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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 01/15/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Table of Contents

    1. Tales of Graces f - FAQ/Walkthrough
    2. Introduction
    3. Gameplay
      1. Controls
      2. Battle
      3. Artes Menu
      4. Titles Menu
      5. Mixer Menu
      6. Library Menu
      7. Requests
      8. Dualizing
    4. Walkthrough
    5. Chapter 1: Childhood
    6. Chapter 2: Adulthood (Part I)
    7. Chapter 3: Adulthood (Part II)
    8. Chapter 4: Adulthood (Part III)
    9. Optional Sidequests
    10. Chapter 5: Adulthood (Part IV)
    11. Chapter 6: Adulthood (Part V)
    12. Chapter 7: Adulthood (Part VI)
    13. Chapter 8: Adulthood (Part VII)
    14. Optional Sidequests
      1. Beach Resort
      2. Swimsuit Gathering
      3. Sandshroud Ruins
      4. Oswell Family Vault
      5. Shuttle Crash Site
      6. Barona / Turtlez HQ
    15. Chapter 8: Continued
    16. Lineage and Legacies
      1. Last Chance for 100%
    17. Zhonecage
      1. 1st Floor
      2. 2nd Floor
      3. 3rd Floor
      4. 4th Floor
      5. 5th Floor
      6. 6th Floor
      7. 7th Floor
      8. 8th Floor
      9. 9th Floor
      10. 10th Floor
    18. New Game +
      1. Grade Shop
    19. Riot Peak Trials
      1. Normal Class
      2. Master Class
      3. Lineage & Legacies
    20. Skits & Sidequests
      1. Skits Checklist
      2. Sidequest Checklist
    21. Requests Checklist
      1. Lhant Requests
      2. Barona Requests
      3. Gralesyde Requests
      4. Oul Raye Requests
      5. Sable Izolle Requests
      6. Yu Liberte Requests
      7. Warrior's Roost Requests
      8. Velanik Requests
      9. Zavhert Requests
      10. Amarcian Enclave Requests
      11. Telso Astue Requests
      12. Katz Korner Requests
    22. Dualizing Equipment/Gems & Polishing
      1. The Basics
      2. Qualities
    23. Shop List
      1. Turtlez Merchants
      2. Lhant
      3. Barona
      4. Gralesyde
      5. Oul Raye
      6. Sable Izolle
      7. Yu Liberte
      8. Velanik
      9. Zavhert
      10. Amarcian Enclave
      11. Telos Astue
      12. Katz Korner
    24. Dualizing Recipes
      1. Combine
      2. Cook
      3. Convert
      4. Merge
    25. Library Checklist
      1. Consumables
      2. Dishes
      3. Materials
      4. Weapons
      5. Armor
      6. Unique Equipment
      7. Gems
      8. Valuables
      9. Discoveries
      10. Enemy Book Checklist
    26. Titles Checklist
      1. Asbel's Titles
      2. Asbel's Titles (In-Depth)
      3. Sophie's Titles
      4. Hubert's Titles
      5. Cheria's Titles
      6. Malik's Titles
      7. Pascal's Titles
      8. Richard's Titles
    27. Artes (In-Depth)
      1. Asbel's A-Artes
      2. Asbel's B-Artes
    28. Contact
    29. Version History and Updates
    30. Copyright & Disclaimer

    Titles Checklist (Continued)

    Malik's Titles

    See Malik's Titles (In-Depth) for more information on each title.

    [_]#Title NameHow to Get
    [_]No. 001Knight Academy InstructorInitial Equipment
    [_]No. 002Acquainted with RoyaltyInitial Equipment
    [_]No. 003Paragon of KnighthoodInitial Equipment
    [_]No. 004Prisoner of WarStory-related
    [_]No. 005Dismissed CaptainStory-related
    [_]No. 006Erudite FellowStory-related
    [_]No. 007Youthful RevolutionaryStory-related
    [_]No. 008Pensive SageStory-related
    [_]No. 009Enlightened BladerangerStory-related
    [_]No. 010Watchful StewardStory-related
    [_]No. 011Silver HunkReward for Sidequest No. 019 Malik's Teacher
    [_]No. 012Winged OnePart of Sidequest No. 063 Strange Folk
    [_]No. 013Imposing FigureReward for Sidequest No. 042 Fur of the 'Gong
    [_]No. 014Barmaster CandidatePart of Sidequest No. 043 Smuggling Run
    [_]No. 015Inveterate TeacherReward for skit #217
    [_]No. 016Unable to DiePart of Sidequest No. 047 Lorelia's Grave
    [_]No. 017Best Supporting ActorReward for Sidequest No. 060 Opening Night
    [_]No. 018Model SoldierPart of Sidequest No. 040 Captain Handsome
    [_]No. 019LifeguardPart of Sidequest No. 069 The Swimsuit Theft
    [_]No. 020Eleth ModPurchase in Telos Astue 2F after meeting Emeraude
    [_]No. 021Special AttacheStory-related(Lineage & Legacies)
    [_]No. 022Leader of MenStory-related(Lineage & Legacies)
    [_]No. 023Retracer of PathsReward for Sidequest No. 077 Lilac Petals
    [_]No. 024Bladerang InitiateReach Level 10
    [_]No. 025Bladerang StudentReach Level 20
    [_]No. 026Bladerang DevoteeReach Level 30
    [_]No. 027Bladerang MavenReach Level 40
    [_]No. 028Bladerang AceReach Level 50
    [_]No. 029Bladerang MaestroReach Level 80
    [_]No. 030Bladerang VirtuosoReach Level 100
    [_]No. 031Bladerang VertarnReach Level 200
    [_]No. 032Flash CavalierWin 10 battles in less than 10 secs
    [_]No. 033ProfessionalDefeat 100 enemies
    [_]No. 034ExterminatorDefeat 2000 enemies
    [_]No. 035Arte ApprenticeUse 2CC A-Artes 300 times
    [_]No. 036Arte AuthorityUse 3CC A-Artes 750 times
    [_]No. 037Arte ArtisteUse 4CC A-Artes 1500 times
    [_]No. 038HurlerUse A-Artes 2000 times
    [_]No. 039Prolific HurlerUse A-Artes 5000 times
    [_]No. 040SorcererUse B-Artes 1000 times
    [_]No. 041Prolific SorcererUse B-Artes 7000 times
    [_]No. 042Critical HitterPerform 50 Critical Hits
    [_]No. 043Critical SluggerPerform 300 Critical Hits
    [_]No. 044Critical CavalierPerform 2000 Critical Hits
    [_]No. 045Combo FighterKill an enemy with a 15-hit Combo 15 times
    [_]No. 046Combo HunterKill an enemy with a 30-hit Combo 10 times
    [_]No. 047Combo MasterKill an enemy with a 50-hit Combo 5 times
    [_]No. 048Combo KaiserKill an enemy with a 1000-hit Combo 3 times
    [_]No. 049Dual SmasherKill 2 enemies simultaneous 5 times
    [_]No. 050Quad SmasherKill 4 enemies simultaneous 10 times
    [_]No. 051Attribute CavalierHit an enemies weakness 150 times
    [_]No. 052Attriubte InstructorHit an enemies weakness 1000 times
    [_]No. 053Attribute ElderHit an enemies weakness 10000 times
    [_]No. 054Rapid RetrieverGet 50 enemy drops
    [_]No. 055Spry ScavengerGet 300 enemy drops
    [_]No. 056Collector of LootGet 1500 enemy drops
    [_]No. 057Mastery MasterMaster 5 titles
    [_]No. 058Mastery KingMaster 40 titles
    [_]No. 059Mastery GodMaster 80 titles
    [_]No. 060DukeLearn 30 skills
    [_]No. 061Handsome DukeLearn 150 skills
    [_]No. 062Striking DukeLearn 350 skills
    [_]No. 063Bold as BrassUse Malik in 100 battles
    [_]No. 064ScoutDiscovered 4 Discoveries
    [_]No. 065ExplorerDiscovered 20 Discoveries
    [_]No. 066World SeekerDiscovered 55 Discoveries
    [_]No. 067Ultimate DiscovererDiscovered 85 Discoveries
    [_]No. 068Freshman MixerConsumed 500 Eleth
    [_]No. 069Sophomore MixerConsumed 5000 Eleth
    [_]No. 070Junior MixerConsumed 50000 Eleth
    [_]No. 071Senior MixerConsumed 500000 Eleth
    [_]No. 072Time SpenderPlayed 7 hours
    [_]No. 073Time WasterPlayed 30 hours
    [_]No. 074Time TravelerPlayed 100 hours
    [_]No. 075Grilled Chicken AdvocateConsume Sea Bream Porridge at least 10 times
    [_]No. 076PoisonproofPrevent Poison 5 times
    [_]No. 077ParalysisproofPrevent Paralysis 5 times
    [_]No. 078FreezeproofPrevent Freeze 5 times
    [_]No. 079BurnproofPrevent Burn 5 times
    [_]No. 080CurseproofPrevent Curse 5 times
    [_]No. 081Environmental MinisterReward for Sidequest No. 071 Fendel's Newest Minister
    [_]No. 082Second Wind AdeptUse Second Wind 50 times
    [_]No. 083Second Wind MasterUse Second Wind 250 times
    [_]No. 084Third Degree AdeptUse Third Degree 40 times
    [_]No. 085Third Degree MasterUse Third Degree 200 times
    [_]No. 086Fourth Circle AdeptUse Fourth Circle 30 times
    [_]No. 087Fourth Circle MasterUse Fourth Circle 150 times
    [_]No. 088Rolling Flare AdeptUse Rolling Flare 50 times
    [_]No. 089Rolling Flare MasterUse Rolling Flare 250 times
    [_]No. 090Darkness Veil AdeptUse Darkness Veil 50 times
    [_]No. 091Darkness Veil MasterUse Darkness Veil 250 times
    [_]No. 092Corruption Claw AdeptUse Corruption Claw 40 times
    [_]No. 093Corruption Claw MasterUse Corruption Claw 200 times
    [_]No. 094Magna Resolver AdeptUse Magna Resolver 40 times
    [_]No. 095Magna Resolver MasterUse Magna Resolver 200 times
    [_]No. 096Sonic Mount AdeptUse Sonic Mount 30 times
    [_]No. 097Sonic Mount MasterUse Sonic Mount 150 times
    [_]No. 098Ground Breaker AdeptUse Ground Breaker 30 times
    [_]No. 099Ground Breaker MasterUse Ground Breaker 150 times
    [_]No. 100Rock Lance AdeptUse Rock Lance 40 times
    [_]No. 101Rock Lance MasterUse Rock Lance 320 times
    [_]No. 102Cluster Raid AdeptUse Cluster Raid 40 times
    [_]No. 103Cluster Raid MasterUse Cluster Raid 320 times
    [_]No. 104Air Pressure AdeptUse Air Pressure 35 times
    [_]No. 105Air Pressure MasterUse Air Pressure 280 times
    [_]No. 106Disruption AdeptUse Disruption 30 times
    [_]No. 107Disruption MasterUse Disruption 240 times
    [_]No. 108Photon Burst AdeptUse Photon Burst 40 times
    [_]No. 109Photon Burst MasterUse Photon Burst 320 times
    [_]No. 110Burning Strike AdeptUse Burning Strike 40 times
    [_]No. 111Burning Strike MasterUse Burning Strike 320 times
    [_]No. 112Phantom Flare AdeptUse Phantom Flare 35 times
    [_]No. 113Phantom Flare MasterUse Phantom Flare 280 times
    [_]No. 114Blazing Hearts AdeptUse Blazing Hearts 30 times
    [_]No. 115Blazing Hearts MasterUse Blazing Hearts 240 times
    [_]No. 116Cold Front AdeptUse Cold Front 40 times
    [_]No. 117Cold Front MasterUse Cold Front 320 times
    [_]No. 118Ice Spires AdeptUse Ice Spires 40 times
    [_]No. 119Ice Spires MasterUse Ice Spires 320 times
    [_]No. 120Glacial Rain AdeptUse Glacial Rain 35 times
    [_]No. 121Glacial Rain MasterUse Glacial Rain 280 times
    [_]No. 122Frigid Coffin AdeptUse Frigid Coffin 30 times
    [_]No. 123Frigid Coffin MasterUse Frigid Coffin 240 times
    [_]No. 124Spectral Chains AdeptUse Spectral Chains 40 times
    [_]No. 125Spectral Chains MasterUse Spectral Chains 320 times
    [_]No. 126Deathmire AdeptUse Deathmire 35 times
    [_]No. 127Deathmire MasterUse Deathmire 280 times
    [_]No. 128Culling Flare AdeptUse Culling Flare 30 times
    [_]No. 129Culling Flare MasterUse Culling Flare 240 times
    [_]No. 130Dragon Slayer AdeptUse Dragon Slayer 25 times
    [_]No. 131Dragon Slayer MasterUse Dragon Slayer 200 times
    [_]No. 132Eleth Flare AdeptUse Eleth Flare 30 times
    [_]No. 133Eleth Flare MasterUse Eleth Flare 240 times
    [_]No. 134Last Resort AdeptUse Last Resort 25 times
    [_]No. 135Last Resort MasterUse Last Resort 200 times
    [_]No. 136Assault HurlerGain all A-Arte titles.
    [_]No. 137Burst SorcererGain all B-Arte titles.
    [_]No. 138Asbel MimicPurchase in Telos Astue 2F with Jade Figure, Lineage & Legacies
    [_]No. 139Sophie MimicPurchase in Telos Astue 2F with Silver Figure, Lineage & Legacies
    [_]No. 140Hubert MimicPurchase in Telos Astue 2F with Seablue Figure, Lineage & Legacies
    [_]No. 141Cheria MimicPurchase in Telos Astue 2F with Amber Figure, Lineage & Legacies
    [_]No. 142Pascal MimicPurchase in Telos Astue 2F with Scarlet Figure, Lineage & Legacies
    [_]No. 143Richard MimicPurchase in Telos Astue 2F with Golden Figure, Lineage & Legacies


    Pascal's Titles

    See Pascal's Titles (In-Depth) for more information on each title.

    [_]#Title NameHow to Get
    [_]No. 001VagabondInitial Equipment
    [_]No. 002Gifted EngineerInitial Equipment
    [_]No. 003Mysterious GroperInitial Equipment
    [_]No. 004Ruins SpelunkerStory-related
    [_]No. 005Adolescent GirlStory-related
    [_]No. 006Born ScribblerStory-related
    [_]No. 007Real AmarcianStory-related
    [_]No. 008Reverent SisterStory-related
    [_]No. 009Enlightened ShotstafferStory-related
    [_]No. 010Pride of the AmarciaStory-related
    [_]No. 011Wind SummonerReward for Sidequest No. 022 Bandit Control
    [_]No. 012Water SummonerReward for Sidequest No. 029 The Vanished Town
    [_]No. 013Fire SummonerReward for Sidequest No. 041 A Natural Mimic
    [_]No. 014BrainiacReward for Sidequest No. 066 Death of a Humanoid
    [_]No. 015Patriot of FendelPart of Sidequest No. 044 Pascal and the Spy
    [_]No. 016Carta SharkPart of Sidequest No. 058 Magic Carta
    [_]No. 017Puzzle CrackerPart of Sidequest No. 062 Shot Cube
    [_]No. 018Free SpiritReward for Sidequest No. 028 Free Spirit
    [_]No. 019Deep Sea DiverPart of Sidequest No. 069 The Swimsuit Theft
    [_]No. 020Eleth ModPurchase in Telos Astue 2F after meeting Emeraude
    [_]No. 021Same Old, Same OldStory-related(Lineage & Legacies)
    [_]No. 022Big Sister TypeStory-related(Lineage & Legacies)
    [_]No. 023Pastel PascalReward for Sidequest No. 078 Mecha-Asbel Reborn
    [_]No. 024Initiate of Gun & GlyphReach Level 10
    [_]No. 025Student of Gun & GlyphReach Level 20
    [_]No. 026Devotee of Gun & GlyphReach Level 30
    [_]No. 027Maven of Gun & GlyphReach Level 40
    [_]No. 028Ace of Gun & GlyphReach Level 50
    [_]No. 029Maestro of Gun & GlyphReach Level 80
    [_]No. 030Virtuoso of Gun & GlyphReach Level 100
    [_]No. 031Veteran of Gun & GlyphReach Level 200
    [_]No. 032Flash GeniusWin 10 battles in less than 10 secs
    [_]No. 033Wild LassDefeat 100 enemies
    [_]No. 034ValkyrieDefeat 2000 enemies
    [_]No. 035Arte ApprenticeUse 2CC A-Artes 300 times
    [_]No. 036Arte AuthorityUse 3CC A-Artes 750 times
    [_]No. 037Arte ArtisteUse 4CC A-Artes 1500 times
    [_]No. 038SniperUse A-Artes 1000 times
    [_]No. 039Prolific SniperUse A-Artes 10000 times
    [_]No. 040SummonerUse B-Artes 750 times
    [_]No. 041Prolific SummonerUse B-Artes 7500 times
    [_]No. 042Critical HitterPerform 50 Critical Hits
    [_]No. 043Critical SluggerPerform 300 Critical Hits
    [_]No. 044Critical TechnicianPerform 2000 Critical Hits
    [_]No. 045Combo FighterKill an enemy with a 15-hit Combo 15 times
    [_]No. 046Combo HunterKill an enemy with a 30-hit Combo 10 times
    [_]No. 047Combo MasterKill an enemy with a 50-hit Combo 5 times
    [_]No. 048Combo QueenKill an enemy with a 1000-hit Combo 3 times
    [_]No. 049Dual SmasherKill 2 enemies simultaneous 5 times
    [_]No. 050Quad SmasherKill 4 enemies simultaneous 10 times
    [_]No. 051Attribute SisterHit an enemies weakness 100 times
    [_]No. 052Attriubte LassHit an enemies weakness 750 times
    [_]No. 053Attribute OverseerHit an enemies weakness 10000 times
    [_]No. 054Rapid RetrieverGet 40 enemy drops
    [_]No. 055Spry ScavengerGet 200 enemy drops
    [_]No. 056Seeker of LootGet 1000 enemy drops
    [_]No. 057Mastery ChickMaster 5 titles
    [_]No. 058Mastery MissMaster 40 titles
    [_]No. 059Mastery MadamMaster 80 titles
    [_]No. 060HipsterLearn 30 skills
    [_]No. 061Pretty HipsterLearn 150 skills
    [_]No. 062Beautiful HipsterLearn 350 skills
    [_]No. 063wordly ProdigyUse Pascal in 100 battles
    [_]No. 064PharmacistCollect 33+ different items
    [_]No. 065SynthesizerCollect 99+ different items
    [_]No. 066AlchemistCollect 198+ different items
    [_]No. 067DualizerCollect 323+ different items
    [_]No. 068Treasure SeekerOpened 25 treasure chests
    [_]No. 069Treasure SearcherOpened 100 treasure chests
    [_]No. 070Treasure HunterOpened 200 treasure chests
    [_]No. 071Treasure ZealotOpened 375 treasure chests
    [_]No. 072Local PersonalitySpoke to 40 people
    [_]No. 073National CelebritySpoke to 300 people
    [_]No. 074Global PhenomenonSpoke to 600 people
    [_]No. 075Banana PieonistConsume Banana Pie at least 10 times
    [_]No. 076FreezeproofPrevent Freeze 5 times
    [_]No. 077StoneproofPrevent Stone 5 times
    [_]No. 078SlowproofPrevent Slow 5 times
    [_]No. 079WeakproofPrevent Weak 5 times
    [_]No. 080PilferatorSteal 20 items
    [_]No. 081RobberatorSteal 500 items
    [_]No. 082Emission Line AdeptUse Emission Line 50 times
    [_]No. 083Emission Line MasterUse Emission Line 250 times
    [_]No. 084Star Scatter AdeptUse Star Scatter 40 times
    [_]No. 085Star Scatter MasterUse Star Scatter 200 times
    [_]No. 086Petal Burst AdeptUse Petal Burst 30 times
    [_]No. 087Petal Burst MasterUse Petal Burst 150 times
    [_]No. 088Freezing Bloom AdeptUse Freezing Bloom 50 times
    [_]No. 089Freezing Bloom MasterUse Freezing Bloom 250 times
    [_]No. 090Nighthawk Talon AdeptUse Nighthawk Talon 50 times
    [_]No. 091Nighthawk Talon MasterUse Nighthawk Talon 250 times
    [_]No. 092Vicious Circle AdeptUse Vicious Circle 40 times
    [_]No. 093Vicious Circle MasterUse Vicious Circle 200 times
    [_]No. 094Sudden Impact AdeptUse Sudden Impact 40 times
    [_]No. 095Sudden Impact MasterUse Sudden Impact 200 times
    [_]No. 096Star Crusher AdeptUse Star Crusher 30 times
    [_]No. 097Star Crusher MasterUse Star Crusher 150 times
    [_]No. 098Death Sentence AdeptUse Death Sentence 30 times
    [_]No. 099Death Sentence MasterUse Death Sentence 150 times
    [_]No. 100Flux Form AdeptUse Flux Form 40 times
    [_]No. 101Flux Form MasterUse Flux Form 200 times
    [_]No. 102Wind Needle AdeptUse Wind Needle 40 times
    [_]No. 103Wind Needle MasterUse Wind Needle 320 times
    [_]No. 104Fearful Storm AdeptUse Fearful Storm 35 times
    [_]No. 105Fearful Storm MasterUse Fearful Storm 280 times
    [_]No. 106Grim Sylphie AdeptUse Grim Sylphie 30 times
    [_]No. 107Grim Sylphie MasterUse Grim Sylphie 240 times
    [_]No. 108Pyrogenic Ring AdeptUse Pyrogenic Ring 40 times
    [_]No. 109Pyrogenic Ring MasterUse Pyrogenic Ring 320 times
    [_]No. 110Infernal Prison AdeptUse Infernal Prison 35 times
    [_]No. 111Infernal Prison MasterUse Infernal Prison 280 times
    [_]No. 112Bloodflamme AdeptUse Bloodflamme 30 times
    [_]No. 113Bloodflamme MasterUse Bloodflamme 240 times
    [_]No. 114Spread AdeptUse Spread 40 times
    [_]No. 115Spread MasterUse Spread 320 times
    [_]No. 116Maelstrom AdeptUse Maelstrom 35 times
    [_]No. 117Maelstrom MasterUse Maelstrom 280 times
    [_]No. 118Cyandine AdeptUse Cyandine 30 times
    [_]No. 119Cyandine MasterUse Cyandine 240 times
    [_]No. 120Trinity Bit AdeptUse Trinity Bit 40 times
    [_]No. 121Trinity Bit MasterUse Trinity Bit 320 times
    [_]No. 122Assault Sign AdeptUse Assault Sign 35 times
    [_]No. 123Assault Sign MasterUse Assault Sign 280 times
    [_]No. 124Rampart Sign AdeptUse Rampart Sign 35 times
    [_]No. 125Rampart Sign MasterUse Rampart Sign 280 times
    [_]No. 126Shining Field AdeptUse Shining Field 30 times
    [_]No. 127Shining Field MasterUse Shining Field 240 times
    [_]No. 128Enflame AdeptUse Enflame 90 times
    [_]No. 129Enflame MasterUse Enflame 720 times
    [_]No. 130Magnetic Gate AdeptUse Magnetic Gate 40 times
    [_]No. 131Magnetic Gate MasterUse Magnetic Gate 320 times
    [_]No. 132Fangirl Dream AdeptUse Fangirl Dream 25 times
    [_]No. 133Fangirl Dream MasterUse Fangirl Dream 200 times
    [_]No. 134Celestial Eight AdeptUse Celestial Eight 25 times
    [_]No. 135Celestial Eight MasterUse Celestial Eight 200 times
    [_]No. 136Assault SniperGain all A-Arte titles.
    [_]No. 137Burst SummonerGain all B-Arte titles.
    [_]No. 138Asbel MimicPurchase in Telos Astue 2F with Jade Figure, Lineage & Legacies
    [_]No. 139Sophie MimicPurchase in Telos Astue 2F with Silver Figure, Lineage & Legacies
    [_]No. 140Hubert MimicPurchase in Telos Astue 2F with Seablue Figure, Lineage & Legacies
    [_]No. 141Cheria MimicPurchase in Telos Astue 2F with Amber Figure, Lineage & Legacies
    [_]No. 142Malik MimicPurchase in Telos Astue 2F with Abyssal Figure, Lineage & Legacies
    [_]No. 143Richard MimicPurchase in Telos Astue 2F with Golden Figure, Lineage & Legacies


    Richard's Titles

    See Richard's Titles (In-Depth) for more information on each title.

    [_]#Title NameHow to Get
    [_]No. 001Prince of WindorInitial Equipment
    [_]No. 002Pact MakerStory-related
    [_]No. 003Benevolent PrinceStory-related
    [_]No. 004Long-Lost FriendStory-related
    [_]No. 005Belligerent PrinceStory-related
    [_]No. 006King of WindorStory-related(Lineage & Legacies)
    [_]No. 007Eradication CommanderStory-related(Lineage & Legacies)
    [_]No. 008Benign ConspiratorReward for Sidequest No. 079 Their Secret Fort
    [_]No. 009Asbel's FriendFight with Asbel in the party approx. 20 times
    [_]No. 010Sophie's FriendFight with Sophie in the party approx. 20 times
    [_]No. 011Hubert's FriendFight with Hubert in the party approx. 20 times
    [_]No. 012Cheria's FriendFight with Cheria in the party approx. 20 times
    [_]No. 013Malik's FriendFight with Malik in the party approx. 20 times
    [_]No. 014Pascal's FriendFight with Pascal in the party approx. 20 times
    [_]No. 015Initiate of LordlinessReach Level 10
    [_]No. 016Student of LordlinessReach Level 20
    [_]No. 017Devotee of LordlinessReach Level 30
    [_]No. 018Maven of LordlinessReach Level 40
    [_]No. 019Ace of of LordlinessReach Level 50
    [_]No. 020Maestro of LordlinessReach Level 80
    [_]No. 021Virtuoso of LordlinessReach Level 100
    [_]No. 022Veteran of LordlinessReach Level 200
    [_]No. 023Flash NobleWin 10 battles in less than 10 secs
    [_]No. 024Noble KnightDefeat 100 enemies
    [_]No. 025Blood KnightDefeat 2000 enemies
    [_]No. 026Arte ApprenticeUse 2CC A-Artes 300 times
    [_]No. 027Arte AuthorityUse 3CC A-Artes 750 times
    [_]No. 028Arte ArtisteUse 4CC A-Artes 1500 times
    [_]No. 029ThrusterUse A-Artes 2000 times
    [_]No. 030Prolific ThrusterUse A-Artes 7000 times
    [_]No. 031EmperorUse B-Artes 1000 times
    [_]No. 032Prolific EmperorUse B-Artes 10000 times
    [_]No. 033Critical HitterPerform 50 Critical Hits
    [_]No. 034Critical SluggerPerform 300 Critical Hits
    [_]No. 035Critical PrincePerform 2000 Critical Hits
    [_]No. 036Combo FighterKill an enemy with a 15-hit Combo 10 times
    [_]No. 037Combo HunterKill an enemy with a 30-hit Combo 7 times
    [_]No. 038Combo MasterKill an enemy with a 50-hit Combo 5 times
    [_]No. 039Combo KaiserKill an enemy with a 100-hit Combo 3 times
    [_]No. 040Dual SmasherKill 2 enemies simultaneous 5 times
    [_]No. 041Quad SmasherKill 4 enemies simultaneous 10 times
    [_]No. 042Attribute LordHit an enemies weakness 100 times
    [_]No. 043Attribute PrinceHit an enemies weakness 1000 times
    [_]No. 044Attribute KingHit an enemies weakness 10000 times
    [_]No. 045Rapid RetrieverGet 50 enemy drops
    [_]No. 046Spry ScavengerGet 250 enemy drops
    [_]No. 047Mastery MasterMaster 5 titles
    [_]No. 048Mastery KingMaster 40 titles
    [_]No. 049Mastery GodMaster 70 titles
    [_]No. 050PrinceLearn 30 skills
    [_]No. 051Handsome PrinceLearn 150 skills
    [_]No. 052Striking PrinceLearn 350 skills
    [_]No. 053The SurvivorUse Richard in 100 battles
    [_]No. 054BurnproofPrevent Burn 5 times
    [_]No. 055PoisonproofPrevent Poison 5 times
    [_]No. 056ParalysisproofPrevent Parlysis 5 times
    [_]No. 057Collector KidComplete 10% of the Library
    [_]No. 058Collector PrinceComplete 30% of the Library
    [_]No. 059Collector KingComplete 60% of the Library
    [_]No. 060Collector ConquerorComplete 98% of the Library
    [_]No. 061National Budget PincherSave more than 10000 Gald
    [_]No. 062National Budget SkimmerSave more than 50000 Gald
    [_]No. 063National Budget StasherSave more than 500000 Gald
    [_]No. 064National Budget HoarderSave more than 3000000 Gald
    [_]No. 065Preferred CUstomerSpend more than 20000 Gald
    [_]No. 066VIP CustomerSpend more than 200000 Gald
    [_]No. 067Friend of the OwnerSpend more than 2000000 Gald
    [_]No. 068Legendary StinkerConsume Natto on Toast at least 10 times
    [_]No. 069Poor Form AdeptUse Poor Form 50 times
    [_]No. 070Poor Form MasterUse Poor Form 250 times
    [_]No. 071Harsh Rebuttal AdeptUse Harsh Rebuttal 40 times
    [_]No. 072Harsh Rebuttal MasterUse Harsh Rebuttal 200 times
    [_]No. 073Unbridled Scorn AdeptUse Unbridled Scorn 30 times
    [_]No. 074Unbridled Scorn MasterUse Unbridled Scorn 150 times
    [_]No. 075Lightning Blade AdeptUse Lightning Blade 50 times
    [_]No. 076Lightning Blade MasterUse Lightning Blade 250 times
    [_]No. 077Hurricane Thrust AdeptUse Hurrican Thrust 50 times
    [_]No. 078Hurrican Thrust MasterUse Hurrican Thrust 250 times
    [_]No. 079Sword Rain: Alpha AdeptUse Sword Rain: Alpha 40 times
    [_]No. 080Sword Rain: Alpha MasterUse Sword Rain: Alpha 200 times
    [_]No. 081Severing Wind AdeptUse Severing Wind 40 times
    [_]No. 082Severing Wind MasterUse Severing Wind 200 times
    [_]No. 083Fiery Beast AdeptUse Fiery Beast 30 times
    [_]No. 084Fiery Beast MasterUse Fiery Beast 150 times
    [_]No. 085Rising Phoenix AdeptUse Rising Phoenix 30 times
    [_]No. 086Rising Phoenix MasterUse Rising Phoenix 150 times
    [_]No. 087Moonlight Circle PupilUse Moonlight Circle 40 times
    [_]No. 088Moonlight Circle StudentUse Moonlight Circle 200 times
    [_]No. 089Double Moon AdeptUse Double Moon 40 times
    [_]No. 090Double Moon MasterUse Double Moon 200 times
    [_]No. 091Soul Reaper AdeptUse Soul Reaper 40 times
    [_]No. 092Soul Reaper MasterUse Soul Reaper 320 times
    [_]No. 093Sword Deluge AdeptUse Sword Deluge 40 times
    [_]No. 094Sword Deluge MasterUse Sword Deluge 320 times
    [_]No. 095Shade Imperial AdeptUse Imperial Shade 35 times
    [_]No. 096Shade Imperial MasterUse Imperial Shade 280 times
    [_]No. 097Vengeant Fangs AdeptUse Vengeant Fangs 40 times
    [_]No. 098Vengeant Fangs MasterUse Vengeant Fangs 320 times
    [_]No. 099Antidote PupilUse Antidote 40 times
    [_]No. 100Antidote StudentUse Antidote 320 times
    [_]No. 101Lightning Blast PupilUse Lightning Blast 35 times
    [_]No. 102Lightning Blast StudentUse Lightning Blast 280 times
    [_]No. 103Deathmire PupilUse Deathmire 35 times
    [_]No. 104Deathmire StudentUse Deathmore 280 times
    [_]No. 105Infernal Prison PupilUse Infernal Prison 35 times


    Artes (In-Depth)

    The following describes what each skill does. This is more for reference than anything else and to determine when and where you want to learn/use these artes.

    Note that the notes section is based on how far in your titles you have mastered.

    This section is in progress until I have mastered all titles

    - In Progress


    Quick Slash

    A quick strike with a shealthed sword. You can change the attack pattern with the left stick.


    Nimble Fang

    A strike arte that delivers three quick kicks in rapid succession.
    23StrikeCritical +15%


    Stagger Strike

    A striking attack in which Asbel slips in close and chains a leg sweep into a vertical kick.
    22AmorphousDamage +15%
    StrikeCritical +15%
    Chance of Stealing Item


    Wing Crush

    A powerful strike that unleashes pent-up energy. It deals heavy damage, especially to flying foes.
    21InsectDamage +15%


    Gush Stroke

    A forward surge in which Asbel swings his sword to the right. Its strength lies in its mobility.
    22AquaticDamage +15%


    Dual Impact

    A combination striking and crushing attack that sends foes flying.


    Bestial Roar

    A ferocious, lion-like roar that pushes enemies away.
    34BeastDamage +5%


    Wolfwind Fang

    A flurry of ring-shaped vacuums that sends ensnared enemies flying to the left.
    36RaptileDamage +15%


    Phantom Pulse

    Waves of psychic energy seeks out and causes damage to enemies' minds.
    36HumanDamage +15%


    Burial Blade

    A swift draw and slash of the sword. It boasts an impressive reach that punishes unprepared foes.


    Dragon Charge

    An attack in which Asbel charges through his foes while drawing and swinging his blade.
    45DragonDamage +15%


    Heaven's Wrath

    A continuous flurry of kicks that seems to circle the enemy, attacking from all sides.
    410HumanDamage +10%


    Void Sword

    A wave of null energy spreads as Asbel unsheaths for a wide-ranging, multi-stage slashing attack.
    411BirdDamage +10%


    Lightning Strike

    A slashing attack that calls down a bolt of divine lightning.
    22NovaDamage +15%



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