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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 01/15/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Table of Contents

    1. Tales of Graces f - FAQ/Walkthrough
    2. Introduction
    3. Gameplay
      1. Controls
      2. Battle
      3. Artes Menu
      4. Titles Menu
      5. Mixer Menu
      6. Library Menu
      7. Requests
      8. Dualizing
    4. Walkthrough
    5. Chapter 1: Childhood
    6. Chapter 2: Adulthood (Part I)
    7. Chapter 3: Adulthood (Part II)
    8. Chapter 4: Adulthood (Part III)
    9. Optional Sidequests
    10. Chapter 5: Adulthood (Part IV)
    11. Chapter 6: Adulthood (Part V)
    12. Chapter 7: Adulthood (Part VI)
    13. Chapter 8: Adulthood (Part VII)
    14. Optional Sidequests
      1. Beach Resort
      2. Swimsuit Gathering
      3. Sandshroud Ruins
      4. Oswell Family Vault
      5. Shuttle Crash Site
      6. Barona / Turtlez HQ
    15. Chapter 8: Continued
    16. Lineage and Legacies
      1. Last Chance for 100%
    17. Zhonecage
      1. 1st Floor
      2. 2nd Floor
      3. 3rd Floor
      4. 4th Floor
      5. 5th Floor
      6. 6th Floor
      7. 7th Floor
      8. 8th Floor
      9. 9th Floor
      10. 10th Floor
    18. New Game +
      1. Grade Shop
    19. Riot Peak Trials
      1. Normal Class
      2. Master Class
      3. Lineage & Legacies
    20. Skits & Sidequests
      1. Skits Checklist
      2. Sidequest Checklist
    21. Requests Checklist
      1. Lhant Requests
      2. Barona Requests
      3. Gralesyde Requests
      4. Oul Raye Requests
      5. Sable Izolle Requests
      6. Yu Liberte Requests
      7. Warrior's Roost Requests
      8. Velanik Requests
      9. Zavhert Requests
      10. Amarcian Enclave Requests
      11. Telso Astue Requests
      12. Katz Korner Requests
    22. Dualizing Equipment/Gems & Polishing
      1. The Basics
      2. Qualities
    23. Shop List
      1. Turtlez Merchants
      2. Lhant
      3. Barona
      4. Gralesyde
      5. Oul Raye
      6. Sable Izolle
      7. Yu Liberte
      8. Velanik
      9. Zavhert
      10. Amarcian Enclave
      11. Telos Astue
      12. Katz Korner
    24. Dualizing Recipes
      1. Combine
      2. Cook
      3. Convert
      4. Merge
    25. Library Checklist
      1. Consumables
      2. Dishes
      3. Materials
      4. Weapons
      5. Armor
      6. Unique Equipment
      7. Gems
      8. Valuables
      9. Discoveries
      10. Enemy Book Checklist
    26. Titles Checklist
      1. Asbel's Titles
      2. Asbel's Titles (In-Depth)
      3. Sophie's Titles
      4. Hubert's Titles
      5. Cheria's Titles
      6. Malik's Titles
      7. Pascal's Titles
      8. Richard's Titles
    27. Artes (In-Depth)
      1. Asbel's A-Artes
      2. Asbel's B-Artes
    28. Contact
    29. Version History and Updates
    30. Copyright & Disclaimer

    Library Checklist (Continued)

    Crimson Scorpion

    Location: Strahta Desert (West), Strahta Desert (North) Type: Insect

    Lv.29P. ATK306
    HP2161C. ATK123
    EXP51P. DEF123
    Gald29C. DEF154
    DropVenomous Needle - 24%ACC144
    Poison Needle - 12%EVA288
    StealOnion - 18%
    • Weak Against
      • Insect
      • Strike
      • Freeze


    Location: Riot Peak Trials Type: Human

    Lv.45P. ATK787
    HP10006C. ATK389
    EXP-P. DEF405
    Gald415C. DEF405
    DropOnion - 24%ACC326
    Minced Meat - 12%EVA365
    StealCaustic - 6%
    • Weak Against
      • Human
      • Slash
      • Impact
      • Paralysis
      • Burn
      • Petrify

    Labyrinth Lizard

    Location: Fendel Glacier Ruins (Lineage & Legacies), Region 13 (Lineage & Legacies), Region 66 (Lineage & Legacies) Type: Reptile

    Lv.65P. ATK710
    HP10811C. ATK120
    EXP1549P. DEF781
    Gald385C. DEF300
    DropCarrot - 12%ACC567
    Killer Fang - 4%EVA412
    StealSharp Fang - 3%
    • Weak Against
      • Reptile
      • Slash
      • Burn

    Transfixer Bee

    Location: Fendel Glacier Ruins (Lineage & Legacies), Region 13 (Lineage & Legacies), Region 66 (Lineage & Legacies) Type: Insect

    Lv.67P. ATK752
    HP7743C. ATK330
    EXP1469P. DEF330
    Gald439C. DEF413
    DropTea Leaves - 12%ACC372
    Needle of Extinction - 4%EVA743
    StealKiller Needle - 3%
    • Weak Against
      • Insect
      • Shot
      • Burn

    Viscera Parasite

    Location: Inside the Rockgagong Type: Insect

    Lv.30P. ATK420
    HP11340C. ATK320
    EXP187P. DEF213
    Gald126C. DEF302
    DropLavender - 50%ACC198
    Life Bottle - 100%EVA397
    • Weak Against
      • Insect
      • Amorphous
      • Shot
      • Burn

    Progenitor Lizard

    Location: Region 13, Region 66 Type: Human

    Lv.46P. ATK609
    HP7975C. ATK85
    EXP343P. DEF554
    Gald111C. DEF213
    DropSharp Fang - 24%ACC402
    Sharp Fang - 12%EVA292
    • Weak Against
      • Reptile
      • Shot
      • Slow

    Black Slime

    Location: Humanoid Research Center Type: Amorphous

    Lv.47P. ATK283
    HP4907C. ATK187
    EXP189P. DEF150
    Gald79C. DEF632
    DropDangerous Liquid - 24%ACC282
    StealTofu - 9%EVA398
    • Weak Against
      • Amorphous
      • Impact
      • Burn
      • Petrify

    Melande Shelt

    Location: Zhonecage - 9th Floor Type: Spirit

    Lv.120P. ATK1308
    HP19354C. ATK1096
    EXP58824P. DEF548
    Gald440C. DEF3203
    DropImperial Egg - 12%ACC948
    StealDrop Bottle - 3%EVA1898
    • Weak Against
      • Spirit
      • Fiend
      • Paralysis


    Location: Wallbridge Ruins Type: Reptile

    Lv.26P. ATK300
    HP9900C. ATK69
    EXP127P. DEF276
    Gald121C. DEF223
    DropRosemary - 100%ACC254
    • Weak Against
      • Reptile
      • Impact
      • Freeze


    Location: Riot Peak Trials Type: Human

    Lv.35P. ATK613
    HP6867C. ATK304
    EXP-P. DEF316
    Gald216C. DEF316
    DropBanana - 24%ACC254
    Chocolate - 12%EVA285
    StealLantern - 6%
    • Weak Against
      • Human
      • Strike
      • Impact
      • Paralysis
      • Burn
      • Slow


    Location: Zhonecage - 4th Floor Type: Inorganic

    Lv.90P. ATK2091
    HP32760C. ATK570
    EXP20336P. DEF1032
    Gald1573C. DEF747
    DropDamascus Steel - 24%ACC633
    StealDecisive Dice - 3%EVA554
    • Weak Against
      • Inorganic
      • Machine
      • Freeze
      • Slow

    Mega Star

    Location: Inside the Rockgagong Type: Aquatic

    Lv.27P. ATK288
    HP2735C. ATK126
    EXP56P. DEF109
    Gald32C. DEF260
    DropHazardous Liquid - 24%ACC259
    • Weak Against
      • Auqtic
      • Slash
      • Burn


    Location: Zhonecage - 3rd Floor Type: Spirit

    Lv.85P. ATK807
    HP23000C. ATK724
    EXP12500P. DEF2556
    Gald1105C. DEF874
    DropSoft Stone - 12%ACC747
    StealToxic Fluid - 3%EVA1995
    • Weak Against
      • Amorphous
      • Spirit
      • Freeze


    Location: Zhonecage - 5th Floor Type: Machine

    Lv.95P. ATK1752
    HP43284C. ATK702
    EXP31471P. DEF1102
    Gald1679C. DEF768
    DropDeicide Blade - 12%ACC793
    StealBalloon Cloth - 3%EVA743
    • Weak Against
      • Human
      • Machine
      • Paralysis

    Shadow Roper

    Location: Humanoid Research Center Type: Amorphous

    Lv.47P. ATK549
    HP6134C. ATK224
    EXP283P. DEF212
    Gald95C. DEF759
    DropMinced Meat - 24%ACC282
    Dangerous Liquid - 12%EVA398
    • Weak Against
      • Amorphous
      • Slash
      • Poison
      • Burn

    Sensor Helmite

    Location: Fendel Tower, Fendel Glacier Ruins Type: Machine

    Lv.37P. ATK390
    HP4615C. ATK236
    EXP109P. DEF140
    Gald49C. DEF324
    DropWorking Gear - 24%ACC249
    Strange Gear - 12%EVA170
    • Weak Against
      • Machine
      • Impact
      • Paralysis

    Rat Specter

    Location: Barona Catacombs Type: Spirit

    Lv.6P. ATK54
    HP199C. ATK58
    EXP9P. DEF170
    Gald10C. DEF29
    DropCore Dust - 24%ACC50
    • Weak Against
      • Spirit


    Location: Humanoid Research Center Type: Spirit

    Lv.58P. ATK498
    HP36510C. ATK388
    EXP10765P. DEF610
    Gald16800C. DEF890
    DropDarkshine Crystal - 100%ACC767
    Mythril Gauntlets - 100%EVA824
    • Weak Against
      • Spirit
      • Nova
      • Paralysis

    Lambda Angelus

    Location: Ghafta Shaft - Depths Type: Nova

    Lv.75P. ATK772
    HP203200C. ATK515
    EXP-P. DEF776
    Gald-C. DEF1040
    StealElixir - 50%EVA724
    • Weak Against
      • Fiend
      • Nova
      • Strike
      • Slash
      • Shot
      • Impact

    Lambda Theos

    Location: Ghafta Shaft - Depths (after beating Solomus) Type: Nova

    Lv.150P. ATK1000
    HP300000C. ATK1500
    EXP-P. DEF3600
    Gald30000C. DEF4200
    • Weak Against
      • Human
      • Spirit
      • Inorganic
      • Machine
      • Nova
      • Burn

    Lance Beak

    Location: Strahta Desert (North) Type: Bird

    Lv.31P. ATK400
    HP3772C. ATK187
    EXP103P. DEF220
    Gald56C. DEF143
    DropChicken - 24%ACC223
    Fancy Fur - 12%EVA304
    StealEgg - 15%
    • Weak Against
      • Bird
      • Shot
      • Freeze


    Location: Zhonecage - 9th Floor Type: Human

    Lv.120P. ATK1234
    HP313920C. ATK845
    EXP432322P. DEF1575
    Gald37856C. DEF4960
    DropMagic Carta No. 25 - 25%ACC1296
    Truffle - 1%EVA1163
    • Weak Against
      • Human
      • Aerial
      • Petrify
      • Slow

    Reala (2)

    Location: Riot Peak Trials - Floor 31 (Master Class - after beating Reala & Amber in Zhonecage) Type: Human

    Lv.100P. ATK450
    HP99050C. ATK450
    EXP-P. DEF559
    Gald35700C. DEF1280
    • Weak Against
      • Human
      • Aerial
      • Petrify
      • Slow


    Location: Glacier Road Type: Human

    Lv.38P. ATK532
    HP5428C. ATK263
    EXP200P. DEF274
    Gald88C. DEF274
    StealSteak - 15%EVA278
    • Weak Against
      • Human
      • Strike
      • Impact


    Location: Wallbridge Ruins Type: Reptile

    Lv.17P. ATK244
    HP1954C. ATK37
    EXP27P. DEF238
    Gald22C. DEF91
    DropScale - 24%ACC151
    Hard Scale - 12%EVA110
    • Weak Against
      • Reptile
      • Strike
      • Freeze


    Location: Lhant Type: Human

    Lv.32P. ATK224
    HP24800C. ATK260
    EXP1400P. DEF289
    Gald3260C. DEF289
    DropElixir - 100%ACC349
    • Weak Against
      • Human
      • Nova
      • Impact
      • Paralysis

    Richard (Nova)

    Location: World's Eye Type: Bird

    Lv.51P. ATK398
    HP70480C. ATK328
    EXP5524P. DEF320
    Gald8350C. DEF320
    DropElixir - 100%ACC553
    Book of Passion - 100%EVA497
    • Weak Against
      • Human
      • Nova
      • Shot
      • Burn

    Richard (Transformed)

    Location: World's Eye Type: Nova

    Lv.63P. ATK570
    HP90930C. ATK404
    EXP17338P. DEF562
    Gald18540C. DEF412
    DropElixir - 100%ACC682
    Life Bottle - 100%EVA598
    StealElixir - 50%
    • Weak Against
      • Human
      • Spirit
      • Nova
      • Strike
      • Slow

    Richard (Final)

    Location: Ghardia Shaft Type: Nova

    Lv.68P. ATK604
    HP140048C. ATK435
    EXP-P. DEF999
    Gald-C. DEF610
    DropElixir - 100%ACC982
    StealElixir - 50%EVA661
    • Weak Against
      • Human
      • Nova
      • Slash
      • Freeze


    Location: Zhonecage - 1st Floor Type: Human

    Lv.75P. ATK490
    HP2103C. ATK453
    EXP5441P. DEF5390
    Gald600C. DEF3390
    DropIce Pop - 24%ACC487
    Life Bottle - 12%EVA546
    • Weak Against
      • Human
      • Spirit
      • Poison

    Glacier Raptor

    Location: Untrodden Snowfield Type: Reptile

    Lv.43P. ATK391
    HP7195C. ATK80
    EXP258P. DEF518
    Gald91C. DEF199
    DropSharp Claw - 24%ACC376
    Emperor's Claw - 12%EVA273
    StealPork - 12%
    • Weak Against
      • Reptile
      • Slash
      • Burn

    Little Queen (Melee)

    Location: Arcadia Garden Type: Unknown

    Lv.70P. ATK832
    HP14328C. ATK716
    EXP3223P. DEF647
    Gald2138C. DEF647
    • Weak Against
      • Strike
      • Impact
      • Poison
      • Paralysis

    Little Queen (Magic)

    Location: Lastalia Shaft Type: Unknown

    Lv.75P. ATK970
    HP22770C. ATK560
    EXP5802P. DEF1093
    Gald2465C. DEF693
    • Weak Against
      • Freeze
      • Petrify

    Little Queen (Final)

    Location: Fodra's Core Type: Unknown

    Lv.80P. ATK1107
    HP25344C. ATK504
    EXP8054P. DEF739
    Gald2720C. DEF739
    • Weak Against
      • Slash
      • Shot
      • Burn
      • Slow

    Ruby Weapon

    Location: Sandshroud Ruins Type: Inorganic

    Lv.60P. ATK1184
    HP11760C. ATK338
    EXP1628P. DEF613
    Gald370C. DEF444
    DropDecaying Sword - 24%ACC381
    Cheese - 12%EVA333
    • Weak Against
      • Inorganic
      • Aerial
      • Paralysis

    Ice Elemental

    Location: Fendel Glacier Ruins Type: Spirit

    Lv.39P. ATK310
    HP2662C. ATK314
    EXP176P. DEF917
    Gald70C. DEF157
    DropUpper Quarry Stone - 24%ACC310
    StealCore Fragment - 15%EVA621
    • Weak Against
      • Spirit
      • Inorganic
      • Aerial
      • Burn


    Location: Eleth Research Labratory Type: Unknown

    Lv.80P. ATK855
    HP146720C. ATK809
    EXP43816P. DEF739
    Gald27200C. DEF668
    • Weak Against
      • Beast
      • Amorphous
      • Human
      • Spirit


    Location: Riot Peak Trials Type: Human

    Lv.30P. ATK527
    HP5494C. ATK261
    EXP-P. DEF271
    Gald156C. DEF271
    DropEgg - 24%ACC218
    Cheese - 12%EVA245
    StealDaily Medicine - 6%
    • Weak Against
      • Human
      • Slash
      • Burn
      • Petrify
      • Slow


    Location: Zhonecage - 3rd Floor Type: Spirit

    Lv.85P. ATK807
    HP15500C. ATK774
    EXP12500P. DEF2556
    Gald1105C. DEF874
    DropSoft Stone - 12%ACC747
    StealToxic Fluid - 3%EVA1495
    • Weak Against
      • Amorphous
      • Spirit
      • Paralysis

    Ruins Goblin

    Location: Fendel Glacier Ruins (Lineage & Legacies) Type: Beast

    Lv.66P. ATK761
    HP9235C. ATK244
    EXP1365P. DEF401
    Gald329C. DEF261
    DropRice - 12%ACC651
    Godwood - 4%EVA418
    StealGolden Bough - 3%
    • Weak Against
      • Beast
      • Strike
      • Petrify

    Red Slime

    Location: Inside the Rockgagong Type: Amorphous

    Lv.27P. ATK352
    HP3256C. ATK129
    EXP42P. DEF100
    Gald26C. DEF490
    DropHazardous Liquid - 24%ACC163
    • Weak Against
      • Amorphous
      • Impact
      • Burn
      • Petrify

    Stinger Bee

    Location: North Lhant Road Type: Insect

    Lv.12P. ATK138
    HP674C. ATK61
    EXP13P. DEF61
    Gald12C. DEF76
    DropPoison Needle - 24%ACC68
    Gel Seed - 12%EVA137
    StealApple - 24%
    • Weak Against
      • Insect
      • Aerial
      • Slash

    Legendary Wyvern

    Location: Gustworks Ruins Type: Dragon

    Lv.68P. ATK943
    HP67565C. ATK593
    EXP3443P. DEF431
    Gald938C. DEF862
    DropKiller Fang - 8%ACC539
    Chicken - 4%EVA299
    StealLife Bottle - 100%
    • Weak Against
      • Reptile
      • Slash
      • Aerial
      • Strike
      • Freeze


    Location: Wallbridge Ruins Type: Amorphous

    Lv.17P. ATK224
    HP1744C. ATK82
    EXP16P. DEF78
    Gald13C. DEF279
    DropMysterious Liquid - 24%ACC104
    Hazardous Liquid - 12%EVA146
    StealCarrot - 21%
    • Weak Against
      • Amorphous
      • Slash
      • Poison
      • Burn


    Location: Strata Desert (East) Type: Reptile

    Lv.160P. ATK1734
    HP400000C. ATK1212
    EXP-P. DEF1546
    Gald40000C. DEF4230
    DropMastery Tonic G - 24%ACC982
    Book of Frugality - 100%EVA400
    StealRockgagong Fur - 25%
    • Weak Against
      • Reptile
      • Beast
      • Strike
      • Slash


    Location: Strahta Craglands Type: Dragon

    Lv.26P. ATK480
    HP5766C. ATK203
    EXP64P. DEF148
    Gald40C. DEF296
    DropHard Scale - 24%ACC187
    StealPork - 18%EVA104
    • Weak Against
      • Reptile
      • Dragon
      • Aerial
      • Freeze

    ??? (Unknown)

    Location: Shuttle Crash Site Type: Unknown

    Lv.55P. ATK1066
    HP13794C. ATK339
    EXP2022P. DEF557
    Gald801C. DEF364
    • Weak Against
      • Nova


    Location: Most locations when World's Eye is opened Type: Fiend

    Lv.42P. ATK522
    HP7425C. ATK208
    EXP293P. DEF341
    Gald114C. DEF223
    DropGel Seed - 24%ACC467
    Red Wine - 12%EVA301
    StealBeef - 6%
    • Weak Against
      • Fiend
      • Nova
      • Aerial
      • Strike
      • Paralysis
      • Burn

    ??? (2)

    Location: Most locations when World's Eye is opened Type: Fiend

    Lv.44P. ATK641
    HP6830C. ATK190
    EXP283P. DEF313
    Gald97C. DEF204
    DropDecaying Sword - 24%ACC490
    Dangerous Liquid - 12%EVA315
    StealMinced Meat - 6%
    • Weak Against
      • Fiend
      • Nova
      • Aerial
      • Shot
      • Freeze
      • Slow


    Titles Checklist

    Because there is so much information needed in this section about titles, this is split into 2 sections for each character:

    • A checklist for reference on how to get the title
    • A detailed list of each titles abilities and the SP required

    - In Progress


    Asbel's Titles

    See Asbel's Titles (In-Depth) for more information on each title.

    [_]#Title NameHow to Get
    [_]No. 001Little RascalInitial Equipment
    [_]No. 002Lord's HeirStory-related
    [_]No. 003Pact MakerStory-related
    [_]No. 004Aspiring KnightAdult Initial Equipment
    [_]No. 005Wielder of LightStory-related
    [_]No. 006Sword of the KingStory-related
    [_]No. 007Brother's KeeperStory-related
    [_]No. 008Friend to the EndStory-related
    [_]No. 009Host to the LightStory-related
    [_]No. 010Enlightened SwordsmanStory-related
    [_]No. 011Steadfast Young ManStory-related
    [_]No. 012Teacher's PetReward for Sidequest No. 018 Victoria's New Orders
    [_]No. 013KnightmareStory-related
    [_]No. 014Son of a HeroPart of Sidequest No. 026 The Secret Proposal
    [_]No. 015Expert ScrubberReward for Sidequest No. 027 Asbel's Strange Hobby
    [_]No. 016Inheritor of ExcaliburPart of Sidequest No. 065 A Sword of Antiquity
    [_]No. 017Carta CollectorFrom the Man in Zavhert Port (30+ Magic Carta cards)
    [_]No. 018Ultimate WarriorReward for Sidequest No. 059 The Trio of Titans
    [_]No. 019Honorary KnightReward for Sidequest No. 017 Her Husband's Keepsake
    [_]No. 020Vest-DressedPart of Sidequest No. 069 The Swimsuit Theft
    [_]No. 021Eleth ModPurchase in Telos Astue 2F after meeting Emeraude
    [_]No. 022Lord of LhantStory-related(Lineage & Legacies)
    [_]No. 023Accel ForceStory-related(Lineage & Legacies)
    [_]No. 024HopebringerReward for Sidequest No. 073 Hopebringer
    [_]No. 025Initiate of the SwordReach Level 10
    [_]No. 026Student of the SwordReach Level 20
    [_]No. 027Devotee of the SwordReach Level 30
    [_]No. 028Maven of the SwordReach Level 45
    [_]No. 029Ace of the SwordReach Level 60
    [_]No. 030Maestro of the SwordReach Level 80
    [_]No. 031Virtuoso of the SwordReach Level 100
    [_]No. 032Veteran of the SwordReach Level 200
    [_]No. 033Flash SwordsmanWin 10 battles in less than 10 secs
    [_]No. 034SlayerDefeat 120 enemies
    [_]No. 035BerserkerDefeat 2000 enemies
    [_]No. 036Arte ApprenticeUse 2CC A-Artes 300 times
    [_]No. 037Arte AuthorityUse 3CC A-Artes 750 times
    [_]No. 038Arte ArtisteUse 4CC A-Artes 1500 times
    [_]No. 039FighterUse A-Artes 2000 times
    [_]No. 040Prolific FighterUse A-Artes 12000 times
    [_]No. 041FencerUse B-Artes 1000 times
    [_]No. 042Prolific FencerUse B-Artes 10000 times
    [_]No. 043Critical HitterPerform 50 Critical Hits
    [_]No. 044Critical SluggerPerform 300 Critical Hits
    [_]No. 045Critical StrikerPerform 2000 Critical Hits
    [_]No. 046Combo FighterKill an enemy with a 15-hit Combo 15 times
    [_]No. 047Combo HunterKill an enemy with a 30-hit Combo 10 times
    [_]No. 048Combo MasterKill an enemy with a 50-hit Combo 5 times
    [_]No. 049Combo KaiserKill an enemy with a 100-hit Combo 3 times
    [_]No. 050Dual SmasherKill 2 enemies simultaneous 5 times
    [_]No. 051Quad SmasherKill 4 enemies simultaneous 10 times
    [_]No. 052Attribute ExplorerHit an enemies weakness 150 times
    [_]No. 053Attribute ResearcherHit an enemies weakness 1000 times
    [_]No. 054Attribute ObsessorHit an enemies weakness 10000 times
    [_]No. 055Rapid RetrieverGet 50 enemy drops
    [_]No. 056Spy ScavengerGet 300 enemy drops
    [_]No. 057Lord of LootGet 1500 enemy drops
    [_]No. 058Mastery MasterMaster 5 titles
    [_]No. 059Master KingMaster 50 titles
    [_]No. 060Mastery GodMaster 100 titles
    [_]No. 061ParagonLearn 30 skills
    [_]No. 062Handsome ParagonLearn 150 skills
    [_]No. 063Striking ParagonLearn 350 skills
    [_]No. 064Battle SentinelUse Asbel in 150 battles
    [_]No. 065Heart of GracesStory-related(Clear Data)
    [_]No. 066Battle-Tested Grunt100 encounters
    [_]No. 067Battle-Seasoned Leader300 encounters
    [_]No. 068Battle-Hardened Lord750 encounters
    [_]No. 069Battle-Master Sovereign2500 encounters
    [_]No. 070Enemy ResearcherComplete 10% of the Enemy Book
    [_]No. 071Enemy ScholarComplete 30% of the Enemy Book
    [_]No. 072Enemy ExpertComplete 60% of the Enemy Book
    [_]No. 073Enemy SavantComplete 98% of the Enemy Book
    [_]No. 074Neophyte SmithSell a single equipment piece for 1000+ Gald
    [_]No. 075Skilled ArtisanSell a single equipment piece for 50000+ Gald
    [_]No. 076Master CraftsmanSell a single equipment piece for 200000+ Gald
    [_]No. 077Curry LoverConsume Curry at least 10 times
    [_]No. 078PoisonproofPrevent Poison 5 times
    [_]No. 079ParalysisproofPrevent Paralysis 5 times
    [_]No. 080BurnproofPrevent Burn 5 times
    [_]No. 081StoneproofPrevent Petrify 5 times
    [_]No. 082CurseproofPrevent Curse 5 times
    [_]No. 083SealproofPrevent ArteSeal 5 times
    [_]No. 084O.U.C.H.Receive a certain high amount of damage in one fight
    [_]No. 085PilferatorSteal an item 20 times
    [_]No. 086ThievinatorSteal an item 500 times
    [_]No. 087Nimble Fang AdeptUse Nimble Fang 90 times
    [_]No. 088Nimble Fang MasterUse Nimble Fang 450 times
    [_]No. 089Dual Impact AdeptUse Dual Impact 80 times
    [_]No. 090Dual Impact MasterUse Dual Impact 400 times
    [_]No. 091Burial Blade AdeptUse Burial Blade 70 times
    [_]No. 092Burial Blade MasterUse Burial Blade 350 times
    [_]No. 093Stagger Striker AdeptUse Stagger Strike 90 times
    [_]No. 094Stagger Striker MasterUse Stagger Strike 450 times
    [_]No. 095Wing Crush AdeptUse Wing Crush 90 times
    [_]No. 096Wing Crush MasterUse Wing Crush 450 times
    [_]No. 097Gush Stroke AdeptUse Gust Stroke 90 times
    [_]No. 098Gush Stroke MasterUse Gust Stroke 450 times
    [_]No. 099Bestial Roar AdeptUse Bestial Roar 80 times
    [_]No. 100Bestial Roar MasterUse Bestial Roar 400 times
    [_]No. 101Wolfwind Fang AdeptUse Wolfwind Fang 80 times
    [_]No. 102Wolfwind Fang MasterUse Wolfwind Fang 400 times
    [_]No. 103Phantom Pulse AdeptUse Phantom Pulse 80 times
    [_]No. 104Phantom Pulse MasterUse Phantom Pulse 400 times
    [_]No. 105Dragon Charge AdeptUse Dragon Charge 70 times
    [_]No. 106Dragon Charge MasterUse Dragon Charge 350 times
    [_]No. 107Heaven's Wrath AdeptUse Heaven's Wrath 70 times
    [_]No. 108Heaven's Wrath MasterUse Heaven's Wrath 350 times
    [_]No. 109Void Sword AdeptUse Void Sword 70 times
    [_]No. 110Void Sword MasterUse Void Sword 350 times
    [_]No. 111Demon Fist AdeptUse Demon Fist 90 times
    [_]No. 112Demon Fist MasterUse Demon Fist 450 times
    [_]No. 113Icedragon Flurry AdeptUse Icedragon Flurry 80 times
    [_]No. 114Icedragon Flurry MasterUse Icedragon Flurry 400 times
    [_]No. 115Lightning Strike AdeptUse Lightning Strike 100 times
    [_]No. 116Lightning Strike MasterUse Lightning Strike 800 times
    [_]No. 117Demon Fang AdeptUse Demon Fang 100 times
    [_]No. 118Demon Fang MasterUse Demon Fang 800 times
    [_]No. 119Shockwave Slash AdeptUse Shockwave Slash 100 times
    [_]No. 120Shockwave Slash MasterUse Shockwave Slash 800 times
    [_]No. 121Frost Breaker AdeptUse Frost Breaker 100 times
    [_]No. 122Frost Breaker MasterUse Frost Breaker 800 times
    [_]No. 123Moonlight Circle AdeptUse Moonlight Circle 100 times
    [_]No. 124Moonlight Circle MasterUse Moonlight Circle 800 times
    [_]No. 125Ruinous Bloom AdeptUse Ruinous Bloom 100 times
    [_]No. 126Ruinous Bloom MasterUse Ruinous Bloom 800 times
    [_]No. 127Phantasm Flash AdeptUse Phantasm Flash 100 times
    [_]No. 128Phantasm Flash MasterUse Phantasm Flash 800 times
    [_]No. 129Concussive Bolt AdeptUse Concussive Bolt 100 times
    [_]No. 130Concussive Bolt MasterUse Concussive Bolt 800 times
    [_]No. 131Gale Maw AdeptUse Gale Maw 100 times
    [_]No. 132Gale Maw MasterUse Gale Maw 800 times
    [_]No. 133Abyssal Seal AdeptUse Abyssal Seal 90 times
    [_]No. 134Abyssal Seal MasterUse Abyssal Seal 720 times
    [_]No. 135Infernal Torrent AdeptUse Infernal Torrent 90 times
    [_]No. 136Infernal Torrent MasterUse Infernal Torrent 720 times
    [_]No. 137Plasma Shock AdeptUse Plasma Shock 90 times
    [_]No. 138Plasma Shock MasterUse Plasma Shock 720 times
    [_]No. 139Sparrow Seal AdeptUse Sparrow Seal 90 times
    [_]No. 140Sparrow Seal MasterUse Sparrow Seal 720 times
    [_]No. 141Diabolic Rage AdeptUse Diabolic Rage 90 times
    [_]No. 142Diabolic Rage MasterUse Diabolic Rage 720 times
    [_]No. 143Incineration Wave AdeptUse Incineration Wave 80 times
    [_]No. 144Incineration Wave MasterUse Incineration Wave 640 times
    [_]No. 145Aurora Lotus AdeptUse Aurora Lotus 70 times
    [_]No. 146Aurora Lotus MasterUse Aurora Lotus 560 times
    [_]No. 147Shattersteel Swarm AdeptUse Shattersteel Swarm 80 times
    [_]No. 148Shattersteel Swarm MasterUse Shattersteel Swarm 640 times
    [_]No. 149Assault FighterGain all A-Arte titles
    [_]No. 150Burst FencerGain all B-Arte titles
    [_]No. 151Sophie LookalikePurchase in Telos Astue 2F with Silver Figure, Lineage & Legacies
    [_]No. 152Hubert LookalikePurchase in Telos Astue 2F with Seablue Figure, Lineage & Legacies
    [_]No. 153Cheria LookalikePurchase in Telos Astue 2F with Amber Figure, Lineage & Legacies
    [_]No. 154Malik LookalikePurchase in Telos Astue 2F with Abyssal Figure, Lineage & Legacies
    [_]No. 155Pascal LookalikePurchase in Telos Astue 2F with Scarlet Figure, Lineage & Legacies
    [_]No. 156Richard LookalikePurchase in Telos Astue 2F with Golden Figure, Lineage & Legacies
    [_]No. 157Dark EnforcerBeat the Magic Carta game in Sable Izolle on Solo - Easy