Rice x3, as well as a cat to feed. Back outside, continue on the path, grabbing the Magic Carta No. 32 next to the Turtlez. Head up the hill and grab the shining Amaryllis Seeds. The sign here will give you a clue and the man will give you Onion x3. You can check the Inn for requests and view the Never Surrender skit. Down the short set of steps is the chest with a Book of Sustenance (password: turtlez). Before leaving town, check the blue stone for the Stone of Truth discovery, Truth Salt x3, and The Sweet Taste of Deceit skit.


    Strahta Craglands / Uncharted Sandstretch

    Other[_] 5100 GaldEnemies
    Consumables[_] No. 029: Mastery Tonic C[_] - [_] No. 087: Sabretusk Boar
    [_] No. 012: Arcane Bottle[_] - [_] No. 019: Wizard
    Valuables[_] No. 136: Magic Carta No. 20[_] - [_] No. 093: Thief
    Skits[_] No. 090: What's a Rockgagong?[_] - [_] No. 208: Filifolia Cactus
    [_] No. 092: Unexplored Ruins[_] - [_] No. 303: Wyvern
    [_] - [_] No. 010: Violet Scorpion
    [_] - [_] No. 205: Inferno Beetle
    [_] - [_] No. 246: Auger Beak

    Head to the save point for the What's a Rockgagong? skit and then follow the path. At the first chance, go east and make your way to Uncharted Sanstretch.

    The battles here will destroy you, so avoid them. Make your way southeast, grabbing the Mastery Tonic C, any sparkling points you see to try and get the Magic Carta No. 20, 5100 Gald, Arcane Bottle, and Unexplored Ruins skit. Now head back to the Craglands by foot or transport to Oul Raye.


    Strahta Craglands / Sable Izolle

    Other[_] 1440 GaldValuables[_] No. 218: Book of Rare CreaturesDisc.[_] No. 32: Strahtan Cacti
    Materials[_] No. 104: Strahtan Cactus x3[_] No. 124: Magic Carta No. 8[_] No. 33: Daunting Book
    [_] No. 104: Strahtan Cactus x3[_] No. 096: Book of Cuisine[_] No. 34: Somnosphere
    [_] No. 001: Soaring Crystal[_] No. 036: Gerbera SeedsSkits[_] No. 091: Survival Skills
    [_] No. 224: Spice Set x3[_] No. 085: Book of Restraint[_] No. 094: The Spice of Life
    [_] No. 113: Torn Page[_] No. 132: Magic Carta No. 16[_] No. 093: Handle with Care
    [_] No. 222: Veggie Set[_] No. 135: Magic Carta No. 19[_] No. 095: The Eye of Snorin
    Unique Equ.[_] No. 066: Pretty Scarf[_] No. 149: Magic Carta No. 33Titles[_] Asbel: Dark Enforcer
    [_] No. 021: Titanium Anklet[_] No. 222: Blue Cryas[_] Sophie: Great Pirate
    [_] Pascal: Water Summoner

    Head to the split and go west this time. Grab the 1440 Gald near the cactus and continue west. Examine the cactus nest to the NPC's for the Strahtan Cacti discovery, Strahtan Cactus x3, and Survival Skills skit. To the south is a Pretty Scarf and if you talk to the man for a funny scene and the Book of Rare Creatures. Head west to a sparkling point in the hopes of getting the Magic Carta No. 8. Following the southern wall leads to a chest with a Soaring Crystal. Back north, is another sparkling point. Continue along the northern wall for another possible point. South is a Titanium Anklet and maybe another sparkling point. Now, enter Sable Izolle to the west.

    Head across the bridge and talk to the man in white, on the right, to get Spice Set x3. Now talk to the smiley face man.

    Magic Carta, THE GAME!

    This is fun for veteran Tales fans, and hell for non-fans or newcomers. The only thing I can give you as advice is to bring up the Valuables list and control-f a line to find the description of the card. You can pause, so this helps.

    Win Solo on Easy without him getting any cards, you get Asbel's Dark Enforcer title. Win Solo on Normal without him getting any cards, you get the Book of Cuisine and Sophie's Great Pirate title.

    Versus is for multiplayer challenges.


    A quick note about the Dark Enforcer and Great Pirate titles. At level 3 these give you a costume. this can be equipped through the Status Menu, similarly to attachments.

    If you head through the Item Shop, you can go right to get to the Gerbera Seeds. Head across the bridge to the west to the chest for a Book of Restraint (password: rockgagong). Now, head west for a scene. Afterward, you can watch The Spice of Life skit at the save point. In the small alcove to the right of the save is the Daunting Book discovery, a Torn Page, and the Handle with Care skit. Talk to the Researcher to the right of this for Magic Carta No. 16 and Magic Carta No. 19. Head left and feed the cat and then go down the ramp to reach a guy who can make Veggie Sets. Head right around the back of the boxes to reach the Magic Carta No. 33. Head back to the Research Tower and enter now. On the left side of the area you should be able to discover the Somnosphere and watch The Eye of Snorin skit. Now check the star in the middle of the room to get the Blue Cryas and Pascal's Water Summoner title. You can now leave town via the western bridge.


    Strahta Desert (East)

    Consumables[_] No. 032: Eleth Bottle CEnemies
    Materials[_] No. 227: Cheese x3[_] - [_] No. 068: Granitoise
    [_] No. 224: Spice Set x2[_] - [_] No. 087: Sabretusk Boar
    Valuables[_] No. 125: Magic Carta No. 9[_] - [_] No. 093: Thief
    Skits[_] No. 096: Longin' for a Ga-gongin'[_] - [_] No. 192: Melonfake
    [_] - [_] No. 208: Filifolia Cactus
    [_] - [_] No. 250: Mandragora Xerophyte

    At the save point you should get the Longin' for a Ga-gongin skit. Head west until you see a cottage that you can enter and get Cheese x3. Leave and head north until you see a chest with Spice Set x2 inside. There's nothing else north right now, so go back south and then west. You should see a chest with an Eleth Bottle C and possilby a sparkling point (that may have the Magic Carta No. 9). When you're ready, head west.


    Inside the Rockgagong

    Other[_] 405 Unit(s) of ElethDisc.[_] No. 35: Golden SmileEnemies
    Consumables[_] No. 007: Life Bottle x2[_] No. 36: Enormous Egg[_] - [_] No. 068: Granitoise
    [_] No. 002: Peach Gel x3Skits[_] No. 097: All Roads Lead to Where?![_] - [_] No. 087: Sabretusk Boar
    Materials[_] No. 006: Fangtear Crystal[_] No. 098: T.M.I.[_] - [_] No. 192: Melonfake
    Unique Equ.[_] No. 047: Blue Ribbon[_] No. 099: That House Over There[_] - [_] No. 208: Filifolia Cactus
    Valuables[_] No. 020: Rockgagong Flute[_] No. 101: Egging Her On[_] - [_] No. 269: Mega Star
    [_] No. 087: Book of Preemption[_] No. 100: The Same Frequency[_] - [_] No. 298: Red Slime
    [_] No. 262: Viscera Parasite
    [_] No. 226: Entrails Parasite
    [_] No. 167: Parasite

    I feel a little like Ghepetto at the moment. Head to the save for All Roads Lead to WHERE?!... wow, so much butt talk. Avoid walking in the purple stomach acid as you make your way your way west for a scene. After the fight, jump west across the rocks to get the Golden Smile discovery and T.M.I. skit. Now go east and hop toward the hut, but don't go in. Instead, grab the treasure with Life Bottle x2 and watch the That House Over There skit. Walk around the back of the house and grab the Fangtear Crystal. You can now go inside the house and find a Rockgagong Flute.

    Back outside, head west of the house and jump across the rocks. From here, jump west again and again to reach the Book of Preemption. Go back to where you had to step in the acid and head all the way north and west to another fight. Head back and this time go east.

    Instead of going to the save, go south and follow the rocks for a fight. Continue south via the west rocks and then walk through the shallow acid to reach a Blue Ribbon. Now, jump east to reach a chest with Peach Gel x3. Go west now and grab the 405 Unit(s) of Eleth and fight another parasite. Make your way back to the save now.

    At the save, jump east to the Enormous Egg discovery and watch the Egging Her On skit. Now return to the save for a fight and watch The Same Frequency skit. When you're ready, go west for a fight.

    Boss: Entrails Parasite

    This fight is actually similar to the other parasites and as such, shouldn't give you much trouble. You know you are close to victory when she breaks up int a bunch of small Parasites.


    Strahta Desert (East) / Yu Liberte

    Other[_] 1080 GaldAttachments[_] Water Goggles
    Consumables[_] No. 006: Syrup Bottle x2Disc.[_] No. 37: Desert Bananas
    Materials[_] No. 222: Veggie Set x2[_] No. 39: No-Sweet Snowman
    [_] No. 017: Blazing Crystal[_] No. 38: Great Fountain
    [_] No. 203: Banana x3Skits[_] No. 102: Just a Tourist?
    [_] No. 227: Cheese x3[_] No. 103: Private Lessons
    [_] No. 192: Onion x3[_] No. 106: Climate Control
    [_] No. 227: Cheese x3[_] No. 107: Big Trouble for Little Brother
    Valuables[_] No. 235: Rockgagong Fur[_] No. 105: Leadership Qualities
    [_] No. 125: Magic Carta No. 9[_] No. 104: Fountains of the World, Part I
    [_] No. 150: Magic Carta No. 34[_] No. 108: Drawn Together
    [_] No. 037: Lassamble SeedsTitles[_] Pascal: Born Scribbler
    [_] No. 048: Ba'ul Plushie
    [_] No. 106: Book of Restriction
    [_] No. 021: Pascal's Diagram
    [_] No. 022: ID Card

    You actually come out on the cliff above the east dungeon. From here, you can call the Rockgagong to enter the dungeon or fight it. DO NOT TRY THIS. We will come back to this at the end of the game.

    On a side note, you can actually try and steal the rare Rockgagong Fur from it and then flee. If you try this... SAVE FIRST. Use Sophie's Eagle Dive and once you get the item, run for the edge of the map to escape. You may have to try this a few times to get it and out okay.

    Head to the cottage and you should find the Just a Tourist? skit next to the Turtlez. We are suppose to head west to the capital, so if you're ready go that way.

    In the new area, go southwest and grab the Veggie Set x2 from the chest. North of this may be a sparkling point (and we now have a better chance of getting that Magic Carta No. 9). Instead of going west, clear out the 1080 Gald, Syrup Bottle x2, and maybe some sparkling spots from the northern area. Now you can go west to grab the Blazing Crystal, Desert Bananas discovery, Banana x3, and the Private Lessons skit. Head west for another possible sparkling spot and the entrance to the capital.

    Palace-schmalace...We are going to explore. Start be heading to the Commercial District and hang a left to make it to the Inn. This is one fine Inn, I gotta say. Examine the snowman in the water for the No-Sweet Snowman and the Climate Control skit. Head north and check the plant for a treasure clue and then you can leave. Head to the east and when you see the stairs, go between the arch and the steps on the left side to get to the Magic Carta No. 34. Now continue north to the Residential District.

    If you take the third right walkway you should see a sparkling point that gives you some Lassamble Seeds. Going inside the Oswell House, you can snag some Water Goggles and meet the grumpy old man. Go west now and enter the White Wine Estate. The desk here has Cheese x3 and another cat to feed. Visit the Red Wine House for Onion x3 and talk to the maid for more Cheese x3. Now continue north to the Govermental District.

    Take a right all the way to a new zone and grab the Ba'ul Plushie from the docks. Go back to the Governmental District and head north to the Presidential Palace.

    Continue inside and trigger the scene with the guard. You can talk to your party now, but they don't say much so head inside the office for a funny surprise. After the scene, go behind the president to open the chest with a Book of Restriction (password: duplemar). Head back into the lobby and watch the scene, followed by the Big Trouble for Little Brother skit. Back outside, you should get the Great Fountain discovery, Leadership Qualities, and Fountains of the World, Part I skits. Head south to the next zone for a scene.

    Walk toward the two people under the fountain for a scene and then go east to the Oswell Manor for another scene. Head south again for another scene with two people by the fountain. Now head back toward the palace until you hit another scene. Follow their advice and go to the west gate for one last scene. You get Pascal's Diagram and Born Scribbler title. Stop by the save and watch the Drawn Together skit on your way out. Head to the President's Office for a scene and you now have access to the west gate.


    Strahta Desert (West) / Strahta Desert Ruins

    Other[_] 1151 GaldDisc.[_] No. 40: Sand PeopleEnemies
    [_] 4680 Gald[_] No. 41: Ancient Embers[_] - [_] No. 028: Stormheart Dragon
    [_] 435 Unit(s) of Eleth[_] No. 42: Duplemar[_] - [_] No. 049: Cawker
    Materials[_] No. 020: Bluster CrystalSkits[_] No. 109: No Sweat[_] - [_] No. 134: Desert Eagle
    [_] No. 092: Upper Quarry Stone[_] No. 110: No Words[_] - [_] No. 138: Dune Goblin
    [_] No. 036: Core Fragment[_] No. 111: Full Steam Ahead[_] - [_] No. 258: Crimson Scorpion
    [_] No. 010: Possessed Crystal[_] No. 374: Step by Step[_] - [_] No. 019: Wizard
    Armor[_] No. 052: Battle Tunic[_] No. 112: A Serious Matter[_] - [_] No. 093: Thief
    Unique Equ.[_] No. 008: Silver Scabbard[_] No. 113: Scene Stealer[_] - [_] No. 047: Desert Bat
    [_] No. 048: Orange Ribbon[_] No. 115: Pitch Black[_] - [_] No. 187: Fire Elemental
    [_] No. 070: Red Scarf[_] No. 114: Keeping it Together[_] - [_] No. 195: Fissure Lizard
    Gems[_] No. 024: Stone Charm
    [_] No. 022: Freeze Charm
    Valuables[_] No. 126: Magic Carta No. 10
    [_] No. 090: Book of Duplication

    Head to the save point to watch the No Sweat skit before going anywhere. If you stick to the western wall you should come to a treasure with 1151 Gald, followed by another with a Silver Scabbard and maybe a sparkling spot (which potentially drops the Magic Carta No. 10). When you reach Tutrlez, check the red sand people for... Sand People discovery and the No Words skit. From the save nearby, head directly south and by the second skeleton you may find a sparkling spot. Northwest of that, is an Orange Ribbon. Go southwest now and when the path splits go south to the Bluster Crystal. To the west you may find another sparkling point before going north to grab the Stone Charm. Go back down and head northwest to find a Upper Quarry Stone. South now to a Core Fragment and then onward to a possible sparking point and the ruins.

    As soon as you have control, view Full Steam Ahead. Head north, the ruins may be off limits but Turtlez can still get access by the looks of it, and then take the east road. Head north and when you step on the colored puzzle watch the Step by Step skit. Step on the yellow and blue blocks and then cross to the east. Down the stairs, grab the Red Scarf from the northern chest and continue east. Grab the Freeze Charm and take the right path south. Head down the stairs and up the others to get the Possessed Crystal. Continue to another puzzle.

    This one is a little trickier because you have to backtrack to get across. Step on the yellow block and then the blue one. Now go back, making sure to stay in the puzzles "zone" and step on the red on. Now go west and grab the Ancient Embers discovery, Torchflame, and A Serious Matter skit. Continue for another puzzle: red, blue, yellow, to get a Battle Tunic. Go west and then north as soon as you can to a new puzzle.

    This puzzle is pretty easy, as well, but you have to start on the right block or it will fail. Start on red and then go to blue. Now run up to yellow and it should open the path. If you do blue first and then red, the yellow block won't bring up the blocks to get you across. Head east and grab the 4680 Gald before going north to the Scene Stealer skit and a fight. (Also, I'm starting to love Pascal... despite my desire not to).

    Boss: No. 130: Dispater x2

    These guys can be beast and therefore we want to get rid of one as quick as possible to minimize the damage we are taking. I suggest you switch your allies strategies to target the same enemy as your leader, except maybe 1 person. This will allow you to dispatch one quickly, while not letting the other beat on your occupied allies.

    I doubt you will be able to, but you can get a trophy for defeating them in 60 seconds.

    After the scene, approach the valkines for the Duplemar discovery and Pitch Black skit. Head back to the steps and go west when you can to reach the Book of Duplication (which you should equip asap, cause 2 items is so needed) and 435 Unit(s) of Eleth. Now make your way back to the desert for a quick skit called Keeping it Together at the save. Now head to Yu Liberte on foot or via the Turtlez.

    Head to the President's Office for a scene and a surprise visitor. This marks the end of this chapter.


    Optional Sidequests

    This marks the first point in the game when you have access to most of the world, so let's go check all the areas for sidequests and such.


    Yu Liberte / Strahta Desert (West)

    Valuables[_] No. 227: Cherished LocketTitles[_] Hubert: Lieutenant
    Skits[_] No. 116: Twenty Minutes[_] Hubert: Military Governor
    [_] Hubert: Dutiful Brother

    Head south to the Residential District and talk to the smiley face maid. Now, head south to the next district and talk to Marian (smiley face). Now go to the Inn and watch the Twenty Minutes skit at the save. You'll notice that the Inn's Requests now reflect the two events you just saw. Now let's go find those items by going to Strahta Desert (West).

    Head for the ruins and you should come across a star eventually. Check it to receive the Cherished Locket. Walk or warp back to Yu Liberte now.

    A quick note about titles. You may have more or less, but there are a few tips to getting them faster. The AI uses all the skills that are turned on for Auto control. Almost every A-Arte and B-Arte has 2 titles attached to them, an Adept title and a Master title. Once you see a skill title go Master, I suggest you turn it OFF so the AI uses the other skills more often. For Semi-Auto and Manual hotkeys, make sure to hotkey new skills for your use when you control a character.

    Note that your A-Arte skills can not be turned off, but you can have them focus on B-Artes by going to Strategy and selecting B-Artes in the Balance column.


    Yu Liberte / Strahta Desert (East)

    Valuables[_] No. 226: Polishing ToolsEnemies
    Titles[_] Sophie: Lucky Girl[_] No. 207: Filifolia Saguaro

    Head to the Inn and turn in the Cherished Locket for a scene and get Sophie's Lucky Girl title. Now let's work on the other one and some other stuff by going to Strahta Desert (East).

    In the area just past the Banana Tree you will see a monster with a smiley. Approach it for a fight and a scene to get the Polishing Tools. Instead of heading to Yu Liberte, continue on to Sable Izolle.


    Sable Izolle

    Unique Equ.[_] No. 076: Nature's ScarfTitles[_] Pascal: Carta Shark
    Skits[_] No. 356: A Winning Combination[_] Cheria: Magical Bee

    Remember the guy who you played Magic Carta with? Well, you should have enough cards to beat him on Hard now (this depends on if you have gotten stamps from shops or not). The good news is that you should remember a bunch of these, the bad news is that with more cards there are more option and the AI is faster. While you wait for the loading, skim your eyes over the cards to try and get a feel for where cards are (this requires you know their quote on sight... which takes a good memory). The only other tips I can give is to have your cursor on the buried cards while you wait for the next quote. (it gives you a 1 in whatever chance that it's the next card and lets you see the damn thing properly).

    If you win, you get Pascal's Nature's Scarf, Carta Shark title and the A Winning Combination skit. If you win, without him getting a card, you get Cheria's Magical Bee title.

    Now head to Oul Raye.


    Oul Raye / Lhant

    Valuables[_] No. 223: Investigation Report
    Titles[_] Hubert: Keeper of Secrets

    When you enter Oul Raye, you can check the star for a scene that gets you to the Investigation Report.

    In Lhant, go plant your seeds at Cheria's House and then head inside to start a sidequest with Frederic. Now, visit Asbel's mother at the Manor.



    Titles[_] Sophie: Heavenly Emmissary

    Head to Duke Dalen's Manor and talk to him for a scene. Make sure to go upstairs in the Inn and talk to Joe to start a long sidequest and get Sophie's Heavenly Emmissary title.

    We now need to head to the Wallbridge Ruins from this side, so walk south to the Gralesyde Highroad and make your way to the ruins. (The reason we have to go the long way is because all the blue blocks are set to the west side of the ruins and will not be useable from the east side)


    Wallbridge Ruins

    Valuables[_] No. 216: Wallbridge EvidenceEnemies
    [_] No. 095: Jelly Roper

    Follow these bulletpoints to get to the projection machine we visited earlier:

    • Descend
    • East
    • North
    • Ascend
    • West
    • Descend
    • North
    • West
    • South
    • Ascend (Northern block for reverse order)
    • East
    • East
    • North
    • North
    • West
    • Descend
    • North

    Approach the monster for a fight. After the fight you get the Wallbridge Evidence. Now, take the same directions in reverse.



    Materials[_] No. 186: Feather BadgeSkits[_] No. 355: War Games
    Titles[_] Cheria: Hide and Seek Honcho

    Head to tower I and talk to the smiley maid to start a game of hide and seek. Instead of a long section where I talk about where to go, view this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TK5t2uyPvgE

    In case you're wondering, since it's in Japanese, you need less than 500 Gald, a Croquette, and Life Bottle x3.

    You receive a Feather Badge, Cheria's Hide and Seek Honcho title, and the War Games skit.


    Barona / Orlen Woods

    Dishes[_] No. 053: Salisbury Steak x3Enemies
    Weapons[_] No. 042: Bryce's Claws[_] - [_] No. 086: Royal Sergeant
    Valuables[_] No. 209: Beloved Handkerchief[_] - [_] No. 232: Royal Bowman
    [_] No. 219: Trade Permit[_] - [_] No. 185: Royal Soldier
    [_] No. 213: Windor Crest[_] - [_] No. 039: Royal Guardsman
    Titles[_] Asbel: Son of a Hero[_] - [_] No. 145: Royal Pikeman
    [_] - [_] No. 152: Knight Eagle

    Head to the shops and check the star to get the Beloved Handkerchief. Now, go to the Inn and check upstairs to meet Joe again and continue the event to get Salisbury Steak x3. Finally, head to the castle and go down the east corridor to talk to the smiley man. After an informative scene, you get the Trade Permit and Asbel's Son of a Hero title. Now head to Orlen Woods.

    Luckily, the normal enemies have been replaced with those of the castle. This is good for Soul Orb gathering. We need to head to the town that we fought the Nova Wolf in. MAKE SURE TO SAVE.

    Boss: No. 177: Bryce (2)

    Depending on your level, Bryce can pose a serious threat. He has a skill that can 1-shot you and another that does serious damage. I suggest you put Cheria and Sophie in your party for mass healing and take advantage of guarding. It is also a good idea to have Curry in your Eleth Mixer and the Books Satiation and Book of Cuisine.

    It is also possible to move the AI out of range of the 1-shot skill as it takes a while to use. Make sure you know which direction pad button leads to each character and as soon as you see the red aura, move them out of the way. Also, if an AI is hurt you may want to switch to them and back them off until they can get healed.

    I used Asbel, Malik, Cheria, and Sophie all about level 40. I had to use a few Life Bottles when I missed getting away from the instant death, but with good guarding use and backing off for heals, he went down eventually.

    You get the Windor Crest and Bryce's Claws for winning. (You can fight him later if you are having problems)


    Joe & Gang / Turning In

    Dishes[_] No. 068: Pork Curry x3Skits[_] No. 357: Burning Questions
    Weapons[_] No. 007: Battle SwordTitles[_] Malik: Winged One
    Valuables[_] No. 026: Charbroiler[_] Hubert: Steadfast Denier


    Lhant Manor

    Oul Raye

    • Head toward the Inn and we will run into Joe and gang again and get Malik's Winged One title.

    Sable Izolle

    • You can turn that Investigation Report we got in Oul Raye a while back at the Inn. Nearby is Joe and his gang again... we are just following them around, aren't we? Stalker! You get Pork Curry x3 this time.

    Yu Liberte

    • Of course, head to the Inn for more Joe scenes. At least this time you don't have to eat food and you get a Battle Sword out of it. Don't forget to turn in the Polishing Tools for a scene, Hubert's Steadfast Denier title, the Burning Questions skit, and Marian will open her shop.

    For more info on Gems and Polishing, see Dualizing Equipment/Gems & Polishing. There is also some great sticky threads on the GameFAQ forums.

    When you're ready, go to the north gate via the Governmental District.