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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

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    Table of Contents

    1. Tales of Graces f - FAQ/Walkthrough
    2. Introduction
    3. Gameplay
      1. Controls
      2. Battle
      3. Artes Menu
      4. Titles Menu
      5. Mixer Menu
      6. Library Menu
      7. Requests
      8. Dualizing
    4. Walkthrough
    5. Chapter 1: Childhood
    6. Chapter 2: Adulthood (Part I)
    7. Chapter 3: Adulthood (Part II)
    8. Chapter 4: Adulthood (Part III)
    9. Optional Sidequests
    10. Chapter 5: Adulthood (Part IV)
    11. Chapter 6: Adulthood (Part V)
    12. Chapter 7: Adulthood (Part VI)
    13. Chapter 8: Adulthood (Part VII)
    14. Optional Sidequests
      1. Beach Resort
      2. Swimsuit Gathering
      3. Sandshroud Ruins
      4. Oswell Family Vault
      5. Shuttle Crash Site
      6. Barona / Turtlez HQ
    15. Chapter 8: Continued
    16. Lineage and Legacies
      1. Last Chance for 100%
    17. Zhonecage
      1. 1st Floor
      2. 2nd Floor
      3. 3rd Floor
      4. 4th Floor
      5. 5th Floor
      6. 6th Floor
      7. 7th Floor
      8. 8th Floor
      9. 9th Floor
      10. 10th Floor
    18. New Game +
      1. Grade Shop
    19. Riot Peak Trials
      1. Normal Class
      2. Master Class
      3. Lineage & Legacies
    20. Skits & Sidequests
      1. Skits Checklist
      2. Sidequest Checklist
    21. Requests Checklist
      1. Lhant Requests
      2. Barona Requests
      3. Gralesyde Requests
      4. Oul Raye Requests
      5. Sable Izolle Requests
      6. Yu Liberte Requests
      7. Warrior's Roost Requests
      8. Velanik Requests
      9. Zavhert Requests
      10. Amarcian Enclave Requests
      11. Telso Astue Requests
      12. Katz Korner Requests
    22. Dualizing Equipment/Gems & Polishing
      1. The Basics
      2. Qualities
    23. Shop List
      1. Turtlez Merchants
      2. Lhant
      3. Barona
      4. Gralesyde
      5. Oul Raye
      6. Sable Izolle
      7. Yu Liberte
      8. Velanik
      9. Zavhert
      10. Amarcian Enclave
      11. Telos Astue
      12. Katz Korner
    24. Dualizing Recipes
      1. Combine
      2. Cook
      3. Convert
      4. Merge
    25. Library Checklist
      1. Consumables
      2. Dishes
      3. Materials
      4. Weapons
      5. Armor
      6. Unique Equipment
      7. Gems
      8. Valuables
      9. Discoveries
      10. Enemy Book Checklist
    26. Titles Checklist
      1. Asbel's Titles
      2. Asbel's Titles (In-Depth)
      3. Sophie's Titles
      4. Hubert's Titles
      5. Cheria's Titles
      6. Malik's Titles
      7. Pascal's Titles
      8. Richard's Titles
    27. Artes (In-Depth)
      1. Asbel's A-Artes
      2. Asbel's B-Artes
    28. Contact
    29. Version History and Updates
    30. Copyright & Disclaimer

    Chapter 5: Adulthood (Part IV)


    Strahta Desert (North) / North Yu Liberte Port

    Other[_] 2080 GaldEnemies
    Materials[_] No. 103: Truth Salt[_] - [_] No. 019: Wizard
    [_] No. 236: White Wine[_] - [_] No. 137: Dualist Scorpion
    Unique Equ.[_] No. 022: Moon Anklet[_] - [_] No. 138: Dune Goblin
    [_] No. 032: Silver Frames[_] - [_] No. 258: Crimson Scorpion
    Valuables[_] No. 127: Magic Carta No. 11[_] - [_] No. 278: Lance Beak
    Disc.[_] No. 43: Dried-Up Well
    Skits[_] No. 118: Fight Me, Brother!
    [_] No. 119: My Reasons Are My Own
    [_] No. 120: I Demand a Rematch!
    [_] No. 121: Alas and Alack
    [_] No. 117: Furtive Glances
    [_] No. 122: Piercing Glances
    Titles[_] Hubert: Restorer of Pride

    Start by heading northwest for a possible sparkling point and a chest with 2080 Gald from a chest between some cacti. Even further north is a Dried-Up Well, Truth Salt, and the Fight Me, Brother! skit. There are three potential outcomes and skits:

    • Lose: My Reasons Are My Own
    • Retry: I Demand a Rematch!
    • Win: Alas and Alack and get Hubert's Restorer of Pride title

    You get all entries if you win, so don't worry about losing unless you want to see them now. You can watch them later when you get Katz Korner.

    Grab the nearby Moon Anklet and continue east. Follow the northern wall and you may find a sparkling point or two on your way east and hopefully the random Magic Carta No. 11. When you reach the save, watch the Furtive Glances skit and then head west to get the Silver Frames. Now, enter the port.

    Head to the cottage and grab the White Wine. Now, head for the ship for a scene and then watch the Piercing Glances skit.

    Note that if you head back to Yu Liberte and to the Oswell Manor you can see a scene. Do this if you want 100% of the sidequests.


    Warrior's Roost / South Velanik Port

    Consumables[_] No. 030: Mastery Tonic EXDisc.[_] No. 44: Annals of Victory
    [_] No. 008: ElixirSkits[_] No. 124: Observing the Observer
    Dishes[_] No. 011: Sweet and Sour Eel x3[_] No. 123: Knight Moves
    Materials[_] No. 235: Red Wine[_] No. 125: En Guardian
    [_] No. 215: CodTitles[_] Hubert: The Youngest Lieutenant
    [_] No. 214: Crab x2
    Weapons[_] No. 007: Battle Sword
    Valuables[_] No. 023: Spy's Letter
    [_] No. 038: Daphne Seeds
    [_] No. 151: Magic Carta No. 35
    [_] No. 092: Book of Metabolism
    [_] No. 230: Daily Medicine
    [_] No. 228: Hand-Drawn Map

    Although the game refers to this place constantly as Warrior's Roost, the title card for the area says Riot Peak. I may use either at any time.

    After all the scenes, you will receive the Spy's Letter. Pascal gets us into trouble again, as usual. Now, head right and grab the Daphne Seeds and Red Wine. There is also a cat to feed. Go west now and grab the Magic Carta No. 35 and watch the Observing the Observer skit at the save. Now examine the star to the east to up with Joe and his gang to receive Sweet and Sour Eel x3.

    Time to move on. Head for the stairs and examine the metal crest for the Annals of Victory discovery and Knight Moves skit. At the top, open the chest for a Book of Metabolism (password: riot peak). Now, talk to the receptionist to start a series of fights. Afterward, you get Hubert's The Youngest Lieutenant title.

    Back at the Inn's save, watch the En Guardian skit. You can now take on the Riot Peak Trials.

    A couple things to know about the Arena, you will likely be unable to finish it at this time. You will likely get killed somewhere around floor 25 out of 31. This doesn't mean you shouldn't attempt them because there are a couple of things worth getting.

    I suggest you play Sophie, since she can heal herself, but also dish out some massive damage. Set her B-Artes all to attack except for non-direction + O to Heal. The reason I put it there is so you don't accidently trigger it when performing any other B-Artes (you'd have to not have the analog in a direction... which only happens on purpose normally).

    Start the fight and go until you die. Try to get at least floor 20 so you get the Battle Sword, Mastery Tonic EX, Elixir and Hand-Drawn Map. After you die, go back and start at floor 6. In the last battle against the Harpy x2 and Scepterista, kill off the harpies first. Now, used Eagle Dive (Up, Up A-Arte) until you steal the Daily Medicine or she dies (This requires that you have used the A-Artes title for Eagle Dive to add the steal effect to the item). If she dies you will have to redo the match until you get it. Also of note is the Mammoth Specter's which you can steal Cod from.

    When you're ready, talk to the spy. When you're ready, head to Velanik via the ship.

    There's not much to do here, so head into the house and grab the Crab x2 before moving on to the world map.


    Fendel Borderlands

    Other[_] 2520 GaldDisc.[_] No. 45: Peach TreeEnemies
    Materials[_] No. 040: Fancy FurSkits[_] No. 126: Just Peachy[_] - [_] No. 072: Thunder Beetle
    [_] No. 201: Peach x3[_] No. 127: Border Crossing[_] - [_] No. 082: Goblin Warchief
    [_] No. 048: Anonymous Seed[_] No. 128: Just Another Coinkydink[_] - [_] No. 105: Strahteme
    [_] No. 004: Seascale Crystal[_] - [_] No. 158: Harpy
    Unique Equ.[_] No. 049: Green Ribbon[_] - [_] No. 204: Highland Goblin
    Valuables[_] No. 128: Magic Carta No. 12

    Head east and grab the Fancy Fur. To the east of this you may find a sparkling point (rare drop Magic Carta No. 12). Just past this is the Peach Tree discovery, Peach, and Just Peachy skit. Keep going east for two more possible sparkling points. When you reach the split, go east toward the fortress that divides Fendel from Lhant. You will find chests with an Anonymous Seed and a Seascale Crystal on the way to the border. When you get there, watch the Border Crossing skit.

    You can bribe the dark Turtlez to smuggle you across the border, but there is no purpose to doing this now.

    Go back to the split now and head north this time for a scene. Afterward, watch the Just Another Coinkydink skin nearby. Follow the west wall and you should be able to go up and back south along a cliff to a chest with 2520 Gald and a possible sparkling point. Now continue north against the west wall for another small cliff with a sparkling point and a Green Ribbon.

    Make sure you have 5 Strahteme Horn's before you enter town.



    Materials[_] No. 105: Kaigar's ScriptValuables[_] No. 100: Book of DeductionDisc.[_] No. 46: Kaigar's Script (Dis)
    [_] No. 222: Veggie Set[_] No. 039: Niferum SeedsSkits[_] No. 129: Misery Loves Company
    [_] No. 226: Milk[_] No. 055: Best Princess Stories[_] No. 130: Bananas For Bananas
    [_] No. 223: Seafood Set[_] No. 152: Magic Carta No. 36[_] No. 131: Who-Knows-What
    Weapons[_] No. 067: Battle Knives[_] No. 049: Bush Baby PlushieTitles[_] Cheria: Kind-Hearted
    [_] No. 231: Spoon[_] Cheria: Good Samaritan

    Head straight for the Inn, it's the biggest building. Go to the save and watch the Misery Loves Company skit and then rest at the Inn. Now head to the stage for another check in with Joe and his siblings. These guys are just ridiculous, but I'm enjoying their gifts. This time you get some Battle Knives. Afterward, head up the stage and go in back for a Book of Deduction (password: strahteme) and some shiny Niferum Seeds. You can also discover the Kaigar's Script (Dis), get the Kaigar's Script, and watch the Bananas for Bananas skit. The blue box is actually a chest too and has a Best Princess Stories book.

    Now, head back to the entrance and check to the right of the small child for the Magic Carta No. 36. Go west to the residence and check the dresser for a Veggie Set. Head east for a scene if you have the five horns and gain Cheria's Kind-Hearted title. Head north and enter the house to check the dresser for Milk. You can also get the Bush Baby Plushie in the chest, feed the cat, and make Seafood Sets at the kid. Exit to the east, if you go north the well gives a hint to the earlier chest, and go south.

    There is a kid here who tells you to go ahead and open the chest. Grab the Spoon and when you try to leave, you can't. The smart guy has tricked you! Pay the 1,000 Gald to get him to move. Afterward, he will be behind the well and you can get the money back. Head back into the house where you made the Seafood Sets and you can now talk to him. He will now ask you for money every time you talk to him: 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, and 6400. If you pay all of them you get Cheria's Good Samaritan title. Now, go back to the Inn for more scenes. After they are all done, view the Who-Knows-What skit at the save. Now head for the northwest side of town and enter the cave.


    Fendel Mountain Pass

    Other[_] 3240 GaldValuables[_] No. 129: Magic Carta No. 13Enemies
    Consumables[_] No. 014: Dark Bottle x2Disc.[_] No. 47: Frozen Tree[_] - [_] No. 027: Vampire Bat
    [_] No. 006: Syrup Bottle x2Skits[_] No. 132: The Cold, Hard Truth[_] - [_] No. 065: Sponge Roper
    [_] No. 003: Grape Gel x2[_] No. 133: What Lies Ahead[_] - [_] No. 082: Goblin Warchief
    Materials[_] No. 184: Suspicious Powder x2[_] - [_] No. 162: Basaltoise
    Armor[_] No. 053: Platinum Tunic[_] - [_] No. 204: Highland Goblin
    Unique Equ.[_] No. 060: Leafy Balm

    Follow the linear path and go right at the split to grab the Dark Bottle x2 and Platinum Tunic. Now go back and head north until you can enter a "hidden" building for Suspicious Powder x2. Outside, watch the skit The Cold, Hard Truth at the save point.

    You can't go east, so head west and grab the possible sparkling spot (rare Magic Carta No. 13) right next to the save. At the split, go south to reach the Syrup Bottle x2 and Leafy Balm. Now, head back and go northwest.

    When you reach the tree, examine it to get the Frozen Tree discovery and What Lies Ahead skit. Afterward, look behind the tree for a chest with 3240 Gald and a possible sparkling point. Continue on to the east and when you reach the two openings, grab the treasure of Grape Gel x2. On a side note, the tunnel on the right leads back to the save point. Not much of a shortcut, but it does count as zoning and respawns all the sparkling spots.

    Once you have the carta card from multiple circles, head west from the chest location to leave.


    Fendel Highlands

    Other[_] 2880 GaldDisc.[_] No. 48: CabbagesEnemies
    Material[_] No. 195: Cabbage x3Skits[_] No. 134: High-Rish Highlands[_] - [_] No. 072: Thunder Beetle
    Unique Equ.[_] No. 009: Gold Scabbard[_] No. 135: False Pretenses[_] - [_] No. 105: Strahteme
    Gems[_] No. 028: Weak Charm[_] - [_] No. 186: Trapper
    Valuables[_] No. 130: Magic Carta No. 14[_] - [_] No. 201: Butcher

    Head straight for Mr. Smiley man for a funny scene. If you went ahead and got the Rockgagong Fur already, then all you have to do is turn the quest in when you get to town.

    Follow the linear path and grab the Weak Charm behind a rock. Continue, getting the Gold Scabbard and a possible sparkling point (rare Magic Carta No. 14). Hug the north wall and you may get another sparkling point. Continue north and you will get the Cabbages discovery, Cabbage x3, and High-Risk Highlands. Now, go back and head west.

    There should be a sparkling point in the lower left corner of the large area and/or one north of this. Also north is a chest with 2880 Gald. Continue west to the save for the False Pretenses skit.


    Port to Zavhert / Zavhert Port

    Consumables[_] No. 003: Grape Gel x3Skits[_] No. 136: National Crablette Day
    [_] No. 029: Mastery Tonic CTitles[_] Sophie: Prone to Worry
    [_] No. 030: Mastery Tonic EX[_] Asbel: Carta Collector
    Materials[_] No. 213: Salmon x3
    [_] No. 221: Pie Sheet x3

    Head for the ship and if you have a Crablette on you, there should be a skit called National Crablette Day after the scene. Check on the right side of the dock for a Salmon x3, obscured by a tree. Now board the ship to Zavhert Port.

    Upon arrival you get Sophie's Prone to Worry title. Right in front of you is an Elderly Man who will give you rewards based on how many carta cards you have:

    5Grape Gel x3
    10Mastery Tonic C
    20Mastery Tonic EX
    30Asbel's Carta Collector title
    40Lost Anklet
    50Mastery Tonic G


    At most, you will only have 30 cards. You can come back later in the game to get the last two items. Head into the first building you come across and grab the Pie Sheet x3. Now, follow the path to town.



    Materials[_] No. 214: Crab x2Disc.[_] No. 49: Bottomless PipesEnemies
    [_] No. 218: Rice x2[_] No. 50: Doll-Within-A-Doll[_] No. 102: Skirmisher
    Valuables[_] No. 024: Old Military CredentialsSkits[_] No. 137: Piping Up[_] No. 141: Dragoon
    [_] No. 153: Magic Carta No. 37[_] No. 139: The Dubious Man
    [_] No. 055: Best Princess Stories[_] No. 138: No More Suffering
    [_] No. 093: Book of Finesse[_] No. 323: A Surprising Theory
    [_] No. 040: Bloody Rose Seeds[_] No. 140: All in the Timing
    [_] No. 045: Katz PlushieTitles[_] Malik: Imposing Figure
    [_] Malik: Environmental Minister
    [_] Hubert: Senior Younger Brother
    [_] Pascal: Real Amarcian

    After the scene you can finally move five steps before another scene catches you. You get the Old Military Credentials and freedom to move about town. Head into the nearby house to talk to a smiley person, who isn't smiling. This girl will collect all the plushies you find. We don't have them all now, but you can help decorate her room by talking to her multiple times to hand them over.

    Back outside, go west and up the stairs to get the Magic Carta No. 37. Continue west and examine the large pipes for Bottomless Pipes discovery and the Piping Up skit. Head into the nearby house and get Crab x2 from the black container. You can also feed another cat here. In the back of the house, between the two beds, you can find the Doll-Within-A-Doll discovery and watch the skit called The Dubious Man (seriously, give it up Hubert!).

    Follow the path west again and talk to the man at the bottom of the steps and then head upstairs and into another house. On the upper floor, check the dresser for another Best Princess Stories. Now, go outside and follow the path east until you reach the Inn.

    The first thing you should do when you walk in the door is watch the No More Suffering and A Surprising Theory skits. While you're here, turn in that Rockgagong Fur and get Malik's Imposing Figure title. Notice the trash can next to the Inn desk? Well throw all that trash you've gotten from sparkling points away to receive Malik's Environmental Minister title. Head west on the first floor into a room to find Joe and receive Hubert's Senior Younger Brother title. The chest here has the Book of Finesse (password: ironspike). Upstairs, the second room has Rice x2 and Bloody Rose Seeds.

    Now, head outside and go south to find a child selling a Katz Plushie. Get the super cheap things and then talk to the soldier outside the equipment shop for a scene. Now, go back toward the Inn and talk to him again. I like how nonchalant Pascal is about outing herself and we have another "dead" ally in our group. After the scene you get Pascal's Real Amarcian title. Head back to the Inn and watch the All in the Timing skit. Now leave town to the west.


    Mt. Zavhert

    Other[_] 495 Unit(s) of ElethValuables[_] No. 131: Magic Carta No. 15Enemies
    [_] 3670 Gald[_] No. 234: Raw Materials[_] - [_] No. 105: Strahteme
    Consumables[_] No. 007: Life Bottle x2Disc.[_] No. 51: Radishes[_] - [_] No. 106: Snow Goblin
    [_] No. 003: Grape Gel x2[_] No. 52: Pumpkins[_] - [_] No. 158: Harpy
    Materials[_] No. 197: Radish x3Skits[_] No. 142: Dear Diary[_] - [_] No. 186: Trapper
    [_] No. 196: Pumpkin x3[_] No. 240: Gone Astray[_] - [_] No. 201: Butcher
    [_] No. 044: Pretty Feather[_] No. 143: Short and Sweet[_] No. 190: Fake
    [_] No. 084: Fine Wood[_] No. 144: Winds of Change
    [_] No. 007: Formless CrystalTitles[_] Pascal: Fire Summoner
    Unique Equ.[_] No. 072: Blue Scarf
    [_] No. 034: Gold Frames

    Follow the southern wall west until you reach the Life Bottle x2. Continue to the north, grabbing the possible sparkling point (rare item Magic Carta No. 15), and when you reach the fork go west and then south to reach a chest. Defeat the Fake and get the Raw Materials and Pascal's Fire Summoner title. Check to see if there is a sparkling point nearby and then head northwest now to the Radishes discovery, Radish x3, and Dear Diary skit. Further west and you will come across 495 Unit(s) of Eleth and the Gone Astray skit at the save.

    Go back to the first intersection and go northwest. Make sure to grab the Grape Gel x2 and when you reach the split, go west. This new path leads to some green Pumpkins discovery, Pumpkin x3, and Short and Sweet skit. Go west and grab the Pretty Feather and then follow the path northwest to a Blue Scarf. Head back east, grabbing a possible sparkling point, and then continue north. At the split, go east to the save and watch the Winds of Change skit. Instead of going north to the Enclave, go southeast to some Gold Frames. Follow the path south, grabbing the Fine Wood. Continuing south just loops you back around to the beginning, so go back to the save and head north. Continue northwest until you reach the split and then head west to 3670 Gald. Now, go northwest for a scene and a fight.

    Boss: No. 125: Bladehorn Boar

    This guy can be difficult if you let it get out of hand. Watch out for low HP and use items as needed. He does spawns allies, so take them out as soon as they pop up.

    When you have control again, follow the path north to a Turtlez and Formless Crystal.


    Amarcian Enclave

    Materials[_] No. 233: Chocolate x3Disc.No. 53: Chocolate Fountain
    [_] No. 226: Milk x3No. 54: Robo-Pet
    Weapons[_] No. 103: Rune ShotstaffSkits[_] No. 145: The Transplanted Land
    [_] No. 104: Battle Shotstaff[_] No. 146: Fountains of the World, Part II
    [_] No. 105: Platinum Shotstaff[_] No. 148: Anything You Like!
    Unique Equ.[_] No. 074: Mandarin Scarf[_] No. 147: Whence and Whither
    Valuables[_] No. 089: Book of AcquisitionTitles[_] Pascal: Puzzle Cracker
    [_] No. 233: Drill[_] Pascal: Alchemist
    [_] No. 154: Magic Carta No. 38[_] Cheria: Only Child
    [_] No. 041: Jack-in-the-Pulpit Seeds
    [_] No. 238: Research Sample

    Start by going west all the way to the Inn and the save to watch the skit called The Transplanted Land. The Chocolate Fountain is worth checking out for some Chocolate x3 and the Fountains of the World, Part II skit. Nearby should be Joe and gang, which rewards you with the Mandarin Scarf. Going back east, talk to the smiley person to play Shot Cube.

    Shot Cube

    Stages 1-3 are practice and reward you with a Rune Shotstaff.

    Stages 4-6 are pretty easy and reward you with a Battle Shotstaff.

    Stages 7-9 are more difficult and reward you with a Platinum Shotstaff.

    If you complete all 3 stages you get Pascal's Puzzle Cracker title.

    If you are having issues, watch the video someone made here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Y8V08mpS5M&t=4m30s

    To the north is the equipment and item shops with some cool new items.

    Now, go back to the entrance and head east and enter the Fourier's house, which doesn't look like one, near the two women talking. Inside is a locked chest (password: gauss) with a Book of Acquisition and a drawer with a Drill. Outside, feed the cat before you enter Pascal's house. After the scene inside, open the chest for the Magic Carta No. 38 and then check the drawer for Milk x3. On the right side of Pascal's room is the Robo-Pet discovery and Anything You Like! skit. To reach the Overseer's Chamber, go to the entrance of town and north down the steps.

    After the scene, check behind the pillars on the right to grab the Jack-in-the-Pulpit Seeds. Head for the town exit and talk to the smiley faced man for a scene. Now go back to Pascals' House to find the Research Sample and get Cheria's Only Child title. Now, turn it in to the Inn. There is a new skit at the save here as well called Whence and Whither. Now we are outta of here.


    Mt. Zavhert / Zavhert / Fendel Research Laboratory

    Other[_] 525 unit(s) of ElethDisc.[_] No. 55: Eleth RechargerEnemies
    Consumables[_] No. 003: Grape Gel x3[_] No. 56: Profane Creation[_] - [_] No. 014: Needle Spider
    [_] No. 005: Panacea Bottle x2Skits[_] No. 149: A Lady's Prerogative[_] - [_] No. 183: Stabber Bee
    [_] No. 009: All-Divide[_] No. 141: Fatherly Advice[_] - [_] No. 212: Taunting Helmite
    [_] No. 013: Holy Bottle x2[_] No. 150: Sins of the Brother
    Dishes[_] No. 108: Chocolate-Covered Banana[_] No. 151: A Fundamental Flaw
    Materials[_] No. 064: Working Gear[_] No. 317: Accessorizing with Asbel
    [_] No. 072: Busted Blade[_] No. 152: The Island of Dr. Fourier
    Unique Equ.[_] No. 024: Star Anklet[_] No. 153: Irrelevant Nonsense
    [_] No. 010: Platinum Scabbard
    [_] No. 073: Orange Scarf
    Valuables[_] No. 095: Book of Serendipity

    Head for the save point to the south and watch the A Lady's Prerogative skit. Now go back to the Turtlez and teleport to Zavhert's west gate.

    You should probably head to the Inn and turn in the Raw Materials to open the Equipment Shop in this town.

    At the save, just outside the west gate, watch the Fatherly Advice skit. Now make your way to the Research Lab.

    After the scene, head north a little and watch the Sins of the Brother skit. Enter the lab and head west. At the second door, enter the room and grab the Working Gear. Now, continue west and enter the last door.

    The lab requires that you complete puzzles to open the security gates and continue onwards. Complete the nearby easy puzzle and talk to the monolith to access a new area in the previous section and take the elevator down.

    The first door you come across contains some Grape Gel x3, while the second has some Panacea Bottle x2. Follow the path around the area until you reach the next puzzle. Solve it and continue to the next elevator down.

    The first room here contains a chest with a Star Anklet, as well as the Eleth Recharger discovery and A Fundamental Flaw skit. Return and continue to the next room, where you can grab a All-Divide. At the first split, head right to reach a room with a Platinum Scabbard which you can equip for a skit called Accessorizing with Asbel. Head back and continue to the next puzzle and elevator down.

    Follow the path and go north at the split to reach an Orange Scarf. Back at the intersection, go east and down another floor.

    Head east to a room with a puzzle and solve it. Afterward, go east all the way to a room with Holy Bottle x2, before taking the nearby elevator. This leads back up a floor to a new area with the Profane Creation, The Island of Dr. Fourier skit, and 525 unit(s) of Eleth. Now, go back down and west to the previous split.

    Head north, but take the first right to get a Busted Blade. You can now right the elevator down to the final area and a fight.

    Boss: No. 024: Veres

    Like many other bosses, Veres summons allies that can be an annoyance. The main thing to watch out for here though is getting cornered against a wall and getting owned. Make sure to quick-step around Veres anytime you notice you're too close to a wall and you should be fine.

    After the scene, examine the monolith nearby to open the previous security gate. Head back outside and veer right down the hall to a room with the Book of Serendipity and Chocolate-Covered Banana. Make sure to watch the Irrelevant Nonsense skit before heading up and out of the Lab.


    Mt. Zavhert / Zavhert

    Valuables[_] No. 026: Security Pass
    Skits[_] No. 154: Practice Makes Perfect
    [_] No. 155: This Won't Do
    [_] No. 156: One More Time
    [_] No. 157: Now I Know
    [_] No. 158: Plan B
    Titles[_] Sophie: Pact Adherent

    There's not much to do except head back to Zavhert. Before entering the city though, stop by the save for the Practice Makes Perfect skit and fight. There are, again, three potential outcomes and skits:

    • Lose: This Won't Do
    • Retry: One More Time
    • Win: Now I Know and get Sophie's Pact Adherent title

    Like Hubert's fight, you get all skit entries if you win on the first go.

    After the scene, head east toward the shops and talk to the man with the bubble over his head. Now, head to the Inn for the Plan B skit. You should also sleep at the Inn for a missable scene. Back outside, talk to the two soldiers with talk bubbles. Now, head south toward the east gate and then take the left to a star event. Continue west and talk to the next person with a chat bubble. Inside the house, you will get a scene with Fermat and the Security Pass. Head back to the Inn for another star event and then leave town to the north.


    Zavhert / Fendel Tower

    Other[_] 3500 GaldDisc.[_] No. 57: Frozen NestEnemies
    Consumables[_] No. 002: Peach Gel x3[_] No. 58: Treasure Trove[_] No. 102: Skirmisher
    [_] No. 010: HourglassSkits[_] No. 159: A Blind Eye[_] - [_] No. 126: Automatillery
    [_] No. 032: Eleth Bottle C[_] No. 160: Convincing Kurt[_] No. 141: Dragoon
    [_] No. 007: Life Bottle x3[_] No. 375: Panel Discussion[_] - [_] No. 273: Sensor Helmite
    [_] No. 003: Grape Gel x2[_] No. 161: Revisionist History[_] No. 083: Commander
    [_] No. 020: Chamomile[_] No. 162: High Maintenance[_] No. 129: Stinger
    Materials[_] No. 107: Common Metal[_] No. 163: False Bravado
    Unique Equ.[_] No. 036: Platinum FramesTitles[_] Malik: Youthful Revolutionary

    Instead of heading into Fendel Tower, turn around and go back the Zavhert Inn to watch A Blind Eye skit. Return to Fendel Tower and grab the nearby Peach Gel x3 before heading up the steps for a scene. Inside, use the save and watch the Convincing Kurt skit. Head down the steps and under the other set of steps to ride an elevator to the 39F. Take the dark hallway, with fights, and ride the lifts up. Make sure to grab the 3500 Gald and then take the right lift (this requires the left lift be on the left side and you walk across the boards to the platform with the treasure) to reach the 40F.

    Talk to the two freaked out guards here and then talk to the one blocking the western hallway. This gives you the option to out the guards, which you should do. Take the dark hallway and turn the right valve to walk across to the next area. Up the lift, grab the Hourglass before using the boards to move the platform to the right side. You can now walk across the boards to take the new platform west and up another lift. Watch the Panel Discussion skit and then ride the platform back to the left and release both valves. You can now go back to the right via the panel and ascend.

    Take the right lift to reach more valves. You need to have the platform in the right position and the left valve open before ascending to the next level. Check out the Frozen Nest and watch the Revisionist History skit. Turn the first and last valve to cross this area to the next floor.

    You will be given four types of Gel's that you need to deliver to the right guard based on the description they give. The issue is that the order in which they scramble and line up is random, so follow this guide:

    • Man in black - Apple
    • Man in white - Peach
    • Girl in Black - Grape
    • Girl in white - Apple

    In the next dark corridor, ride the lifts across to a new area where you can grab an Eleth Bottle C before heading down a new set of lifts twice to reach the Life Bottle x3. Now go back up one floor and head east. Take the lift right next to where you land to reach the Grape Gel x2. Head back up and right to descend on the other side and find the Treasure Trove discovery as well as the Common Metal and the High Maintenance skit. Continue down and watch the False Bravado skit before continuing to reach Kurt's Office.

    After the scene, grab the Chamomile from the chest and check out the star event. Afterward, talk to everyone and then check the desk for a scene. You'll be back outside the tower now, but we want to head back and grab a treasure that is now accessible. Head back inside and take the elevator to the 41F. From there, go into the left dark corridor to find the Platinum Frames.


    Zavhert / Glacier Road

    Other[_] 2381 GaldEnemies
    Materials[_] No. 015: Artificial Crystal[_] - [_] No. 186: Trapper
    Valuables[_] No. 133: Magic Carta No. 17[_] - [_] No. 201: Butcher
    Skits[_] No. 164: Northeast, Ho![_] - [_] No. 281: Skinner
    [_] - [_] No. 256: Hoarscale Dragon

    Head to the Inn and check the Northeast, Ho! skit (as in Hi-Ho? So many Disney references... at least 2 I've seen) and then go to Format for a quick scene. Now leave town to the northeast.

    Take the west path first to reach an Artificial Crystal before going up the right path and grab the sparkling points nearby (rare Magic Carta No. 17). When you see the Turtlez Merchant, go south a little to grab the 2381 Gald.


    Fendel Glacier Ruins

    Other[_] 585 Unit(s) of ElethValuables[_] No. 097: Book of ValorEnemies
    Consumables[_] No. 003: Grape Gel x2[_] No. 028: Archive of Wisdom Key[_] - [_] No. 091: Daybreak Shade
    [_] No. 006: Syrup Bottle x2Disc.[_] No. 59: Rainbow Ice Pillar[_] - [_] No. 126: Automatillery
    [_] No. 005: Panacea Bottle x3[_] No. 60: Forbrannir[_] - [_] No. 242: Mammoth Specter
    [_] No. 029: Mastery Tonic CSkits[_] No. 166: Running Out of Time[_] - [_] No. 273: Sensor Helmite
    Materials[_] No. 060: Strong Bone[_] No. 165: No Lack of Resolve[_] - [_] No. 293: Ice Elemental
    [_] No. 111: Icicle[_] No. 276: Allow Me to Demonstrate
    [_] No. 080: Whirling Seashell[_] No. 168: Just Ask Gramps
    Weapons[_] No. 087: Platinum Bladerang
    Unique Equ.[_] No. 061: Magic for Men
    [_] No. 050: Elemental Ribbon

    Follow the path until you reach the Grape Gel x2. Nearby is an ice block you'll have to move to continue and grab the Syrup Bottle x2. Now, use the ice block to push it to the slope leading down to the Syrup Bottle and let go as soon as it's on the slant to break the nearby icicle and reach the Magic for Men. Now, grab the block and do the same thing to the next icicle to reach the next screen.

    Follow the path until you reach another room with an ice block and use it to break the two large icicles (one of which breaks a third one). Grab the Strong Bone. Head down to the two broken icicles, but check the glowing icicle for Rainbow Ice Pillar, Icicle, and Running Out of Time. Now, head up the two icicles to another ice block. Use this to break the icicle to the south and get the Elemental Ribbon. Now use it to the southeast to knock the icicle down, grabbing the Whirling Seashell before moving on.

    In the next cavern, take the west path to a Book of Valor before you continue south.

    At the save, watch the No Lack of Resolve skit and head into the next chamber. This place is a little more confusing, but start by pushing the western block down the western cliff and making a path to the Panacea Bottle x3. Now, grab it and move it into the eastern gap to reach the new ice block. Instead of dropping it from the highest cliff, move it down to the previous gap and release it from there. The failure to break the huge icicle causes the skit Allow Me to Demonstrate to happen. Now, grab it and take it to the top and toss it down to break the huge icicle. We can now move on, but first you should use this block to break the far southern icicle and reach a Mastery Tonic C. Now continue on the main path, grabbing the 585 Unit(s) of Eleth before you reach the next chamber. Save and prepare for a battle.

    Boss: No. 051: Kurt

    Kurt has similar training to Malik, in the sense that he uses quick ranged attacks that can combo you to death. This means your objective is to get in close and combo his ass before he destroys you from the other side of the map. He also comes with some pals, who respawn even after they die. Focus on getting the allies out, since they can heal Kurt, and then focus on Kurt. Watch your health and watch out for his two big attacks, a double gun attack similar to Huberts and his Mystic Arte.

    It may be handy to have Cheria and Sophie in the battle to lighten the load off 1 healer to 2. Also, if Malik is in the party and you defeat the two soldier, a scene will happen that does NOT stop the clock.

    If you beat him in 60 seconds you get a trophy.

    After the scene, check Kurt to gain his Platinum Bladerang and then talk to everyone. Watch the scene and gain the Archive of Wisdom Key. Afterward, check the valkines for Forbrannir and the Just Ask Gramps skit. Take the one-way warp outside and head to Zavhert.

    I'm kinda sad Kurt died. I was watching the new Three Musketeers movie today and Aramis is talking about why he says prays for the men he kills, "... the men I kill deserve to die, but they also deserve peace. After all, they must have believed in something. We all do. Even the worst of us." It's a good line. Even the worst people in the world believe in what they are fighting for, even if we don't agree with them or their methods. That's how I feel about Kurt.


    Detour / Amarcian Enclave

    Skits[_] No. 167: To the Archive of Wisdom
    [_] No. 169: Selective Memory
    [_] No. 170: Connecting the Dots

    Head to Glacier Road's save and watch the To the Archive of Wisdom skit.

    Then, in Zavhert, go to the Inn to see the Selective Memory skit. You can now head to the Amarcian Enclave.

    Head to the Overseer's Chamber and into the Archive for a scene. After the scenes, go to the save near the Inn to watch the Connecting the Dots skit. Now, head back to Mt. Zavhert.


    Mt. Zavhert / Zavhert

    Valuables[_] No. 061: Lost Anklet
    Skits[_] No. 171: What if He Knows?
    [_] No. 172: The Missing Pieces
    [_] No. 354: If the Anklet Fits...

    After the scene, head south to the save for the What if He Knows? skit. You can then walk or use the Turtlez to Zavhert.

    As usual, go to the Zavhert Inn for a skit called The Missing Pieces. Now, head to the port and make your way to World's Eye.

    Check the Carta King to see if you can get the Lost Anklet and the If the Anklet Fits... skit.


    World's Eye

    Skits[_] No. 173: A Near Miss?
    Titles[_] Asbel: Friend to the End
    [_] Sophie: Conflicted at Heart

    I find it funny the ship is coming from the south when Fendel is to the north, but hey. After the scenes you get Asbel's Friend to the End and Sophie's Conflicted at Heart titles. Head to the save and get A Near Miss? skit and save. Any further north and you get a scene that leads to the major Richard fight.

    Boss: No. 284: Richard (Nova)

    Richard isn't that hard this time, mostly because you're stronger and he isn't that much better than before. The quickest way to end this is to break his guard so you can easily get some 50-hit combos on him. When he goes on the offensive, give yourself some time to heal.


    Chapter 6: Adulthood (Part V)



    Valuables[_] No. 027: Chancellor's LetterSkits[_] No. 174: She'll Always Be Sophie
    [_] No. 029: Pigeon CommunicatorTitles[_] Malik: Pensive Sage

    Head to the Inn and rest up. After the scene, go to the save and watch the She'll Always Be Sophie skit. Head for the port and you'll get a scene and the Chancellor's Letter and Pigeon Communicator. You also get Malik's Pensive Sage title. Head for Oul Raye now.

    It's like these boats can only go north and sail around the world to get to a southern area.


    Oul Raye / Strahta Craglands

    Valuables[_] No. 220: Sunken CargoEnemies
    Skits[_] No. 175: Outside the In-Joke[_] No. 248: Malevolent Star
    [_] No. 176: Needs More Fiber
    Titles[_] Cheria: Embracer of Truth
    [_] Asbel: Expert Scrubber

    When you arrive, you get Cheria's Embracer of Truth title. Talk to the smiley faced man and accompany them to some fights. You also get the Sunken Cargo and Asbel's Expert Scrubber title. Back in Oul Raye, head for the Inn to see the Outside the In-Joke. Instead of transporting to Sable Izolle, walk through the craglands to get the Needs More Fiber skit on the far save before Sable Izolle (you can NOT take the transport and walk to the zoneline).


    Sable Izolle

    Skits[_] No. 177: Heightened Senses
    [_] No. 178: The Tenderness of Youth

    Head to the Research Tower for a meet up with the president. Afterward, watch the Heightened Senses skit at the save point. Now, go inside the tower and take the lift down and enter the Old Archive for a scene. Once you're done here, go back outside for another scene and then check the save for The Tenderness of Youth skit. Now head to Oul Raye via the Turtlez.


    Oul Raye to North Lhant Road

    Skits[_] No. 179: The Other Side of the Sky
    [_] No. 305: ???
    [_] No. 306: ??? (2)

    Back in town, head to the port. If you're ready, board the ship to South Valenik Port. Here, check the save for the skit called The Other Side of the Sky and then you can leave town. Head for the Border Fortress to get to North Lhant Road and eventually the Seaside Cavern.

    Most areas now have the two types of Fiend Monsters listed above. I won't be listing them again.


    Seaside Cavern / Lhant

    Dishes[_] No. 067: CurrySkits[_] No. 180: The Weight of Existence
    [_] No. 028: Rice Omelette[_] No. 181: Brotherly Love
    [_] No. 018: Grilled Chicken Bowl[_] No. 182: Still Falling Short
    [_] No. 385: A Few of His Favorite Things

    Backtrack to the save near the Deathglow Algae and watch the skit at the save called The Weight of Existence. Now, check the false wall to the east side of the area to open a secret pathway. Inside you will get a scene. Afterward, head back to the save for the Brotherly Love skit and then go north and make your way to Lhant.

    After the scenes, head for Lhant Manor and visit Asbel's room. When you have control, go to the save downstairs to see the Still Falling Short skit. Now go to the study for a scene, before returning to your room. Leave the manor for a scene in the courtyard that gets you Curry, Rice Omelette, and Grilled Chicken Bowl. You also get Hubert's Ambivalent Son. Now, head back to the manor and talk to Lady Kerri in the upstairs bedroom.

    Back outside, ignore the Turtlez and head to the bridge to watch A Few of His Favorite Things skit. Now, talk to the smiley faced Turtlez to teleport to Velanik.


    Fendel Mountain Pass

    Consumables[_] No. 032: Eleth Bottle CSkits[_] No. 183: Treading the Untrodden
    Valuables[_] No. 232: SpadeTitles[_] Cheria: Dutiful Daughter

    Follow the path to the left and stop at the save to watch the Treading the Untrodden skit. Continue left, despite the topic, and follow it until you run into an Amarcian with a smiley face. He will want your Drill and will give you his Spade in return. Make sure you talk to him to hand over the Drill. Now, go back to the save and head east down the path to reach an Eleth Bottle C. Continue to the next area.


    Untrodden Snowfield

    Other[_] 5400 GaldGems[_] No. 026: Seal CharmEnemies
    Consumables[_] No. 006: Syrup Bottle x2Valuables[_] No. 134: Magic Carta No. 18[_] - [_] No. 066: Snowdrift Wolf
    Materials[_] No. 226: Milk x3Disc.[_] No. 61: Icedrop Flowers[_] - [_] No. 082: Goblin Warchief
    [_] No. 088: Sharp ClawSkits[_] No. 184: The Will to Persevere[_] - [_] No. 204: Highland Goblin
    [_] No. 222: Veggie Set x3[_] No. 185: Holding it Together[_] - [_] No. 221: Brawler Bear
    [_] No. 068: Pointy Fang[_] - [_] No. 222: Scrapper Bear
    Unique Equ.[_] No. 025: Rune Anklet[_] - [_] No. 288: Glacier Raptor
    [_] No. 075: Green Scarf
    [_] No. 011: Hyper Scabbard

    Follow the path until you get a scene and then head east to grab the Milk x3. Head north to the next split grab the possible sparkling point (rare Magic Carta No. 18) and go west, this time, to the Rune Anklet and Green Scarf. Continue east until you reach the save to view a scene and then watch the skit The Will to Persevere. Near the Turtlez Merchant is a Sharp Claw and to the east is a long path that leads to some sparkling points, Veggie Set x3, Seal Charm, 5400 Gald, Syrup Bottle x2, Hyper Scabbard, Pointy Fang, Icedrop Flower discovery, and Holding it Together skit. Now make your way back to the ruins.


    Snowshroud Ruins

    Other[_] 660 Unit(s) of ElethValuables[_] No. 107: Book of GrowthEnemies
    Consumables[_] No. 003: Grape Gel x3Disc.[_] No. 62: Yearing for Home[_] - [_] No. 090: Sapphire Weapon
    Materials[_] No. 053: Dangerous Liquid[_] No. 63: Mechanical Scrapyard[_] - [_] No. 092: Blue Slime
    [_] No. 108: Rare MetalSkits[_] No. 186: Am Not. Am Too![_] - [_] No. 168: Cyclone Harpy
    [_] No. 093: Earthen Pot[_] No. 187: Hometown Hero[_] - [_] No. 244: Braying Golem
    Armor[_] No. 054: Mythril Tunic[_] No. 188: Bonus Goal
    Unique Equ.[_] No. 063: Tiger's Essence[_] No. 189: Not Exactly Our Forte
    [_] No. 038: Goggles[_] No. 190: It's a Secret to Everybody
    [_] No. 051: Magical Ribbon
    Gems[_] No. 027: Curse Charm

    As soon as you enter, watch the skit Am Not. Am Too!. Enter the door in front of you to turn on the power in the building. Head up to the west and make sure the device is pointing toward the door so you can enter and grab the Grape Gel x3. Head up the steps and down the other side to power up the door and get the Yearning for Home discovery and Hometown Hero skit. Head back and through the middle door to the next area.

    Grab the nearby Tiger's Essence and then point the device up the stairs to get a Mythril Tunic. Head back to the device and power up the door now to continue north. At the split, power the west path and follow it twice to get to a Curse Charm. Head back to the first device in this area and move it to power the east path now and follow it. Power the next east path to get the Dangerous Liquid before you power the northern west doorway and advance to a new area.

    In the next area, head up the first set of steps and grab the Goggles before continuing upstairs. Open the chest here for 660 Unit(s) of Eleth and then check the device to power both doors. You can go either way, since you need both power routes to lead to the final door, but I went west first for the Mechanical Scrapyard discovery, Rare Metal, and Bonus Goal skit. To the east is an Earthen Pot.

    With both northern paths powered, head north to a save and watch the skit Not Exactly Our Forte. Grab the Book of Growth before moving any devices and then power the east side path to grab a Magical Ribbon. Now, all you have to do is power the north doors and encounter a fight.

    Boss: No. 236: Polycarpus

    Not a hard fight to complete, but if you can do it in 60 seconds you get a trophy.

    After the scene, you can us either nearby one-way warp out.

    As soon as you enter the field, you'll be forced into a fight with more monsters. After the scene, check the save for the skit It's a Secret to Everybody. Now, use the Turtlez to get to Seaside Cavern.


    Seaside Cavern

    Skits[_] No. 191: Fodrabound

    There's another skit at the save called Fodrabound, so watch it before you approach the false wall. After the scene go into the cavern with the shuttle for another scene. When you have control again, you'll have to make your way back to the shuttle by going north. After the scene, leave and jump in the water to the north of the save (or where it was) for a fight. You can then head back to the shuttle.


    Chapter 7: Adulthood (Part VI)


    Shuttle / Region 13

    Other[_] 5278 GaldValuables[_] No. 137: Magic Carta No. 21Enemies
    Materials[_] No. 208: Minced Meat x2Disc.[_] No. 69: Secret Fort[_] - [_] No. 041: Elder Treant
    [_] No. 230: Tofu x2Skits[_] No. 192: A Question of Priorities[_] - [_] No. 059: Gigas Beetle
    [_] No. 049: Secret Seed[_] No. 193: No End in Sight[_] - [_] No. 206: Filifolia Sprite
    [_] No. 041: Finest FurTitles[_] Pascal: Reverent Sister[_] - [_] No. 263: Progenitor Lizard
    Unique Equ.[_] No. 077: Magical Scarf

    You start in the cockpit. You can leave into the next room where a machine sells you some items. This is the same store as Telos Astue (the next town), so don't hesitate to buy the stuff now if you have the money.

    Right after the scene you get Pascal's Reverent Sister title. Grab the possible sparkling point (possible rare Magic Carta No. 21) and the chest of Minced Meat x2 and then head back into the shuttles cockpit for the skit A Question of Priorities. Back outside, go south and grab the possible sparkling point. Continue south to find a Magical Scarf, Tofu x2, [[Secret Fort discovery, 5278 Gald, and another sparkling point before going back to the shuttle.

    Head west this time and grab the Secret Seed and head north. Grab the Finest Fur and then back up the path and to the west. Grab the Holy Bottle x3 and head for the save to see the skit No End in Sight and then take the warp.


    Telso Astue / Region 13

    Materials[_] No. 230: TofuDisc.[_] No. 66: Giant Tub
    [_] No. 231: Natto[_] No. 64: Tempus Aeturnum
    [_] No. 232: Miso[_] No. 65: Emerald Hope
    Valuables[_] No. 042: Nameless Flower SeedsSkits[_] No. 198: Still Rancid After All These Years
    [_] No. 102: Book of Enthusiasm[_] No. 195: Ghost in the Machine
    [_] No. 165: Magic Carta No. 39[_] No. 194: Sticking Together
    [_] No. 196: A World Without a Pulse
    [_] No. 197: The Knowledge to Save
    [_] No. 199: The "It" Factor

    After the scene, head to the northeast building (Storeroom) and check the big bucket for the Giant Tub discovery, Natto or Miso or Tofu, and skit Still Rancid After All These Years.

    All three have the possibility to be gotten through this one discovery. I suggest you get a Miso and make Miso Stew as it has an easy to trigger requirement and gives the most EXP to your Eleth Mixer. Note that the item you get seems to depend on the amount of time you wait, but this is not confirmed.

    Back outside, go to the northwest up the steps for another discovery called Tempus Aeturnum and the skit Ghost in the Machine. The save here offers another skit, Sticking Together. Finally, the machine to the west acts as a shop and Inn. Go ahead and rest for a scene.

    Use the machine in the southeast/west to head up to the 2F. Enter the main building here and check the platforms if you want, the middle being the Emerald Hope discovery and giving you the A World Without a Pulse skit. Now take the platform to B1.

    Once again, go toward the main building. Grab the Nameless Flower Seeds and warp to the shuttle bay for a Book of Enthusiasm (password: ephinea). There's nothing else here, so go back to the elevator and go to B1. Head west for a quick scene and follow the child inside for another scene. When you have control, grab the Magic Carta No. 39 from the chest nearby. Now, head back to the 1F and get the skit The Knowledge to Save at the save before heading to Region 13.

    Head for that other warp we saw earlier for a scene and then check the save to get the skit The "It" Factor. Now warp to the facility.


    Humanoid Research Center

    Other[_] 705 Unit(s) of ElethDisc.[_] No. 67: Old Toy BlocksEnemies
    Consumables[_] No. 003: Grape Gel x2[_] No. 68: Tarlow-X[_] - [_] No. 148: Sickle Spider
    [_] No. 032: Eleth Bottle CSkits[_] No. 377: The Control Device[_] - [_] No. 264: Black Slime
    [_] No. 009: All-Divide[_] No. 378: What Are We Missing?[_] - [_] No. 272: Shadow Roper
    Materials[_] No. 045: Elegant Feather[_] No. 200: Cornell's Legacy
    [_] No. 085: Golden Bough[_] No. 201: Merely Old Junk
    Unique Equ.[_] No. 012: Rare Scabbard[_] No. 202: The Origin of the Amarcians
    [_] No. 026: Misty Anklet[_] No. 203: The Reason Why
    Valuables[_] No. 242: Drive UnitTitles[_] Hubert: Lover of Lhant
    [_] No. 101: Book of Exchanging[_] Asbel: Host to the Light
    [_] Sophie: Pact Maker

    Follow the path to the security door and watch the skit The Control Device. Now, take the warp that you just passed. Examine the panel nearby and warp back to the previous room to advance north. Ignore the two rooms and head for the lift at the far north to see the skit What Are We Missing?. Now, grab a charged the battery from one of the two previous rooms and place it in the elevators device. Before we go, go back and grab a second battery. Now, take the lift to B1 South.

    Head into the first room you come across and check the star for a scene that gets you a Drive Unit and Hubert's Lover of Lhant title. Open the chest for Grape Gel x2 and then leave. When you reach an intersection, go down to reach a Book of Exchanging. Return to the intersection and go right now to another warp. Take a left first to grab the Eleth Bottle C before examining the control panel. Now warp back and continue north to exchange a battery. Head to 1F and grab a new battery and then take the lift to B1 > B2 South.

    In the first room, grab the Rare Scabbard and then continue north. At the save, go down to reach a room with an All-Divide and then return and head right again. Watch the scene and when you have control again, check the right control panel for the Old Toy Blocks discovery. Head to the right of the room for another scene and Asbel's receives the Host to the Light title. Now, check the area for the ''Cornell's Legacy skit. Now, exit to the right.

    Head up at the split to reach a room with an Elegant Feather and then head back and go down. Enter the first room and grab the Golden Bough before continuing north. At the lift, place the charged battery in and head back to 1F to get the final battery. Now head to B3 South via B2.

    Head north and enter the first room to get 705 Unit(s) of Eleth and then head to the split where you should go down. There are two rooms you can enter here for the Misty Anklet, Tarlow-X discovery, and the Merely Old Junk skit. Go back to the intersection and head all the way up now to reach another warp. Examine the control device and then head back and continue north to a lift where you can exchange the last battery in and take it to B4 South.

    Head for the save and watch the skit The Origin of the Amarcians and save. Now head into the room for a scene. When you have control, examine all of the holograms before checking Richard and then get ready for a fight.

    Boss: No. 275: Lambda

    This guy isn't actually that hard and he is weak to A-Artes so dish them out 50+ at a time. Watch for Nova Shield and break it if needed. He will go down in no time. If you manage to beat him in 60 seconds you get a trophy.

    Head back to the save now and watch the skit The Reason Why. Head back up the lift to B2 now, via B3, and follow the path to the lab on the far left. After the scene you get Sophie's Pact Maker title. Now, make your way to the surface.


    Region 13 / Region 66

    Other[_] 4860 GaldValuables[_] No. 144: Magic Carta No. 28Enemies
    Consumables[_] No. 007: Life Bottle x2[_] No. 243: Broken Brooch[_] - [_] No. 042: Wasteland Raptor
    [_] No. 008: ElixirDisc.[_] No. 70: Unsettling Garden[_] - [_] No. 059: Gigas Beetle
    Materials[_] No. 218: Rice x2Skits[_] No. 204: Sophie's Parents[_] - [_] No. 217: Progenitor Wyvern
    [_] No. 112: Lump of Clay[_] No. 205: Traces of Humanity[_] - [_] No. 263: Progenitor Lizard
    [_] No. 061: Amazing Bone[_] No. 206: Your Bird Could Not Be Completed
    [_] No. 231: Natto[_] No. 207: A World Run Dry
    [_] No. 089: Emperor's ClawTitles[_] Sophie: Stirred from Detachment
    Unique Equ.[_] No. 052: Ancient Cloth

    As you leave, check the save for the skit Sophie's Parents and then head to the southeast. Head to the Secret Fort discovery where you can get the skit Traces of Humanity, now that you have Emeraude with you. Now, leave to the south to reach Region 66.

    As you approach the save, watch the skit Your Bird Could Not Be Completed. Follow the path and at the split head north to Life Bottle x2 and Ancient Cloth. Return to the intersection now and go east. Follow the path along, grabbing the Elixir, until you reach a new split and go all the way east to a possible sparkling point (rare possibility Magic Carta No. 28), Rice x2, Unsettling Garden, Lump of Clay, and the skit A World Run Dry.

    Head all the way west, until you hit a dead end, and then north. Take the first left to a possible sparkling point, an Amazing Bone, and a Natto. Now, take the north path to grab an Emperor's Claw and possible sparkling point before taking the last northern path to the east. This leads to a possible sparkling point, a star event, a Broken Brooch, and Sophie's Stirred from Detachment title. Grab the nearby 4860 Gald and enter Bathus Citadel.


    Bathus Citadel

    Other[_] 4400 GaldDisc.[_] No. 71: Military InsigniaEnemies
    [_] 750 Unit(s) of Eleth[_] No. 72: Amarcian Key (Dis)[_] - [_] No. 025: Veritoid
    Consumables[_] No. 010: HourglassSkits[_] No. 208: Fodra's Ultimate Weapon[_] - [_] No. 033: Equitoid
    [_] No. 029: Mastery Tonic C[_] No. 379: Intruder Defense[_] - [_] No. 067: Keening Golem
    [_] No. 005: Panacea Bottle x3[_] No. 380: Simple Enough[_] - [_] No. 107: Emerald Weapon
    Materials[_] No. 073: Decaying Sword[_] No. 209: My Responsibility
    [_] No. 065: Strange Gear[_] No. 210: It's Gotta Fit Somewhere
    Valuables[_] No. 103: Book of Fortune[_] No. 211 If Anyone Can Do It...
    [_] No. 058: Amarcian Key[_] No. 212 Where's My Ring?
    [_] No. 031: Derris RingsTitles[_] Asbel: Enlightened Swordsman
    [_] No. 030: Derris Bit[_] Sophie: Protos Heis
    Unique Equ.[_] No. 039: Monocle[_] Hubert: Enlightened Gunner
    [_] No. 064: Debonaire Dandy[_] Cheria: Enlightened Healer
    [_] Malik: Enlightened Bladeranger
    [_] Pascal: Enlightened Shotstaff

    Instead of heading into Bathus, go back outside to the save and watch the skit Fodra's Ultimate Weapons. Return and follow the path for a Monocle and then move the upper set of blocks right once and the lower set twice (getting the skit Intruder Defense while you're at it). Continue on the path to reach the 2F.

    Follow the path to the next puzzle and move the blocks to the front to continue on through the bottom door to get an Hourglass. You can now take the top path to reach the 3F lift.

    Head along the path until you reach an intersection and go south to the 4F and a Decaying Sword. Return to the previous split and head east to a room with a Mastery Tonic C. Move the block here to the left twice and then watch the Simple Enough skit. Head through the door and take the lift up.

    In the next room, move the red and yellow block against the northern wall to the right. Then the yellow block against the western wall to the front, allowing you to reach left door. Check the Military Insignia discovery and watch the skit My Responsibility. Now, go back and enter the northern door.

    Grab the useful Book of Fortune and then move the yellow blocks left twice and the green ones right three times. Head through the door and grab the Panacea Bottle x3 and then exit to the south and board another lift.

    Start by grabbing the Strange Gear and then head right. Follow it up a lift and west to reach the Debonaire Dandy and see what's making all the noise. Head back to the blocks now and move them left three times before exiting to the west. Grab the 4400 Gald and then head through the door to move the green blocks left three times. Take the lift up again.

    Clear a path to the two doors by moving the closest set of yellow blocks Back and head through the northern door. Grab the 750 Unit(s) of Eleth and check out the Amarcian Key (Dis) discovery. You also get an Amarcian Key and the It's Gotta Fit Somewhere skit. Now, move the closest set of yellow blocks right and the top set left. Ignore the left door, as it is a shortcut back the way you came, and head back to the south. Head through the room and north through a door to access the save point and the skit If Anyone Can Do It.... Head through the door for a fight.

    Boss: No. 078: Centurioid

    More annoying than difficult, this guy comes with two allies who respawn after a bit. Just keep dishing out damage and you should have no problem.

    After the scene, you get the Derris Rings, Derris Bit and titles for everyone:

    • Asbel: Enlightened Swordsman
    • Sophie: Protos Heis
    • Hubert: Enlightened Gunner
    • Cheria: Enlightened Healer
    • Malik: Enlightened Bladeranger
    • Pascal: Enlightened Shotstaff

    Do NOT take the warp. Head back to the save for the Where's My Ring? skit. Now you can warp out.


    Region 66 / Region 13

    Skits[_] No. 213: A New Kind of TerrorTitles[_] Malik: Inveterate Teacher
    [_] No. 214: Show Me Your Resolve!
    [_] No. 215: Is That All?
    [_] No. 216: Nothing But Talk
    [_] No. 217: The Power of Words

    Head for the Region 13 zoneline and watch the skit A New Kind of Terror at the save. Now head to Region 13.

    Head for Telos Astue, but stop at the save for the Show Me Your Resolve! skit and fight (with Malik this time). There are still three potential outcomes and skits and you don't need to get the first two unless you want to see them:

    • Lose: Is That All?
    • Retry: Nothing But Talk
    • Win: The Power of Words and get Malik's Inveterate Teacher title

    One good combo from Malik can destroy you. His magic is fast and hits hard and if he stuns you, you're screwed. Even worse, if the Eleth Burst goes off you'll be dead from his Mystic Arte. The easiest way to win this battle is to get your own Eleth Burst and go all out. If needed, keep fighting him until you increase the gauge enough to get this. There is no negative for losing and you will eventually get the EB.


    Telos Astus

    Materials[_] No. 023: Epic NeckSkits[_] No. 218: Someone Has a Secret
    Valuables[_] No. 241: Replacement PartEnemies
    [_] No. 059: Memory Core[_] No. 133: Decurioid

    Head to the save point on the 1F for the skit Someone Has a Secret. Head to the shuttle bay, via B1, and view the scene. After the scene, go back to where you met Emeraude and talk to Psi. Back outside, check the area to the right of the main building steps for a star event for a fight and receive the Replacement Part. Turn this in at the Inn for a scene and receive the Epic Neck item.

    On the east side of town is another little girl with a smiley, talk to her and then go to the 2F Records Room for a star event. You receive the Memory Core. If you are ready, head for the shuttle.

    You will not be able to leave the Cocoon once you are inside. This is a point of no return for a while.