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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 01/15/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Table of Contents

    1. Tales of Graces f - FAQ/Walkthrough
    2. Introduction
    3. Gameplay
      1. Controls
      2. Battle
      3. Artes Menu
      4. Titles Menu
      5. Mixer Menu
      6. Library Menu
      7. Requests
      8. Dualizing
    4. Walkthrough
    5. Chapter 1: Childhood
    6. Chapter 2: Adulthood (Part I)
    7. Chapter 3: Adulthood (Part II)
    8. Chapter 4: Adulthood (Part III)
    9. Optional Sidequests
    10. Chapter 5: Adulthood (Part IV)
    11. Chapter 6: Adulthood (Part V)
    12. Chapter 7: Adulthood (Part VI)
    13. Chapter 8: Adulthood (Part VII)
    14. Optional Sidequests
      1. Beach Resort
      2. Swimsuit Gathering
      3. Sandshroud Ruins
      4. Oswell Family Vault
      5. Shuttle Crash Site
      6. Barona / Turtlez HQ
    15. Chapter 8: Continued
    16. Lineage and Legacies
      1. Last Chance for 100%
    17. Zhonecage
      1. 1st Floor
      2. 2nd Floor
      3. 3rd Floor
      4. 4th Floor
      5. 5th Floor
      6. 6th Floor
      7. 7th Floor
      8. 8th Floor
      9. 9th Floor
      10. 10th Floor
    18. New Game +
      1. Grade Shop
    19. Riot Peak Trials
      1. Normal Class
      2. Master Class
      3. Lineage & Legacies
    20. Skits & Sidequests
      1. Skits Checklist
      2. Sidequest Checklist
    21. Requests Checklist
      1. Lhant Requests
      2. Barona Requests
      3. Gralesyde Requests
      4. Oul Raye Requests
      5. Sable Izolle Requests
      6. Yu Liberte Requests
      7. Warrior's Roost Requests
      8. Velanik Requests
      9. Zavhert Requests
      10. Amarcian Enclave Requests
      11. Telso Astue Requests
      12. Katz Korner Requests
    22. Dualizing Equipment/Gems & Polishing
      1. The Basics
      2. Qualities
    23. Shop List
      1. Turtlez Merchants
      2. Lhant
      3. Barona
      4. Gralesyde
      5. Oul Raye
      6. Sable Izolle
      7. Yu Liberte
      8. Velanik
      9. Zavhert
      10. Amarcian Enclave
      11. Telos Astue
      12. Katz Korner
    24. Dualizing Recipes
      1. Combine
      2. Cook
      3. Convert
      4. Merge
    25. Library Checklist
      1. Consumables
      2. Dishes
      3. Materials
      4. Weapons
      5. Armor
      6. Unique Equipment
      7. Gems
      8. Valuables
      9. Discoveries
      10. Enemy Book Checklist
    26. Titles Checklist
      1. Asbel's Titles
      2. Asbel's Titles (In-Depth)
      3. Sophie's Titles
      4. Hubert's Titles
      5. Cheria's Titles
      6. Malik's Titles
      7. Pascal's Titles
      8. Richard's Titles
    27. Artes (In-Depth)
      1. Asbel's A-Artes
      2. Asbel's B-Artes
    28. Contact
    29. Version History and Updates
    30. Copyright & Disclaimer

    Library Checklist (Continued)

    Rice Ball

    • Treasure: Barona
    • Dualize: Rice + Dried Seaweed

    Plum Rice Ball

    • Dualize: Rice Ball + Pickled Plum

    Roe Rice Ball

    • Dualize: Rice Ball + Roe

    Salmon Rice Ball

    • Dualize: Rice Ball + Salmon

    Fried Rice

    • Dualize: Rice + Egg

    Crab Fried Rice

    • Dualize: Fried Rice + Crab


    • Dualize: Rice + Cheese


    • Treasures: Zhonecage - 7th Floor
    • Dualize: Rice + Seafood Set


    • Dualize: Tomato + Seafood Set

    Fisherman's Rice

    • Dualize: Rice + Crab

    Sweet and Sour Eel

    • Reward: Warrior's Roost (Part of Sidequest No. 63 Strange Folk)
    • Dualize: Rice + Eel

    Natto Rice

    • Dualize: Rice + Natto

    Rice Porridge

    • Dualize: Rice + Tea Leaves

    Plum Porridge

    • Dualize: Rice Porridge + Pickled Plum

    Salmon Porridge

    • Dualize: Rice Porridge + Salmon

    Sea Bream Porridge

    • Treasures: Zhonecage - 7th Floor
    • Dualize: Rice Porridge + Sea Bream

    Eel Porridge

    • Dualize: Rice Porridge + Eel

    Grilled Chicken Bowl

    Chicken and Egg Bowl

    • Reward: Zhonecage - 1st Floor
    • Dualize: Grilled Chicken Bowl + Egg

    Pork Cutlet Bowl

    • Dualize: Rice + Pork

    Roe Bowl

    • Dualize: Rice + Roe

    Beef Bowl

    • Dualize: Rice + Beef

    Tuna Bowl

    • Dualize: Rice + Tuna

    Salmon and Roe Bowl

    • Dualize: Roe Bowl + Salmon

    Sushi Roll

    • Dualize: Roe Bowl + Dried Seaweed

    Natto Roll

    • Dualize: Natto Rice + Dried Seaweed


    • Treasures: Zhonecage - 2nd Floor
    • Dualize: Tomato + Egg

    Rice Omelette

    Soba Omelette

    • Dualize: Omelette + Yakisoba Noodles


    • Dualize: Bread + Cheese

    Pasta Carbonara

    • Treasures: Zhonecage - 2nd Floor
    • Dualize: Pasta + Egg

    Meat Sauce Pasta

    • Dualize: Pasta + Minced Meat

    Pasta Vongole

    • Dualize: Pasta + Clam

    Yakisoba Noodles

    • Dualize: Pasta + Pork


    • Dualize: Bread + Cheese

    French Toast

    • Dualize: Bread + Egg

    Grilled Cheese

    • Dualize: Sandwich + Cheese

    Pudding Cake

    • Dualize: Bread + Pudding

    Natto on Toast

    • Dualize: Bread + Natto

    Fried Manju

    • Dualize: Bread + Miso

    Potato Salad

    • Dualize: Potato + Carrot

    Baked Potato

    • Dualize: Potato + Milk


    • Treasures: Zhonecage - 1st Floor
    • Dualize: Chicken + Cheese

    Soup au Gratin

    • Dualize: Onion + Cheese

    Pasta au Gratin

    • Dualize: Gratin + Meat Sauce Pasta


    • Dualize: Potato + Minced Meat

    Beef Croquettes

    • Dualize: Croquettes + Beef

    Crab Croquettes

    • Dualize: Croquettes + Crab


    • Dualize: Beef + Carrot

    Radish Steak

    • Dualize: Steak + Radish

    Marbled Steak

    • Dualize: High-Grade Beef + Carrot

    Marbled Radish Steak

    • Dualize: Marbled Steak + Radish

    Salisbury Steak

    • Dualize: Onion + Minced Meat

    Radish Salisbury Steak

    • Dualize: Salisbury Steak + Radish

    Tofu Salisbury Steak

    • Dualize: Salisbury Steak + Tofu


    • Dualize: Salisbury Steak + Bread


    • Dualize: Hamburger + Cheese

    Double Cheeseburger

    • Dualize: Hamburger + Cheeseburger

    Cabbage Rolls

    • Dualize: Cabbage + Minced Meat

    Scottish Eggs

    • Dualize: Salisbury Steak + Egg

    Fried Chicken

    • Treasures: Zhonecage - 1st Floor
    • Dualize: Cabbage + Chicken

    Twice Cooked Pork

    • Dualize: Cabbage + Pork

    Pork Potato Stew

    • Dualize: Potato + Pork

    Beef Potato Stew

    • Dualize: Potato + Beef

    Beef with Red Wine Sauce

    • Dualize: Beef + Red Wine

    Dry Curry

    • Treasure: Zhonecage - 5th Floor
    • Dualize: Spice Set + Minced Meat


    • Treasure: Zhonecage - 5th Floor
    • Reward: Lhant (Chapter 6)
    • Dualize: Spice Set + Veggie Set

    Pork Curry

    • Treasure: Zhonecage - 5th Floor
    • Reward: Sable Izolle (Part of Sidequest No. 63 Strange Folk)
    • Dualize: Curry + Pork

    Chicken Curry

    • Treasure: Zhonecage - 5th Floor
    • Dualize: Curry + Chicken

    Beef Curry

    • Dualize: Curry + Beef

    Seafood Curry

    • Dualize: Curry + Seafood Set


    • Dualize: Veggie Set + Milk

    Beef Stew

    • Dualize: Stew + Beef

    Seafood Stew

    • Dualize: Stew + Seafood Set

    Pot au Feu

    • Dualize: Veggie Set + Cabbage


    • Dualize: Tomato + Beef

    Fish & Chips

    • Dualize: Potato + Cod

    Salmon Pie

    • Dualize: Pie Sheet + Salmon

    Chili Shrimp

    • Dualize: Tomato + Shrimp

    Curried Cod

    • Dualize: Cod + Spice Set

    Miso-Glazed Cod

    • Dualize: Cod + Miso


    Seafood Salad

    • Dualize: Seafood Set + Lettuce

    Clam Miso Soup

    • Dualize: Clam + Miso

    Radish Miso Soup

    • Dualize: Radish + Miso

    Tofu Miso Soup

    • Dualize: Tofu + Miso

    Beef Tofu

    • Dualize: Beef + Tofu

    Mabo Tofu

    • Dualize: Minced Meat + Tofu

    Mabo Eggplant

    • Dualize: Tofu + Eggplant

    Mabo Curry

    • Reward: Lhant (Part of Sidequest No. 63 Strange Folk)
    • Dualize: Mabo Tofu + Curry

    Dashi Stew

    • Dualize: Radish + Egg

    Miso Stew

    • Dualize: Dashi Stew + Miso


    • Dualize: Pie Sheet + Egg

    Apple Pie

    • Dualize: Pie Sheet + Apple

    Pumpkin Pie

    • Dualize: Pie Sheet + Pumpkin

    Banana Pie

    Meat Pie

    • Dualize: Pie Sheet + Minced Meat

    Peach Pie

    • Dualize: Pie Sheet + Peach

    Chocolate Pie

    • Dualize: Pie Sheet + Chocolate

    Apple Parfait

    • Dualize: White Wine + Apple

    Tomato Parfait

    • Dualize: White Wine + Tomato

    Peach Parfait

    • Dualize: White Wine + Peach

    Grape Parfait

    • Dualize: White Wine + Grape


    • Dualize: Cheese + Egg


    • Treasure: Zhonecage - 8th Floor
    • Dualize: Milk + Egg

    Pumpkin Pudding

    • Dualize: Pudding + Pumpkin


    • Dualize: Chocolate + Milk

    Chocolate-Covered Banana

    • Treasure: Fendel Research Labratory, Zhonecage - 8th Floor
    • Dualize: Chocolate + Banana

    Chocolate Pudding

    • Dualize: Pudding + Chocolate



    • See Combine for the recipe for items.

    Note that I will only put the most obvious places to get items. If they are easily duplicated via the Eleth Mixer, then the first enemy/treasure will be the only thing listed. From there you can use the mixer to create more.

    #NameMixer Prob.Cost
    [_]No. 001Soaring Crystal02.9103
    [_]No. 002Wriggler Crystal03.196
    [_]No. 003Submerged Crystal02.9102
    [_]No. 004Seascale Crystal03.293
    [_]No. 005Overgrown Crystal03.390
    [_]No. 006Fangtear Crystal03.293
    [_]No. 007Formless Crystal02.2139
    [_]No. 008Mighty Crystal01.1280
    [_]No. 009Bloodsucker Crystal02.2139
    [_]No. 010Possessed Crystal03.390
    [_]No. 011Reticent CrystalLow346
    [_]No. 012Glacierfall Crystal01.9154
    [_]No. 013Hyperdense Crystal02.0152
    [_]No. 014High-Grade Crystal01.6190
    [_]No. 015Artificial Crystal01.9154
    [_]No. 016Violent Crystal01.6188
    [_]No. 017Blazing Crystal03.781
    [_]No. 018Moist Crystal04.862
    [_]No. 019Earthshudder Crystal01.6190
    [_]No. 020Bluster Crystal01.2244
    [_]No. 021Lightshimmer Crystal01.1278
    [_]No. 022Darkshine CrystalLow307
    [_]No. 023Epic Neck01.0288
    [_]No. 024Kitty's Paw01.0288
    [_]No. 025Gillshiner01.0288
    [_]No. 026Charbroiler01.0288
    [_]No. 027Forktorquer01.0288
    [_]No. 028Pondslopper01.0288
    [_]No. 029EnasphereLow1159
    [_]No. 030DiosphereLow1159
    [_]No. 031TriasphereLow1159
    [_]No. 032TesserasphereLow1159
    [_]No. 033PentasphereLow1159
    [_]No. 034EksisphereLow1159
    [_]No. 035Core Dust44.227
    [_]No. 036Core Fragment16.772
    [_]No. 037Clear Core06.7180
    [_]No. 038Luminous Core01.4432
    [_]No. 039Fur33.336
    [_]No. 040Fancy Fur10.7112
    [_]No. 041Finest Fur03.7324
    [_]No. 042Fantabulous FurLow882
    [_]No. 043Feather44.227
    [_]No. 044Pretty Feather13.390
    [_]No. 045Elegant Feather04.4270
    [_]No. 046Alluring FeatherLow756
    [_]No. 047Nameless Seed44.227
    [_]No. 048Anonymous Seed16.772
    [_]No. 049Secret Seed06.7180
    [_]No. 050Classified Seed01.4432
    [_]No. 051Mysterious Liquid51.023
    [_]No. 052Hazardous Liquid19.860
    [_]No. 053Dangerous Liquid08.1148
    [_]No. 054Perilous Liquid01.7351
    [_]No. 055Scale99.97
    [_]No. 056Hard Scale19.860
    [_]No. 057Dragon Scale04.8247
    [_]No. 058Mythical ScaleLow819
    [_]No. 059Shattered Bone59.520
    [_]No. 060Strong Bone22.254
    [_]No. 061Amazing Bone08.9135
    [_]No. 062Incredible Bone01.9324
    [_]No. 063Broken Gear38.231
    [_]No. 064Working Gear14.881
    [_]No. 065Strange Gear06.1198
    [_]No. 066Arcane Gear01.3468
    [_]No. 067Decaying Fang66.718
    [_]No. 068Pointy Fang19.860
    [_]No. 069Sharp Fang06.7180
    [_]No. 070Killer Fang01.2495
    [_]No. 071Rusted Nail75.815
    [_]No. 072Busted Blade19.860
    [_]No. 073Decaying Sword06.1198
    [_]No. 074Corrupted Edge01.0585
    [_]No. 075Poison Needle51.023
    [_]No. 076Venomous Needle14.881
    [_]No. 077Killer Needle04.8247
    [_]No. 078Needle of ExtinctionLow702
    [_]No. 079Seashell59.520
    [_]No. 080Whirling Seashell16.772
    [_]No. 081Crystal Seashell05.3225
    [_]No. 082Giant's Shield01.0600
    [_]No. 083Wood Chunk38.231
    [_]No. 084Fine Wood14.881
    [_]No. 085Golden Bough06.1198
    [_]No. 086Godwood01.3468
    [_]No. 087Chipped Claw59.520
    [_]No. 088Sharp Claw16.772
    [_]No. 089Emperor's Claw05.3225
    [_]No. 090Demon's ClawLow648
    [_]No. 091Quarry Stone26.645
    [_]No. 092Upper Quarry Stone10.7112
    [_]No. 093Earthen Pot04.4270
    [_]No. 094MeteoriteLow630
    [_]No. 095Dragon's BloodLow864
    [_]No. 096Darkened OreLow864
    [_]No. 097Purebright ClothLow864
    [_]No. 098Otherworldly Seed01.3120
    [_]No. 099Water of Absolution59.55
    [_]No. 100Morino Flower40.07
    [_]No. 101Deathglow Algae44.26
    [_]No. 102Puffpetal Down32.19
    [_]No. 103Truth Salt36.28
    [_]No. 104Strahtan Cactus29.110
    [_]No. 105Kaigar's Script04.467
    [_]No. 106Gel Seed56.85
    [_]No. 107Common Metal19.015
    [_]No. 108Rare Metal09.730
    [_]No. 109Legendary Metal06.347
    [_]No. 110Torchflame19.815
    [_]No. 111Icicle14.820
    [_]No. 112Lump of Clay22.213
    [_]No. 113Torn Page25.411
    [_]No. 114Strahteme Horn08.933
    [_]No. 115Win Stick99.920
    [_]No. 116Lose Stick99.92
    [_]No. 117Jade FigureLow1650
    [_]No. 118Silver FigureLow1650
    [_]No. 119Seablue FigureLow1650
    [_]No. 120Amber FigureLow1650
    [_]No. 121Abyssal FigureLow1650
    [_]No. 122Scarlet FigureLow1650
    [_]No. 123Golden FigureLow1650
    [_]No. 124Glowfruit07.1282
    [_]No. 125Tanned Leather05.7351
    [_]No. 126Hairpin08.5235
    [_]No. 127Poison Fruit07.6263
    [_]No. 128Pyrogen07.6263
    [_]No. 129Ring13.7146
    [_]No. 130Animal Glue06.8292
    [_]No. 131Music Box08.1246
    [_]No. 132Horn10.1198
    [_]No. 133Fly Lure08.9223
    [_]No. 134Poison Brew08.2245
    [_]No. 135Shell Chalk05.9340
    [_]No. 136Fishing Rod07.4268
    [_]No. 137Earring13.7146
    [_]No. 138Stone Clock05.0398
    [_]No. 139Lantern02.1961
    [_]No. 140Vellum02.1961
    [_]No. 141Quill Pen02.5785
    [_]No. 142Deathwing Wine02.5797
    [_]No. 143Fine File03.2632
    [_]No. 144Collar Frills02.9691
    [_]No. 145Gelatin02.3867
    [_]No. 146Gear Puzzle02.5797
    [_]No. 147Bracelet02.9691
    [_]No. 148Kitchen Knife02.7738
    [_]No. 149Caustic02.7738
    [_]No. 150Bone Key03.0656
    [_]No. 151Spirit Mask02.2891
    [_]No. 152Necklace02.9691
    [_]No. 153Expensive Desk02.01000
    [_]No. 154Imperial Egg01.01096
    [_]No. 155Fireproof ClothLow1197
    [_]No. 156Wings of IcarusLow1143
    [_]No. 157The Theory of EvolutionLow1162
    [_]No. 158Soft StoneLow1118
    [_]No. 159Black RingLow1157
    [_]No. 160Hand of Glory01.11087
    [_]No. 161Deicide BladeLow1106
    [_]No. 162White Ring01.21064
    [_]No. 163Damascus Steel01.11080
    [_]No. 164CantarellaLow1122
    [_]No. 165All-Seeing EyeLow1111
    [_]No. 166Demonsbane ArrowLow1143
    [_]No. 167Decisive DiceLow1111
    [_]No. 168Arc of the CovenantLow1157
    [_]No. 169Ashen RingLow2218
    [_]No. 170Stream Rod01.61026
    [_]No. 171Carbon Rod01.21067
    [_]No. 172Neptune's RodLow1567
    [_]No. 173Balloon ClothLow1150
    [_]No. 174Stuffed DollLow1701
    [_]No. 175Annals of the AlmeseraLow1286
    [_]No. 176Imperial CrestLow1579
    [_]No. 177Toxic FluidLow1609
    [_]No. 178Stinky BagLow1219
    [_]No. 179Rainbow LensLow1757
    [_]No. 180Magical MirrorLow1753
    [_]No. 181Bizarre ClumpLow1609
    [_]No. 182Knightwater02.7738
    [_]No. 183Frying PanLow1863
    [_]No. 184Suspicious Powder01.01097
    [_]No. 185Heavenly OreLow1562
    [_]No. 186Feather BadgeLow1898
    [_]No. 187Masklike ObjectLow1383
    [_]No. 188Expensive CrownLow2995
    [_]No. 189EverlightLow1200
    [_]No. 190Tomato56.810
    [_]No. 191Lettuce83.37
    [_]No. 192Onion69.48
    [_]No. 193Potato58.110
    [_]No. 194Carrot89.36
    [_]No. 195Cabbage96.26
    [_]No. 196Pumpkin29.120
    [_]No. 197Radish64.19
    [_]No. 198Eggplant52.111
    [_]No. 199Melon07.085
    [_]No. 200Apple47.212
    [_]No. 201Peach19.830
    [_]No. 202Grape30.119
    [_]No. 203Banana34.717
    [_]No. 204Chicken46.312
    [_]No. 205Pork36.816
    [_]No. 206Beef27.821
    [_]No. 207High-Grade Beef11.651
    [_]No. 208Minced Meat31.618
    [_]No. 209Tuna06.790
    [_]No. 210Clam99.95
    [_]No. 211Roe26.023
    [_]No. 212Shrimp41.714
    [_]No. 213Salmon37.915
    [_]No. 214Crab22.726
    [_]No. 215Cod32.518
    [_]No. 216Eel17.434
    [_]No. 217Sea Bream11.452
    [_]No. 218Rice99.96
    [_]No. 219Bread99.95
    [_]No. 220Pasta99.95
    [_]No. 221Pie Sheet41.014
    [_]No. 222Veggie Set08.868
    [_]No. 223Seafood Set04.9122
    [_]No. 224Spice Set07.975
    [_]No. 225Egg99.94
    [_]No. 226Milk59.510
    [_]No. 227Cheese23.125
    [_]No. 228Pickled Plum48.112
    [_]No. 229Dried Seaweed99.95
    [_]No. 230Tofu08.670
    [_]No. 231Natto03.1192
    [_]No. 232Miso01.3456
    [_]No. 233Chocolate28.421
    [_]No. 234Tea Leaves02.5237
    [_]No. 235Red Wine02.4245
    [_]No. 236White Wine
    [_]No. 237Attack Shard
    [_]No. 238Defense Shard
    [_]No. 239Mind Shard
    [_]No. 240Resist Shard
    [_]No. 241Aim Shard
    [_]No. 242Evade Shard
    [_]No. 243Vitality Shard
    [_]No. 244Speed Shard
    [_]No. 245Gain Shard
    [_]No. 246Absorb Shard
    [_]No. 247Blessing Shard
    [_]No. 248Tension Shard
    [_]No. 249Holy Shard
    [_]No. 250Rescue Shard
    [_]No. 251Poison Shard
    [_]No. 252Paralyze Shard
    [_]No. 253Freeze Shard
    [_]No. 254Burn Shard
    [_]No. 255Petrify Shard
    [_]No. 256Slow Shard
    [_]No. 257Revenge Shard
    [_]No. 258Refresh Shard
    [_]No. 259Refill Shard
    [_]No. 260Rise Shard
    [_]No. 261Exceed Shard
    [_]No. 262Reinforce Shard

    Common items that can be created through the Mixer easily I will not list what enemy they drop from.

    Soaring Crystal

    • Treasures: Strahta Craglands, Zhonecage - 3rd Floor
    • Dualize: Pretty Feather + Torn Page

    Wriggler Crystal

    • Treasures: Barona Castle, Zhonecage - 3rd Floor
    • Dualize: Venomous Needle + Torn Page

    Submerged Crystal

    • Treasures: Zhonecage - 3rd Floor
    • Dualize: Whirling Seashell + Common Metal

    Seascale Crystal

    • Treasures: Fendel Borderlands, Zhonecage - 3rd Floor
    • Dualize: Hard Scale + Common Metal

    Overgrown Crystal

    • Treasures: Old Gralesyde Highroad, Zhonecage - 3rd Floor
    • Dualize: Anonymous Seed + Torn Page

    Fangtear Crystal

    • Treasures: Inside the Rockgagong, Zhonecage - 3rd Floor
    • Dualize: Pointy Fang + Common Metal

    Formless Crystal

    • Treasures: Mt. Zavhert, Zhonecage - 3rd Floor
    • Dualize: Hazardous Liquid + Rare Metal

    Mighty Crystal

    • Treasures: Zhonecage - 3rd Floor
    • Dualize: Dragon Scale + Rare Metal

    Bloodsucker Crystal

    • Treasures: Zhonecage - 3rd Floor
    • Dualize: Busted Blade + Rare Metal

    Possessed Crystal

    • Treasures: Strahta Desert Ruins, Zhonecage - 3rd Floor
    • Dualize: Core Fragment + Torn Page

    Reticent Crystal

    • Treasures: Zhonecage - 3rd Floor
    • Dualize: Earthen Pot + Legendary Metal

    Glacierfall Crystal

    • Treasures: Zhonecage - 3rd Floor
    • Dualize: Rare Metal + Icicle

    Hyperdense Crystal

    • Treasures: Wallbridge Ruins, Zhonecage - 3rd Floor
    • Dualize: Dangerous Liquid + Lump of Clay

    High-Grade Crystal

    • Treasures: Zhonecage - 3rd Floor
    • Dualize: Decaying Sword + Lump of Clay

    Artificial Crystal

    • Treasures: Glacier Road, Zhonecage - 3rd Floor
    • Dualize: Working Gear + Rare Metal

    Violent Crystal

    • Treasures: Zhonecage - 3rd Floor
    • Dualize: Legendary Metal + Torchflame

    Blazing Crystal

    • Treasures: Strahta Desert (East), Zhonecage - 3rd Floor
    • Dualize: Torchflame + Torn Page

    Moist Crystal

    • Treasures: Gralesyde Highroad, Zhonecage - 3rd Floor
    • Dualize: Water of Absolution + Common Metal

    Earthshudder Crystal

    • Treasures: Zhonecage - 3rd Floor
    • Dualize: Golden Bough + Lump of Clay

    Bluster Crystal

    • Treasures: Strahta Desert (West), Zhonecage - 3rd Floor
    • Dualize: Elegant Feather + Lump of Clay

    Lightshimmer Crystal

    • Treasures: Zhonecage - 3rd Floor
    • Dualize: Clear Core + Legendary Metal

    Darkshine Crystal

    • Treasures: Wallbridge, Zhonecage - 3rd Floor
    • Dualize: Possessed Crystal + Torn Page

    Epic Neck










    Core Dust

    • Treasure: Barona Catacombs

    Core Fragment

    • Treasure: Strahta Desert (West)

    Clear Core

    Luminous Core


    • Treasure: North Lhant Road

    Fancy Fur

    • Treasure: Fendel Borderlands

    Finest Fur


    • Treasure: Barona, East Lhant Highroad, South Barona Highroad

    Pretty Feather

    • Treasure: Mt. Zavhert

    Elegant Feather

    Alluring Feather

    Nameless Seed

    • Treasure: Lhant Hill

    Anonymous Seed

    • Treasure: Fendel Borderlands

    Secret Seed

    • Treasure: Region 13

    Classified Seed

    Mysterious Liquid

    • Treasure: Barona Catacombs

    Hazardous Liquid

    • Treasure: Fendel Tower

    Dangerous Liquid

    • Treasure: Snowshroud Ruins, Gustworks Ruins

    Perilous Liquid


    • Treasure: West Lhant Road

    Mythical Scale

    Shattered Bone

    • Treasure: North Lhant Road

    Strong Bone

    • Treasure: Fendel Glacier Ruins

    Amazing Bone

    Incredible Bone

    Broken Gear

    Working Gear

    • Treasure: Fendel Research Labratory

    Strange Gear

    Decaying Fang

    • Treasure: East Lhant Highroad

    Pointy Fang

    • Treasure: Untrodden Snowfield

    Killer Fang

    Rusted Nail

    • Treasure: South Barona Highroad

    Busted Blade

    • Treasure: Fendel Research Labratory

    Decaying Sword

    • Treasure: Bathus Citadel

    Poison Needle

    • Treasure: Lhant Hill

    Venomous Needle

    • Treasure: Fendel Tower

    Needle of Extinction


    • Treasure: West Lhant Road

    Whirling Seashell

    • Treasure: Fendel Glacier Ruins

    Crystal Seashell

    Wood Chunk

    • Treasure: Orlen Woods

    Fine Wood

    • Treasure: Mt. Zavhert

    Golden Bough

    • Treasure: Humanoid Research Center

    Chipped Claw

    • Treasure: Orlen Woods

    Sharp Claw

    • Treasure: Untrodden Snowfield

    Emperor's Claw

    Demon's Claw

    • Treasure: Arcadia Garden
    • Drop: Egregoroi - 6%

    Upper Quarry Stone

    Earthen Pot


    Dragon's Blood

    • Treasures: Zhonecage - 6th Floor
    • Reward: Velanik (Stamp 10)

    Darkened Ore

    • Treasure: Zhonecage - 10th Floor
    • Reward: Telos Astue (Stamp 10)

    Purebright Cloth

    • Treasures: Zhonecage - 4th Floor
    • Reward: Katz Korner (Stamp 10)

    Otherworldly Seed

    • Treasure: Arcadia Garden x5
    • Steal: Egregoroi - 3%

    Water of Absolution

    • Treasure: Barona Catacombs

    Morino Flower

    • Treasure: Orlen Woods

    Deathglow Algae

    • Treasure: Seaside Cavern

    Puffpetal Down

    • Treasure: South Barona Highroad

    Truth Salt

    • Treasure: Oul Raye

    Strahtan Cactus

    • Treasure: Strahta Craglands

    Kaigar's Script

    • Treasure: Velanik

    Gel Seed

    • Treasure: West Lhant Road

    Common Metal

    • Treasure: Fendel Tower

    Rare Metal

    • Treasure: Snowshroud Ruins

    Legendary Metal

    • Treasure: World's Eye


    • Treasure: Strahta Desert Ruins


    • Treasure: Fendel Glacier Ruins

    Lump of Clay

    • Treasure: Region 66

    Torn Page

    • Treasure: Sable Izolle

    Win Stick

    Lose Stick

    Jade Figure

    • Dualize: Corrupted Edge + Everlight

    Silver Figure

    • Dualize: Mythical Scale + Giant's Shield

    Seablue Figure

    • Dualize: Killer Fang + Godwood

    Amber Figure

    • Dualize: Alluring Feather + Needle of Extinction

    Abyssal Figure

    • Dualize: Arcane Gear + Meteorite

    Scarlet Figure

    • Dualize: Fantabulous Fur + Classified Seed

    Golden Figure

    • Treasures: Fodra's Core
    • Dualize: Incredible Bone + Demon's Claw


    • Dualize: Core Dust + Nameless Seed

    Tanned Leather

    • Dualize: Fur + Wood Chunk


    • Dualize: Feather + Decaying Fang

    Poison Fruit

    • Dualize: Nameless Seed + Posion Needle''


    • Dualize: Mysterious Liquid + Core Dust


    • Dualize: Scale + Seashell

    Animal Glue

    • Dualize: Shattered Bone + Fur

    Music Box

    • Dualize: Broken Gear + Rusted Nail


    • Dualize: Decaying Fang + Shattered Bone

    Fly Lure

    • Dualize: Rusted Nail + Feather

    Poison Brew

    • Dualize: Poison Needle + Mysterious Liquid

    Shell Chalk

    • Dualize: Seashell + Quarry Stone

    Fishing Rod

    • Dualize: Wood Chunk + Chipped Claw


    • Dualize: Chipped Claw + Scale

    Stone Clock

    • Dualize: Quarry Stone + Broken Gear


    • Dualize: Core Fragment + Upper Quarry Stone


    • Dualize: Fancy Fur + Anonymous Seed

    Quill Pen

    • Dualize: Pretty Feather + Pointy Fang

    Deathwing Wine

    • Dualize: Anonymous Seed + Venomous Needle

    Fine File

    • Dualize: Hazardous Liquid + Busted Blade

    Collar Frills


    • Dualize: Strong Bone + Fancy Fur

    Gear Puzzle


    • Dualize: Pointy Fang + Sharp Claw

    Kitchen Knife

    • Dualize: Busted Blade + Working Gear


    • Dualize: Venomous Needle + Hazardous Liquid

    Bone Key

    • Dualize: Whirling Seashell + Strong Bone

    Spirit Mask

    • Dualize: Fine Wood + Pretty Feather


    • Dualize: Sharp Claw + Hard Scale

    Expensive Desk

    • Reward: Riot Peak Trials - Normal Class Floors 21-25 (secondary), Riot Peak Trials - Master Class Floors 21-25 (secondary)
    • Dualize: Upper Quarry Stone + Fine Wood

    Imperial Egg

    • Dualize: Clear Core + Strange Gear

    Fireproof Cloth

    • Dualize: Finest Fur + Dragon Scale

    Wings of Icarus

    • Dualize: Elegant Feather + Finest Fur

    The Theory of Evolution

    • Dualize: Secret Seed + Golden Bough

    Soft Stone

    • Dualize: Dangerous Liquid + Earthen Pot

    Black Ring

    • Dualize: Dragon Scale + Killer Needle

    Hand of Glory

    • Dualize: Amazing Bone + Emperor's Claw

    Deicide Blade

    • Dualize: Strange Gear + Decaying Sword

    White Ring

    • Dualize: Sharp Fang + Amazing Bone

    Damascus Steel

    • Dualize: Decaying Sword + Dangerous Liquid


    • Dualize: Killer Needle + Secret Seed

    All-Seeing Eye

    • Dualize: Crystal Seashell + Clear Core

    Demonsbane Arrow

    • Dualize: Golden Bough + Elegant Feather

    Decisive Dice

    • Dualize: Emperor's Claw + Sharp Fang

    Arc of the Covenant

    • Dualize: Earthen Pot + Crystal Seashell

    Ashen Ring

    • Dualize: Black Ring + White Ring

    Stream Rod

    • Dualize: Fine Wood + Fishing Rod

    Carbon Rod

    Neptune's Rod

    • Rewards: Riot Peak Trials - Lineage & Legacies Floors 11-15
    • Dualize: Golden Bough + Damascus Steel

    Balloon Cloth

    • Dualize: Puffpetal Down + Caustic

    Stuffed Doll

    • Rewards: Riot Peak Trials - Lineage & Legacies Floors 16-20
    • Dualize: Puffpetal Down + Balloon Cloth

    Annals of the Almesera

    • Dualize: Kaigar's Script + Quill Pen

    Imperial Crest

    • Treasures: Oswell Family Vault
    • Dualize: Rare Metal + Imperial Egg

    Toxic Fluid

    • Treasures: Oswell Family Vault
    • Dualize: Deathglow Algea + Cantarella

    Stinky Bag

    • Dualize: Glowfruit + Caustic

    Rainbow Lens

    • Dualize: Fine File + All-Seeing Eye

    Magical Mirror

    • Rewards: Riot Peak Trials - Lineage & Legacies Floors 21-25
    • Dualize: Common Metal + The Theory of Evolution

    Bizarre Clump

    • Treasures: Oswell Family Vault
    • Dualize: Lump of Clay + Soft Stone


    • Dualize: Torchflame + Icicile

    Frying Pan

    • Rewards: Riot Peak Trials - Normal Class Floor 31 (secondary)
    • Dualize: Common Metal + Fireproof Cloth

    Suspicious Powder

    • Treasures: Fendel Mountain Pass x2, Gustworks Ruins x5
    • Dualize: Animal Glue + Shell Chalk

    Heavenly Ore

    • Dualize: Legendary Metal + Damascus Steel

    Feather Badge

    • Rewards: Sidequest No. 057 Hide-and-Seek
    • Dualize: Collar Frills + Balloon Cloth

    Masklike Object

    • Dualize: Bone Key + Spirit Mask

    Expensive Crown

    • Rewards: Riot Peak Trials - Lineage & Legacies Floors 26-30
    • Dualize: Torn Page + Heavenly Ore


    • Dualize: Luminous Core + Perilous Liquid


    • Treasure: Barona
    • Shops: Barona (Stamp 3)


    • Treasures: Port to Barona x2
    • Shops: Lhant (Stamp 4)


    • Treasures: Oul Raye x3, Yu Liberte x3
    • Shops: Oul Raye (Stamp 2)


    • Treasures: Gralesyde Highroad


    • Treasures: Old Gralesyde Highroad


    • Treasures: Fendel Highlands


    • Treasures: Mt. Zavhert


    • Treasures: Mt. Zavhert


    • Shops: Turtlez Merchants (Stamp 3)



    • Treasures: Lhant


    • Treasures: Fendel Borderlands, Oswell Family Vault x3


    • Treasure: Sparkling points in Fendel Borderlands


    • Treasures: Strahta Desert (East), Zhonecage 8th Floor



    • Treasures: Lhant x2 (childhood), North Barona Road x2, Lhant x2


    • Treasures: North Barona Road x2 (childhood), Oswell Family Vault x2

    High-Grade Beef

    • Shops: Turtlez Merchants (Stamp 4)

    Minced Meat

    • Treasures: Region 13 x2
    • Rewards: Trade a Beef and Pork to the old woman in western Gralesyde
    • Shops Turtlez Merchants (Stamp 1)


    • Shops: Oul Raye (Stamp 5)


    • Shops: Gralesyde (Stamp 2)


    • Shops: Gralesyde (Stamp 8)


    • Shops: Gralesyde (Stamp 3)


    • Shops: Zavhert (Stamp 1)


    • Treasures: Gralesyde, South Velanik Port x2, Zavhert x2, Zhonecage - 9th Floor
    • Shops: Zavhert (Stamp 3)


    • Shops: Zavhert (Stamp 2)


    • Shops: Zavhert (Stamp 4)

    Sea Bream

    • Shops: Zavhert (Stamp 5), Zhonecage - 7th Floor


    • Treasures: Multiple places throughout the game
    • Shops: Lhant (Stamp 1)


    • Treasures: Port to Barona x2 (childhood), East Lhant Highroad x3
    • Shops: Barona (Stamp 1)


    • Treasures: Multiple places throughout the game
    • Shops: Gralesyde (Stamp 1)

    Pie Sheet

    • Treasures: Multiple places throughout the game
    • Shops: Barona (Stamp 4)

    Veggie Set

    • Treasures: Strahta Desert (East) x2, Velanik, Untrodden Snowfield x3
    • Rewards: Trade an Onion, Carrot and ??? to man near the Inn in Sable Izolle
    • Shops: Turtlez Merchants (Stamp 5)

    Seafood Set

    • Rewards: Trade in 5 fish type materials to the kid in Velanik
    • Shops: Turtlez Merchants (Stamp 8)

    Spice Set

    • Treasures: Sable Izolle x3, Strahta Desert (East) x2
    • Shops: Turtlez Merchants (Stamp 7)


    • Treasures: Barona x2 (childhood), Barona x2, West Lhant Port x2, Zhonecage - 2nd Floor
    • Shops: Sable Izolle (Stamp 2)


    • Treasures: East Lhant Highroad


    • Treasures: Strahta Desert (East) x3, Yu Liberte x6
    • Shops: Sable Izolle (Stamp 1)

    Pickled Plum

    • Treasures: Lhant (childhood), Lhant Hill Cliffs x3 (childhood), Lhant x3
    • Shops: Lhant (Stamp 2)

    Dried Seaweed

    • Treasures: Port to Barona (childhood), Barona x3 (childhood), Barona x3
    • Shops: Lhant, Oul Raye (Stamp 1)


    • Treasures: Region 13 x2, Telos Astue (possible outcome of Giant Tub discovery)
    • Shops: Telos Astue (Stamp 1)


    • Treasures: Telos Astue (possible outcome of Giant Tub discovery), Region 66
    • Shops: Telos Astue (Stamp 5)


    • Treasures: Telos Astue (possible outcome of Giant Tub discovery)
    • Shops: Telos Astue (Stamp 7)


    • Treasures: Amarcian Enclave

    Tea Leaves

    • Treasures: North Barona Road

    Red Wine

    • Treasures: Warrior's Roost
    • Shops: Yu Liberte (Stamp 5)

    White Wine

    • Treasures: North Yu Liberte Port, Oswell Family Vault x3
    • Shops: Yu Liberte (Stamp 6)

    The following are all dropped randomly by enemies.


    Because weapons are not connected to the Eleth Mixer in any way, there is no information other than the checklist here.

    • See Convert for the recipe for items.

    Note that almost all weapons are dropped on the Zhonecage floor related to each character.

    [_]No. 001Aston's Sword
    [_]No. 002Baronan Sword
    [_]No. 003Long Sword
    [_]No. 004Iron Sword
    [_]No. 005Steel Sword
    [_]No. 006Rune Sword
    [_]No. 007Battle Sword
    [_]No. 008Platinum Sword
    [_]No. 009Mythril Sword
    [_]No. 010Rare Sword
    [_]No. 011Katana
    [_]No. 012Flamberge
    [_]No. 013Zephyrus
    [_]No. 014Ice Coffin
    [_]No. 015Balmung
    [_]No. 016Durandal
    [_]No. 017Isleberg
    [_]No. 018Excalibur
    [_]No. 019Laevatein
    [_]No. 020Disintegrator
    [_]No. 021Valkyraffe
    [_]No. 022Devil's Crescent
    [_]No. 023Radiant Howl
    [_]No. 024Phact Phantasia
    [_]No. 025Gauntlets
    [_]No. 026Iron Gauntlets
    [_]No. 027Steel Gauntlets
    [_]No. 028Rune Gauntlets
    [_]No. 029Battle Gauntlets
    [_]No. 030Platinum Gauntlets
    [_]No. 031Mythril Gauntlets
    [_]No. 032Rare Gauntlets
    [_]No. 033Defenders
    [_]No. 034Garm's Fangs
    [_]No. 035Lizard Rippers
    [_]No. 036Crystal Cutters
    [_]No. 037Titan's Knuckles
    [_]No. 038Shining Talons
    [_]No. 039Omniweapon Fists
    [_]No. 040Therapeutic Slicers
    [_]No. 041Diabolic Slicers
    [_]No. 042Bryce's Claws
    [_]No. 043Kittlets
    [_]No. 044Danzo's Gauntlets
    [_]No. 045Seraphic Hearts
    [_]No. 046Destiny Breakers
    [_]No. 047Lefty & Righty
    [_]No. 048Baronan Blades
    [_]No. 049Rune Dualblade
    [_]No. 050Platinum Dualblade
    [_]No. 051Mythril Dualblade
    [_]No. 052Rare Dualblade
    [_]No. 053Beastfang Blade
    [_]No. 054Twin Lancer
    [_]No. 055Aqua Limit
    [_]No. 056Voltekka
    [_]No. 057Rosary's Wrath
    [_]No. 058Bahamut's Tear
    [_]No. 059Seven Star Dualblade
    [_]No. 060Pike Pike
    [_]No. 061Felling Wind
    [_]No. 062Brave Vesperia
    [_]No. 063Deathly Abyss
    [_]No. 064Throwing Knives
    [_]No. 065Steel Knives
    [_]No. 066Rune Knives
    [_]No. 067Battle Knives
    [_]No. 068Platinum Knives
    [_]No. 069Mythril Knives
    [_]No. 070Rare Knives
    [_]No. 071Fruit Knives
    [_]No. 072Bluesky Blades
    [_]No. 073Assassin's Daggers
    [_]No. 074Survival Knives
    [_]No. 075Impulse Blades
    [_]No. 076Prism Rainers
    [_]No. 077Keris Blades
    [_]No. 078Dragonbone Darts
    [_]No. 079Solbrights
    [_]No. 080OSOS-
    [_]No. 081Slivers of Dusk
    [_]No. 082Scars of Eternia
    [_]No. 083Innocent Shiners
    [_]No. 084Steel Bladerang
    [_]No. 085Rune Bladerang
    [_]No. 086Battle Bladerang
    [_]No. 087Platinum Bladerang
    [_]No. 088Mythril Bladerang
    [_]No. 089Rare Bladerang
    [_]No. 090Iron Bladerang
    [_]No. 091Feral Hunter
    [_]No. 092The Scrapper
    [_]No. 093The Illusionist
    [_]No. 094Third Supernova
    [_]No. 095The Undertaker
    [_]No. 096Dragon's Tooth
    [_]No. 097Elite Demonblade
    [_]No. 098The Peepinator
    [_]No. 099Eastern Wind
    [_]No. 100Tempest Bringer
    [_]No. 101Sword of Legendia
    [_]No. 102Steel Shotstaff
    [_]No. 103Rune Shotstaff
    [_]No. 104Battle Shotstaff
    [_]No. 105Platinum Shotstaff
    [_]No. 106Mythril Shotstaff
    [_]No. 107Rare Shotstaff
    [_]No. 108Frenzy Rod
    [_]No. 109Earthgale Staff
    [_]No. 110Splashwater Staff
    [_]No. 111Giant Hammer
    [_]No. 112Dreamer's Flange
    [_]No. 113Uroboros
    [_]No. 114Genius's Staff
    [_]No. 115Staff of Expiration
    [_]No. 116Looper Wooper
    [_]No. 117Ancient Khakkhara
    [_]No. 118Fandom's Light
    [_]No. 119Mythology Bearer
    [_]No. 120Short Rapier
    [_]No. 121Royal Rapier
    [_]No. 122Steel Saber
    [_]No. 123Fame and Faith
    [_]No. 124Kaiser Rapier
    [_]No. 125Symphonian Scepter
    [_]No. 126Rebirth Crusader


    Aston's Sword

    • Initial Equipment (childhood)
    • Shops: Turtlez HQ

    Baronan Sword

    • Shops: Lhant, Barona

    Long Sword

    • Initial Equipment (adulthood)
    • Shops: Turtlez Merchants (Stamp 10), Barona (Chapter 2+)

    Iron Sword

    Steel Sword

    • Shops: Turtlez Merchants (Chapter 3 only), Gralesyde

    Rune Sword

    • Shops: Oul Raye

    Battle Sword

    Platinum Sword

    • Shops: Zavhert

    Mythril Sword

    Shops: Telos Astue

    Rare Sword

    • Shops: Turtlez Merchants (Stamp 6), Telos Astue (Lineage & Legacies)


    • Dualize: Iron Sword + Moist Crystal


    • Dualize: Steel Sword + Blazing Crystal


    • Dualize: Rune Sword + Soaring Crystal

    Ice Coffin

    • Dualize: Battle Sword + Glacierfall Crystal


    • Dualize: Platinum Sword + Mighty Crystal


    • Dualize: Mythril Sword + High-Grade Crystal


    • Dualize: Rare Sword + Reticent Crystal
    • Drops: Cedric 2.0 - 5%




    • Dualize: Long Sword + Enasphere


    • Dualize: Mythril Sword + Epic Neck

    Radiant Howl

    Phact Phantasia

    • Treasure: Lastalia Shaft: Depths (Lineage & Legacies)
    • Drops: Conflagrite Hulk - 3%


    • Initial Equipment (childhood)

    Shops: Telos Astue

    Iron Gauntlets

    Steel Gauntlets

    • Shops: Turtlez Merchants (Chapter 3 only), Gralesyde

    Rune Gauntlets

    Battle Gauntlets

    Platinum Gauntlets

    Shops: Amarcian Enclave

    Mythril Gauntlets

    Shops: Telos Astue

    Rare Gauntlets

    Shops: Amarcian Enclave (Stamp 6), Telos Astue (Lineage & Legacies)


    • Dualize: Steel Gauntlets + Hyperdense Crystal

    Garm's Fangs

    • Dualize: Rune Gauntlets + Wriggler Crystal

    Lizard Rippers

    • Dualize: Battle Gauntlets + Seascale Crystal

    Crystal Cutters

    • Dualize: Platinum Gauntlets + Lightshimmer Crystal

    Titan's Knuckles

    • Dualize: Mythril Gauntlets + Earthshudder Crystal

    Shining Talons

    • Dualize: Rare Gauntlets + Violent Crystal

    Therapeutic Slicers

    Diabolic Slicers

    • Dualize: Iron Gauntlets + Diosphere

    Bryce's Claws


    • Dualize: Battle Gauntlets + Kitty's Paw

    Danzo's Gauntlets

    • Reward: Telos Astue Requests

    Seraphic Hearts

    • Treasure: Strahta Desert Ruins (Lineage & Legacies)
    • Drops: Quackit - 1%

    Destiny Breakers

    • Treasure: Lastalia Shaft (Lineage & Legacies)
    • Drops: Enervite Hulk - 3%

    Lefty & Righty

    • Intitial Equipment

    Baronan Blades

    • Shops: Lhant, Barona

    Rune Dualblade

    • Initial Equipment (adulthood)
    • Shops: Yu Liberte

    Platinum Dualblade

    Shops: Amarcian Enclave

    Mythril Dualblade

    Shops: Telos Astue

    Rare Dualblade

    Shops: Telos Astue (Lineage & Legacies), Yu Liberte (Stamp 7)

    Beastfang Blade

    • Dualize: Rune Dualblade + Possessed Crystal

    Twin Lancer

    • Dualize: Platinum Dualblade + Formless Crystal

    Aqua Limit

    • Dualize: Mythril Dualblade + Submerged Crystal


    • Dualize: Rare Dualblade + Bluster Crystal
    • Drops: Amber - 5%

    Seven Star Dualblade

    • Dualize: Steel Bladerang + Triasphere

    Pike Pike

    • Dualize: Platinum Dualblade + Gillshiner

    Brave Vesperia

    • Treasure: Strahta Desert Ruins (Lineage & Legacies)
    • Drops: Blitzer Bear - 1%

    Deathly Abyss

    Throwing Knives

    • Initial Equipment (adulthood)
    • Shops: Lhant (Chapter 2+), Lhant (Stamp 10), Barona (Chapter 2+)

    Steel Knives

    Rune Knives

    Battle Knives

    • Shops: Lhant (Stamp 5), Velanik, Amarcian Enclave
    • Reward: Sidequest No. 63 Strange Folk in Velanik

    Platinum Knives

    • Shops: Zavhert

    Mythril Knives

    Shops: Telos Astue

    • Reward: Telos Astue Requests

    Rare Knives

    • Shops: Lhant (Stamp 8), Telos Astue (Lineage & Legacies)

    Fruit Knives

    • Dualize: Steel Knives + Overgrown Crystal

    Bluesky Blades

    • Dualize: Rune Knives + Bluster Crystal

    Assassin's Daggers

    • Dualize: Battle Knives + Wriggler Crystal

    Survival Knives

    • Dualize: Platinum Knives + Hyperdense Crystal

    Impulse Blades

    • Dualize: Mythril Knives + Earthshudder Crystal

    Prism Rainers

    • Dualize: Rare Knives + Lightshimmer Crystal
    • Drops: Dark Turtlez - 5%

    Keris Blades

    Dragonbone Darts


    • Dualize: Throwing Knives + Tesseraphere


    • Dualize: Battle Knives + Charbroiler

    Scars of Eternia

    • Treasure: Fendel Glacier Ruins (Lineage & Legacies)
    • Drops: Auxiloid - 1%

    Innocent Shiners

    • Treasure: Lastalia Shaft (Lineage & Legacies)
    • Drops: Oblivite Hulk - 3%

    Steel Bladerang

    • Initial Equipment (adulthood)
    • Shops: Turtlez Merchants (Chapter 3 only), Gralesyde

    Battle Bladerang

    • Shops: Sable Izolle (Stamp 4), Velanik, Amarcian Enclave

    Platinum Bladerang

    Mythril Bladerang

    Shops: Telos Astue

    Rare Bladerang

    • Shops: Zavhert (Stamp 6), Telos Astue (Lineage & Legacies)

    Iron Bladerang

    • Dualize: Rune Bladerang + Soaring Crystal

    Feral Hunter

    • Dualize: Battle Bladerang + Fangtear Crystal

    The Scrapper

    • Dualize: Platinum Bladerang + Artificial Crystal

    The Illusionist

    • Dualize: Mythril Bladerang + Possessed Crystal

    Third Supernova

    • Dualize: Rare Bladerang + Blazing Crystal
    • Drops: GentleEel - 5%

    Dragon's Tooth

    Elite Demonblade

    • Dualize: Steel Bladerang + Pentasphere

    The Peepinator

    • Dualize: Platinum Bladerang + Forktorquer

    Tempest Bringer

    • Treasure: Fendel Glacier Ruins (Lineage & Legacies)
    • Drops: Hoploid - 1%

    Sword of Legendia

    • Treasure: Lastalia Shaft (Lineage & Legacies)
    • Drops: Glacite Hulk - 3%

    Steel Shotstaff

    • Initial Equipment (adulthood)
    • Shops: Turtlez Merchants (Chapter 3 only), Gralesyde, Gralesyde (Stamp 10)

    Rune Shotstaff

    • Shops: Sable Izolle
    • Reward: Sidequest No. 62 Shot Cube - Levels 1-3 Complete

    Battle Shotstaff

    Platinum Shotstaff

    Shops: Amarcian Enclave

    • Reward: Sidequest No. 62 Shot Cube - Levels 7-9 Complete

    Mythril Shotstaff

    Shops: Telos Astue

    • Reward: Sidequest No. 62 Shot Cube - Levels 10-11 Complete

    Rare Shotstaff

    • Shops: Gralesyde (Stamp 7), Telos Astue (Lineage & Legacies)
    • Reward: Sidequest No. 62 Shot Cube - Levels 12 Complete

    Frenzy Rod

    • Dualize: Rune Shotstaff + Darkshine Crystal

    Earthgale Staff

    • Dualize: Battle Shotstaff + Hyperdense Crystal

    Splashwater Staff

    • Dualize: Platinum Shotstaff + Moist Crystal

    Giant Hammer

    • Dualize: Mythril Shotstaff + Formless Crystal

    Dreamer's Flange

    • Dualize: Rare Shotstaff + High-Grade Crystal
    • Drops: Fourier - 5%


    Staff of Expiration

    • Dualize: Steel Shotstaff + Eksisphere

    Looper Wooper

    • Dualize: Platinum Shotstaff + Pondslopper

    Fandom's Light

    • Treasure: Strahta Desert Ruins (Lineage & Legacies)
    • Drops: Radiant Eagle - 1%

    Mythology Bearer

    • Treasure: Lastalia Shaft (Lineage & Legacies)
    • Drops: Futilite Hulk - 3%

    Short Rapier

    • Initial Equipment (childhood)

    Royal Rapier

    • Initial Equipment (adulthood)

    Steel Saber

    • Shops: Turtlez Merchants (Chapter 3 only)

    Fame and Faith

    • Dualize: Steel Saber + Darkshine Crystal

    Kaiser Rapier

    Symphonian Scepter

    • Treasure: Fendel Glacier Ruins (Lineage & Legacies)
    • Reward: Carta King in Zavhert Port - 60 cards (Lineage & Legacies)

    Rebirth Crusader

    • Treasure: Lastalia Shaft (Lineage & Legacies)
    • Reward: Carta King in Zavhert Port - 70 cards (Lineage & Legacies)
    • Drops: Conflagrite Hulk - 3%



    Because armor are not connected to the Eleth Mixer in any way, there is no information other than the checklist here.

    • See Merge for the recipe for items.

    Note that almost all armor are dropped on the Zhonecage floor related to the type.

    [_]No. 001Casual ParkaAsbel/Hubert/Richard
    [_]No. 002Casual JacketAsbel/Hubert/Richard
    [_]No. 003Haute CoutureAsbel/Hubert/Richard
    [_]No. 004Leather GuardAsbel/Hubert/Richard/Malik
    [_]No. 005Iron GuardAsbel/Hubert/Richard/Malik
    [_]No. 006Steel GuardAsbel/Hubert/Richard/Malik
    [_]No. 007Rune GuardAsbel/Hubert/Malik
    [_]No. 008Battle GuardAsbel/Hubert/Malik
    [_]No. 009Platinum GuardAsbel/Hubert/Malik
    [_]No. 010Mythril GuardAsbel/Hubert/Malik
    [_]No. 011Rare GuardAsbel/Hubert/Malik
    [_]No. 012Knight ArmorAsbel/Hubert/Richard/Malik
    [_]No. 013Ocean's BlueAsbel/Hubert/Richard/Malik
    [_]No. 014Brave ForceAsbel/Hubert/Richard/Malik
    [_]No. 015Deep CrimsonAsbel/Hubert/Malik
    [_]No. 016MegingjordAsbel/Hubert/Malik
    [_]No. 017Fortress ArmorAsbel/Hubert/Malik
    [_]No. 018ReflexAsbel/Hubert/Malik
    [_]No. 019Last CrusaderAsbel/Hubert/Malik
    [_]No. 020Jade VestmentsAsbel
    [_]No. 021Seablue VestmentsHubert
    [_]No. 022Abyssal VestmentsMalik
    [_]No. 023MumbaneAsbel/Hubert/Malik
    [_]No. 024Jet Black OverallsAsbel/Hubert/Malik
    [_]No. 025Ephinean HeartAsbel/Hubert/Malik
    [_]No. 026Misty BlouseSophie/Cheria/Pascal
    [_]No. 027BlouseSophie/Cheria/Pascal
    [_]No. 028Silk BlouseSophie/Cheria/Pascal
    [_]No. 029White BlouseSophie/Cheria/Pascal
    [_]No. 030Rune BlouseSophie/Cheria/Pascal
    [_]No. 031Black BlouseSophie/Cheria/Pascal
    [_]No. 032Warlock's GarbSophie/Cheria/Pascal
    [_]No. 033Mythril BlouseSophie/Cheria/Pascal
    [_]No. 034Rare BlouseSophie/Cheria/Pascal
    [_]No. 035Middy BlouseSophie/Cheria/Pascal
    [_]No. 036Racy CorsetSophie/Cheria/Pascal
    [_]No. 037Cocktail DressSophie/Cheria/Pascal
    [_]No. 038Feathered RobeSophie/Cheria/Pascal
    [_]No. 039Elder's RobeSophie/Cheria/Pascal
    [_]No. 040Wildcat WearSophie/Cheria/Pascal
    [_]No. 041Pinafore DressSophie/Cheria/Pascal
    [_]No. 042Heavenly GarbSophie/Cheria/Pascal
    [_]No. 043Silvered VestmentsSophie
    [_]No. 044Amber VestmentsCheria
    [_]No. 045Scarlet VestmentsPascal
    [_]No. 046Shrine Maiden's GarbSophie/Cheria/Pascal
    [_]No. 047Jet Black BodysuitSophie/Cheria/Pascal
    [_]No. 048Fodran MemorySophie/Cheria/Pascal
    [_]No. 049Iron TunicAll
    [_]No. 050Steel TunicAll
    [_]No. 051Rune TunicAll
    [_]No. 052Battle TunicAll
    [_]No. 053Platinum TunicAll
    [_]No. 054Mythril TunicAll
    [_]No. 055Rare TunicAll
    [_]No. 056Fatal AttractionAll
    [_]No. 057Vermillion TunicAll
    [_]No. 058Turtlez TogzAll
    [_]No. 059Katz KlothezAll


    Casual Parka

    • Initial Equipment (childhood)

    Casual Jacket

    • Initial Equipment (childhood)

    Haute Couture

    • Initial Equipment (childhood)

    Leather Guard

    • Initial Equipment (adulthood)
    • Shops: Barona (Chapter 2+), Barona (Stamp 10)

    Iron Guard

    • Initial Equipment (adulthood)
    • Shops: Lhant (Chapter 2+)

    Steel Guard

    • Shops: Turtlez Merchants (Chapter 3 only), Gralesyde

    Rune Guard

    Battle Guard

    • Shops: Barona (Stamp 5), Velanik

    Platinum Guard

    Mythril Guard

    • Shops: Telos Astue

    Rare Guard

    Knight Armor

    • Dualize: Leather Guard + Seascale Crystal

    Ocean's Blue

    • Dualize: Iron Guard + Submerged Crystal

    Brave Force

    • Dualize: Steel Guard + Possessed Crystal

    Deep Crimson

    • Dualize: Rune Guard + Bloodsucker Crystal


    • Dualize: Battle Guard + Mighty Crystal

    Fortress Armor

    • Dualize: Platinum Guard + Reticent Crystal


    • Dualize: Mythril Guard + High-Grade Crystal

    Last Crusader

    • Initial Equipment (Lineage & Legacies)
    • Dualize: Rare Guard + Violent Crystal

    Jade Vestments

    • Treasure: Lhant Manor

    Seablue Vestments

    • Treasure: Oswell Family Vault

    Abyssal Vestments

    • Treasure: Fendel Glacier Ruins


    • Dualize: Leather Guard + Darkened Ore

    Jet Black Overalls

    Ephinean Heart

    • Shops: Amarcian Enclave (Lineage & Legacies)

    Misty Blouse

    • Initial Equipment (childhood)


    • Initial Equipment (adulthood)
    • Shops: Barona (Chapter 2+), Sable Izolle (Stamp 10)

    Silk Blouse

    • Initial Equipment (adulthood)
    • Shops: Lhant (Chapter 2+)

    White Blouse

    • Shops: Turtlez Merchants (Chapter 3 only), Gralesyde

    Rune Blouse

    Black Blouse

    Warlock's Garb

    • Shops: Amarcian Enclave

    Mythril Blouse

    • Shops: Telos Astue

    Rare Blouse

    Shops: Sable Izolle (Stamp 7), Telos Astue (Lingeage & Legacies)

    Middy Blouse

    • Dualize: Misty Blouse + Formless Crystal

    Racy Corset

    • Dualize: Silk Blouse + Wriggler Crystal

    Cocktail Dress

    • Dualize: White Blouse + Overgrown Crystal

    Feathered Robe

    • Dualize: Rune Blouse + Artificial Crystal

    Elder's Robe

    • Dualize: Black Blouse + High-Grade Crystal

    Wildcat Wear

    • Dualize: Warlock's Garb + Fangtear Crystal

    Pinafore Dress

    • Dualize: Mythril Blouse + Mighty Crystal

    Heavenly Garb

    • Dualize: Rare Blouse + Soaring Crystal

    Silvered Vestments

    • Treasure: Shuttle Crash Site

    Shrine Maiden's Garb

    • Dualize: Blouse + Purebright Cloth

    Jet Black Bodysuit

    Fodran Memory

    • Treasure: Arcadia Garden (Lineage & Legacies)
    • Shops: Amarcian Enclave (Lineage & Legacies)

    Iron Tunic

    • Initial Equipment (adulthood)
    • Shops: Lhant, Oul Raye (Stamp 10)

    Steel Tunic

    • Treasure: Wallbridge Ruins
    • Shops: Turtlez Merchants (Chapter 3 only), Gralesyde

    Rune Tunic

    Battle Tunic

    • Treasure: Strahta Desert Ruins
    • Shops: Sable Izolle (Stamp 5), Velanik

    Platinum Tunic

    • Treasure: Fendel Mountain Pass
    • Shops: Zavhert

    Mythril Tunic

    • Treasure: Snowshroud Ruins
    • Shops: Telos Astue

    Rare Tunic